Snabba cash (2010) Movie Script

Rolando, are you ready?
Sergio! Sergio!
- We made it! Freedom!
- Hurry.
It ain't over yet, so move it.
Hey Sergio,
you talked to the Arab yet?
Everything's ready
and waiting for you.
- Have you talked to Carlos?
- Right, like five minutes ago...
Seriously, I just broke out of prison!
Let's celebrate. What do you say?
- Go to Texas Longhorn...
- How about a picnic?
Right, and smoke a joint.
It's the cops...
Tell the guy that I'll call him.
- Now beat it.
- Thanks...
- Who's in charge of the checkroom?
- Not interested.
- Go get the checkroom guy.
- Go inside or go away.
- We need to talk.
- Go on in...
You'll pay up, you bloody cunts.
You've been pretty quiet lately,
are you OK?
Lots of pressure.
I don't know what's wrong.
Radovan's on my back, and you saw
those pussies at the door.
They need a fucking lesson.
- He left the checkroom.
- Really? Come on...
Pay up! You lousy motherfuckers!
I want my money!
What the fuck?!
This investment guy
has an unusual fetish...
Bridge... But he's too busy for
the world championships in Cannes.
And this pencil-pusher at work,
a real plodder named Lasse...
The type who calls champagne
"snob water. "
They start talking, and it turns out
that Lasse loves bridge.
So he sends Lasse to Cannes,
to play bridge.
So boring old Lasse's in Cannes
and he needs to take a leak...
And who does he meet in the can,
but Bill fucking Gates?
- A true story...
- Gates is pissing right next to him.
He can't pass up this opportunity,
so he goes: "Hello, Bill. "
"I'm Lasse,
can you come up to my table?"
Ten minutes later,
and guess who shows up?
Bill Gates! He goes "Hello, Lasse!"
Lasse studies his hand,
looks up at Bill...
And says: "Fuck off, Bill!"
You currently have
243 kronor in your account.
- Hello. What a night!
- Shit, man...
- How about a boat trip?
- Right now? Sounds nice...
I'm having coffee at Berns,
so I should almost be able to see you.
- Want to join us?
- I'd love to, but I'm pretty busy.
A few years back,
the economy was expected to pick up.
In good times, consumption increases
and people save less.
It's a well-known fact.
However, these expectations
were not in tune with reality.
Debt was no longer in balance
with the price of assets.
But, in Chinese...
...the word for "crisis"
also means "opportunity. "
Who will seize this opportunity?
Who will benefit from this tragedy?
Will it be any of you?
That concludes my lecture.
- Cheap ride? Slow night.
- For you.
No fares... Taxi? I'm cheap.
"Cheap... " "Cheap taxi. "
- You look like a terrorist...
- I drove to Farsta for 100 kronor.
- What?
- It barely paid for the gas.
- Why did you do it?
- I was sick of waiting around.
- Have you been smoking pot?
- Took a little coke...
That explains your lack of judgment.
- Hi, you're late.
- I took a fare to Sdertlje.
Is he in?
I threw the loser out.
Who does he think he is?
- Hey, JW.
- Hey.
- How much?
- 4,500.
- You're awesome. Best driver I have.
- Know how he does it?
He takes horny bastards
to dark alleys and...
- That's how he does it...
- Work harder, Mahmoud.
And clean up your act.
Where did you get those shoes?
Listen to Mr. Hot Stuff...
- I found a great investment for us.
- Not right now...
- Did you read the offer?
- Not now, bro.
- Tell him to read it.
- Like he'd listen to me?
- Nobody listens to you.
- Here...
- Want some coke?
- At seven AM?
- You know, to be alert at school.
- You didn't do well in school, right?
I'm doing better than you...
- Hi. What's this?
- Burn it.
- Good... Everything all right?
- Well, Jorge escaped.
- Jorge broke out of prison.
- I'm going to fuck his mother!
And Radovan is asking for you.
He's pissed off.
Hey, it's me...
Jorge has escaped.
Jorge Salinas. Radovan wants
us to find him ASAP.
A 20 grand finder's fee
to whoever tells me where he is.
- OK...
- That's the deal. Bye.
- Can I come in?
- No, the police were here.
- They took Andreas downtown.
- Is he here now?
No, he's out running. Needed some air.
Could I crash on your couch
for a few days? Please?
Mom's staying with us.
You're not a kid anymore, Jorge.
You hungry?
You only had one year left.
- Why did you do it?
- I had to.
- Yes, Mom.
- Is someone there?
No, nobody's here.
You'd better go,
Andreas will be back any second now.
- Have you put on weight?
- Don't be stupid, can't you tell?
You're going to be an uncle.
- No way!
- Way...
For real?
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, Jorge.
You've got to go.
Go. And take care.
- What the fuck?!
- He's leaving!
Haven't you caused us enough trouble?
I'm calling the cops
if you show up again!
JW... Hey, JW!
How are you?
Do you have my term paper?
It turned out great...
We're going to Sophie's estate
this weekend. A little get-together.
- Want to come along?
- I'd love to.
I'll call you later, with the details.
Let me look at you...
Come on.
I'll introduce you to our hostess.
Sophie, this is JW.
- We go to business school together.
- I'm Johan.
- I'm Sophie. Welcome...
- And this is Carl.
- How long have they been together?
- Jet-set Carl and Sophie?
On and off since high school.
He seems a bit uptight.
His dad's bank is in trouble.
- Same as everyone else?
- Yeah, their line of credit is frozen.
They're forced to sell their assets
at a massive loss.
So, are you stoked?
There are
three kinds of people, you know.
Type number one: The ones who never
bother to take their shoes off.
Cool people, like us...
Type number two: The kind who checks
to see what everyone else is doing.
Kind of slimy... Hard to pin down.
Then there's type number three: The
guy that always takes his shoes off...
Always sneaking around
in sweaty socks.
Leaving snail tracks...
And if they have
holes in their socks...
Shoot them!
What type are you, JW?
What type?
Calle, leave him alone.
No problem...
What type am I?
You know that the heel represents...
...the phallic elements
that oppress women, don't you?
That's why I like a nice, thick heel.
- Do I like teeny-weenies, then?
- Well, you're sitting next to me.
You're funny.
Where did you find him?
He's the king, prince
and whole fucking court at school.
- Is that a good thing?
- It's good to be the king.
I see the entire family is here.
Fredrik... Carl...
Shall we go hunting, Carl?
There are three types of people...
Well, when you were...
Hello... What are you doing?
Just hob-nobbing with the family...
So I see...
- We're going hunting.
- I see... That's nice.
- Want to come along?
- Hunting?
You know a lot about high heels
and phallus symbols...
I've read a lot.
I was kind of a lonely kid.
I'd read several different
autobiographies at the same time.
They were my friends.
You don't strike me
as the lonely type.
- How do I strike you?
- Well...
Like someone who sees a lot.
What do you mean, "sees"?
I'm not sure.
It's like you see things.
This is one of the nicest mornings
I've ever experienced.
- That's it...
- What?
It's like you're experiencing
all of this for the first time.
Is that good, or bad?
I like it.
Would it be OK if I kissed you?
You want some, huh?
Walk away. And I say that
because I care about you.
- What do you mean?
- With all due respect...
...stick to your own kind.
Hello, Abdulkarim...
It's time to talk business.
I sure could use some money.
I've got a fare for you.
Listen, bro, I want to talk business.
Listen, bro, something's up.
Want to make 20 grand?
How's that for business?
- Twenty grand, for a fare?
- Twenty grand.
- Who do I pick up?
- Listen, I need you. Now.
Twenty grand.
Go to Malmvgen in Sollentuna.
- Do they speak Spanish?
- No, they're just Swedes.
- I need some heat... A gun.
- What?
- Why? What for?
- I'll tell you later. Can you help me?
- Sure, no problem. Wait here.
- OK, I'll wait.
- Malmvgen 98, in Sollentuna.
- Ninety-eight?
Third floor.
- Good job.
- Thanks. Catch you later.
It's clean.
Never been used. Clean.
- Do you have to run?
- Yeah, they're waiting for me.
Call me whenever,
I'd be glad to help you out. Bye.
This guy just came out.
A Latino guy...
Is that the guy?
- Do I make contact with him?
- Look around first.
- Hey, another guy turned up.
- A Swede?
- No, Russian or Yugoslavian...
- What's he doing?
Tailing him.
They're heading for the train...
Follow them.
I'll give you another ten grand.
Without this guy, we're toast.
Bring him to me. Name your price.
- Thirty...
- Go.
Same destination?
Get up, you motherfucker!
Listen to me...
When's the shipment coming in?
- The dope from Germany.
- There is no shipment!
Stop the bus!
Fuck you!
There is no shipment!
As long as you work for Radovan,
all you are is a fucking rookie!
Do you hear me?!
- Are you fucking spitting at me?!
- Finish him off!
I'm going to beat
the fucking stuffing out of him!
What the fuck?
On the floor...
Somebody leaked.
He's a mess...
Somebody ratted us out.
- He can't stay here.
- He stays.
What's the matter?
Want even more money?
I've taken a lot of risks already.
And that guy seems like trouble.
One grand for every day he's here.
I'll give you five grand up front.
Give him five thousand.
Bring him to us two weeks from now,
something big is going down.
- Will he make it?
- Sure.
Who are you?
The guy who helped you.
I work for Abdulkarim.
- What is this place?
- Student housing.
You're not from around here, are you?
No, I come Robertsfors,
a small town in Norrland.
Up north.
I know where Norrland is.
- Who are these guys, family?
- No, just models.
You look like you come
from the classy part of town.
- But you live like a drug addict.
- Then you should feel right at home.
Hello, Lovisa.
I need to talk to the lady.
Listen to me,
you're not getting this.
She can stay with me now and then,
but she can't live with me.
Wait, hear me out.
I can't have a kid around.
I work 24-7.
- You have shared custody.
- She lives with Annika.
- That's the legal definition...
- "Legal definition... "
Bossy cunt!
We can try to place her in foster care.
But that may take time.
Hopefully, Annika's getting help
for her drug abuse...
Annika's problems
have nothing to do with me.
- I'm here for Lovisa's sake.
- Good, then take her with you for now.
Grab your backpack.
- So, how are you doing?
- Fine.
- You sure about that?
- Yeah.
Life can be hard.
But you're a tough little cookie.
Strong, like your dad.
- Everything will be fine.
- Do you really think so?
Slow down, man.
- You can walk.
- You're alive.
How are you? Shall we get to work?
We need to talk.
We've known each other
for two years, right?
I've checked you out. Your background.
Your parents...
They live in Robertsfors.
Your mom works at the Job Center.
Your dad's a manager
at the local sawmill.
He has a slight drinking problem.
Then there's your big sister, Camilla.
She disappeared four years ago.
That's too bad.
You drive a cab to earn some cash
and party with your rich friends.
But that's a different story.
Me and some German friends of Jorge's
will be bringing stuff in.
That means lots of money.
- What are we talking about?
- 20 million... every three months.
What I want to ask you is...
...can you help me out?
- How?
- Investments. Accounting...
Money laundering.
Can I have a glass of water?
What do you think?
What was that?
Banks. You see...
...if we're going to do this,
we need to work with a bank.
With sums that big, the banks report
to the Financial Supervisory Board.
And if you control the bank,
you can control that information.
How would you do that?
You buy a bank.
I know how it sounds,
but I know about
this investment bank in trouble.
If we offer them cash...
My cash?
- And what's in it for me?
- Depending on the evaluation...
...we could probably demand control
of 40 to 60 percent of the shares.
And gain access to equity worth
30 times more than your investment.
Completely legit.
- What if you try to screw me over?
- I get a commission.
If you make money, so do I.
I want 20 percent of the profits.
No hedge-fund manager would take less,
so that's perfectly reasonable.
- Hello, Mrado.
- How are you?
Everything OK with you?
We've got to go see Radovan.
- Radovan wants to see you.
- I can't, my daughter's here.
Sorry, but this can't wait.
You know that.
We've got to go out again.
Daddy's just going upstairs first.
- OK?
- OK.
Aren't you pretty! Is Daddy doing
everything you tell him to do?
The bastards.
Hello, bro.
Wait here, it won't take long.
Go ahead and sit down.
The business is doing well.
The clubs, liquor, cigarettes...
The only problem area is cocaine.
We've got to reclaim the market.
Do we agree on that?
They're just a bunch of pussies.
You know what we are?
We're Serbs, aren't we?
Proud, speak the same language.
A strong brotherhood.
It's not that simple, Radovan.
Why not?
They're planning to move coke
in Norway and Denmark.
Huge volumes.
It's all going through
Jorge's contacts.
Now they're going to work
with that Arab who runs 24 Hours.
He's got support
from the Albanians in Gteborg.
What can you say?
It's a tricky situation.
If they won't pay up, that means war.
Are you with me?
The police will be overjoyed.
Then they can bring us in,
one at a time.
What would we gain from war?
We need money, not war.
- I have a suggestion...
- Nemanya, come here.
- When did you come home last night?
- I don't know...
What have I told you about that?
Sit down!
So tell me, but I won't work
with Albanians or Arabs.
I don't trust them.
They're lying dogs.
We don't share the same God.
Let's hear it,
let's all hear what you have to say.
If you put it like that...
...our only option is war.
- Exactly! War!
But if you had terminated
that Indian when I told you to...
...we wouldn't be in this mess now!
My, how's she's grown!
You little cutie.
Well then...
Back to the original plan.
You got that? Go to Daddy.
Go to Daddy.
We'll send the Arab a message.
Either he pays us our cut,
or there will be a war.
Is everyone in on this?
- Daddy, I'm tired.
- That's all right, just go to sleep.
We'll be home soon.
Night-night, sweetie.
Good night, Daddy.
Hear that? She called me Daddy.
Well, you are her daddy.
Just hope you won't
be an asshole, like my dad.
All I remember about mine
was how he beat me.
Like when I was a first-grader...
...I left my mittens at school.
I got beaten so bad...
...that I pissed blood for three weeks.
I was seven years old.
It's a day I'll never forget.
The way he kicked me...
I apologize for the delay,
things are a bit chaotic.
Yes, your latest share emission
didn't get enough subscribers.
Dad has looked at your proposal.
Two years ago we had
the most profitable bank in Sweden.
And now I'm talking with
upstarts like you. It stinks...
- JW's all right.
- I know exactly what he is.
And I want to talk to JW in private.
- Where's the money coming from?
- A group I represent.
They have a sizable cash flow.
They are financially secure.
- They operate in a cash-based field.
- I know what we're talking about.
The money is still real.
So you need to ask yourself
if you are willing to...
...grab this life-saver
I'm throwing your way.
Or if you prefer... turn up your nose
and drown instead?
If you succeed... will be very, very, rich.
Sure, I can let you into the bank.
I can launder your money snowy white.
But I want my piece of the pie.
- How much?
- Let the shares drop a bit more.
When the next share issue fails,
then I'll bring you in
and save the whole show.
I'll be the hero
and get 10 percent of the holdings.
You get 40.
Say 50, and I think we have a deal.
Only because I like you.
Good, that's settled.
- Is that them?
- Yeah.
- Hello.
- Hello, guys.
- Nice to see you.
- Nice to see you.
OK, come on.
- Carlos!
- Man, you're skinny!
This is Abdulkarim,
Fahdi and JW.
This is the factory.
We have solutions for you.
Do you see this?
I've put four plastic bags of 600-gram
cocaine under the skin of this dog.
Takes one month to heal, and in two
months, the hair's grown back to normal.
- That's impressive.
- Do you want to feed him?
- I thought I was twisted.
- Not compared to him.
Cabbage and kale.
We'll grow whatever you like.
And this is what it looks like.
- How much in each head?
- 20 grams. 50 heads in a pallet.
- How much do you want?
- 40 kilos.
20 pallets.
- Here's the merchandise.
- Here's the stuff.
- Want to sample it?
- Sure.
- Las Vegas, baby...
- One hundred percent.
What we suggest is that you order
one shipment of cabbage to start with.
We handle all the logistics.
All you have to do is
to be there and receive it.
- Perfect.
- How much do you have in mind?
Forty kilos.
Forty kilos.
As you know,
40 million on the streets in Sweden.
- Yeah.
- You pay us five million
before delivery and
five million once you've sold it.
That's a very good deal for you.
You deposit
into our accounts in Switzerland.
No, no, no... sir.
No, it's not so good anymore.
There was a case
four months ago where
75 Swiss shell companies
were exposed
because Switzerland and the EU
have a lot closer ties now.
So they don't have the same secrecy
as they used to.
So, I...
I would recommend you open accounts
in Andorra or Liechtenstein instead.
I've heard that, too.
You got a smart boy over there.
That's my boy.
He gets my vote.
- What?
- Shit, it's...
Where are you, JW?
Holy shit.
- I thought they were going to kill us.
- So did I.
I was thinking: "If they don't get him,
I will. " What a motherfucker.
- But it went well.
- You were amazing!
When you made Mrado's car alarm
go off that day...
That took a lot of guts.
- Abdulkarim sent me.
- A rookie from Norrland.
I'll never forget it.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Good to see you.
- It's great to be here.
- Thanks a million.
- Of course.
I'm glad I could help out.
So you're halfway to 60 now, are you?
- Hey.
- Hey!
Here you are, all alone
at your boyfriend's birthday party.
He's not my boyfriend anymore.
That's too bad.
It's like my first real relationship.
Is it nice?
My last girlfriend was a prison guard.
But I think she was cheating on me.
Like with all the other
prisoners on the block?
"Radolpho Rojas. "
That's "Rodolpho. "
- When will I see you again?
- When you visit La Moneda.
- Is that where your family lives?
- No.
My mother lives here. So does
my sister, and she's having a baby.
So your sister's having a baby?
Man, you know... It feels so sweet.
Here. Smoke this, it's good shit.
Rookie. What's going on here?
Pretty good life, huh?
I wanted to be a race-car driver
when I grew up.
I wanted to be a cowboy.
- Don't laugh.
- My sister wanted to be a cowboy, too.
- Do you look alike?
- Me and Camilla?
You're identical!
Who do you take after,
your mom or your dad?
- Mom...
- That's so sweet.
- Do they live around here?
- No, they live in India.
My father is a diplomat.
What about Camilla?
Does she live in India, too?
She disappeared.
She disappeared four years ago.
We were so...
It was "the two of us against
the world" when we were kids.
- Do you know what happened?
- The police think she's dead.
So they've stopped looking for her.
But I think she's out there, somewhere.
I'm so glad I met you.
Me, too.
- Have a seat. Like some tea?
- No, thank you.
Have you taken care
of our problem?
Not yet, but soon.
What about Mrado?
Mrado's out. We're looking at war.
The war is on...
Get out! Fire!
- Fire!
- Cool it!
Open the goddamn bag!
Now go!
- What's going on?
- It's Radovan!
Just get in and fucking go!
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
- I had a bad dream.
- A bad dream?
You're all sweaty.
This guy was at our house.
He was all skinny, like a skeleton.
So he didn't have muscles like mine?
Want to feel them?
At first he laughed and was happy.
Then he got mad and smashed the TV.
I was scared, so I went hiding.
And then... he got on top
of Mommy and made these noises.
...later on that night,
I tried to wake Mommy up.
But she didn't move.
I couldn't make her wake up.
- So what did you do?
- I went and got Erik.
The guy next door?
- Martial arts would be good for you.
- Why?
It makes you strong inside and out.
Unlock the car, Daddy.
I'll race you...
Shit! Run, Lovisa!
Stay down!
You OK?
Are you all right?
Don't worry, honey!
I'm sorry, honey.
It's all right.
Daddy's going to take care of you.
Gunfire was heard,
and a car was seen speeding away...
- What are you thinking about?
- Nothing.
Know what?
You and I are going to Daddy's country.
To Belgrade. That's where
I lived when I was your age.
- Do your parents live there?
- When they were alive, they did.
Do you miss them?
Do you like that horsey?
- Nenad here.
- It's me, Mrado.
- Is this line safe?
- What's wrong?
They tried to kill me.
- Who?
- Radovan.
How fast can you get here?
I'll be on the next flight out.
Mrado here. I need to know
when the Arab's stuff gets here.
- I don't know...
- Two hundred grand.
You've got to talk to JW.
- Hello?
- It's me, we're downstairs.
I'll be right down. Five minutes.
Will this take long?
I told my girlfriend I'd see her...
- I'm meeting her parents.
- Chill out.
- Where are we going?
- To see Mahmoud.
He wasn't around
when the bomb went off.
You knock.
- Knock on the door. Do it!
- What's going on?
- Johan? What are you doing here?
- Can I come in, Mahmoud?
- I'm having dinner with my family.
- This will only take a minute.
All right, hang on.
You fucking rat!
I know what you did!
You rat!
You fucking rat!
Look at me!
- That's enough, Abdulkarim!
- You lousy cunt!
I believe in you. Let's go.
- What happened?
- Things got out of hand...
- I'll explain later, OK?
- OK.
Mom, Dad, this is Johan.
- I'm Jan.
- Welcome, I'm Anne.
Would you like some wine, Johan?
By the way, do you sail?
- Sure, I enjoying sailing.
- Good.
You can take care of Sophie
when she's seasick.
I don't get seasick.
That was back when I was, like, ten.
I could use a strong hand on deck.
What do you say, Johan?
That would be... an honor.
Excuse me, please.
The Stockholm School of Economics
attracts students from all over.
- Where are you from?
- What exactly...
My family, you mean?
We moved around a lot.
- Any special place?
- That would be...
My parents live in Cape Town.
And so does my sister.
Cape Town.
Diplomacy or business?
- Diplomacy.
- Let's raise our glasses.
Shall we go and stay a while
at my parent's place in France?
- Sorry, I didn't hear what you said.
- Like to go to France with me?
No, I don't think so.
Why not?
Because I have a job.
And then there's school.
- Is that all?
- What do you mean?
If you think things are going too fast,
just tell me.
I've never said
that things are going too fast.
I think you're scared.
Scared that it's getting too serious.
We've been
seeing each other for months,
and I've never been to your place.
Don't go!
Don't worry, I'm just really busy
with this project.
Don't worry,
everything will be just fine.
What will be fine? What?
I'm afraid that you don't care
for me the way I care for you.
I don't dare challenge your lies.
What fucking lies?
You and your family want another
"Jet-set Carl" who will fit right in!
Some upper-class pussy
from a fancy family!
My parents can be difficult, but they
made an effort! They liked you!
They liked me?
How the hell can you tell?
Why would they like me?
Why would they?!
- Why?
- What's wrong, Johan?
Why would they like me?!
It's all about the money... Right?
I've have money soon.
But you have money!
I just want to talk.
I know that you work for that Arab guy.
You've never done anything
like this before, have you?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
I know about your shipment.
Don't go thinking you know
the people you work for.
I've been around for a long time.
I can tell that it's getting to you.
I know what it's like.
I know exactly what it's like.
And the stuff that's going down now...
Now when it's all coming to a head...
People get greedy and scared.
They start fighting, double-dealing.
Your best friend will screw you over.
If that doesn't happen, great.
Keep working together.
But keep one thing in mind.
In this business, people put
themselves and the money first.
And so should you.
I won't be sticking around.
That's not how it works.
You can't leave when it suits you.
They'll find you.
They'll hunt you down like a dog.
Why would you be any better?
A few months ago
I probably would have shafted you.
But now I have
someone else to think of, too.
That's why
I have to do one last job.
It has to work.
And I need you, JW.
I'll pay you two million.
Two million.
One million up front,
one million afterwards.
Then you're out.
I can guarantee that you get money.
Here, there's a number listed on this.
Call it, and I'll push "busy. "
One hour later...
...we'll meet
at the Kristineberg Hotel.
Lovisa, it's time to go.
- Hello?
- Help me, they're here!
Calm down, I can't hear you, Paola.
What the hell did they do to you?
We told them we didn't
know where you were, but...
They attacked Andreas.
Hit him again and again...
Then they started kicking him.
- And Mom?
- She doesn't know about it.
She wasn't here.
Andreas has left me.
I'll be all alone.
No, you won't.
If Andreas doesn't come back,
I'll be with you at the birth.
Do you mean that?
Of course I do.
I'll take care of you.
You and the baby
will never want for anything.
It won't be like when we were kids.
You can't do it.
You think you're going
to be this Cocaine King.
But where is your success?
Where is the money?
You don't even have friends. Just me.
Stay away,
all you do is screw things up.
- Take it easy.
- You say you'll take care of me.
But when the fuck
did you ever do anything for me?!
When have you ever
done anything for us?!
Let go of me, Jorge!
Dad ruined our childhood, but you're
not screwing up the rest of my life.
Is that clear?
Get out of here.
I'm not like Dad, OK.
Don't you compare me to him!
You think you know who I am?
- Leave me alone...
- What do you know about my life?
Look at me! Don't you ever
compare me to that bastard again!
Do you think Mahmoud ratted on us?
- Do you?
- Drop it, for Christ's sake.
Drop it.
I don't know if I trust Abdulkarim.
- Can he be trusted?
- Everyone in this biz is a bastard.
In three weeks I'll be rich.
I'll graduate and get out of here.
You won't be rich.
That's not how it works.
You've been screwed.
What are you talking about?
It's my plan, my bank contact...
I know exactly what I'm worth.
I did my bit and I'll be leaving soon,
so I can't help you out anymore.
"Help me out anymore"?
Help me anymore?
You haven't fucking helped me at all!
Think about it!
You set it all up. But they can
take it from there, believe me!
Or they can pay someone else to do it.
For 100 grand. You're just another
fucking expense to them now.
They'll say: "First we have to bring
in the coke and then sell it. "
If you're lucky, you'll see some dough
in like... six months.
- Six months...
- Abdulkarim will get tired of you.
That's when the real trouble starts,
because he'll want to replace you.
He'll use you up and throw you away.
That's how it works.
Everyone's a bastard.
Nobody gives a damn!
But you care about me, right?
You care, don't you?
- How can you know he won't trick you?
- Because I have my passport.
And my money's in an account
in South America, Mr. Brains!
And if they want more coke, they have
to go to my fucking cousin in Germany!
They'll want to keep me happy.
Since it's my cousin
who runs the coke in Germany,
Mr. Brains!
You're just a guy in a cheap suit,
with fancy models on the walls...
- You think you're so fucking smart!
- You fucking greaser!
You pathetic pussy!
Touch me again,
and I'll fuck your whole family!
Do you really think you know me?!
I'll kill everyone you know.
- Hey, man.
- Is Abdulkarim in?
Abdulkarim, it's JW.
What brings you here?
When will I get my money?
Get in here.
Three weeks before the shipment,
you ask for your money?
Jorge has already gotten his money.
- Is there a problem?
- No.
The stuff has to get here, you know.
Everything has to go down all right.
The dealers have to get theirs
and they have to sell it.
Six months, and the money's yours.
Six months.
Six months.
- Anything else?
- No.
- Six months.
- Go home and get some sleep.
Johan? Are you there?
I love you.
Don't you realize that?
I'm sorry, Johan.
I understand... Johan?
- Is that you?
- Yeah.
How are you?
Is that how you greet me, with a gun?
- How are you?
- Fine. But you look pale.
- Are those Swedish women so rough?
- It's Radovan.
This is my daughter.
Say hello, Lovisa.
- Hello, Lovisa.
- He's your godfather.
It's been ages since I saw you!
My, how you've grown. Daddy's girl.
- Just look...
- He says you look like me.
It's a dolly. And buy some ice cream
for you and your dolly.
Here you go.
Bring everything?
Can you play over there? Your godfather
wants to show Daddy something.
- How old is she?
- She's eight.
- You haven't seen her for six years.
- She was just a baby.
Add an extra hour to our operations.
And split all other numbers in half.
So if I say the drop's in six days,
I'll mean in three.
And we'll all move our phone clocks
back five hours, in case we're checked.
- What if Radovan messes with us?
- The Albanians have our backs.
- Will they be in on the drop?
- No, only the four of us and a guard.
Let's just focus on the drop, OK?
Two on the north side,
two on the east side.
We follow the truck
to this industrial site.
The truck will park at this bay.
In this corner, there's a door.
I'll unlock it.
- Will there be guards here?
- I guess.
And it's just the four of you inside?
No surprises?
Take a turn here. That's right.
What will you do to me?
Don't worry.
I mean so they won't...
- So they don't...
- I'll take care of it.
I'll tie you up.
No one will know.
- No one gets hurt?
- No one gets hurt.
Just in and out...
Hey, relax. Everything will be fine.
This is my little girl.
- And my package?
- Your money?
Give me the money.
Are you bored, honey?
One million.
Thanks. See you.
Let's go and get some ice cream.
- Hello?
- Hi, it's me.
- Jorge? You? It's been ages.
- Mom...
- How are you?
- Fine.
You're going to be an uncle today.
I didn't want to say anything,
but Andreas left her.
Hello, I'm here to see my daughter,
Paola Salinas.
OK, come here.
This is it.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
- I'm so sick of this...
- Don't worry.
All I can think about is her.
I'll finish this,
and then we'll go to Belgrade.
Let's have a drink while we talk.
I once had this friend...
A real good friend. We were ten.
He... We were waiting for an elevator.
And I...
It came and we got in,
then it got stuck...
It stopped in between two floors,
and somehow we opened the door.
Well, we managed to crawl out.
Then he went back to get a sweater.
And the elevator started moving.
And ripped him in two.
That, my dear brother, is life.
Tomorrow, we will party in Belgrade
with lots of money in our pockets.
- Cheers!
- To our health and wealth!
To money, and to never looking back.
It's the 18-wheeler.
NE JL 47.
- Could you repeat that?
- NE JL 47.
- Hello?
- Radovan, it's me, Gregor.
- Aren't we going to have breakfast?
- Soon, sweetie.
Daddy's got some work to do.
- Are you leaving me all by myself?
- I'll be back in two hours. Tops.
- I don't want to be all alone.
- I brought you along the other times.
- I want to go with you...
- Stop being such a pest!
- I'm scared!
- Don't be like your mom.
I don't want to be alone!
Daddy, please!
I've had enough of your nonsense!
Remember when you were kids,
and Paola had her appendix out?
You went out
and stole a chocolate bar for her.
The kind she liked.
You were only eleven.
I had to go see her on my own.
I'm glad you're here now.
So am I, so am I.
- You won't leave us, will you?
- No.
Just excuse me for a second.
I'll be right back, OK?
I swear to God...
...I'm going to send Paola and the baby
tickets every single Christmas.
You'll have to come and visit me.
It's going to be awesome.
It doesn't matter
whether it's a girl or a boy.
I'll admit, at first I thought
a little boy would be way cool.
But now, you know...
If I mess up this time...
If that happens...
...then I won't have
anything to offer her.
But it won't go wrong this time,
it can't go wrong.
We've got this motherfucker
under control. We do.
She won't pick up.
- Come on.
- I need to take a leak.
- Everything OK?
- Yeah.
Get me the police.
I have a tip about a cocaine drop.
Better we find them...
- Good shit?
- Awesome.
Right, another one.
Hand me apple-sized ones
and I can crack them open.
Freeze, hands behind your heads!
Fahdi! Fahdi!
- What's going on?!
- On your knees!
Hands behind your head! Do it!
Behind your head!
- On your knees!
- Get that.
Eyes straight ahead!
You stinking rat.
On your knees!
Get up, JW. Come on.
You rat. You dirty cunt!
- Hang in there, Fahdi!
- I'm cold...
- How are you doing?
- Good.
Is there more? Is there?!
That was the last one!
Where's the rest?
- Fahdi!
- Where's the rest?
Is there more?
Is there more? I want it all!
Stop it! Put the gun down,
you're not killing Jorge!
- Take it easy, JW.
- What's going on?
- You promised no one would die!
- It was for your sake.
- Leave Jorge alone!
- Take it easy...
- Everybody cool it.
- You promised!
Police, drop your guns!
- I'm going to fuck your mothers!
- Come on!
- Come on, get up!
- Fucking cunts! Now go!
- Think of your daughter and go!
- Stop it! Get up!
Whores! Now go!
Bloody hell!
You fuckers that left me like this...
I'll fuck your mothers!
I'm not afraid!
We're going to die.
Fuck... Fuck...
Turn over.
Turn over!
- Put the gun down, JW.
- You promised no one would get hurt!
I have a daughter
for God's sake, JW!
- Listen to me!
- You promised!
JW, get your ass in the car!
JW, get in the car!
Get in the car!
- Go...
- Get in.
Get in the car, JW.
- Get in the car...
- Go!
Face down!
Hands behind your back!
- Lovisa!
- We're going to lift you in.
Hold your stomach...
- I've got to get to my little girl!
- Be still...
- Try to be still.
- My little girl...
Let go of me!
- Do you want to make a call?
- The last number dialed...
Don't hang up.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Daddy's going to get you
a real horse, I promise.
It's all right.
I'll never leave you again.
I promise.
My little princess.
Are we flying to Serbia today?
We're flying today.
Here's some oxygen.
- Daddy? Daddy!
- Try to keep still.
Fucking hell!
I'm leaving for France tomorrow.
To see your parents?
Are you going alone?
I think about you all the time.
Do you care about me at all?
By the way, somebody called...
He wanted you to know
that everything was fine.
His sister had a baby girl.
- That's all he said.
- If he calls again...
...tell him Mr. Brains says hello.
Please let me out.