Snack Bar Budapest (1988) Movie Script

How are you?
I'm nauseous and I don't feel like talking.
Termination of pregnancy
- Is this you?
- Yes.
This way.
We'll fall asleep and we won't feel a thing.
Like a breeze blowing away the badness.
Fill this form in, gorgeous.
Are you the husband?
No specific role.
- Just the friend who brought her.
- You can come for her tomorrow.
- Can I visit this afternoon?
- I said tomorrow.
Didn't you hear?
Bye, then.
Just go.
Will you bring me a nightdress?
My sister will give you one.
She's called Carla, 38 Via delle Sirene.
Near the sea front.
Good luck.
Try your luck.
I need a room for one night.
They're all available, payment up front.
That's 15,000.
A phone token.
Try your luck.
Put the Commander on.
- Did you sort out Milena?
- I can pick her up tomorrow.
- Don't worry, it'll be fine.
- l'm not worried.
Might as well do a job since you're there.
I didn't get that, it's too noisy.
What the hell do I pay you for?
Shut up you lot, this is business!
Right, listen carefully...
Another token...
I was wasting the Commander's time,
guaranteed to rile him.
You're a complete tosser!
Listen, there's some cash to pick up.
A regular monthly payment: ten grand.
Shut it will you!
Go to Video Space, near the new
housing developmen.
Ask for Molecola... ten grand.
- No back-up?
- You'll be fine on your own.
That's my mother.
It's the nicest room,
you can see the sea.
My head was full of Milena.
Maybe they'd already got rid of it.
lt was the thing that annoyed her most.
But this time I'd have kept it.
Even if that thing in Milena's belly
wasn't even mine.
Kiss me then, go on...
Kiss me.
Your sister sent me.
One in a long line of blokes then.
I'm here for a particular reason.
As long as you pay you can do it with me.
What a He-Man!
I think blue.
A nice blue prick.
Like a Martian.
What did you want my sister for?
I taught her everything she knows.
I made her watch through a hole
in the wardrobe...
Ever since she was little.
I felt the blue tube fill up...
and my body empty itself.
A bit soon.
Milena often says so.
Maybe that's why she still does it with Sapo.
Don't nod off, I've got people to see.
That's 30,000 - basic service.
Bye, sweetie.
Do you know Faffo?
Of course, everyone knows him.
He won the Portuguese marathon yesterday.
Even beat the blacks.
Legs like pistons.
A real talent.
He's back tonight.
There's a massive party planned for him.
Next time we out off your balls.
That'll teach you to kick our machines.
Ugly faggot.
You a fag?
Tell your boss I need to see him.
How thick is a sheet of paper?
A millimeter? Less?
If it's loo paper I've no idea.
But paper money is ten grand thick.
Let's say half a millimeter.
Now just imagine a big sheet,
not just big, but really really big.
- You fold it 64 times, are you following?
- More or less.
So how thick will it end up?
Is this one of those puzzles that
make you look like a moron?
Just have a guess, whatever.
I don't know... maybe it would end up
80 cm thick, or a meter?
Twice the distance to the moon and back.
I could show you...
No, I trust you.
What about you?
Can you be trusted?
You know those films where
you have a "voice off"?
I've got one.
It was telling me...
I'm not really someone
you can trust that much.
But then I don't have to come up
with the cash.
You can't have your own "voice off",
only the main characters get those.
There's your ten.
- Trust me, Mr Lawyer.
- Ex-lawyer.
I know.
Once a lawyer always a lawyer,
don't you think?
Like defrocked priests or retired generals.
Like thieves or sons of whores.
Shut up, crow.
- It's an Indian blackbird.
- Shut it up anyway.
I don't know how, and it cost me
two parrots and a peacock.
Join us.
I like you, I mean it.
You've got style, you can tell
you're well-educated.
The world needs people like you.
Positive men, who know how to impress
with words.
Like you and Sapo.
That "voice off" again?
You can always tell me what you're thinking.
Do you like this country?
Not particularly, too many people
in summer...
.and too windy in winter.
But wind clears away the rubbish.
And it carries off the old people.
I know what we need here because
I know what I need.
I've got plans.
I'm hungry.
It's lunchtime, let me invite you to eat
in my restaurant.
Fine, it's lunchtime.
A great moment: 20 July 1969.
- The day I was born.
- I wasn't around then.
Out of circulation: personal reasons.
In prison, after a bungled attempt at fraud...
"Signe hunch diem albo lapillo"
Come, Mr Lawyer.
Nearly there.
Fish risotto, sea bream, chips,
coffee and liqueurs...
They work for me.
- Greetings!
- Let me introduce Mr Lawyer.
I'm Curvy.
How are you?
Carla, we've already met.
- Mr He-Man, if I remember correctly
- All your doing.
Really? Next time it's my turn then.
He pays nothing from now on.
The Dream.
Lots of Champagne...
lawyer this, lawyer that,
but nothing really grabbed me...
Let's go to the beach.
Show the lawyer your hands.
Amazing isn't it!
Apparently Buddha had hands like that.
To the beach!
It's stirred.
Do you know who he is?
- Who?
- The waiter.
Your father.
Wow, you're something else.
You have to shell out if you want to reap
the benefits, maybe not right now...
but before summer.
A whole new world!
Starting right here.
I got three hotels...
all for a pittance because
business was going so badly.
The ground floor of one burned down,
another was done over twice.
The owner of the third decided to sell to me
after 24 hours.
- Mutual interest.
- I bet.
No, Mr Lawyer, I don't think you
really understand.
Just picture it...
A city full of people set on having fun
with money to burn.
They are there simply to gamble,
get drunk and catch the clap.
An enormous theme park of a city.
You out down a few pine trees...
and build a karting circuit
and conference hall...
to stage magic shows and
a Miss Golden Cunt.
Slap bang in the city center...
a skyscraper of a casino
bigger than in America...
full of Swiss and Milanese.
On the enormous terrace...
squeezed in among the men in black tie
and women in evening dress...
an illuminated boxing ring...
where two blacks fight for the European title...
beating the hell out of each other...
egged on by a frenzied audience, bookies, tannoys...
whipped into a frenzy at the sight
of such violence.
- Do you dream?
- I sleep to get some sleep.
- Well, you can't sleep tonight.
- Why?
I'm throwing a party for Faffo.
It's true.
It's true alright, nobody gets to sleep
tonight, Faffo's coming home.
Shame my sister's in hospital getting deflated.
She'll be on her feet tomorrow,
she can work with her ass for a bit.
Girls back to work, boys with me -
we're taking Mr Lawyer to the flicks.
- How much does the Commander pay?
- I get 1.5 of the five he gives Sapo.
- But I get most mornings free.
- To do what?
Do you like porn films?
Sex makes me want to smoke.
Even when other people are at it.
I just like cartoons.
Delinquents! This is my job.
Work is for losers.
Very good.
This cinema is indecent, if you hadn't
done this, I'd have done it myself.
Come on out, we won't hurt you... much
Out or I kill you.
I'll count to three, if you don't come out...
you're dead meat.
Two and a half...
And three quarters...
Please don't nun us,
we're not doing any harm to nobody.
Let us go, we've got nothing to do
with any of this.
What did we do?
Three minus not much - I'm going
to slit your throat.
He corrupts little kids, he's a pig,
out him up.
Good man.
I don't want to see you in here again,
you bore me, you make me sad.
That's that.
Who transformed everything he touched
to gold?
Donald Duck's dad.
You're amazing.
I can buy the cinema now.
Come to the tent at 8pm.
It's a party for Faffo! Don't miss it!
You know he smacked a judge, years back.
Don't know why.
- I bet he deserved it.
- I'll explain when you're bigger.
- You're too little to understand.
- I didn't ask how to screw.
- Why did you hit him?
- It was my second and final stand.
Still hurts.
We expect you at 8pm, don't be late.
Stay with me, don't back away this time.
Five million to you and five to Sapo.
But I'll buy you your star straight away.
- We all have a star.
- Like sheriffs.
Real stars, Mr Lawyer.
New stars are discovered every day and
they don't have names.
Mine's called Papera (Gander),
Molecola bought it for my 20th birthday.
They've all got one,
even the restaurants, bars and taxis.
Buy me my star then.
But first drop me off at the crossroads.
I'll join you later.
- You're not staying with us?
- I've got something to take care of.
- What?
- Just something, I'll be quick.
How quick?
Do I have to clock on already?
Don't be long.
I want everyone there tonight.
So how come you ended up smacking
a judge in the face?
- Later...
- Like this?
I couldn't wait to see Milena.
I also wanted to buy a nightdress
for the girl in her room.
We're closing, can you hurry up?
Where are you going? It's closed.
You can't go in, rules are rules.
In you go.
Let's get back to Molecola.
Milena, it's me, wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up, for God's sake, wake up.
Milena, this place could end up like Las Vegas.
There's this strange kid who just might
be able to do it.
He's mad but he likes us.
He's bought me a star, like he did for
his hotels and his tarts.
He'll take Sapo on as well.
The bastards have hurt me.
Everythings burning.
It burns.
It'll soon be alright.
They scraped me out, they hurt me.
It's a hovel.
I'll never get better in here,
you know I won't.
I'll never get better.
I'll come and get you tomorrow.
They've messed me up.
- It's all about to change.
- I'm burning!
Listen, I've met someone who believes
in me, and in Sapo.
Don't touch me, don't touch me again.
He's willing to pay us five grand apiece.
What do you say to that?
Five grand.
Five grand every month.
Plus whatever comes up -
incidentals, percentages...
Look, this is already ours.
If he'd given it before we could have kept it.
Now we can have a son whenever
you like, my love.
Look at my face, they've really
messed me about.
I like it a lot.
We can start over.
You'll see, I know we can because...
I feel like I'm free, I feel like a new man.
No more doubts.
When can I go home?
Tomorrow morning, sleep now.
So who gave you all this money?
Is he for real?
- Or another Commander?
- He's a kid.
I'll explain tomorrow, you sleep now.
So you really do love me?
See you tomorrow.
Thank your ass.
Signor De Angelis.
Where are you going?
Running away like a filthy little rat
before we've toasted Faffo.
Go and dance.
Come and dance with me,
I'll feel safer with you.
- Why more safe?
- You're different, so who knows?
- Come and dance this one.
- I can't dance.
He can do it!
- What have you got for me?
- Whatever you like.
I'm here to serve.
He's shy, go on, go and get him.
Give us a turn, Paperella.
Now's your chance.
I was at a dance and I wanted to dance.
I could screw them all for free if I wanted.
Hold me tight.
I've never enjoyed myself so much
and so stupidly, it's liberating.
You look tired.
Why not rest?
Have a rest until Faffo gets here.
You're not well.
Your face is clammy as well.
It's this humidity.
You're sweating.
You'll come and live here now, won't you?
We need someone like you.
You'll come and live here
and bring your family.
I have no family.
We'll take care of you then,
this will be your home.
You'll fit in here, Molecola really
looks after everyone.
Where is Molecola?
Molecola, I feel strong tonight,
I'm going to help you, you know I can.
It's not even for the money,
I feel powerful tonight.
Christ, I feel powerful.
A missile, a bomb...
We were talking business,
can't you see who's here?
Al Capone?
You're like a big kid.
Sapo, I forgot all about you,
how did you get here so soon?
I didn't even go to Snack Bar Budapest,
I knew you'd be here.
Why the Budapest?
I told him to go there,
I booked a room there for tonight.
Bravo! An excellent choice, the right choice.
When is that moron going to arrive?
The party's a complete failure!
Get the girls over, quick.
Give them coke...
to the girls, or whoever wants it,
no-one leaves till Faffo gets here.
What do we say to the Commander?
Should we trust him?
How old is he?
Is he mad?
I don't reckon he's got the money.
We're not married, if you want out just go.
I'm saying this for your sake as well, hang on.
- Why?
- Just stop.
I say so, and mind how you answer,
you need taking down a peg or two.
Good, that's much better.
Try and get a few people together.
Cut the crap.
Molecola wants more fizz, more fun.
More imagination.
He pays you for these nights off
so show some appreciation.
Get on with it, come on now!
Who's collecting Faffo from the airport?
- Who's there?
- Moreno with the Mercedes.
- When are they due?
- Maybe the next flight.
There's one at 8 pm and one at 11 pm,
unless the 8 pm flight crashed.
You're not funny, you cretin.
Call the airport now and get back to me,
you've got five minutes.
Got that? Five minutes!
That's more like it!
Let's go.
Did you know he's got fireworks planned?
From now on I'll be the first to know everything.
- After Molecola.
- You're wrong, I've got autonomy.
It's sorted, the party's in full swing
and Papera is calling the airport.
It'll be packed with happy totty.
Faffo's plane touched down two hours ago.
- Was he on it?
- He was on the list.
I had him paged but no-one came to
the phone - did I do good?
Who knows what happened?
What do I know?
Maybe they ran out of petrol
or got a puncture.
I'm not wasting the night, we have to
persuade those Budapest pigs.
I don't want them to know I need their place.
Go on, do your best, whatever it takes,
while I turn up the music.
I ring the bell and they'll open
because I'm a guest.
Five minutes later crafty old Ulysses opens
from the inside to let you in.
- Does Ulysses know?
- It's me, you moron.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Just to be on the safe side.
Let me in.
It's locked, you'll have to come in
round the corner.
The side door.
Round there.
- Done?
- Hardly.
It's this way, get ready.
- Hurry up.
- Are you alone?
Yes, and I'm getting cold.
Were you at the party?
Yes or no?
I passed by, there's not much happening.
They're waiting for Faffo to get back
from Portugal.
I wanted to go but my parents said no.
- How old are you?
-17, in August I'll be 18.
Shut the fuck up! We're trying to sleep,
it's not a bloody hospital.
You're a dirty pig, so is your mother
and your friends.
Did you learn that at hotel school?
I gave the keys to the man in room four.
I told you not to speak to guests.
How many times have I said not
to get taken in?
You took your time.
What were you doing? Making the beds?
Leave it out, it takes the time it takes
to do things properly.
- Upstairs?
- Let's get going.
Wait, let's have a drink first,
since it's on the house.
Try your luck.
Seven thousand lire.
Petrol money.
As soon as he gives the word I'm going
to mash all three of them.
Not yet.
Any particular reason?
Should there be?
I just want to think, ever feel like that?
No, if I think I can't move
No, it's bad luck!
To new times.
We'll spend some...
and buy savings bonds with the rest...
every month.
Or Swiss francs -
doesn't it stick in your throat?
Far from it, I could see myself settled
down in Lugano.
Unless the kid's a piss-take.
- And we're fools.
- Molecola is fab.
He's young, but he'll grow soon enough.
- Which suits us.
- If you say so.
Open up, please.
I'm in room four, could you open please.
At this time?
I'm sorry, but my throat is dry and
I've got a bit of a temperature.
I need a bottle of mineral water.
- Use your washbasin.
- The water's dirty.
No-one ever died drinking it.
I'm paying you enough, the least you
can do is open up.
I never open at night, not even for money.
The mineral water was a pretext,
I want to talk about your daughter.
- What's she done?
- That's what I need to talk about.
Shit face.
Got it?
Open the door when he tells you.
You can lick the spit on the ground.
Shit face!
Don't touch my daughter.
Don't make me go back to Budapest,
don't make me.
We're trying to help you.
We're in trouble.
I told myself it wasn't possible.
lt was true but it wasn't possible.
You tell them how it is.
Get out or we set fire to the lot.
Tell them, explain to them in proper Italian
what's what.
You've got three days to leave.
We need the hotel.
- That was a bit soft.
- Shut it!
lt would have to be them,
they would turn up here, now.
You go right now or it's all over for you -
We can pay monthly, up to two thousand.
- We'd wipe our asses with that.
- Three thousand.
No more.
No chance, you ugly whore.
What have you done?
Now what?
Carry him to the beach.
Give me something to wrap him in.
Tie his head.
Where's the sea?
It's just down there, 400m.
- What if they find out?
- What if?
If he's not around, he's not around.
- So kiss goodbye to five grand a month.
- Just get to the beach.
Where are you?
For God's sake, where are you?
I was checking no-one was around.
You were checking... let's get going.
I wasn't afraid, just standing guard.
- What's wrong with that?
- Fine, you were standing guard.
Put this on first, I can't look.
Take his arm.
At least tell me why you killed him.
- I just did.
- Fuck that.
If we get out of this it'll be a miracle,
tell me why I'm risking my neck.
As a favour to me!
No favors! I'm here for cash!
You have to earn it, first you have to get
this worm back in the ground.
You knew that lot back at the hotel,
tell the truth.
- I'll tell you later, help me.
- You knew them.
Help me.
It's the second time they've got in my way.
Let's put the baby boy to bed
then you can tell me.
If he gets down that's it.
I was only joking.
We're a bit drunk.
I'm very sorry.
It's his birthday we were celebrating,
Now we're quits.
Mr He-Man.
You're going for a dip, I'll come too!
I can swim naked.
You've had a bit too much to drink.
What a shitty party.
Introduce me then, my name's Carla.
I'm Molecola's prostitute, and his too...
A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
What about him?
I'm Carla.
lf we have to we'll kill her -
I'm thinking like a real murderer.
Can't you see he's dead.
Dead in what sense?
He can't get it up?
He can't get it up anymore
he's completely sozzled.
You're such a silly -
always fooling around.
Bye then, I'm getting cold here
without my panties.
Maybe another glass will warm me through.
Bye my friends.
If you love me, follow me.
What did they do at the snack bar,
pay you more?
Just dig and keep quiet.
I'll dig and you can tell me while
you pile up the sand.
I'll tell you nothing.
Dig more quickly.
You need to concentrate.
I didn't feel like telling the story again.
But I could see the two of them,
dressed in cheap clothes.
- You're against us.
- Spare me the crocodile tears.
Don't send me back to Budapest.
I'm defending the restaurant owner,
you were caught red-handed.
He's paying me.
Half of what we stole.
Fifty thousand.
We'll always be friends.
- Why are going back?
- To make them leave, tonight.
- Carry on Working for Molecola?
- Of course, nothings happened.
- Who is it?
- Open up.
You want to see them again, admit it.
Fine, I see, it's not going well this time.
- I'll take another.
- Just don't drink the lot.
Maybe that's it.
You have to leave.
Do I know you?
You must leave.
I never want to see you again.
- What about before?
- Nothing happened.
Do what he says or I'll castrate him.
Go now.
If you knew what a hard life,
what tough times we've been through.
This bar is all we have.
Do you know how it got its name?
I just want you to leave, tonight.
That's where I met my wife,
she's a bit of a dog now...
but not then.
You should have seen her breasts -
not big but just right, lovely face.
She was a waitress in a local restaurant.
Shut up, I don't care.
I was a trucker, I'd drive two days
flat out...
load up with meat in Budapest
then leave the following day.
Wake the kid and pack your bags.
Let me finish.
One day I went to see her on my own,
she got in the lorry and we left.
I'd had a hiding place made
between the seat and the engine.
I shut her in there when we got near
border control.
She should have been in there
half an hour maximum.
I remembered the story.
Almost word for word from the trial.
That night an escapee had been shot.
They were searching everyone.
Every so often I'd knock on the hiding
place and she'd knock back.
Then there was no reply, I thought she
must have suffocated.
She was pregnant now she'd rot along
with the meat, and I started crying.
Sitting there in the queue,
while the radiator got hotter and hotter.
Then they were waved through:
nothing to declare.
When I managed to open it up...
she was curled up like a snake...
with her face burned
from the boiling oil.
But she was alive and she was
almost smiling.
You can take our daughter to bed, if you like.
Shut up, just pack your things
and get out of here.
That's enough chit chat,
no more funny business from you.
We're here to judge on the theft alone.
Forgive me, my lord,
we should let him finish...
Our young lawyer has a romantic side.
I may be a romantic...
Let him finish.
Romantic and a touch foolish.
These are fairy stories for fish-wives.
Foolishness invented for fools.
They're shooting.
Get down!
Get down
They're after them,
it's nothing to do with us.
They don't even know we're here.
- What about us?
- I told you to leave.
So what do we do?
Shut it! Give me back my shoe.
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
- We're stuffed.
- No, don't worry.
- Our time's up.
- Tomorrow we'll be out with Milena.
- Who's paying?
- Molecola.
The least he can do.
You may need it.
I've got a shotgun.
Go and get it then.
Mr Lawyer!
Guess who's here?
Stay down!
They got me.
They got me in the shoulder.
It hurts like hell.
We'd be better off shut in down below,
they'll come in and slaughter us all.
- Give me your gun.
- Why? You've got the shotgun
Give it to me, you have the shotgun
What did you do?
What are you still doing here?
Go downstairs.
I'd have sworn it was Carla's sister
if I hadn't just seen her naked...
in Milena's room a few hours back.
What next?
Don't know.
Molecola has a weakness.
- What is it?
- Me.
If you ask me they'll be launching
a bomb next.
Don't talk rubbish.
Why don't you come in?
Make yourself at home.
We'll have a nice friendly chat.
Let's talk.
A bad night.
But the fireworks were lovely.
I liked them, they were really lovely.
I knew you would.
- What do you want to do now?
- I don't know.
Not good, I always know what to do.
I want to go home.
What are you doing, Molecola,
are you crying?
Why should I cry?
You don't care about me anyway.
Kids cry.
And yet, we could have done
so many things, you and me.
Once we started...
we'd never stop, you and me together.
I just want to go home, I'm done here.
I'll tell you when you're done.
You defended the scum at the Budapest.
That's what my father says.
- When he messes up.
- We can't start again.
- It would be nice, but no.
- Pity.
Let me go home, I'm tired.
- But you'll come back.
- To do what?
My city, don't you remember?
That was all a dream, a young boy's
dream, a nonsense.
No, you go home now.
You sleep on it, you rest up.
Then you come back.
You think a few words can smooth
over everything...
especially the past few hours?
I was never really up for it.
Has your "voice off" come back?
It never really went away.
It bothers me.
It's the sadness for what I once was.
We can do it, we can.
With one word.
Nothing more need be said.
But you have to promise to come back.
I want your word, even a handshake will do.
Then I know you'll come back
even if the world stops turning.
What do you want with someone like me?
Everything! We'll create the city
I've got in my head.
For once, you let yourself go.
And you believe, just believe.
I just want to give it wings.
Let's shake hands and forget about this.
Your hand.
Give me your hand.
What happened?
Who got shot?
Go home.
Go home!
It's over!
Who's dead?
Get back down.
She agreed, you can have her.
That's yours.
We're going,
I never want to see you again.
- I can't.
- You can.
- It's agony.
- Let's get Milena.
Where's the car?
Come on.
We'll take the scooter
Give me the gun.
What do we do now, mum?
When I saw him lying there, so still,
no more days to live...
no more dreams to dream...
it pained me.
Come on, for God's sake.
Just to Milena...
Let's go on foot.
Sit down.
Are you sure they won't come after us?
They'll just let us take their bike?
Let's go on foot, the hospital's not far.
I don't want to go, I don't give a shit
about the hospital.
We're going to get Milena.
Why's she in hospital?
What happened?
- What did you do?
- Don't worry, she's fine.
We're going home if I have to carry you.
Two minutes.
Keep the motor running.
- I want to come.
- I'll only be a minute.
Open or else!
Open up.
I'm a doctor here, it's urgent.
My wife' s inside, open up.
I'm the boss's brother.
Open up!
Try this.
Open up!
I could already see the three of us having
coffee at the first bar we came to.
The thought made me absurdly happy.
Have you brought my magazines?
Sorry, can't stop.
When will you come and stay with us?
Next time, I promise
Always the same story.
And you always forget to bring us
our fashion magazines.
They've killed her.
Milena, my love.
Who did it?
Who did this, my love?
That coward Molecola.
What are afraid of you ugly shitbags?
So are you and your friends, you're all shit.
So am I.
You stink of booze.
They were going to throw a party for me,
the whole country waiting for my return.
A massive party with hundreds of people.
They'd even come to the airport to pick me up.
I locked myself in the loos and plugged
my ears so I couldn't hear the tannoy...
.calling my name: Signor Faffo.
everyone shouting for me on the final lap.
I overtook the blacks, I was out in front and
all I could think of was Molecola.
How happy he'd be with me -
stay and listen - I did it for him.
- It's over...
- He wanted me to win.
Maybe I'd have won anyway, I was the best.
They made me piss in a bottle.
Then humiliated me in front of the black guy.
How can I go back and face Molecola now?
How can I face him now?
What do I say?