Snake Hotel (2023) Movie Script

My dearest daughters,
if you are reading this,
then death has dared
me to her table
and stripped me from
your lives too soon.
And although I would've
liked to greet death
as an old friend, I
cannot help but feel
that this was a betrayal,
leaving my two beautiful
daughters to fend for themselves
in a world made
cruel by wickedness.
We have found you foster care.
May the Lord be
with them always.
Mia, I'm so sorry.
Those girls
committed the crime.
Do you fancy us.
we'll make it through this.
Let me out of here.
My daughters,
I have failed you.
I'm giving you a
fucking break, Warden,
do you even know what goes
on in your own prison?
You're talking shit.
You just talk shit,
shut the fuck up.
All you do is talk shit.
Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.
Oh will you shut up.
I'm gonna kill her.
You know I'm gonna
fucking kill her.
Are you hearing me.
Are you all right.
It was little Miss.
Goody two shoes.
Always little Miss.
Goody two shoes.
You're a fucking psycho.
You wanna say that
to my face bitch?
Get out the fucking way.
Lemme do fine by you.
All right.
Now, I don't dunno who
started the fight this time,
and honestly, I don't care.
Just sit the fuck down.
I said sit the fuck down.
I wasn't after her, I
was after the other one,
that little fucking bitch.
Shut up.
You know, each time
I see you girls,
you are this much closer to
solitary confinement again.
I didn't think you liked it
very much the first time.
You break my rules
one more time,
I'll put each of you
in your very own cell,
one fourth the size of this
room, in there 23 hours a day,
two showers a week.
I'll put you all in
the fucking same one.
Look at me.
You're gonna fucking
die alone, you bitch.
Would you fucking
like that, would you?
This is my fucking prison.
And I will do whatever I like.
Get 'em out of here.
They're not to
leave their cells.
Not even for dinner.
It really hurts.
It's fine.
We need to get out of here.
Yeah, we got four
years left yet.
I can't do that.
Got no choice.
What if Faye gets you?
Oh fuck Faye.
She's not gonna get you or me.
You my sister and I promise
I'm won't let her get you okay.
Love you.
Love you.
minutes remaining.
Five minutes remaining.
I have been waiting
you in the foyer.
In the foyer.
Congratulations to
the final three.
Oy, fuck face.
Fucking hell, I didn't
think you'd last, you bitch.
Well, I've got the
key, I found the key.
Come on, get off
your fucking ass.
We've gotta get out of here.
Yes, I found the fucking key.
Go to the library.
Oh, come on.
Oh come on, it's freedom.
Which door?
This is is the wrong door?
No fucking shit.
You stupid bitch.
Oh fuck.
Now there are only
two contestants who remain.
- Shh, are you?
- You've got to help me.
He bit me.
It's okay, it's okay, we're
gonna get you help okay?
The venom is inside me.
We just need to
get out of here.
Okay, we just need to run.
We just need to run.
That's what we'll do.
You have to help me.
One minute remaining.
One minute remaining.
Helping him is futile.
What if we both
get out, then what?
There can only be one
winner of The Snake Hotel.
There can only be one
winner of The Snake Hotel.
I've won.
I want my money.
You think you
have won the games
because you are not attacked.
Now this is why
we have discovered
that the snakes prefer
female homo sapiens.
Also, Miss. Fang
finds you boring.
Time to search for more females.
I hope you enjoyed your
stay at The Snake Hotel.
Dark Web, access point found.
Global search initiated.
Optimal pheromone production.
Found in states of trauma.
This one looks juicy.
Must impress Madam with females.
Primed and ready.
Search for a prison inmates.
Prison inmates are statistically
the best choice for snake food.
Criminal whores devalue society.
All criminal whores
must die for Madam.
Snake food equals
female convicts.
Refining to nearest
geographical location.
Found relevant prison.
Madam, I have found
you some juicy females.
Accessing prison database.
There you go.
I didn't catch your name.
Fang, Miss. Fang.
I'm sorry to show up
unannounced. Mr. Wolf.
Donny, call we, Donny.
- I'm not a.
- I'd like to
buy some girls from you.
I'm sorry.
- Look.
- I'm not
messing around Mr. Wolf.
Although I'm
interested in procuring
girls with no living relatives.
Does that work, Mr. Wolf?
You're a fucking.
I just want to give
the girls in your prison
a second chance at life.
Lady, out.
I don't deal with
people like you.
But that's only if
you work with me.
Look, the girls in my prison,
yeah, they're not good people.
I mean, some of
them have killed.
I mean, fuck lady,
it's a prison.
I'm looking for those
diamonds in the rough.
Do we have a deal?
So, so you're just
gonna let them go?
Well, let's just say the
money should be an incentive
to keep those lip
zipped nice and tight.
What if I?
What if I want something more?
if you're a good little boy,
I won't tell your
higher ups and the media
of what's actually
going on in your prison.
We were going to do
this the easy way,
but I think the hard way
is the more viable path.
Dirty, dirty warden.
You see, I'm a public figure
with a father who
changed modern science.
And you're a dirty warden
with a very cruel history.
Now will you stop fucking
messing me around?
Good, now go get the files.
They should be the bottom
of the black cabinet
in your study.
Good boy.
We require
six homo sapien females.
- You've, you've already.
- Primed and ready.
- No, you've already said.
- Primed and ready.
Of fuck sake.
Sir, the inmates
are here, sir.
Okay, send 'em in.
Make yourself comfortable.
You're all looking
rather lovely today.
I say it's a pleasure to
have you in my office.
What you want warden, you're
eating into my yard time.
I would like to
offer the six of you
the opportunity to
shorten your sentences.
No, no it isn't bullshit,
it's an opportunity,
an opportunity
for all you girls.
Who's the woman?
One of those female activists.
Sounds like a dyke to me.
So, what do you girls say?
So now what?
We just can leave?
It's, it's not
quite that simple.
You'll be taken by two
of her security staff
to a hotel where you will
participate in a game
by Miss. Fang.
Oh, what game?
She didn't specify.
How do you not know
the rules of the game?
For fuck sake.
Look, all I know is
whatever this game is
will take place in the
hotel that she owns.
And when the game is over,
you are all free to go.
So, whoever would like
to get out of here early,
please raise your hand.
These are your records.
Everything you've ever done.
Every crime you've ever
committed are wiped clean.
Can you do that?
The rest of you have got one
minute to decide, starting now.
Raise your hand.
She doesn't wanna go.
This might be our only chance.
I promise it's
gonna be all right,
just raise your hand.
Okay, so
we'll send you five
along with her through.
Oh, how lovely, it looks
like we have a full house.
Oh or fuck sake.
Hello, Clifford.
I've just spoken to the Warden
and all six girls are
willing to participate.
Please prepare the
beds and bands.
I'm gonna see my boys and
tell them about dinner.
It sounds like
it's time for a song.
Hello boys.
You must be hungry.
I got you your
favorite this time.
I want you to catch them
quickly and eat them fast.
Make mommy proud.
make sure you have
all the necessary requirements
for the mission at hand.
Yes, we, we've brought
all the necessary.
You need all
the necessary requirements.
I have all the
necessary requirements
for the mission at hand.
the mission at hand.
Yes, we've got all the
necessary requirements
for the mission at hand, right?
the mission at hand.
We'll make sure we,
we stay in touch.
I know
where your mother lives.
Fucking creep.
You cool?
Yeah, yeah, I am, yeah.
Don't chicken out on me, man.
I'm not.
I just.
I just.
Fuck, I, I just wish we
had some more information.
We don't need information.
Think about the money.
This is a game changer.
The girls are here.
You drive.
I'll go get them.
Ladies, please follow
this gentleman here
who's gonna take you
all to a better life.
Good luck mate.
If you have your way with us,
we should probably let you know
we all use the same
dildo in there.
This is disgusting.
Shut the fuck up?
You speak again, I'm
gonna slice your tits off,
with a rusty knife.
You got it?
Where are we going anyway?
Get the fuck up, now.
- Get up.
- What's going on?
Get up, get up.
Come on, move it.
Move it.
Bitch, get up.
Get up.
Come on.
Get up.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Oh.
- Go.
Move it.
Out, out.
What the fuck is all this?
Ah, keep quiet and
keep moving, bimbo bin.
Nobody fucking
speaks to me like that.
Oh yeah.
Stupid bitch.
Come on now.
What's the problem.
They said, if they
should give us any shit,
fuck 'em up.
I'm sorry.
Do you like woman?
Go on, give us one
more reason to shoot you
in your ugly fucking punk face.
Fuck off.
What are they gonna do to her?
Girls, be quiet.
She's here.
Hello girls.
I hope they didn't
scare too much.
It was their first time too.
I'd like to thank you
for accepting the offer.
The game won't be easy,
but if you play
your cards right,
maybe you'll live.
What do you mean, live?
Oy, Madam's talking.
Now, now, my boys
prefer life prey.
Her boys?
Well, if you
weren't to know them,
you would just think
they were giant snakes.
They're like soldiers ready
to fight for their country.
And they will do anything
to make their country proud,
their mother proud.
But I digress.
Who the hell do
you think you are?
Do not threaten Madam.
Do not threaten Madam.
Oh Clifford, no.
Would you like to leave?
I won't stop you.
But I want you to play my game
so you have a second
chance at life.
If you want to go
then, then please.
Girls, let's go, please.
Anyone else wants to come?
Screw this.
Please no.
Please, please.
They ate my arms,
they ate my arms.
No, stop, no.
Help me.
What the fuck?
Help me.
Let me go.
Will you get the
door for me, Andrew?
Yes ma'am.
Well, now that I
have your attention.
You have until
sunrise to succeed.
Which is at?
6:22 a.m.
6:22 a.m.
When the clock strikes 12,
you will have
approximately six hours
to survive and win your freedom.
Any questions?
Why are you doing this?
Well, my boys need to eat
and they love playing
with their food,
it's good for their training.
There are 119 cameras in this
hotel and on these grounds.
I can see everything.
So, now don't be afraid
to put on a show.
11:59, Madam.
Ooh, running a
little behind ladies.
I mean, I would
say good luck but
that would almost be like
supporting the opposing team.
I'll be watching.
I don't know what
she's gonna do.
I'm sorry.
Welcome to The Snake Hotel.
We hope you enjoy your stay.
The games will
begin in five, four,
three, two, one.
This isn't happening.
We just need to calm down.
A fucking snake, did
you see that thing?
I don't fucking care.
Oh God.
I'm not letting some snake
take something out
off my bucket list.
I think I'm gonna kill Mia now.
You're a fucking psycho.
Don't fucking touch her.
You'll do what?
Linda stop.
Linda, Linda stop.
Linda stop.
Mia, run.
Hey, what gives?
I can't do it, Tony.
This is not what we're
signed up for okay.
We ain't killers.
Whoa, we haven't
killed anyone.
But we've had a
hand in it okay.
We both have.
Hey, listen yeah,
yeah listen up.
Think about it,
yeah, take it easy.
We need to keep a low profile.
It's very important right now.
Considering the
circumstances, yeah.
Bring no unwanted attention.
All right.
It'll be worth it.
Think of the money.
The cash, the dollar, the wonga.
- There is dirt.
- Girls.
- There is dirt.
- Girls, we have company.
There is dirt.
Help me with the door.
Is he gone.
What you doing?
Filthy bitch, we
do not share a dildo.
Mia's not here.
Come on we gotta find her.
Guys I'll see 'em outside.
She can't be far.
Help me.
Help please.
Someone help me.
Come on, help.
Open the fucking door.
Help, let me out.
Please don't hit me,
please don't hit me.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'm not gonna hit you okay.
Just get on with it.
Come on, we've gotta go.
All right, that door ain't
gonna hold it, come on.
Holy fuck.
Tony, he's got the fucking keys.
Where are we going?
Literally anywhere else.
No, I can't.
I can't, I can't, I can't.
What, are you mad?
Linda's still fucking in there
and I'm not leaving without her.
Oh my God.
Looks like Andrew is
feeling a little left out.
I've got to go get him.
Madam wishes you stay.
Come sit by me, Tony.
Let's see what your brother
is actually made of.
Here, get in.
My sister.
Just stop, I had no idea.
I had no idea.
We were asked to do a transport.
She got a job.
And things went
from bad to worse.
I'm sorry.
What the fuck do we do then?
We wait it out.
The snakes, they don't tend
to stay full for very long.
They're not fucking snakes.
Are you kidding me?
Terribly sorry Madam.
I will go fix it now.
Don't worry, Tony.
My babies don't like men anyway.
They're all about women.
I don't understand
how you'd be making
any money doing this.
I mean, why, why, why, why
wouldn't you televise it?
I mean, this is just for
your viewing pleasure,
and this sick robot here.
I don't need money.
I get all my money
from government grants.
Let's see what the daughter
of the man who
changed modern science
will do for the 21st century.
This is what you do?
Well, I'm making my babies
quicker, stronger, smarter.
There's nothing I wouldn't do
to help my babies reach
their full potential.
And if that means wiping out
a few people here and there.
How the fuck is the government
giving you money for this?
My father knew all
the right people,
which meant I knew
all the right people.
And the public wanted more
when they thought
they could get more.
So I promised the world that
I would give them something
that would change
their lives forever.
Aren't you afraid
they'll eat you?
I'm their mother.
I implanted fail safes in each
of their cerebral cortexes
and attached them to a remote.
They're leashes, if you will.
How did you even
make these things?
Well, aren't we
full of questions?
I always had bad snakes.
And I always thought
it was unfair,
they didn't have arms and
legs like other reptiles.
So, I used my father's
serum and them
and everything grew and grew.
They became bulletproof.
And if you could figure out
a way to cut 'em in half,
well they became two
genetically identical creatures.
What, like worms?
Do you know what
my father did?
I don't know if
I want to know.
We just need to go outside.
I know this place is
so fucking nightmare.
That must be where she
keeps those slithering fucks.
Don't move.
Be quiet.
What was that?
Shh, Pepper.
Okay fuck it.
We need to fucking go.
Did you know that alligators
can regrow their tails.
Which makes them the
largest living species
who can regenerate
severed limbs.
So my father posed the
question, why can't we do that?
I mean, animals like
catfish, lobsters, lizards,
they can all regrow
missing parts,
simply by first growing
a specialized bud of
cells called blastema.
Well, it's something
that we don't produce
naturally as humans.
My father discovered the cells
and came up with a
human-friendly serum.
That's fucking insane.
I suppose it is, isn't it?
But how, how was
he able to test it?
He didn't actually test it
on a human being, did he?
I was an eight-year-old
Guinea pig.
But it worked.
Oh my God.
My mother died before
he started using me.
Then he became famous.
People started to
take more risks
when they knew that they
could regrow their limbs.
Whether they'd been ripped
off or purposely exploded.
Of cause it all got privatized
before the public knew
anything about it.
But now you are here with us,
you can be part of our family.
I'll make sure you are offered
all of my father's medicines
when the time is right.
Will you be part of our family?
And my babies.
And Clifford.
Yes, Madam.
I wasn't talking to you.
Operation copy.
Oh, you managed
to get it working.
Just a simple reboot, Madam.
Oh, look at them go.
The van.
I can get us a hot.
What about the keys?
I can hot wire it.
You can not wire a car?
I can hot wire a car.
All right, you're fucking bad.
Let's go.
I can hear it coming.
I'm going fast.
It's coming.
We're still got
locks to get in.
We have to move now.
It's okay.
We just need to keep
going around the van.
That's a fucking stupid idea.
We can't just stay here.
What happens next?
We need better
ideas than this.
Shut up and listen to me.
Okay, every time we
get around to a door
and you unlock the fucking lock.
Where am I?
This is a kitchen.
Everything fucking hurts.
Fuck me.
Well, I went for
the knife and then.
They're dead.
They are fucking dead for this.
Oh my God she smells
like a fucking dyke.
Fuck I hate this house.
I hate myself.
Pussy potatoes.
Pussy potatoes.
Hot corn and gravy baby.
She's mine.
She's my little dead princess.
I haven't heard
anything for a while.
Do you think he's gone?
I dunno.
But let's just
stay here for now.
That Faye girl's a
right fucking psycho.
She's had it in
for me since day one.
I get why she's in jail,
but you, doesn't add up.
It's complicated.
Killed my stepdad.
You what?
Voluntary manslaughter.
Everyone thought it
was premeditated.
I shoved him out of a
second story window.
He was abusing me and my sister.
I didn't even feel
bad after it happened.
It was an accident, I
didn't mean to do it.
I'm not killer okay,
so think that I am.
Linda said she'd help me
'cause she didn't think I'd
survive in prison on my own.
So she said she had
a hand in it too.
It got taken to trial
and we were both found
guilty of murder.
I don't know what
I'd do without Linda.
I feel the same
about my brother.
I just wanna set a good example.
But it's hard sometimes.
I think we should
make move for it.
I don't know.
It's only before
it comes back.
We can't come back out there.
I think, hey, I
think it's gone.
You think that I
don't fucking know that.
I can't gi back out there.
Listen to me, we
will save your sister.
Mia, we're gonna
save your sister.
But we've got to
get out of here.
We just run for it, we don't
look back, no what, okay.
On three.
One, two, three.
Andrew move.
There's a snake.
There's a fucking snake.
She's not worth it,
get out of there.
That whore isn't worth it.
You're not a fucking
hero, you're my brother.
Andrew, come on.
There's plenty more
sluts in the town.
Mia, save
yourself, save Linda.
I told you to run
and never look back.
Andrew, what you doing?
I'm distracting these
motherfucking snakes.
Andrew, get out of there.
Oh, oh God.
Madam unhands the snakes.
Madam unhands the snakes.
I can't.
Guys I can't keep doing this?
I mean, they're just trying to,
it's trying to
fucking tire us out.
Don't be stupid, it's a snake.
Guys, he's gone
back into the hotel.
Yes, I've got it unlocked.
You still have to get
that thing started though.
Let me do, what I've gotta do.
This is taking
forever, Pepper.
I'm not leaving without Mia.
What the hell?
Oh my God, Mia.
Oh my God.
Are you okay?
We need to get out of here.
The snakes, the snake.
Get in the back of the van.
Pepper, let's get going.
Yes, let's go.
Madam, they are getting away.
They are getting away.
Pass me the microphone.
Hello girls.
Now, now girls.
Not so fast.
I'd advise you all to
remain on the premises.
Fuck you.
How charming.
I suppose I should tell you
that you're about a hundred
miles from the nearest town.
We'll walk the rest of
the way then, you bitch.
You won't.
I'm sure by now you've
noticed the chokers
around your necks.
I made them myself.
An electronic synthetic fiber,
which, when activated,
can cause them to merge.
Shrinking the spider silk.
Strangling the web.
You're bluffing,
there's no way.
I'm all about a
few samples, darling.
Always fun turning on the pets.
Oh wait, wait, Pepper.
Guys, I can't open
the door, it's locked.
I'm gonna die in
the back of a van.
for psycho whore.
Psycho whore found.
Oh that's the sunrise right.
I made it.
Leaving you fuckers.
I am done with this
motherfucking snake
and this motherfucking hotel.
Look, guys, in here, in here.
Quick, we need
to block the door.
Guys, guys.
Guys, it's the sunrise.
We could be free.
We're gonna get outta here.
What about that huh.
Madam, they are trying
the barricade method.
Let's see how long
that holds my babies
off their succulent
little bodies.
Guys, has this door been
open this whole time?
I've had a really tough day.
Let me make a deal
with you, Linda.
You gimme Mia and we'll
split the prize, 50/50.
Wrong answer.
I've just cut my way
out of a fucking snake
and look at you.
You're so pathetic.
Un-barricade the door.
Mia, hurry up.
Mia, hurry up.
Linda, don't move.
Oh my God.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Weak, is that the
word you're looking for.
- Please.
- Snake venom will do that.
Come on, get up.
Seems to be working
quicker than I thought.
You, you wait there girls.
She's gone, she's
gone, we need to hide.
We need to hide...
It's too late.
It's too late.
No, no, no, no, no.
- I'm dying.
- You're not.
- I'm dying.
- No, you're not.
Mia, I'm dying.
No, no, you're not.
No you're no you're.
I'm dying.
She's dying all right.
Do you like it?
I found this when I
was escaping snakes.
They're pretty vicious.
But I'm worse.
Looks like the venom's working
quicker than I thought.
Looks like you're
gonna beat me to it.
Oh well.
What to do, what
to do, what to do.
You know, I've been
looking forward to this day
since you two stepped
foot into my prison.
Now, the day's finally here,
I'm not gonna lie,
I'm a little overwhelmed.
I guess I go for
my original plan.
It was gonna be a slow death.
I was gonna get a knife
and gouge out your eyes
and slice your off tongue and
stab every fucking bit of you.
And now I've got this bad boy.
I guess I can make
you watch and scream
while I chop off your fucking
arms and your fucking legs.
How does it feel,
knowing that the one person
to take care of you is dying?
Fuck you.
What did you fucking say?
Fuck you.
How dare you?
How fucking dare you?
Somebody's gone and
developed a back bone.
A little too
fucking late though.
Got any last words, you cunt.
Linda come on Linda.
Up, up.
Please, please don't go.
You're the strongest
person I know.
No, I'm not.
You've got to be brave.
Don't worry I can't
spread it to you.
Sorry I couldn't be with you.
I love you.
No, no.
I love you too.
please let, please let me out.
Listen to me,
I've had enough.
Let me out of here.
All of you in your very
own confinement cell,
23 hours a day.
Two showers.
- No, no wait.
- A week.
Just the way I like you.
No, no.
'Cause you're nothing
but a scared little cunt.
Let me out of here.
I have failed you.
But should you
ever find yourself
in the caves of creatures who
know little of your truth,
remember our bloodline
can be traced back
to the knights of the good king,
to those that
slayed the dragons,
to those that
built this kingdom,
to the brothers of
St. George himself.
- Mia.
- Remember.
You're stronger than you think.
You wanna play?
Let's fucking play.
What did you say?
- Mia.
- There are
three minutes remaining
of the Snake Games.
- Three minutes remaining.
- I'm staying with you.
- Of the Snake Games.
- Remember.
Three of them.
Madam, it is done now.
You've got this.
Check out
now, three minutes.
Give them hell.
Madam, shall we
initiate endgame protocol?
I think it'll be
fun if Tony does it.
She's the last man standing,
just give her the money.
Don't be so ridiculous.
The rules are they have
until sunrise to survive.
Miss. Fang, I really
think that she's done.
Never touch
Madam, never, never.
He gets it.
That's enough Clifford.
What is the course
of action, Madam.
Kill the bitch.
No one leaves.
Why will you get gimp
fuck to strangle me again.
Gimp fuck?
Listen, you didn't
know that rule.
But I like you and I want
you to be part of my family.
Think of me as your mother.
You beautiful, sensual mother.
So as your mother, I
want you to go out there
and kill that little whore.
I can make you
indestructible like Clifford.
Yes, Madam.
Time to hunt a whore.
He doesn't haven't it in him.
No, I know.
But it'll be a good watch.
Madam, I advise
you go to safe room.
I'll deal with this.
Come face me quick.
Look at me, look at me.
If you gonna do it then
just fucking just do.
Silence, I'm
trying to help you.
All right, there's a camera
up behind me on my left.
See it, don't look, don't look.
Blink twice if you see it.
Behind my left,
there's a camera.
Okay, okay.
What we're gonna do, I'm going
to smash you in the head.
What you're gonna do, is
you're gonna duck, huh?
On three, then you wanna turn
around and you're gonna run.
You're gonna turn right
and you gonna go down
to the bottom of the stairs
and then you're gonna
turn left again.
And then left once
and then left again.
You're gonna turn left twice
and you're gonna
wait for me there.
Blink twice if you understand.
Three, two, one.
These sick fucks killed
Andrew, my brother.
I was with him when he died.
He saved me.
Oh, this is all my fault.
I'm the one who brought
him to this shit hole.
I'm sorry for this.
Even if you win, you don't
get to live in this game.
It's trying to
get that impression.
She's breeding them.
She's making an army of them.
Super, sliding, slithering,
super soldier snakes.
How do we get rid of 'em?
She's uses a remote
that she calls her leash.
It's connected to
chips in their brains.
It's how she controls
them to hunt on command.
I reckon we destroy the
remote, destroy the snakes.
Surely we just
destroy the master.
Oh man, then the snakes
would be more wild.
Oh fuck, maybe.
Can't you just shoot them?
Tried that,
they're bulletproof.
And chop 'em in
half two come back.
It's like the hydros of old.
So what's the plan?
I think we should just
get the fuck out of here.
Think we should
just shoot this bitch.
Yeah okay, yeah.
Let's kill this bitch.
We can get her.
Nobody threatens Madam.
God damn whores.
I hate whores.
How do you work this?
Fucking whores.
Fucking whores.
Fucking whores.
Mia, get up.
Please don't touch that dear.
But unfortunately we
cannot let you go.
Unfortunate your sister.
Check that.
You are just a little girl.
Fucking whore.
Look into my eyes
as I choke you.
Look into my eyes,
eyes, my eyes, eyes.
Little whore.
Got guns for whores.
I love dead whores.
You are dead whore.
Help, help.
Whore, whore, whore.
Hi, what the fuck we see here.
Where's the fucking remote?
It's there.
Don't fucking touch it.
You're not going to shoot me.
Don't fucking try me, lady.
You need me?
No, you fucking girl,
you killed us all.
join me.
Be part of my family.
I don't wanna be part
of your fucking world.
I'm not a killer.
Goodbye, Miss. Fang.
Oh Mia.
Not so fast.
You fucking bitch.
Fuck you.
Don't hide from me.
You stupid bitch.
I can fucking see you.
You think you're
something special.
I'm special.
My snakes are special.
Little bitch.
Fuck, shit.
My babies and I'll find.
Fucking call them.
There you are boys.
I bet you're hungry
for whore meat.
Why have you kept me waiting?
Go get her.
Make your mother proud.
You're fucking screwed now.
What the fuck are you doing?
I fucking hate snakes.
Let's get this done.
Hotel, numero dos."