Snakehead (2021) Movie Script

[upbeat bass music]
[foreboding music]
My name is Tse Mei-Ying.
But people call me Sister Tse.
I never believed in
the American dream.
All I knew was how to survive.
I made a deal with a
snakehead from Taiwan.
Prostitution for
smuggling me to New York.
I knew we could die, but
we all have our reasons.
[tense music]
Get on the ground!
[men shout] [sirens wail]
[alarm rings]
[sirens wail]
[foreboding music]
[Newscaster] At
approximately 4 a.m. today,
a cargo boat with hundreds
of smuggled Chinese migrants
was intercepted by the FBI
off of Rockaway Beach, Queens.
Chinese human smugglers,
often known as snakeheads,
have shown a reckless
disregard for the health
and safety of the
migrants being smuggled.
[dog barks]
Fuck out of my face.
Anybody else want a home run?
Come on.
Now you shut the fuck up.
Welcome to America.
[thunder rumbles]
[somber music]
[men chatting]
[foreboding music]
[camera shutter clicks]
- Here you go, drink!
- Cheers!
- Barbie.
- Let's go.
Hey, come, sit.
You wanna eat, you guys hungry?
Maybe I went the
light way before.
[women chuckle]
[Sinh] Hey you,
how much you owe?
[women chuckle]
[Barbie] Drink, it'll
make you feel better.
[Tse] I owed $57,000
to the snakehead.
All that mattered
was that I was here.
We all have our reasons.
I came to America
to find my daughter.
[girl cries]
[Tse shouts]
[Suhyun] Put some makeup on.
Time for work.
[tense music]
[Steven] Hi.
My name is Steve, Steven.
What's your name?
[lotion squelches]
[woman screams]
[Customer] Bitch, you bit me!
The fuck is going on?
[chains rattle]
[ominous music]
[tense music]
[phone vibrates]
[speaks foreign language]
[suspenseful music]
[Suhyun gasps]
Kill the bitch, Dai Mah!
She tried to kill me!
What would you do if
somebody fucked you up?
Everyone has to
work and earn here.
I can work, I can earn.
Just give me a chance.
I just gave you a chance.
That kind of work
is for the weak.
I'm not weak.
Ah, so you think I'm unfair?
There are rules.
Chinatown doesn't
change for anyone.
Come on.
This is Hong.
He came here for the
same reasons you did.
But he betrayed me, my family,
and you.
He set up the FBI ship raid.
So Sister Tse, what would you do
if someone betrayed your family?
[gun clicks]
[ominous music]
[thunder rumbles]
[somber music]
[men shout in foreign language]
[Tse] I didn't always
make the right choice,
but I always survived.
[man chatters on radio]
After I got caught, went
to jail for eight years.
They took my daughter away, and
she was adopted in New York.
When I got out, I
vowed to find her.
Uh, no. [chuckles]
Come on, let me show you.
[Tse] At first...
[Zareeb] Get the
right amount of meat.
[Tse] I didn't trust Zareeb.
Water here.
Helps it stick, you know?
- But in the end...
- Fold it over, pinch.
[Tse] He was my only friend.
You try.
[Tse] We were the same.
You know, America
is tough, but look,
at least we have jobs here.
[Tse] We both depended
on Dai Mah to survive.
Might need a lot more practice.
You'll get it, you're smart.
You from Fuzhou or Guangdong?
Where are you from?
You speak Chinese?
Just a little.
But my French is much better.
My wife come here soon.
Then I'm going to open
my own restaurant,
Zareeb's Famous Dumplings.
You have a family here?
[foreboding music]
Get back to work.
Come on, Dai Mah.
We got labor laws, I get breaks.
Hey, you hear boss
lady, let's go.
No, you stay.
I've got some other
jobs that pay more.
How much?
[tense music]
[speaking foreign language]
What'd you bring me?
Zareeb really does
make good dumplings.
Can I trust you with money?
I need a new collector.
My clients respond better
to women than Pai Gwut.
What's in it for me?
Give you a list, you collect.
I take $200 out each
month of what you owe.
If they don't pay?
[foreboding music]
They will.
[speaking foreign language]
Feeling lucky?
Well here's your tip.
[speaking foreign language]
[speaking foreign language]
[speaking foreign language]
You should use the ones
with the copper coating.
To round the corners,
a dead giveaway.
[solemn music]
[Tse] There is a saying
where I'm from.
When drinking water,
remember the source.
I knew why I was here.
[horn honks]
[somber music]
Four months I couldn't find her,
and then one day, there she was.
Every Sunday I
followed her to church.
Even after eight years, a
mother knows her daughter.
My search was over.
But I didn't know
what to do next.
[dramatic music]
[horn honks]
Dai Mah's smuggling
empire kept the peace
in a dying Chinatown underworld.
companies, truck drivers
and employment agencies
all depended on her.
For them, smuggling
was harmless.
But everyone knew
this wouldn't last.
If they kept quiet,
they got to eat.
Even Rambo's girlfriend Sinh
got closer to the
operation every day.
Pai Gwut remained loyal.
And no matter how mad he got,
no wrong respect Rambo.
Everyone knew who fed them.
Alright, y'all
better put your hands,
put your motherfucking hands up!
[guests cheers]
Shut up!
Shut up!
Thank you for coming.
My first birthday party
I've ever had in my life.
I hate all of you fuckers!
Not one of you visited
me when I was locked up!
So fuck you!
I wanna dedicate this
evening to the one woman
that means everything to me.
I love you, Ma.
That's my mom!
[guests applaud]
I'm gonna sing you a song, Ma.
[speaking foreign language]
what the fuck,
- you think you can touch me?
- What the fuck?
- You don't get to touch her!
- What the fuck?
Big bro, big bro!
No, no, chill, big bro!
[men shout]
Chill, big bro!
Big bro, chill, chill!
[suspenseful music]
[Zareeb] Your soba better.
Let me help.
[Tse] No, I don't need help.
Come on, Sister Tse,
everybody needs help sometime.
[Tse] How long have you
been working for them?
[Zareeb] About three years now.
I was here before Rambo got out.
What did he do?
You didn't hear?
His father was a drunk.
Used to come home and
beat Dai Mah every day.
One day Rambo grew
up, killed him.
Killed him?
The rest of the family's fine.
He's got a brother
on Wall Street.
Rambo's just the
black sheep, you know?
So how much do you owe them?
So when you were dreaming
of coming to America,
did you think it was
gonna be this way?
I didn't think, I just came.
Hey yo.
Feed the pair fish with this,
and then wipe down
all the condensation.
Our friends don't
like condensation.
Hey, I know Ma wants
us to work together,
so as long as you
listen to me...
Damn it.
Hey babe.
Sup baby.
What's going on?
So can you tell
me why she's here?
I just needed some help.
She needs the money.
Ma says she wants
her here anyway.
You see, this is
exactly what I mean.
Fuck you talking about, huh?
You know what the
fuck I'm talking about.
You should be a man.
Well you should
shut the fuck up.
I ain't got time for this
bullshit today, all right?
This ain't fucking bullshit.
Fuck you!
[bell jingles]
The fuck you looking
at, ding dong?
[horns honk]
[phone rings]
Golden Taxi, yeah.
[speaking foreign language]
Yeah, getting better?
Good, good.
Where do you need to go?
All right, no problem.
Five minutes?
[phone rings]
Let's go.
[foreboding music]
Are you not gonna get that?
I like to hear it ring.
It's the sound of making money.
[Tse] People love Dai Mah.
For a price, she brought
their family here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[Dai Mah] Oh, oh, ah.
[speaking foreign language]
But Dai Mah loved
money more than people.
Everyone knew where she was,
because all roads through
Chinatown flow through Dai Mah.
[speaking foreign language]
Everyone knows you.
They know me and
they know my family.
They trust me.
They're afraid of you and Rambo.
There's a difference
between fear and respect.
Everybody loves Rambo.
Whatever you say.
You know your firstborn
is always special.
I love all my sons, but
when Rambo was a little
boy, he saved me.
What'd he do?
I was weak, he was strong.
[somber music]
Went to jail when he was 12.
He's spent more than
half his life there.
What Rambo is
today, I'm to blame.
You know what it's
like to be a mother.
You see your faults
in your children.
You just wish you
had done better.
She really likes you.
You think you're
special, don't you, hm?
You're not.
I need to get back.
Your mother hates
it when I'm late.
You're just my mom's little
errand rat, you understand?
Told Ma she's too easy on you.
Lucky I'm not in charge yet.
[foreboding music]
[Tse] If I wanted
to clear my debt,
I had to find a
place in her family.
[Dai Mah] They each get one.
[tense music]
[Pai Gwut] What's
she doing here?
[Dai Mah] She's gonna
deliver the food from now on.
Trust her?
All right, all right, Ma, sorry.
- [knocking]
- I got it, I got it.
I got it, Ma.
[Tse] There were
three safe houses.
Each one had 10 to 20
migrants awaiting release.
When a friend or relative
came to pay, they were free.
There was always a lot of
cash at Eldridge House.
The black Arowanas are a
little bit more aggressive
than the silver ones
because they like the PH
more on the acidic side.
But if you put some peat
moss in the filter...
[horn honks]
I got some cousins in
Philly that might like you.
[men chat]
I've seen how you stare.
Seen it all my life.
You think I'm weak, don't you?
You survive your way,
and I survive mine.
In the end, it's all the same.
[upbeat disco music]
[singing in foreign language]
Hey big bro.
Where my slice at?
[camera shutter clicks]
Can I have a coke?
You want one?
- Two.
- Three.
[Dai Mah] No, you
get a Diet Coke.
Fat Boy.
I hate Diet Coke.
Hey, I lost two girls
to Fathead in Los Angeles.
Think I can get
another shipment soon?
Don't worry about it,
we'll take care of it.
You know I can't earn
if I ain't got no product.
- Piece of shit.
- Hey.
When we eat, we eat in peace.
Tse-jia, what you
doing this weekend?
- Are you serious?
- What?
You would crush her, Fat Boy.
Go ahead.
You earned it.
[Dai Mah] Smoking
in my restaurant?
[upbeat music]
[singing in foreign language]
[Rambo] Yo Jack!
[Tse] Who are we meeting here?
[Rambo] Hey, your
place is not to ask,
your place is to follow, okay?
[foreboding music]
[Tse] Dai Mah was so rich
that Rambo never had to work,
but he was a man, and
after 20 years in jail,
he still had to prove it.
[Jack] My man Rambo.
- And you are?
- Oh, she's the help,
don't fuck with her.
We good?
Got that red Arowana special.
That's what I'm talking about.
What do you say, huh?
You up?
All right, every
three to four weeks
you're gonna pick up
20 cases from Jack.
Five boxes go to the
safe house on Eldridge,
three in Flushing, and
the rest to Richie.
It's easy money.
Hey, where you going?
You better get one
of those boxes!
Am I gonna have some
problem with you?
This is stupid,
I'm not doing that.
I'm not gonna smuggle drugs.
The people are better, hm?
At least I give people hope.
You kill them.
[solemn music]
[child chatters]
[Tse] When I clear my debt,
I will go to her.
But it felt like
I'd never get there.
Even though I was close,
I was nothing to her.
Zareeb, forgot the rice.
Can you get it?
Can you help me?
I need to get in touch with my cousin.
Do they have the money?
They are trying to get the loan.
Here. Call now.
Thank you.
[gun fires]
[tense music]
- They shot Jin.
- Who?
- Get the guns!
- Who?
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
[Sinh] You survive your
way, and I survive mine.
In the end, it's all the same.
Hurry the fuck up,
go to the other room!
Hurry up, hurry the fuck up!
Hurry up!
[Sinh] Where's the money at?
[Thug] Where the
fucking money at?
Where's the fucking money?
[gun fires]
[suspenseful music]
[Dai Mah] You okay?
I'm okay.
[Rambo] How?
Too loud.
Mm, watch.
[foreboding music]
[suspenseful music]
Get rid of it.
[Pai Gwut] B.B.'s dead.
He was in the next run.
[Dai Mah] We need another
snakehead for the Taiwan job.
I'll go.
You're crazy.
Why do you wanna go?
Do you think I want to
fold dumplings forever?
I've done it once,
I can do it again.
[ominous music]
Ma, she's not family.
[Tse] If I go, she'll
cut my debt in half.
You know they don't
really care about you.
To them you're just like a cook.
You cook bad, they'll hire
somebody else to do it.
If you know a fast way
how to make money, show me.
But is it worth the risk?
Every day we're
here, we're at risk.
We could go to jail,
we could get deported.
We could get killed
and no one would know.
So you tell me, is
it worth the risk?
[tense music]
[thunder rumbles]
[somber music]
[horn honks]
[tense music]
So you are the
snakehead from New York.
Where's my cargo?
What's the rush?
You are a long way from home.
Have a drink.
I'm here to do a job.
I miss New York. How's
Dai Mah? Paigwut?
Is Rambo out of jail yet?
He must be all grown up.
There's a typhoon coming
and we need to leave.
Where are my people?
They all paid and are ready to go.
Hey! When are we leaving?
We've been here for over three months!
Shut up!
Why do you talk so much?
Whatever I tell you
to do, you do.
The ports will shut down
the ports tomorrow.
You can't afford to keep them
here another month.
Don't you think I know that?
No. We leave tonight.
If you follow me, I will
deliver you safe.
[tense music]
[speaking foreign language]
From here, we take a container boat
from Taishan to Guatemala.
There, a Coyote will smuggle
us north to America.
Watch out for Cartel and Militia.
They own the border.
[drone buzzes]
Is that border patrol?
I don't know, but
it's time to run.
- Vamanos!
- Come on!
Come on!
[suspenseful music]
[Eagle] Eagle one here, I've
located about 20 illegals.
They see the drone
and heading north.
Can you handle them at
the river, Scorpion?
[Scorpion] In my vehicle,
you can just guide me in.
[Eagle] Look at them
all scatter like ants.
[speaking foreign language]
[Eagle] Looks like they close
the doors into an old barn.
[Scorpion] Copy
that, ETA five minutes.
Is this illegal shit?
[speaking foreign language]
- Time to go.
- [speaking foreign language]
[Eagle] Group is
moving, group is moving.
[tense music]
[Tse] Go, go, go!
I see it to the right!
Watch right there, go!
Go faster!
[Eagle] I see them, I see them.
It's militia.
[Eagle] They're
gonna hit the riverbed.
We gonna get them this time.
Patriots Defense Recon, go!
Drone needs charge.
Copy that, Scorpion
engaging target.
Easy, hands up.
Get your fucking hands up.
What is this?
Fucking chink and a wetback?
This some kind of
United Nations bullshit?
[Coyote] We are Christian.
Doesn't fucking matter,
get on the ground.
Get on the fucking grown now!
All the way!
Open the fucking door.
You fucking open the...
Don't you talk back, head down.
Head down, don't look at me.
[foreboding music]
Where's everyone?
Where the fuck is everyone else?
[Coyote] They went back.
[Eagle] Scorpion, do you copy?
We got nothing here.
There's no one else.
[Eagle] Scorpion.
What's going on down there?
[radio chatters]
[tense music]
[somber club music]
Why did you come here?
Ah, family.
They never talk about family.
I don't have family.
[Dai Mah] You
always have family.
[phone rings]
Sister Tse.
Hold on again.
Oh, Zareeb, I think
it's your cousin.
Amir, it's you! How are you doing?
Thank God, thank God!
God is great! Wonderful!
Thank you very much!
Thank you!
She got the visa! She is finally coming!
Tse, she is coming!
I'm happy for you.
[speaking foreign language]
Sister Tse, I know this
payment isn't enough.
My daughter's been sick.
I promise I won't run.
Can you give me more time?
Pay when you can,
you're not going anywhere.
Thank you, Sister Tse.
Thank you! Thank you!
Do you like lobsters?
Come to my place.
I'll take care of you.
Thank you.
[horns honk]
[somber music]
[Rosie] No, why?
[Rosie's Mom] They wanna
know how you're doing there.
[Rosie] I don't wanna be on it.
Then I told them just
because we live in Chinatown
doesn't mean we
should burn our trash.
[Rosie's Mom] Stop
being such a gentrifier.
Yeah, stop being a gentrifier.
They wanna talk to Rosie too.
It'll be good exposure
for my clients.
Oh shoot, I forgot the brie.
Gotta go back.
Sister Tse! Lots of lobsters!
Come up!
Come up!
Sister Tse! Sister Tse!
Here's a large box of lobsters for you.
Also, these guys I trust.
If you need help with anything,
don't be afraid to ask.
Thank you.
Hey, hey!
You work for Dai Mah, right?
I need help getting my wife
and daughter here.
You should talk to Dai Mah.
I don't trust Dai Mah.
People are just cargo to her.
This is my wife and child.
I can help you, but Dai Mah can't know.
Thank you.
[thunder rumbles]
[Rambo] Hey yo, let
me ask you a question.
Sup, Bo?
[Rambo] What do you
think about Sister Tse?
Uh, I don't know.
She's cool.
Why, you like her?
[Rambo] Nah.
I want you to follow her.
Okay, I got you.
Does Ma know about this?
[foreboding music]
Get the fuck out
and get the girls.
Get the fuck out of here!
[Tse] Come on.
[Pai Gwut] Hold on, hold
on, hold on, hold on.
[Tse] Where you taking them?
[Pai Gwut] You got your
money, you did your job.
You're done here.
You, you, you, come
on, come with me.
[tense music]
[woman yelps]
Hey, what the fuck...
Got a problem?
Hey Ma, Ma!
How come you're not
picking up your phone?
Ma, you know what
this bitch is doing?
You talking about
the massage parlor?
Hey, something funny, huh?
She's fucking with my money, Ma.
[Dai Mah] Calm down.
Hey, you think you're in charge?
I said do you think
you're in charge?
Ma, I'm gonna kill
this bitch right here.
- Fuck...
- Hey, you!
[door slams]
[car alarm blares]
[horn honks]
God, I fucking hate you.
[foreboding music]
[thunder rumbles]
I'm worried about Rambo.
I've got a nephew in Toronto
that wants to smuggle
through Belize.
These aren't Chinese.
Who are they?
Another country, higher
risk, more money.
I want you to do it.
[thunder rumbles]
I don't think so.
I need to make sure
nothing goes wrong.
To make sure Rambo's okay.
I want you to do it.
It'll be good for both of you.
The family.
Do it for me.
[thunder rumbles]
I'll clear your debt.
[Pai Gwut] So I've
been following Tse-jia
like you told me to.
She keeps going to this church.
What's she doing there?
I'm not sure.
[Rambo] Just keep following her.
Hey ding dong!
Come here.
What do you want?
Why are you here?
We don't need your help.
[Tse] I'm only here
because of your mom.
[horn blares]
[Tse] How did it get over
the border?
[Rambo] White sting hauler can
go anywhere you want.
I'll go check on them first.
What? No, no, no, we don't
got time for that shit.
We gotta drive all
night, let's go.
You have no idea what it's like
to be in a shipping container.
Maybe we could
just go check, Bo.
Maybe they gotta
pee or something.
[ominous music]
[Pai Gwut] What?
Oh shit, yo, Bo!
Bo, you gotta come
over here, Bo!
[Rambo] What is wrong with you?
[Pai Gwut] Come on, Bo, you got,
please just come over here!
What is it, some bullshit?
Oh shit.
Oh shit, oh fuck.
Shit, shit.
[Rambo] Get the fuck up here!
[Pai Gwut] Come
on, man, I can't.
[Rambo] Get the
fuck in here now!
Hey, help me with this one.
I can't, bro, I can't.
Look at all the fucking
dead bodies, Bo.
Man, get the fuck out of here!
You come here.
Move this one.
There's 50 more kilos in here,
we'll find them in New York.
[Pai Gwut] Bro, somebody
left the freezer on.
Hey, we stick to the plan
and we drive back tonight.
[Pai Gwut] How we
gonna drive back
with all these things
back here, bro?
[police siren wails]
Every single fucking
time because of you.
Get your fucking
drugs, let's go.
They showed up like this.
This ain't my fucking fault.
Yeah it is.
You gonna fucking stand there?
Let's go!
It's your cut.
[Newscaster] 38 bodies
were found frozen dead
in an abandoned
refrigerated smuggling truck
in Queens today.
Authorities have not
determined the origin
of the immigrants,
but the DEA suspects
narcotics to be involved.
[Anchor] The truck originated
from Toronto, Canada,
and normally transports
frozen lobsters
for Uncle Beth's Seafood
Company in Chinatown.
The suspects are still at large.
[camera shutter clicks]
[bell jingles]
All my debts are paid.
I can't work for you anymore.
You know you're special.
Look, I didn't work this hard
for Rambo to fuck it all up.
You saved me a fortune.
I didn't do that for you.
I did that to survive.
I respect that.
What if I can offer
you something better?
I'll double your pay.
And give you the dumpling house.
People depend on me.
When I'm gone, people
can depend on you.
[gentle music]
["Clair de Lune" by Debussy]
[speaking foreign language]
Sister Tse, I'm worried about my family.
Last I heard they were in Montreal.
Don't worry. The van will come soon.
Thank you.
Dai Mah doesn't know about this.
Let's keep it that way.
No problem.
[foreboding music]
[Immigrant] Hey, come on.
[phone rings]
[door opens]
What's going on here?
They just traveled 8,000 miles
and you're gonna
bring them here?
The fuck is wrong with you?
[police siren chirps]
[tense music]
- I wanna ask you...
- No English.
Mei-Ying Tse?
That is your name, right?
I wanna ask you
about a snakehead.
Pearl Ho.
Also known as Dai Mah.
[foreboding music]
It turns out your fingerprints
are all over the truck.
You're gonna tell me all
about the frozen bodies.
Or we can talk
about your daughter.
Is your survival more
important than hers?
All right then.
Sister Tse, let's start
from the beginning.
When I was three, my
mother sold me for $1,000.
I never blamed her.
What could she do?
How could anyone
blame a prostitute?
I grew up hard
learning one thing.
My name is Tse Mei-Ying.
But people call me Sister Tse.
I never believed in
the American dream.
All I knew was how to survive.
For me and my family.
Thank you, Dai Mah.
We protect our own.
Sorry we didn't get to you
earlier. These things take time.
You've nothing to worry about.
We're family.
[sirens wail]
Come on, I gotta
show you something.
All right, this better be good.
There you go.
It's all yours.
Oh, Tse, you're amazing.
You know I worry
about you sometimes.
What's there to worry about?
You have more than enough money.
Why are you still doing this?
Enjoy this, okay?
Did you hear what
Sister Tse did?
She started
smuggling on the side
and got caught by
the FBI, dumb bitch.
[ominous music]
You want me to kill Tse-jia?
No, I need some leverage.
Get me that little
girl she's been seeing.
You want me to
kill the little girl?
Just bring her to me.
[suspenseful drum music]
[police siren blares]
Anybody home?
Nice place.
Bo know about this?
You might need a new job soon.
Work for you?
Are you fucking crazy?
You seem to be
forgetting your place.
[speaking foreign language]
[Immigrant] Hey, hey, hey, hey!
[speaking foreign language]
You motherfuckers
wanna play, huh?
You motherfuckers wanna play?
[tense music]
Bring it, bring
it, motherfuckers!
I'm gonna fucking enjoy this.
That little fucking bitch
Rosie, she's fucking next!
[suspenseful music]
Do it, do it!
[somber music]
[horn beeps]
[gun fires]
[tires screech]
I gave you everything and
treated you like a daughter
from the beginning.
You mean a life of
slavery and violence?
Or all your bullshit
about family and loyalty?
Ungrateful prostitute.
You wanna know why
I am like I am?
Because I have to be.
That's what makes America work.
You lied and cheat
your own people.
I didn't force you to do shit.
You cheated those
migrants just like me.
I'll never be like you.
We're the same, and the why?
It eats your heart
out from the inside.
It takes a lot to
give up a child
for your own survival.
Like I said before,
the past is the past.
We make our own fate here.
Shooting me does you nothing.
When I'm dead, the money's gone.
Or you could have it all.
I'll get your daughter back.
What about the FBI,
the delivery truck?
Rambo killed the gweilo driver
and the Flushing crew is gone.
The only thing tying us
to frozen bodies is you.
What about Rambo?
Rambo's my son. He'll obey.
But you have to
make up with him.
He's still sour about Pai Gwut.
You come to the
wedding, bring lobsters.
My good son's finally
getting married.
[foreboding music]
[Tse] What about the
FBI, the delivery truck?
[Dai Mah] Rambo
killed the gweilo driver
and the Flushing crew is gone.
The only thing tying us to
the frozen bodies is you.
Leave Rosie alone.
And why would I wanna
hurt a little girl, huh?
Killing Zareeb?
Yeah, that was
payback for Pai Gwut.
I get it.
And you don't
answer to Ma anymore.
You're my pet now.
[tense music]
[thunder rumbles]
[Derek] Mom, come on up here!
I just wanted everyone
to raise a glass
to the woman who made me
the man that I am today.
A woman who raised me
when we had nothing.
[Rambo] But killing Zareeb?
That was payback for Pai Gwut.
Here's to you, Mom.
[guests murmur]
Where's Rambo?
[Rambo] The fuck is this?
I didn't do shit!
[gun fires]
[dramatic music]
[Tse] I didn't come
for the American dream.
I came for family.
I left her once for my survival.
This time, I leave her for hers.
[upbeat disco music]
[singing in foreign language]
[dramatic orchestral music]