Snapshot of Love (2022) Movie Script

- Hey.
- Hey, ready to go?
You're driving, right?
I texted you, like,
15 minutes ago.
- Sorry, I had to go
over all the photos
that Sasha sent over.
- It's crazy.
Like, how does this guy avoid
getting his picture
taken for over a year?
- No idea. But that's
why he's The Ghost.
- Yeah, and it's
driving Sasha crazy.
- Oh, I know.
She made me sit outside
of his apartment
for hours last week,
trying to get a photo.
I felt like his stalker.
I mean, how does an actor avoid
getting his picture taken?
- I don't know.
But we're gonna be late
and she's going to kill us
if we don't get a
picture of this guy.
- Mm. Yeah, you got to
give him credit though.
He's avoided the paparazzi
for a long time. Not tonight.
We're gonna get that photo
and get the
promotion we deserve.
- Yes.
- You look so beautiful.
- Thanks. You look
pretty good yourself.
You okay?
- Just nervous.
- Don't be silly.
Everyone's going to fall in
love with you, just like I did.
- Yeah, I'm just not looking
forward to the photos.
- You need to get
over this obsession
with hating to have
your photo taken.
This is Hollywood
and you're a star.
- Yeah, I'm just not
used to all the fans,
press, and schmoozing.
- What my grandfather used to
say was "just smile and wave."
- Yeah, well, you
make it look easy.
- The public just wants to
feel like they know you.
You're the living embodiment
of their hopes and dreams.
- Yeah, I just remember
being on the other side
of that bull rope
not too long ago.
- Exactly. You're proof
that anything is possible.
You are destined to be a star.
- If you say so.
I'm just so exhausted, I
barely know what day it is.
- Your work speaks for itself.
Besides, who cares
what day it is?
That's what assistants are for.
- Tonight's premiere of
"Accidentally in Love"
has fans and critics excited.
There has been Oscar buzz
surrounding the Hollywood
newcomer, Parker Bennett.
Parker made a splash last year
with his critically acclaimed
film "Return to Nowhere."
Looks like a car
has just arrived.
Could it be a star
of tonight's movie?
It's Parker Bennett
and Justina Boudreaux.
They're looking hot.
Just smile and wave.
Smile and wave.
- Smile and wave.
- Got it.
- Parker, you alive?
- Parker Bennet is down,
ladies and gentlemen.
- Parker.
- I hate this part of my job.
- Parker, wake up!
This is embarrassing.
Pull it together.
- Paramedics are on their way
as concerned fans hold their
breath for the young star.
- This, ladies and gentlemen,
now this is how
you chase a story.
This actor has managed
to avoid our cameras
for the last year, and
we finally got him.
And what a doozy.
Let's hear it for
Adrian Summers.
Now I don't want to
know how you do it.
I personally don't want to
be liable if it's illegal.
No, but this is tremendous work.
Our readers are
going to love it.
Top marks.
Now let's get back to work.
- Sasha, I was
wondering if I could-
- If you're looking
for a raise, save it.
I've already bumped
your and Ryan's pay.
- Oh, thank you.
No, that's not what I
wanted to talk to you about.
Don't you think that
headline is a little harsh?
- I thought we were
rather restrained.
Not all of these young stars
can cut it in this town.
- But it's not like
he was actually drunk.
- Ah, that's for our
readers to decide.
- He's probably just tired.
I'm sure he's overworked.
- Adrian, I don't pay
you for your empathy,
I pay you for the
good juicy photos.
Now, if you want
to have a heart,
go work for someone that
cares, like a newspaper.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, that's awful. You're fired.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Do you think you might be
taking this a little personally?
- Are you suggesting
that I would try
to ruin the career of an actor
who's been a thorn in my
side for the last year?
- Well, no, I just...
I don't know why we can't
just tell the real story.
- I'm not trying to ruin him.
I'm just trying to make
him more interesting.
He's boring, and
people want dirt.
Speaking of, I need
you to get me follow-up
on that red carpet meltdown.
- What do you want?
- I don't care.
Follow him to rehab, vacation,
his famous girlfriend's house.
Just get me something.
You got it?
- Got it.
I used to love covering
celebrity events,
but now I just feel like
we're making the stories up.
I wanted to be a journalist,
not a stalkerazzi.
- Why do you stay?
- I still have those four
payments on my aunt's B&B.
- Well, I'm sure she'd
understand if you
couldn't swing it.
- Of course, but I
can't do that to her
after all she's done for me.
Here. Tea.
- Thanks, Maggie.
- Thank you.
- Didn't she just fire you?
- She fires me every day.
Sometimes, multiple times a day.
- Yeah, she just
changes her shirt
and Sasha doesn't even notice.
- Do you want to explain
to me what happened?
- Well, there was all these
lights, then I took a step.
I think I slipped on an apple.
- An apple?
Why would an apple
be on the red carpet?
The whole town thinks
you were drunk!
- Oh, please, I barely drink.
- And you, what show of concern
was that for your boyfriend?
- I was just-
- You were just posing instead
of helping your sweetheart.
- Look, that's not fair. Justina
what's trying to help me.
- Ha! Not before smiling
and waving at the camera.
Do you know the damage control
I have to do for
the both of you?
- You smiled and
waved at the cameras?
- Well, maybe just a little.
- Justina, you're
not new to this.
You know better.
- I didn't know what to.
- I'll tell you what
we're going to do.
We're going to release
a press statement.
- Can't we just
tell him the truth,
that I'm exhausted and
I slipped and fell?
- Absolutely not.
Do you know what exhausts
means in Hollywood?
- I've done four films
back-to-back with no time off.
- I had back-to-back
films since I was nine.
That's the life.
You'll get used to it.
- You grew up in
this world, I didn't.
I need a break, a real break.
Can't I just take
a little time off?
- Parker, do you know
what that would look like?
- Marty, if I don't
get some rest,
I'm not gonna be able
to act my way out
of a speeding ticket.
Look, I need to clear my
head, get away from it all.
- This is a terrible
photo of me.
Of us. It's a
terrible photo of us.
- Well, now you know why I hate
getting my photograph taken.
Why don't you come join me?
We can spend some
time alone together.
- Great idea.
We can spin it as
a romantic getaway.
- But I have those meetings
for the new superhero flick.
You know, that one
I can't talk about.
- Well, when you're
done with that,
why don't you come join me?
I heard about this place near
the Blue Ridge Mountains.
A director I know it says
it's very secluded
and therapeutic.
- Absolutely.
I'd love to spend alone time
with you in the mountains.
- Wait. Is that my apple?
Oh, what have I done?
- How's my story coming, hm?
- I can't find any dirt
on this guy, but...
- What? Spit it out.
- I think my apple rolled out
of my bag and tripped him up.
I don't know how it happened.
- Well, we did just get a call
from his manager and he's upset.
You're gonna have to disappear.
- Wait. What are you saying?
- I need you to take a break.
Look at it as a two-week
vacation. Unpaid.
- I mean, I didn't mean
for this to happen.
- All I know is that
we got great photos,
we have a great story.
Just go somewhere while
we dig up some dirt,
but don't breathe a
word of this to anyone,
or I'll have to fire you.
- Now for the Hollywood updates.
Parker Bennett released
a statement today
saying that he and his
girlfriend, Justina Boudreaux,
will be taking a break
for a romantic getaway.
This comes after his
wildly publicized fall
on the red carpet.
Rumor has it that
GIE Talent Agency
is seeking legal
action against TMG
after speculations were
made that the young star
may have been intoxicated.
The young star says
that the photographer
who took those photos didn't
show the whole picture
and he insists that he
slipped on an apple.
It's Parker Bennett.
Widely publicized
fall on the red carpet.
The young star says
that the photographer
who took those photos didn't
show the whole picture.
- You made it.
- Hi, Aunt Carrie!
was your flight?
- The flight was so long.
I'm just happy to be home.
Oh. Thank you so much, Carl.
- Anything for you, Ms. Carrie.
- Thanks, Carl.
Have a good one, y'all.
- Come inside.
Let me carry that.
- Oh, thank you.
Wow, this place looks amazing.
- I think with a little love,
we've restored her old shine.
I'd never dreamed I'd
own a house like this,
and it's all thanks to you.
- Well, it's the
least I could do
after all you've done for me.
We're family. We're
all we've got.
- Your parents would be so proud
of the woman you've become.
- I don't know if
that's true right now,
but I am happy to be home.
- Well, you should
come home more often.
- I know. The job
just keeps me busy.
- I wish you could just focus
on your photography
and your writing.
- Mm. Unfortunately,
those don't pay the bills.
- Not yet, but I have faith
that one day they will.
Come on, let's go inside.
Perfect. I
want some of that cider.
Let's do it.
- Wow, it's great
you saved this place.
- You know, I was so afraid
they were gonna tear her down.
- So happy your dream came true.
There's so many happy memories.
- Excuse me.
- I was looking
for a hiking trail,
maybe near a river or a lake?
- Come with me, honey,
and I'll show you a map.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Chris. I got
here yesterday.
- I'm Addie, and this
is my Aunt Carrie.
- Very nice to meet you, Addie.
Your aunt here is
a wonderful host.
- So how was the birdwatching?
- It was really great. I
got some really nice photos.
- Well, then you need
to talk with my niece.
She's a professional
- You're a photographer.
- Yes, I do nature photography
for stock photo companies.
Do you like taking pictures?
- Sure, but I just use my phone.
I don't have any fancy cameras.
- Well, Ansel Adams
said the best camera
in the world is the
one you have with you.
- Let me show you this.
This is my favorite trail. It
goes along a beautiful river.
But this is a
mountain biking area.
I thought you might enjoy that.
- Mountain biking, I haven't
done that in a long time.
- Maybe Adrian could
help you line that up.
- Oh. Yeah.
Yeah, sounds great. I'd love to.
- Well, thank you very much.
Pleasure meeting you, Adrian.
And you both are
very gracious hosts.
- He's a real charmer.
- Do you know who that is?
- I'm old, but I'm
not senile. Of course.
He's that actor you got all the
photos of on the red carpet.
- What is he doing here?
- Oh, he's probably
just getting a break
from the rat race, like you.
Come on, let's go
get your stuff.
You know, he doesn't seem to
have any idea who you are.
Do you like him?
- Don't even think about it.
He has a very beautiful,
famous girlfriend.
- But she's not here.
And I'm just saying
you only let people you
like call you Addie.
- I blanked.
Plus, he's not my type.
He only dates models.
Ooh, maybe he followed me.
What if he knows
that I'm the one
who actually tripped him
up on the red carpet?
- You've been in LA way too
long. You're getting paranoid.
- We'll see.
- Let's get you and
your things upstairs,
and then you can tell
me all about it, okay?
- Can you believe Parker
Bennett is staying
at my aunt's bed and breakfast?
- What? That's crazy.
Maybe you can get more photos.
- I've already put that
guy through enough.
I think he needs a break.
- Okay, but it's not every day
you just happen to be staying
at the same place
as Parker Bennett.
- Who is that?
- Adrian.
- Oh. Let me talk to her.
Adrian darling,
this is exciting.
Now, I need you to
get lots of photos.
Is Justina there with him?
- Not yet.
But my aunt said that
he booked for two,
so she might be
coming at some point.
- Yes, we hit gold.
- Sasha, what are
you talking about?
- Well, you need to
get candid photos.
This is gonna be sensational.
- I don't know, that
doesn't seem right.
- What is wrong with you?
You're paparazzi. You
work for TMG Magazine.
Now, listen, I know
you've been wanting
to stop chasing celebrities,
and there is a position
opening for editor.
Now, if you pull this off,
you'll get a big bonus
and maybe even the job.
- It's tempting, but I...
- I know how hard
you've been working
to pay off your aunt's house.
You could use the bonus
and maybe a bump in pay
with no weekends, no
nights, if you get the job.
And maybe we can consider
some of your human
interest stories.
- I can't say no to that.
Okay, I'm on it.
- Hey, love.
Well, I'm
in the mountains.
- Brilliant. I'm glad to
know you made it out safely.
Did anyone see you?
- No, I had a few close calls,
but I think they shrugged
it off as deja vu.
- Well, the further
you get away from LA,
the easier that will become.
- Do you know when
you're coming out here?
- I wish I knew.
This director tried to
put me in bright red.
Can you imagine? I said no.
- Oof, that's rough.
- But I don't know,
we're super busy,
so probably not this
week, but maybe next?
- But you said-
- Parker.
This is out of my control.
It's a part of our business.
- Yeah, I know.
I promise I'll
come out as soon as I can.
- Well, I miss you.
We're ready for you.
- The first AD is
here. I've got to go.
Bye, sweetie.
- Now what do I do?
- Well, welcome,
Miss Sleepyhead.
Yeah, that time
change always wipes me out.
- Oh, it does.
- Mm, that's a fine tea, Carrie.
- Well, you city boys
probably don't ever
get any real sweet tea.
- Well, now that I have,
I'll accept no substitute.
- Thank you.
See? He even likes my sweet tea.
You should go talk to him.
- Aunt Carrie...
- I'm just saying.
- You're always just saying.
- Oh, he's just a nice guy
who doesn't know who you are.
Go make friends.
- So, you like my aunt's tea?
- Well, usually, I am a
water guy. Nothing too sweet.
But this is really good.
I just couldn't resist.
- Yeah, it's been my
favorite since I was a kid.
I can't really
get it out in L...
Outside of the south.
- Where do you live?
- Oh. You know, all around.
- You grew up in
the circus or...
- I'm sorry?
- Bad joke.
- You travel for work?
- Well, sometimes.
But I really miss the
intimacy of an old small town.
- I hear that.
- So what brought you here?
- Mm. I needed a break.
I just felt like I was stuck
inside a hamster ball
all the time, you know?
Plus, I wanted to see
the Blue Ridge Mountains.
- And how did you
find my aunt's place?
- Oh, a friend told me about it.
Said it was very
peaceful and secluded.
- So you're hiding out.
Oh, sorry.
I guess I can make
bad jokes too.
Yeah, this place is great if
you want some peace and quiet
and to remember
what's important.
Would you want to go
on a hike tomorrow?
I can show you all
the good trails.
- Yeah. I mean, I am
getting a little antsy.
My girlfriend was supposed
to be here with me,
but she's busy with work.
- Well, I can help you have
the whole place scouted
by the time she gets here.
- Sounds good.
I'd love to see the place
from a local's perspective.
- Then it's a date.
Uh, well...
Not a date. You
know what I mean.
- Yeah.
Okay, I'm ready to
experience the fun of hiking.
- Not in that outfit.
- What? We're just
walking around.
What's wrong with this?
- Chris, think of
hiking like working out.
Would you wear that to workout?
- Of course not.
I've got tennis shoes
and workout clothes,
but it's too cold for that.
- Okay, let me see
what I can find
in the lost and found, then.
- You laughing at me?
- I'm sorry, but that outfit is-
- What, you don't
appreciate my style?
- I do. You wear it well.
You wear other
people's clothes well.
- Listen, growing up, my
parents didn't have a lot,
so I always used to wear my
brother's old hand-me-downs.
- Well, I mean, I love
repurposing things.
It's great your parents
didn't just throw it away.
I feel like, these days,
people just want new stuff.
They don't appreciate the
things that they actually have.
- Okay, so that's pretty deep.
- Yeah, I have a
tendency to do that.
- No, it's refreshing.
So you used to hike
these trails as a kid?
- Yep. I was a wild child.
Climbed every tree,
jumped in every river.
- I can believe that.
Customer not available.
Leave a message.
- Hey, love. Just checking in.
Where are you?
Your aunt
has a beautiful place.
she's wanted to buy it
for as long as I can remember.
So you
didn't grow up there?
- Oh. No, we lived in
a small house in town.
Yeah, she's been
saving her pennies,
but this place
needed a lot of work.
how'd she buy it?
- Well, work has been good
to me, so I was able to help.
- Wow, that's really generous.
- Well, after my parents
died, she raised me.
She gave up her savings
so I could go to college.
It's the least I could do.
- She seems very special.
- She is.
Okay, why don't we
continue this tour?
Wow. Really nice.
Yeah. Forgot
how beautiful it is here.
What are you doing?
- Skipping stones.
Obviously, I'm a little rusty.
- So when was the last
time you were home?
- Maybe two years?
Work has been crazy.
- You must miss your aunt.
- I do.
But, thankfully, we live
in a time with video chat.
I couldn't live without her.
I just wish I lived closer,
if I could come home more.
- You didn't bring your camera.
- What?
- You photograph nature. There's
so much out here to shoot.
Yeah, yeah, I just...
I thought it would be weird
walking around with a camera.
- It's not like you're
paparazzi or something.
Or are you?
- What?
- Sorry, just another bad joke.
- Okay.
- But you are missing
a lot out here.
Maybe you can bring
it with you next time.
- So you're saying there's
gonna be a next time?
- Well, I hope so.
I just thought you might
want to get some photos
from nature, you
know, for your work.
- Yeah, that's a good idea.
- But as long as
you keep the camera
on the surroundings
and not at me.
I really hate
being photographed.
- Why?
- Just not that photogenic.
- I find that hard to believe.
I could help you with that.
- I doubt it.
- You'd look great with
one of my favorite cameras.
Okay, I'm gonna show you
how to skip some stones.
- All right. What's
step number one?
- Here's a good one.
Okay, pick a good rock, and
then it's all in the wrist.
All right.
Okay, well...
that was a bad one.
Hey, Sasha, can you hear me?
- Adrian. I can barely hear you.
- Yeah, yeah, the reception
out here isn't so great.
- What do you got?
- Photos of him
doing normal stuff.
- Normal? What do
you mean normal?
I need you to find a way to
show some dirt on this guy.
- Listen, I just
think he's a nice guy.
And he was overworked,
he tripped,
and he just needs a break.
- So what's the story? How's
this gonna make TMG happy?
- I don't really think
there is a story.
I mean, I have
some photos of him
in clothes that don't quite fit.
I could get some more when
his girlfriend gets here.
- All right, well, send
me those photos now.
- I don't want to
tip him off just yet.
Maybe we could get
something better, I think.
- All right, well, hurry up.
Our story is still
trending across platforms
and I want to strike
while the iron's hot.
- Okay. Oh, I got to go.
- The Ghost. Ha.
Mm. Did you spit in this?
I love that song.
- Oh, I'm so glad you came.
Why don't we try
something kind of fun?
Do you know "Carolina
in the Morning"?
Here's some lyrics.
Okay, everybody has
to sing with me.
Here we go.
- Chris, why did
you cover your face?
That would have
been a great photo.
- I just have a thing. I hate
having my photograph taken.
- You're a good-looking guy.
Why wouldn't you want to
have your photo taken?
- Oh, so you think
I'm good-looking, huh?
- You know you are.
But seriously, why?
- I don't know, I'm just
not that photogenic.
I always freeze up
when someone's trying
to take my photograph.
I don't know, I think it
stems from fifth grade.
Fifth grade?
- Yeah, so my school
picture was awful.
I was ridiculed for,
like, two years.
And I was a really shy kid,
so it was pretty rough.
sorry, that's sad.
- Tragic.
But, eventually, I got into
theater in seventh grade
and it helped me
come out of my shell.
- And it helped you get
over your fear of photos?
- Not really.
I can perform on stage, talk
to big crowds, be videotaped,
but when it comes to being
photographed, I just clam up.
- Time for a refill?
- Yeah. This hot
cider is amazing.
- Thank you, Aunt Carrie.
You know, I could probably
help you with that.
- Just as long as you
promise not to show
the photos to anyone.
- I promise that
all of the photos
I take with my
grandfather's camera,
I won't show them
to anyone else.
- And I'll make sure
you look good too.
- All right.
Here's to a good photo.
- I love how quiet it is here.
- Yeah, it's one of my favorite
parts about being home.
- So, where are you
taking me tomorrow?
- Have I become your unofficial
tour guide or something?
- Unofficially, yes.
- Well, we went to
the river today,
so it's probably only fitting
that we go for a
bike ride tomorrow.
- All right. Sounds fun.
But just bring your camera.
I'm expecting keepsakes
from our adventure.
- Mm, you're on.
I can't wait to take
pictures of the mountains.
I've been in a
creative rut lately.
I could really use it
to get my mojo back.
- I can relate to that.
- Well, I should
probably get to bed,
you know, if we
want to get up early
to get on the trails, so-
- Sure.
- Yep.
Uh, well...
- Goodnight.
I miss our homemade breakfasts.
- I do too.
It's great to have you back
in the kitchen with me.
- Looks like our special
guest, Chris, isn't down yet.
- And why do you care?
I was thinking you said
he wasn't your type.
- I'm just his tour guide.
But we were supposed to
go mountain biking today
and I wanted to
get an early start.
- Okay, I hear you.
This looks good. Let's go.
- Sounds great.
- Marty, I'm not coming
back for the audition.
- What?!
This is a possible
award-winning film!
- I don't care.
I'm not ready yet.
Plus, I can always
do a self-tape.
- Parker, it's not about acting.
They want to meet you.
They got to see you!
- Marty, you know
I need this break.
- I know.
I'm just saying
we miss you, kid.
Please get better soon, so
we all can get back to work.
- I will.
- Chris? Did you
want some breakfast?
- Just a second.
- Who's that?!
- I'm hanging up.
- Don't you dare hang up on me!
- What are we having?
Eggs and sausage?
- I'm impressed.
All right, come on.
- Mm. That breakfast
was amazing.
Thank you, Carrie. I don't
think I've had better eggs.
- You're very welcome.
But you're gonna
have to thank Adrian
for the eggs this morning.
- Well, I learn from the best.
- Well, thanks to you
both. It was delicious.
- Glad you enjoyed it.
Oh, no, no, no.
I've got this. You guys
go and have some fun.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Thanks.
That's a fancy camera.
- Yeah, it was my grandfather's.
He was a journalist and this
was his weapon of choice.
- Amazing it still works.
- Yeah, most of the
photos he published
were taken on this thing.
There's just a special
element to the pictures.
I always bring her with me,
even if I don't use her.
It's like having my
grandfather with me.
- That's really sweet.
- Yeah, he gave her to me
when I went to college
for photojournalism.
He said she was lucky.
- Photojournalism, huh?
- Yeah, I love telling stories,
especially when they
have an impact on others.
- That's cool.
- Yeah, I mean, think about
if you hear about a
candlelight vigil.
It's really sad, but
then if you see a photo,
it has an emotional response.
The visual experience
puts you into the story
and you just, you
really feel it.
- You have such a passion
for photojournalism.
Why not pursue that rather
than nature photography?
- Well, right now,
it pays the bills.
- Well, I'm sure
your grandfather
would be proud of
you either way.
But you need to
follow your passion.
- I guess so.
Well, we better get going.
- Wow.
Oh. Smile.
Okay, just relax.
I think we're
friends now, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay, so look at the camera
like it's an old friend,
someone you trust.
I can delete it if
you don't like it.
- Okay.
- Okay?
And here comes the camera.
And voila, you have a photo.
- How was it?
- Perfect.
Oh. There's a spot I want
to show you up ahead.
- Wow.
This is beautiful.
- Stay there. The
lighting is perfect.
- Just as long as
you get my good side.
- I don't think you
have a bad side.
You want to learn how
to use the camera?
- Okay, you're gonna look
through the viewfinder
and you're gonna twist
it till it's not blurry.
- Okay? And then you're gonna
wind the crank at the top.
- This?
- Yep.
- And then you're
gonna hold your breath
and push the button.
That's it.
- Nice.
How do I see what it looks like?
- Oh, we won't know
until we develop it.
- It must be hard to wait.
- Well, think of it like opening
gifts on Christmas morning.
That's how I feel every
time I develop my film.
- Can I take another one?
- Yeah, go for it.
Okay, just follow the
same process. Great.
- Focus.
- Focus.
Wind the crank.
And hold your breath and shoot.
- Nice.
- Perfect.
You're gonna be shooting
magazine covers in no time.
- Well, I had a
very good teacher.
- Well, we should go see
some more of the mountains.
- Sure. Let's go.
- Okay.
- Plenty to see.
- Yes.
Get a grip, Adrian.
He's the mark.
- What?
- Nothing!
I was just counting the
exposures we have left.
- Get it nice and toasty.
- Yeah.
- You know?
- Yeah, oh, no.
Oh, no, it's on fire.
Yeah, blow it out.
- No, look at that.
That's perfect.
Nice one.
- That's perfect. You want some?
No. Go for it.
Think it's
gonna get me sick?
- It's nice and fluffy.
- Oh, that's good though.
This reminds me of the
guy from "Ghostbusters."
I don't know how we're gonna
top today. That was amazing.
Now you know
all the good spots.
My lady, you
are queen of the mountain.
And you, sire,
are lord of the zip-line.
I don't
know what it is.
I feel like I can be
myself around you.
- Do you not feel that
way most of the time?
- I feel like there's a lot
of high expectations
riding on me.
It can be hard to be myself.
I don't know, it's
difficult to explain.
Come on, Parker, pick up.
- How was it?
- Better than I remembered.
- I'm so happy you're home.
- Adrian? You okay?
- Uh, yeah, I just, I think I
got a pebble in my shoe, so...
- Well, shake it out,
have some lemonade.
- Oh, thank you.
- I've got a great idea.
You guys wait here.
- I'm gonna steal the seat.
- Can I take a
photo of you both?
- Well, sure.
You know, we don't
have enough photos
of the two of us together.
- Do you want us to pose?
- No, I was told it's best
to be natural for photos.
- Yeah, I think we
can handle that.
- Hey, it's the sunset.
- Oh. Here, let me get a
picture of the two of you.
The lighting is perfect
and it would be tragic
to miss magic hour.
And that's the roll.
- Carrie, you have a
wonderful B&B here.
- Thank you. And you're
the perfect house guest.
It looks like the two of
you are having a good time.
- Yeah, we're
becoming good friends.
- Yeah.
Okay, I think I'm gonna
turn in early tonight.
- Do you still want to
go see the town tomorrow?
- Absolutely.
- Okay. I'll see
you at breakfast.
- All right. Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Are you sure the two of
you are just friends?
- Yes.
- Okay. Whatever you say.
- Wow, must've been
a slow news day.
You rang?
- Where have you
been? We need photos.
- I'm not done yet.
- Well, you have to
send me something.
Our readers are wanting more.
- Look, Sasha, this
just doesn't feel right.
- Doesn't feel right?
You want to know what
doesn't feel right?
Not giving our
readership what it wants.
If I don't give
them what they want,
then we can't keep
the lights on.
Now, do you want to be
out of a job, Adrian?
- No.
- Good. Now get
with the program.
Send me some photos ASAP.
- Oh, just got it pretty late.
Reception here is spotty.
Oh, just checking
around the area.
It's been very therapeutic.
I made friends with one
of the girls from the inn.
It's been refreshing
having someone around
who doesn't know who I am
and doesn't want
something from me.
- Parker, that
doesn't make sense.
You got to be careful.
- Don't worry so much,
Marty. It's fine.
- Yeah, but what happens
if a paparazzi saw you
flirting with a stranger?
They might think
of it as a scandal.
- Who said I was flirting?
- Look, she may be a friend,
but don't forget you
are a movie star now.
And friends are gonna be
hard to come by. Okay?
- Hey, hon.
I tried to call you earlier,
but you didn't answer.
- Yeah, cell coverage
here is pretty spotty.
- No worries.
I've been in and out all day
and haven't had much downtime.
I mean, they tried to put
me in a shared trailer.
I was like, "No."
Can you imagine me
in a shared trailer?
- Sounds stressful.
Have you figured out when
you're coming? I miss you.
- I don't know, love.
It's just so crazy.
I got a new draft of the script
and this director
rehearses like crazy.
I'm up to my eyeballs in work.
- I get it. Don't worry.
I bet
you're getting bored.
- It's surprisingly fun.
The owner's niece is
showing me around.
- What? You're hanging
out with another woman?
- Hey, we're ready for you.
- Okay, I'm coming.
All right, well, I
got to go. Miss you.
- Miss you too.
- He deserves better than that.
- Another woman.
I don't think so.
- Hey, Aunt Carrie, do
you know where Parker is?
- He's out on the
porch with his coffee.
- Thank you. It smells amazing.
Did you get some breakfast?
- Yeah, I had a bite.
- Are you okay?
- Why do you ask?
- You just seem a
little melancholic.
- I mean, my girlfriend
was supposed to be here,
but she's too busy.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- I mean, I get it. We're
both busy with work.
It's just weird being on
the other side, you know?
I mean, do I treat
people like this?
- I doubt it.
- I should try to
be more like you,
like one of the most caring
people I've ever met.
I get why your aunt's
so proud of you.
- I mean, you just met
me. How can you say that?
- I mean, you're
clearly passionate
about your photography.
You're helping your
aunt buy this place.
It's like one of the
greatest gestures
of love I've ever seen.
- Yeah, but she gave
up everything for me.
It's the least I could do.
- You showed me so
many beautiful things.
Just makes me think
about what I'm missing.
- And what are you missing?
- Real relationships.
I mean, being here
with you and your aunt
just reminds me about
what's important.
If it's important,
you make the time.
Just need to wake up
and smell the roses.
- Yeah, well, I
haven't been perfect.
I should come home more.
I could do better.
- Well, let's make a pact.
- To what?
- Doing better.
- To doing better.
- You're really easy to talk to.
I don't think I've
been this candid
with someone in a long time.
- Well, speaking of candid,
I did promise to take
you into town today.
We can take some
snaps along the way?
- Sounds perfect.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
What a
cool place to grow up.
- Yeah, we only lived about a
block or two away from here.
I used to come
here all the time.
- Let me get a photo of you
in front of your hometown.
- Oh. Sure.
Last one on the roll.
Better make it count.
- Well, then we
should both be in it.
Excuse me. Could
you take our photo?
- Sure.
- I'll have it
all ready for you.
All you have to do
is click the button.
Okay, so...
- Say, "Cheese."
- Thank you so much.
- Oh, you're very welcome.
- You know what? I have an idea.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Excuse me.
Are you the guy from
"The Christmas Listing"?
Can I get a photo with you?
- Sure, as long as you
don't post it in two weeks.
I'm in hiding.
- Don't worry, your
secret's safe with me.
- That looks pretty good.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Is that...
- Ready to go back to the inn?
- What's that?
- A surprise.
- New guest?
- I didn't think anyone
else was checking in,
but she did say her
bookings were picking up.
- Hi, love. Surprise.
I finally made it.
I know you've been
so lonely without me.
- I'm speechless. I'm
just so surprised.
- Well, I tried to call,
but it just kept
going to voicemail.
- Yeah, the cell service is-
- Bad? Yeah, I figured that.
Oh. Who's your friend?
- Oh. This is Adrian,
Carrie's niece.
- Nice to meet you.
Say, have we met before?
You look really familiar.
- Oh, you look really
familiar as well.
- I know. Can we do this
whole autograph thing later?
We have some catching up.
I don't
think she meant-
- Come on, let's go.
What have you been up to?
- Beautiful out here, isn't it?
- Yeah, this seems
to be the best place
to get consistent cell service.
- The whole reason coming
out here was to get away
from the craziness of
Hollywood and relax.
- Oh, yay. Oh, my gosh.
- Maybe we can do something fun?
Go on a hike or go biking
and go into downtown?
- Okay.
- Or maybe we could
run away to the circus.
Doesn't that sound great?
- Yay. Great, yeah.
- You're not even
listening to me.
Oh, it's my publicist.
Hey. Thanks for
getting back to me.
Did you realize they didn't
even have my seltzer?
The one I specifically
told them I drink.
Yeah, they gave me this, like...
I don't know, it was flat.
I don't know.
Who drinks flat water?
I don't understand it, but
you should probably fire them.
- So maybe we venture out
and enjoy some nature today?
- I would love to, but I'm
feeling quite jet lagged,
so maybe later?
This film is killing me.
They're supposed to be sending
over some new scenes today.
- So I really need to
work on those lines,
even though it
doesn't seem to matter
because the lead actor
can't remember his lines.
So I'm going to have to be
the one who saves this film.
Well, I hope maybe
we can go out and-
- Got to get this. Hello?
Oh, yeah.
- Good morning.
Were you out shooting
some photos this morning?
- Yeah.
The colors were
gorgeous, I just like...
I couldn't help myself.
- No.
- Listen, there's something I
wanted to talk to you about.
- I'm back.
I know how you miss
me when I'm gone.
I swear, we've met before you.
You look so familiar.
- I just have that face.
Chris has actually planned
a lot of fun things
for when you got here.
- Who's Chris?
- Oh, that's funny, dear.
She is just making a point
about how she doesn't
like to use my real name.
- Oh, yes. I don't
like to call him Chris.
- Well, Justina is really
tired and needs some rest.
I'll walk you to your room.
- Actually, I'm
feeling much better.
Plus, I don't want
you to be all alone
by yourself while I sleep.
Let's go for that hike.
- You know you're gonna have
to come clean sooner or later?
- I know.
It's just gonna be difficult
'cause he's gonna hate me.
- Maybe at first.
- Can't I just let him leave,
get some good pictures to TMG,
get my promotion, and
just never see him again?
- I guess you could do that,
but would you be okay with that?
I always taught you to
be true to yourself,
and if you don't, it's
gonna eat you up inside.
- You're right.
I'm gonna have to come clean.
Just gonna be hard.
- But you'll live.
- Thanks, Aunt Carrie.
- Isn't it gorgeous?
- Yeah. How much further
do we have to walk?
This is a lot of
walking. For what?
I mean, where are we going?
Can't get good
coverage out here.
- Take it all in.
Here, let me get a photo of you.
- Ooh.
Great idea.
I could use a good pic
for my Insta account,
and my fans will love seeing
me do outdoorsy stuff.
I'm ready.
Oh, make sure you get my
left side. It's my good side.
Not bad.
- All right, let's move on.
- Really?
My feet are killing me and I
almost broke a nail back there.
Let's just go back to the inn.
I would love a hot bath and
we can go over my lines.
- Okay. Maybe we can go
bike riding tomorrow.
- You know I can't
risk getting hurt.
I mean, what are you thinking?
- Then maybe we
just go into town?
- I can't be bothered
by fans, you know?
Wanting to touch me,
wanting my autograph,
wanting photos of me, you know?
- It's a really small town.
I mean, I had that one photo
that one time, but that's it.
They're really nice around here.
- I'm a little more
known than you.
I'm sorry, dear, but
I just don't care
to see some pokey little town.
Let's just go back and
watch my last film.
- All right.
Let's just go back to the inn.
Hey, that was quick.
How was the hike?
- Yeah, it's so beautiful.
- But he'd still rather
look at me than nature,
so we cut the hike short.
I know where I've
seen you before.
Parker, you alive?
You're that paparazzi
from the red carpet.
You got those photos
of Parker fainting.
- Don't be silly, Justina.
Adrian's not some gossip monger.
- Parker, I...
- You are, aren't you?
- Listen, I wanted-
- What, were you
here to spy on me?
- No. No, I came home and
you were already here.
- Oh, that's great. So you
knew who I was the entire time.
- Yes, I did, but not the you
that's published in
magazines, the real you.
You're so much more.
You're kind, generous,
I mean, people need to see that.
- How could you invade
my privacy like that?
It's despicable.
What, are there
hidden cameras around?
I'm sure your readers
would love that.
- I took them all down.
I got to know you and I
couldn't do it anymore.
I never sent any of
the photos to my boss.
- You still betrayed my trust.
I can't even look at you.
- Listen, I know you probably
never want to see me again,
but you changed me.
I wanted to be a journalist
like my grandfather-
- Yeah, I'm sure
your grandfather
would be pretty disappointed
if he saw you now.
- You're right.
I got caught up in
being successful.
I'm sorry.
- I'll be gone within the hour.
Thank you for a lovely stay.
You've been a wonderful host.
- Photographers
aren't to be trusted.
They aren't people
like you and I.
- Yeah, you were right.
- So then the director
decides he wants us to improv,
even though the writer
was right there.
I mean, he was just mad.
They started yelling at
each other and then...
Are you listening to me?
- What?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, totally fine.
- This happened to
me a few years back
when I was on holiday in Paris.
This concierge
mine was sneaking-
- Look, I really don't want
to talk about anything.
- I'm sorry, it's just...
It's my life, you know?
- Oh, Parker. Parker, wait.
This is for you.
- These are the only
copies of the photos
from the hidden cameras.
I will send the other
photos when I get them.
I'm truly sorry for any
pain I've caused you.
I wish you the best. Adrian.
- What are you
gonna do with them?
- Gonna give them
back to Adrian.
- Wait. You don't even
want to look at them?
- No. And she can do
whatever she wants with them.
- But we could take these
photos and her magazine
to court for
violation of privacy.
- No.
- The settlement alone
could be worth it.
- I mean, is that
all you care about,
more money, bigger movies,
getting in the latest parties?
I'm sick of it.
- I'm sorry you feel that way.
- It's over, Justina.
- No, you can't be serious.
- I'm not a priority for you.
You only love one
thing, and that's you.
- Well, I'm sorry, darling,
but between my
career and romance,
I'll choose my
career every time.
I'll see myself out.
- I'm so sorry.
It looks like you've lost
two women in one day.
I know you're heartbroken.
- It's okay. I'll
get over Justina.
- No, it wasn't Justina
I was talking about.
Let me call Carl and get
you a ride to the airport.
- Thanks, Aunt Carrie.
These are amazing.
Have you seen these?
- I can't bear to look at them.
- Well, I'm just saying
you don't photograph
someone like this unless
you have feelings for them.
- I doubt it.
- Here, the way he looks
at you, don't let that go.
It means something.
Come on.
You need to look at those.
- I'll tell you what, I
have the best talent in LA.
Oh. I got somebody coming in.
I'll talk to you later.
Hey, Parker.
I'm sorry, kid. I heard
all about it from Justina.
Do you want us to
get legal involved?
- No.
In fact, I want to give Addie
the rights to those photos.
- You got to let
me see them first.
- Marty, I'm tired of trying
to be something I'm not.
Those photos show the real me.
Why should I try to hide that?
Besides, I think
it'll be very helpful
for Addie to publish
those photos.
- Sounds like you
care about this girl.
Okay, I'll tell you what,
I'll make some phone calls
and we'll let this
Addie use the photos.
- Thanks, Marty.
- All right?
Okay. All right.
- It looks like you
got your passion back
in your photography.
- Yeah. Parker
definitely inspired me.
- Well, I think you've
influenced him as well.
- Maybe. It's just too bad I
can't use any of these photos.
- Why do you say that?
- Because it would
be unethical for me
to use any of the
photos I took of Parker
or any of the ones he took.
And Sasha is definitely
gonna fire me
when I don't have
anything to give her.
- Who's calling?
- It's GIE Talent Agency.
- So, the latest buzz in
Hollywood is the confirmation
of rumors that the power couple
of Parker Bennet and Justina
Boudreaux have broken up.
Apparently, their romantic
getaway was not so romantic.
- Hey.
- Hey. Did you hear
the latest news?
- That Parker and
Justina broke up?
- Yes. I mean, isn't that crazy?
He spends week with you
and then he breaks up
with his girlfriend?
- Ryan, I'm sure it had
nothing to do with me.
He's a down-to-earth guy.
They were really different.
It doesn't surprise
me that they broke up.
- Well, I mean, don't
you want to talk to him,
say your side of things?
- And say what, that
Sasha made me an offer
I couldn't refuse and I
compromised my integrity?
But you
didn't in the end.
- He said he never
wanted to see me again.
Besides, probably
won't be a problem
since probably gonna
get let go tomorrow.
- Well, I hope not.
- Listen, I'm not gonna
compromise myself again.
I'm happy to move on.
Sasha's not gonna love
the article I turned in,
so she's probably gonna fire me.
- Well, I hope you're wrong
'cause I can't imagine
that place without you.
- Thanks, Ryan.
I'd miss you too.
See you tomorrow.
- Well, you fell for
your mark, didn't you?
- Maybe.
- I can tell by the
article you sent in.
"My Week with Parker Bennett."
Let the record show that Parker
Bennett was not intoxicated
when he stepped out of the limo
at the "Accidentally
in Love" premiere.
He just slipped on an apple
that fell out of my backpack.
He's not just
another pretty face.
Sure, he's a good-looking,
talented actor,
but he also has
the heart of gold.
- Sasha, I'm tired of
invading people's privacy
and making up stories
to sell your magazines.
Either print the
truth, or I quit.
- Well, it's about time.
- What?
- You finally found your voice.
You took a huge risk,
but it paid off.
The boss loved the
article and your photos,
and it's gonna to be the
cover of tomorrow's magazine.
But I quit.
- But if you quit, who's gonna
be here to keep us in line?
- How would I do that?
- Well, we've been dealing
with a lot of legal
issues lately,
so corporate wants to
go in another direction.
You know, clean things up.
And I don't know
what you did to make
GIE Talent Agency offer
exclusive interviews
for their talent,
but it was effective.
TMG is offering you
the position of editor.
If you take it, then
you can you control
what goes in the magazine.
- I don't know what to say.
- Please say yes.
- Of course. Yes!
- Yes!
- Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my gosh.
This is insane.
- You deserve it.
- Hey, I just got four offers
that've come in for you
today, and they are huge!
- Wow, that's crazy.
- It's that article
in the TMG Magazine
that came out this morning.
Did you see it?!
- No, I don't read
those gossip magazines.
- Well, I tell you what, you
might want to read this one
because that Addie
may have made you
the most in-demand actor
in Hollywood right now.
And I'm just so glad
that you talked me into
allowing her to use the photos
and then giving them
access to our talent.
- That's great.
- What's wrong with you?!
Aren't you happy?!
- Yeah, and I appreciate
all the hard work
you've done for my career, but
ever since I took that trip,
I just realize that
there's more to life.
It's that girl, isn't it?
Well, once you read the article,
you're gonna want to see her.
- Hey, what's up?
- Hey, I thought
we should go out
and celebrate your new
job, Miss Editor of TMG.
- Well, actually, I need
to get this film developed
for the celebrity
food drive story, so-
- Wait. Don't you have people
who can do that for you now?
- Yes, but I'm really
passionate about this story.
It's important.
They need donations.
There's a lot of people who
are struggling out there
to feed their families,
and I want my photos
to tell their story.
- And this is why I love you.
But you do deserve a break,
so when you're done, let's
go have a drink at Sandy's.
- Why don't you just come here?
I don't really feel
like going out tonight.
- Are you still
sad about Parker?
- No.
Addie, I know
you better than you think.
- Okay, fine.
Yeah, I don't know why
I'm still so upset.
It's not like we were dating
or anything. It's crazy.
- Well, it's okay.
It's not your fault you
had feelings for him.
I mean, it happens.
- You're right. I
probably just need time.
But, in the meanwhile,
so do you want to come over
for pizza and maybe a movie?
- Okay, sounds good.
- Okay, great. See you then.
- Bye.
- Parker? Parker Bennett?
Do you mind if I get a
photo of you quickly?
- Sure.
- Thank you so much.
That's great. Thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.
Hey, Marty.
- You got the role.
- Great.
You still
don't sound excited.
- I am, I'm just-
- Listen, kid, you
need to read that article,
and then call that girl.
She's obviously got
under your skin.
- Thanks, Marty.
- Hello?
- Adrian, I hate to bother you.
I know you just started
your new position,
but we have a crisis.
- What's going on?
- Well, I have
yet to replace you
and, well, I have no
one else available
to cover this red carpet
premiere at the Yancey Theater.
- Sasha, I can't.
There's a reason I quit.
- Well, Ryan was supposed
to cover it, but she's sick.
And, well, we're desperate.
I worry that she'll lose her
job. Otherwise, I wouldn't ask.
- Okay. I'll be there.
- Wait. Did I get
the wrong place?
Or should I say Chris?
- I never lied to you.
My name really is Chris.
Parker's my middle name and
I use it as my stage name.
- I didn't mean to not
tell you who I was.
- I tried to hide my
identity from you as well,
so I guess we're even.
- I never meant to hurt you.
- But you did.
Look, I guess what I'm
trying to say is that
I haven't felt this way
for someone in a long time.
- Yeah, it's hard to make
true friends in your industry.
- Just friends?
I appreciate all
the help you did
in getting me to relax
while taking photos.
- Yeah, I saw the one
that posted. It was great.
- Thanks to you. I'm
not hiding anymore.
You taught me to look
at life a different way,
whether that be through a
50-millimeter or a zoom lens.
- Cute.
- And I know how much you risked
to write that article
that you wanted.
And I know you quit your job.
I respect that.
- Thank you.
I mean, I appreciate
all you did.
- I did it because I have
feelings for you, Addie.
- I like you too,
but guys like you
just don't date girls like me.
- Is that what the
gossip magazines are-
- It's just reality.
- Well, this guy's
in love with the girl
who's not just a pretty face,
but beautiful inside and out.
You don't meet someone
like that every day.
- You read my article.
- You're uncomfortable.
- I'm not.
- If you are...
- Okay, I'm just
a little nervous.
- So, look at me like
I'm an old friend,
like someone you
really like and trust.