Snatched (2024) Movie Script

You're full of surprises.
Hey, absolutely.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
- Really?
- Oh, yeah.
I love you so much, baby.
I love you too.
Jason, stop it.
You know I look ugly when I eat.
You are absolutely beautiful.
If there was anything ugly about you,
I would've never married you.
- Mm.
- Look at that.
Oh, my God.
This is so embarrassing.
Hey, guys, check this out.
It's my wife,
the woman I vowed to
spend the rest of my life with.
Do you think I made the right decision?
Make that decision.
Mm. I think so.
Here we go. Here we go.
All right. Oh, here. Actually, here.
Would you? All right.
All right. Let's get a countdown.
- Three, two, one.
- Two, one.
All of my dreams have literally come true.
The woman of my dreams.
Can't I wait for that one.
That's a beautiful baby boy.
I love you, son. I love you.
All right, buddy. Let's go see your mom.
Rise and shine.
Seriously, Jason? It's 6:00 AM.
Well, I didn't come to see you,
even though you're beautiful.
I came to see, him.
Your son kicked me all night.
I didn't get any sleep at all.
Well, that's probably. Because he's ready
to get out of there and explore the world.
Oh, he's gonna be just like his dad, huh?
Did you hear that, buddy?
You're gonna be just like your dad.
Well, maybe he's gonna be like his mother.
Oh, really?
Explore the world chasing bad guys
just like your mother did?
- It could happen.
- You know what?
It's best you're like your father, buddy.
Stay-at-home dad,
just anxiously waiting
for his mother to return.
Oh, don't make it sound so bad, Jason.
It's not like I don't come back.
I just...
I worry sometimes that
you're not gonna come home.
You know, I'll retire if you want me to.
When we have a baby, I can just stop, baby.
No, no, nonsense, nonsense.
I'm just...
You're on your maternity leave,
I just wanna absorb as much time
with you as possible.
I'm serious, Jason.
I want you, I want my family.
You love your job.
And you're the best at it.
That's why I love you
because you're so determined
and you don't take crap from anyone.
I love you.
I would never ask you to give up your job.
You're everything I've always wanted.
And now, you're giving me my son,
our son.
Look, if waiting for you to come home to me
is my life,
then I'll wait forever,
as long as I'm waiting for you.
Every time I came home from a mission,
I will pull up to the driveway
and he will be at this
window looking at me.
Every time.
He will be
staring outside the window.
He smiled as I got out
of the car and he say,
"Welcome home, baby."
Six years, whenever I had a weekend off,
we would take Junior somewhere fun,
because we knew that at any moment
I could go back to work.
I'm so sorry, Angie.
I know how close you two were.
Look, you need anything,
anything, you know I got you.
I know you do.
Thank you, Byron.
Remember the time he tried to kill you
because he thought we were messing around?
How can I forget it?
He pulled that little Smith and Wesson
and pointed it right at me.
I mean, I knew I could
disarm him in seconds,
but I wanted him to feel like a man.
-Don't do that to him.
Not everybody has CIA training.
And he loved his little six shooter.
That man was crazy about you.
Can't say I blame him.
Agent Stone,
Agent Gaines.
Director Walker?
To what do I owe the pleasure?
I apologize for missing the funeral,
and I wanted to check on you personally.
Thank you.
Also I wanna let you
know we have a location
for Marciano.
I know he gained your trust.
We're gonna need your help to get to him.
Marciano is a very dangerous man.
I don't think we have all we need
to go after him.
-We're the CIA.
We have everything we
need and we have a plan.
We just need you to help
us get into the building.
We'll take it from there.
With all due respect, Director,
I just buried my husband.
With all due respect, Angela,
if you don't help us,
you may be burying your entire family.
Everything okay, Mom?
Jason, mommy has some work to do, okay?
I need you to stay with grandma.
All right.
Who loves you the most?
-You do.
-That's right.
You go do what you gotta do. I got him.
Give me a hug.
Here we go.
Come on. Give me the necklace.
We're more than just a connection, right?
You know why I chose you?
Tell me.
Oh, you're not like the others.
You're special.
What I didn't know is
that I couldn't trust you.
But that is me being blinded by your
beauty and charm.
I don't understand.
Down the block, is a food truck.
And in that truck are your friends
who've been listening to
everything we're saying.
That is a very nice necklace.
I don't understand
what you're talking about.
It doesn't matter. They're all dead.
That's why I'm here. I came to warn you.
They picked me up. I
had to... go along with it.
Angela, I wish I could believe you,
just like you wish you could believe
that your husband died of a heart attack.
That was you?
I found out you were lying to me,
that you're an informant.
So, he was the first to go,
but not before he confirmed
everything I needed to know about you.
It is crazy
how people will just tell you anything
when they're trying to save their own life.
You're a monster. And you'll never get away
with this.
-Ah, that's where you're wrong.
I already have.
That's where you're wrong.
What the hell are you doing here?
You see, Dimitri,
you should be a little bit more careful
about who you trust.
You killed my husband.
Go ahead. Do it.
I won't beg for my life like he did.
Put the gun down,
Angela! He's not worth it!
He killed Jason.
You'll regret it. Don't!
Where you're going is worse than death.
You should've killed me
when you had the chance.
Time to get up. Come on.
It's time to get up.
Come on.
I know you are not
sleeping. It is my first day.
-Come on, Mom.
Let's go with you, woman?
Are you trying to make me late for school?
What time is it?
It's 6 o'clock.
But the sun says
- that it's time to go.
- Hmm.
Come on, Mom.
Well, I set my alarm for 6:30.
So, you tell the sun and the clock
they both have to wait, okay?
Well, how do I look?
Handsome, as ever.
- For real?
- Uh-hmm.
But you know, I wanna
pull some baddies today.
You know that, Mom.
No. Like, for real, Mom. Come on.
You gotta get up. Let's go.
I'm trying to get some Starbucks
before school like every other kid does.
- Okay.
- And plus,
Jimmy's mom said
that it's better to be early
instead of on time.
Well, why don't I let you go,
stay with Jimmy and his mama, hmm?
Mom, Jimmy's house is dir-ty.
Come on. You know that.
Five more minutes, okay? All right.
Okay. Five minutes.
-Exactly five minutes.
If you're not downstairs already,
-I'm gonna be back up here.
Did you brush your
teeth and wash your face?
Of course, Mom.
I'm not five years old anymore.
I even got some cologne on.
Don't hate.
Where did you get cologne from?
I got it from Uncle Byron, Mom.
He said that it's a chick's magnet.
Hey, rise and shine.
Hey, Mama.
What are you doing here so early?
Early bird gets the worm.
Well, I don't like worms.
And when I gave you the key and passcode,
I didn't mean to be here every day.
What are we gonna do with all this food?
- Okay. First, I am not...
- Who gonna eat this, Mama?
First of all, I am not
here every day, am I?
Yeah, every day.
Oh, okay. Well, maybe I am.
Okay. And I mean, I
just... I miss you guys.
And, uh, you know, I
just love spending time
with you and Junior. Hmm.
Mom, you live right down the street.
I think it's time you get out there
and meet new people.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
That time has passed.
But, girl, your father and I made a pact.
And that is that.
It's been three years, Mom.
Maybe pop would want you to move on, huh?
Oh, don't you give me that speech, okay?
What about you and Byron?
What about me and Byron?
Oh, weren't you gonna admit it?
Everyone knows
that you and Byron are good for each other.
Mom, stop trying to be a matchmaker.
I'll stop when you stop.
Do you love him?
I love bacon.
Yeah. So do I.
- Come on, Mom. We gotta go.
- Okay. All right.
- I love you, Grandma.
- Okay. Love you too, baby.
I'm not gonna be here when you get back.
All right. Just set the alarm.
Okay. I love you too.
I love you too, Mama. But food.
Food, what about breakfast?
Let's see the baddies.
Let's go.
Now, remember what we talked about.
Middle school is different
from the grades before.
Yeah. Yeah. I know, Mom.
The kids are way bigger and meaner,
but the girls are way sweeter.
But don't worry, Mom.
You know, I know how to defend myself.
Uh, you and dad taught me that.
You know, just be a
little slip, jab, step back.
-It's cool.
Don't talk to strangers.
Mom, it's the first day of school.
Everybody's a stranger.
Don't be so paranoid. I'll be all right.
You have the phone that calls 911,
your grandmother, and me, right?
Mom, I have a iPhone.
I can call anybody I
want to with this bad boy.
Shoot. If I can,
I'd call Stephen Curry
and Beyonc at the same time.
Yeah. Don't use that phone in class either.
Come on, Mom.
Jason, listen.
This is serious, all right?
Your mother used to be in a different life.
Okay. I mean, I know.
I know there was bad guys out there,
but you put 'em away, right?
Yes, I did.
All right then.
There's nothing to worry about, Mom.
Oh, boy. That's the boys right there.
All right, Mom. Be here to pick me up
at 2:55 PM sharp.
I'll be here at 2:50 waiting on you.
Have a good day, son.
I will.
Y'all boys.
- All right.
-Hi, Mrs. Stone.
-Hi, Jimmy.
-My mom told me
to tell you that the meatloaf was amazing.
All right. Tell her I said thank you.
You boys be good today, okay?
All right. Bye, Mrs. Stone.
- Bye, baby.
- Oh, bye, Mom.
- Bye.
- I love you.
Not more than I love you.
Tomorrow's the day.
I know. I try not to think about it.
That's a first. Usually,
it's all you ever think about.
I just feel so guilty.
He lost his father because
of my stupid mistake.
Look, don't take this the wrong way,
but we all make mistakes, Angie.
No one's perfect.
Uh-uh. We were.
Jason and I were... perfect.
But if you were, that "mistake"
wouldn't have happened.
You know you're the only person
I let talk crap to me like that, right?
Yeah, I know.
It's hard to hear the truth,
-but somebody's gotta tell it.
Speaking of the truth,
I talked to your mother.
Junior's been asking her
what you do for a living.
And what did she tell him?
She told him to ask you.
It's safer with him not
knowing the details.
He knows enough.
Yeah, but he's 13 now.
He's not getting any younger.
He's gonna keep asking questions.
And if you don't talk to him soon,
he's gonna start getting
the answers on his own,
and we know where that leads.
I'll think about it.
It's something that shouldn't be rushed.
Gotta go.
Tell me you found her.
Now, get me out of here.
All right.
So how was the first day?
Well, I mean, it was pretty chill.
Oh, oh, oh. I tried out for
the basketball team, Mom.
-Really? How'd it go?
Well, Mom, when I tell you
I was balling those boys out,
oh, my gosh, you should have been there.
But, I mean, I think I did good.
We won't find out if I made
the team till next week though,
according to coach.
Uh-hmm. I'm proud of you, son.
- Thank you, Mom.
- You know what I always say,
you can do anything you put your mind to.
Uh, yeah.
But that doesn't really make sense
when it comes to sports.
I think either you're athletic or not.
You can't put your mind into making a shot.
You don't always have to be so literal.
You're just like your father.
But I get my looks for my mama.
A mama who goes out every night with men,
and black suits, and big guns.
Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, wait.
Tell me if you're a
part of the Men in Black.
I mean, I won't tell anybody.
You know, you may be right,
but the only difference is I'm the alien.
Too funny, Mom.
Seriously, I wanna talk to you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's up?
Did you ask your grandmother
what I did for a living?
Oh, my.
Hey, grandma got a big mouth.
But it's okay, son.
If there's anything you want
or need to know about my past
or your father,
you can always come and talk to me.
You know that, right?
Yeah, I know.
But, you know, Jimmy's mom told Jimmy
that you kill people for a living
and that you're a secret agent
from a agency that doesn't even exist.
Well, Jimmy's mom
should stop spreading lies.
And you need to stop listening to Jimmy.
Mom, what?
Jimmy is my best friend.
Like what do you mean?
I mean, we've been cool
since we moved into this neighborhood.
Who else am I gonna listen to?
Uh, me, knucklehead.
Okay. Okay. You got me on that one.
Well, since we're on this topic,
if you're a secret non-existing agent,
can you just warn me
before you shoot someone
so I can get out the way?
You are so silly.
I know I am.
I love you, Mom.
Not as much as I love you, son.
-Cutie patootie.
-No, no, no.
Mom, I'm too old for this.
You crazy, girl.
Y'all both crazy.
Oh, no. Let me get that.
So, Uncle B,
to be a professional agent like you,
you suck at video games, bro.
Well, excuse me if I put bad guys away
in real life and not video game life.
-Come on, bro.
-What, they get you too.
All right. Bet. All right. Bet.
-That was sneaky.
-Do better.
- Bet that. Watch this.
- No. That was strategy,
which is why I'm the best at my job.
He really is good with Jr.
Yeah, he is.
When you gonna admit you two are dating?
Mom, me and Byron aren't dating.
You meet at the coffee shop
at the same time every day.
You're on the phone late at
night talking like teenagers.
How do you know who I talk to on the phone?
Are you bugging my phone?
Uh, what...
Once an agent, always an agent.
See, that's your problem.
You need to get your own life
and stop snoopin' around in mine.
Wait, wait, wait.
I will have you know
that Charlie asked me on a date
and I accepted.
Charlie the trash man?
What's with getting' a little dirty?
Oh, my God.
-Oh, Mom.
You deserve to be happy.
You are
just an incredible woman, Mom.
Listen, you are all the happiness I need.
Now, it's your turn to be happy.
Hey, bro.
Bro, you are hacking, bro.
-You're weak.
-You're weak.
-Yo, what is the hack sign?
All right. Here we go.
You guys are. I mean...
All right. I can't call it.
You ever just think about what
it would be like to be normal?
What's that?
You know, like living a normal life.
Not chasing bad guys.
No thrills.
Not having to worry about
not coming home ever.
You know?
A house with a picket fence.
A yard with a little dog running around.
A hammock in your front yard by the tree.
Changing my name to Michelle.
You know?
You sound like you've thought this out.
You've been knowing me
for almost 15 years now.
Everything is thought out for me.
Yeah, but it sounds like you're about
- to drop a bomb on me.
- I wanna retire, Byron.
I just told you.
I watched my mother devote
her entire life to this job.
No doubt she was one of the best
but she lost herself in it.
So much, she didn't get to enjoy my father.
She worked until he died.
And now she's just alone
with no one to spend her golden years with.
I don't want that.
I wanna live my life while I'm young.
I mean, when you put it like that,
I can understand.
I mean, you could just marry me
and we live that life together.
Wouldn't be such a bad idea.
It wouldn't know would it.
Goodnight, Mom.
Goodnight, Uncle Byron.
I love y'all.
Goodnight, champ.
Goodnight, baby.
Oh, boy.
Thank you.
For what?
You know, when he lost his dad,
Junior really needed a father figure,
and you've been that for him.
I appreciate you for that.
Come on. You know I love you and Junior.
Whenever you need, I'll always be here.
You better be.
I'll see you tomorrow?
You know it.
Get home safe.
You know it.
Uh, everybody, I'd like to say something.
you truly are one of one.
And we're all gonna miss you very much.
And me personally,
I wish you weren't leaving.
But on your departure, I just
would like to say
thank you.
- Yes.
- Wait, wait,
wait. There's more.
This is Angela we're talking about.
I wanna thank you for always,
always getting your man.
Now, we're gonna lose
one of our best agents,
but the world is gaining
one of its best humans.
- Yes.
- Cheers.
I love you, Angie.
I love you too, big guy.
Can we toast to Angela please?
Cheers. Cheers.
-To Angie.
Angela, cheers to you.
Here's to your mommy.
To my mom.
You told me you wanted this.
Now, I get to spend more time with Junior.
Maybe do some soul searching. I don't know.
Probably for the best. You
was getting a little rusty.
Not too rusty to kick your ass.
I'm not drunk. It's time to go?
We going then. All right.
You know I'm really...
I'm really gonna miss you.
Whoa, big guy.
Someone's had one too many, huh?
No, no. Don't judge. Maybe I did.
Okay. I'm gonna get this
one home before he starts
arm wrestling everybody in here.
You know the only person
I'mma arm wrestle is you.
And y'all should know I was
the high school wrestling champ.
-We know. Come on.
-Congrats again, Angie.
-Thanks, Sherri.
-Hey, we need to do dinner soon.
-We will.
- Get him home safe.
- She's lying. She can't cook.
All right. Get him home safe.
Don't listen to that man.
He's been trying to get me back for years.
I have too. I'm not gonna lie.
We could use some old
bones on the team again.
-Not my bones.
Lis, how is retirement treating you?
Are you kidding? Not running
around chasing bad guys
all day with my bad knee?
I get to sit at home doing whatever I want
and not having to look over my shoulder?
Yeah, I think it's definitely the life.
-Sounds more like no life.
-Yeah, don't make our job
sound so terrible. I
still work for the CIA.
-You know that, right?
Byron, we are all happy
you still work to protect us.
Viv, it's been amazing working
side by side with you, girl,
but it's time you take my spot now.
I got you.
I'm happy to join the retired.
-Don't hate.
You know what this reminds me of?
Spain. Oh.
-Oh. Gosh.
Thank God I was there
to save all y'all asses.
Please. I think you have that wrong,
because I remember having to save your ass
up under the spell of, um...
-Hey, you know... okay. Okay.
How was I supposed to know she was a spy?
- She was a spy.
-What I'm saying
is I think we made a good team, Angela.
It's gonna be hard to
replace you as a partner.
Well, it's a good thing
you would work at a desk
and you don't need another partner.
No. Work at a desk, yes,
but that doesn't mean
I don't need a partner.
Aw, you two are too cute.
-Oh, my God.
No. How obvious can you get?
I mean, this is like watching
my mom and dad when we were kids.
-Remember that?
You guys just need to do it.
- Stop it. Don't be nasty.
- I am not being nasty.
Do you see the look on that man's face?
Get a hotel.
-Get some drinks.
-Bye, Lis.
I'm gonna go get some more pizza.
Sorry, Mom.
Okay. Guys, I gotta get out of here.
-Duty calls.
-No, Viv.
I know. I'm gonna miss you, Angie.
I'm gonna miss you too.
Love you, girl. Do you proud.
-Don't be a stranger.
-Oh, never.
-All right. Take care.
-Bye, you guys.
Uncle B, we still ballin' out this weekend?
Oh, you know it. Your mom
told me you made the team.
Yeah. I'm starting point guard.
Okay. Young Jordan.
You mean Curry?
That really shows off your age
when you say the Jordan thing.
Okay. You got me. Look, I'll pick you up
this Saturday at noon. Sound good?
Sounds good. It's cool.
I better get out of here
too. I got a new case
that's gonna require a lot of attention.
Aw, is your desk missing you?
Very funny.
You know, Angie, if this makes you happy,
then I'm happy for you.
I am happy.
Still on for coffee Monday?
Don't be late.
- Wait. Uh, Mom.
- Hmm?
Can I spend the night at Uncle B's house?
If Byron says it's okay.
It's good with me.
Oh, we'll play some ball tonight.
-Come on. Bye, Grandma.
-Love you, Grandma.
Okay, baby. You too.
-Thank you, Darling.
-I love you, Mom.
-Be good, okay?
- Love you.
- Love you too.
All right. Get balled up, all right, son?
Sounds like a good idea to me.
I love him. Junior loves him.
And, most important, so do you.
Okay. Look, I'm your mother
and I know what you're thinking,
but Jason would have
wanted you to be happy.
I was happy. With him.
Yes. But he is not here anymore.
And it's been six years, Angie.
I think it's time that you
think about your future
and what that's gonna look like.
Come on. Let's have another drink.
Another drink.
My gosh.
I already told you, Jim.
You can't see me, bro.
Did you not forget who my mom is?
Come on, bro. You already know.
Don't you think it's time to get
off this game and go to bed?
You're gonna see Jimmy tomorrow at school.
Come on, bro.
Yeah, Jimmy.
Yeah, I guess I'll see you tomorrow, bro.
Telling me to get off the game,
For real? Mom, it's only 11 o'clock.
And Jimmy said that his mom
let's him stay up until 12:00.
Well, you can tell
Jimmy that in this house,
11:00 is bedtime over here.
You heard the boss, bro.
All right. Bet.
Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, in class.
Second period.
All right, bro.
Mom, this is serious, right?
You know, why you're coming
into a teenage boy's room
at this time of night.
I can't come and say
goodnight to my handsome son
without it having to be something serious?
I mean, you can.
You're not a regular mom.
Like you know that and I do too,
so just spill the tea, Mom.
Well, son, um
you know, I miss your father very much
and no one could ever,
ever replace him, right?
Just cut that stuff, Mom,
'cause me and grandma
already went over this talk.
We know that you're feeling Uncle Byron.
No, no, no. But, you know,
that's cool. He's a cool guy
and it's okay with me.
Now, what makes you think I like Byron?
We can see the way you look at him.
It's just... it's just obvious.
I forget how smart you are.
It's my blessing to you if you... you know,
you wanna get up on that.
-You feel me?
-Oh, my God.
You... yeah. It's cool. It's cool though.
There's only one thing though.
Just let me
play the game till 12:00.
Come on, Mom, please.
All right.
I love you, Mom.
not as much as I love you, son.
That's cap.
What do you want?
Well, it's simple.
I spent the last six
years of my life in a box
and I want everyone who
helped put me there dead.
Just kill me.
I'm going to.
Don't worry about that.
But I need a little information first.
Where's Angela?
Do it.
You can do whatever you want to me,
but you won't... you and I
both know I will never talk.
You're right. I do know that.
- Hey, Angie.
- Hey, Denise.
Same thing?
Yes, please.
I don't even know why
I still give you a menu.
Because it's our tradition.
What are you doing?
Is that right?
Why are you on one knee?
Open the box and you'll see.
Oh, my God.
Are you serious?
Look, I know it's sudden,
but I love you, Angela.
I always have.
I don't want another day to go by
not knowing that you belong to me.
Will you be normal with me?
Uh, I don't...
I don't know what to say.
Well, "Yes" would be my suggestion.
-Yes? Really?
-Yes, yes. Yes!
-Oh, my gosh!
She said yes.
Oh, my God!
She said yes.
I waited 10 years to do that.
Well, was it worth it?
More than worth every minute.
I take it you're the one that
talked to Junior and my mom?
Oh, you know I had to get permission first.
I am a gentleman.
Well, they definitely gave their approval.
I love your family.
I can't wait to become a part of it.
Look, I love you.
Here. Sit down.
-There's something else.
I'm retiring as well.
I want to be there for you and Junior.
Byron... Are you serious?
What about your job? You love the job.
Look, I don't want you
to give that up for me,
all right? I...
I love you more.
I don't know what to say. Why now?
Look, I thought about this over and over.
The other night when you
were talking about your mom
and your dad, I realized I don't want that.
I don't wanna be the husband
that's not there for you.
Hell, I don't want you
looking out of the window
waiting for me to come home.
We could both look out the window together
watching the sunset.
You are something else.
And so are you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I love you, too.
-Oh, I miss you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Move! Move! Move! Move!
-Eric, where's my son?
-Shh, shh, shh.
Your son is all right.
I put your mother at the safe house.
Are you sure?
I know it hurt. I'm sorry.
Who did this?
So we got word Dimitri
Marciano escaped from prison
earlier this week.
Why didn't you tell me?
'Cause I didn't want you to panic.
Eric, this is Dimitri.
We all know how dangerous this man is.
We should have pushed the
panic button a long time ago.
Calm yourself, okay? We got this.
I need you to rest,
gotta get better.
You realize you could have
almost died in that blast?
But I didn't.
Now, I'm gonna get my son.
Your son is fine.
Come on.
You don't understand.
This is Dimitri.
If he's out, no one's safe.
That is why I have agents
surrounding the house.
No one is getting past my men.
I could.
And if I could, he will.
Get out of my way.
Angela, Angela.
Lisette, thanks for sending a ride.
I'm on the way to get my car now.
Can you drive faster?
I'll be there soon, baby.
- who are these guys?
- It's okay, baby. It's okay.
Just keep playing the video games.
-It's good. It's good.
-It's good.
-Why are we here?
We're okay, baby.
No, you're not.
I need you to listen to
everything I say, please.
Don't trust anyone.
Where's Junior?
He's okay. He's right here.
-Put him on.
-It's Mommy.
Mom, what's going on? Why are we here?
I need you to listen to
me carefully, all right?
There's no time for questions.
I need you to listen to everything
your grandmother tells you, okay?
- Okay.
-All right, put her back on.
- Hey, Angie.
- Take Junior
to the bedroom to the left.
Tell me when you're there.
Come on, baby. Come here, come on.
-Where are we going?
-Just got to go.
Go ahead. We'll be right back.
Come on, baby. Come on.
Baby, let's go. Go inside.
Here, come inside.
Okay, I'm in the room. Now what?
All right. Go to the mattress to the right,
underneath there's a metal suitcase.
Okay, got it.
All right. Open up the suitcase.
The code is 2312.
Okay. Okay.
What's next?
Mom, what the heck is all of this?
This is for you and your
grandmother to be safe.
Okay, Mom. Take everything
and put it in the little
backpack to the left of you.
All right.
Come here. Come here.
Okay. Come on, baby. Come on, baby.
Go to the door on the right.
The code is 2312. Go, now!
Go in. Now!
Everything's gonna be fine, right?
You hear me?
Okay? Your mom is on her way
and I gotta go take care of the bad guys.
So if something happens to me,
you keep this, got it?
Grandma, I don't want you to go.
-I need you.
-Baby, I believe in you.
You can do this.
Everything's gonna be fine, okay?
Grandma loves you and you listen
to everything your mother tells you.
Mom, are you sure
you're gonna be all right?
Who do you think trained you?
Grandma, grandma!
Grandma! Grandma!
Grandma, Grandma.
Grandma, Grandma, Grandma.
Grandma! Please, please.
I told you, you should have killed me
- when you had the chance.
- Grandma.
If you touch my son, I swear...
Oh, look at me, Grandma. Grandma.
Grandma, wake up.
No! No!
Mom? Mom.
Mom. Oh, God.
Oh, God. Okay.
Stay with me, okay?
-Angie, I tried.
Don't talk, don't talk, don't try.
I tried to...
Just stay with me, Mom, okay?
-Baby, I'm dying.
Oh, my God.
They got... they got Junior.
I know. I know.
I love you.
I love you so much.
I love you so much better than I ever was.
Don't you do that.
Don't you do that, okay?
I wouldn't be half of what I
am if it weren't for you, Momma.
It's okay, Mom.
It's okay.
Stay with me.
Momma. Momma.
- Lis, they took him.
- I know, I know.
Listen, we have agents
on it already, okay? Just calm down.
We both know if I let the agents handle it,
this will end in a cemetery.
It's Dimitri.
I know. I just found out today.
I know he put the hit out on Byron. And...
Angie, he
he got Vivian too.
Byron asked me to marry him.
We were gonna start a new life.
No more of this.
I'm sorry, Ange.
I'm so sorry. Byron was a good man.
He took everything, Lis.
He took my husband, my mother.
Viv, Byron.
Oh, my God.
I won't let him take my son.
Angie, listen, I know... I know...
I know where you are, okay?
Just... I just need you to please
do not be foolish, okay? We... let us...
Let us please help you with this, okay?
Look, if you wanna help me,
I need information on who
Dimitri is running with now,
who broke him out of prison,
who I'm dealing with and
how dangerous they are.
You know that I still have
the source on the inside.
And you know that I can get
you all that you need to know.
But you also know that
if you go into this alone,
it's a suicide mission, Ange.
For anyone who tries to stop me.
please don't die on me, too.
I won't.
Hey, Lisette.
Hey, Ange. Listen, I found out
who Dimitri has working for him.
Ange, these guys are dangerous.
Tell me about them.
The Aetos family.
The older brother is the
leader. His name is Peta.
He's a crime boss out of Greece, okay?
This guy is big time.
Moved to Miami about a year ago
and took over the entire drug organization.
His brother, Andreas,
got locked up for 10 years.
While he was inside, he almost
got killed from a rival gang.
But... guess who was there to stop it?
Yeah. Hold on.
I'm gonna put you on speaker.
In return, Peta helped Dimitri escape.
They all moved to Los
Angeles two weeks ago,
which is crazy, to... into some big mansion
on top of the Sunset Hill,
which is in Dimitri's name, by the way.
Now, Dimitri has all of
Peta's security protecting him.
So to get to Dimitri,
you have to get through
Peta and his security.
And they are not a joke, Angie, okay?
The sister, Sophia,
she's the worst of them all.
She's straight up assassin.
I mean, martial artist,
weapons handler, sharpshooter,
you name it, she's it, okay?
She's the one who does all the dirty work
to keep the brothers clean.
But Peta's brother, Andreas,
is a little easier to access, okay?
He's got a thing for beautiful women,
so use it to your advantage.
Say less.
I emailed you a list of all of them.
Check it out. And stay safe.
I'll call you when I need you.
Congratulations, ladies.
This one's of the night.
- Yes.
To a good night.
We're just getting started.
Thank you, ladies.
Now, get out.
Who are you?
It doesn't matter. I'm here to get my son.
Where is he?
Now do you know anything?
One name.
Just give me one name
and I promise I'll let you live.
His name is Walker.
What are you talking about?
He's our connect.
No. I don't believe you.
Can you guarantee an exchange
for what you already owe us?
Could you get Marciano released?
What I can promise you
is I'll make all the calls
necessary and we discussed.
You better make it this
time or else, we own you.
Thank you, Andreas.
You served your purpose.
Now let me go.
Oh, come on now.
You and I both know that
that was never gonna happen.
We will see about that.
I always felt like he was suspect.
Suspect or not, why would
Walker be working with Dimitri?
Uh, I don't know.
He's the reason they
knew about the safe house.
He's the reason my mom is
dead and my son is missing.
Ange, just say the word and I'll be there.
We can do this together.
Lisette, I told you
I can handle myself, all right?
Plus, I don't need anyone
else I love ending up dead.
So what are you gonna do?
Pay Walker a little visit.
And I'll call you when I get my son.
'Til then, old friend.
Oh, damn it.
I need you all to be real careful
because Angie is still out there.
We gotta make sure we
find her before she finds us.
And I don't need to tell you
do not mention my name.
Too late.
Turn your ass around.
Uh, Angie, the... uh, you know...
I would have never suspected it was you.
Not what it looks like.
I know it look
just put that down so I can explain.
You know me.
Do I?
Angie, let me explain to you, okay?
Explain how my mother is
dead and Dimitri has my son.
Explain that.
Look, I'm so sorry about your mother.
Nobody was supposed to get hurt.
Just please let...
-Back up. Back up.
Angie, listen, I wanted to
tell you but I couldn't, okay?
I tried to protect you from the inside.
You know I took the
oath that I would support
and defend the US
Constitution against all enemies
foreign and domestic and...
What... I heard the recording, Walker.
I heard you and Andreas.
-You're a traitor.
-But, uh, if you heard
the recording, then you know
that they threatened
to kill my entire family.
So you go and kill mine?
No, I told you, nobody
was supposed to get hurt.
You know how much I loved you.
Get up.
I need those blueprints
like yesterday, Manny,
it's already been a week. Okay.
But not a day past Saturday, understood?
Hello, Mr. Francis.
Who are you and what
are you doing in my office?
Well, I can be a friend or an enemy,
but trust me, Mr. Francis,
right now you don't want me as your enemy.
Okay. Look here,
whoever you are,
you need to get up out
of my office before I call...
Before you what?
Okay. Okay. You know what?
I think, um, we can be friends.
Shut the door and have a seat.
Let's talk about how
you can help your friend.
I think that was a very
wise decision, Mr. Francis.
I agree.
So what do you want with me?
I told you I'm a friend.
What I need from you is very simple.
Your company built the Victorian Mansions
on top of Sunset Hill, correct?
Well, um, you still happen
to have the blueprints?
Don't forget, we're
friends now, Mr. Francis.
Yes, I didn't forget.
And I will get you those blueprints.
By the way,
my friends call me Joe.
Well, thanks, Joe.
Why don't we just find her and kill her?
Oh, you don't understand.
She's already on her way here.
What makes you so sure?
Because I have what she wants.
So what's your plan?
Well, she'll kill most of your men,
if not all of them
and then she'll try to kill you.
But she'll have to get through me first.
And it'll be a good fight.
But my money's still on Angela.
She's like, uh, a dog
on the hunt for its bone.
And the dog will not
rest until it gets that bone.
She won't get a chance to get that bone
if she doesn't know who I am.
Trust me. Angela knows everything
about everyone in this house.
So why don't you just let the boy go?
If she's so dangerous, why lead her here?
I want her to watch me put a bullet
between her son's eyes.
Then I wanna look her in her eyes
before I put a bullet between them.
Bring him to me.
Let's go.
Let's go!
Stop moving around or I'm gonna shoot you.
Have a seat, Junior.
Where's my mom?
She's on her way to pick you up.
Yeah. Right.
But you're a bad guy.
I know your mom told you that,
but I want you to think me
more as an old friend or an uncle.
You know my mom's gonna kill you, right?
Get him somewhere safe.
- She's here.
- We gotta get you
to a safe room.
I'm fine right where I am.
Make sure the boy doesn't get hurt.
You got it, boss.
-Bring her to me.
-Will do.
Angela, don't be a coward.
All these little tricks are nice,
but you're gonna have to face me.
Okay, babe. Baby.
Mommy's here. I'm
gonna get you out of here.
It's okay, baby. It's okay.
Be quiet.
You touch him and it will
be the last thing you do.
Says the woman who's tied to a chair, huh?
I won't be tied up forever.
And when I'm free, I'm gonna kill you.
You're not gonna do anything, you hear me?
Because when Dimitri is done with you,
he's gonna hand you over to
me and I'm gonna make you pay
for what you did to my brother.
I don't even know who your brother is.
The one you killed in
his own home. Andreas.
Huh? Oh, yeah.
Handsome fella love the ladies.
Your brother was more mad than you.
Too bad you're here and not him.
I bet you love that.
Too bad Dimitri would
kill you if you touch me.
We all know he's the one
giving the orders around here.
Nobody gives me orders.
Keep talking and I'll prove it.
What is so funny?
Come on, baby. Come on. There you go.
I'm here, baby. I got you.
Take this off. Take this off.
I'm here, baby. I'm here.
All right. I need you to listen
to me carefully, all right?
-These are very dangerous men.
All right?
Mama, are these the men that killed Dad?
These are the men that
killed Dad and Byron.
And right now,
Mommy's gonna have to hurt them, okay?
Oh, okay.
I know what your job is, okay?
Just do me one favor.
What's that?
Kick their ass, okay?
With pleasures.
-Okay. Hold on, Junior. Hold on.
I'm gonna create a distraction, okay?
I need you to count to 10
and run outside.
-All right? No.
-No, Mom, I'm scared.
-Listen, I got you.
All right?
This is the phone that calls one number.
When you press the
button, it'll call Lisette.
Why can't I press the button right now?
Because it only works outside.
All right?
Once she answers,
your location will be visible to her.
She'll get help.
I need you to hide behind the car
until they get here, okay?
No, I don't wanna leave you, Mom.
Listen. Listen, son.
If something happens to me,
Lisette will take care of you, all right?
there's no time for that, baby.
I need you to be safe.
Take this and activate it.
Lisette will know what to do.
I love you, son. I love you.
Love you more, Mom.
I know. I know.
Okay, hun.
All right. Follow me, baby.
- All right.
- We gotta go.
Get back, son.
Come on, Mom. Kick his ass, Mom!
Yes. Yeah.
Oh, kick his ass!
Holy shit, Mom!
Wait, wait, wait.
Junior, go, go.
You going somewhere, Ms. Stone?
Sophia. I heard about you.
Really good at what you
do but let me tell you, baby,
you ain't better than me.
Your mother, yeah, that was just business.
But you, you killed my brothers.
Now this is personal.
You killed my mother?
-Need these?
Drop your weapon
or I'll give this room a new
paint job with your brains.
It's nice to see you, Angela.
Can't say the same for you.
All this animosity? We used to be friends.
We were never friends.
I disagree.
I think we had our moments.
Friends don't kill each other's families.
Well, I killed them
because they had a part in
locking me up for six years.
I thought a little payback
might make me feel better.
You could do whatever you want with me.
I got what I came to get.
My son is safe.
And any minute now,
your house will be flooded with agents.
And this time I won't let you live.
You mean this son?
Junior! It's okay, baby. It's all right.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
-Okay. Okay. Okay.
-All right.
What could possibly be funny?
I killed all your men.
Peta was easier than I thought.
Sophia was especially satisfying
given the fact that she was your best.
And she killed my mother.
Now you have this man left.
And I'm gonna kill him.
Then that leaves you.
Angela, you're not in a
position to kill anybody.
It's funny. After all this
time to get to know me,
you still don't know me.
Leave him out of it, all right?
This is between me and you.
You know what, you're right.
Six years you took away from me.
Can you imagine a man like me
in a tiny box with nowhere to go
while you're out here celebrating
as if it was nothing, as if I was nothing.
I understand you went to jail, all right?
So you missed a few birthday parties
with strippers and drugs.
Big deal.
You took everything from me!
So let's call it even,
you give me my son and I'll let you live.
Let me live?
Your arrogance kills me.
Trust me, if you don't give me my son,
my arrogance won't be what kills you.
No more threats, Angela. No more games.
You hear the sirens.
They're on their way.
You have enough time to
leave before they get here.
What, miss all the fun?
I'd rather do this.
Junior, go!
Go! Go!
Angie, let him go!
Angie, we have him.
Angie, let him go.
Think about your son.
Think about your family.
Look at me. Look at me.
Let him go.
Get in there!
Are you okay?
Are you okay? Let's go.
Come on, Pixie.
You're not supposed to be out here.
With a wife as fine as that,
I wouldn't leave the house either, dawg.
Carter, Carter. What's up, man?
- How you doing?
- Oh, what's good, Mr. Barry?
Oh, I'm doing good, man.
Hey, Barry.
Ooh. Michelle. How you doing?
How's that new job going at the diner?
Nah, it's work,
but it pays the bills, so I won't complain.
You looking mighty fine today.
If I can say so myself.
Oh. Come on, man.
Um, I got a package for a Angela Stone.
I don't know if I mixed
up my mail or something.
You know how I do.