Sneakerella (2022) Movie Script

[PERSON] Not all fairy tales begin
in a land far, far away.
Ours begins right here.
Do you recognize it?
It's home to many kings and queens,
though they don't all wear crowns.
A land of possibility and opportunity.
Though for many, these dreams can feel
as far away as a castle in the clouds.
Once upon a pair of sneakers,
far from the gleaming towers
of this kingdom,
there lived a special boy
who was full of kindness and creativity.
Like many in this town,
he grew up believing in the idea that
the perfect pair of kicks could
make him fly, make him soar.
And, with his head full of sketches
and his heart full of hope,
he held tight to these dreams,
no matter how hard the world around him
tried to keep his feet on the ground.
[BOY] Whoo.
Come on, come on.
Ain't nothing fresher than my
Ain't nothing fresher than my
Ain't nothing fresher than my
Ain't nothing fresher than my
Limited release
Had to pull up early
Number 33 on the back of my jersey
I'm an all-star from low to high-tops
The lines for five blocks
Can't wait till they drop my kicks
Kicks, kicks
Ain't nothing fresher
No one's stepping on my kicks
Kicks, kicks
They be like
"What are those? Those soles are sick"
Sick, sick
I be like, "Sure, you're right
Paparazzi taking pics"
They want the kicks
They want the drip
They want the heat
And they know who's lit
We stroll the streets
Laced up, don't trip
- Don't trip
- Don't trip
I like custom Nikes
Gucci suit me nicely
Prada make 'em pricey
No one wears them like me
My sole's got soul
I been this bold
Since I was three years old
I'm goin' for my goals
Soaring high to the stars
It's more than what you wear
Represent who you are
Just when you think I'm high enough
High enough
I'm about to take it higher up
Higher up
Leaving gravity, I'm fired up
Fired up
It's your king
Take your leave, bruh
Ain't nothing fresher than my kicks
Kicks, kicks
Ain't nothing fresher
No one's stepping on my kicks
Kicks, kicks
They be like
"What are those? Those soles are sick"
Sick, sick
I be like "Sure, you're right
Paparazzi taking pics"
Snip snip
- [DRIVER] Get out of here!
[BOY] Sorry! Sorry.
It's hard to explain the game
And what it means
From the sketch on the page
To the stitch on the seams
From the OGs
To the hyperstrike color schemes
Don't sleep on me, homey
I design in my dreams
'Cause everything's
Flying in my dreams
I can fly in my dreams
Sky high in my dreams
When I fall down to Earth
I'll need a long drop crane
- It's back to reality
- I'm only 17
- [BOY] Whoo!
- Yeah, I see you.
Come on.
Let's get it, come on. Oh!
I should be making Nike
I should be making Reebok
You should be checking hypebeasts
To cut my new Adidas
I should be hitting new heights
I'm coming for the kingdom
Next drop
Just watch me change the world
With my kicks
I'll glide
I'll slide
I'll fly
With my kicks
- What?
- [GASPS] What?
[BOY] You see this?
You can tell a lot about me
By the way I wear my kicks
Kicks, kicks
Ain't nothing fresher
No one's stepping on my kicks
Kicks, kicks
They be like
"What are those? Those soles are sick"
Sick, sick
Ain't nothing fresher than my kicks
Hey, hey. Whoo!
Hey. Oh.
Hey, hey. [GRUNTS] Yeah.
But no matter how hard he tried to soar...
Ain't nothing fresher than my...
[PERSON] ...his stepfather
and selfish stepbrothers had other plans.
For they needed him here with his feet
firmly planted on the ground.
[STEPFATHER] El, you've spent enough time
with that display.
There's a million things going on
right now,
and I honestly don't know
how to get you to focus.
Come over here. The shelves need dusting,
and straighten up in the back.
And clean off the counter
with all your mess. Please.
- Wait.
Don't I have the day off?
I thought Stacy and Zelly
were working today.
Yeah, I'm fully booked. I've got
a future venture capitalist meeting.
- It's kind of a big deal. Yeah.
- Impressive.
- See?
But I... I kinda had a thing...
[ZELLY] Yeah, I'm busy too.
- Sorry. I have judo practice.
- And clean that up too, El.
Look, I have a very important
dinner meeting with a customer.
I wanna bring them here after,
so this place has to be spotless by 7:00.
- Okay...
- Listen. You hear what I said?
- I...
- By 7:00. No more distractions.
- But can I...
Really? Sami's waiting for me.
I told you I had the sneaker drop today.
[STACY] And we told you we had real lives.
- Sorry.
- Sorry, dude.
- Wow.
- Next time.
- Hey, Sami. I...
- [SAMI] Yo, dude, where are you?
- You're gonna mi...
- Bye, Sami.
- No distractions.
- Can I just...
- Let's go, boys.
- See ya.
- "No distractions."
- [STACY] Bye.
Kicks, kicks, kicks
Hey! Hey, Sami, sorry. Sorry I'm late.
Dude, where have you been?
I thought you had the day off work.
Yeah, so did I. So did I.
Oh, step Vader strikes again.
I swear, that guy...
- Come on. We're gonna be late.
- We're already late.
- Oh, watch out! Watch out!
- Whoa. Whoa!
- [EL] Sorry, Gustavo.
[SAMI] Sorry, G.
- Hey, you need help with this?
- Yeah, gracias.
Dude, we gotta go.
Come on. We're already late.
Like you said.
Gustavo, I know you're strong,
but this is not a one-man job. Okay?
- [GUSTAVO] That's why you're here.
Over by the tomato patch, por favor.
[SAMI] You know, this is a lot of dirt
for one guy's tomatoes.
Well, it's my job
to tend to anything around here
that needs a little extra love
and assistance.
Big or small.
Ah, Gustavo! Come on.
See you rocking them Tailwinds. Crispy.
What can I say, eh? [SPEAKING SPANISH]
They suit me, don't you think?
All right, you feeling yourself.
Your mother always knew
exactly what I needed.
A great talent.
She always picked the perfect pair.
Yeah. She did.
Eh? Why don't you come visit sometime?
Help me keep her flowers blooming?
- Yeah, uh...
- [WHISPERING] Come on. Come on.
Come on. Wrap it up.
[GUSTAVO] Like Rosie,
we are always here for you. You know that.
Uh, G, we are super late.
- Yeah. So sorry.
- Like, so...
It was kind of you
to interrupt your plans to help me, El.
- Of course.
- You're your mother's son, I see.
- [EL] Yes, sir.
[SAMI] El, the subway! It's coming!
Come on, come on.
We're gonna miss the express.
[EL] Come on, come on.
[SAMI] Come on. Change, change, change.
- Walk.
- [GASPS] Let's go.
Walk. Walk.
[BOTH] Run!
[EL] Come on. [GRUNTS]
[SAMI] Somebody hold the door.
Wait, wait, wait!
Stand clear of the closing doors, please.
We made it.
[SAMI] I can't believe we stopped
for Gustavo. We almost missed it.
But we didn't. [SIGHS]
- [SAMI] Dude, I hope we get there in time.
- [EL] Me too.
[SIGHS] Adidas and King's collab,
the rerelease of the 1984 Adidas Forum.
Darius King's rookie sneaker
is about to be ours.
You see the updated gray colorway, right?
Space gray?
- The shape, the material...
- Oh, my gosh. It's butter!
So butter. It's butter.
This drop is about to be epic.
Butter, butter, butter!
There's no better word.
These shoes will change our lives.
I brought my half. You get yours?
Sold my Air Max 97s to my girlfriend.
"Girlfriend." Which one? Hmm?
You got, like, ten of them.
Listen, you gotta kiss a lot of lady frogs
before you find a princess, okay?
- Well, until then, you're stuck with me.
- Mmm.
Least your kicks are.
I don't care if I have to wear 20 pairs
of socks to share these shoes with you,
as long as I can retire these bad boys,
I'll be happy.
- [EL] Let me at them.
- [SAMI] You can't clean them.
- I already tried. Stupid fingerprint.
- Let me at them.
Come on. Welcome to the factory.
Oh, no.
[WHISPERING] Don't kill me.
El, you're scaring me.
What did you just do to my sneaker?
Oh, I... I was trying to...
Dude, I love it. Do the other.
Okay, um...
- Hold very still.
- Okay.
And boom!
This is the hottest crime scene
I have ever worn.
Yeah, they'll do.
- Sami.
What are you doing?
You are just very talented.
We could still use this money on materials
for you to make us your own pair instead.
What... Don't... Remember the first pair
you made in the sixth grade?
- I swear your mom was ready to call Nike.
- Sami, I don't do that anymore.
But you could.
Look, you flipped your kicks
for a pair of real sneakers. All right?
From a legit designer,
not your best friend.
You are a legit designer.
What makes someone legit anyway?
Sami, when's the last time you actually
saw me make a pair of sneakers?
I just scribble in my notebook. That's it.
Mmm. That's funny. I think I hear
your stepfather talking, not you.
Is he wrong? Is he wrong? Hmm?
I'm a stock boy. That's it. All right?
And not a very good one at that.
Come on, come on, come on. Thank you.
So, how did you convince the overlord
to let you go today?
I might have locked up
without telling him.
[SAMI] Bold.
If we get back in time,
he won't know the difference.
I think he's gonna know the difference.
[EL] "Made to soar."
Can we?
[SAMI] Let's go get it.
[EL] Oh...
[SAMI] Oh... I wanna lick 'em.
[EL CHUCKLES] All hail the King.
Okay, but, look, if you are gonna be
in a hurry to get back,
I'm wearing them first,
'cause what you're not gonna do,
is scuff our brand-new kicks
on the very first day, okay?
- Sneaker prenup rule number...
- Oh, my gosh.
Whoa, hold up.
Where did you get those King6 shoes?
They almost look like Sleeks.
- Are those player exclusive?
- Oh, uh...
[CUSTOMER 1] Yo, cutters!
Line's back here.
- [CUSTOMER 2] Yeah, man.
- [CUSTOMER 3] Get back in the line.
- No.
- [CUSTOMER 1] Hey, cutters!
Yo, I'm never making it back to work.
- There's like a thousand people.
- [GROANS] I can see that.
- Next group, come on up.
- Let's go.
- Keep moving.
- No, dude, we can't... I...
- [CUSTOMER] Yo! The line's back there.
- Okay.
Do I need to pull up
and personally make it clear to you?
- It's okay. We're...
- Oh, hey. Coz.
I'm so glad you found me.
I've been waiting for you.
- Y'all cappin'.
- [PERSON] Nobody's cappin'.
- This is our cousin.
- Yeah.
Nah, th-these are my cousins and see,
- I've been saving our spot in line.
- Yeah.
- We're family.
- So, thank you.
- Thank you. Bye. Have a good day.
- [SAMI] Thanks.
[CUSTOMER 1] Whatever. You know they not.
Can we call security? This is messed up.
Hey. That was really sweet. Um...
Um, I'm Kira.
Hi. I'm Sami. I'm not a part of this, so...
That's my friend, Sami.
- Hi, Sami.
- I just said that thing. Hi.
- [EL] I'm sorry.
- I mean, I appreciate the save.
Yeah, of course.
I mean, guy's a total hypebeast, right?
He deserves to be cut in line anyway.
- I think he's just amped up.
- Nah, what do you mean?
I mean, you saw his Zebras, right?
[KIRA] Yeah.
You see how the knit upper
gets darker just as it meets the boots?
It's wet. He probably
scrubbed those shoes down this morning.
- He prepped hard-core for this drop.
- Wow. I can't believe you noticed that.
- [SAMI] Well...
El believes that sneakers
are a window to the soul.
Kinda like a mood ring.
To the soul?
- Show her.
- No.
- It's this trick he does. Really cool.
- It's not a trick.
It's this thing that his mom taught him...
- Stop.
- What did your mom teach you?
He's a sneaker psychic.
- Okay, El, I have to see this now.
- I'm sorry. It's really nothing.
Hmm. Come on. Show me what you got.
Okay. Okay. All right.
Check out that dude. See him?
- Yeah.
- [EL] Okay, um...
Sporting a classic.
Thinks "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."
Can't go wrong with the GOAT.
Stable, reliable, good taste,
gives you Christmas gifts
that are actually on your wish lists.
Puts some cash in your birthday card.
Hmm. Not much of a psychic.
You could say that about anybody
and how would we know?
Kick it up a notch.
All right, check her out.
Hot pink kicks.
She got the colorful base, but she had
to go and heat it up with the laces.
She's fearless.
She laughs in the face of fear.
No way she walks around that busted grate.
Are you joking?
I don't know.
No New Yorker steps on those grates.
Yeah, my money's on the sidewalk.
- [EL] Voil!
- Oh!
You are amazing! You're amazing!
You are a sneaker psychic.
- Sami, you weren't lying.
- I know.
[EL] No, I'm just...
You gotta pay attention.
People are telling you
a story about who they are.
That's what a perfect pair of sneakers is.
At least what it can be.
You know, you just gotta give somebody
a chance to be real, right?
- But, by your logic...
- Uh-huh.
...why would all these people then line up
to wear the same shoe?
I... I guess if you put enough
of yourself into a design, it's gonna hit.
But at the end of the day, once
I slip on that sneaker, it's my story.
[EMPLOYEE] All right. Sorry, everyone.
We're officially sold out of
the Forum sneakers for this drop.
- Thanks for coming.
- [SAMI] Do you see that guy?
- [EL] Did you really need four pairs?
- Are you... Is that necessary?
- You have two feet, man.
Can I get one?
This is the worst day of my life.
I don't know. This is the most fun I've
had talking about kicks in, well, ever.
Yeah, I mean,
this is, like, the most fun I've ever...
We... W-We're so in sync right now.
I mean, it's very... very fun. I...
- Stop.
- Huh?
I think what he's trying to say is
it's really nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
- Hey, hold up.
I thought you said she was your cousin.
Yeah, we are cousins. We're family.
It's like a family reunion. Because...
- [EL] You have friends. Okay...
- So what's up?
I have an idea. Hey, how about...
How about we, uh...
- [BOTH] Run!
[EL] Run! Hey! Sorry, excuse me.
Come on. Let's go!
- [SAMI] Sorry, get out of the way! Move!
- [CUSTOMER 1] You ain't gonna get away!
- [EL] Whoa. Go! Go, go, go!
- [CUSTOMER 1] There they are!
- Out of the way! Let's get 'em!
- [CUSTOMER 2] Yo, what?
Save yourselves. I got wheels.
- [KIRA] Bye, Sami!
- We gotta go.
[CUSTOMER 1] I see them!
Yo, get 'em.
- They're still behind us.
- Wait.
Up for an adventure? Come on.
- [CUSTOMER 1] They're getting away!
- [CUSTOMER 2] Run!
Stand clear of the closing doors, please.
Get 'em! Yo, what the... Yo, come on.
- [EL] Adios!
- [CUSTOMER] You should be running!
Whoa, wait. Where are we even going?
- We're going to Queens. Come on.
- [KIRA] Queens?
You know, when you said "adventure,"
I thought you were gonna show me
something, I don't know, new?
Oh, so you've seen everything, huh?
[LAUGHS] Maybe.
You got more tricks up your sleeve,
sneaker psychic?
Oh, tricks? No. No way. Just home.
This is the story of Astoria
A little town in Queens
and it's glorious
I can't quite describe the euphoria
So I'll take you there
In this little pocket of New York City
There's people from
All around the world, you see
The languages, the styles,
the diversity
The neighborhood we share
You know, I have been to Queens before
But you never really
Seen it like this before
So ready, set, let's start the tour
And stand clear of the closing doors
This is where I'm from
It's the best ever, best ever
So won't you come along
And see the best ever, nothing better
The energy of NYC
But everyone knows everyone
- Hey!
You see?
It really is the best ever
Best ever
- What time is it?
- Showtime!
- Yo!
[ALL] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- It's your turn. Come on.
- [PERSON] Yeah!
- Come on. Let me see. Let me see.
- Okay.
Let's go explore
I'm telling you
I have been to Queens before
- You sure?
- I'm sure
What is that look for?
Well, isn't it the best ever?
I guess that it's nice
But I bet I've seen better
Nah, you're just a tourist
You'll agree with me
By the time we get to the chorus
Right from the get-go
Hop off the Metro
Slide down the railing
Get set and let go
Pick up a vinyl
Everything's retro
Know all the neighbors
Say "Yo, Gustavo!"
Hey, it's Ernesto
Making his pesto
- Put it to the test
- Is this not the best?
I guess I'm impressed
I wanna say yes
But I'm not convinced yet
So show me, what's next?
Mrs. Singh's feast, it cannot be beat
Her mulligatawny's
The best on the street
I have to agree
This does bring the heat
So show me one more before I believe
Aleko's forever
The shawarma, the feta
The galaktoboureko
There ain't nothing better.
- Wow. This really is the best ever.
- Yes!
Best ever!
This is where I'm from
And it's the best ever
Best ever
So won't you come along
And see the best ever, nothing better
This community is new to me
But I'm having so much fun
It really is the best ever
Best ever
I like when I see her look of surprise
I like how I see this town
Through his eyes
I like that she likes my neighborhood
And I gotta say
that galakto stuff was really good.
I like how we view
The world differently
It makes me wonder if we could be
Best ever, best ever, best ever
Oh, can't we be?
Best ever, best ever, best ever
- [SCREAMS] Oh, my gosh. El...
[SCREAMS] Oh, my gosh.
It's great. It's a shower!
Where are you going? Whoo!
It feels great! It feels great!
- Come on! Come on! It feels great!
- El!
El, I can't get my hair wet.
[EL] Your hair looks great!
Let's go.
[EL SIGHS] Was that new enough for you?
All right, anything else I need to see?
Mmm, how about...
Hey, I recognize it.
I can see that from our apartment.
You're a city girl, huh?
Well, I bet we can get you a closer look.
Follow me, Manhattan.
Be careful, okay?
[EL] The legendary Astoria graffiti wall.
It's always evolving and changing.
You know, it's kinda like this city.
Everyone gets a chance to express
themselves, and now it's your turn.
Thank you.
I don't know what to do.
Spray whatever you're feeling right now.
Let's see what you've got, Manhattan.
Oh, word. That's how you feel?
That's, uh...
- I'm confused.
- Turn around.
- Hmm?
- Made a frame.
- Ah.
If the wall is always changing,
I wanna make sure I can always
remember what it looks like right now.
You know, my dad grew up in Queens.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, he talks about his roots a lot,
but I can't even remember
the last time he set foot around here.
Well, if he needs a refresh,
apparently I'm also a tour guide, so...
I'd give you four stars.
What? Come on. Look at this? Come on!
How is this not five-star material?
Maybe add in some more sneaker readings,
and I'll consider bumping you up.
Okay. It's never enough, never enough
for Manhattan. I get it. I get it.
Well, Sami said that your mom
taught you all that. Is it true?
Yeah. She, uh... She did.
Before she, uh, passed.
It's kinda why kicks mean so much to me.
It's, like, the only part of her
I have left.
I didn't realize.
- I'm really sorry.
- It's okay. It's okay.
You know...
I miss her.
But every day she's with me.
Every time I slip on my kicks.
That's a pretty cool legacy.
I mean, my family is
full of sneaker junkies,
but I don't think any of them
see kicks the way you do.
In fact, will you help me with something?
For you, Manhattan, anything.
Okay. What do these say about me?
And don't go soft on me now, okay?
I can take it.
They... They don't really say anything.
I mean, they're not bad. They're...
They're just a little...
- basic.
- Hmm.
You know, just a little more basic
than I would assume from King. I'm sorry.
So you're saying I'm basic?
No. No. No, I didn't mean it like that.
I just mean, you know, the shoe...
Y-You deserve a... a one of one.
- What?
- Nah, you're right.
You should've seen your face.
It was so funny.
You're right. They are basic.
And I was worried about that
because I am not basic.
So, if you were worried
they weren't fresh, why'd you cop them?
Is that, like, a Manhattan thing?
Y'all do that up there?
It's a life thing.
Because sometimes you gotta try
something out and hope it surprises you.
Today, I tried out these kicks,
and they didn't.
- No. At all.
- No. No, not this time.
But today, I also tried
going on an adventure with you.
Are you surprised?
Yeah. And then some.
- I'm feeling something new
And it's the best ever
Best ever
Do you feel it too?
'Cause it's the best ever
Nothing better
This day has been a dream
And I don't want it to be through
Maybe we could be the best ever
Best ever
Oh, sorry. It's my sister.
I was supposed to be home by now.
Is that the time?
No. No, no, no, no. Shoot!
- Wait, what?
- I'm deep-fried.
- No, but I... Okay.
- Here, take my hand.
- You good?
- Yeah, yeah.
[EL] I gotta go.
- So, this was...
- Yeah. Yeah, it really was.
Do you wanna follow me,
and I can follow you back?
- Yes. Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
About the Sleeks and how I got them.
- I should really just tell you.
- Hey, I'm sorry. I gotta catch this.
Hey, wait up. Okay, but I never got your...
El, wait!
- [EL] I'm sorry!
- Hey, Liv, yeah.
- [LIV] Well, where are you?
Yeah, I'm sorry. I just...
I lost track of time. Thank you.
Roger's here.
[ROGER] Your chariot, Miss King.
Really, Roger? Tracking my phone?
You didn't leave me much choice,
the way you ran off this afternoon.
- Hmm?
- My bad.
- All right. Okay. Bye, Liv.
- [LIV] Kira? Kira.
[EL] Sorry. Excuse me.
- Where have you been?
Hey. Uh, look, I'm sorry, okay?
I... I lost track of time.
You lost track of time?
There should be no time
for you to lose track of.
You were supposed to be here. Working.
I know. I had a... I had a thing.
I told you I was bringing
someone important here tonight. Right?
- Didn't I tell you that?
- Yes.
And what did we find?
Huh? A dark store, locked door.
[SCOFFS] Totally unimpressive.
- And totally embarrassing.
- I...
This is the real world, El!
Not some doodle or some nonsense
you're dreaming about. Okay?
The real world.
You've got to get yourself right.
[SIGHS] El, I honestly don't get it.
You weren't disappearing and acting up
when your mother was here.
She didn't use me as a stock boy.
Okay? And you never even yell at them
when they stick me with their shifts.
Don't even.
No, you switched the schedule
without even asking me.
He does it all the time.
Zelly, am I the one that locked up
and left without telling anyone?
No, Stacy, remember that was El?
No, how about you tell your dad about
how you were supposed to be working...
Hey, listen. That's enough.
El, you're gonna take
all the shifts next week.
- Hey, hey! Hey... Hey!
- That's not fair!
- Hey! And get this place clean.
- Sorry.
I have more important people
coming tomorrow.
And until further notice, you're grounded.
- I didn't...
- End of story.
Boys, let's go. El's closing up tonight.
I hope this sinks in.
We'll be right up, Dad.
- Dude.
Did we or did we not agree
to just stay out of each other's way
to make this
miserable arrangement tolerable?
That doesn't mean that you can just shove
your shifts on me.
- Oh, "shove"?
- Why are you always complaining?
We're the ones who had to leave
everything behind in Jersey
to come out to this dump.
This place is not a dump.
Are you sure about that, El?
It's not a dump?
We just couldn't figure out
your system in the back. [GROANS]
So, it might need some organizing.
He "had a thing."
- [SINGSONGY] Later.
- Have fun.
I remember
It was me and you running this place
Had me decorate the windows every day
Smiling faces, tying laces
Yeah, it was all a dream
- Always kept it so fresh, so clean
Except around my sewing machine
But you'd understand
Always had a plan
I miss how it used to be
Oh, everything's so different now
But I'll still make you proud
I'll retrace all your steps
Till I'm on my feet again
When I think that no one cares
I close my eyes and you're still there
Walk a mile in your shoes
I'll make both our dreams come true
Even through the wear and tear
We'll always be the perfect pair
And, yeah, since you've been gone
I feel invisible
It's been difficult trying to get
The world to see me like you do
Nobody believes in me like you used to
Gotta get past that
Slowly finding my way back
Know that I'ma be everything
That you wanted
I promise
You got this.
And I'll retrace all your steps
Till I'm on my feet again
When I think that no one cares
I close my eyes and you're still there
Walk a mile in your shoes
I'll make both our dreams come true
And even through the wear and tear
We'll always be the perfect pair
I met a girl and she's great
Took a trip down memory lane
Been a while since I've shown
Everywhere we used to go
I keep the day on replay
Hope she sees me the same way
You would love her, I swear
Maybe we're the perfect pair
Hello, Miss King.
You have reached the penthouse.
[LIV] Mom, the gala committee is getting
completely bombarded
- with ticket requests.
- [MOM] The guest list's been closed
- for weeks.
- Mom! I'm home.
- [MOM] We're in here, honey.
- Finally.
I had the most incredible day.
Oh, apparently. So incredible that
you completely missed dinner.
And all the gala prep. Hmm.
Yeah, I know, but I was at Dad's drop
and while I was in line,
I actually met this really handsome...
Whoa, whoa. Honey. You were in line?
You could've just called the office
to get yourself a pair.
- No.
- You were researching the Sleeks, right?
I asked Kira to test out the prototype
for the hybrid.
So you wore them out today?
So, what's the word, honey?
- Um...
- I'm telling you,
low-tops are really trending right now.
The Sleeks are perfect.
You get me some solid numbers,
and I'll consider it.
Dad, Sneakercon is
only a couple months away
and we need to dominate if we wanna
get our numbers up from last year.
It's not like the numbers
last year were terrible.
[MOM] No, but it wasn't great.
They were down from the year before,
which was a little down
from the year before that,
so we just need something big.
And that's why I'm telling you,
the Sleeks are what King6 needs.
- Dad?
- Darius?
I know there's a lot
of pressure right now.
This designer is a big deal for us.
He's a proven hit-maker.
I do like that he's launched
these big campaigns. I'll say that.
[LIV] He's had three
of the biggest launches last year.
You gotta trust me, Dad.
Something on your mind, Kira?
I just don't think that the Sleeks
are gonna put us back on top.
[CHUCKLES] Oh? And why not?
They just... They don't say anything.
I mean, there's no story behind them.
They're... They're not bad,
but they're just a little basic.
Oh, you did not just call me basic.
I just... I think that we could do better.
Dad, I mean, we're not exactly tapped
into the street up here.
We need a new voice.
It feels like we need
to find someone fresh.
Okay, I have a pile of research
that says differently.
It's just my opinion.
And shouldn't
my opinion count for something?
It does.
Your mother's right.
Problem is, I learned a long time ago,
you cannot run a business
on your opinions alone.
Talent, passion. It's only part of it.
You see, my team has experience,
and they do all this research
and if all that says the Sleek is what
we need right now to put us back on top,
that's what we doing.
- Dad, come on. Just give me a shot.
- [MOM] Mm-hmm.
You gave Liv a chance when she asked.
I'm really happy that you wanna be
more involved in the family business,
but a lot of jobs rely on these decisions.
So, you gotta come at me
with something other than,
"They're basic. I'm right."
- You know what I'm saying?
- [MOM] You know what?
Babe, it can't hurt to keep looking.
Darius, we have a little time.
All right. I don't think
you're gonna find this person,
but I'll let you try.
- Wait, wait. What?
- [DARIUS] So, this is the deal.
- Kira...
- Mm-hmm?
...if you find a designer
that we should consider,
someone that speaks to you, tells a story
and has the experience to back it up,
we'll try it out.
- Really?
Dad, this means so much to me.
- You did hear me say "and," right?
- Yeah. Yeah, Dad, I did.
All right. Good.
Now, the gala's in two weeks,
and if we haven't found a designer
that changes the game for us by then,
we'll go with your sister's Sleeks.
- Okay. What's next?
- Well, we have the gala charity auction.
- Oh, that's all your mom.
- I got a call coming.
- [MOM] No.
Yeah, I gotta take this.
- Oh. Hey, Dad.
- Yeah?
You got it, kid.
Hey, call the Sneakercon team
and tell them to wait.
We're gonna keep looking.
- [EL] No.
- [SAMI] Yep.
[EL] No way. No.
- Mm-hmm.
- She's...
- No, but... but i-it can't be. It can't be.
- Dude, I didn't... Oh, my Go...
- Look at your face! What is going on?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Sami. No creases.
- You touch it, you buy it.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
We were hanging out with Kira King.
Kira King.
Darius King's daughter,
aka, sneaker royalty.
How'd I not know?
I've had the King's poster on my wall
since I was seven. It's the King.
That's crazy.
Like, she's like a princess, yeah?
[GASPS] Oh, no, Sami.
- I messed up.
- Don't even worry about it.
Like, you would know
who Kira King is by sight. Come on.
- Cute.
- Thanks.
[WHISPERING] Sami, listen. Okay, I dissed
her kicks. Her King6 kicks, all right?
I dissed her father.
Okay, yeah, but what were you gonna do?
Lie to the girl?
- You've gotta call it like you see it.
- Why are you not freaking out like I am?
El, you're missing the big picture here,
Now that we know who she really is...
And boom!
- Eh?
- The King's charity gala?
Yeah. Now you know how to find her again.
You're welcome.
Okay, okay.
At the most exclusive sneaker event
of the year?
Great idea. It's not gonna happen.
What? Dude, how is this not, like,
the definition of fate?
- Oh, come on. You like her. She likes you.
- Hey, you don't know that, okay?
Yeah, okay, I was sweating
from the heat between you two yesterday.
[LAUGHS] Stop, all right?
You said you saw, like... like, heat?
Just a little bit.
Dude, just take a shot.
It's never gonna happen. Not gonna happen.
It's not. I-I-It's just not.
It can't, all right?
It's not scientifically possible,
because I am just...
If you say "stock boy"...
I was gonna say "nobody."
Oh, that's nice.
I'm a nobody, and look at her.
She's a total somebody.
Okay, so you wanna show her
you're a somebody, show off your talent.
- Design some sick kicks for the gala.
- Sami, it's in two weeks.
- There's not enough time for that.
- Best get to work then.
It's not gonna happen.
Look, you can't show up
in your beaters, okay?
And I know you wouldn't
wanna do that anyway. Look at them.
This is your shot
to show Miss Kira King who you really are.
Come on.
- Plea...
Not who he says you are.
[STEPFATHER] El, I need you out here.
- You're crazy.
- Think about it.
It's never gonna happen.
Hey, never say never.
You should really consider
the craftsmanship and the material.
It's Italian leather.
- It's very nice.
- Mmm.
[SIGHS] But I think it's a little outside
my price range.
You're on your feet all day
at the restaurant.
Don't your feet deserve a treat, hmm?
- El! There you are.
- Mrs. Singh!
Mmm, how you doing?
You know,
I've been meaning to drop these off.
- Okay, what you got for me?
- I wanna make sure you had these
just in case
your allergies acted up this fall.
- Thank you.
- Your mom always swore
- by my home remedies.
- That she did.
- So give them a try, beta, okay?
- Will do.
- Love the window by the way.
- Look, I'll show you.
Aw. You're so sweet.
Aleko let me rescue the clock hands
from the trash so...
Aren't you clever? Rosie would love it.
- You think?
- Think about what I said Mrs. Singh.
I'd be happy to throw in
a free pair of Odor-Eaters.
Did he just tell me my feet stink?
Quite possibly.
Bye, Mrs. Singh.
I don't get this neighborhood.
They all pretend to be one big,
happy family.
But when it comes down to it,
where are they?
- I mean, they don't know you.
- [STEPFATHER] And that's my fault?
Look, I've brought in all kinds
of styles and new items
so everyone will have something
to pick from.
I'm really trying.
And obviously you don't know them either.
Yeah, well,
looks like the shop's going back
to the sneaker business anyway.
Hey, maybe I could curate something...
I've spoken to Foot Locker
about buying this space.
What are you...
- You're selling the store?
- If I can get one of these execs to bite.
We're already a month behind
in the mortgage and...
- The way things are looking, I...
- You... No.
We can do a GoFundMe. All right?
A... A fundraiser...
No, no, no, El!
You always got your head in the clouds.
Not everything works out
the way you want it to.
You think I don't know that?
Mom wouldn't want you to sell.
- And if you ever loved her...
- Hey, hey! I did love her!
You think this is something
I wanted to do alone? [SCOFFS]
Why do you think I've been so hard on you?
Trying to keep this store afloat.
Enough is enough.
Sometimes you just gotta
let your dreams go.
[SAMI] Hello, I did it.
I got it all figured out.
Logan's brother's best friend, Jeremy,
and his cousin are working in catering
at the gala.
So as long as we get there
before the event starts
he'll sneak us into the service entrance.
You think it's too uncool to go
as waiters? I was totally thinking that.
But it's fine.
We can costume change there.
- He's selling Laces.
- [SAMI] What?
Trey's selling Laces.
He can't... He can't do that, can he?
He just did.
The thing that my mom loves most is gone.
- [SAMI] Hey.
- It's gone.
- El, that is not true.
You're still here.
And as long as you carry on her legacy,
she's not fully gone either.
Sami, Sami! I...
I don't know how to do that.
Okay? This...
This place is everything to her.
- [SAMI] It's...
- This place is...
- It's just a place, El.
- "Just a place"?
- Come on. I didn't mean...
- [EL] Just...
I didn't mean it like that.
Listen, I love this place.
I think I know about ten ways
to lace up my kicks because of this place.
Because of your mom.
Your super cool, funky mom.
I miss her.
Me too.
A lot.
And I think we both know
what she'd want you to do.
Get up.
Come on. You've got sneakers to make.
See the person, then you'll see the shoe.
[EL] Go, go get it
Gotta go, go get it
[EL] Whoo!
Yeah, it's been a minute
I know I left some things unfinished
But it's back to the business
Got goals on my mind
Twenty-twenty with the vision
Time to manifest my destiny
Just a little push to wake the beast
Just a little fire beneath my feet
Go, go get it
Gotta go, go get it
Mama used to say
"Imagination is the key"
Turn into reality
Go, go get it
Gotta go, go get it
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Destiny calling
Putting it all in
Work up
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Destiny calling
Putting it all in
Work, work, work, work
First off, let me get the dust off
Little work gets you
More than the big talk
Little dirt never hurt
Take the gloves off
Do what you imagine
Hold on to the passion
Time to manifest my destiny
Just a little push to wake the beast
Just a little fire beneath my feet
Go, go get it
Gotta go, go get it
Mama used to say
"Imagination is the key"
Turn into reality
Go, go get it
Gotta go, go get it
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Destiny calling
Putting it all in
Work up
First off, let me get the dust off
Little work gets you
More than the big talk
Little dirt never hurt
Take the gloves off
Do what you imagine
Hold on to the passion
Time to manifest my destiny
Just a little push to wake the beast
Just a little fire beneath my feet
Go, go get it
Gotta go, go get it
Mama used to say
"Imagination is the key"
Turn into reality
Go, go get it
Gotta go, go get it
Let's get it, come on
- This is whole grain, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, whole grain.
- So, uh, where's your dad?
- He's out.
He has some thing tonight
with the Foot Locker rep. Why?
N-No reason. I...
I was just thinking I would finish up
inventory for the week.
You know, make up for the other day.
Hey, don't even worry about the dishes,
okay? I'll get them later.
Um, have fun, you know,
at that thing that you have tonight.
It's judo. Everyone forgets.
It's all good.
See ya.
Does that seem odd to you?
Inventory's the other way, El.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I was just checking the door
to make sure it's locked. It is.
You guys ate fast. Well, I'm just gonna go
back there and get to work, you know?
[ZELLY] I think he's lying.
I don't think he's telling the truth,
No, Zelly. He's not.
- Hey, that's my phone. I need my phone!
- Oh! Back it up.
Pretty weird fit for stocking shelves.
And just because Dad's out
doesn't mean you're not still grounded.
Look, guys, please.
I have someone very important to meet.
He puts in hair extensions,
and he thinks he's all that, huh?
It's not hair extensions.
It's a sponge brush, okay?
- Do you sponge?
- Guys, seriously. Please.
- It looks really nice.
- That's nice.
- No!
- Come on!
- Come on. Get in here. Come on!
- No!
- In you go.
- Come on.
See ya! [LAUGHS]
- Guys, no. No!
- Later!
Please! Please! I'm running out of time!
- Have fun.
- [ZELLY] Hey.
- [STACY] Whoa! Unbelievable.
We're one step ahead of you here.
But we're this close
to Dad getting us out of here...
- Yeah.
- ...and you're not going to ruin it for us.
- Guys...
- What do you wanna say?
[EL] All right, tonight is important.
- Oh, yeah.
- I can't hear you. I'm sorry.
Let me out! Guys!
You got that tight enough? Thank you.
- [STACY] We're going.
- All right. Yeah, cool.
You wanna take shifts or like?
I have somewhere to be!
Think, think, think, think, think.
[GROANS] Please, please, please.
Just a little push to wake the beast.
- What are you doing here?
- Hey... [GRUNTS]
I love you! I love you.
Wait, how did you even...
Don't you have somewhere to be?
Let's go! Come!
It seems like you were in need
of a little assistance.
I'm okay, but...
- Uh, dude! El, hello!
- Are you...
- Where have you been?
- I was... I... They... It's a long story.
Oh. Hey, G.
[WHISPERING] What's he doing here?
Hey, a little faith, Sami.
Now, if we are going to make this happen,
you need
the most important ingredient of all.
- What?
- Mmm.
Huh? How...
[GUSTAVO] People talk.
The whole neighborhood's
talking about your sneakers.
Try them on. Try them on.
Let's see how they fit. Oh, yes.
Whoa! [LAUGHS]
Whoo! Hey!
Ah. Whoo!
Wow, those are some shoes, my friend.
- [GUSTAVO] Nice.
- Let's go! Let's go!
- [SAMI] Hey!
So, we are ready for the big night then?
- [SAMI] Yeah, I got bad news, El.
- What?
Did we miss the hookup?
Yeah. I'm sorry, dude.
- I did all this work for nothing.
- It's not for nothing.
Maybe we could find another way in?
You put in the work, El.
Don't give up so easily.
When you water
A field of dreams
Just remember it started with a seed
Every moment and every deed
Has made you who you are
And who you are is
All you need
Life's an automobile
You just gotta grab the wheel
You never know what you'll uncover
- [BOTH] Whoa!
- Has this always been right here?
Well, vintage cars don't randomly appear.
Time can fool the eye, my dear
Like no other
When there's a light shining bright
Up ahead
You still gotta chase it
Chase it
So go and fly like you'll never forget
It's yours if you take it
- 'Cause life is what you make it
Don't need a wand to wave up high
For the soles of your feet
To walk the sky
You gotta wake up
- What if I ain't good enough?
- Lace up
- Dude, you gotta strut your stuff
- Wait up
You better suit up
Go show 'em what you're made of
Well, maybe our luck has changed
This jacket is everything
Well, you know
Good things come from good intentions
When there's a light shining bright
Up ahead
El, you look incredible!
- You still gotta chase it
- Chase it
- [GUSTAVO] Chase it
- Chase it
[GUSTAVO] In this life
Yeah, you get what you give
- So give your all and embrace it
- Whoo! Come on!
- Embrace it
- [GUSTAVO] Embrace it
- Embrace it
- 'Cause you've got the strength
- Inside you
- Yes, sir!
- But you gotta make it grow
The past filled
The heart that guides you
- But you've gotta walk that road
And fly like you'll never forget
You could be the greatest
'Cause life is what you make it
Oh! Woo-hoo!
You've got the tools
Let's discuss the rules
Don't wait till 11:59
'Cause, let's just say
You'll be out of time
Stay true to yourself
And do what's right
All bets are off
If you're not home by midnight
- Hold up, what?
- We can't keep the threads?
It's all just for tonight
But you're looking fresh
So fly like you'll never forget
You could be the greatest
When there's a light shining bright
Up ahead
You still gotta chase it
- [GUSTAVO] Chase it, yeah
- Chase it
- Chase it
- In this life
Yeah, you get what you give
- So give your all and embrace it
- Embrace it
- Embrace it
- Embrace it
Embrace it
'Cause you've got the strength
Inside you
But you gotta make it grow
The past fills the heart that guides you
But you gotta walk that road
And fly like you'll never forget
It's yours if you take it
'Cause life is what you make it
[GUSTAVO] Life is what you make it
- Oh.
- Oh,
I guess the right threads
do get you through the door.
Okay, El, let's look for a side entrance.
Maybe we can still find Jeremy
or his cousin to let us in.
Uh, tickets, please.
- Oh, yeah. Tickets.
- Yeah, tickets.
Yeah, everyone needs a ticket.
- Yeah, uh, we...
- Tickets.
Yeah, enjoy your evening.
- Thank you.
- We shall.
This is a lot.
- Hello, good evening.
- Oh, word! They've got spoon appetizers!
Sir, I'm... Sami. I'm so sorry.
- She really likes that.
- That's good. That's really good.
Thanks. Mmm.
- That is not classy.
- I'm good. Thank you.
- More for me.
I think I'm gonna take a lap.
See if I can find Kira.
Hey, don't forget. You're a rock star.
Let me get your picture.
- Okay.
- Don't eat everything.
Get lost. Mmm.
E-E-Excuse me?
Mm-hmm? What?
Who is that?
- We need those sneakers.
- We've never seen anything like them.
That's 'cause they're one of ones.
- Really?
- [SAMI] Mm-hmm.
I mean, you can try to convince him
to make you a pair,
but I've been waiting for years.
- He's the designer?
- Yep.
who's he with?
Um, he's with me.
No. She means who's he with? The company.
I'm not at liberty to say.
[GROANS] Did you sign an NDA?
Mmm. I can't even tell you that.
- [SIGHS] Come on. She's messing with us.
- You sure about that?
- I am going to find out who he's with.
- Yeah?
- Good luck. I'm gonna beat you to it.
- All right.
- Have you seen...
[ATTENDEE 2] My team is all over this.
[ATTENDEE 3] Oh, my God.
Okay, so it's not King.
Is it King or is it not King?
I need to know.
Those shoes are out of this world.
Apparently three brands are chasing him,
and he hasn't committed yet.
[ATTENDEE 4] I'm telling you.
He's got some top-secret collab brewing.
[ATTENDEE 5] Oh, my God. Did you see
what I saw? I mean, it's amazing.
[ATTENDEE 6] You know it's gonna
be all over the next issue of Complex.
[ATTENDEE 7] Does anybody know his name?
- [ATTENDEE 8] Do you know anything...
[ATTENDEE 9] Have you seen this designer
that everyone's talking about?
[ATTENDEE 10] Yeah, he does.
[ATTENDEE 11] These are incredible.
He has designed for everyone.
- Oh, sorry.
Oh, my gosh.
[EL] Oh
A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams
You will lose your heartache
- Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling through
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
The dream that you wish will come true
Oh, sorry.
[EL] Uh...
It's you.
El, I was worried I'd never see you again.
Wait, why are you here?
Well, I was, um, hoping to see you.
- Uh...
- Wait.
This time I want to show you something.
Come on.
- Sorry.
- [EL] Pardon me.
[SECURITY] It's all yours, Miss King.
- [KIRA] Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[EL] Where you taking me?
Whoa. Whoa!
Oh, my God. This is sneaker heaven. Oh!
- El!
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. You got the tie-dyes.
- Got the tie-dyes.
- Oh, my... Jordans? Did Jordan sign this?
- Oh, God! This is amazing.
- Oh, my God.
[EL] This is the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen.
Thank you.
Ooh, I got chills. This is my dream.
My mom would love this.
So, which ones are your favorite to wear?
Are you kidding?
I'm not allowed to touch them,
I mean, never mind wear them.
What? Not even once?
Whoa. No... No way.
Yo. Yo. You haven't touched these?
Your dad's OG Blues from the finals
when he hit that buzzer-beater
against the Celtics? I don't believe it.
Okay, one time when I was a little kid
and I wore them out to the elevator,
but then I chickened out
and put them back.
You know, um,
I think these might not be your size.
You know, you didn't really inherit
the height of your father.
They were a little bit too big, huh?
Aight. Enough about my family. Tell me.
What kicks you rocking tonight?
You know, it's just a little...
Oh, my God.
Did you design these?
Wow. That colorway.
Wait, is that the graffiti wall?
Look at the soles.
El, I can see our whole day in them.
Wait a second.
- You're him! You're the guy.
- The guy?
Yeah, yeah, the guy.
- The guy with the secret celebrity collab.
- What?
The guy that everybody's
been talking about tonight.
My sister, Liv,
was going on and on about it.
Why didn't you tell me
the other day that you were a designer?
- And a phenomenal one at that.
- Manhattan.
You didn't tell me you were Kira King.
Kira King. Like, that's something
that's kind of important to know.
Sneaker royalty?
- Royalty?
- [EL] Yeah.
Okay. That's fair.
I'm Kira King.
I know.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
And listen, you have to come with me.
This is destiny.
'Cause tonight's literally my last chance
to prove to my dad that
there's a designer out there
who's actually saying something,
who's got a point of view.
And, El...
you're him.
You're saying I should
design for the King brand?
- King brand?
- Like...
- Oh.
Oh, that's him.
- Who?
- Come on. My dad.
- [ANNOUNCER] Ladies and gentlemen...
- Come on. Now's our chance.
- legend...
- [EL] Right now?
...and your host for this evening's King6
Annual Charity Gala, Darius King.
[DARIUS] My wife, Denise, and I
would like to thank you all for coming.
As a kid growing up
in the streets of Queens,
I didn't always have the money
- to buy the freshest pair...
- Okay. Oh, God. I'm so excited.
Once he's done with his intro,
I'll grab him.
[DARIUS] Who believed in my dream?
Yo, this is crazy. I mean, he's gonna
lose it when he sees your work.
Y-Y-You think so?
[DARIUS] the next level.
And King6 was born.
Under the direction
of my eldest daughter, Liv,
we will be dropping something
unlike anything you've seen before.
Working with great talent,
people we believe in.
As I talk about Liv...
- Anyway, uh, he will.
- [DARIUS] ...I'm reminded...
Listen, you know,
it's kind of silly, but my dad,
he says that experience really matters,
so he's gonna want
to know everything about you.
Like where you're from
or what else you've done
- or who you've worked with.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
You're young, but the way you've blown up,
you've obviously had, like...
- Well... I...
- ...tons of professional gigs, right?
I got a lot riding on this.
I'm your guy.
I'm never going to forget tonight.
- S-Same.
- [CLEARS THROAT] Where have you been?
Oh, good. You found her.
- Hey, Sami.
- Hi.
- [LIV] You know these people?
- This is the guy.
You're the guy?
Uh, I did design these,
but I'm not really...
Of course, he's the guy.
I mean, look at the shoes.
Can I take a picture of you?
You look so beautiful.
Now, you get in there.
- Oh, stop being so modest.
- [KIRA] Yeah.
He's such a superstar. [SQUEALS]
Look at that power couple.
That's so cute. I'm gonna frame it.
I'm so excited.
I really want Dad to meet him.
Isn't this exactly who he told me to find?
[LIV] Take a deep breath.
You'll get a chance to introduce him
to Dad when he's done.
[DARIUS] This program promotes honesty
and integrity,
which are very important...
I wish he'd hurry up.
It is almost midnight, so you know
he always does the auction then.
- Midnight?
- Oh, yeah.
[GASPS] Oh, no, we can't go.
You're about to meet King.
That's exactly the problem.
I... I screwed up.
Okay, okay. G did warn us about midnight.
I'm... I'm sorry. What is going on...
[ANNOUNCER] Give it up for Darius King.
He'll be stepping down
so we can start the auction at midnight.
[EL] I'm so sorry.
I really gotta get the guy
out of here right now.
It's... It's a... Uh...
- Wait. What?
- A curfew thing.
- Follow me.
- [EL] Excuse me.
- What is up with your friends?
- I don't know.
- Excuse me.
- [LIV] You can't leave yet.
- [SAMI] Gotta go. Sorry.
- I'll be right back.
- [EL] Come on.
- [KIRA] El!
- Sorry.
- [EL] Hey, hey!
[EL] No.
[SHOUTS] My suit!
What is happening?
[SAMI] El, I'm covered in appetizers. Run!
Excuse me.
- Oh, shoot. I don't know.
- Wait, what are you doing? That's the up.
I'm stuck!
[SAMI] Jump!
[KIRA] El!
[GASPS] My shoe! My shoe! No!
Don't let him leave.
[SAMI] Leave it.
- I'm sorry.
- We gotta go.
[KIRA] How do I find you again?
- Go, go, go!
- Watch out, people!
- [EL] Wait!
- No!
- Wait, wait, wait.
[SAMI] We're here!
- No, wait.
- We're here. We're... [GASPS]
- [EL] Hey, Sami.
- [SAMI] Yeah?
[EL] Why did everyone at that party think
I was this hot underground designer?
One that's blowing up worldwide.
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
- What did you tell them?
- Nothing m-much.
- Just that you're a designer...
- Mm-hmm.
...and you're really cool. And that's...
That's about it.
- Okay, I may have hyped you up a little...
- Why?
...but I barely said anything.
I can't help what conclusions
other people might have jumped to.
Okay, well, Kira asked me
if I have professional experience.
- And?
- And...
She wanted me to meet Mr. King.
So I said... I said I did.
- Dude, that's amazing!
- No, that's not good.
That's horrible. I lied. I lied to her.
Okay, do you think anyone at that party
was a 100% real?
- Yes.
- No.
Look, we both exaggerated a teeny
amount, and it's gonna turn out great.
- Probably.
[EL] Sami, how can I face her again
after this?
So tell me again why he ran away.
- He's an artist. They're all... You know.
- [DARIUS] Mmm.
I mean, Banksy doesn't ever show his face.
And you're a really big deal, Dad.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I mean, people get nervous.
- Yeah, nice try.
- Okay, but Dad.
Come on, look. Look at the work.
I mean, it speaks for itself, right?
I admit it does draw me in.
It's like looking at something
entirely new, but so familiar.
It reminds me of home. I don't know why.
It's very colorful.
Yo, I know that spot.
Your mom took me here
when we first started dating.
- Really?
- Yeah, they had, like, the best dessert.
- It was like this custardy thing...
- Galaktoboureko?
Yeah. Hey, how you know that?
He took me there.
I still don't like that I don't know
anything about his background.
He's worked with plenty top-tier brands.
Look how personal his work is.
I trust him.
I just really need you to trust me.
[SIGHS] Liv?
I admit it's good work, but the unknown
factor just makes it very risky.
Okay, Kira. You bring him in.
We'll sit him down,
and if everything you say checks out,
then we'll try to showcase it
at Sneakercon.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Thanks, Dad.
- You got it.
- Love you, Dad!
- Peace!
[KIRA] Yes! Yes, yes, yes. [LAUGHS]
[FAN 1] Yo, King, can I take a selfie?
- [FAN 2] Darius!
- [FAN 3] Over here.
- What happened last night?
- [FAN 4] I just met the King.
[FAN 5] Yo, King I wanna score too.
I just want you to understand
how much is on the line for us right now.
Which is why...
I'm gonna help you with anything you need.
You will?
If this is what we're doing,
then let's really do it.
Let's make it happen. I'm all in, okay?
- Thank you.
- Of course.
All right, now we just gotta find him.
Yes! Call him. Text him right now.
Yeah, I can't.
I don't have his number or Instagram or...
- So you've hung out twice...
- I know.
- ...and you didn't get any digits?
- Yeah.
Girl, what's going on?
Your game needs work.
- I need help.
- Yes, you do.
I only have his first name.
And I don't know how to find him,
but I do have his shoe.
You talk about connecting with people
when we were at dinner, right?
- Yeah.
- Well, we've got 40 million followers.
Let's connect with them.
Why don't we do a whole King6 campaign
to find the designer
who has the match to the shoe?
- Let's do it. All right.
- Yes. Let's do it. Let's plan. Okay.
But let's make him come to us.
- [KIRA] Maybe we could do a photo shoot?
- Yes.
We'll blast out a picture
of you holding the shoe.
- We'll need a catchy tagline too.
- Yeah. Right? "Where's my prince?"
I love it.
I've been searching
Searching all around for you
You've got me thinking
That we could build something new
Are you down?
[KIRA] Oh, boy, you gotta step up
What's really on your mind?
Don't think about it too much
[LIV] All right, Internet. Let's do this.
You know we had real good vibe
Where are you now?
[REPORTER] Breaking news
out of the sneaker world today.
The King sisters are flipping the script
in a modern-day Cinderella story.
Young men all over the world are claiming
to have the match to the shoe
and be the youngest King daughter's
Prince Charming.
El, show up, boy.
Don't be so hard to find.
No one else has made me feel like this
[REPORTER] The worldwide social media
phenomenon "Where's my prince?"
is coming to Manhattan today
as designers flock to King6 headquarters.
Where are you now?
[DESIGNERS] I'm right here, girl
I'm right here, girl, I'm right here
- [KIRA] Stop playing around
- [DESIGNERS] I'm right here, girl
- I'm right here, girl, I'm right here
- [KIRA] Where are you now?
No one else has made me feel like this
Me and you could be the perfect fit
Boy, can you hear me?
Are you listenin'
Right now, it's time to stop scribblin'
- What kind of world are you livin' in
- [KIRA] I'm callin'
- Callin' you
- Take your chance
So, what, you got a cool design?
Well, my girl right here
She's one of a kind
Come on, come on, don't make a mistake
Show my girl that you got what it takes
Show up, boy
Don't be so hard to find
Stand up, yeah
Put yourself on the line
No one else has made me feel like this
No, no
Me and you could be the perfect fit
- Where are you now?
- I'm right here, girl
I'm right here, girl
I'm right here
Stop playing around
I'm right here, girl
I'm right here, girl
- I'm right here
- Where are you now?
No one else has made me feel like this
Me and you could be the perfect fit
Where are you now?
[DESIGNERS] I'm right here, girl
I'm right here, girl, I'm right here
Me and you could be the perfect fit
I'm sorry. Okay.
Excuse me.
Where are you now?
No one else has made me feel like this
Where are you?
[SAMI] El, why didn't you show up today?
You should have been there.
I don't know. Okay? I don't know, Sami.
You have seen this, right?
A hundred million other people have.
She put herself out there for you.
So you gotta answer her.
Dude, she digs your work.
And from how hard she's trying to find
you, I think that's not all she's into.
Sami, this...
This is so important to Kira.
Okay, and... I... I don't wanna hurt her.
Oh, right,
because publicly ghosting someone
is a great way not
to hurt their feelings, right?
Sami, you weren't there.
Okay, if you could have seen
the look of relief on her face
when she thought
I was this big shot designer.
- She... She doesn't want this El.
- Hey!
- She doesn't. She doesn't.
- Nah-uh-uh.
You sit down.
You don't talk about
my best friend like that.
Listen, why do you think Kira didn't tell
you she was Kira King on that first day?
It's because she doesn't
care about that stuff, dude.
And all those things people
said about you at the gala,
I didn't correct them,
because to me they are true.
They will be true.
But in order for the world to believe
that, you've gotta believe it first.
Do you?
Are you sure this will work?
Um, if I'm your hype woman, let me hype.
- You like?
- Yeah. I do.
All right, your match is right here
and ready to meet.
Lightning bolt emoji.
- Send it. Send it. Send it.
- Mm-hmm. Done.
[SAMI] Ha ha!
- Kira!
- [SAMI SQUEALS] I'm so proud of you, El.
- This is huge.
- Whoo!
I'm right here, girl!
- Dude. Dude, dude, dude, dude.
- What? What? What? What? What?
- Oh, she DMed me.
- And?
- Here. It's calling. Go. You're fine.
- What?
Uh, hi. Hell... Hello.
- Where have you been?
- [EL] I was...
I... I...
I was being an idiot. I was afraid and...
I'm sorry. I'm sorry,
but I'm... I'm done with that now.
Are you sure?
- Listen, El, my dad's in.
- What? He is?
[KIRA] Yeah, he wants to set up a meeting.
And if you run again, I...
Look... Look, I won't let you down.
- You promise?
- I promise.
Just checking.
- [CHUCKLES] Okay, okay.
- All right. Bye. Bye.
[EL] Whoo!
He loves her! He loves her!
- What's up, Zell? How you doing, bro?
- What's up, buddy? How's it going?
- [SAMI] El and Kira King. He loves her.
- Hmm?
- [EL] I'm in love!
- [SAMI] You're in love!
[STACY] Kira King? What's he up to?
[SAMI] Dude,
you're designing sneakers for King!
- Zelly, come here now.
- Yep.
- Yo, what's up?
- What?
- What? Look at this guy.
- Who?
- He really think that he can play us.
- What are we talking about?
- El's going down.
Now I'm mad, got an attitude
He's running round here
Like we don't have a clue
What did he do?
We should take this kid
Back to school
Teach him a lesson
Let him know we make the rules
Oh, yeah, it seems a little dirty
But I would do anything
To get us back to Jersey
Oh, I know, he should do our laundry
Make him clean our rooms
Think bigger, we gotta find the proof
And I don't see no other options
- 'Cause it's me or it's you
- We gotta find a way to stop him
What we gotta do
We gotta search high and low
Gotta find what we're looking for
So let's go
El think we in the dark
Nah, nah, nah
El's thinking that he's smart
Oh, nah, nah, nah
We gonna tear this place apart
Right now, now, now
We gonna shut it down
- Shut it down, down
I'm right here, girl. I'm right here.
I'm right here, girl! Ooh!
[BOYS] El think we in the dark
Nah, nah, nah
El's thinking that he's smart
Oh, nah, nah, nah
[EL] I'm right here, girl
I'm right here
[BOYS] We gonna shut it down
Shut it down, down
Oh, this is what he's hiding
That's a cool shoe
Where's the other one?
Get a clue
Don't you get it? This is the proof
But it's just a shoe
Yeah, like the one
In the news [GROANS]
Look, I need you
To cause a distraction
And I can do the rest
I can catch him in action
Oh, yeah!
I can do my judo moves
- While he's watching
Too much
Just go knock over some boxes
- Wow, look at this mess.
- Uh, so messy.
Ultra messy.
El think we in the dark
Nah, nah, nah
El's thinking that he's smart
Oh, nah, nah, nah
We gonna tear this place apart
Right now, now, now
We gonna shut it down
Shut it down, down
Perfect. I think I got the pic.
El needs to know who he's messing with.
[NORMAL] Oh, yeah
I did it
- You mean I did it
- Me and you did it
- You just stood there
- Oh, it's like that?
He fell for the bait
And that was a big mistake
Yeah, we got him now
El think we in the dark
Nah, nah, nah
El's thinking that he's smart
Oh, nah, nah, nah
We gonna tear this place apart
[GROWLING] Right now, now, now
[NORMAL] We gonna shut it down
Shut it down, down
- Okay, you ready?
- For what?
We gotta tell Mr. King
Let's rehearse it
Yo, get out the way, let us through
Mr. King, here's the truth
You know your boy, El?
He been lying to you
I know he claiming he's been
Underground designing shoes
But he really just be
In the stock room with a broom
He's just a kid from Queens
He's a fraud, he's a sellout
That work the front desk
Doing check-ins and check-outs
Wanna believe he can be like the King
But, nah, in real life
He just a boy with a dream
Shh, quiet. Don't wake him up.
El think we in the dark
Nah, nah, nah
El's thinking that he's smart
Oh, nah, nah, nah
[NORMAL] We gonna tear this place apart
Right now, now, now
We gonna shut it down
Shut it down, down
El think we in the dark
Nah, nah, nah
El's thinking that he's smart
Oh, nah, nah, nah
We gonna tear this place apart
Right now, now, now
We gonna shut it down
Shut it down, down
[GROWLING] Nah, nah, nah
- It's the big day. Did you oversleep?
- I know I set my alarm.
Okay, we gotta roll, El.
You're gonna be late.
I know. I just couldn't decide
between a tie or not, you know?
I just want to seem professional.
Well, you know what's professional?
Being on time.
- [CHUCKLES] Funny.
- Mm-hmm.
This is so beautiful.
Is this what you're gonna show
King today? The Sneakercon design?
Yeah. [SIGHS] Inspired by Kira.
Where's the sneaker?
- What?
- Sami, where's the sneaker?
Where's my sneaker?
- Come on. We gotta go.
- I need the shoe.
- No, you don't.
- I can't go without the shoe.
- Yes, you can. You've seen this, right?
- Sami.
- Yeah.
- Listen to me.
Kira knows you.
She already knows you made that shoe.
Now it's about your new designs.
I'm telling you.
You bring this,
and you'll win everybody over.
That is if we actually get on the subway.
- So let's go.
- It's pretty good.
It's not "pretty good." It's amazing.
Come on.
I'm enough.
[SAMI] Mmm.
- Bye.
- Kill it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
- It was really lovely meeting you both.
- Thank you for your time.
- Thank you very much for our time.
[STACY] Good luck in your meeting.
Don't we want the meeting to go bad?
- [STACY] What?
- Sucker.
Hey. Hey, Kira.
You wanted a meeting with my dad, right?
Go ahead.
Your brothers had a lot
to say about you, El.
Mr. King, those are my stepbrothers,
and y-you can't trust anything they say.
Trust? You wanna talk about trust?
Look, I can explain. Kira, please.
Sit down.
Did you or did you not tell
my daughter you were a designer?
A big-shot, underground designer
with fans all over the world?
Yes. I-I designed those.
Um, I am a designer.
But you lied.
So you're a hustler. You're a scam artist.
This whole stunt was about you
creating a name for yourself.
Use our brand, use our followers
to make some cash.
- No, it's not like that. I'm not...
- It's not?
So is your father not in the middle
of trying to off-load
his failing shoe store
that's drowning in debt?
Trey's my stepfather.
Okay, it's my mom's shop.
Did you even design these,
or was this part of the hustle?
No, no. Um, yes. Yes.
That shoe right there, that's all me.
That's... That's everything.
And we're supposed to believe you?
Sneakercon is in a couple of weeks!
You've put us in a bind.
And my daughter vouched for you.
She put herself on the line
for the first time publicly, all for lies.
I think we're done here.
Don't ever come around my daughter again.
Kira. Kira, please.
Look. Look, I'm so sorry.
- How could you lie to me?
- I didn't mean to lie.
You knew what this meant to me.
You wanted me to be all those things
that everyone said I was. I...
So this is my fault?
- No, of course not.
- Unbelievable.
I'm... No, I'm just saying
my designs, they weren't enough for you.
I thought if I told you I was a stock boy,
you... you wouldn't look at me the same.
Hey, don't cry. Come on. I...
I'm that same dude from that first day.
- Oh, no. No.
- I am. Kira, come on.
Now you're just someone
I never want to see again.
Goodbye, El.
- I'm sorry.
- Security.
Kira, I'm sorry.
- Kira, please. Come on. Hey.
- That's enough. You need to leave.
Kira! Kira!
- I'm escorting you out.
- I'm good. I'm good.
- Hey, how'd it go? We in business?
- It's over.
Mrs. Singh. Come on. You know
I do this every Wednesday night.
I'm going to have to get used
to doing it myself.
- Honey, it's okay. It'll be my cardio.
I really can't believe you're leaving.
It all happened so quickly.
Come here. Stay in touch.
I'm really gonna miss you.
[GUSTAVO] What would become of his dreams?
Would he never see his passion and
talent fulfilled because of one mistake?
Or would the neighborhood he loved
and whose spirit he represented
come together to give him one more chance?
Well, that would be
its own kind of magic, wouldn't it?
[DENISE] Kira. Kira.
- Hey, today's the big day.
- [KIRA] Yeah.
- [DENISE] It's game day.
- For Liv.
[SCOFFS] No, for all of us.
You're a big part of this company too,
Kira, and this family.
- We're all Kings.
- I don't feel like one.
Well, you gotta straighten your crown.
You know, I've been really proud of you
these past few weeks.
Mom, I screwed up big time.
- It was all a lie.
- All?
Everything El said about his experience.
He got in over his head.
Then again, so did you.
How is it my fault that he lied?
I don't understand.
Oh, I suppose it's impossible
that you wanted this so badly,
you might have led him into saying
what you needed to hear?
- Maybe.
- [DENISE] Maybe.
Come here. Listen to me.
It is not easy as a young woman
to stand up and have your voice heard
above everybody else's,
and especially your father's.
- Yeah.
- Okay?
- [KIRA] Yeah.
- Got a big mouth.
But you did.
And I'm very proud of you for that
because that means that you're starting
to find your own voice and trust yourself.
- That means you're growing up.
- Yeah.
And you know what? Okay,
so you messed up. We all do.
The most important thing is that you
figure out what it is that
you can do differently next time.
- Yeah, I guess you're right, Mom.
- Oh, of course I am.
Baby, you know how many of these talks
I've given over the years to Liv?
- Wait, really?
- Uh-huh. And to your dad.
- Mm-hmm, absolutely.
- What?
Baby, he did not become the King
on his own, my love, okay?
- My baby.
- What's so funny?
- Oh, baby. Aw.
- What?
- You look great.
- Stop. Okay.
Get up. We gotta go.
- I love you.
- All right. Get up.
All right.
- Let me get that hair, baby.
- [LIV] Were y'all talking about me?
- No.
- No, no, no.
Breakfast now.
[GUSTAVO] Life is what you ma...
- Life is what you ma...
- No.
No, no, no.
- Life is what you make it
- [SIGHS] What?
Life is what you make it
Life is what you make it
Life is what you make...
Li... Li... Li...
- [DISTORTED] Life is what you make it
- I gotta go.
[ZELLY] I feel like my arms
have gotten a little bigger.
- [STACY] Yeah, they've grown.
- [ZELLY] I know.
Okay. Yeah. Are we almost done?
- Only three more boxes for you...
- [ZELLY] Three more boxes?
- [STACY] ...and half a box for me.
- Shoot.
Going back
- [SAMI] Wow.
- [STACY] We're going back to Jersey
- [STACY] Out of here
- [ZELLY] That's what I'm saying, bro.
Dude, have you ever seen
two people work so hard to get to Jersey,
- or, in their case, work at all?
- [EL] Sami, listen. I...
I need you to stall them.
- I gotta get to Sneakercon.
- You're going?
- Yes.
- [SQUEALS] Dude! Yes!
Look, I gotta find Kira
and make things right.
- I got kicks to deliver.
- I'm so proud of you, man.
- Do what you do best. Make a scene.
- Say no more. Dude, I got you.
- [ZELLY] Here I go!
- [STACY] Second round.
- Yo.
- [ZELLY] You good?
- Yep.
- [STACY] Oh, my God.
Hey, guys.
Do you need help with something?
Help? Uh, yeah. I can bench,
like, two of you, so...
[STACY] You can!
- No.
- [STACY] Yeah, okay. Yeah...
- Sami, we're kind of in a rush here.
- Uh, oh, wow,
- this is really, really cool.
- Don't touch that. Hey. No.
- Ooh...
- Take that off. No.
This was blessed by my sensei,
you understand? That was blessed.
- You can't put it on.
- It's awesome. Wow!
Take it off right now.
- Hey! No fingerprints.
- Shiny!
- [STACY] Come on.
- [SAMI] I don't know what's going on!
- We are leaving here.
- I'm excited!
- [ZELLY] Come on! Stop.
- Give it back!
- Okay! Stop! Can you stop?
- Unbelievable. Give it to me!
Okay, okay, okay.
- I'm cool. I'm cool. Okay.
- Huh?
- What is wrong with you?
- Here.
Stand clear of the closing doors, please.
- Didn't wanna help you anyway. Bye, guys.
Hello, Sneakercon and King6 fans.
[FAN] Whoo!
[LIV] Yes!
We've got a lot in store for you today.
First, we are so excited to be giving you
an exclusive sneak peek
at the newest King6 kick,
the Sleek, which I personally developed.
And how cool to be broadcasting directly
to our fans
at Sneakercon Cleveland today.
We have a special treat lined up
that you won't wanna miss,
so be sure to watch live at 10:00 a.m.
And thank you to all of our amazing
supporters who turned up this morning.
We love you.
- Sorry. Didn't see you there. My bad.
- Dude, really?
- Zelly. Zelly!
- Huh?
Yo, what's up?
Can you smell the fresh Jersey air yet?
- El is gone.
- [ZELLY] What?
[STACY] He's gone to some Sneakercon thing
at King6.
What if he can get enough money
to keep the store?
- Should we go there? I'll drive.
- Yeah.
- [LAUGHS] No.
- [ZELLY] It's okay.
[STACY] Come on.
[ZELLY] Don't worry.
All right. Let's go.
Dad! El took off, but we know where he is.
- Bye, Dad.
- [STACY] We'll be back in an hour.
- What are you talking about?
- Dad, move.
- We got a schedule. Where is El?
- What? Whoa, whoa.
- I'll see you real soon, Dad.
Stop joking around. Get out of the truck.
- [ZELLY] We're not joking around.
- [STACY] Dad, it's all good. Just relax.
- Get... Wait!
- Bye!
Where are you going? Get back here!
Get back here!
You murdered my cone!
I cannot afford this.
Sami, okay. What is going on?
Can you just tell me where El is?
I can't deal with him trying to sabotage
anything to do with this deal.
I know he doesn't want to leave. He...
H-He just doesn't get it.
No. You're the one that doesn't get it.
Your stepson is talented,
and he's kind and he's hopeful,
despite all your best efforts.
You know what?
I think it's time for you
to see El for who he truly is.
- Who's ready for some OG King?
We convinced the King
to dust off his famous '90s jam
- from his heyday on the court.
- What?
Let's get '90s, Sneakercon.
- [FAN 1] Throwback.
- [FAN 2] Hilarious.
K to the I
N to the G
Don't you wanna fly
Through the sky like me?
Heavy in the bank
Fast in the lane
Boom shakalaka when the basket bang
Want some, go get some
Don't see no competition
Kira, please.
So biggity back up before I act up
And turn the track up
I'm on the tippity top
They just wishing they could stack up
Oh, so you wanna talk loyalty?
Well, I'm the King
I'm talkin' about royalty
It's the King, look up high...
- Please.
- No. It's okay.
Run the game overtime
- What, El?
- Look, these are for you.
Please take them. I'll leave right after.
They have a little K on them.
- Is that for me?
- They're one of ones.
Just like you.
Look, I know I lied to you.
And I'm sorry, okay?
That's not who I am.
That's not who I was raised to be.
I'm the son of a magical, amazing woman
who taught me that sneakers can be
the window to s-someone's soul.
That... That they can show you
someone's experiences, tell you...
Tell you who someone is
and what they care about.
I'm sorry it took me this long
to say that. But all I care about...
is you.
It's too late.
We already have the kick
we're dropping today.
You think I came here for that?
I came here to say I'm sorry.
I came here for you.
I didn't come here for that shoe.
Oh, no. You, out.
You've done enough damage
around here already.
- You completely embarrassed my family...
- Liv!
- ...and hurt my sister. Okay, just get...
- Oh, my gosh. Liv! Liv, it's okay.
El came here to apologize.
And so should I.
- [EL] What?
- What?
What are you talking about?
I'm really sorry that I pushed you
to say all that stuff.
My dad, he said that experience mattered.
And I don't... I don't know. I just...
I got so wrapped up in that
that I forgot what really matters,
what I want my family to stand for,
what I believe in.
Your talent. Your passion.
El, you're amazing.
And I believe in you.
And that should be enough.
Look at his work, Liv.
It's kind of spectacular, no?
I'm not the one you have to convince.
You clearly put your voice into your work.
Can you bring it to the stage? Hmm?
El, you got this.
For you, Manhattan...
Oh, gosh.
Thank you.
Sneakercon, are you ready for this?
- Excuse me, Mr. King
- You again?
- Yes, sir
- Well?
It's pretty clear
I've made some bad moves
That you don't trust
That's why I had to show up
I know they call you King
But the patches on the kicks
Rep Queens when I roll up
Sami got 'em thinkin'
I'm deceiving 'em
- Deceiving 'em?
- Consequently
Kira's not believing 'em
- Believing 'em?
- I know that you can't trust lies
I'm a stand-up guy
I just want you to believe in me
I change the world with designing
Peep the kicks, ain't no hotter tamales
And no offense
Where we from, Mr. King
You can't rock the suit
If we forgot everybody
My mom's passed
And my stepdad stepped in
Fronting like his problems
Are something that I did
This notepad I kept in my hands
To sketch kicks
Teardrops and dreams
Only things I'm left with
- [FAN] You got him!
- You feel me?
Go, El!
[FAN 1] King,
you gonna let him get at you like that?
- [FAN 2] This ain't the '90s.
- Oh!
- [FAN 3] Throw down, King.
- This is what we doing?
- This is what we doing?
- [FAN 4] Give me some new-school bars.
Look, I understand, young man
My heart goes to your fam, young man
I know you're doing what you can
Young man
But the situation got you in a jam
Young man
So where you come off
Thinking you can run off
Lying about what you did
Throwing everyone off?
Was it not your fault
Or was it just a show-off?
Bad business isn't something
I can just blow off
What kind of father would even bother
To let his daughter
Get caught up with somebody
That can't even be honest, huh?
A true gentleman of honor
Can't stand solid
On a foundation
Made of broken promises
You got 'em!
Yeah, I'll be honest
Queens's the hometown
I had to stay afloat on the streets
It goes down
You got a lot of talent
I can see, don't fold now
I gave you the keys
That you need to know now
And I appreciate your advice
But it's like your life is sunlight
And my life is midnight
Is that right? You're on the wrong path
Get your act right
Said you're doin' it big
Did you believe in that hype?
- At first
- What you mean?
- Though it seemed like a scheme
- 'Cause it was
But it wasn't
Let me tell you what I mean
Honestly, being me
I didn't think I'd make the team
- So you lied
- Yeah
Just so I could meet you, Mr. King
Your shoes make me feel like I got wings
Like I'm soaring through the air
Oh, just like me
Designer of the year, you just might be
Coming straight from the bridge
Just like Queens
[FAN 1] Queens in the building!
Dad, hey. Look at his shoes.
[FAN 2] Hey, King.
This kid's helping you hold it down.
[LIV] I think they're pretty dope.
[STACY] Hey, no, no!
Quiet down. Quiet down. Everyone quiet.
Do you not really know who he is?
Huh? 'Cause if you did,
you wouldn't be cheering.
People, hold your applause
- He's a liar
- He's a fraud
[STACY] Did you really think this guy
Was a designer?
- [ZELLY] Oh, my gosh
- You think he made a masterpiece?
- That's sad to me
- It looks more like a tragedy
Is there not, like, a million
Other sneakers we would rather see?
No need to show him love
He's deceiving, see his bluff
Leaving Queens
There's no way I'll let him
Keep us in this dump
Huh? Zelly, Stacy?
What is going on?
- Wait.
- [CLEARS THROAT] Trey, is it?
- Yeah
- I'm Darius King
- Okay
Now there seems to be a mix-up
In between these teens
Look, I know how parenting can be
But these two, I tell you
They got clearly blurred vision
When they're seeing things
'Cause I'm from Queens
And where you start doesn't mean
You can't achieve dreams
Talent takes you where you wanna be
You get me?
Oh, now I see what's going on.
Wow. El, you made that?
I just don't understand
why you never showed me.
Look, I know I shouldn't have lied
My mother took pride
In being honest all the time
And If I let her down
Then it's nobody's fault but mine
From my heart, I sincerely apologize
She'd be proud to say, "That's my boy"
Kira, Mr. King, your belief in me
Shows me I was never just a stock boy
I just learned something
Never taught to get some air
Don't leave the ground
To be someone that you're not
Be yourself
Feels good to be yourself
Feels good
El, I didn't know
But now I understand
I could've been a better man
Like when your mother was here
I was better then
But I believe late
Is better than never, man
Second chance?
Second chance...
Look, I got you.
'Cause everyone deserves a second chance.
Thank you.
I don't mean to step in and bother
But, El, I'm here
To extend you an offer
Before I do, is there anything else
You would like to say
Before we become partners?
I'm in love with your daughter
You gotta go! Come on!
[SAMI] Yeah, El!
Can't understand somebody
Till you've been in their shoes
And watch them as they blossom
Into somebody new
No, there ain't no limitations
To the things you can do
So keep walking where the roses bloom
Fly like you'll never forget
[FAN] El, hey, man.
You could be the greatest
When there's a light shining bright
Up ahead
- You've still gotta chase it, chase it
- Chase it, chase it
In this life
Yeah, you get what you give
- So give your all and embrace it
- Embrace it, embrace it
Embrace it
'Cause you've got the strength
Inside you
But you've got to make it grow
The past fills the heart that guides you
But you've got to walk that road
And fly like you'll never forget
It's yours if you take it
'Cause life is what you make it
If you dream it
Just believe it
You were born to be
A star in the sky for all to see
Ain't no ceiling
Keep on reaching
You were born to be
Larger-than-life, a legacy
So go and fly like you'll never forget
It's yours if you take it, take it
Take it
You just gotta chase it
'Cause life is what you make it
[GUSTAVO] And so goes the story of the boy
who tried to soar in the King's shoes,
but ultimately found the best way
to take flight
was to stay true to his roots
and maybe give a little lift
to the next dreamer.
Keep on reaching
You were born to be
Larger-than-life, a legacy
If you dream it
Just believe it
You were born to be
A star in the sky for all to see
Ain't no ceiling
Keep on reaching
You were born to be
Larger-than-life, a legacy
[EL] Ain't nothing fresher than my
Ain't nothing fresher than my
Limited release
Had to pull up early
Number 33 on the back of my jersey
I'm an all-star from low to high-tops
The lines for five blocks
Can't wait till they drop my kicks
Kicks, kicks
Ain't nothing fresher
No one stepping on my kicks
Kicks, kicks
They be like
"What are those? Those soles are sick"
Sick, sick, sick
Ain't nothing fresher than my kicks
Mama used to say
"Imagination is the key"
Turn into reality
Go, go get it
Gotta go, go get it
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Destiny calling
Putting it all in
Work up
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Destiny calling
Putting it all in
Work, work, work