Sniper Corpse (2019) Movie Script

This has to stop.
Where are your friends
when you need them?
Oh, hi, Sandy.
So good to hear from you.
Oh, you're doing good?
Your new house is fine?
Your husband's there?
You're expecting, wow.
I'm so happy for you.
However did you find time to call me?
I don't know.
I'm doing just great.
You know, besides Pete dying
on some battlefield somewhere
and then his body going missing.
Everything's rosy.
It's just great.
I'm so glad you bothered to call, to
I've never waited so long
for a single phone call in my life.
Not even when I met Pete and
waited for his first call.
Dead soldier bodies have been
from army morgues for two years now.
My husband was one of them.
I'd been contacted by
someone on the inside.
Someone who'd also found
out what had been going on.
Every night for the past two
weeks, it's been like this
and every night has ended the same way.
No answer.
By about 10, I've had enough
and I open the bottle of gin.
Then, by 11, I've given
up looking at the phone.
After that, I don't remember anything.
- Diane?
- Yes, it's me.
Did you find anything?
- I've come across some
significant information for you.
- You have, what?
- This is highly
classified, very secret.
I found a possible location
for those shipping numbers
you've been chasing.
- Really?
- They've been secretly
shipped from all abouts
to even the countryside.
- Go on.
- Well, I've mentioned
numbers, shipping dates,
eh, hold on.
This connection isn't
safe, let me text you
a sat nav coordinate.
You can drive there tonight.
I'll give you a call
in exactly 40 minutes.
- Okay, uh, will I...
Where are you?
- Exercise to begin in two hours.
- I still remember the first time we
I saw you across the
room at Sandy's party.
And then you saw me.
You always said that
was the moment you knew.
What is it about doubts?
You get something you
want and then, suddenly,
you start to doubt things.
Maybe it was because it's
the middle of the night.
I'm in the middle of
nowhere, I'm following
the advice of someone I've never met
and the forest is pitch black.
I'd been given an opportunity
and I had to strike whilst it was hot.
These things don't come around often
and I'd spent long
enough sitting by myself
drinking and crying myself
to sleep every night.
Okay, I'm here.
So hurry up and ring.
We don't know what awaits
us in the darkness.
The future is in darkness.
Our lives, our fates, our
destinies, all in darkness.
That's why we fear it.
- Are you there?
- Yes, I am.
Wherever here is.
Where am I supposed to be going?
- All right, this is very important.
- What's that?
- To make sure that no one sees you
and you are not being followed.
- Okay.
- Now give me the coordinates.
- What is this place?
- I don't know.
I only have a small leaked document
which mentioned the consignment
order and an address.
- And that's it?
- It matches up and
that's all that matters.
- And how old is the document?
- Unknown.
Two, maybe three years old.
- And the missing bodies are there?
- I don't know.
It's only just confirmed
that they were shipped there.
It's strange because
this place is abandoned.
- Okay, um, give me the address.
- Now, the barracks
has been abandoned
for a couple of years.
They have it listed as derelict.
I'm gonna send you to the one private
which allows access to the site.
Do not let anyone see
you or follow you there.
It is top secret and
private government ground.
- What do you think I'll find there?
- Hopefully what you're looking for.
Did you manage to get the
facial recognition app
I sent you working?
- Yes.
Are you sure it's going to
be able to identify a body?
- It scans facial
shape and bone structure.
It's got a 98% match rate
and a very clever piece of technology.
- Okay, thanks.
I still don't know who you are.
- Maybe that's for the best.
- I don't know, is it?
- It doesn't matter
either way, does it?
- No, I suppose it doesn't.
- Let's just say I'm
someone with a score to settle.
- So, I guess this is where you sign off
and I start then, right?
- I'm afraid so.
I've done everything I can.
And you're on your own from here on.
- Don't worry, I'm used to that.
- I wish you luck, I really do.
- Thank you.
Are you gonna come and save
me if it all goes wrong?
I didn't think so.
- You'll do just fine.
Now, here's the coordinates.
- The woods kept getting darker
and the road kept getting narrower.
Where was this leading?
I knew where it was taking me.
It was taking me to the darkest
and most foulest place imaginable.
I wasn't gonna get off easy.
This whole thing felt like hell.
And hell was where I was headed.
That's where the answers were gonna be.
There had been many a night
when it seemed like all hope was lost
and I'd wanted to give up.
Many dark nights when I'd lie awake
and thoughts would pass through my mind.
Thoughts I'd rather not remember.
Nights that I'd like to forget.
This is why they were so hard to find.
I could tell that someone
didn't want them found.
Okay, let's go.
Consignment Number 1138.
Shipping in numbered crates.
Jesus Christ.
Look, it's you.
It's you.
You are Corporal Michael Reece.
British Specialized Service.
Age 32.
Born Surry, 9th of June 1985.
You are married to Angela
Reece, with a son, Mark.
You were killed in action
on the 5th of March 2014.
Your body went missing a week later.
How did you get here?
- Who am I?
- You are Corporal Michael Reece.
British Specialized Service.
Born Surry, 9th of June 1985.
Specimen Delta,
code 19, do you copy?
Specimen Delta, code 19, do you copy?
- Why am I here?
- I don't know.
I have no idea what they've done to you.
I have to get out of here.
You want the pictures?
He was definitely Corporal Reece.
The facial recognition
had figured that out.
But Corporal Reece was dead.
He'd been shot and killed two years ago.
Confirmed dead.
Now, here he was.
Standing three feet in front
of me, on his own two feet.
The literal walking dead.
- Mirror.
- I don't know.
I don't know why you're
here or what they did.
But I've been searching for you.
I've been searching for
lots of missing soldiers.
Soldiers who had families.
Families like me.
Like my husband.
He was a soldier, same as you.
Why are there other dead soldiers
Why are you shooting them?
- Orders.
- Orders?
- Training.
Live targets.
- They're soldiers too, just like you!
What is this place?
Do you remember this place?
- Tests done here.
- They did tests on you in here?
What kind of tests?
- Tests.
I don't know what.
Just remember.
- What else do you remember, Corporal?
What else?
He could remember what they'd done to
But was he alive or dead?
I didn't really know.
I don't think he knew.
But he'd suddenly remembered.
Like his memory had come
back from a far away place.
Maybe seeing his photo or his
family had been the trigger.
Whatever had triggered his memory
had also triggered other things.
He was full of them.
"Who am I?
"Why am I here?
"Why do I feel?"
Sadness, pain, maybe even love.
He suddenly felt.
He felt what it was to be alive.
Whatever that was.
Don't shoot.
- Who are you?
- Specimen Delta?
Number four?
Oh, I found you.
- What's going on here?
- Step away, girl.
Come over here.
- Why?
- Because he's a killing machine.
Highly lethal.
So why hasn't he killed you then?
- He's a missing dead
soldier, British Army.
- That's right.
Almost unstoppable.
Pure instinct.
- And the others outside?
- Oh, they're cannon fodder.
They're the ones that didn't
make the cut, so to speak.
- Well, I've been looking for them.
They went missing.
My husband too.
He's one of the dead soldiers
who disappeared two years ago.
- Number Four?
- His name is Michael Reece.
- Michael Reece?
- Corporal Michael Reece.
- Okay, I can see that there's
something very, very wrong here.
Who are you and how did you get in here?
- What have you done to him?
Why is he like this?
- Listen to me, girl.
Okay, you don't have the
slightest fucking clue
about what's going on around here.
He is lethal,
deadly, and we are in serious
breach of security protocol.
- He's not gonna hurt us.
- You have no idea.
- He remembers who he was, he knows.
- No.
You are not aware, are you?
Delta Four?
- He knows he is Michael Reece.
He remembers himself and his family.
- He shouldn't remember anything.
- Why's that?
- Because he's just reanimated flesh.
He can have no memory before that point.
This Corporal Reece of yours is dead.
Gone to heaven.
- Well, he does, he's alive.
- Impossible.
I reanimated him myself.
I suggest you come with me and we get
back into tonight's program.
- I want to know where the others are.
- This is top secret military
and government business.
If you're lucky, you'll get five years
just for breaking in here tonight.
- I don't care what you think!
I want to find out what
happened to my husband's body
and the rest of the missing soldiers.
- Sorry.
We don't keep track of names or
He's just a dead body, medical research.
- Fuck you.
- Specimen Delta.
You are ordered to stand down.
Code 94, repeat, code 94.
- What are you doing?
- Specimen Delta, stand down, code 94.
- Get off!
- Keep still.
- Corporal, your name is
Michael Reece, remember.
- Shut up.
- Corporal, you do not
have to follow his orders.
You are not Delta Four, you
are Michael Reece, remember.
- Shut up!
You think he'll listen to you, eh?
He only knows commands.
Delta Four, put the weapon down.
Repeat, drop the weapon, code 94!
- Corporal Michael Reece,
remember the photo.
Your wife, your family.
- Do you think anyone
will ever find you here?
Do you?
- Corporal, remember
your family, your son!
Remember the picture!
- Shut your mouth!
One more word out of you and I'll...
- Reece, please!
- Shut it!
Reece, help me.
Where are the other bodies?
Where are they?
Where are they?!
- It's too late.
It's too late, just, just let it be.
- Tell me now.
- It's too top secret, I can't...
- Tell me!
- Okay.
Okay, they're in, they're
in a fenced off paddock.
It's on the other side of the woods.
- Don't lie to me!
- I'm not, it's the truth, it's the
Just, just, just don't kill me.
- I won't.
I'm not gonna kill you.
- Don't kill me.
- Listen.
I'm not going to.
- No more Delta.
- Specimen Delta, code 19, do you read
Specimen Delta, this is a recall.
Specimen Delta, code 19, do you copy?
No answer.
Fire Dragon Two, this is team leader.
I think we have a code red.
Specimen missing, do you copy?
Not tonight.
- What are you doing?
- End.
- I can't do that, I...
- End.
- I can't.
I can't.
I'm just here to find my husband
and the other missing soldiers.
You can help me.
You can help the others like you.
And we can put a stop
to whoever's doing this.
- Photo, family.
Let my family bury me properly.
- I'll make sure they do.
It's long overdue.
What do you remember from before?
They just used you, right,
and didn't tell you anything?
So you didn't even know?
I don't know what you feel,
but I know you feel something.
- I
feel pain.
- I know.
So do I.
Can you take me to the fenced off
We need to find the others now.
- Code Seven, come in.
- Code Seven, proceed.
- We are ready to
receive your test results.
Are you ready to transfer?
- Negative.
We have a specimen
unaccounted for at this time.
Training session is incomplete.
- Roger, Code Seven.
What's the problem?
- Unknown at this time.
Just a missing specimen
and missing crew member.
- Is there a control problem?
We've been noticing slight
behavior pattern problems
with the latest reanimated specimens.
- What problems?
- Ticks, sir.
- Ticks?
What ticks?
- Just recently, there
have been changes in behavior
which we've been unable to figure out.
- What have they been doing?
- Well, there's been slight signs
of memories from them.
- What kind of memories?
- Just flashes it seems.
And they've been questioning it.
- No way.
Their brains can't hold memories
from before reanimation.
- Well, somehow, they have been.
It sounds impossible, I know.
But they might have a
spark of life in them.
This reanimated state,
did set for the jumpstart.
Now they've evolved.
- Well, for whatever reason,
we've noticed these ticks,
these flashes of life
for a lack of a better word,
it seems that by bringing
the body back to life,
you also bring their thoughts back.
- Bullshit.
They've been
long gone to heaven.
- Did you know one of
them spoke the other day?
- What did it say?
- It said, "Take me back."
- It said that?
What did it mean by that?
- We don't know.
It seemed a significant
theme for.
Do you have any special
instructions for us?
- Look into it.
- Will do.
Do you think there's
any connection with this
and your specimen tonight?
- No, no, it's just a glitch.
- Okay, commander.
We'll keep an eye on these ticks.
Send over a report for you.
- Yes, right away.
I need to see what these
bastards are doing.
If need be, we'll make adjustments
to the reanimation process and, Doctor,
these specimens will
continue with their duties
regardless of any ticks or glitches.
I believe that dead is dead
and these soldiers are definitely that.
- Copy you, Code Seven.
- Dead.
- Something is wrong.
- What?
What's wrong?
- Mobile One,
we've lost visual target, over.
- Alpha Chain, we
have you on infrared.
No sign of target, over.
- No visual
on target, Mobile One.
Can you check satellite?
- Negative.
Repeat, negative.
Alpha Chain, I have a visual target
coming up on your right, over.
- Where, Mobile One?
- Alpha, target is moving slowly,
20 feet to your right.
- Roger that, Mobile One.
Going in.
Is the target still in the same place?
- To your right, getting closer.
Getting closer.
Getting closer.
Getting closer.
And bingo!
- Where is he, Mobile One?
- Target's in front.
Repeat, in front.
- Shit, hold it, it's a walker.
- Shot through the head.
Execution style.
Looks like Specimen Delta wasn't
too happy with the doctor.
- Copy you, Code Seven.
What should we do?
Should we start shutting down?
- No.
Negative, Code Nine.
We can't afford to do that tonight.
We will continue with things
and keep a lid on it as much as we can.
We need to find the intruder.
This girl, stop her.
Then we can try and figure out
what the fuck she's done to Delta.
But we do not stop the session.
How many men you got there?
- Six, sir, but we can call more in.
- How long will it take?
- Three hours, sir.
- Shit!
We can't wait that long.
Well, send whoever you can
spare into paddocks one and two.
And I'll check number three.
- Yes, sir.
- I'll stay with Specimen Omega.
You keep a close guard
of all the equipment
and don't let anyone see a thing.
Get somebody to come and
get Craybrick's body.
Keep your eyes open.
- Yes, sir.
- Fucking security breach!
Out here in the middle of nowhere.
No one even knew we were here.
- We've been trying
to track this one down.
- It's come from inside.
- You think that?
- Five years ago, I was working on
an operation that got exposed.
With the dead bodies for decoys project.
Simple stuff compared to this but
the research led right to this.
Of course, they shut
it down and buried it.
We lost two years' work and
an eight million pound budget.
- I remember it, sir.
- One person said something
to the wrong person
and it got out.
I could've killed that guy.
He crossed me and got away with it.
He wanted to settle the score.
Cost me my promotion, my new
house, pension, the whole lot.
- It was Agent Dunlan, sir.
- If this girl is alone,
one person.
I won't hesitate to kill this girl
to protect this operation.
Not for one second.
- Army.
- Let's get a move on.
- Code Seven, come in,
what's going on down there?
- As you are aware, we are experiencing
a slight problem tonight with a specimen
and an intruder into
our field of operation.
We are confident we shall be shutting
this problem before the morning.
- You've got a 10 million pound
biological weapon on the
loose and a civilian intruder
who may have let this story out.
This thing can go ballistic.
- Yeah, we are trying...
- Do you realize
what would happen if
anyone finds out about this
and the moral implications?
- Sir, I need to...
- You've got one hour
before we do a shutdown and a cleanup
- What?
- One hour.
You've got a civilian on the loose,
God knows what they've sent or reported.
If this thing ever gets
out, we're all fucked.
Don't you realized that?
The defense secretary's
kicking my ass over this.
- You are not shutting me down.
Do you know how many secret missions
we've pulled off with these troops?
- All we care about is
the security of this program.
The military will be held accountable
for all this should there be a breach.
If there is a breach there tonight,
we would then tactically strike the
destroy all the evidence,
and deny everything.
That's the rules, now fix it.
- Shit!
Code 13.
If anybody finds this girl,
you bring her straight to me.
That's a direct order.
There's no way they're
shutting me down, no way.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
- Code Nine, we
request a full debriefing
on operation Sniper Corpse.
The program has no official
record, no history, no files.
It's a big, black project
and we are unsure what its status is.
- We can confirm
its status is ongoing.
The program has met with moderate
- We've been relayed of reports
of operations completed
through all parts of the world
in relation to this.
- Yes, sir.
- And we have no reason
for concern over this program?
- The program has not
been without its glitches, sir.
The reanimated specimens
have shown worrying signs.
- What have they done?
- The specimens have
shown signs of memory.
Of feelings, of forgotten emotions.
- What causes this?
- It seems to be
triggered by something.
Some memory or reminder, something.
- What's the trigger?
- We don't know, sir.
It seems to be something uniquely
to each of the specimens.
- I was told
these were dead corpses,
dead to the world.
They were merely being charged up
with a lighter fluid
mixed with electricity.
That they were merely
dead puppets of sorts.
- Yes, sir, they are.
It seems that some spark of
consciousness has remained.
If it hasn't remained, it's come back.
- What is this
form of consciousness?
- We don't know, but it some kind of
sign of life after death or a sign
that the soul can be
pulled back from death.
- Is that possible?
- We didn't believe it ourselves.
These dead bodies, they're
not just walking flesh
which we planned for them to be.
They've come back from wherever
they went when they died.
I don't see think this is a very safe
to be dealing with.
Some things are better off dead.
- What is it, Corporal, what is it?
- How did I die?
They're getting closer!
- How did I die?
- You died 5th of March, 2014.
- How?
- You died in battle.
- How?
- You were shot.
That's all the information there is.
- I remember.
- Remember what?
- I remember the pain.
- Okay, but we have to move,
they're getting closer!
- Then I went away.
- What?
- Somewhere.
I went somewhere.
- We have to move!
Come on!
- But then I was pulled back.
- Come on, they're getting closer!
Come on!
- I want to go back to where I was
Before I was pulled back.
- Where were you before?
Where were you before?
I wondered what he meant when
he said he wanted to go back.
Where was it he'd been?
He never said what the place was.
Only that he wanted to go back there.
- 30 minutes.
- Code Nine, come in.
Code Nine.
This is just a precaution, Code Nine,
with regards to the security
leak over at nest five.
If the intruder evades our
capture for another 30 minutes,
we're assuming a leak
with sensitive information
has been disclosed
and we have a shutdown procedure in
- Yes, sir.
- We are awaiting confirmation
from Commander Braddock.
- Is this it?
Is this the paddock?
It's empty!
We have to go back.
- Keep back.
- Who is that?
- Get back.
Remember your promise.
Let my family bury me.
- Oh my God.
It can't be.
It can't!
It can't be.
- Gotcha!
- No!
- Good work, Omega.
Come on!
Let's get a look at you.
I don't know you.
You're not the traitor.
Why are you so upset about a dead body?
He was dead to begin with.
- He wasn't dead, he was alive!
- He was a walking meatloaf.
- He was alive!
He remembered he was a soldier.
- Bullshit!
- He was back.
- He was back all right.
Back in the grave.
Come on!
Stay there.
Code Seven here.
I can confirm that I have the
security breach under control.
- Is that a definite, Code Seven?
- Affirmative.
Fucking damn right it is.
Who are you?
How did you find this place?
Where did you get your information from?
How did you find out about this place?
Does anyone else know about this?!
I need some answers.
There's a rat here.
- Who gave you the right?
- What?
- Who gave you the right to do this?
- You better start giving me some
- Go to hell.
- That's exactly where you're going.
- I've already been there.
- You can say hi to your friend outside.
- Fuck you.
- Oh, so you don't agree
with our project here?
- Not when it involves
stealing dead soldiers' bodies
and lying to their families.
Not to mention bringing them back to
- Not exactly, darling.
Technically, they're still dead.
- They're not dead, they're alive.
- They're dead.
They're just dead flesh, reanimated.
- You're wrong.
Whatever life you've brought back,
you've brought back something else, too.
They're alive, they remember.
Pete, it's me, it's Diane!
- You think you know him?
- He's my husband.
- Your what?
- Pete, it's me, it's
Diane, do you remember?
- So this why you came here.
You're related to one of these bastards.
Well, you're wasting your time.
He follows orders.
Just like all the rest.
He's meat.
Just a dead lump of meat.
- Pete, remember, it's me, it's Diane.
- He doesn't remember.
Nor does he remember anything.
He just follows orders.
- He will.
- He won't remember you nor recognize
He's pure electrified motor function.
- They do remember.
Corporal Reece spoke.
He remembered.
He felt, he was alive.
- Dead is dead.
Give me a name.
Just to make things a little fairer.
Who sent you?
Who was the bastard who
gave you this information?
- Pete, look, it's us,
when we met, remember?
- Who was it who told
you about this place?
I want to know.
- Pete, please, remember who you are.
Pete, please, help me!
- Who sent you?
- Pete, please.
Pete, it's me, it's your wife,
Diane Keeley, do you remember?
Pete, please, remember who you are!
- Forget it, love.
Give me a name.
- Pete, that picture was
taken the night that we met.
You always said it was
our most special moment,
do you remember?
- I'm sorry to disappoint you.
He may be your husband,
but he's nothing but a hunk of dead
If you won't talk, you're
not much use to me.
It's over.
Code 94, Omega, code 94!
Code 94, Omega, stand down, stand down!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
- Oh, God, Pete.
I can't believe it's you.
We have to get you out of here.
No, what are you doing?
No, Pete, we...
No, Pete, we...
It's not easy coming here
knowing they are gone.
After all we went through,
there's at least one thing I do know
and I know this for sure.
They're in a better place now.