Sniper: G.R.I.T. - Global Response & Intelligence Team (2023) Movie Script

The capitol bombing was carried
out with great success.
Fifty-two casualties.
Mostly high-ranking
government officials.
The prime minister
of Costa Verde
has refused
our request to meet.
I have exhausted all options.
What about the girl?
Her real name is Yuki Mifune.
She's working
for the United States...
under a code name, Lady Death.
Do we know where she is?
Not yet.
Find her.
At any cost!
At any cost.
It's a bummer. I was
looking forward to that game.
But duty calls, so I gave
the tickets to my ex-wife.
Sidney mentioned
how excited he was to go.
That's big of you.
What do you mean?
Well, not everyone's
on such good terms
with their ex-wife's
new husband.
No, no. Not that. I mean, what
do you mean, "Sidney mentioned"?
Last time we were on the phone.
He said how pumped he was.
He invited me, actually.
Last time you were
on the phone?
When were you on the phone
with my ex-wife's new husband?
Well, it wasn't just him.
Shelly too. We were Zooming
and she popped in and...
Don't worry.
I said I couldn't go,
if that's what you're thinking.
No. No, that's not
what I'm thinking.
Okay. Good.
What I'm thinking is,
you were Skyping
with my ex's husband.
Zooming. Right. My bad.
Why the hell
were you Zooming?
This time? Uh...
This time?
There've been other times?
I mean, yeah.
Every now and then, when it's
too hard to meet up in person.
Just you, Shelly, and Sidney.
That's lovely.
It is. Really is.
Oh, no,
by all means, continue.
I've got good news.
Lady Death is alive.
I didn't know
we thought she was dead, sir.
Is she okay?
For the past six months,
while you two were in Colombia,
I sent her on a mission
to terminate Ivan Bubalo.
The cult leader?
Oh, no, no.
He's much more
than a cult leader.
They call him
Bubalo the Conqueror.
His regime is quickly gaining
the political
and territorial foothold
to cause serious unrest
in the region.
Where he was once at war
with the legitimate government
of Malta,
he and his cronies
have now managed
to put an entirely new
administration in place,
one with which
he works hand-in-hand.
His cult, or terrorist cell,
call themselves
the State of Aragon.
And unlike al Qaeda
and Hezbollah,
their allegiance
is not to God or Allah.
It is to Bubalo.
This is good for us.
I feel if we can
cut off the head,
we can kill the snake,
and the State of Aragon
will come to a swift end.
The head will need to be
not only Bubalo's
but its top-ranking officials.
Five in total.
And you sent LD to do
just that, I take it?
Six months ago.
After she infiltrated the base,
I lost contact.
I haven't heard from her since.
Until now.
She sent an SOS signal
from a phone that we traced back
to Bubalo's palace.
Gentlemen, your mission
is to extract Lady D...
and finish what she started.
Find LD and cut off
the head of the snake. Copy.
All six snakes.
The CIA can't
officially be involved.
That's where we come in.
Let's get to work.
And now.
There you go, buddy.
Sweet dreams.
Hello, Ana.
Ana Costa. The State of Aragon's
minister of propaganda.
She keeps
the followers in check,
with fear and intimidation,
so Bubalo can keep the
appearance of benevolent savior.
Sounds great.
Consider her dead, sir.
Moving on,
don't we have some sort of
"No shirt, no shoes" policy?
Oh, Ana, you couldn't
just make this easy for me.
Come on, buddy.
Why don't you go take a walk?
B, I'm in the upstairs
Seems like you'd have
a perfect shot up here.
Good to know. Thanks.
I'm gonna take
these curtains down
so you have this shot all day.
Good thinking.
How are you gonna--?
Whoops. Someone needs
to make a Target run.
Hope they have green.
I've got eyes on Mario 1.
Mario Fava,
Bubalo's head of security.
Perhaps the most ruthless
of the entire bunch.
He delights in turning
the faithful followers
into mindless war machines
and uses routine death matches
to separate
the weak from the strong.
Miss Costa?
You hear that? I'm sending
Mario 1 up to the terrace.
Yeah, I heard that.
You speak Maltese?
No. No, just that one phrase.
Gotta be prepared, B.
Do your research.
Katrina Costa.
Sister of Ana Costa and
Bubalo's personal accountant.
The person in charge of
Bubalo's astronomical wealth.
She's forced much of
the Maltese working poor
into abject poverty.
At which point,
to the State of Aragon
is their only way out.
Excuse me.
Katrina Costa is en route
to join Mario 1
on the terrace.
Should be a BOGO for you.
How you doing?
Still waiting on the sister.
She's a sitting duck,
but she's got a bodyguard
that ain't budging.
Good luck with that.
I'm gonna keep hunting
for Lady Death.
Oh, shit.
Mario Muscat, aka Mario 2,
on account of there being
another high-ranking Mario.
Bubalo's attorney.
His back-channel influence
and bullish political sway
have made Bubalo untouchable.
Aw, man. Just like Elvis.
So long, asshole.
Zero, I need cleanup
on Aisle 5.
I don't know
what the hell that means.
I just shot Mario 2
on the toilet.
The window thing worked?
Someone will need
to use the bathroom.
We're gonna be blown.
Yeah. Don't worry.
It's right around the corner.
I'll take care-- Oh, shit.
You couldn't have shot the
110-pound woman on the toilet?
There you go, bucko.
Mario 1.
From what I hear, Katrina Costa
wants to see you on the terrace.
So where the hell is she?
Ah. There you are.
So who's first?
It's private--
How about both?
Zoran Zoric.
Bubalo's doctor.
In addition to--
Oh, the hell with it.
Read your dossier.
He's bad. Take him out. Go!
Who are you?
The piper.
And your balance
is long overdue.
He saved my life.
He's a friend.
We gotta get you
out of here.
He's coming with us.
Okay, doc.
Lead the way.
I have LD and the doctor.
It's a long story.
Your radio's on.
I heard everything.
Even that part about
his balance being overdue.
Okay. Shut up.
Three down, two to go.
Let's finish and get out.
Working on it.
Oh, what's that?
Better go investigate.
Dr. Zoric.
He wasn't
on the hit list,
but he didn't seem
like a very good guy.
B, we've been made!
You need to take care
of Bubalo now.
I have him.
But he's completely surrounded.
Do you have an exit strategy?
Working on it. Take him out.
Is Yuki safe?
Yeah, she's fine.
Get Bubalo. Let's go.
May God bless
the State of Aragon!
Today and forever.
We're out of here, B.
We'll meet you
at the rendezvous point.
I'd say that went pretty well,
all things considered.
Dr. Zoric, we owe you
a debt of gratitude. Thank you.
Is that Beckett?
Evening, sir.
on a very successful mission.
I'm just happy
to see Yuki alive.
Yeah, aren't we all?
A chopper will be there bright
and early to lift you out.
For now, batten down
the hatches. Get some rest.
Dr. Zoric, this is Brandon.
Brandon, you're familiar.
I am.
I owe this man my life.
It took three months
for them to trust me
and truly accept me.
But once they did,
I quickly became a favorite.
Bubalo would personally
request her presence.
He always took
a special liking
to those that
made him feel as though
his influence stretched
across the globe.
I was with him regularly,
playing along, waiting for
the moment when I could strike.
But Bubalo is never alone.
Well, almost never.
I finally got my chance,
Ana Costa.
The only person we all feared
more than Bubalo himself.
I was shot
four times in the back
and barely managed
to escape.
By sheer luck,
I found her, unconscious.
Had I been
even one minute later,
she would have
certainly died.
If not from her wounds,
then from a patrolling guard.
He risked his own life
to save mine.
We're very grateful.
Thank you.
We've all had a long day.
Let's get
some shut-eye.
Be ready for the chopper
in the morning.
I call floor!
Jeep's gone.
No. Please, please, please.
It's password-protected,
Okay. Not bad.
Go for Reggie.
Hey, Reggie. Zeke Rosenberg.
Listen, I need you
to ping a laptop for me.
Look, I'm afraid without consent
from the laptop's owner,
I'm not at liberty to...
what have you.
What the hell are you
talking about? Patriot Act.
Of course. But I would still
need a proper warrant.
I assume it's sensitive.
I won't pry. Can you obtain
the documentation for me?
Just do it, and I promise
I won't even mention your name.
I don't even know you.
What's your name?
No, I know. I just--
I mean, like, who are you?
What's the meaning
of this call? Heh-heh.
You called me.
You wanted me to ping a laptop.
Reggie. Can you help me or not?
No. Apologies.
Intelligence Pete.
I need a favor, buddy.
What do you need?
Wait, are you moving?
No. Listen,
it's probably impossible.
G.R.I.T.'s techie
couldn't do it,
so I figured
I'd just call just in case.
Oh, G.R.I.T.'s techie
couldn't do it?
Come on, Zero. What is it?
If I give you an address,
could you ping a laptop
within, say, the nearest--?
I got three laptops
and a dozen or so cell phones
in your immediate vicinity.
You want me to go out further?
I didn't give you an address.
You're talking to me
on a GPS device.
Okay, hotshot.
The three laptops.
There's one in a caf
across from me.
There's two.
Okay. What's on the first one?
The Bed Bath & Beyond website.
Looks like they're in
the market for an air fryer.
Oh, and towels.
Air fryer's in the cart.
But the towels--
Yeah, that's good. Good.
Great. And the second one?
Okay. You know, I don't really
feel comfortable with this,
IP. Come on. I need you
to tell me, buddy.
Listen. It isn't always easy
saving the world. Okay?
Yeah, it's just, I don't think
you're gonna want to hear this.
Okay, if you insist.
She is holding a banana, Zero,
and not with her hands,
and he is peeling it.
Okay, okay. Okay. No, no, no.
Okay, so we have Bed Bath &
Beyond and banana. That's it?
No, you know what?
There's three.
Okay, this one's interesting,
He's on the dark web.
Guy does not appear
to be an amateur.
What is he doing?
Give me everything.
Can you mirror it
to my phone?
Maybe. Give me a minute.
Okay, he's chatting
with someone
calling themselves
Prince Caspian.
They're coordinating
an exchange...
Prince Caspian is paying
5.2 million
for something code-named
the Maltese Falcon.
Like the movie?
Or the book,
but, yes, sure, the movie,
if that helps you.
Oh, hang on. Looks like it's
going down in a couple hours.
I have coordinates.
I can send them to you.
Intelligence Pete, you've done
it again, my friend. Thank you.
Prince Caspian
has exited the vehicle.
He's got a bodyguard
with him.
All right, guys,
I can't see shit.
Give me a heads-up when they're
done. I'll follow Caspian.
Yuki, you copy?
B, you got eyes on Yuki?
I do not.
Goddamn it!
Yes, Zero.
Lady Death's gone rogue.
The Maltese Falcon?
Right here.
The code?
The diamonds?
Two, seven, two, seven.
What's the problem?
I can show you how to use it.
What is this bullshit?
It was working perfectly
the last time I checked.
What's wrong?
Either this thing's broken
or she's in my car.
And according to my driver,
that's not the case, so--
Zero, we have a problem.
Prince Caspian
jumped in his car.
He's headed your way.
Aw, shit!
What happened to my heads-up?
Lady Death happened. I told you
not to park so far away.
B, we've been over this.
He knows what our car
looks like!
I'm heading down.
How do you know him?
What's your business with him?
LD, he's dying.
Answer me!
He's bleeding out.
He won't make it.
Tell me what you
were selling to him!
Back up. Back up.
Who are you? Who are you?
He's dead!
How do you know him?
Yuki. Yuki! He's dead.
Tell me!
What happened?
Tell me!
That man was Soshi Mifune.
My father.
My birth parents died
when I was 5 years old,
and he adopted me.
He loved me and cared for me
until my 10th birthday.
On that day,
everything changed.
He blindfolded me
and told me he had a surprise.
I thought
I was getting a pony.
I don't know where he took me,
but he kept me locked inside
for six weeks,
with only enough rice and water
to keep me alive.
He broke me and rebuilt me
into an assassin.
When I was 15,
I was ready
for my first assignment.
A cook who had stolen money
from my father.
By 21, I was
his most trusted assassin.
Until my 25th birthday...
when I killed him and escaped.
Sayonara, Papa.
At least, I thought I did.
Before you
start spouting lies,
let me say that we have
security footage
of you doing business
with Dr. Zoric.
You have one chance to tell us
where to find that treacherous,
little bitch, Lady Death,
or you'll be as dead as that man
on the floor behind you.
I appreciate how it looks
from your cameras...
but you've misunderstood my
dealings with your Dr. Zoric.
You see,
we have a common enemy.
I want her
as dead as you do.
I don't know about that.
Well, on this, you'll just
have to take my word.
And thanks
to the good doctor...
I'm in possession
of a tracking device
that will tell us
exactly where to find her.
So I suggest, rather than
get in each other's way,
we pool our resources.
I know the password.
And you have an army.
We want the same thing.
Mr. Mifune.
You have 48 hours.
Our resources
are at your disposal.
Let's start with him.
Ugh. That was the worst meal
I've ever had.
Intel Pete's calling.
Answer it.
Who the hell was that?
Six missed calls
from Intelligence Pete.
Better see what he wants.
It's about time.
Hey. You're on speaker
with Brandon and LD.
Good. Listen, I kept digging
into the Prince Caspian thing.
I figured out
what the Maltese Falcon is.
LD, there's
a tracking device on you.
That asshole auctioned off your
location to the highest bidder.
Prince Caspian won,
whoever that is.
Thanks, IP.
Zoric gave you a phone
to call the colonel, right?
Did he let you keep it?
Did he insist that you keep it?
We spent the night
in the same room with this guy.
We can't be too safe.
We should get rid
of all our phones.
Okay, all right.
Both of you. On three, ready?
One, two, three.
I think Yuki got that one.
It was me.
That was me.
Yeah. Fine.
Listen, we can't stop
with our phones.
He had access to our cars,
clothes, computers.
He could have tagged anything.
You're right.
So we destroy
Probably should have told
the colonel we were going AWOL
before we destroyed
our phones.
About time. Wow.
I'd like the grilled cheese
and tomato soup.
No pickles, please. Oh.
And what kind of orange pop
do you have?
Orange pop? You're in a brewery.
You're not gonna order a beer?
No. And again, no pickles.
It's very important
that no pickle juice
comes into contact
with my crust. Okay?
I've lost contact with my team.
We last spoke
when they were on their way
to intercept something called
the Maltese Falcon
from someone called
Prince Caspian,
on the advice of someone
called Intelligence Pete.
Now I need help finding them,
assuming they're still alive.
Let's get a table.
I actually prefer the bar.
I just like to be higher up--
Okay. A table's fine.
They've gone dark?
Completely off the grid.
That's good. Smart thinking.
What now?
The Maltese Falcon
is a tracking number.
Yuki's been bugged.
Someone wanted to find her.
Very badly.
The coordinates you gave them
led them
to an abandoned fortress,
recently acquired
by Ivan Bubalo.
All of his properties
are equipped with cameras.
But the footage
is on a local network.
I can take us there, if you can
get us past the firewall.
I'm sure I can.
But where are we going?
Right. Yeah. Okay, I'm in.
I'll just need to swing home
to get my keyboard and mouse.
I can probably use
whatever you have.
Intelligence Pete...
call your mom.
Tell her you love her.
Because if I find out
you've set my team up,
you won't be coming home.
Grilled cheese.
No pickle.
It's important
that no pickle juice
come in contact
with his crust.
And an orange pop,
Okay, we should split up.
You get the guns.
You get the clothes.
I'll get the car.
Kind of sexist to assume that
LD wants to get the clothes.
No, no, no.
That's not what I meant.
I just didn't want to tell
anyone else to steal the car.
Hey, someone doesn't speak
Japanese, so...
Car, guns, clothes.
I'd like a slim-fit bootcut.
Uh, waist, 31.
Fuck off!
Do you have this
in a medium?
What's your poison?
Barrett M82.
Kid's toy. I got something
better. How about this?
That's the kid's toy.
Just give me
the Remington there.
Well, your loss.
Okay, Remington it is. Scope?
Schmidt & Bender. Day.
Marine, huh?
Fresh out of those,
but I got this Russian puppy.
I'll take that one.
Nah, that's a hunting scope.
Yeah, well,
I grew up hunting, so...
Okay, whatever. Um...
Anything else you need?
DOPE book, rangefinder?
Take these three Berettas.
Gonna need a couple of knives.
That an Uzi?
What else
you got in here?
One more thing.
Well, you got clothes
in there for me?
Oh, I sure do.
That's all they had
in your size.
So you're telling me
that in all of Malta,
they didn't have
one size-large T-shirt?
Very limited selections here.
Man, you're a real piece of--
I don't speak Japanese!
Let's go!
Now, was that so hard?
Hey, B.
You got me aviators?
Well, I--
I got you an Uzi.
Thanks, man.
Sorry we're not
flying private.
G.R.I.T. is very black ops...
which has its advantages.
Unfortunately, it prohibits me
from using our better toys,
on such short notice.
Nah, it's cool.
I've never flown
anything but commercial.
I mean, usually first class,
coach is fine.
Again, the short notice.
Yeah, no...
Um... Maybe just...
Maybe just take
your assigned window seat.
You know,
give us a little buffer.
I assumed we'd make an offer
to trade whoever has
the middle seat so we can talk.
But if you prefer...
What can I get you?
Scotch on the rocks, please.
Nothing for him.
I'll take a Sunkist
or Fanta,
whatever you have.
Big choice for an airline.
Is this gonna be a problem?
It might be.
My God.
Good, bad?
How have I not
known about this?
It's perfect.
Here. Try it.
No, I'm okay.
You don't understand.
You need to try it.
I don't think it goes well
with Scotch.
It goes well with anything.
Try it.
Okay. Fine.
Have it your way.
Hey, what--? Whoa.
That's not cool.
He's gonna have to report that.
Stranger touched
his belongings.
Our mission is in here.
I need you to get it out.
In the--?
Wait, this guy's with us?
Take the laptop.
Do you have the password?
I see.
All right,
what am I looking for?
Find it and tell me.
All right.
Um... Photos of him
with his family, his dog.
Okay, here's last year's taxes,
bank statements,
his Social Security number.
Is there something specific?
Hey. Hey, that's my laptop,
These are my bank statements.
What the hell are you doing?
Ma'am! Ma'am!
Sorry, what's the problem?
Yeah, this guy stole my laptop
while I was sleeping!
It's all fine.
I'm in the CIA.
Do you have any more
of this Crash?
PETE: Right?!
We've been on this impromptu
stakeout for nine hours.
I think it's safe to say
that we destroyed that bug
when LD blasted her phone.
You're probably right.
Everything we brought to Malta
is in that truck.
If it wasn't the phone,
then the doctor's tracker's
down there.
We just give it one more hour,
see if he takes the bait.
You're not the one
stuck out here on your stomach.
Isn't that what you do?
One more hour.
Oh, shit!
What the hell?
Hang on, B!
We'll shake him!
What is with this guy?
What the fuck?
This doesn't make
any goddamn sense.
We put everything we had
down there.
He saw us, followed us.
We took every precaution,
there is no way he saw us.
But he knew we were up there.
LD, are you sure you got--?
Zero, we got made...
somewhere along the line
while we were setting that trap.
No way. There's no way.
He knew. Somehow.
Oh, shit.
Ah, shit.
Zoric didn't
put it on you.
It's in you.
He stitched it
into your bullet wound.
We don't have a choice, LD.
We gotta cut it out.
Which one?
Okay. There's a 25% chance
we only have to do this once.
Just do it.
You sure you know
what you're doing?
No, I don't know
what the hell I'm doing.
But I'm the one with the most
field training, remember?
But does that really
make you qualified?
You're the one
who said it.
I'm sorry,
I'm really nervous.
You're nervous?
Can I please go?
Little more light.
Light. Light.
I don't know what you want.
You gotta be more specific.
I want more light!
Sorry. Sorry.
I can't really see anything,
so I'm just trying to go
a little deeper.
You're done. Zero, you do it.
Oh, yeah. I don't know, LD.
Do it!
I'm so sorry.
Here we go.
You a fucking butcher?
I'm certainly not a doctor!
Ah, shit.
No. Nothing. Sorry.
So you want me
to go to the other one?
No! Brandon!
Holy shit.
I'm gonna fucking punch you.
Oh, hell, yes!
Okay. Now we just need
to get it out.
Tweezers probably would have
been a good idea.
Yes, Captain Hindsight,
that would have been ideal.
I'm gonna go as quickly
as possible, okay?
Got it! Got it! Done.
Oh, thank God.
Now we just gotta destroy it.
This time, we'll set a trap
that actually works.
You can run on
For a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Great God Almighty's
Gonna cut you down
Go and tell
That long-tongued liar
Go and tell
That midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler
The backbiter
God Almighty's
Gonna cut him down
You can run on
For a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Great God Almighty's
Gonna cut you down
Go and tell
That long-tongued liar
Go and tell
That midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler
The backbiter
God Almighty's
Gonna cut him down
God Almighty's
Gonna cut him down
God Almighty's
Gonna cut you down
Go and tell
That long-tongued liar
Go and tell
That midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler
The backbiter
God Almighty's
Gonna cut 'em on down
God Almighty's
Gonna cut 'em on down
God Almighty's
Gonna cut you down
Okay. Now we destroy
this damn chip.
Like to do
the honors?
Is it done?
No, it isn't.
Hello, Papa.
If I navigated this correctly,
and I know I did,
we're directly
beneath Bubalo's palace.
I'll keep a lookout.
You find the security footage.
We're still not close enough for
me to access the local network.
We're directly beneath it.
Yeah, in a cave.
Not a great place
to get a strong signal.
We're gonna have
to go in on foot.
Still no sign
of a network.
We need to get closer.
How much closer?
We're practically
in the goddamn house.
Still nothing.
Damn it!
I'll have to boost you
over this gate.
I got it.
The footage?
Not so fast.
I have signal.
Now I just need
to get into the network.
Boom. In.
That was ridiculously easy.
For a man
of Ivan Bubalo's status,
he really needs
to up his IT game.
Security footage, please.
Yeah. What was the date?
Three days ago.
who is running his IT?
The whole database
is super unorganized.
We'll leave your rsum
in the mailbox.
Right now,
we need the footage.
Whoa-- What?
Okay, that was close.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay. Okay,
I found the footage.
But there's, like,
a dozen angles
and the files
are encrypted.
What are you saying?
That we came all this way
for nothing?
No, no. I should be able
to decrypt it.
I mean, this IT guy
is seriously amateur.
Yeah. Wow, that was just too
easy. Okay, we're good.
And I have eyes on Brandon
and a very angry-looking
Japanese man.
Soshi Mifune.
We need to find him.
He's our only lead.
How do you propose we do that?
Do you know who I am?
Okay. What the--?
Let's go. We gotta jam.
No, no. My laptop.
Forget the damn laptop.
Looks like your intel
was right.
That's him.
I read about this.
This is Bubalo's version
of Guantanamo Bay.
Okay. I guess
we're going in on foot.
I'm sorry, sir, I wanna help,
but my weapon is my computer,
which I no longer have.
I know.
And you're damn good.
But today, G.R.I.T.
needs more out of you.
With all due respect,
I'm not officially
a member of G.R.I.T.
You are now.
Let's go.
I don't even know
how to use this.
I'll teach you.
Do this.
Let's move.
Ah, fuck.
There's gotta be
another way in.
Wait, wait, wait.
My laptop's still
at the palace.
I should be able to access it
with my phone.
And access all of Bubalo's
security cameras?
PETE: I'm in.
STONE: Okay, let's go.
Let's see.
There's a lot of cameras.
I think we're...
Let me just find them.
Oh, okay. That's us.
So... Okay, looks like
that guard is right--
Oh, shit.
Good going, Pete.
You shot him. You shot him.
Wait, let me
get my footing here.
We're on Camera 6,
so that's probably--
Wait, wait, wait!
I found Prince Caspian.
Lead the way.
Wait, wait, wait.
There's people in there.
Sounds like it.
That guy had keys.
Eyes on the mission.
Oh, shit. They have LD.
They have LD!
Lady Death.
I want
to pull the trigger.
LD? Oh, shit.
They have
Zero and Brandon.
God, a little heads-up!
I was getting into it.
Okay, okay.
Wait, wait, wait.
He dead?
Yeah, looks like it.
What's going on
with the other guys?
Sorry, we couldn't
let you go alone.
But you don't worry
about us.
You wanna kill him,
you kill him.
You do what
you have to do.
God. Shoot him
in his fucking head right now.
Cover me.
How did you find us?
We'll tell you later.
Use your phone.
Find a safe route
back to the car.
Anybody comes at you,
you know what to do.
Exactly. Go.
My fight is not
with any of you.
Please just let me pass.
It's okay.
It's okay, I'm here to help.
Take these.
Go to the cells.
Get everybody out.
I'll cover you.
You might need this.
Honestly, that was pretty easy.
Thought there'd be more of them.
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
Hey, I got him.
You sure did, son.
You sure did.
And in international news,
the trial of Soshi Mifune,
one of Interpol's Most Wanted,
is set to begin today.
Mifune has finally been deemed
fit to stand trial
after months spent recovering
from the severe injuries
he sustained in Malta.
Joining me now is New York
Times best-selling author
and former counterterrorism
agent Fred Burton.
Fred, what do you make
of this trial?
Well, first, Preston,
thanks so much
for having me on.
This is a very
interesting trial
that many believed
would never really
actually happen.
Let's face it, Soshi Mifune
had once been thought
to be untouchable.
Now, rumor has it,
they're going to perp-walk him
into the courthouse.
What do you make of that?
Well, to me,
that is a clear sign
that the authorities want
to send a message
that even Soshi Mifune can't
escape justice forever.
The whole world is going
to watch this trial,
which is set to begin
in a matter of minutes.
And end just as fast.
He'll get a slap on the wrist
and a short stay
in a minimum-security prison.
Such bullshit.
Oh, snap!
Soshi Mifune appears
to have been shot in the head.
It appeared to be
a sniper shot...
You lose,
Getting ready to go to war
Take me higher
Than ever before
Soaring over
The battlefield
Flaming sword
And the iron shield
And his scales
Are icy white
But his fire is dynamite
We're on a warpath
We're gonna hit 'em
Where it hurts
We're on a warpath
We're gonna hit 'em
Where it hurts
With a deathblow
See them all
Go up in flames
Kick ass and taking names
And his eyes
Are black as night
But his venom
Is dynamite
We're on a warpath
We're gonna hit 'em
Where it hurts
We're on a warpath
We're gonna hit 'em
Where it hurts
We're gonna hit 'em
Where it hurts
We're on a warpath
We're gonna hit 'em
Where it hurts
We're gonna hit 'em
Where it hurts
We're on a warpath
We're gonna hit 'em
Where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts
Hit 'em where it hurts