Sniper. The White Raven (2022) Movie Script

I'll be late...
So. Let's go!
Good morning.
Good morning, Taras.
- Good morning!
- Good afternoon!
Good morning!
Good afternoon.
Good morning!
- Is that my journal?
- Yes, take it.
Mykola, you have something on your cheek.
Yanukovych refused to sign
an agreement with the EU
and set a course
for improving relations with Russia.
The largest protest took place
on Maidan in Kyiv,
the special forces killed
more than 100 protesters.
Look, a sniper...
President of Ukraine,
Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia,
leaving his post as Commander-in-Chief.
Crimea was completely captured
and taken under the control
of the Russian Federation.
Velocity is a physical quantity
that characterizes the motion
and distance that
an object travels per unit of time.
The velocity is calculated
by the formula V=S/t.
Where V is the speed...
- Are you a moron?
- Shut your mouth, faggot!
S is distance.
And t is time.
Can you hit in the same place again?
0.9 seconds.
I measured a distance of seven meters.
Ivan, what is the speed?
7.8 meters per second.
It was at this speed
that Ivan spat out a piece of paper.
Well, Ivan...
if the time is not 0.9, but 0.7
at the same distance...
What would the speed be?
Write the answer on the board.
Is there an answer?
Now it's clear
what you are distracted by...
Goodbye, Taras.
Listen, digger...
I'm sorry?
You're a stranger here, get out.
Lyosha, are you ready?
The Voronenko family
are the first eco-settlers in Donbas.
A year ago,
they registered a two-hectare plot of land
near Horlivka
and moved to live in a field.
Mykola has three higher education degrees,
mathematician, physicist, and ecologist.
Explain what caused
you to take such a radical step?
As an ecologist, I understand
that difficult times await us.
Only by changing the harmful way
of life to an ecological one,
can we have a chance
to save the planet and ourselves.
How long do you plan to live here?
We want to have and raise a child here.
Is your wife pregnant?
This means
everything will work out just fine.
Tell me, what is this sign?
This is our ancestral sign.
And what does it mean?
Paw of a white raven.
Will you tell me?
- This is... an ancient...
- Get the microphone closer.
Let me hold it.
Raven created the world
out of darkness, waving his wings.
And the world is
a black ocean with a shore,
where people will soon come to live.
The raven, feeling pity for the people,
turns the ocean's salty water
into fresh water and food,
but in return...
sacrifices its snow-white feathers.
Thank you.
Lesha, stop.
Come on in, now I'll show you inside...
And this is a windmill.
I can tell you later about it,
by the way, I made it myself.
Shall we start with a dynamo machine?
I'll show you how it works...
Lyosha, film just a few more details
and these sketches.
And you're not afraid to give birth here?
No, I'm not afraid.
- I hope we are done?
- Yes, we're done.
- I haven't shown you everything yet...
- Nikolai, thank you, we've had enough.
Two crazy people.
Something fell out.
We do not throw trash here.
Let's go.
Don't worry,
someday everything
will come back to normal.
Come with me, my dear love
To a place with shining stars
There are rivers, mountains live on love
The birds sing for us
Your eyes are shining like emeralds
And disappeared
In the misfortune of summer
I will give you the whole world
And a daughter with the name Nastya
I will give you the whole world
And a daughter with the name...
This is for you from us.
Your Little Angel.
Will protect you.
Buriy, we pass the line.
Confirmed. Chevrons.
Get up, be fast!
Yes, I'm coming, I'm coming...
Oh, a normal engine!
I'm flying...
Yes, everything was canceled.
No, I don't know...
Maybe it won't be...
Yes, I'll close it.
This morning, an unknown bus stopped
near the Horlivka Police Department
in the Donetsk region.
It is also noted that
armed militants in balaclavas
and pro-Russian activists
continue to maintain the buildings
of regional state administrations
in Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, and Donetsk.
It just became clear
that special forces of GUR
of the Russian Federation took part
in the capture
of the Rada Verkhovna of Crimea.
Take your hands off of her!
Who are you?
What are you doing here, khokhlyara?
I'm a teacher, I live here.
Are you a pacifist or something?
- Who is he?
- My husband.
In Russian, fuck, just talk!
Don't touch her, she is pregnant!
And what is this?
Those are my drawings.
Look at her face, she's definitely a spy!
Don't squeal!
Everyone, let's go.
What about him?
We are leaving, I said.
Get in the car quickly.
Please don't die...
Don't die, I'm here...
I'm here with you. No, no...
In the bag.
Who is she?
Mykola Voronenko...
Looks like he is ours.
Come on.
I don't care what happened there!
Why the fuck is he here?
So, I should have left him
in the middle of the field?
I do not understand.
And if it's their spy?
Have you thought about that?
Well, of course,
you haven't thought about it.
Your head just doesn't work that way.
But you are clearly not aware of that.
So, listen to me carefully.
Take him away from here as far as...
Did you blindfold him
when you drove him to us?
What? Do you have no brain at all?
You leaked our base to him, you idiot!
Should I shoot him now?
Ah, go away... you motherfucker!
what did I tell you?
Go to the toilet
with a weapon in your hand!
That's right!
Why are you reaching for your gun?
Do you want to shoot yourself?
We need to drive them out.
What did he say?
I want to drive them out of our land.
- Falcons flutter in the sky.
- Falcons flutter in the sky.
- Our squad flies into battle.
- Our squad flies into battle.
- We will defeat the enemies.
- We will defeat the enemies.
- Although they crawl from all sides.
- Although they crawl from all sides.
Come on, guys, come on.
Faster. Tempo, tempo I said! Come on!
As you were!
Show him.
As you were!
That's it, comrade!
Come on, come on, men, faster!
- Thirty-five!
- Keep the body straight.
And now have a rest!
Well, do you enjoy being here
as a pacifist?
Yes, sir, Mr. Commander!
I'm glad to hear that.
Permission to speak, sir, Mr. Commander!
I'm not a pacifist, Mr. Commander.
My code name is Raven!
Dead Raven!
I said one and a half!
This code name still needs
to be earned, comrade.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir, Mr. Commander!
Hey, bud, you want tea?
And you?
Don't sleep!
Quickly, quickly...
Girls, don't get caught in your bras!
The war will come to an end while you are
still swarming like a pacifist!
Start again! Disassemble!
Quickly! Let's not linger!
- Lower!
- Forty...
There are not enough snipers at the front.
Volunteers organize free courses.
Are you interested?
Bad, Klym, Dunay, good.
What? A pacifist? You too? Sit down.
I, private Raven, ask to join!
Listen, you don't know
how to remove a magazine from the AK!
Which of you is a sniper?
Let me show you!
Interesting. And what can you show us?
Disassembly-assembly of AK in 20 seconds.
In 20 seconds?
This should be fun.
you asked yourself.
Come on.
Well, warrior... ready?
Come on!
Congratulations to Private Raven...
Eighteen seconds!
Well done! Bravo!
Well done!
That's what I understand.
Find him one SKS.
Right turn! March!
Right turn! March!
Nobody likes snipers
because they are insidious and elegant.
There are no forbidden methods
of waging war for them.
Professional snipers work in disguise
without modern special equipment.
Their position
is almost impossible to detect.
if no shots are heard
or they are hidden under another noise.
Excuse me,
what does that mean?
In order not to get caught,
the sniper fires his shot
during a machine gun fire
or the sound of explosions.
- Next!
- Dunaevsky.
- What is this?
- A horse in a coat!
This is SKS.
"Simonov's self-loading carbine"!
This is a mistake.
I have to have an SVD like everybody else.
Dear, no need for songs here!
Is it a circus for you here?
Do I look like a clown?
This is, the fucking, army!
Your task is to pick up the fucking gun
and get the fuck out of here!
Can I go?
What is this... Blaster, fuck!
And we are all space pirates here,
for fuck's sake!
Don't giggle!
Soldiers, I do not repeat anything twice.
Nobody is going to jerk off with you here!
Look, Raven.
Will you give me your Blaster for a shot?
The basic rule of a sniper is to remain
invisible under any circumstances.
If you move, assume you've been killed.
Minus one point.
Have a look
at your 1963 Dragunov sniper rifle.
With its obsolete
7.62 by 54 mm ammunition,
it has a working distance
of approximately 600 meters.
In contrast,
modern 8.6 by 70 Lapua Magnum
or 12.7 by 99 BMG...
rifles hit targets...
even at 2,000 meters.
And how far does your rifle shoot?
Remington 308 caliber
has a working distance of...
about 800 meters.
And if the enemy has a better shot?
Then you are unlucky.
This is called a ballistic vulnerability.
But it's not a rifle
that makes a sniper dangerous...
But his intelligence and endurance.
The next task...
be ready.
The sniper must always be stable
and focused.
Take aim.
One, two, three... Fire!
One, two, three... Fire!
One, two, three... Fire!
It's not possible with such a firearm!
Some succeeded.
One of the important skills a sniper
has to have is the ability to be able
to calculate quickly in your head.
Your eyes will be occupied
with observing things.
Forget about the calculator.
To determine the distance,
you must multiply
the size of the object by 1000
and divide by the number
of points in sight.
So the task is to determine
the distance to the KAMAZ.
The height of the KAMAZ is 3.45...
and has seven points,
The height
of the armored personnel carrier...
is 2.35...
and has 2.5 points.
Tank width...
Allow me...
Is something unclear, Raven?
- I want to give the answer.
- Try it.
Distance to KAMAZ is 493 meters.
That's right.
940 meters and 804 and a half.
To the armored personnel carrier
and to the tank accordingly.
Not bad, Raven.
Before the shot,
everyone should call his code out loud.
"Code green" for I can shoot.
"Code red" for I can't shoot.
Get ready!
two, one...
Code green.
Code green.
Bob, minus.
Bad, plus.
Yartur, plus.
Klym, plus.
Mor, minus.
Dunay, plus.
Raven, minus...
Exam completed.
Discharge everyone's weapons.
Raven, haven't you heard the command?
The exam is not over yet.
Why is that?
I didn't shoot.
Are you going to wait for dawn?
The code is green!
Wow, holy Blaster!
Plus three, Raven.
Thank you for waiting.
Yes sir!
I serve the Ukrainian people!
Yes sir!
Third-class. Congratulations.
I serve the Ukrainian people!
Yes sir!
I serve the Ukrainian people!
- Bad!
- Yes sir!
Second-class. Congratulations...
Tell me, why did this happen?
Why is it that my world
Is not enough for your world?
The two of us touched for a moment
And time passes us by craftily
Nobody knows where to go now
Nobody is waiting at home
Dive in, love your will
But don't get lost in the pain
And awaken, awaken strength in yourself
Build strength in yourself
My dear, my dear...
I wish we had wings...
We need to go to the zero line
to our positions.
Here they captured our checkpoint
on the bridge.
I don't have enough people...
We need to clean up
before they get strengthened.
What do they have?
No armor, nothing heavy. We'll handle it.
And the machine gunners?
Pokemon and RPK.
Okay, take the snipers and assault team.
- Hello, guys.
- We wish you good health!
- Voron...
- Aye, sir.
Pack up your staff.
Yes, sir, Lieutenant Colonel.
Third in position.
First in position.
The second is ready.
What is the distance?
400 meters.
Two up.
Your machine gunner is on the left,
I'm working on the right.
- Car on 9!
- Stop!
Cap, machine. Two civilians.
Get out of the car!
- Give me my passport!
- Watch your hands, bitch!
Get back, bitch!
The target
is a militant behind the hostage.
I operate near the hostage.
Lie down, stupid!
Hit. Clean!
on your first successful task.
Come on.
Hello guys.
- Congratulations, boys!
- Hello.
- Are Klym and Dunay here?
- I am not sure.
Where are Klym and Dunay?
On the mission.
Where is Klym?
What did you find out?
The medic said that the bullet
in Klym's body opened like a flower,
some fragments passed through,
and others got stuck in the armor plate.
The guy had no chance.
The vehicle breaks through,
what can we say about the body...
they want to demoralize us.
So that's it.
We need to quickly occupy
our trench at the zero line,
where ours were evacuated.
Take a detour along this forest strip,
the DRG enemy was noticed here.
I'll give you an assault group to cover.
As you occupy the trench,
keep an eye
on their positions here, nearby.
Just be careful,
there may be a sniper somewhere.
If it's clean,
I'll send a company to strengthen it.
Cossacks, five minutes left.
First clear.
Distance 120.
Cap, third post. I see a group of five.
Russian uniform, confidently going
on the green to meet you, do you roger?
The goal will be in 25.
Good job.
- We're done, finish it.
- Plus-plus.
Who is Ivan?
My former student from Horlivka.
He made his choice.
As did I...
Huh, yeah. Piece of shit.
So what's up?
Stretches checked.
It will not be possible
to climb through quietly.
Who is in the photo?
Can I have a look?
My wife Svitlana
and daughters, Vika and Myroslava.
Do the kids know where you are now?
They think that I'm on a business trip.
My wife and I agreed that
if they know less, they will sleep better.
That's why she's worried
about everyone there.
Got it.
Is this your amulet?
This is my...
Their positions are here.
Keep an eye on them.
Yes, I understand. Crystal.
Yes, of course, Nikolai Ivanych,
we will do everything, don't worry.
On the other side, we need more.
Five minutes. Come on, come on.
Understood, I'm working.
Are the weapons checked?
Batteries, walkie-talkies,
- first aid kits.
- We have it!
Everything is there!
Take off the flag, fuck...
- Exactly! Shoot, bro!
- Come on.
Just cut the normal branches,
why are you dragging this shit.
Here they have two.
Here is a machine gun and a sniper pair.
- Will you cover-up?
- Yeah.
Do you need an assistant?
I'll handle it.
- Everything is ready.
- Let's get everyone inside.
- Get inside!
- Start engine!
- Start engine!
- Let's go!
At 11 o'clock there is a car.
I see.
Two militants near the car.
Continue observation.
A fighter with a machine gun.
The code is green. I can work!
I do not allow you to.
Keep observing.
A fighter with a machine gun.
The code is green. I can work!
Put on the fuse!
A fighter with a machine gun!
The code is green! I'm shooting!
Put on the safety. That is an order!
I have 200!
Sniper at 10 o'clock!
Sniper! On the tenth! Distance 2,000.
The first minus.
Second in the sector K4.
Yes. We are working.
I asked at the top...
Secret services will look
for the killer of the Cap.
When there is information,
I'll call you
and you will deal with it.
Do you understand?
It's time for us.
What do you have?
How long will I be lying here?
I won't be able
to wash off this shit for a week.
Be patient, Makar.
You will lie in my shit all my life.
Fuck off.
I waved everything.
I will crawl to you.
Makar, respond.
Fuck. Where are you, have you fallen?
You, bitch.
The third-largest nuclear arsenal
in the world.
And in 1994 a memorandum was signed
between Ukraine, Russia,
Great Britain, and the USA...
That's right.
The memorandum on non-proliferation
guaranteed Ukraine's independence,
sovereignty, and borders.
We all know how Russia respects
the borders of other states...
So the solution to this problem...
It lit up near Horlivka.
He fired two of our scouts.
Was it in a wide range?
The first, two days ago.
The second, today.
From one position?
Not by the phone.
At the meeting. Get ready.
Open it.
Code name Elbrus, second-class.
- Beast, third-class, congratulations.
- Yeah.
- Ray, third-class...
- Yes.
- Congratulations.
- I serve the Ukrainian people!
- How are you?
- Alive.
Got you this.
Thank you.
- Hello!
- Hi!
Cadets, at ease.
Grab your stuff and get in the car.
- Ready?
- Yes sir.
Follow me.
Attention to all.
Recently, intelligence provided us
with information...
Show the slide.
Russian sniper. Call sign "Sery".
Works with 12.7 over long distances,
mostly 1.5 km.
The bullets are wide-ranging.
He has already killed five of our snipers
and three machine gunners.
Show the site.
He publishes his videos to demoralize us.
In one of these videos, is our Cap.
Yesterday our sniper
was killed by the same bullet
between armor plates
near a chemical plant next to the river.
Today was the same,
they hit in the same sector.
They didn't change position?
Cover it with mines.
It won't work.
Raven, you are a local,
explain to the guys.
There is a chlorine storage under pressure
in the chemical plant.
Well, fuck them.
PTUR him to the damn mother.
- Explosion of cylinders is guaranteed.
- So what?
Environmental disaster.
Is that clear to everyone?
The plan is as follows. Map.
There are a total of eight militants
on the territory.
The sniper himself is probably
in a building
where there are warehouses with chlorine.
Plus two of his observers
are probably on the floors.
the first pair of snipers
takes the first fighter.
The second and third are these targets.
The fourth and fifth are these two.
And the final targets,
two observers...
and Sery.
What's the point? Anyway, we cannot
shoot this chlorine under pressure.
Our task is to clear the access only.
And then what?
Then Raven climbs up to him.
Get ready.
Raven, status.
Three hours.
In position.
In position.
Raven, status...
In position...
Ah, pacifist...
I should have shot you then...
- Clear.
- Plus.
Attention, readiness. Report...
First ready.
Second ready.
Third ready.
Fifth ready...
I see the target, the code is green.
Whose fire?
Fuck if I know.
The moron is watering somewhere.
- Raven, work.
- Plus.
In place.
Group, report...
Group, report.
Group, report.
- There is no connection with the group.
- Second, report to me.
- Hold your position!
- Yes.
- Second...
- In place.
- Brown.
- Affirmative.
- I have one 200.
- What happened?
Clear. What about the security group?
No connection.
Got it. Ten minutes. Hold your position.
In place.
Return to your position
and guard the entrance.
Sery. Do you copy?
Sery, arrived with a group. Do you copy?
You shitbags will answer us for Crimea.
- Clean.
- Clean.
Raven, the perimeter is clean.
Let him stay with me...
Guide your hand, Lord,
to destroy all enemies...
on this land.