Snoopy Come Home (1972) Movie Script

Nice going Charlie Brown.
It took that rock 4000 years to get to the shore
now you have thrown it back.
Everything i do makes me feel guilty.
You now kid, You and I make a great pair.
It's nice to lie in the sun
and just do nothing.
Of course it's better if
you're with someone you like.
You kinda like me, don't you Snoopy ?
why dont we meet here again tomorrow?
If you'll come, i'll bring a picnic lunch
we'll have sandwiches, cookies, lemonade
and potato chips and everything. ok?
And we'll build another sandcastle.
Only this time, we'll build an even bigger one
We will have a great time.
Will you come?
Good, I'll see you tomorrow.
I wonder where Snoopy is
I got a boardwalk in the park place.
I'm gonna destroy you economically,
Charlie Brown.
I'll never give up.
I have a philosophy that tells me
that no matter how bad things get,
they will always will turn out good in the end.
That's not philosophy.
That's stupidity.
Go directly to jail.
Do not pass go.
Do not collect two thousand dollars.
Good grief
When you get out of jail Charlie Brown,
you are going to land on my boardwalk or park place
and then you will be destroyed.
Ha! Twelve, doubles.
That means I'm getting another turn.
Oh, no, no, not on Pacific, with hotels!
Pay me 1,275 dollars, please.
Schroeder, Schroeder,
how about a beep on the nose?
A What?
Lucy: Beep.
A beep on the nose is a sign of great affection.
I'd rather have my $1,275 dollars please
Pay up!
But I haven't got $1,275 dollars.
If you can't pay up, then I guess you're bankrupt.
I am not bankrupt!
It's almost dark.
Snoopy isn't home yet.
I wonder where that dog is.
There he is.
I wonder where he's been all day?
What an independent dog.
He comes and goes as he pleases.
But I have to stay home and fixes supper.
Alright, it's supper time.
Come and get your supper.
Do you see this finger?
I cut it opening a stupid can of dog food,
for your stupid supper.
I hope you'd appreciate it.
Besides that, it wasn't a finger,
it was my thumb!
You acting awfully independent lately.
Don't forget that I'm
the one that feeds you.
I'm the one that takes care of you.
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
Without me, you'll be nothing.
Everything you have, you have because of me.
Even that collar around her neck.
Why I remember the day I went out and bought that collar with
money that I worked for ... and I save and ...
I hate it when he does that ..
I think I'd been stood up.
Maybe I came on too strong for him.
I know why he want me to go
to the library!
You trying to trick me
into learning how to read..
That's what you're trying to do !
Who cares about reading?
The next thing you know
you want me to conjugate all those verbs and spit those infinities ..
I hate reading.
I just want to be a good housewife.
Shhhh.. you have to be real quiet in here...
now come on ..
oh, Snoopy ...
hmmm... a Letter for Snoopy.
I never get letters.
Nobody ever writes to me.
I had 14 penpals once,
but I did all the writing ...
Here, Snoopy, you got a letter.
What's going on?
Why are you packed ?
Are you going someplace ?
What's going on?
Where is he going?
I'd never know what's going on ?!
No dogs Allooooowwed !!!
He's gone ...
I don't understand it !
Who is Lila?
You said that he got this letter
then he just took off?
Well, what does the letter say
Charlie Brown?
Dear Snoopy,
I have been in the hospital for Three weeks
And I am very lonely.
But will you come to see me ?
Love, Lila.
Lila ?
Who in the world is Lila ?
If I don't find out who Lila is,
I'll go crazy.
I don't understand it !
Why would Snoopy go to Lila !?
Maybe Snoopy felt that he needed a vacation ..
Maybe his life with you
was getting too boring.
Boring ? ? What was I supposed to do ?
Keep him entertained ?
I dunno
What do other dog owners do?
And I never thought of myself
as being a dog owner.
Snoopy was more like a friend.
.. friends get bored too,
Charlie Brown.
Hey, Ma,
I've found a stray dog.
Ma, oh, Ma ...
oh boy I found a lost bird.
Hey, Ma, I found a lost bird! Ma!
I got a bird Ma ...
to add to my collection, Ma.
Dog and a bird.
This is great.
I have two pets.
Hey Ma, I got two pets.
a sheep dog and a parrot.
Hey, Ma!
Can I keep them Ma ?
Hi, puppy.
Mum says I can keep you.
Boy, I always wanted a dog.
I think I'll give you a good dog name.
Hey, How about Rex?
Here, Rex! Here, Rex! Here!
Here, Rex! here, Rex! Here!
Here, Rex. Here.
Here, Rex. Here.
first thing to do with you Rex ...
is to bath you.
I hope he likes that
because my doggy has to be real clean.
Ok Rex?
Ok, In we go Rex ...
Down, Rex! Here Rex! Here !
Rex! Rex! You naughty dog!
Rex. Down boy bad dog!
I'm glad you liked bath Rex.
I want you to be real clean,
so we can play dress up
Sit down, Rex. down boy, Bravo boyfriend.
Stay, Rex, stay.
I'm gonna close the door so you won't run away.
Then we'll play with dolls, ok.
I always wanted a sheep dog.
you to pick me Rex.
You naughty dog. You got your dress dirty.
I'll have to spank you !!
Down boy ! Down !
Here Rex! Down Rex !
Bad dog! Mad dog!
Come back, Rex! Here Boy!
You naughty dog ...
Raising all this commotion.
Mom said,
if I'm gonna keep you,
I gotta take you to the vet
for check up.
You probably need about a dozen shots.
I'll walk you to the vet
That will be great, eh Rex?
Here, Rex, Here.
I'm sure glad I'd found you
Mom always said that we needed a dog
to get rid of the table scraps ..
Here, Rex. Here, Rex. Here.
Rex! You naughty dog Rex !
I'm depressed, Linus.
I needed an encouragement word to cheer me up ..
Happiness lies in our destiny,
like a cloudless sky before the storms of tomorrow ..
destroys the dreams of yesterday and last week
I think that blanket is doing something to you
there's only one thing to be done, Charlie Brown.
I think you should disown that ungrateful dog.
Disown him ?
You have to face it, Charlie Brown.
Nobody made him leave.
He went because he wanted to,
you just have to get another dog ..
I don't want another dog ..
And I still say, if I don't find out who Lila is,
I'll go crazy !
He's hopeless ...
Listen to that music, Chuck, it's a carnival.
Doesn't that do something to you ?
Listen ...
It's a beautiful evening , Chuck.
The air is warm, the sky is filled with stars,
and I got a whole pocket full with tickets for the carnival..
C'mon, let's go.
Listen, people are laughing, Chuck ..
They're having a good time.
You can't let yourself get into a mood like this ..
I know you miss Snoopy.
I'd miss him too ..
But if you let yourself get into a mood,
.. no one will wanna be around you.
No one likes a moody person, Chuck.
Take it from me..
I'd learned a long time ago,
that if you go around a mood feeling sorry for yourself,
you do it alone, and I mean alone, Chuck..
I dunno,
I've seen people get sick at merry go rounds, and ferris wheels
and roller coasters,
but you're the first person I'd ever seen who
got sick went thru that turnstile
Hey, look at that, Chuck.
C'mon, let's go.
We're having a good time, aren't we Chuck?
I love this kind of life.
I like action, I'm a moving type person.
When nothing is moving, I feel low ..
That's why I always keep moving..
Does your kind ever think about love, Chuck ?
What do you mean, "My Kind" ??
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put it that way.
No offence. I apologize.
You touched my hand, Chuck.
Hey, look here,
a fortune teller machine.
Let's get our fortune told, Chuck..
.. maybe we can find out something about ourselves ..
"You're a very loving person and
your life has will be filled with romance."
"Forget it, kid!"
You kinda like being with me,
don't you, Chuck ?
What do you think, love is, Chuck ?
Well, years ago, my dad own a black, 1934, two-door sedan.
What's that got to do with love?
Well, this is what he told me ..
There was a real cute girl, see,
.. she used to go for a ride with him in his car,
and whenever he called for her,
he would always hold open the car door for her.
After she got in, and he had closed the door,
He would walked around the back of the car,
to the driver side,
But before he could get there,
she would reach over and press the button, locking him out ..
Then she just sit there and
wrinkled her nose .. and grinned at him.
That's what I think love is.
Sometimes I wonder about you, Chuck.
Snoopy !!
I knew you'll come ..
Hi Chuck, Any news from old Snoop ?
No, no news.
He's never been gone this long before.
You got to agree, he's gone cos' of me ..
maybe I came on too strong for him..
Right up to our fight, he kissed me,
and I fainted.
I think he thinks, I think there's something wrong with him.
He wanted my blanket,
I wouldn't let go.
He left, cos' I was hostile and unkind to him ..
and make him feel unwanted ..
like he was a pest ..
now I'm going out of my mind for him ..
- Do you think pets are important ..?
- Sure.
Your friend of mine at school got some goldfish for his birthday.
But I don't think he really wanted them.
How did you happened to get Snoopy, Charlie Brown?
Well I'm not quite sure because I was kinda young.
I think it started because of something that happened out
at playground
I was playing in the sandbox with a couple of other kids,
I can't even remember who they were ..
Anyway, all of the sudden,
one of them poured a whole bucket of sand
over my head.
.. I started crying, I guess ..
and my mother came running up and took me home.
It's kinda embarrassing now to talk about it.
Anyway, the next day we drove out to the
Daisy Hill puppy farm ..
and my mother and dad bought me a dog.
People buy pets for strange reason.
I just don't know what to do, Linus..
If don't find out what happened to Snoopy,
I think I'll go out of my mind..
You'll calm down for a minute, Charlie Brown,
I may be able to conduct,
a little private investigation.
Just what I need,
a blanket-carrying Sherlock Holmes ..
I wonder if it would help to call the
Daisy Hill puppy farm?
They might know something about him
that we don't know.
I don't understand it
Every morning I brought him a toast and English muffin
with grape jelly on it.
Sometimes at noon I even fixed him a nice salad.
.. he wrote all those letters to the editor.
Why doesn't he write me a letter ?!
Snoopy, COME HOME !
I'm feeling so much better
now that you're here.
I hope I can go home soon.
Thank you, Nurse. Thank you.
I'm feeling better every day..
Perhaps soon, we can go home.
I know that when my mother sees
How you made me well,
She'll let me take you home with me..
I'll keep you with me, forever ..
What's the matter, Snoopy?
You do want to go home with me, don't you ?
You poor dear.. you're homesick, aren't you ?
But we'll be good for each other.
Hello? Hello, Humane Society?
I'm calling about this lost dog, you see ..
Describe him ?
I don't know how to describe him ..
He's just a stupid beagle.
I've had it ! Little wishy washy Charlie Brown
find his dog himself.
Hello, Daisy Hill Puppy Farm ?
I'm calling in regard to a dog named Snoopy.
That's right, Charlie Brown.
I bet he never knew that.
That explains a lot of things.
Charlie Brown!
Charlie Brown! Charlie Brown!
I have news about Snoopy.
Alright, tell me What happened.
If you don't tell me what happened to Snoopy,
I'll go crazy ..
The first thing I did in my investigation
was to call the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.
I found out something that will amaze you..
In fact, I hesitate to tell you ..
Are you ready for a shock ?
He wasn't ready for a shock..
How can I tell you something that will shock you,
if you passed out, before I can tell you.. ?
I'm sorry, I have been hyperventilating, a lot lately..
Well.. anyway.. here's what I found out after I called
the Daisy Hills puppy farm ..
You're not Snoopy's original owner ..
Oh, good grief !
You bought Snoopy
in the month of October, right?
According to the representative of the Daisy Hill puppy farm,
Snoopy was bought by another family in August.
this family had a little girl named Lila.
Snoopy and Lila loved each other very much,
but they had to move, and the family decided,
they just couldn't keep Snoopy ..
.. so they return him.
You got a use dog, Charlie Brown ..
- So that's why Snoopy left ..
- Sure.
He had try to forget her
all these years,
though he'd found out she was in the hospital,
he ran off to see her.
I bet he Wishes he was still her dog, instead of mine.
That's funny ...
Well Snoopy, this is our last day together.
What are we going to do?
Your coming to visit me, saved me.
Are you sure you don't want to come home with me ?
It's up to you, Snoopy ..
You can go to your other owner, if you want to ..
but I'd wished you come
home with me ..
Oh I'm so glad you'd came back.
This means you want to come and live with me,
doesn't it ?
Why don't you go back home,
maybe you could sell your fairs ?
You can say goodbye to all your old friends,
then you can come and meet me in my house ..
Now promise me you'll hurry back,
After this you'll never leave again ...
Promise me ?
Hurry back, honey.
Hey, you're back.
I've heard about Lila.
Did you see her?
Was she well?
Where did you stayed the time you've gone ?
Was Lila nice to you?
Why don't you write?
Are you hungry?
Are you well ?
Can I do anything for you ?
I'm not getting any answers.
I can't stand it !
What's this ?
"I, Snoopy, being of sound mind,
do bequeath to Charlie Brown,
" previous owner ..."
Previous owner?
"..and best wishes for the future..
my treasure belongings.."
"will be given to my friends ... as follows .."
What is going on here?
What do you mean by all this ?
"My croquet set set I leave to Linus,
as well as the chess set"
"My record collection I place
in the capable hands of Schroeder"
"Carpeting and the rest of the furnishings to
my favorite charity.."
"The American Humane Association"
"..thus, with a surreal mind fare
I return to Lila ..."
"who needs me."
We are gathered together at this farewell party
to pay tribute and say goodbye to a very close friend.
Perhaps I can persuade some of you
to say a few words ...
with a heavy heart I stand before you,
as we all gathered to say our last goodbye to...
He leaves us in the prime of his life.
He wasn't much of a dog, but who is?
We shall miss our
furry friend.
so.. at this time,
I want to offer this gesture of friendship.
A little gift for ol' times sake sobs
Farewell, Snoopy.
Next, I would like to call on Schroeder.
Well First I want to thank Snoopy
for the record albums,
and for the many great times we have had together.
Here Snoopy,
a little token of my friendship.
and now, a word from Snoppy's ex-owner,
Charlie Brown.
Snoopy, from the heavy heart and
all the best wishes...
this present.
Goodbye, Snoopy.
I'm sorry to see you go, Snoopy.
I'm sorry we'd never
caught any rabbits.
Why can't we get all the people together
in the world
that we really like ...
and then just stayed together forever?
Some of em' will leave...
Some of em' always leave! ..
And then we have to say goodbye.
I hate goodbyes.
You know what I need.
I need more hormones
Snoopy, you finally got here!
We been expecting you..
Our whole family's eager to see you again..
and I can hardly wait to have you meet
my cat.
you'll just love each other.
He's the sweetest thing.
He must be crazy.
I must be crackin' up, I can't sleep,
and today I even opened a can of dog food..
and took it out to the dog house,
before I remembers he was gone.
I guess we all miss Snoopy.
I hope he's happy with Lila.
Have you ever taught of
getting another dog, Charlie Brown?
No, never again.
I don't ever want to go through such an ordeal again.
Hey! He's back.
Sally: Huh ?
He's back. Snoopy's back.
He's back! He's back! He's back!
Look at this, Charlie Brown.
"To Linus Van Pelt, I expect my
croquet set, and chess set, return forthwidth.."
"In good order and within five days,.."
"..or the matter will be turn over to
my attorney."
and mine says, he wants the record collection
Mine says that since he gave me nothing,
I owed him nothing.
That does it Charlie Brown!
He's your dog and you're welcome to him!