Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie (2023) Movie Script

Peppermint Patty Fore!
Peppermint Patty Let's go, Marcie.
I've got to get in some practice
if I'm going to win
our school's golf tournament.
I'll be right there, sir.
It's a good day for some practice, sir.
Looks like you have some fans.
If they're looking to learn about golf,
they've come to the right place.
If she can't read the greens,
I don't like her chances.
It's who you have on the bag that matters.
With Marcie on her side, she'll be fine.
Bend at your waist, sir.
You look like a duck.
Blunt, but honest.
spectators applauding
See? Good caddie, good game.
Snoopy clears throat
That kid with the big nose
is going to be tough to beat.
Don't let him get to you, sir.
If you want to win the qualifying match
and have a chance to play in the big game,
you need to keep your head clear.
That's why you're my caddie, Marcie.
You keep me on track.
Perhaps you should practice
your bunker game.
Championships can be won
or lost in the sand.
Try to carry the sand
where you want the ball to go.
"Try to carry the sand"?
That's never going to work.
Good call, Marcie.
the Pinecrest Elementary School Cup.
Check out the past champions.
"Bunker Billie, Driver Davey."
And soon, "Peppermint Patty"
will be on that cup.
I don't see any mention of the caddies.
Why would they mention the caddies?
May I remind you, sir,
golf is a team sport.
It sure is. Me, myself and I.
Maybe you, yourself and you can carry
your own bag from now on, sir.
Stop calling me sir.
door opens
President coming through.
Sign this, Mr. President.
Juice box, Mr. President?
Smile for the school newspaper!
My fellow students,
as my term as your class president
is coming to a close,
I am here to remind you to vote
in the upcoming student council election.
Yes, don't forget to vote for yours truly,
-because I just threw my hat in the ring.
I'm running too.
My campaign is
"Cleanliness is Friendliness."
Politics is about defying expectations.
You like to help people.
You definitely helped me on the green.
I think you'd make a great president.
Me? President?
I like having time to myself.
If I were president,
I'd never have a moment of peace.
-phone ringing
-students clamoring
Marcie I'd always be surrounded
by people.
I'd have to give big speeches
in front of huge crowds.
-students clamoring Over here, Marcie.
Marcie And I'd have to make
snap decisions
without anytime to formulate my thoughts.
I can't imagine anything worse
than being president.
No, thank you.
I guess that makes sense.
You once told me you were an invertebrate.
I think you mean "introvert," sir.
That's the one.
students chattering
Okay, Marcie, I get your point,
but if I don't use the driver
on the fifth hole, I--
Hey! What's going on here?
Didn't you hear?
The cafeteria
finally started serving pizza.
both Pizza? My favorite.
Let's go!
Oh, after you. Um
Oh, there you are, Marcie.
I'll save you a seat.
Linus What do you mean
they ran out of pizza?
students, gasping Huh?
All that's left are bologna sandwiches?
camera clicking
-Woodstock chittering
-Snoopy smirks
-bell rings
-Snoopy screams
Woodstock chitters
students chattering
-student 1 Huh?
-student 2 What?
Whoa! grunting Whoa!
Here, let me help you, ma'am.
Thank you.
Why are the hallways so crowded today?
There's repair work being done
in the west hallway,
and everyone's been rerouted.
The name's Carlin, by the way.
Nice to meet you, Carlin.
Didn't I see you watching the golfers
practicing yesterday?
To be honest, I was studying the caddies.
Especially you.
Do you play much?
No, I lean more into
the challenge of problem-solving,
and golf is one of those games
that with every shot and every lie,
there are challenges that require
a solution.
I just love it.
Speaking of challenges,
it looks like we're all having trouble
playing through.
students grunting, groaning
I guess we're going to be late.
Such is the fate of the lowerclassmen.
"Once more unto the breach!"
It was nice talking with you, ma'am.
Whoa! Whoa!
-chair screeches
-whispers Sorry.
Italy? I know this.
It's the country that looks like a boot.
Ah, here it is.
students groaning
-Stop that right now, you blockhead!
-Marcie That screeching!
-students groaning
It's all in the way
he's holding the chalk.
I should go help.
I can't do that in front of everyone.
Better if I wait and show him after class.
Marcie Someone needs to show him
what he's doing wrong.
Right now!
-What is she doing?
-Why is Marcie up there?
droning adult chatter
What am I doing up here?
Um, I-- Um, I just came up
to sharpen my pencil.
droning adult chatter
That is correct.
I did forget my pencil at my desk.
Never mind. chuckles
You should have seen what those poor
kids have to go through in the hallway.
They can barely take a step
without getting knocked over.
And how come there isn't enough pizza
to go around?
Someone has to do something, but who?
Why not me?
The problem is, too many students
are using the same hallway
at the same time.
-If the traffic flow could be directed
-whistle blows
it would be a less chaotic
and safer situation for everyone.
Speaking of direction,
perhaps everyone's looking at
the pizza shortage from the wrong one.
I just need to look at it
from a different angle.
This is sure to work.
students chattering
student Hey. You made it.
Excuse me.
I need to talk to the lunch lady.
-I think I figured out--
-No buttinskies!
Oh, of course.
-Do you mind if I--
-No butts, no cuts, no coconuts!
-I'll just wait my turn.
-Linus sighs
That's it, folks.
They're all out of pizza.
students Aw!
bell rings
students clamoring
Okay, everyone. Stand by. I have a plan.
Time to give everyone a little direction.
whistle blows
-exhales sharply
-whistle blows
-student 1 Hey!
-student 2 Watch where you're going.
-student 3 Who does she think she is?
-student 4 Do you mind? Hey!
student 3 Look out!
I guess school's a bit tougher than golf.
Better luck next time.
snoring continues
Lucy for president.
Here, have a button.
Excuse me, Lucille.
-I have a problem I'd like to discuss.
-Just a sec.
Five cents, please.
Now, tell me what's on your mind.
I want to learn how to do what you do.
Dealing with new people,
pushing yourself into crowds.
I don't like doing those things,
and I'm worried it's keeping me from
accomplishing what I want to do.
Hmm, yes.
So what you're saying is,
you wanna be exactly like me.
-Is it too late to get my nickel back?
-We should role-play.
I'll pretend to be you, and you be me.
Now, come sit here.
Straighter. I have very good posture.
Glasses, please.
Remember, I'm you.
Gee, Lucy, you're so smart.
Can you really help me be more like you?
clears throat
whispers Tell me that if I want to make
a bold impression, I should speak up.
Excuse me?
shouts Tell me to speak up!
-Oh. You should speak up?
I'm afraid this may require
a series of sessions.
Is this time usually good for you?
gasps It's the qualifying game.
I hope you have a lot of nickels.
On the first tee, Peppermint Patty.
panting Hello, sir.
Hey, Marcie. What do you like here?
A 5-iron?
Actually, with the wind at your back,
I like a 6-iron.
Great idea, Marcie.
Franklin On to 16th.
Franklin It all comes down
to the 18th hole,
and we're all tied up.
That kid with the big nose is here,
scoping out the competition.
Well, I'll show him.
I land on the green,
and I can make an eagle.
You only have to win by a stroke.
I suggest you go for a safe lay-up shot.
All right!
Nice work, sir.
It's late in the day,
which means the grass has grown
just enough to slow down the putt.
Aim over there, sir.
crowd cheering
Hooray! We're going to the championship!
Congratulations, sir.
-spectator 1 What a shot.
-Great game.
As class president,
at least for a little while longer,
I want to congratulate our winner,
Peppermint Patty.
She's on her way to the big one,
the Pinecrest Elementary School Cup.
-One for the paper.
-shutter clicks
And of course, behind every great golfer
is a great caddie.
-Congratulations, Marcie.
-Way to go, Marcie.
-Great work, Marcie.
Why don't you tell the crowd
how you got this far?
Right now?
Um, well, I haven't really had the time
to prepare anything.
Speak up. Exactly like me.
I have very good posture.
Speak up!
Golf is a game
with golf balls and the caddie,
and I'm sure Patricia
can field all your questions.
Hello, Charles.
Hello, Marcie.
May I ask you a question?
What's on your mind?
I was wondering if there's anything about
yourself that you would want to change.
How much time do you have?
There's a lot of people out there
that could use a hand,
and I want to help them.
But when I try to,
I suddenly find myself surrounded by
all these other new people.
And I never get the time
to get my thoughts together,
and all I want to do is run away.
How can I help anyone if I can't even
stick around to say anything?
How can I change?
How can I be different?
I wish I could help you.
I have a hard enough time
just trying to be myself.
"Be myself."
You know, you can be pretty inspiring
when you want to be, Charles.
Thank you.
Me? Inspiring?
Hey, pal,
looking for a little inspiration?
Well, you've come to the right place.
students chattering
I can't believe it.
I got a slice of pizza.
Congratulations on getting more pizza
for the school, Franklin.
-Always believed in you, Mr. President.
-Smile for the-- W-Whoa!
I'm happy about it too,
but I can't take the credit.
all Huh?
If it wasn't you, then who?
Pardon me for snooping,
but it seems you volunteered
for cafeteria duty this morning
and helped them slice the pizza
into eight instead of six
so there'd be more to go around.
Smart move, ma'am.
-students clamoring
snores Par four!
sighs, snores
May I be excused early, ma'am?
Time to get to work.
bell rings
all Huh?
students chattering
On the one hand, it's technically litter.
On the other hand, it's really helpful.
We're going to get to class on time.
Our tardy streak is over.
I never thought
we would live to see the day.
Your work again, ma'am?
Great job.
My turn again? gulps
students Aw!
student Here comes the chalk screecher.
This is for you, Charles.
The fastball grip you have
on the chalk isn't working.
Try your curveball grip.
Huh. Worth a shot.
gasps It's a miracle.
Franklin Don't forget to vote
in the student council election.
Polls close at noon.
students chattering
Everyone's in a pretty good mood today.
They are, sir.
Must be all the excitement about
the championship match this afternoon.
You're going to do great.
Can you imagine winning the tournament
with the whole school watching?
The whole school?
groans I'm just happy to walk
the links with you, sir.
Excuse me, everyone.
I have an announcement to make.
The vote is officially in
for our class president.
The duly elected winner is
-students cheering
Excuse me?
playing upbeat melody
Nice work, Marcie.
I didn't even know you were running.
-I-- I wasn't. I'm not.
-You have an appointment in an hour.
-Here are some papers to sign.
-Juice box, Madam President?
-What? Ugh. Ooh!
How did this happen?
Everyone's been impressed
with the improvements
you've been making to the school.
Looks like we had a lot of write-in votes.
-Wow, class president.
-Aren't you excited?
Whoa! grunts
Harold Angel Going new places.
Larry Meeting new people.
You get to be the one leading the parades!
And when I win the final match,
you'll get to give your first big speech.
crowd chanting Marcie!
Frieda In front of a whole crowd
of people.
crowd Marcie! Marcie!
clamoring Marcie.
-Lucky you.
-crowd chants Marcie.
Wow. She's so excited.
Let the world know, Marcie!
shutter clicks
This isn't what I wanted at all.
sighs It's okay.
I can't be president
if I never leave this room.
I'm staying here forever.
Franklin Welcome to the Pinecrest
Elementary School Championship finals.
Snoopy trembling
spectators chattering
Where's Marcie?
It's not like her to be late.
I'm going to need a backup caddie.
-Hey, Chuck. You busy?
Uh, I--
You are now. Here.
I need you to be my caddie.
I don't really know anything about golf.
Just carry my bag
and keep the clubs clean.
Marcie will be here any minute.
All right, I'm set.
I never have to leave this room.
Not for any reason at all.
This one looks nice.
This is a putter, Chuck.
You can't use a putter to tee off.
That's pretty basic stuff.
I told you I don't know much about golf.
I was hoping you were just being humble.
My track record of success
doesn't require much humbleness.
sighs Where's Marcie?
Golf is such a strange sport.
Tiny ball, tiny hole, giant field.
chuckles It just doesn't add up.
groans A 9-iron?
Chuck, I asked for the six.
They look exactly the same to me.
inhales sharply
spectators applauding
chitters, exclaims
I'm worried, Chuck.
About losing?
Sure. That kid with the big nose
is on another level.
But I'm also worried about Marcie.
She never misses a game.
What if something's wrong?
She'll be fine without me.
No one plays better than Patricia.
You don't need my help.
You can win this, sir.
The wind is picking up.
What should my next move be, Chuck?
Um, well stammers
if golf is anything like baseball,
I'd say there's the flag.
Aim for home plate.
-spectators chattering
-She's losing.
-Not possible.
-Not Peppermint Patty.
Hey, everyone!
The championship match!
Peppermint Patty's going to lose the game.
-Let's go.
-I have to see this with my own eyes.
How's your day going?
Don't ask me about mine.
Shouldn't you be at the Pinecrest Cup?
That's why I'm here, ma'am.
Peppermint Patty is going to lose
the championship.
That's not possible.
Who's her caddie?
Good grief.
She could really use you today.
I want to caddie for Patricia.
I really do.
But I'm class president now.
And if I show up,
I'm going to have to get up in front
of everyone and make a big speech.
And I don't know what to say.
From now on, it's going to be, "rush,
push, pull, don't think, talk."
It makes me feel like I'm drowning,
like I can't catch my breath.
I want to help Patricia.
I really do.
I can't go out there.
Tell me,
what advice would a caddie give someone
that is lying at the bottom
of a 4-inch rough?
I'd say,
"Focus on the shot that's given to you.
Play to your strengths."
What are your strengths, ma'am?
Running away when things get overwhelming?
Remember what you said to me
when I asked if you play golf?
I said that it was more interesting
to observe the challenges
and discover solutions
than it was to play.
See, I think people like you are the glue
that holds things together.
You all work quietly in the background to
make sure that everything runs smoothly.
The world would fall apart without you.
It takes a lot of strength
to carry that responsibility.
I don't feel very strong.
I just don't know what I should do.
It's your call, ma'am.
spectators applauding
When did he get a golf cart?
Whoo! laughing
Just give me any old club, Chuck.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Not that one, Charles.
Give her the 5-iron.
Sorry I wasn't here sooner, sir.
If it's not too late, I'd like to help.
Oh, boy, would I ever like that.
Charles, do you mind?
I thought you'd never ask.
Let's win this game, sir.
Pay no attention to the score.
Just keep your head down.
breathes deeply
Remember, plan for the best miss.
Let the big dog speak, sir.
This is it, sir.
The 18th hole.
If you can make this in two strokes,
the cup is yours.
-spectators gasping
Now what?
What's the point?
I'll never make it from there.
Yes, you will, sir.
Don't give up now.
Remember our practice from a few days ago?
"Carry the sand." Oh, yeah.
Well played, sir.
Thanks, Marcie.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Madam President, are you prepared
for your first big speech?
-What are you going to say?
-Juice box?
-Say cheese.
-shutter clicks
Listen, Marcie. You don't have to do this
if you don't want to.
Actually, sir, I do want to.
I just need a few moments alone
to collect my thoughts.
You heard her, everyone.
Give her some space.
See you at the stage, Marcie.
breathes deeply
spectators applauding, cheering
Now it's time for our new class president
to say a few words.
-spectators cheering
-chanting Marcie! Marcie! Marcie!
mic feedback
clears throat
For my first act as class president,
I want to say congratulations
to my friend Patricia.
spectators applauding
For my second act as class president,
I'd like to announce that
I'm resigning as class president.
-all What?
-spectator Can she even do that?
Helping people is important to me,
but I want to do it in my way.
I like being in the background.
That's just the kind of person I am,
and I like that person.
There was a time when I thought
that if I wanted to help,
I needed to change who I was.
But thanks to some good advice
and inspiration from my friends
She's talking about me.
I've learned that I can find my own way
to do things.
The world needs all kinds of people.
So whether you're a natural leader,
or willing to get your hands dirty,
or never give up despite the odds,
or even try your best
to stay out of the spotlight,
all of us can make a real difference.
spectators cheering
spectators chanting
Marcie! Marcie! Marcie!
You're pretty brave, Marcie.
Thank you, sir. I'm glad I did that.
And I'm glad I don't have to do it again.
I hope that kid with the big nose
isn't taking my win too hard.
He sure hates losing.
Can you believe Pigpen came in second?
Who on earth voted for Pigpen?
I just thought he ran a clean campaign.
My fellow students,
it is said that the key
to a great democracy
is a great suggestion box.
students applauding
Suggestion box, huh?
I'll bet that was your idea.
-Nice work.
-Thank you, sir.
I've got a lot more where that came from.
I'm sure you do.
Well, I'm off to my pickup game.
See you in class, Marcie.
Don't forget to follow through
on your jump shot, sir.
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