Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown (1985) Movie Script

Hi, Chuck. This is Peppermint Patty.
I need a little help, Chuck.
What can I do for you?
My dad's going out of town again.
Can Snoopy come over
and be my watchdog?
I don't see why not.
He's not doing anything.
Except reading his favorite book
about the Bunny Wunnies.
I'll send him right over.
That was Peppermint Patty.
She'd like you to be her watchdog.
But if you're going to be a watchdog,
you better take along a weapon.
You need to take the most dangerous
weapon ever devised by man.
Hi, Snoop.
I really appreciate you coming over.
I guess Chuck told you
my dad's out of town...
...and I hate staying alone.
What's the hockey stick for, Snoop?
You can't guard our house
with a hockey stick.
Well, maybe you can.
Just make sure
you don't get a two-minute penalty.
Anyway, I'm going to bed now, Snoop.
Your job is to patroI the grounds
outside here.
If you see anyone suspicious, just bark.
Or if you can't bark, just scream a lot.
It's such a great feeling
knowing there's a watchdog outside.
Especially when you know
that he's rough and tough.
What was that?
Snoopy, are you out there watchdogging?
He's running away.
Some watchdog.
He hears one sound
and he runs off into the night.
Hello, Chuck.
Who is this?
This is Peppermint Patty.
Now, where's my watchdog, Chuck?
Snoopy's supposed to be
guarding my house...
...and he just ran off.
Where is he, Chuck? Where is he?
Chuck? Chuck?
Chuck, wake up!
What? What? Oh, sorry.
Chuck, you better
get over here right away.
Snoopy was your responsibility.
If he's run out on me,
you're gonna have to take his place.
You're gonna be the watchdog, Chuck.
Do you hear me?
It sure took you a long time
to get over here, Chuck.
I could've been robbed 20 times by now.
Anyway, since I don't know
where Snoopy is...'ll have to be my watchdog.
I'll be your watchdog
and I'll sit out here on your porch...
...but I won't wear that.
Okay, Chuck, we'll forget the collar.
Is there anything I can get you
before I go to sleep?
Well, I am a little hungry.
I'll be right back, Chuck.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
I can't believe I'm being a watchdog.
Here, Chuck, old boy. Thanks for coming.
I can't believe it.
One o'clock and all is well.
Actually, all is not well.
What am I doing out here
at 1:00 in the morning?
I'm not a watchdog.
What am I doing here?
What happened to the reaI watchdog?
What is the purpose of life?
Knock it off, Chuck.
I need my beauty sleep.
What's this?
Hey, where have you been?
Where in the world did you go?
You wrote a letter to your brother Spike
and you want me to maiI it right away?
"Dear Spike,
the most wonderfuI thing has happened.
Last night I was guarding a house...
...then I heard an eerie sound...
...then I saw these two large eyes.
At first I was scared...
...but then I saw this beautifuI creature.
It was her.
The girI of my dreams, Spike.
It was love at first sight.
And now, we're going to get married. "
What's the matter, Charlie Brown?
My dog is going to get married.
Does he understand the responsibilities
of getting married?
How can he support a wife?
He sleeps all the time.
I wonder where they'II live.
What do you mean?
Maybe they'll move away
to live in another town.
Move away?
But then again, maybe they'll all move in
with you.
Going to get married?
Does he understand the responsibilities?
How can he support a wife?
And then what about a family?
Good grief,
I suppose they'll all move in with us.
Another letter to Spike?
"Dear Spike,
let me tell you about our first date.
Genevieve is so much fun.
We went for a moonlight canoe ride...
...and we went to the movies...
...and she also thinks
that Citizen Kane is the best movie ever.
The dinner at the Cochon d'Or
was outstanding.
Genevieve loved the escargots
and the beef bourguignonne.
She's the most wonderfuI girI
in the world.
All my life I have felt unsettled,
sort of up in the air.
But not anymore.
The beagle has landed.
Spike, I want you to come to the wedding
and be my best beagle.
Love, Snoopy. "
Best beagle?
CHARLIE: "Dear Snoopy, I'm honored
to be asked to be your best beagle.
But I have to see
if I can earn enough money... make the long trip.
Perhaps your owner
could be prevailed upon... send me money for the bus fare.
Yours truly, your brother Spike. "
"Dear Snoopy, I'm on my way.
I've earned some money
and I think I can make it.
But this last job almost killed me.
I didn't think that working could be so hard
or so dangerous.
But I shall persevere,
and I'll join you at your wedding.
Yours truly, your brother Spike. "
Well, he's on his way.
We better get things organized.
Yes, sir. My dog is getting married.
He needs a complete wedding outfit.
How are the plans
for the wedding coming along?
Well, the ceremony will take place
right here in the backyard.
The bride will enter
through that small gate over there.
Snoopy and Spike will stand right here.
The reception party after the wedding
will be held downstairs in the doghouse.
He's having it painted over
in pink and white.
I sure hope Spike makes it here
in time for the wedding.
It's a long way from Needles, California.
Gee, I wonder if he's had any trouble
coming that long way.
What are you so nervous about?
We think Spike will be here any second.
Snoopy heard from him yesterday.
Who in the world is Spike?
I think your brother Spike has arrived.
That's the strangest looking animaI
I've ever seen. What is it?
That's Spike. That's Snoopy's brother.
He came all the way
from Needles, California.
Another stupid beagle?
I don't believe it.
He's going to be the best beagle
in the wedding.
How about the worst beagle?
Hey, Linus, what are you writing?
I've been asked
to perform the wedding ceremony.
I think I'll quote the first verse
of the second chapter of John.
Hey, who's planning the wedding dinner?
I think we better do it, sir.
We don't want to look cheap.
Okay, Lucille, you make the salad.
Marcie and I will do the main course.
This is going to be some wedding.
Half the guests
are going to eat off paper plates...
...and the other half out of dog dishes.
Well, Spike,
you've made Snoopy very happy...
...coming all the way from Needles
to be Snoopy's best beagle.
I hope we live up to your expectations.
Come, you must meet the bride
and the rest of the wedding party.
Then tonight,
we're holding Snoopy's bachelor party.
As his closest relative, you, of course,
will be very important to the festivities.
Wake up, Snoopy.
Time for your last fling as a single dog.
Time for the bachelor party.
Wake up, Snoopy.
- Aah!
- Now, come on, don't be nervous.
Let's all take root beer in hand.
Let's drink a toast
to the waning bachelorhood of Snoopy.
No more traipsing off to France.
No more root beer parties.
Here's to the end of youth
and innocence.
I heard it was a tradition for the groom
to drink root beer out of the bride's slipper.
She's a dog. She doesn't wear slippers.
Wait, I'll go home
and get my mom's slipper.
Here it is. Fill the slipper for the groom.
Hurry up, everyone.
It's just a few minutes before the ceremony.
Quick. The finaI touches.
You need something old.
And something new.
Something borrowed.
And something blue.
Well, Snoopy, today's the day.
Get up and get ready.
Come on, Snoopy, you have to get up.
Here, I brought you some breakfast.
You'll need lots of energy today.
Everything is set.
The bride will be given away by Lucy.
You better get up.
Hey, everyone will be here soon
and Snoopy's still sleeping.
Hey, wake up. This is your wedding day.
Wake up!
What do you mean
you can't go through with it?
What do you mean you're too young?
You can't back out now.
Not when they've selected a ring bearer.
Yep, a ring bearer.
Rerun is going to be the ring bearer...
...and once the ring bearer is selected,
you are committed.
Don't be nervous.
Almost everybody feels like that
when the day finally comes.
Now, come on.
Come on.
This will be the happiest day of your life.
Okay, Spike,
you have to put on your outfit too.
This has to go, Spike.
Only a top hat will do.
Hey, that looks great.
I'll clean up too,
and then we'll go out and have a wedding.
Oh, let me be the one to share your life
To face our future days as dog and wife
Oh, let me be the one to hold you dear
To see your tail wag when I am near
You brighten each day, love
And make my world shine
What harm could befall us
With your paw in mine?
Oh, let me be the one to cherish you
To ease the pain of life
When you are blue
Oh, let me be the one you call your own
We'll live for love
And never
Eat alone
Spike, go see what's holding things up.
Tell them we're ready.
Charlie Brown,
I've got some good news for you...
...and I've got some bad news.
The good news
is that we've prepared a great party.
The bad news is that the bride-to-be
has just ran off with a golden retriever.
The wedding's off!
What about my sermon?
What about my salad?
Hey, what about my music?
What about my dinner?
What about my wedding cake?
What about my dog?
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