Snow Beast (2011) Movie Script

You see that Dan?
Don't forget
your coat.
I wouldn't need one if
you let me stay here.
Ah. That's you fault,
not mine.
I'm not the one that got
expelled the day before
her father went on a trip.
Why can't I stay home?
It's not like I need
a babysitter.
You know, I would've
agreed with you if you
hadn't gotten into
a fight at school.
It wasn't even a fight.
All I did was shove
her, and she deserved it.
Oh, and if she didn't deserve it
and you punched her anyway.
Shoved her.
And she totally went after Blake
even though she knew I liked him.
That's funny. I don't remember
you ever mentioning Blake before.
That's because
you don't listen.
Did you get anything to eat,
'cause we gotta go pretty soon.
You're coming with me, Emmy.
I can stay at Lena's.
Oh, that's right, and do what
while she's at school?
Well, what am I
gonna do in...
I don't know. Maybe you can make up on
all that homework you've missed for one.
Sweetheart, you can make snow angels,
you can build a snowman.
You can help us with our work.
I really don't care.
Yeah, no thank you.
There are animals.
Maybe that'll help you out.
Yeah, whatever.
What do you guys
even do there anyway?
We track down animals that
we've been following for years...
and we see how they're doing.
We measure changes
in their environment,
- we..
- Boring.
You are coming with me
and you don't have a leg...
to stand on, and you know it,
because if you thought you had...
a leg to stand on you would not
have packed your bag.
High five.
Get in the car.
This is gonna be so lame.
Hi guys.
Emmy, you
remember Rob and Marci,
two very important parts
of our research team...
from the university.
Hi Emmy.
[GRUNTING] Look out.
Come on guys. Let's go
before it gets too dark.
Yeah, we don't wanna get lost
like last time.
Have you seen them today?
I guess they didn't wanna make
an appearance until you showed up.
We haven't even
been out at all.
We've been stocking the cabin.
Anything good?
It's all good,
as long as Marci doesn't cook it.
Emmy can help out with that.
What's that?
Ski resort.
Did you guys know that, uh...
over 15 million people ski or
snowboard in North America alone?
How do they
have time for that?
Hey, can we go skiing?
We're here to work, Em.
No, you're here to work, Dad.
We have two snowmobiles.
Maybe you could take a ride
on one...
with your dad
driving, of course.
Hey, grab some of them
push pins, will ya?
Hurry, we got a lotta these
to do today.
One thing you gotta realize, kid,
is people go missing.
It happens out here sometimes.
Especially during
spring break season.
All those college kids drift too far away
from their fancy resorts and freeze.
Others get...
buried in an avalanche.
It happens?
That's your philosophy?
When you've been around as long
as I have, you'll get what I mean.
Yeah, thanks Gibbons.
Trying to save the world.
I gotta save the world
before he eats it.
Home, sweet home.
For one week
outta the year, anyway.
This is where
you guys come?
We're in the middle
of nowhere.
You thought I was kidding,
didn't you?
No, really, like nowhere.
We're actually only six miles
from the resort as the crow flies,
but with the mountains
and windy roads it's...
Thanks, Rob.
As the crow flies?
They're crows.
They fly.
Satellite all hooked up
ready to go?
It's sketchy.
It's on my to do list.
My cell phone
doesn't work.
Oh, duh...
There's not a cell tower
around here, silly.
That's no excuse.
I guess you're just gonna have to settle
for real human interaction.
Why don't you help
get dinner ready?
Yeah, I'm not hungry.
We all pitch in
around here, Emmy.
Why don't you make yourself
in charge of...
getting meals ready?
Nice try.
I'm not your slave.
Tell me! Do you really think
I'm outta line...
asking you to assume just
a little bit of responsibility?
That's funny.
Where have I heard that
Oh yeah, that's exactly what you
told mom right before she split.
Help with the food.
Bad time?
Whatcha got?
Satellite's gonna be iffy
for a couple days.
Why is that?
I don't know.
I think it's a hardware problem.
Something with the
satellite service centre.
Well, maybe Rob can help us out
with some trivial information.
Anything else?
So last year I published this paper
on tar sand mining...
and the effects it has
on wildlife's water sources.
That was you?
Yeah, that was me.
I... I am so amazed.
I mean I had no idea
you were so smart and hot.
But you know, maybe you should try
like spiking the hair,
get a haircut, lose the flan.
Ooh, yeah,
lose the flannel.
- And then untuck the shirt.
- Emmy.
Knock it off.
Come on Dad.
We're just...
catching up, you know,
old times.
He's twice your age,
and he's not interested.
Knock it off.
You're not interested.
Uh... no luck.
Keep trying, though, okay?
Of course. You think I can go a week
without my email?
Hah, well, I don't know,
you might survive.
Emmy all settled in?
Hm... I guess she is.
I went up to her door,
it's closed and I hear that...
angry music coming through those
ear things she wears... 24/7.
Rough time.
When, uh... when Kim...
[snivels] when Kim left us,
Emmy just kinda
got quiet.
All of a sudden
she didn't talk to me,
she didn't talk to anybody,
And then for... no reason
I can wrap my dad head around,
turned into one of those...
lashing out at everything,
angry teenage things, you know?
I miss the quiet Emmy.
No... you miss that...
happy Emmy, before Kim left.
Yeah, but I... honestly don't think
there's much chance...
of that Emmy
ever coming back.
You ever hear from Kim?
maybe it's time to move on.
Quitting time.
Yeah, you go ahead.
What's with the pins?
Oh, if you can't tell your partner,
who can you tell?
You're not gonna care.
Try me.
I been pulling up some
past reports of missing persons...
and the places
they were seen last.
If you wanna be a detective,
I know somebody at the RCMP.
You see,
I knew you wouldn't listen.
You're taking this snowboarder
to seriously.
The rescue teams
searched all over for him.
Yeah, well,
they didn't search everywhere.
I mean the places
that they're searching...
barely intersect the places
where people were last seen.
And they barely intersect the places
where people said they saw something.
An animal.
An animal that made all
these people disappear?
Don't believe me.
You know what this snowboarder's
probably doing?
Running, from an ex-girlfriend,
bad debts.
He's probably in Paris
right now starting over.
You're caught up
in your own imagination, kid.
Stop calling me kid.
Lock up when you're done...
I knew I wasn't lost.
This is really strange.
None of the radio tags
are showing up.
None of them?
No, maybe the lynx
are hunting farther away.
Or all the ones that were tagged
have moved on?
Or all the transmitters
have gone bad,
but that's not
very likely.
We don't have any idea
where to start looking.
I tell you what.
Let's set up all your cameras.
Maybe we'll find a den
in the process.
Imagine how thick our coats
would have to be...
if we were here mid winter.
Did you know that wearing cotton
actually increases
your chances
of hypothermia?
Synthetic fabrics and, uh,
wool actually do better...
at drying and insulating.
Have fun.
Hey, why don't
you come with us?
Oh, yeah, I know,
trudging through the snow...
looking for some animal
sounds like so much fun,
but I think I'll pass.
Okay, since you're gonna pass
I want you to stay here in the cabin.
If you get in any trouble,
if you need me for any reason...
call me on the radio.
It's a radio, right here.
The radio.
Push this button.
What am I suppose to do?
How about your homework?
this can be a really fun place.
Why don't you try
to have a goodtime, okay?
Be sure you set the camera
to motion...
- activate the recording, okay?
- Got it.
Wasn't this a den?
Be careful, we don't wanna
disturb anything.
There aren't any tracks,
but... it's gotta be a den.
Yeah, you're right.
No droppings.
The camera's not working.
Yeah, I think I can find something
at the resort stores.
It's just a cable...
I think.
Look, I'm gonna go finish setting up
the rest of the cameras...
and then I'm gonna to head back
to the cabin,
pick up the truck.
Hey, Emmy.
Have you seen the keys
to the truck?
- Where you going?
- To the store.
Maybe they're in Jim's room.
Found them.
No change
in the snow pack?
Nah, nothing substantial.
Certainly nothing to indicate
why the lynx aren't here anymore.
Yeah, but we found couple of dens
and litters last year.
Maybe they're gonna come out
at night.
They like it better then.
Yeah, but I've been
coming here four years,
you even longer.
It's a lotta work.
Imagine if all of our research
just disappeared.
This isn't the only research
we're doing.
Yeah, but...
Yeah, but what?
What about our expedition
to Antarctica?
We've been putting in
a request every year.
It's not gonna happen
through the university.
We need big results.
Look, the lynx project
is not dead.
I think you just...
gettin' yourself all worked up...
about nothing.
I have some new leads,
some fresh funding.
It's a very wealthy family.
All of a sudden
they wanna go green.
Yeah, so they can get a big fat
tax write off to fund their new hobby.
Don't tell me you wouldn't be
excited about it.
Peace, quiet, ice...
you and me,
maybe Rob.
Hey, you're with that
research team, right?
- Yeah, Barry, right?
- Yeah, good memory.
So, where's, uh...
He's waiting on lunch.
Ah, he hasn't changed much.
- So, anything new around here?
- Nah.
Well there's a snowboarder
that went missing...
a couple days ago,
but besides that,
Gibbons doesn't really like
to leave the comforts of the office,
so the only wildlife
I usually end up seeing is...
- Yours is pretty good.
- Spyder.
- I try.
Um... sorry, I'm...
Not a problem.
- Tell Gibbons hi.
- Sure.
You wanna give it a try.
Yeah, I've never skied.
Maybe after
we can get some lunch.
- I'm busy.
- No, you're not.
- Hey we're...
- Not anymore.
- Say goodbye to your friend.
- Hey!
What're you doing?
- You don't know him.
- So?
Hey, can you slow down?
We're almost there.
I thought you said
this was gonna be fun.
This is fun.
Yeah, right.
Did you see that?
I don't know.
So how were you planning
on get back to the cabin?
I don't know.
Big planner, aren't you?
I doubt my dad
would have even noticed.
He would've noticed the minute
he stepped in the cabin.
And that's assuming
he's not there already.
So what is it
about the animals...
that make you guys
come up here every year?
The lynx?
They're a threatened species
in the US.
But they seem to do okay
out here, though.
why study them?
Well, we can learn a lot
from them,
from nature.
Okay, well,
take how they hunt for example.
They sometimes sneak upon their
prey within a couple bounds...
and then they pounce.
They get that close and the prey
doesn't even realize it...
until it's too late.
What? So we can learn
how to be sneaky from them?
You know, a predator
is completely silent.
You'd think they
roar before an attack,
but they don't.
No, they wait.
And then they get close.
And then they kill.
No warning,
just efficient meal time.
That's gross.
And I'm pretty sure he makes a noise
or something before he...
pounces, or... whatever.
Oh really?
Well, when was the last time
you were hunted?
I'm just saying.
Well, what you might hear
is the blood rushing...
through your own head.
Something the fear triggers
when you see a predator.
Where'd you go?
Ah. She was bored, so she tagged
along with me to the store and back.
Yeah, sorry. I...
I didn't think you'd mind.
I don't mind at all. Just next time
you leave this cabin you let me know.
I'd say 'anytime' but I... I don't think
you should do that again.
- You weren't kidding.
- No I was not.
Please save us
from a repeat tomorrow.
You got it.
Anyone want dessert?
Uh... no.
I got them at the store.
- Okay, I'll have one.
- Yeah, I'll have one.
Thanks for dinner Marci.
Stop being polite.
Hey, it wasn't
my favourite meal,
but it's better
than starving.
Not by much.
Thank you.
No offence.
- None taken.
So, you guys see anything
while I was gone?
Not even a single
snow shoe hare.
Yeah, I was thinking, maybe something
happened to their food source,
that's why they left.
Does that mean
we can go home?
No, that does not mean
we can go home.
We don't know
that they all left, silly.
We'll see what the cameras
pick up tonight.
Don't they sleep?
No, they're more active at night.
They hunt at night.
They better show up.
Oh, that's a great idea.
Threaten 'em, Marci,
that always works really well, yeah.
Are you two dating?
Not yet.
And you, I taught you
better than that.
You don't go blurting things out,
like that.
Come on.
I think I'm gonna go to bed.
- And I'm gonna take out the trash.
- Good idea.
- You like her.
- No.
Marci is... is my...
my colleague, okay? That's all.
- And?
- And nothing.
We're colleagues, we work together,
that's it, nothing.
We're not dating.
Dad, I'm not blind.
And isn't she a little young for you.
How old to you think I am?
It doesn't matter how old you think
I am because we're not dating.
Okay, we're not dating.
Not yet.
- Checking the cameras?
- Uh-uh.
- There's only a few files.
- Oh really?
Yeah, not much moving
out there.
Hey, what's this?
Right there.
I do not know.
Let's run it back.
It's just a blur.
I asked for better cameras at the
last budget and what do I get?
Just a blur.
Well, good
morning sunshine.
You're up a whole lot earlier
than I thought you'd be.
Yeah, I'm hungry.
Yeah, well that meal last night
didn't really hold any of us over.
So what do you say?
You wanna go with us today?
Can I drive the snowmobile?
There's a good spot right up here
to put the last camera.
- You fixed it, right?
- Yeah.
Hey Dad?
Yeah, just a second Emmy.
Just a second.
How about that?
Yeah, that's...
perfect spot.
What is it?
I don't know.
Jim, can you take
a look at this?
What've you got?
What kinda tracks?
A little big for a lynx,
isn't it?
Those, uh...
those aren't lynx.
Sweetheart, they're may be...
maybe bear.
Not really sure
what species, though.
I want you to stay close to us
the whole time, okay?
- Just do it.
The tracks go that way.
They're hard to see.
I heard something
last night.
An animal,
large by the sound of it.
It was away
from the cabin.
It was a...
I don't know,
it was like a snarl.
A snarl?
It's the only way
I can describe it.
Anyway, it got me inside
real quick.
So... any truth to last night's
Nothing beyond the idea.
You know, every year we come
out here, I feel like a third wheel.
So when you gonna
do something?
I guess when Jim's ready.
He's not over Kim yet.
And what about Emmy?
I leave that
between Emmy and Jim.
You see there.
That, that's kind of cool.
Isn't it? I mean
you can tell...
that the litter
was here with the female.
Where did she go?
That's what we're trying
to figure out. I...
I don't know.
Maybe the uh...
maybe the mother lynx
just had to move on.
Would she have taken
her litter with her?
that depends.
I mean... sometimes,
the circumstances might be such...
that the
mother has to leave.
But she'd never do that
unless she was sure...
that they were strong enough
to take care of themselves.
She cares about them.
strike two on the lynx.
Maybe we rely on evidence.
Well, that's kinda difficult.
We don't have any evidence.
We can talk to the rangers,
see if they have any information.
That's legal?
Yes, it's legal to trap as long as they
follow the rules and regulations.
We actually haven't seen
the prey for the lynx.
Maybe that's the problem.
Maybe they've moved on to a
territory with a better food source.
Yeah, but what about the prey?
The snowshoe hare.
The hare population goes
up and down from year to year,
but to disappear entirely
from one season to the next?
It doesn't make any sense.
Maybe something else
is eating the snowshoe hare.
Or maybe something else
is eating the lynx.
That's good.
But the lynx is pretty high up
on the food chain, sweetie.
Well, what about those tracks?
I mean, do bears eat lynx?
Ah, a bear might eat a lynx
if it found a carcass
on the side of the road,
it might even challenge one...
if it meant survival, but...
it's wintertime.
The bears are hibernating.
Speaking of survival,
dinner's ready.
- Great.
- Yes.
Dish me up some.
I'm gonna go grab some firewood.
What is it?
I don't know.
Where is it?
It's right outside.
It tore up our snowmobile.
I don't see anything.
Anybody see anything?
No, should we go
check it out?
No, it's...
it's too late.
Let's do that
first thing in the morning.
Come on,
let's go back to bed.
Go back to bed.
Come on, sweetie.
Back to bed.
It's toast.
You think they'll give us
our deposit back?
Look at the spacing
of the tracks.
It sure ain't walking
on four legs.
It's walking upright.
Bears walk upright.
That far?
Maybe it felt threatened?
I'm gonna go to the Ranger's station,
let them know this happened.
Yeah, see if anybody else
is having trouble.
Sure, sure.
See ya tonight, hon.
Hi there.
Hey, Gibbons.
we're up here
for our yearly research,
you know, that thing
we're always doing.
Oh, the wild cat.
Oh, how's it going?
Well, it could be better.
We had a visitor last night.
Uh... what kinda visitor?
I don't know.
Could be a bear.
It ripped up
one of our snowmobiles...
and tossed
some garbage around.
Yeah, bears do that.
Well, assuming
it's a bear.
I wanted to see if you heard
of any other reports,
or anything going on
in the area?
Where is it you said
you're staying again?
They're up on the high road
near Jake's lane.
Come on.
What's the matter?
Camera 5 went down again.
- Thought you said you fixed it.
- I thought I did.
All the other ones look fine.
Get up.
Come on. Come on.
Okay, let's see, and this...
and pahhh.
I'll go fix it.
Let's take the tranq gun.
You guys have a gun.
Tranq gun, tranquilizer.
Just in case.
I'll go with you.
What about Emmy?
Yeah, what about me?
Testing one, two, three.
Emmy, do you hear me?
I hear you Dad.
Thank you.
Why'd you stop?
I thought
I saw something out there.
Nothing's out there.
I'm gonna go check it out.
I'll stay with the truck.
Can I give you
a hand with anything?
No, hopefully
it's something simple.
Emmy, you there?
Yeah, Dad.
Where else would I be?
Look, I want you to keep your eye
on the monitors..
and let me know
if you see anything, alright?
Yeah, I know, I know.
Let's go already.
Hey Barry!
Field trip's over, kid!
This better not be
some kinda prank.
How about that?
Okay, Emmy.
How about that?
How about now?
Okay, Emmy.
How about now?
Okay. Now all I see
is Rob's face.
Ha, ha.
Alright, better?
How's the
picture quality?
Ahh... ugh!
- Rob, you okay?
Yeah, I think so.
Oh, that hurt.
Yeah, I'll bet it did.
Are you guys okay?
Yeah, honey, I'm fine.
I'm fine, sweetheart.
Um, Rob fell in a hole.
I don't suppose there's
a ladder down there, huh?
Real funny.
Looks like some kinda
cave or something.
Well, hang tight.
I'll find another way in.
Don't go anywhere.
Hey Rob, can you hear me?
Yeah, yeah, I'm over here.
Yeah, Emmy.
I think I see something.
On the camera.
I don't know what it is.
Emmy, what camera
did you say you saw it on?
Camera 2.
Hey, There's something.
Emmy, I want you to radio me
right away if you see anything else.
Take a look.
Ranger said someone went missing
a couple days ago.
He's not missing anymore.
Dad, it's back.
At the cabin?
No, no, but he's moving fast.
He's on camera 3 now.
Camera 2 to 3.
He's coming right toward us.
He's coming home.
And fast.
Emmy, I want you
to describe it to me.
It's a...
is it a bear?
No, it...
it's bigger than that.
Uh... Jim?
Let's get outta here.
Dad, he's on camera 4 now.
Come on.
Hurry up!
Okay, I see you.
- Hurry, Jim.
- I'm trying.
- Well, go!
The rangers said they haven't
heard of any other reports.
And they said there's probably
a bear in the area.
Now, look, there are over thirty
classifications of bears,
and that did not look like
any of 'em.
It's hard to tell what it is.
You didn't get a better look?
It's hard to get a better look
when you're running for your life.
We need to tell theauthorities
about the body...
and the...
whatever it is.
What we need to do is we need
to leave, first thing in the morning.
- Leave?
- Yeah.
That's probably what
drove the lynx away.
No, it's probably
what killed all the lynx.
Yeah, but we need to find out
for sure.
Why don't I give you a hand
with dinner, sweetheart?
You know what?
There are no lynx.
There's nothing to look at
now the lynx are gone.
Have we ever seen
anything like this?
No, and I don't wanna ever
see anything like that again.
Don't we wanna just
get the dead persons ID?
How's this?
Chicki-bits, okay?
You alright?
We're leaving tomorrow.
First thing.
This whole thing's
got you scared too, huh?
If I wasn't here,
would you go looking for it?
Hmm, no.
We gonna talk about this?
Is the satellite fixed?
It doesn't really matter since we're
leaving firstthing in the morning anyway.
If this creature killed the lynx,
that's critical to our research.
I'm not going back out there
to verify that.
Think about the creature.
If we're the first ones
to discover this, that's huge.
It's only huge if the creature
is something special.
If it's nothing special,
then it doesn't make any difference.
You couldn't identify it.
No, I could not identify it 'cause
I was too busy running away from it.
Rob, you always have these theories
and facts to back it up.
Care to share?
Well, it could be a...
mutation or cross breed.
I mean new species
are discovered all the time.
Oh, really?
New species this size?
I don't think so.
Or it could be a yeti.
I'm sorry.
Well, a yeti.
A snowman.
You know,
the abominable snowman.
- No, no, no. Go on.
Well it's not like a bear,
you know, like a mountain bear,
polar bear, whatever.
It's body is just,
is different.
K, I'm not...
I'm not saying that I...
I believe in this yeti thing,
but don't they supposedly
live in the Himalayas?
Well, yeah. Sightings put them
in Tibet and Nepal, but...
they have white fur like we saw
and they run upright.
I mean,
you saw the footage.
It never went down
on all fours. A bear would.
Any creature
that I know of would.
See Jim,
we could be on to something.
I'm not saying
we go look for it.
Why not?
I'm... I'm sorry, but, um...
just exactly how did this
yeti get here?
What'd it do?
Hop on a plane,
get some peanuts,
watch a movie?
I don't know.
They're suppose to be mythical.
There you go.
Okay, so it's...
it's a distant cousin.
Maybe a snow beast.
I don't care if it's a mutated bear,
I really don't care what it is.
We are leaving, all of us,
first thing in the morning.
Look, we have the video footage.
I mean we could use that, right?
Everyone's happy?
All that video's gonna do
is drag everyone down here...
to make sure it's not a hoax
and steal our discovery...
right from under our noses.
We need more.
this could set us for life.
Funding would never
be a question ever again.
Marci, we just found a dead guy
packed away in a snow cave.
I'm not gonna let that happen
to anybody else.
- You've overreacting.
- Oh really?
Are you forgetting that
whatever this thing is,
it was very close to this cabin,
right outside that door?
The snowmobile, remember?
You leaving too?
Yes, he's leaving, you're leaving,
I'm leaving, she's leaving,
we're all leaving
first thing in the morning.
Okay. You two are basing
your decision off of fear.
This is science.
- Leave emotion out.
- You know what?
I am afraid,
but there's nothing wrong with fear.
He's right.
Marci, do you know what
triggers fear?
It's basic survival instinct.
It's either fight or flight.
We are leaving this cabin,
that is not a decision based on emotion.
That is a decision
based on survival.
Hey, Rob.
Wake up, let's go.
- [ROAR]
- Come on!
- I'm coming.
Where'd she go?
- Hey Dad!
- Marci might be in trouble.
Stay in the cabin. We'll be back
as soon as we can.
Where is she?
Jim, start the truck.
- What?
- Try to start the truck.
Well try again.
Pop the hood.
It's stuck.
Bad to worse.
What're we gonna do?
Keep an eye on the monitors
and I'll go look for Marci, sweetheart.
She's dead.
We don't know that
for sure, sweetheart.
No, I saw her
on the cameras.
Why did she have to go out there
looking for that thing?
She wanted to find
what was eating the lynx.
He's eaten everything else
around here.
We're all that's left.
Do we have to
talk about this.
Either way,
we're not safe here.
We need to go.
Yeah, get your stuff.
We're leaving baby. Come on.
But the truck won't start.
Then we'll take the snowmobiles.
Come on.
There's only one.
We won't fit.
Then you stay here. I'll take
the snowmobile and get help.
- No, Dad!
- No, I'll go.
Emmy, you will be safer here
and I'm not gonna take the chance...
- of losing another member of my team.
- Jim!
Rob, work on the satellite,
I can't do that.
Get it working, call town
and tell 'em I'm on my way.
Tranq gun's gone,
but I found some extra darts.
You won't be able to use 'em
from far away.
I hope
I don't have to use 'em at all.
- Sure I can't talk you outta this.
- No, you can't talk me outta this.
All right, well,
you got two ways to go.
You could follow the road down
or go straight through the forest.
If I go through the forest,
how much time does that save?
Four, maybe five miles,
- Take this.
- Thanks.
Hey, hey.
I'll be back.
Please be careful.
I love you too.
If anything happens to me,
I want you to get her to safety.
- No matter what.
- I will.
You think
he'll be all right?
yeah, he'll be fine.
Come on, come on.
Dad, are you there?
Dad, please answer me.
What're you doing?
I gotta do something.
It's not gonna work.
If it would've, you and Dad
already would've done it.
Well there's no harm in trying.
What about my dad?
I'm not leaving here
without him.
- Emmy, we don't know he's alive.
- We don't know if he's dead either.
Would you keep it down?
You're right.
He may be alive.
You really think so?
Looks like we'll have to
wait it out and see.
Wait where?
Let's get back
to the cabin.
Come on.
Grab the first aid kit.
It's in the back.
It's just in case.
Come on.
It's snowing
harder now.
We'll stay here tonight.
somebody comes to help.
And my dad?
We'll see.
- I'm gonna go after him.
- Emmy, no.
- I'm going with or without you.
- No you're not.
You said it yourself,
he might be fine.
You don't believe that.
We need to try
and look for him.
- Emmy, we can't just...
- This is my father...
- we're talking about!
- And my friend!
Look, Emmy, I understand, I do,
but we can't do anything tonight.
It's not safe,
especially when it's dark.
I'm sorry.
Okay, it's ready.
I'm not hungry.
Okay, um...
I'll set a plate aside for later.
It's loud...
the wind.
It gets that way out here.
I wonder how much snow
we have already.
Hurry! Hurry!
- What about you?
- I'm right behind you.
- Help me with this.
- Is this going to stop him?
I hope so.
Can we jump?
Where do you
suggest we go?
- Here.
- Thank you.
What if it's waiting for us
when we go out?
Well, if he is like most predators,
it's more active at night.
What about day?
He... he seems
plenty active then.
I guess we'll find out.
I'm not leaving here till morning.
You're suppose to be
all brave and comforting.
So I don't get scared.
My dad would try to say something
to make this seem all right.
No offense, but...
I really wish he were here.
Yeah, me too.
What if my dad...
What am I suppose to do...
when I go home?
What do you mean?
What's my life
suppose to be like now?
I wish I knew.
You'll figure it out.
Guess I'll have to.
You know,
your dad maybe okay?
You think
he's still out there?
I don't see anything.
Come on,
help me move this.
Remember how you said animals
can get close to their prey...
- and attack without a sound?
- Yeah.
Like it never knew
he was there.
It's okay.
- Seriously?
- Jeez.
So much for being safe here.
He ate your dinner.
Better than eating me.
We can't stay here anymore.
How we gonna get outta here.
On foot.
It's not going to be safe.
We don't have much
of a choice.
You know where it's cave is,
- Yeah.
- That's where my dad would be.
- I don't like where this is going.
- We have to try.
Try what?
To go into that thing's cave and ask
if we can take his next meal?
Emmy, it's gonna be crazy enough
just going out there for help.
Even away from the cave
no one's chances are good.
You said so yourself,
my dad might be okay.
I was...
trying to be comforting.
You know what I kept
thinking about last night?
If my dad was alive
and we left him here to die...
If we get out of here,
that's what I'm gonna think about...
every night
for the rest of my life.
Rob, please.
If we do this,
we're gonna need an offence.
We have to lure the creature
away from his cave...
without him surprising us.
We have to trap him
or kill him,
anything to keep him
from coming after us.
We'll use the tranq darts.
When he comes
after the food,
we'll take him down.
You think it'll really work?
In theory.
What's our backup plan?
And hope we can outrun
each other.
You know,
all this food wafting together...
smells really disgusting.
Yeah, well, I hope that thing
likes it.
Why do I have to carry it?
'Cause I got the gun.
His cave's just a few minutes
that way.
Where we gonna hide
so it doesn't eat us first?
Right there.
Thanks, for doing this.
Yeah, well,
don't thank me yet.
Even if Dad...
Thanks for trying.
Well, I think he'd be crazy angry
with you for doing this,
then really touched.
- He's my dad.
- I know.
It just seems like...
things haven't been the best
between you two.
He's trying too hard.
Ever thought about
giving him a break?
I would, but...
he doesn't listen.
My mom
walked out on us both.
Not just because
she didn't love him, okay,
she didn't care about me either.
and I'm okay with that.
He just didn't get it.
I'm still waiting for him
to catch on.
Maybe you should.
Where's he coming from?
I don't know.
When are the darts
gonna kick in?
I don't know.
He's heavier than I thought.
It's the last one.
How long is it gonna last?
I don't know.
- You don't know?
- I don't know.
Let's go.
Do you think
he's coming yet?
I don't know.
Come on.
Let's hurry.
Let's go find your dad.
- Dad, can you hear me?
- He's still alive.
- Pull the Line.
- Uhh.
get the warming pads.
Here, Dad.
These will help warm you up.
She didn't make it.
- Come on.
- And that thing?
I put four darts in it.
Slowed it down but
I couldn't stop it.
- Where is it?
- Uhh.
- Can you walk?
I hope I can run.
Come on, Dad,
we gotta go.
- Ahh...!
- Come on, Dad.
- Uhhh.
Come on, Dad.
Get up, we gotta go.
We're not gonna make it.
Don't say that, Dad.
We're going to be fine.
Come on.
If that thing
catches up to us,
I want you just to keep running
and don't look back.
- Shut up, Dad!
- Emmy, do it!
Come on, hurry!
- Emmy.
- [ROAR]
Give me that.
Get another flare.
Give it to me.
Let's go!
Ha, ha.
High five.
Hey Emmy,
how about a sandwich?
Well... Feels really good
to be believed, doesn't it?
This guy at school was passing around
drawings ofhis own Snow Beast.
How's the likeness?
- I'm sorry.
- No worries.
I decked him.
Don't be worried,
the teacher didn't see me.
You think anyone
will ever believe us?
Honestly sweetheart, if I didn't
see the thing with my own eyes..
I wouldn't believe us.
I wonder if the body
will ever turn up.
Come on, slow poke.
I'm not used to hard work.
What is that?
- [ROAR]
- Ah...!