Snow White (2005) Movie Script

Hello, Nico.
Can you hear me?
Repeat this word for me. Chair.
Do you know what a house is?
It was one of those summer days,
one of those unforgettable ones.
When I arrived in Zurich,
there was something strange in the air
Something electric...
Not cause this was our first day
on tour.
It was my first time without the band.
Zurich. I hate this city!
just like it said on the walls
of that squatted building
a long time ago
What I didn't know was that
this day would change my life.
Because of Nico.
Every summer it's the same.
And like every year everyone will say
"Yeah, what a super party."
No idea why.
Maybe because of our little pad.
We've been living here for 20 years now
This house is as old as me.
So it's as if I was really old.
We're all really old.
It's clear once people start
telling me what they want to be:
Banker, lawyer, gynecologist,
financial consultant, banker, lawyer...
Except for one.
Wanda! Wanda is just... Wanda!
Super party!
You have a birthday downer?
Are we sad?
Well, I got something for you.
Boris couldn't make it,
I got you a small...
birthday present.
Thanks, Bobby.
Can I have some?
There's enough for all!
Hey, what's that?
from Geneva.
They're playing at the
Casanova tonight.
We're a pack of old mates.
We've been making music together
for 10 years now.
10 years!
We're all from Meyrin.
That's right under
Geneva's flight path.
My parents.
And that's me with my brother.
They came here from Spain.
We're a bunch of old mates.
Luc won't separate
from his game console.
And Vince. Vince knows
how to treat the ladies.
Juice, seeks harmony with the universe,
but there's no space
for that in this bus
We're in a good mood!
Our song "Esa Cosa"
is at the top of the hit parade.
What's going on?
See you tonight.
It's easy to get away from the band...
just get off the bus.
But the family...
they're not so easy to shrug off.
Mum is proud of me.
My father...
He's your father.
Go visit him.
Visiting hours start at two.
You know, since your brother died...
Mum, I have no time,
I've got a concert tonight.
I've got to go. Bye.
What a day! If only I'd known!
Nico wouldn't only change my life.
Everything would change, everything!
Nico, can't you keep it down a bit?
Mum, it's my birthday!
Turn it down!
Mum, it's my birthday!
Don't you want to congratulate me?
That's better.
My mother! She feels best
when she's got a problem:
Relationship problem, hip problem
insomnia or depression...
Oh, if I didn't have you,
my sweetheart!
Or she has to go play golf.
But her main problem
will always be Daddy
One can see that by the fact that after
their divorce she moved in next door
and believe me,
that wasn't because of me.
Your mum's a nut case, isn't she?
Nico, sorry, sorry.
I didn't mean it like that.
Hey, careful!
That's loaded, you fool. Go!
Bye. Party is over! Leave!
Fuck off! Come on, go!
Out! Bye.
I'm sorry.
When will you introduce me to your dad?
My dad! If you want to see him,
the fastest way to mobilise him is
to spend lots of money.
This is Nico.
I can't answer your call right now
because I'm already on a call.
Hello, Nico, this is daddy.
I want to see you tomorrow.
I have a phone bill of 3245 francs 65.
One moment, gentlemen.
Nico, why didn't you say anything?
How long have you been here?
Since the start of our appointment.
Are you aware that other people
can live a month
on what this bill is costing me?
I'd love to speak to you about Mum,
but I just don't have time.
I'll call you.
I have to go away for a few days,
do you want the car?
You can put it
in the garage afterwards.
Thanks. Bye.
I want a dad with money too.
Hail the winner!
The conquerer!
The Queen of the Rosefest!
Great lines!
Really good script! Don't you think?
Theatre business,
you're serious about it?
Yes, why?
That's not really a career.
Well, you don't have a career either!
Hey, at least I'm earning money!
Hey, don't we want to go with mine?
Wow, a new set of wheels...
And then my sponsor gave me
one of those small boxes.
One of those for rings,
like in a movie.
Hey, just imagine!
This is my fucking sponsor!
Yeah, well, this car was in it!
And when will you get your dream house?
Look, when you've grown up
in the suburbs,
not a lakeside villa, a house is great.
What's your problem?
I'm saving for a house on lbiza,
that's for sure.
My love...
What's with this guy from the theatre?
Read the papers,
spend less time saving.
The biggest troublemaker on the scene.
Everyone knows that,
apart from "Schwamendingen" chicks.
Say Schwamendingen chicks once more
and you can cook your own meatloaf.
Don't come to my parents anymore.
That would be a shame.
Her mum cooks the best meatloaf.
Eat, you're so thin.
Make a pond, I want a pond.
I like coming here anyway.
Since she's started working
in the bank
she doesn't tell us anything anymore.
One feels at home
at her parents' place.
The Casanova belongs to Boris. He owns
three other clubs in town as well.
But the Casanova is the best.
Because this is where I met Wanda.
My sponsor.
See you soon, honey!
If I were a man,
I'd lay Wanda in a flash.
Her aim isn't to work all her life only
to turn 50 and live off social welfare
suffering from arthritis
like her parents
If the house didn't belong to Daddy,
I'd have given it to her
a long time ago.
He still sees himself
as a rebel against the system.
He knows everyone, is smart
and makes loads of money
in the entertainment business.
But he's OK.
But I've been dating him for too long.
He actually always prefers new stuff:
New DVD surround systems, new cars,
new ring tones on his new mobile...
And when he's nice to me
he calls me "Snow White",
in English of course...
Snow White...
Hey, Vince? Did you have a good night?
Yeah, it was alright. And you?
We'll change the song order.
We start with
"La nuit des morts vivants"
Oh no, hold on, "nuit" is lame.
Let's start with our hit "Salsa".
Without me.
I'm in no mood to play for these
zombies. Or to start with that song.
Just to remind you,
you wrote that song!
Paco! These may be zombies,
but they're paying zombies.
You got a problem with my clientele?
Boris, all's OK...
Do you know Frank Zappa?
...Once he was on stage in Germany.
And he wanted people to cry"Sieg Heil"
otherwise he would not perform.
Actually as soon as the crowd
shouted "Sieg Heil"
He left the stage, explaining
he won't perform in front of the Nazis.
Listen, you have to play one song.
That's our contract.
you do whatever you want to do.
A small revolt... I don't care.
As long as you don't damage anything.
We start with a song.
I mean, I would prefer you
to heat up the crowd a little bit.
But if you can't do that...
Bon concert!
These dead...
Look how they are hip, they go oooh!
Dancing to Eminem,
their sluts give them a show.
Who cares that they look like idiots.
Everything is fine
when champagne flows.
Their paradise with all-access
Sex, Excess and American Express
These dead, pretty as in ads,
they sleep with evil,
as for them life is a whore.
These dead, pretty as in ads,
they sleep with evil,
as for them life is a whore.
OK. OK...
He, man, play "Esa Cosa".
Ok! OK...
Vince, start "Esa Cosa".
I have another question.
Zurich, do you live to party?
We make a party for you tonight,
I promise.
For years graffiti
has grown like flowers
Kids on the streets speak of
their idols, of Rap, a sure thing,
we don't count for more than five.
Good breakdancers, pure sport,
a healthy thing.
Animalistic, the strength in us.
Look at all the violence hidden
in this dance, this freestyle.
Our aim is to pass the message to kids
that have been left alone, like freaks.
One has to work,
there are many pitfalls.
Anger puts weapons in our eyes,
it puts weapons in our kids' hands.
Since when does my art make blood flow?
Look at the idiots on TV,
how they treat women like dogs,
behave like gangsters.
Look at their cars,
their furs, diamonds.
Want to be like them when you grow up?
Smoke like them, dance
and rap like them,
with strength left,
behave badly, like them
Positive hip hop,
that's what I've learnt,
grow up in the light and for your
fellows far from misery and contempt.
OK, I want you guys to sing,
What do you get
when you party like this?
How do you say "thirst" in German?
"Durst". We all have "durst"!
Boris is giving us a round
on the house! Everything is free!
Hello everybody.
There's a problem with the power supply
We have to break up the party.
For safety reasons I have to ask you
all to go wait outside in the foyer.
Order another drink and enjoy it.
As soon as we've restored things
DJ Wiseguy will be back on the decks.
Hey, Boris, are you nuts or what?
You can't just...
You are completely mad.
Good show. Fantastic!
Really! The damages
will be covered by your wages
Eclatez-vous bien, les gars!
Go ahead, we don't care!
We want our money!
Ease up, guys, we're not officers,
we don't give a damn...
That's something else.
I don't work for nothing.
I want my work to be paid.
So get our wages and
apologize to the guy.
You want me to apologize, Vince?!
To this dick? Because of money?
You're crazy, man!
Piss off, all of you!
It's just a shame that you
haven't gone to the right people.
What are you talking about?
About this...
Miu Miu, Prada, Versace...
You stuck up asshole!
From this angle, the world is blind
Dark city, making shadows
on buildings so sullen
The scenery ravaged by misery
rage and rancour advances like cancer
Piss and toxic smell,
the drool of pitbulls and rotweilers.
Hey, Paco, how are you?
I've said it 1000 times:
This song is about the "hood".
Does this look like the "hood" to you?
Relax, man. The chicks are hot.
Great. They are really great.
Vince, please.
Where's the director?
He's preparing...
What are you doing?
Somebody asked me to play a desperate
ghetto kid in your video.
There you have it!
Even this chick is laughing about us.
You want the "hood"?
I can give you the hood.
So, the director is preparing.
Hey, there's enough for everyone.
Yeah. I'm sure.
Piss off! I don't want
to see you anymore!
Fuck, what did we say, Greg?
No more drugs on set!
So who's gonna do it then?
I don't need a director.
I'll make it on my own.
You told me you know the hood?
Let's go.
I'm not for free.
How much do you want?
Give over!
I'm too expensive for you anyway.
Come on!
From this angle, the world is blind.
Dark city, making shadows
on buildings so sullen.
The scenery ravaged by misery
rage and rancour advances like cancer.
Piss, toxic smell.
The drool of pitbulls.
The stare from under their caps,
we think about the future.
Tomorrow? What the fuck tomorrow?
Here the future has a hidden face.
A mixed society
at the dawn of an era in cities,
built after war.
The harmony changed
into a world of agony
we forget how we discard it,
those that are trained to nought,
the unwanted, the different.
I liked this girl right from the start.
Not just because
she was incredibly beautiful,
no there was more to it.
She was so "refreshing".
Walking through the outskirts
of Zurich
which reminded me
of a workers' village,
Nico told me amazing new things
about this city,
things I hadn't heard before.
Beautiful... fresh...
and not stupid either.
There's something I don't understand.
I mean, you made it, you're famous,
how come you're not happy?
Success. It's like pedalling
in a hollow void.
The more famous you are the
less people listen to you.
You're just a product.
What you have to say,
is it so important?
Isn't it enough if people just
listen to your music and have fun?
Sure it's important.
It's important to me.
If you have nothing to say,
you might as well keep your mouth shut.
I have to show you something.
I'm taking you up there, come on!
Everything alright?
Come on!
Are your parents still living here?
Yeah... down there.
Just like mine! Heaven on earth.
Do they still work?
What do your parents do?
You have to answer me first.
My father makes metal parts
for machines.
A steelworker.
Mother is a cashier at the supermarket.
Very normal, they both work.
In any case,
they made a real gem-stone.
Let's go visit them.
No, they have to work.
It's six o'clock. Let's go see.
A good idea, isn't it?
Let's go.
Nico, what a surprise.
Where is Wanda?
She's at work.
Good evening.
Have you two eaten already?
Good evening.
Good evening.
What did she say?
She asked me if you're hungry.
Come in.
And who is the handsome young man?
A friend from Geneva.
Take some more. It's fine.
Sometimes you just have to get lucky.
That parents from Schwamendingen can't
speak French and that a French-Swiss
popstar doesn't speak Swiss-German.
Shit! I completely forgot!
I have to leave, now!
Paco, we have to go.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks. Bye-bye!
And now friends, to battle we go!
Gods, you must concede me the lust
to throw this one longed for youngling
in the dust at my feet.
Speak louder. We'll play loud music.
And say everthing a little... cooler.
OK, go ahead.
OK. This is the 16.
I'm going to join you on tour.
It would be a shame if a future
theatre star
just disappeared like that.
I miss you already.
I miss you too. But we'll see
each other soon. I promise.
Really, Nico. My parents belong to me!
Hold on. What was I supposed to do?
They don't know
how you earn money either
Listen to me,
Paco would have stood me up
if he knew I was a "Goldcoast" chick.
he doesn't need drugs,
doesn't do coke, doesn't even smoke.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
I'm in love.
OK, tell me, who is this guy?
What does he do? Where is he now?
I couldn't get Nico out of my head.
And it allowed me to
forget my real problems...
not only those of my band...
You spoilt him rotten! All his life.
What? It's my fault?
Yes, you and Paco and his shit music!
You're jealous because
he made it and you
you're not worth a thing...
What's up?
Why haven't you been in touch?
Nico, you're up.
Sandra... Go!
I've fallen in love.
Are you jealous?
Of this hip-hop boy?
Nico, are you nuts?
Nico! Come on!
Hey, Nico,
he's a musician.
He has a different woman in every city.
Nico, get a move on.
What? Are you in love with me?
For you women are equal
to bungee-jumping,
hang-gliding or coke.
You never complained about the coke.
Thanks, but I don't need it anymore.
Boris, we both knew
it wouldn't last forever.
Are you really this naive?
Rather naive than a cynical old bat
like you.
Get a move on!
You fucking spoilt goldcoast chick!
Get the stuff you left at my place.
Yeah, tomorrow.
Hi! Nico
Fuck you!
My love! I just wanted to tell you
that I just ditched a fashion show.
This superficial world made me sick.
You should have seen their faces!
I hope you are fine. I miss you!
Call me real soon! Hug! Bye!
This is not a come-on line, but
your performance ont the catwalk,
that was the best.
Totally punk!
Check out the April issue of "ID".
I'm a photographer and
I'm doing a fashion related project.
You would really fit into it.
Hi, Nico
Like Vandalism.
What are you guys drinking?
Or should we first go...
Ah, who needs Boris!
Hello, Nico! It's Paco!
I just got your message.
What you did was great!
Thanks! Thanks!
That's so cool!
Hundreds of people waiting, come now!
I'm coming.
Wow, I'm so proud of you!
You've got to stand up
for your beliefs.
Don't care about what others think, OK?
Keep it up, I'll call you soon!
Kiss! Bye!
Know the feeling,
you give someone advice
and feel like you're
talking to yourself?
No. Come on.
Right now, while I speak,
they clash into one another,
like two stars.
Strike him with carriages of sickles
and mow down his opulent limbs.
My love! We adjure you.
He is following hard on you.
If your life is dear to you, then flee.
Do you like Paris?
Love! Pretentious idiots...
Oh shit, I have to go!
Are you coming?
Where? To Paris?
No, to the airport!
No, I prefer to stay here
with your scent.
Not bad. And not expensive.
I could play this on MTV immediately.
The clip's not bad.
And the lass, she does a good job.
Listen, Paco.
You want to go your own way.
You're going to buy an apartment
in Paris, do your thing.
It's your problem.
But to leave us in the middle
of a tour,
you just can't do that.
You know we can't perform without you.
Should we go drink a coffee?
But what will you do afterwards?
Write a book? Poetry readings?
That's for old folks.
Your rhymes are good, but without us
you're just a good voice,
but a voice without a beat is like...
a pussy without a decent haircut.
Leave it
People! I'm sticking to my decision.
I'm your man till the end of the tour.
After that I'm sorry,
I need some space to breathe.
I want these three months in writing.
Greg, I'm not going to miss you!
Take care of yourself.
We'll see you in Lyon?!
Yes, don't worry, I'm a big kid now.
My love!
How are you?
Fine. And you?
Where are you?
I'm in my new apartment.
Ah, right. Where's that?
In Paris.
What, with those pretentious idiots?
I don't believe you.
I swear!
Hold on... You don't believe me?
Excuse me, sir, please!
What's the name of this city?
Please, it's important.
Much louder!
Thanks. Well? Do you believe me now?
OK. So I'm coming.
Wait. I'm coming to Zurich again anyway
An appointment at the record company.
Ah, right, when?
I'll call you.
I love you.
No, not with Greg.
Sure, it's tough for me
to quit the band.
You have to be true
to yourself sometime.
And towards your best friends.
Being truthful...
I want to show you something...
Nico, what are we doing here?
You wanted to know where I live.
What! You're crazy!
Of course!
So, who's this?
That's my father.
Look, this is me and my mother
in Saint Tropez.
Steelworkers earn a lot in Zurich!
Villa by the lake,
holidays in Saint Tropez...
So what does he do?
Bank consultant?
No, bank director?
Why are you doing this to me?
I don't know...
I wanted you to like me.
So who were those people we visited?
My best friend Wanda's parents.
Shit... great!
There we have it!
You're a proper rich kid!
Excuse me.
You just act without thinking
of others.
What about her parents?
Using them to back up your lies, right?
Well, did you give me a choice?
Your vision of the world is so fixed!
Here the good, there the bad.
How old are you, Paco? 31? 33?
This is a view you have with 16!
Not 31!
Because being 16 means
being rebellious!
In your case, when you're 20,
then what?
Take your daddy's big car,
show it off as if it was your own?
did I ever have a choice?
I was born here!
Shit... honestly!
Do you think you're superior to me,
simply because you grew up poor?
Stop right there!
I learnt to respect others!
What? Respect?
Of course!
I'm honest with you and you talk to me
about respect!
Then get lost!
Go back to your shitty neighborhood!
Fuck off!
Daddy's girl... Fuck...
playing with people
just like with money.
Shit, why did she lie to me?
After all...
another shit love story...
Hello, beautiful.
Bobby. How's it going?
Come with me.
What's up?
You owe me 30,000 Francs.
30,000 francs, for what?
Excuse me,
but this is strictly business.
You and your buddies snort
for 500 Francs every weekend,
you're always inviting everyone and
during the week, the same amount again
When did you meet Boris?
Come on Bobby, stop this!
Last year, 16th of September,
DJ Free ride was playing,
You were a worthwhile investment
and Boris was your triple-A guarantee.
First class waranty.
But your rating has mightily dropped.
So it's simple:
Raise the 30,000
and bring them to good old Bobby.
That's a good girl.
Nico, how are you?
Are you stressed or what?
What happened to Bobby?
Hey, calm down! It's nothing personal.
What do you mean, not personal?
He hit me.
Hey, look, that's business between you
and Bobby. It's nothing to do with me
Are you nuts? What's this, Boris?
I've got nothing to explain.
Like you said,
I'm just a cynical old bat.
Stupid cunt!
we'll take a small break now.
30,000 francs?
For what does your theatre
need 30,000?
You should read up less
in the financial,
more in the cultural sections.
You've no idea how many funds
are cut in culture!
I'm not going to be the sponsor of
one of those self-fulfilment hangouts
that doesn't serve the general public.
It'll make me the joke of the town.
As if you'd never invested in a firm
that went bankrupt!
That's not up for discussion.
I don't want to talk about this anymore
I have to go to London for a few days.
Do you want the car?
You can put it in the garage after.
It's accepted as downpayment.
Let's say 15,000.
This car is worth 10 times a much!
Yeah, but not stolen.
I fear, she will awaken.
Stop... Nico
Nico, I have to work.
When my actors always come late
then I can't.
If need be I'll replace you.
Didn't go well?
No, the theatre is good,
but Paco is so stubborn.
Men come and go like the wind.
You've got me forever...
Come, I'm buying you a drink.
There was once a concept
called "self-protection".
Meaning that one never
let anyone come so close
that they could hurt you.
A good concept, a veritable concept,
but like all concepts,
it only really functions in theory.
I think I deserve a hug.
Or is the class difference
between us too big?
I think three weeks of re-education
camp could fix everything.
This is the cinema district.
And here...
This is where I regularly drink coffee.
Come, let's go this way.
I see.
The hood as far as the eye can see
Smoking factory chimneys.
The repressed working classes.
I can't.
I have a meeting with a photographer.
I have to earn a living as well.
How are you?
Your car? How should I know?
How should I know where it is?
I have no idea. Maybe it got nicked.
Listen, your car is not my problem.
I've got things to do.
You want to know?
Yes, I really want to know.
I'm 30,000 in debt with a dealer,
and because I've got no cash,
I sold the car.
What's this nonsense!
Bring the car back immediately.
I need it, now!
Your car is probably in Kosovo already.
Bring the car back now
or you're no longer my daughter!
Have you ever been my father?
Bring back the car!
Are you OK?
You sure?
Yes, nothing important.
It was my dad.
I needed cash, so I sold his car.
You sold your dad's car?
But why?
You know, it's difficult to be acting
in the theatre and earning a living.
Jeez! You're incredible!
If the rich don't share their fortune,
we'll just go and take it.
No. Stop...
I owe my dealer 30,000 francs.
He's threatening me and I'm broke.
Oh... shit!
Do you hate me now?
Hold on... 30,000 francs?
Are you still using this shit?
No, no, well...
I don't know.
I have an aim in life now.
I enjoy theatre.
And I have you.
I had a brother, Nico...
What are you doing?
He was always with me.
We did lots of stuff together.
It's OK, Paco.
What's this shit?
I don't want to see you anymore!
Then he started taking drugs.
Which killed him.
And, what do you think?
No, thanks.
What I intend to do with you
is much more radical.
How far are you prepared to go?
Yes, Mummy, it's me.
Dad's gone and changed the locks
as well, I can't get into the house.
Hello! Mummy! It's me!
Dad's changed the locks,
he's kicked me out.
Sweetie, I'm not doing so well.
To be honest, I have no space left
in my head for anyone.
I'm not sure I know what you're saying
Your dad is...
Well, if I hadn't married him,
everything would be much easier.
You're depressed.
Once you're feeling better,
you'll want to sleep with him.
Listen to me. Try to concentrate.
Do you have a key to the house?
A key? Your dad wouldn't give me a key.
He doesn't want to be bothered by me.
I'm cold. I've got to go back inside.
Fine. After all, it's summer.
Hey, what's this? Mum!
Good night Baby!
Mum, what are you doing? What's this?
Damn it!
Eh, attends!
You don't look happy.
I can make you happy.
Me and my white friend can do miracles.
There have been other homeless people.
Wow, a new sponsor!
Spaghetti or meatloaf?
You do the onions.
But if the sponsor comes...
Then I need the bed.
But you can hide in the cupboard.
I need to find a place of my own soon.
Come, do as I do!
Just because you're a whore
doesn't mean we all have to be one.
Just because I sometimes go out
with men and collect the tips?
You have your sponsor, you escort...
what would you call it?
I mean, look at this place,
not exactly a gem.
So, with only one sponsor,
I'm not going to get anywhere.
You're right. Sometimes we do
funny things to achieve our goals.
So what's your goal?
I like the idea of being on stage.
So you see, you've got something.
Your dad will be missing you,
he'll call.
I never had a dad.
Look, when I have my little house,
then you can come live with me and
we'll have our own little family...
On lbiza.
That reminds me.
I've got something for you.
Against the heartache. Come on...
No... no, I quit.
Oh Yea?
Hello, Nico. It's me.
Well, I hope things are going better
with your parents
I'm sorry that I didn't call earlier,
we're in the middle of the tour.
I hope that when this is all over,
we'll be together a bit more.
So... Call me. Hug.
Everything OK?
Your mother called me.
My mother?
Your father had a second heart attack.
He's in hospital.
My father holds me responsible
for my brother's death.
We're to blame
for all their unhappiness.
Are they interested in us?
I know, I know.
But Paco, he's really not well.
You can have my place at the weekend.
I have to go to a meeting
with my sponsor
By the way, I spoke to him,
he's got a job for you.
Silentium in the Corona.
But that's nothing compared to
the mess Topolino and Puma thought up.
I'll tell you this:
Forbidden fruits...
Gentlemen, on your feet!
It's cold, isn't it?
Next week I want to see the rest.
All of it. Good night.
I'm so proud of you.
This is Paco.
Hello Hi, Paco.
He looks better up close than on stage.
In the subtext of the motion
of the striptease,
the photographer doesn't
only unearth the model's body,
she also lets the clothing
lose their corporeality,
illustrating our imprisonment
through convention:
Fashion as the chains of society.
I don't quite follow this.
You'll have to explain it sometime.
Do you like them?
Can't you see how he's looking?
I like you.
Now that it's getting intimate,
I'm going.
Good man...
Have to go to my sponsor.
Should we look at the others?
Maxime Steven, she's a woman.
This is not about jealousy.
I want to know who does this to you.
She didn't. We did it together.
I'm not the victim of
some mean porno photographer.
Have you looked?
These photos are so wrong. Damn it!
You're an object,
selling yourself like.
Like what, like a whore? Is that it?
I won't let you call me that.
You're just nothing but
an uptight suburban fool.
But an ass that takes pictures like
these has a serious problem, right?
No, you have a problem.
You're worse than all those wankers
with perverse fantasies
Now wait! Damn it, wait!
If it was up to you,
I'd be wearing a veil
Taliban pig!
Taliban! Communist!
I'm sorry.
The keys.
Such a cute face.
Where's the money?
Hey, what's going on here?
What's this about?
Piss off!
What's going on?
14,800 Francs.
Where's my money?
Here, your 15,000.
Now let her go!
You can count outside.
You little sausage!
You here for the workshop?
Let's go.
Everything OK? Are you motivated?
Who'd like to start?
My name is Abdes... no stress.
I present my bum in my X-X Large,
like this I myself display,
to the Barge.
My name is Abdes... and you're wearing
wide pants too, so don't put me down.
Geezer, I feel bad, that's all,
my bird left me and I'm lost.
Anyone else?
My parents sit
in front of the TV all day
My sister treats me as if I'm retarded,
my teachers make it tough, but it's me,
Emilie, star of the scene,
soon it'll be my turn, I'll have cash,
a villa and a cabrio,
then you can all fuck off!
But the content. Do you really think
a villa and a cabrio is that important?
Would a motorboat be any better?
Talk about your reality.
That's important
Love too, sir, is important.
I'd managed to postpone the concert.
I just really wanted to surprise Nico
at her premiere.
Next time I'll think it over
a bit before
Hang on.
You needn't come if you don't want to.
These machos ordered two birds,
so we'll give them two,
I could ask Tamara.
No, I think she's in Nice.
Why does this stupid chick
have to be sick today?
I told you I'm coming.
I want to say Prothoe:
I saw myself from the law of women
And follow this youngling.
But let me say one word, sister...
Now it's alright.
everything alright?
Salut, Paco
I was at the theatre. I didn't see you.
Didn't you have a concert today?
I postponed it to see you.
How come you weren't acting?
Nico, we have to...
Listen, I couldn't do the part
it's complicated.
Forget it. I'll call you, OK?
I'll call you.
What's so urgent? Excuse me, but I...
I have to work... OK?
Damn it, Nico!
I travelled 600 km to see you.
I arrive at the theatre
and you're not on stage.
I don't get it.
Why are you dressed like a whore?
Is this a pimp's car?
Yes, I'm a whore, it belongs to a pimp.
Happy now? Stop messing into my life!
What are you talking about?
What I'm talking about?
You and your shit music!
You only think about yourself.
Fucking egoist!
That's enough, hey!
Nico, come in.
What an idiot.
Just floats into my life.
Come, forget him.
You were always my darling.
When you have a friend
that you can always count on,
you can't just walk out on her.
Nowadays few people have real friends.
I'd never have thought that you girls
would be so good looking.
But it's true.
Why do you do this? You could surely
find nice boyfriends.
That's a social thought, Brandi,
you could marry one of these ladies.
Remember, Richard Gere in
"Pretty Woman".
If you marry, why not an escort girl?
They're used to a lot, aren't jealous
and are good in bed.
We're going to powder our noses, OK?
That's fine.
Should it get that far,
I'll take the asshole
and you the retard.
Be careful.
The nice ones are the worst.
I mean, I think he's just here
to impress his boss.
Take two of these.
What's this?
They'll bring you down a bit.
You want to listen to his crap on coke?
Come, Brandi,
sit down, come, relax a bit.
Take off this rag.
Hey, that's a Cerruti.
Tell the girls some exciting stories
about life in the fast lane.
Else they'll think you're a banker
and not a financial consultant.
OK. Well, I once had this friend,
he was always a bit different than me.
I was always more the boy-scout type,
but when after four days the rest
of the wedding guests arrived,
it only took two hours
and there were drugs everywhere!
Two guys from secondary school
suddenly said they wanted
to go to Mexico with their VW bus
to go buy drugs...
That's nuts, isn't it?
You... what's her name? Tamara?
Tamara or whatever.
Come, you don't have to
hide back there.
Unless you have a problem
with Colombian homeopathy.
You know, this is all a bit new
for our Brandi,
but he'll loosen up soon.
Right, Brandi?
Get rid of this opera... Tamara.
I'm not Tamara.
Do you want some?
Why not?
Brandi, your loins must be laid-back
by now.
Why not take the bunny
into the bedroom?
It's paid.
Medicine, that will keep you
going longer.
Have fun.
Just go.
Come in.
I have to freshen up, be right back.
Pfister was right.
The days of the good banker are over.
You want a glass?
Banking and all that probably
bores you.
But just think,
actually we're the last heroes
on the planet.
So we're called Captains of Finance.
I really like you.
And now...
I'm really in the mood for
a little adventure with you.
And you'd be the captain.
Of course. Captain Brandenberger.
I have to go again quickly, sorry.
I'm too high to fuck. Come on,
let's first smoke a joint.
This girl has everything.
Take one.
Are you nuts? All at the same time?
I'm fine, things couldn't be better.
Hey, no...
What's the matter?
Pfister paid for you too, didn't he?
Are you better now?
I'm not selfish in bed.
I can lick you too.
Now stop the smoking.
You're so hot.
You think you have a golden cunt
or what?
Leave me alone!
You think it's hot to be taken rough?
A little harder,
you think that's hot, eh?
Fuck off!
Fuck, are you crazy?
She's got a gun. She threatened me.
What do you want?
She's nuts, she's got a gun!
Wanda, come on, let's go! Get dressed!
What did you do to her?
Come on, Wanda!
Nothing, we had a few lines.
Come! Pack up, let's go!
We're gone!
What's wrong?
I don't know what she's got.
Wanda! NO!
My friend is dead.
In the hotel...
I don't know.
Suite 707, I think.
Nothing up there. Didn't find a thing.
A few sachets.
Headquarters. We sealed off Caminada's.
No trace of the second girl.
Wait, What's Wrong?
You don't look happy
I'm broke.
Maybe we can make a deal.
What do you have? Maybe a mobile phone?
Hello, Nico?
That's the girl with the mobile phone.
The beautiful girl
with the mobile phone.
What's the fuck are you talking about?
Where is she?
They just come and go.
Me, I stay forever.
Do you need some stuff?
Excuse me. Can you spare some charge?
Wait. I'm his girlfriend.
Please give me the number
of his manager.
Sorry, do you have Paco's number?
You've got a nerve!
First you dump me because of him
and now you want his number?
Do I look like a charity?
Boris, it's really important.
What have we here? A new "Snow White"?
You know what? I want nothing more
to do with junkies like you.
How are you, sweetie?
Thanks. Only Mum comes nowadays.
I've had better times.
What did you think?
I'd stop once I was in here?
I can get everything here.
Paco, don't go.
You're well known, you've got money,
if you don't help me, who will?
You're famous.
Please get me out of here.
How should I become clean
when all I see all day
is four white walls. Please!
Before we say our final goodbyes
to Lydia Wanda Caminada,
Lydia's parents have invited you
all to join them
in the abdication hall
to listen to one of Lydia's
favourite songs.
My condolences.
It's so good of you to come, thank you.
I'm so sorry.
You didn't know what Wanda was up to.
You would have helped her.
The police said there were two gir...
Nico, what's this mess you're in now?
Less voice feed!
And then... Juice, everything OK?
Paco, it's Nico.
What do you want?
I'm sorry. I don't know.
Hold on, I can't hear you. Hello?
I'm so sorry.
Listen, Nico,
I tried to reach you again and again.
Then some asshole
tried selling me drugs.
I've lost my mobile.
Please help me, Paco!
Calm down. What's wrong?
Wanda's dead! You're all I've got left!
What are you talking about?
Damn, we're in the middle
of a sound check
Please. Help me!
Nico, calm down.
Listen to me carefully.
Get on the first plane to Paris, OK?
When you get here take a taxi
to the Reveil Club. Everybody knows it.
I'll put your name on the guest list.
But I have no money, nothing.
From whose mobile are you calling?
Hand him over.
Boris, it's Paco.
Forget what happened between us, OK?
Could you lend Nico money?
I'll pay you.
Listen to me. Everything will be OK.
Calm down. I'll wait for you here.
I love you.
Me too, baby.
See you soon.
You're not taking any drugs, are you?
I really need to get on this plane.
You should have thought
of that earlier.
I couldn't believe
she'd lied to me again
Then I thought she wasn't meant for me.
First we'll keep her in a coma
for a week
We'll know more in the next few days.
It's amazing she survived
in the first place.
But when she wakes up,
will there be... lasting damage?
The gunshot caused inner bleeding
in the Brocaareal, the speech centre.
When she awakens
she will mainly need to be
in situations
where she feels comfortable and safe.
How are you?
Look at the sun.
Just like that day in Andalusia
when I took the train.
Did you know that I helped build
the foundations of this hospital?
No, I didn't.
Papa, forgive me for not wanting
to come and visit you.
No need to excuse yourself.
I'm an idiot.
I've wanted to tell you
for a long time.
I'm really very proud of you.
Even if I'm not sure about what you do.
But what I do know
is that you are a good person.
A really good person.
What can you see in this drawing?
Here's Daddy.
And here's Mama, my love.
Look, I've brought your little bear.
The doctor says you have to
learn everything all over again,
words, everything.
You'll manage that easily.
It's like skiing.
You were really good at that.
When you were six
you raced down the entire Parsenn.
Look, I've brought a picture.
Here you are in your funny ski suit
on the Parsenn.
Do you remember Heini,
the ski instructor?
You always liked going to him.
you didn't want to come home.
Nico! Nico!