Snowbound (2017) Movie Script

What happened?
- What happened?
- I do not know.
- It's closed.
- Help us please let us in!
I need water.
That stocking has my name on it.
Mine too.
That's my underwear.
What is this?
It's better than nothing.
Does anyone know
where we are?
No idea, trying
to figure that out.
Does anyone remember
what happened?
- Anyone?
- No, it's all
really, blurry.
My head his killing me.
It's the side effect
of over indulgence.
You two know each other?
No, I do not know anyone here.
- You?
- No, me neither.
No, sir.
Do you think someone lives here?
Well someone lit the fire, so.
Hold on, let me check.
Hello, is anybody in here?
It's freezing.
There's a sink in the next room,
but it doesn't pour out
any water.
I'm thinking everything's
shut off, I don't think anybody
lives here.
No water?
- I can go get snow.
- No, don't go back out there.
Red light.
I'm remembering... a red light.
Yeah, a red light.
I distinctly remember being at
a, rather,
exclusive party last night.
A sex party.
OK, we are getting warmer,
so to speak.
I assume all of you had
something to drink.
We all attended the same party,
am I correct?
Yes, I remember drinking
- a reddish colored cocktail.
- Same.
And you?
Everything is blurry, but yeah,
I do faintly remember
drinking something red.
As do I, a Negroni.
How about you?
I don't really remember.
I remember my drink
tasting funny.
Specifically, bitter.
Which leads me to suspect,
that my beverage was drugged.
Oh my God!
Oh my God, I think you're right.
I've been roofied before,
in my early twenties.
And I remember feeling
exactly like this,
just, I didn't wake up naked
in the snow.
You think we were drugged?
Most certainly.
A negroni is a popular
gin based cocktail,
appropriately enjoyed in summer.
I think it originated in Italy.
knowing this, I thought it
a deliberately incorrect choice
to serve at a winter gathering.
What's your point?
My point is...
I believe our host intentionally
served a summer drink,
in juxtaposition to this
winter wonderland.
as a savage mockery
of propriety.
OK... so nobody has a clue
where we are?
I was actually brought
to the party blindfolded,
but it doesn't even matter,
because this is obviously
not the same place.
Jerome is known
for incorporating
a preblinding element, at lots
of his parties.
You mean the guy that hosted
the party last night?
So we know we have
two things in common:
We were all brought
to the party blindfolded,
and we were all served
Negroni cocktails.
Seemingly planted,
with Rohypnols.
Well I don't have time for this.
I want to see what's upstairs.
We'll see what we can
find down here.
- What is this place?
- That's disgusting.
No parties like this
in Latvia, huh?
Honestly, it's not
as crazy as it seems.
You know, an open-minded party
where you can meet very,
I mean very, successful people,
trust me.
I do, and I need
meet new people.
Maybe someone who can help me
with my modeling career?
Oh yeah.
You would not believe
connections I've made so far,
I'll introduce you, around.
Oh thank you,
I really need that.
Hello ladies.
Katrina, this is the host
of this extravagant event.
Jerome, meet Katrina.
Thoroughly charmed.
What enchanted forest
do you hail come?
- I'm sorry?
- Where are you from, my dear?
Oh, I am from Latvia.
Ahh, let me guess, a model.
Not only are you beautiful,
you are unique.
I have some friends I'd like
to introduce you to, later on.
- I would be honored.
- See?
I'm sorry for my bad
English, but...
All of this, your house, your
guests, is very beautiful.
As are you.
I see you are empty handed.
Why don't you go with Lisa here,
and get yourself a cocktail.
I'll introduce you to my
friends, once you've warmed up.
Let's go.
Enjoy, ladies.
Oh my God!
Jesus Christ!
It's Katrina.
You know her?
I brought her to the party
last night.
What was that?
My dears,
one of you
is unfortunately responsible,
for the death of the young girl
in the upstairs room.
Starting now, you have until
five pm, to figure out
which one of you, it is.
The unfortunate one, amongst
you, shall receive a death
of the same sentence, inflicted
by the others in the party.
If no one in your little party
is found guilty,
within the hours allotment,
deadly consequences,
will be, released.
Are you serious?
Come out you, coward!
Man up!
Where are you?
No footprints, nothing.
We found a garage door,
but couldn't open it.
We will.
Oh my God!
Is it me or, does it feel like
we're being watched?
Oh we're definitely
being watched.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Jerome, usually you'd warn me
before putting me in your
dirty movies.
I need to find some blankets
before I get sick.
Hey, hey, you see this?
You see this?
No, no motherfucker,
If I find you, I'm taking you,
and I'm smashing your head in!
Listen, whether this is a joke,
or a game,
or whatever.
We got to get out.
I think that's the garage door.
What, is it locked?
Here, watch out.
Step aside.
Let Daddy take care of this.
Modern day
narcissism, Gabriella.
Did you think being a digital
voyeur could be so deadly?
Hey guys,
So I'm in one of the most
exclusive sex parties,
in the US, baby.
I know some of my followers
wants to know
what's going down inside.
So, I'll keep you posted
throughout the night, OK?
You can't take your phone
down there.
Why not?
I can store it for you.
Did you find anything?
No, nothing.
Can you help me with this?
It's stuck, come help
me open this.
What's in there?
Well that's interesting.
It's plugged in, but it won't
turn on.
- What happened?
- My hand, it burns.
It looks like acid.
Go get some snow, quick!
What happened?
Is he OK?
Here, just put it on top.
Oh, shit.
Wouldn't it be a great way,
to asphyxiate, Duco?
You don't understand,
he will kill all of us.
Who do you mean, who?
Jerome, you don't know what
he's capable of.
I worked for him as
a doorman, in Berlin.
Yeah but how do you know that
Jerome is behind all of this?
Trust me, I know it's him.
He'd want nothing more than
to permanently separate us.
- What else do you know?
- Nothing.
I know he's a sociopath.
He's unpredictable,
you know?
And you still go
to his fuck parties?
OK, you know what, we all went
to the same party,
OK, so we got to figure
this out together.
But, who's to say that we
have to follow his rules?
Yeah, why don't we just
wait out, and see what happens.
No, you don't want
to do that, alright?
I mean, isn't the dead girl
upstairs, proof enough?
If what you're saying is true,
then we're running out of time.
I didn't know there's
a dead girl upstairs?
Katrina, her name is Katrina.
Alright, listen, I tied her up,
and I,
But it was consensual,
she consented.
Consented my ass.
I'm into bondage, alright?
Jerome offers
a consensual way for me to have,
my fetish.
Yes, well we were all the ones
who woke up naked in the snow,
this morning, I didn't consent
to that!
- Calm down, just.
- Don't touch me, you know?
We're all trying
to figure this out.
She was fine,
and she consented.
Don't look at me like Judas.
I may have a fetish,
but I'm not a murderer.
Brutal honesty from here
on out, OK?
Did anyone else see the girl
at the party?
I mean, we were all there last
night, there's no denying it.
- Another message.
- What does it say?
Would like to try it
on again, Patrick?
Well, well, well, turns out some
of us have more secrets,
than we anticipated.
Look familiar, huh, Patrick?
- Don't touch me.
- Oh, and yet you have
no problems touching
others, right?
I'm warning you, step away.
Stop it, stop it!
Stop it, let him go!
Alright, I'll tell you
what happened.
Being your first time
here, what do you think?
It's definitely an eyeful.
I wish my wife would
dress like that.
You should have brought
her with you.
No, man, she's not
that open minded.
I do have someone who
is open minded.
A friend of mine, she noticed
you in the beginning.
of the evening.
She actually requested some
special time, with you.
That's if,
you're willing.
I'm all ears.
Good, follow me.
I fucked her, OK?
And I used that
at the same time.
But that wouldn't kill her.
And I was told she agreed to it.
What are you all saints?
We all attended the same party!
I mean you brought her there,
and you tied her up,
and strangled her,
for Christ's sake!
- We saw the marks on her neck!
- Calm down just,
please calm down.
What the fuck is this?
What is that?
Modern narcissism, Gabriella.
Did you think being a digital
voyeur, could be so deadly?
The Lord has shun down upon us.
We've got a phone.
There is no connection,
or anything useful in it.
Just believe me,
I already checked.
Really, then why were you
hiding it, little darling?
Did you use that phone
at the party?
What did you do with that?
- I recorded.
- You recorded, what?
- Some stuff at the party.
- What stuff?
- Did you record Katrina?
- Did you?
I recorded what you guys
did to her, but that's it.
Why would you do that?
Are you sick?
Where is the video?
How should I know?
I woke up naked in the snow,
just like you.
Did you kill that girl?
Did you do it?
I did not touch her, I swear.
What was the last thing you saw?
Patrick fucked her.
He left right afterward,
and I left as well.
And I think she was still
breathing, I swear.
Guys, where's Marcy?
It's the quiet ones you have
to worry about.
Sneaky little cunt probably knew
everything right
- from the beginning.
- OK, stop.
You know what?
Everybody needs to stop.
We cannot go on like that,
or we'll all end up
hurting each other.
We cannot keep blaming
one another, that's just what
he wants.
You know, what, I do not know
about you, but I'm not
playing by these sick rules.
I'm going to go outside,
to see if I can find someone,
or something.
You won't last out there.
Yeah, I might not, but it sure
as hell doesn't look like
any of us, will last, in here.
You're really doing this?
Here, and this.
Do you know, mixing drinks,
is an art?
Does that make you
an artist, Marcy?
I don't know, I guess so.
- How are your kids?
- Great, thanks.
Do you have a picture of them,
you can show me?
Listen, I need to take some
time off, I can't
work next week
I got away with the kids,
for the holidays.
Must be nice that you can
afford things, for your kids.
Don't push it, Marcy.
She's not going
to survive.
I don't know what
she was thinking?
I don't know, what if
she finds another cabin,
in a few miles, and brings
us back some help?
If she makes it that far.
Yeah, well, we better hope
she does.
We need to find Marcy.
Yes, go ahead, I'll see you
upstairs in a bit.
And, I need this, rope.
- Shouldn't we stick together?
- Yes, I'll be there in a minute.
Alright, we'll be upstairs,
be quick.
Hey guys, check out
the video that I just uploaded.
A lovely sight,
isn't it?
Yes, indeed.
I do hope you're
enjoying, my party.
I'm Jerome.
Who knows what the next
moment may hold?
So true,
but I'll enjoy it while
it lasts.
Isn't it interesting,
how we are all faced
with a choice,
in each, and every
waking moment.
Make the right one.
Oh, shit.
What's taking him so long?
What happened to you?
I had a difficult time getting
this rope off that
wretched swing.
It looks like you got it though.
Yeah, indeed.
Are you okay, sweetie?
- No!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Stay here!
- No!
Please don't hurt me,
I have children.
You have kids?
What did you do?
- Where did you find it?
- It was in here.
Was there a message
on that bottle?
No, no, no.
Sweet, and swift, with a touch
of bitterness.
Is that how you
poured it, Marcy?
You drugged everyone,
didn't you?
I was afraid everyone would
think that, if you found me.
Yeah, then what is that?
I think it's
crushed up Rohypnols.
You fucking
drugged us?
No, I work for Jerome,
I only roofy drinks
for certain guests.
If I roofied you, I wouldn't
be here, don't you think?
Did you roofy her?
Yes, but that's not
what killed her, I swear.
I don't understand.
If you're saying the truth,
Then how did we get drugged?
Later in the night,
Jerome he gave me
this expensive bottle of gin
when we were running low.
I was told to save it until
the very end of the night,
to only give it to the last four
people who ordered drinks.
You were the last four.
And I knew it was a rare gin,
so I had some too.
I think the bottle was drugged.
I swear I didn't know.
Did you see the last
person to leave the party?
It was Lisa.
- Darling, where are you going?
- Hey, uhm.
Do you know where Katrina is?
Lying, she's fine.
You shouldn't worry about her.
- I need to take her home.
- Actually...
She'll be staying
the night here.
Thank you for bringing
her to me.
What did she get paid for?
I don't understand.
She was paid to bring her
to the party.
You mean she knew
what would happen to her friend?
- And we have a winner.
- What are you talking about?
It looks like Lisa,
is the guilty party.
You know, I'm sick
of you making light
out of all this.
I really am.
Do you enjoy this or what?
Simmer down, sir.
Simmer down.
What we have before us,
is a very happy moment.
An end to this heinous game,
a way out.
- You mean Lisa?
- Lisa.
- this is all so...
- Overwhelming?
Yeah, that's how I felt,
when I first came.
- I just...
- What?
Everything OK?
I don't know, I feel very bad
for being here.
Well why is that?
My family, they are very poor.
So, I send them money.
My mother, she thinks it's
from modeling, but really,
I take any job that I can get.
It is very difficult for me.
They are very religious.
This would be a big shame
for them.
Well, but, how would they know?
It's impossible, really.
I understand though.
When I started working
for Jerome, I did not want
them to know how I was
making money.
You know what the girl
that got me this job, told me?
What mom doesn't know,
doesn't hurt her.
I understand.
Actually, uhm, give me a minute.
Excuse me.
How can I help you, darling?
You know I think my new friend,
Katrina, would be good
at helping me bring new faces,
to your parties.
You think your only job,
is to bring me girls
to have fun?
What do you want?
I didn't know.
I didn't know she would die.
Or, did she?
We need to arrive
at a consensus.
Since we all agree that Lisa,
was ultimately responsible
for the girl's death,
The unfortunate one
amongst us, Lisa.
Shall receive a death
of the same sentence,
inflicted by the others,
in the party.
Now, listen closely.
Since we all know that we
did harm, to the girl,
Katrina, but are unclear as
to how she actually died.
I suggest that we cover
our asses, by inflicting
the same harm, onto Lisa.
But only if we are all agree
to take part.
Wait, what do you mean exactly?
In layman's terms,
Marcy you will give her
a special gin cocktail,
to warm her up.
I will tie her up,
and, I will strangle her.
You, sir, will flog her,
and rape her.
And you will record
the whole thing, Gabriella.
It is the only way to ensure,
that we cover our tracks,
and follow the rules.
OK, if it's the only way, then.
And you?
It's just so goddamn rotten.
I mean what if we just wait?
Fuck me.
Unfortunately, that is not
an option.
I for one, am unwilling to meet
the ramifications
of our inability, to meet
Jerome's guidelines.
I can assure you,
the consequences released,
will be deadly.
Honestly, I hope she freezes
to death out there,
for her own sake, rather than
come back to this.
What was that?
- Careful.
- Yeah.
Oh my God!
Oh, honey.
Come here, it's OK, it's OK.
Come here, come here honey.
There's nothing.
You found alcohol?
Yeah, upstairs.
It's OK sweetie, we just need
to get you warmed up
a little bit.
It's OK.
It's all going to be fine.
It's gonna be fine.
I walked for miles.
I found nothing, just snow.
You've done so well.
You just worry about warming up.
We figured out everything
while you were away.
We need to check her body.
Whose body?
Shall we?
Don't fight me.
Don't fight.
Bring here in here.
Just hurry.
Are you recording this?
Record it, hurry!
OK, give me your panties.
Don't do that.
Shut up.
Fuck her!
Fuck her!
Fuck her!
- I can't.
- Why not?
- I can't fucking get hard, man!
- Oh Jesus Christ.
Take this thing, put it on.
Fuck her!
Fuck her.
Stop it!
Come here, quick!
What time is it?
Almost five.
No... what?
What did you do with the video?
I streamed live from her phone.
I'm no worse off than any
of you guys.
You know what this means.
We picked the wrong one.
What is that smell?
What is that smell?
It's gas.
Why suffer at the fault,
of others?
Let the wicked suffer.
Rest, darling.
Wake up in peace.
Thank you.