Snowden (2016) Movie Script

This film dramatizes real events ...
... That took place between 2004 and in 2013.
And? This is the only alligator.
We have been four minutes over time. We are about 1 minute. He was clear about that.
He is coming.
No, he is too young to have the level of security.
What time does the restaurant open? At the 12th
But the food is a bit too spicy. This way.
HONG KONG - Monday - June 3, 2013
Excuse me.
Here it is.
Nice to meet you finally.
So .. First, can I get your mobiles, please?
Thanks. We want that Laura is the only one that comes into play ..
The talks we discussed before? Thanks.
I bought this. It blocks the UHF frequencies.
You have been photographed before, right?
Yes, but it's been a while since someone took a picture of me.
Try to see it as a friend.
Take it easy.
Can you start by telling you why you did what you did?
and how you got access to so much information and ...
Glenn .. Shall we start with your name?
My name is Edward Joseph Snowden.
I am 29 years old. I work at a supplier to the NSA.
I have also worked for the CIA and subcontractors to them.
I have worked with different things in ESM the past nine years.
I've been a systems engineer.
I have been a solution consultant
and senior advisor to the CIA.
So nine wild become part of specialstyrkan !? Yes, Sir!
I think the special forces would be ashamed of yourselves!
Am I right in that? No, sir!
Left right. Left
we first drove the Cadillac ?? we first drove in Cadillac
so we run a convoy in Iraq.
Come on, soldier!
Come on, you worthless worm, on the move!
Come on, soldier!
Get up!
Snowden, what the hell are you doing? Where's your fucking heart ?! Here, sir!
Take your time into your chicken breasts and jerk it out!
Find it and get your silly ass up in the tower!
Sir, yes, sir! Get out of my sight!
I need you in the tower, gentlemen! Move!
Move! Come on!
Rise and shine, your worms! Release your dick off and came out of the barracks!
You have one minute to you! Closing!
Snowden? Where the hell is Snowden ?! Help!
You have gone around on two broken legs for weeks.
This is what happens to a 35 kilo backpack on a 65 kg body.
You get these kinds of stress fractures. Take it easy. Sorry.
More and more in the tibia here, and in the end, they break.
You will be here in a few weeks, and then around eight weeks on crutches.
Okay, when can I come back?
If you ever land on your feet again, airborne or not, your bones pulverized.
I will give you administrative dismissal.
There are many other ways to serve your country.
"Ghost in the Shell 'is one of my favorites too.
Are you so pale in reality?
Have you committed a crime that you have not been caught?
Have you ever cheated on a test?
Do you think the US is the best country? Yes.
Why do you work at the CIA?
How would you explain the Internet for a child?
Your grandfather ended up as admiral and joined the FBI.
Your father has been in the Coast Guard for thirty years.
What has been the most important day of your life?
11th September. We thought that my grandfather was inside the Pentagon.
It turned out that he was not there that day.
So you wanted to be in special forces? Yes sir, I love their motto.
"They oppresso liber" Is that what you hope to do with us?
Freeing people from oppression?
I want to help my country to make a difference in the world.
Internet is a technology that has the ability
To get everyone in the world to understand each other.
You were a question from perfect results at the entrance exam to the army.
Crushed comprehension test.
A little Mandarin, a little Japanese.
And no high school diploma. So why did you quit school?
I needed to make money. My parents were on the verge of divorce.
Some other examples? Joseph Campbell.
Star Wars. Thoreau.
Ayn Rand. "A man can beat the world's engine."
"Atlas Shrugged" Yes, I believe.
Let's try again. Why do you want to work for the CIA?
To be honest, sir,
it sounds really cool to have the highest safety rating.
It's not enough.
Usually. But we live in unusual times.
Bombs will not stop terrorism, it will brains to do, and those we do not have enough of.
I will give you a chance, Snowden. Thank you, sir. There you will not regret it.
My name is Corbin O'Brian. I have many titles, including a senior instructor.
You will be in my class at The Hill.
Stop the vehicle, switch off the engine.
Can I see your ID?
Okay, using only your left hand, open the trunk.
Place your hands through the steering wheel on the dashboard. The wheel!
On the dashboard. Do not go out of the car.
Excuse? Corbin's class at the end of the corridor.
Thanks. Is that an Enigma machine? No. Enigma could be cracked.
This sequel SIGABA, never cracked.
Cold War best encryption machine.
This engine and these rotors made history.
One day everyone will want to have this kind of machine.
I have always wanted to learn cryptography. What is this?
Hot line. The first direct link between Washington and Moscow.
Probably prevented the Third World War.
Do you have a name? How do I know that you are not the enemy?
Sorry. Ed Snowden. Hank Forrester.
Where did you study? I'm mostly self-taught.
Say if you are busy, but this is where a Cray-1?
Yes it is. The world's first supercomputer.
You can get all this power in a mobile now. Well ... If you are system engineers?
If I am a systems engineer? Trainers and counselors also
it is I'm supposed to keep an eye on your computer technician.
Make sure that you do not succumb to pressure. Starting with drugs and alcohol.
You will not have that problem with me. I do not drink and do not take drugs.
What is your load time? Computers
Well then, Snowden. You are placed in the correct horhus in that case.
Front in the global war on terror is not Iraq or Afghanistan.
It is here.
And in London. Berlin.
Which server or connection whatsoever.
The modern battlefield is everywhere.
It means you do not need to sit in a trench to escape the shelling.
This means that if there is another September 11 -
it's your fault.
Just like the previous generation was my fault.
Believe me, you do not want to live with that on your conscience.
We will start with a proficiency test.
Each one of you will build a secret network in your home town.
You should roll it out, make backups, destroy it and get it back up.
The purpose of the exercise is that you will be able to run the infrastructure safe.
Average duration of the examination is five hours. You fail if it takes over eight.
Mr. O'Brian?
I'm done, sir.
You do not need to tell you when you're done with the parts.
No, I finished the whole thing. It's been 40 minutes.
38. Will?
38 minutes.
Okay. Let see where you did wrong.
You did not think we needed to do it in order so I ..
I broke the sequence to save time and automated backup to run while I built the network.
The eyes on the screens.
What should I do now? What you want.
Are you so pale in reality?
Finally. Yes.
You want something ..? No, we'll take a walk.
You may need some sun. Well, you mentioned it earlier.
Sorry it took me so long. You would not want to see me on crutches.
I was not so smooth. And then came this new job, so ..
What did you do now? Analyses of the Foreign Ministry.
Congratulations! Thanks
Can do me a favor and point in the direction of the State Department?
It is in that direction. Where? Are you sure?
I'm not that good at orienting me. Not so good on lies either.
You have to work on both if you want to be a spy.
Where I come from work everyone's parents for "Foreign Ministry".
And every time you went out on my website,
which was often, the location of your IP address from Virginia.
Do you know how to track an IP address? Yes.
I'm pretty sure that the State Department does not have offices in Virginia.
Okay, show me what you can. What?
Do your stuff. Your best catwalk.
Do not be shy. Come on, I know you can.
I do not know.
Fold Bush, not bombs. Fold Bush, not bombs.
Do you want to write on? Yes absolutely.
No thanks.
Excuse me, do you write for? I did it right. Thanks.
Too much take it for you?
Oh no, I just do not like to speak ill of my country.
It is my country too. And right now it has blood on their hands.
Sorry. I have friends who are there right now.
I'm not talking about soldiers, I'm talking about the idiot who sent them to war.
You mean our commander in chief? Yes, call him what you want, he's still wrong.
How do you know he's wrong? You're overreacting.
No, I do question our government.
This we do in this country, that is what the country is founded on.
But the question liberal media then?
You buy uncritically what a site says.
Maybe. To my side is right.
Funnily, my side is right. Really?
Why do smart conservatives me so damn angry?
Probably because you do not like to hear the truth.
You're a very frustrating person. Do you know that?
How should I make you see? I can see just fine, thank you.
Did it help anything?
No, it did nothing for me. Tasted liberal.
Not my thing.
"Bush allow wiretapping without a court order."
Is it constitutional to bypass the legal system?
No. Fourth Amendment prohibits tracking and seizure without a legal basis.
Quite right, Rio. Which means
that your commander in chief, the president breaks the law.
That's what you say, do, Rio?
I guess it depends on .. who you talk to.
And if you talk to journalists?
Which usually do not have the whole picture, or do not report it
we will only get a part of the truth.
The law on foreign signals intelligence, FISA law.
We respect the Fourth Amendment in this country.
We issue permits based on suspicions
But sometimes the order issued by a secret court
so we did not warn the suspect, we are spying on.
And these court proceedings are secret, which means,
you can not read about them in the New York Times.
Did you see my test results? Yes, the best in class, like you.
Here? NSA.
They liked me very hard. Put me in all the best teams.
Soviet front. Gulf War. And so the great new challenge.
Find the terrorists in Internethstacken. A damn big haystack.
Hundreds of terabytes in minutes. It would take you 400 years to read the email.
And then you have to analyze them. The more you look, the less you see.
What have you found? Something real beautiful. With its own staff.
Three million dollars. A program that can distinguish between foreign and
Domestic information. Encrypt all
we were not looking for so that it remains private.
It was elegant, streamlined. The best I ever sing done.
Have a seat.
What was it?
Ed, getting to the top in our world
can sometimes take a man hard.
I mean, you think you are making progress.
You think that you take the initiative.
And then take the next guy and grind your job to smithereens.
They used it? Why not? They never say why.
Two years later, after September 11
telling a friend of mine about this new program they bought externally.
Cost four billion US dollars to roll out, modeled after my.
But without filters, without automation.
It took everything in. They drowned in the data. It was a fucking disaster.
But there must have been some greater purpose, no?
To spend so much money .. They are not stupid.
One might think that intelligence played a role in the intelligence world.
But do you know what it is that sets the agenda?
Military Industrial happiness.
You are the treasure chests to open the Congress, so that the money flows to external providers.
Efficiency and results, go out with the bathwater.
Not to mention..
You're late to class. Okay thanks.
Can I get another one? Obvious
Have you ever said anything about this?
Yes, I went to the Legal Department. We registered complaints.
Now I'm here, tucked away and out of the way and teach you.
It is perhaps more important in the long run. You get better and better.
My favorite place here on campus.
Chasing you, Ed?
I have shot clay pigeons with my dad, but never hunted.
We can do it someday. There had been great.
Mr. O'Brian, can I ask you .. You can call me Corbin.
Okay. Thank you, sir. Corbin.
I talked to Hank Forrester, and I would like to know
are all our signals intelligence directed toward specific goals?
Obvious. What would they have the benefit otherwise?
I do not know.
Do you have a girlfriend, Ed? Nothing serious.
What is her name? Lindsey.
Following her with you?
No, I do not want to expose her to danger.
You do not need it. You will not go to the Middle East.
I'm your best student. Does not that mean something?
In 20 years, Iraq will be a hell that no one cares about.
Terrorism is a short-term threat.
The real threat comes from China, Russia, Iran.
And it comes in the form of database injections and malicious software.
Without your brains will this country to crumble in cyberspace.
I do not want to risk losing you over a useless war of sand and oil.
It surprises me that you say so.
One need not agree with their politicians to be a patriot.
Where will you send me? Take a break. Enjoy the view.
HONG KONG Tuesday, June 4, 2013
This is Laura.
Hi. Hi nice to meet you.
Ewen MacAskill of The Guardian. Nice to meet you.
If you do not mind, I would like to record ..
Mobile phones end up in the microwave. Dare I ask why?
We get there after you asked your questions.
Before we get into the story, I have to get to know a little more about you.
Your career at first glance is very diverse, but we need proof ..
This is my diplomatic passports of friendly countries.
Tourist passport for all others. You can check visa stamps.
NSA tray with Booz Allen, my CIA tray with Dell.
And this is my DIA instructor badge.
This is a photo of me and Michael Hayden
the former head of the NSA and the CIA.
When can you publish?
Do you mind if I sit down? Here you are.
Glenn says that you want to tell us about your identity. How do you think your government react to it?
They will prosecute me for espionage law.
And they will say that I have put national security at risk.
They will demonize me, my friends and my family.
And they'll throw me in jail. In the best case.
And the worst?
If I do not get any media coverage, I will be taken care of by the CIA
and will be interrogated outside the legal limits.
They have a station up the street here. How do they know what you have done?
I left digital tracks in my log.
So they will figure it out. I did not have a manhunt, I know what to do with my colleagues.
This is not about money or anything like that.
There is no hidden agenda. I just want to get the information to
established journalists like you
so you can present it to the world, to let the people choose.
If I am wrong or if something
underway within the government that is really wrong.
So ...
This includes everything I have on your British intelligence agency, GCHQ
An encryption key, you will have later.
Your technical resources for the Guardian must check this through carefully. It is a lot.
They will look into it, and they'll figure out what I have done.
And then they will chase me. And now that we have been in contact,
they will chase you too.
Can I have a look in the microwave?
Ewen, I'm here with Stuart. Hi Ewen.
Hi Stuart. I have one thing to say. Guinessen This is great.
Absolutely completely solid.
But shockingly different from what one might expect.
So, now we have lawyers to manage, and no doubt the White House.
I have given the green light. Good, then we go.
We have a lot to go through, it is not easy to read. We can start by showing him xkeyscore.
Good idea. Can you bring out the back and go through it with us?
Should we make room for all there? He will protect their passwords.
This was introduced in my first turn of the CIA, in Geneva.
Xkeyscore. What makes it?
It is like a search engine.
What do the following? What you want.
What was your job in Geneva?
I worked under diplomatic cover at the UN to
maintain the CIA's security network.
I had been almost two years around the CIA field office.
Sorry, sir, but I do not understand.
Sherman said you chopped personnel department's website. It's my job to find security holes.
Staff Department Web is not your problem. You went too far.
To clarify, I do not hacked web.
I showed that someone could hack it. You told my finding a solution.
Do you have it in writing? Yes.
I sent you a Proof of Concept.
Regardless, Snowden, right or wrong, you must let this be someone else's problem.
He has also written a note in your personal file.
Let that be a lesson. I do not want to have a new conversation about an Ed Snowden event.
Take it easy the rest of the day. Work on dismantling the pile.
That did not seem to go so well. Hi.
No, I got a note that I did my job.
Politics, man. Fear wins again.
I can not get anything done here.
What about the idea we talked about? I'm working on it.
I'm waiting for a call from our friend at The Hill.
Corbin? Have you called Corbin? Do you think he can do anything?
We'll see, maybe somewhat limited field work under my supervision.
Yes! It would be amazing. I would .. Calm now, Ed.
I have to see a priest in Milan. We'll talk after. Okay thanks.
The CIA does not like to leave traces huh?
Curious to check one?
Check out what the crazy secret assassination missions you are about to take away from the story?
Excuse me, who are you? No such agency (no such authority)
Gabriel Sol. I am 25-kilogram brain from magician Council.
Excuse? Give me information about Bucharest, man.
Now, if there's another Dave Churchyard.
No, it's me. This way.
I wait outside. Stay if you want.
I do not have rights to use the NSA program.
If you are messengers to Bucharest, you must have a privileged access to the information desk to see, right?
So what does it matter if you see how it is collected?
It is up to you.
Will you give me the name? It is much more than the name.
What I provide you and the noble lord from the Secret Service with
is a list of all threats against the president since February 3.
and a profile of all threatened.
And these are what? Existing goals?
99% comes from the massive collection programs.
Upstream, Muscular, Tempora, PRISM.
You have little Snow White in you.
Which makes me feel as witch who gives you a poisoned apple.
Proof A: Oakland nests Justin Pinsky posted on a forum:
"Romania has a history of killing their leader,
they can not do us a favor and kill Bush? "
This was juicy. It is from a Google chat.
"I'll attack your bush .."
".. The largest pythons you ever seen".
How is this possible?
Key Word selectors. Attack, kill Bush.
Think of it as a Google search, but instead of looking only at
what people publish, we also search among that which is not publicly.
Email, chat, sms, whatever. Jaja, but which people?
The entire kingdom, Snow White.
What's ambassador, he was again? - De la Hoya, the World Trade Organization.
O'Brian gave you a helping hand.
He agrees that your talents are wasted. Ready for some action?
Really? Do you mean here, right now? Yes now.
Do you see the man and she in pink?
Credit Suisse. JP Morgan just next door.
Grandma's Deutsche Bank. 10 000 bankers in this town
all you have to do is turn one of them.
Associate with them. Fredragsvis someone sitting on a high
with dirty Saudi money that finances bin Laden.
He is either a fool or a spy.
He asked for your business card.
An ambassador? I nsar I had your talent.
That's why you have me. You know no bankers?
Bankers? Are you on some kind of mission?
I cultivate friendships, and not so good.
Let me help you. No, this is serious.
I know it's serious. Trust me.
Had any success? No, nobody has grasped.
Is there any good tricks?
It is about finding a point to press.
Everything else is just pressing.
You seem to be called.
Marwan, I interfere? This is my boyfriend Dave.
Hey Dave, nice to meet you. The same.
Marwan works at Monfort. We talked and
After last week, maybe he can give you some tips.
See you in there, gentlemen. Last week?
He embarrassed a little. There was a lot of money for us.
Dagaktiehandel is a dangerous sports. There is nothing to be ashamed of.
I'll take some food. See you in there then?
You have a nice girlfriend. Thanks.
I work in IT and I thought I could see through the market
as a bad network.
May I ask how big the losses were?
I told Lindsay that it was 20,000, but between us
it was closer to 45. I tried to win back everything.
It was a mistake and now it feels like I lost control.
I've seen it many times and I can help you break bad habits.
Thank you very much, I appreciate it.
It is the most innocent Pakistanis I have ever seen.
He has no direct contacts with the government or intelligence.
Secondary connections he has many, but there are all rich in the Middle East.
We do not have specific dirty, just one point to push him on.
Something private, some weakness. Can we check on his family?
What do you think about his sister?
Is there any video she sent? No, there is live right now.
From Paris. What do you mean by "live"?
Optic Nerve. Camera and microphone activation.
Wish we could take credit, but it was the British who wrote the program.
Activation? Yep, her notebook is turned off.
Or was. She forgot to close the cover. How will she know, the light is not even on.
I have always wondered what was in there.
Let us stick to the family in Geneva. Okay?
Okay, Snow White.
A 15-year-old daughter at the international school.
Facebook? It is possible? This is my bitch.
Seriously? If she fights with her parents ...
Do not worry, I can fish with these hooks.
Question. So, an email address, keywords, the selector anywhere.
And the reason. Here I write "known enabler for Saudi financing".
In other words, we make her father to CIA informer.
Is that all it takes? So it is, brother.
You do not get any domsolsorder from the FISA court?
No, not here. Xkeyscore fall within section 702, so it is not needed.
But if it is the US goal, then you need it, right?
You mean FISA? Yes, but it's just a rubber section.
FISA judges are appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
of Darth Vader when it comes to national security. Boom.
Here we have something. And the boy who gives her the finger is ..
... Nadim. Okay.
He is 18 years old. Salma says she wants to marry him.
and what she does not know is that his second name is ...
... Nicolas.
And he fucking right now Geraldine and Juliet.
And ...
He and his mother turiska are in the country illegally.
There we have it.
What are we doing here? You make people very happy.
Marwan bank manages Saudi money and a bunch of Russian billion.
What about the al-Qaeda money? Something promising?
Ed, I will soon be promoted and I will not forget my friends.
Thanks. But this goes a bit fast. I have just sent a little background info.
There he is. Hi Marwan.
Dave, good to see you. You too.
I counted Marwan, you sneaked in an extra half hour behind.
She only listened to an old man's lament.
Yes Yes. How is it, Marwan?
I must say, Dave, that since we met
my life is quite complicated.
It was sad to hear.
But your colleague Charles here has kindly offered to help.
So I am you and him guilty. May I ask what happened?
My daughter had a ..
Marwan's daughter took too many sleeping pills. She's okay.
It had something to do with her boyfriend, who was sent off.
We are trying to obtain a visa for him.
But I am still afraid that Salma will ..
I'm sorry, I should not bother you.
Talk in only. The family comes before everything.
Where is my beauty?
I'm never like this
Sit here. Wait here. Sit still here only.
What the hell is going on?
I have acted quickly to very good signals that you gave me.
And if his daughter had died? Then we had to use it too.
Seriously? For a promotion?
Marwan can not be away from her family right now.
So tomorrow, when he faces a week in jail, we will offer him a deal he can not refuse.
Prison for what?
Drunk driving. I want you to call the police. Say you saw a Mercedes ...
No, he can not run now, look at him. He will die.
Okay, I'll call.
He will not run.
Remind me, you have the right to use the NSA programs you used?
So we have both done some shit here.
Careful, Ed. I will tell you who you are.
If you reveal an agent, you'll spend more time in prison than Marwan.
Hi. Sorry I'm so late.
How was it at work?
It was ...
It was okay.
I have to wake up in three hours. My flight is at seven.
Then we will be fast ..
I will provide tools
to our authorities to neutralize terrorists
without undermining our Constitution and our freedom.
That means no more illegal eavesdropping to listen to Americans.
No more ignoring the law when it does not suit us.
Hello Darling. Hello
What happened to the trip to London?
I will not go.
What happens? Who is winning?
Still too early.
Obama leads by 67% to 32%. Come on, storra.
Will check Florida.
Holy shit, he will win.
I Florida?
It was great. It's huge!
You can play casually, but I know that you begin to hold on to him.
I have seen your inner liberal grow. Which I take a little of the credit for.
And you deserve it.
What is this?
Yes, well, just let it sit.
Russian hackers. CIA says they can activate the webcam now.
Scary. Yes, it bothers me.
But it's nothing, why do you let it bother you?
That someone could sit and watch right now?
No, I have nothing to hide.
It's one of those crappy answer. That you do not have something to hide.
I do not have it! It has all.
So what have I got to hide?
Forget it. No, what I have to hide?
Let it go. Obviously, do you think I am hiding something.
Okay, the other day where your computer open and you were on the site where we met.
You looked at the other guys. So you looked at my computer?
I would not even have mentioned it. You asked me what you have to hide
and there is something that you do not tell me.
But I do nothing. I did not meet any of them.
You are away for weeks at a time. So it's like I'm looking at others'
life to my own paused.
It sounds like an excuse. It is the truth.
I should have told me, and I did not. Sorry.
It's no big deal.
Look at me. I do not want anyone else.
I do not want any other life. Okay?
I did not go to London today I said me up.
What? There were personal differences. A matter of principle.
Can you tell us something more?
You will be transferred or ..? No, I stopped at the CIA.
What does that mean, what do we do? I do not know.
I think out something, but listen ...
This is great. Trust me.
I do.
He will win.
He must ..
CNN now shows that Barack Obama, 47, is the United States' next president.
Each agency and department should know that this government does not support the
page that hide information but those who try to get it known.
Janine is a web editor for a small British newspaper in the United States,
contrary to the world's most powerful government.
She will not let itself be threatened.
We must clarify that we do not jeopardize safety by publishing. We need alternatives.
Listen Ed, the real problem here is that the White House is aware that Janine
a leaked, top secret orders from the FISA Court.
They can sue The Guardian. They can knock down the door at any time.
Time is running out. We have to think about doing it on your own website.
You can not just dump the articles on the Internet, Glenn, seriously.
Look at WikiLeaks. It destroyed their credibility.
It is not done properly, the world will not care.
Experienced journalists must lead the public through very complicated events.
We are experienced journalists. I feel that..
Has anyone called here before? Not once in three weeks.
Should I respond? I can say that it's the wrong number.
No, I do not.
Okay. Thanks.
They asked if I wanted to have embedded in the bed.
Since the "do not disturb" sign is not hung.
We wait or we run ourselves?
I said from the beginning that what you publish is your thing and I trust you.
All I ask is that you study the information and are responsible.
No names, no details. No current or critical released.
Stick to the mass surveillance and let the public decide.
You have our word on it, but that's not the issue.
The White House is organizing right now a teleconference between Janine and intelligence services.
It will happen in a few hours. Let us wait for it.
See what they say to her.
I think we should pause for a moment.
We meet here again after the call. There will be around midnight.
Lunch time in New York. Okay.
I will try again with the PRISM article so long.
We are on our hotel room if you need us, okay?
Can we perhaps take a break from that?
Yes, sorry.
Want to watch? Maybe it feels better then? It does not record now.
When did it for you, not wanting to be photographed?
Probably in Japan. I remember, every time a camera was directed at me, so ..
I could not breathe. Why?
I checked probably too much on other people through cameras.
Japan was your first NSA job, right?
Yes, I was kontrakstanstlld at Dell. Had high security.
Why did you go back to work after Geneva?
Because of the money, and that I wanted to stay in Japan.
And because of Obama. I thought everything would be better with him.
I was wrong.
Yokoya - AIR BASE, Tokyo
How was that?
In the mornings, I built a system for continuous backup.
called Epic Shelter.
So if, for example, terrorists burned down all embassies
and NSA outposts in the Middle East, would this program
ensure we did not lose any data.
But I had to put it aside when it came visitors.
NSA wanted to impress the Japanese. Show them our reach.
They loved the live video from drones.
This is Pakistan right now.
They were not as excited about that we wanted their help
to spy on the Japanese population.
They said it was against their laws.
We bugged the country anyway, of course.
And we did not stop there. Once we had their communications
we continued with the physical infrastructure.
We sneaked into small programs in their power grids, dams, hospitals.
The idea was that if Japan one day was not our allies
we could turn off the lights.
And it was not just Japan. We planted software in Mexico,
Germany, Brazil, Austria.
China, I can understand. Or Russia or Iran. Venezuela, okay.
But Austria?
We also followed the majority of world leaders and major industry leaders.
Followed trade, sex scandals, diplomatic messages,
to give the United States an advantage in G8 negotiations
or something to press the Brazilian oil company.
Or help to set aside some leaders in the Third World.
In the end, the truth sinks in, that no matter what reason you give yourself
so it's not about terrorism.
Terror is excuse.
This is about economic and social control.
And the only thing you really protects, is your government's superiority.
Were you thinking of going to the press at that time?
No, it had not occurred to me then.
I thought that the system would correct itself.
The President would keep his promise that got him elected.
That's when I started to read about you, and about your movies.
In Glenn's blog I read that you were detained at airports for hours.
37 times. To have examined your own country's war.
That's why I go to Berlin to cut the movie.
You can trust me with this. I do.
I have not relied on any of several years.
It was a welcome change to be working as terrorist reconnaissance.
Every day I start new concepts for signals.
Domestic hot
Many of them were Americans, which felt strange
but you reminds you that
I can stop a dirty bomb and save thousands of lives.
But you follow not only your enemy targets, you can also follow their metadata.
Which is basically all the phone numbers of the contact.
Let's say your goal is a foam Iranian bankers from Beirut.
So you check all of his data, but also everyone he talks to.
Including his cousin who is a dentist in Buffalo.
And then you have to check all the dental office contacts.
And when you are three jumps out from your first goal, you're a bartender
chatting with his mother about Botox.
For three jumps from anyone, say, 40 contacts
you have a list of 2.5 million people.
In that moment, you realize the scale of the system.
The NSA tracks really all mobile phones worldwide.
No matter who you are, you sit in a database every day of your life
ready to be reviewed.
Not only terrorists or countries or companies.
Without you.
Lindsey was with you in Japan?
Japan was .. hard for us.
You could not talk about your work. No.
It was an evening, toward the end,
there was a sense that we would climb Fuji next day.
Should you add up those on Twitter? No. They are for my sake.
What do you think? I think you should remove them?
Not quite the art criticism, I hoped.
Sorry, but you can not have things lying on the hard drive.
Yes I can. Please, can you .. Can you delete them?
Russian hackers again? No.
Are we?
It's classified. Am I a target?
Obviously not. Obviously watching someone on my nude photos.
I would not have brought it up. It's about national security.
I'm flattered that my boobs are so important, but you get to try everything better.
I'd rather not talk about things that can get us into prison.
Is it the patches is all about? And your camera phobia?
Because of the job? Monitors us?
Who checks they? No, just stop talking now.
Let's go to bed, wake up tomorrow and climb the damn mountain.
Of course we should not talk about it.
What do you mean? We're not talking about anything anymore.
You work 12 hours a day, you come home depressed.
You play computer games, and then you fall asleep.
I'm tired because I have a job that pays for our apartment in the world's most expensive city.
You asked if I wanted to join, but you knew I did not have a work visa.
If you had one, you had given up your eat-sleep-walking out alive?
Do you want a career? A career as yours?
Where I am unhappy all the time? No!
It's called taking responsibility.
Fuck this.
You have no fucking idea how it is to be responsible for other people's lives.
You live it a wonderland where there are no consequences. Where no one is injured.
No. You. You will never be hurt.
I am completely crushed. I have not done anything!
Like, you have done nothing at all!
You hang out with me. You're not laughing with me.
You touch me hell even longer!
Sorry .. Stop! No!
We never came to Fuji. Lindsey returned home shortly thereafter.
I was very lonely. After three months, I also went back to Maryland.
I promised her that I would change, and we moved in together again.
Keep your legs bent, then you can stretch them out when you are steady.
1, 2, 3. All the way up. And clamp between his knees.
It burns, but it's good. Perfect.
Spin around.
Perfect! I'm so proud of you!
When you are really happy, like a big part of you just get on with it.
One thinks, what could be more important than this?
What? Oh my God, it's so beautiful!
Many people sail through life happy.
Why would not I?
A man's usability is due to IF HE LIVES UP TO ITS IDEAL
I started working for the CIA again.
My title was a solution consultant.
In principle, I sold over priced hardware.
I thought you had spoken up. It was only commissioned work for Geneva.
Booz Allen Hamilton, Dell, in collaboration with the CIA, NSA and DIA.
It is the intelligence world revolving door.
How was it to be back in the US?
It was ...
It was really nice to be home.
But Maryland's where it started to turn for me.
Each time I felt I let fear and doubt which kept me awake
I found something new that I could not ignore.
There were three top officials of the NSA. Bill Binney, Ed Loomis and Kirk Wiebe.
They had complained about the exceeding of powers and abuse of power for years.
That was all they did. Only registered complaints.
And the FBI broke down their doors and did raided.
And then there was Thomas Drake. As the other three
Drake tried to change the system from inside.
But when it did not work, he went to the media.
So he was accused of spying and we were shocked, the whole world of intelligence.
Why do you think you were accused of this? They wanted to send a message.
To whom? To other whistleblower. To other government officials.
"Shut up. Do not challenge power,
"If so, we will crush you"
It develops new applications on the NSA's operations center in Oahu.
You would be set against Chinese cyber divisions.
Are you interested?
It will not be as high pay now but
you will be doing your country a great service, I know that's important to you.
You mean services in Geneva? Geneva was a mistake.
We would not have pushed you there. You did not,
I asked for field work, and you gave it to me. Not your fault.
Is it something that's my fault?
You did not say that we trawled the world of information, Corbin.
Nice shooting, Ed. Thank you.
It was the only thing I was good at in the army.
Have you considered that it's been 60 years since the Second World War
and we still have not had something third.
Why? For that we used our power, in general, for the world's best.
For prosperity. Order.
How can we defend ourselves against nuclear war, terrorist attacks,
cyber attacks, without a central intelligence factory that runs around the clock?
So we'll be posting billions of people's lives?
They do this through the public consumption.
The book of his life, and it is voluntary. We give them no choice. We take everything.
Most Americans do not want freedom. They want security.
It is a simple haggling. Good girl!
If you want to play, but all the new toys and be sure
you must pay the entry fee.
But people do not even know that they signed the agreement.
Where is the modern battlefield, soldier?
Everywhere. What is the first rule of war?
Never reveal your position.
And if an unauthorized person knew? Or Congress?
When the enemy would also know. Such is the world now, Mr. Snowden.
Secrecy is the security and safety is victory.
Tack sir.
Here's one that I want you to meet.
Mr Lowell. Jim. How are you?
Dorian. Allan. Welcome to the United States.
How did it go today, Corbin? Very mediocre.
Not like Ed here.
Apparently teaches army out how to shoot straight. So this is Ed Snowden?
Nice to meet you. The brains behind the Epic Shelter.
Brilliant work. Thank you.
I have some questions for you. Jim ...
Excuse us, gentlemen. Nice to meet.
Well .. it seems very useful for our drnarprogram.
I heard that. With the transfer of intelligence from abroad.
Yes, the transfer takes place directly at the gathering. Directly to the Pentagon.
And the Mossad if they need to. We can act directly.
The drones have shortened response time to a tenth.
Ed, you were working with signals in Japan too, right?
What did you think of it? It was a very rewarding job, sir.
With this new job in Hawaii, you will have even greater safety.
I asked Corbin to talk to you, but it's my offer.
Take time to think. It will take a few months to get the program back on its feet.
Excuse me, gentlemen. I see dinner.
A beer, sir. And you? No thanks.
Epic Shelter was created as a backup program.
Lowell create this job for you, Ed.
You will be the first consultant outside Fort Meade working with cyber defense.
It's your ticket to the top.
Do you think the US is the best country?
Have you ever used the program you had security concerns for?
We usually do not need to submit our own work
but my editor said that she would make an exception.
Good, right?
I will have to submit a contribution.
Ignore me on purpose or what?
No. Sorry.
I was just thinking. On what?
I was going to take it at dinner, but come and sit.
Is everything okay? Yes.
Vicedirektren p NSA
has offered me a new job.
It was a while ago and now they need an answer.
Is there anything you want to do?
I would be good at it.
Can you tell me anything about it at all?
You know I can not. I know the mission in the first place.
Is there any social benefits? Gala dinners in the White House?
The job is in Hawaii.
We have worked hard to get where we are now.
And you're willing to just tear it up again.
We finally have a house we love, and a job I like.
And real friends, and we live near our families.
I understand, and if you want to stay so we stop. That's how it is.
Do not say it just because I want to hear it.
I do not.
I let you once, I will not do again.
Shit, sorry. The paste. One second.
I think I actually almost got it right this time.
I'll get some candles.
h gud! And! And!
I know Tegretol. It slows you down. I've seen it with my mom.
She has taken all possible medicine for life.
They function in 70% of cases.
Ed, epilepsy is serious. If you get an attack
when driving alone or with someone else in the car
or if you are somewhere where you can fall ..
There is nothing to take lightly. It is vital to take the medicine.
Oh, thank you.
I have thought about what the doctor said. If less stress.
A warmer climate could help.
If Hawaii is something we decide is better for you
so I'm going with.
HONG KONG Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Janine, how did the conversation with the White House?
I made it clear that we have a genuine FISA court orders.
They wanted to see it, we refused. Now, I pray that it is genuine.
Questions you really? No one has seen before. There is no model.
Our source risked his life to that document. There is genuine.
Tell me, has the White House claimed something specific about national security,
that would prevent you from publishing?
No. I asked several times. They had no answer.
Well then, what more do you want? You can publish and know that you are safe.
Glenn, I want to talk with Alan before going ahead.
When he lands? About six hours.
No, we are live targets here. The clock is 13 in New York,
If you do not get out of this in four hours we miss the evening news on the East Coast.
We can publish later tonight.
Sorry, but Alan is our chief editor ..
Bullshit! The government knows that we have the documents now.
The CIA could burst at any time and you want more time.
Act like a fucking journalist instead of procrastinating.
I was standing right up against the White House.
I risk my career. How dare you doubt me?
Let dampen down a bit ... You're right, I doubt you.
This is completely incomprehensible.
We publish themselves, you are out.
Okay, Glenn. We have it ready by the time the 16th
I need to go through the article again. Why?
To still need editing.
All intelligence jargon, my head hurts.
PRISM article is still incomprehensible. It is the second article.
Verizon is the first. Have it ready at 16, later 17
No shilly-shallying, because then we run ourselves.
My new job was counter-espionage against the Chinese
the NSA's cryptographic regional centers on Oahu.
Place the bag there, sir.
No personal laptops, no USB memory, no phones?
No electronic devices? No.
Snow White, is that you?
Gabriel? What the hell are you doing here?
You work here? Yup, three years, two months and five days.
But who's counting?
Who would have thought that an underground base WWII
would be paradise for thousands of geeks?
Is it good pizza here? Yes, but the lift is tough as hell.
A hell of a place, right?
Where do you work? Are you NTOC or ROC?
Between us? NTOC.
Cool. You can hack the hackers. You move up in the world.
Fresh brain to you, Trevor.
Trevor James, Interactive Operations department.
Ed Snowden. I have received the information.
NTOC sitting there. Defense. There you will be working.
Over there, we ROC, offensive.
I chefar both departments. We are professionals here so ..
You will be working with Haynes. Patrick Haynes.
Beware of him. He is the smartest place on this.
Come on .. How many languages can you again?
Seven coding language, six-spoke, two sign language.
I can be a bit of American Sign Language.
Lovely. Another language I do not understand. See you later, Ed.
Anytime now ...
Light of Waziristan, gentlemen. What were we here?
The underside of the Reaper drone has a large bloody antenna.
The sniffing everything that sends a signal.
We fix geographical location. My friend Tasha on Air Force rains missiles.
Hey Trev, do you like the show? You know that.
We track, you are bombing. Who was it we tracked?
Not who, what. We track the enemy's mobile phones. Sometimes SIM.
Okay. So how do we know that the enemy still has a mobile phone?
We do not know. Clearly we know. JSOC and the CIA have people in the field.
What's the program?
Epic Shelter. There was a backup program from the beginning.
In the event of disaster. Yes how did you know?
I built it. I have been thinking of another way to use it.
What do you mean, for example?
I chatted with Jim Lowell .. The Deputy Director?
Yes. There are so many programs that they are difficult to keep track of.
So why not create a central database?
As a table of contents? Yes. Which is updated in real time.
Epic Shelter already collect intelligence.
We just need a web portal to catalog them.
Make them searchable. Let me think about it.
Regardless, we have to pull it through Fort Meade. Do you have any name suggestions?
If there is time, I would like to call it the heartbeat.
... Five, four, three, two, one.
Firing at the target.
Are you okay down there? Oh yeah.
This is why I think we should walk more.
You are right. Look at me.
Come on, it's several years ago.
With social media's standards are not even longer.
Only one. Smile. Show me your teeth!
My elusive E, finally caught.
I am a certified boyfriend now? Yes.
It's a shame, you who used to be one of those cute little model.
Small? I was a little ?! Wait!
Oh my God. I think you got some color.
Seriously, it looks good. It is impossible.
I meant to ask you something. Have you changed the pharmacy?
Because I tried to pick up your medication.
But I could not. Why did you do it?
Because I was there and thought I was helping you.
I have stopped taking Tegretol.
What? When then? A few months ago.
And you say it only now? I wanted to say it, but I just ..
I can not take it there, it makes me groggy.
I need to be quick in the head, on the job. Continuously.
What is it with this fucking job is more important than your life?
I do not understand. State.
State what?
State loses billions of dollars a year because of kineiska hackers.
I have been hired to stop them.
Lots of people depend on my job.
More dependent than any other?
No, it .. That's bullshit.
We did not come here for you to be better, right?
This job would be less stressful.
It feels like I was born for this, and if I do not do it ..
I know no one else who can do it.
I'm on a course I can not deviate from.
You can always turn around.
I want you to give me a "yes" - or "no" answer.
NSA collects into any type of data at all about
millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?
No, sir. It does not?
Not intentionally.
There are cases where they might inadvertently can collect data,
but not intentionally.
Thanks. I have further questions in text form.
Okay, so I wanted to show you a picture that I found
while I built the indexing program.
And what is this? Data collected in the month of March.
Worldwide. Email and Skype calls. France. 70 million.
Germany. 500 million.
Brazil. Two billion.
Inside the US borders.
3.1 billion emails and calls. Excluding the telecom operators' data.
So how much we collected in Russia?
Russia is 1.5 billion.
Wait, so we collect twice as much in the US as in Russia?
It's crazy.
Have you shown this to anyone else? No, just you.
I had been very careful with it. It may seem like you're rocking the boat.
You are right. But I needed to know if I was the only
who thought this was crazy.
What the hell is going on? What are you doing here?
Nothing. I showed them the only thing that I needed help.
Why map? My fault, Trev.
We made a bet on which country we collected the most from.
He said Iran and Pakistan, I said.
Vem vann? Ed.
Need to go. See you.
Better luck next time. Okay.
No more bets. And I do not see anyone without permission here again.
Especially not with Heartbeat. You are right. Will not happen again.
Happy Birthday!
.. In Vegas and looked at Afghanistan, so we worked late.
Something blurred objects come wandering into the end zone.
We knew all of us that it was a child. Poof, gone.
We asked for clarification, the report came and said
it was a dog. Okay, good.
It was long shifts. Day and night.
The same village two three days later.
They had the funeral. I know it was a child they buried.
Moms and dads howling. Then new orders. Strike.
And they disappear in a cloud of dust.
All of them. The whole damn family.
The crazy thing is that you come home after work
Kiss the wife and kids and then go to work the next day.
Soon it's just routine.
Damn. You get it after allowing criminal.
It's war, and it's a job. I do not know, man.
Can not jobs to be illegal? Not if you work for the state.
Have you heard of the Nuremberg trials, Trev?
It was not so long ago. Oh yes.
We hung Nazi leaders, right?
Yes, the leaders were in the first trial. But in the next
were judges, lawyers, police officers, guards.
Ordinary people who just did his job. Following orders.
It was where we got the Nuremberg principles, the UN made to international law
just in case regular jobs become criminals again.
I only mention it.
... You never touch me anymore!
Oh my God! Are you okay?
Are you all right man? Go, you must not touch him.
Hey Ed, how are you? What about health?
Hi Corbin. It is ...
It is okay. Thanks for asking.
Must be hard to live with such a disease.
They could not believe it from your figures.
200 Chinese IP addresses closed down the first four months.
That's internal statistics.
Your colleague Trevor was also the CIA.
He has kept me informed of your progress.
The exemplary work. Even Heartbeat.
Thanks, that means a lot to me. Lowell is very satisfied.
He greets. Good to hear.
They have ...
He knows nothing about your map or conversations
the other ideas you have aired with your colleagues.
And he will not know. Yes..
Heartbeat proves to be a difficult project. Collect from several organizations
and know where to download from.
It has helped to discuss it with colleagues.
I believe in you, Ed. Therefore, nothing happened after the remark in Geneva.
I'm very thankful that you looked after me.
Or after you "omitted the truth" in the past lie detector test.
What was it you withheld exactly?
Do you remember that day you were talking about the FISA court?
You said they approved of Bush's eavesdropping program.
Sometimes we do not tell the whole truth.
It does not give us the right to lie. Seriously, Corbin?
Intelligence chief had just lied to Congress.
Look at me.
Did you use a program without permission
I did not know?
Yes. It was ...
It was in Geneva, it was Lindsey, I was jealous. Sorry.
I never did it again.
Listen ...
I know it's been up and down for you since Geneva.
It is difficult to get a ratio to function. Few of us succeed.
So if it calms you, I can assure you that she does not lie with the photographer
if that's what you think.
I'm going to a conference in Sydney and stops in Hawaii on the way home.
Okay. Thanks.
See you soon.
Hi dad.
Did you get the pictures I sent the email?
I was hoping you could remove them.
What are you doing?
Sit down.
Your email is monitored. And?
It's different now, it's not passive data collection without full supervision.
Your e-mail, voice, SMS, social media. Everything.
It is also possible that the house is bugged.
I'm not sure. By who?
A senior CIA employees.
Are you in trouble? Is it Chinese?
There are things I wish I could tell you
but I can not because you can get hurt.
What makes you confident that you know nothing.
I'm sorry, really. I did not think it would affect you.
But I know you would think that I'm doing right.
So listen, when we go back, we have to act normal.
We must act like nothing has happened.
But if you see something strange, please tell me.
You must use encrypted email that I fix for you.
I do not know if I can handle this. Yes you do. I know.
Do I even have a choice? I ask you to trust me.
Linds, I think it's best if you go to Maryland for a while.
Say that I had gone on a business trip and that
you have homesickness. Are you going away?
Yes, but only for a little while.
I can not go. Please? Until I get back?
I can not. You just said that everything should operate normally.
If both are traveling, it seems suspicious.
I'm doing this for you.
But it is the last time.
We meet in the shopping center opposite Mira Hotel about two weeks.
I will have a Rubik's cube in hand. More info follows.
Have you heard about Trevor?
Do you remember the operation to take Syria's Internet?
Trevor and his TAO team crashed core router.
So the country has been extinguished. Crikey.
How to solve it! Poor bastards.
I have to start working. I also.
How is the Heartbeat?
Close now. Very close.
Do not say that you are also involved in this.
Trevor got me to check through their exploit code. It's a fucking mess.
Why did I agree to this? Good luck
There we were in the shit. Yes.
Are there problems with the fleet?
Someone stole fool anybody Israeli Code and threw it in the spring, you can make?
Script kiddies. I know, I'd listened to you.
Is it this? Yes.
Israelis get the hell take the blame for this.
Is it okay now? I'm not going to take on this.
We may not be seen again.
Are you going to leave me here
along with Captain America?
Thanks so much.
NSA can come after you.
Do not know what you're talking about.
Are you going home already? Yes, feeling unwell.
Maybe not tomorrow either.
Trevor is a little busy right now. Maybe you can tell him that?
Yes, my pleasure.
If you feel bad maybe you should go to the mainland and see a doctor.
I think people would understand.
Sounds wise.
Take care. You too.
Have you played but one of these?
Yes, when I was a child.
You should try it, it's hard.
I can not solve it.
Nah, I'm skeptical ...
You have to start with the white cross, then takes the corners.
I like them here.
Have a good weekend. You too, buddy.
It is published.
Wednesday, June 5, 2013
It has a link to the FISA court order.
Good job, Janine. I told you she did not give up.
It feels so damn good to be wrong.
NSA collects call information for millions of Americans.
It is reported that the Obama administration is through a secret court order
collects call data of several million Verizon customers.
This is reported by The Guardian in the UK
The court order indicates that all information goes to the NSA.
Is it mainstream enough, Glenn?
They can not close us down now, and we have four days of items left.
It is fantastic.
Another explosive article, this time from the Washington Post.
It uncovers another broad and secret surveillance program.
The Washington Post and The Guardian writes,
the NSA and the FBI collects data directly from nine Internet companies,
inklusive Microsoft, Yahoo,
Google, Facebook, AOL,
Skype, YouTube and Apple.
Post writes that extracts the audio, video, photos, emails, documents
and connection logs that can be used to track the movement of people and contacts over time.
Friday, June 7, 2013
In the abstract, one can complain that the program run amok,
but looking at the details, so I think we found the right balance.
President Obama defends stubbornly US surveillance program
and insists that they have good built-in security
to protect citizens from abuse.
He reached the conclusion that what was happening behind the locked doors of this secret organization
was a big threat to privacy, Internet freedom and human rights.
Not only in the US but worldwide. He felt it was his duty
as a person to reveal it.
My name is Ed Snowden. I am 29 years old. I work for Booz Allen Hamilton
infrastructure analyst for the NSA in Hawaii.
One can not reveal the world's most powerful intelligence
without putting anything at stake. They are powerful opponents.
No one can meaningfully stand up to them. If they want you, they do it.
Guy did.
It will be worse for the next generation if they expand their strength, oppression architecture.
And you realize that you might be willing to accept any risk whatsoever,
as long as the public has the opportunity to decide how it should be handled.
For even if you have not done anything wrong, you are still monitored.
I had access to the intelligence community.
If I had wanted to harm the United States,
I would have been able to shut down the whole thing in one afternoon.
But it was not what I wanted, and those who say it
should think.
Om de var i min sits
and lived in Hawaii, in paradise, earning serious money
what would make them leave everything?
What I fear most
compared to what happens with the US,
is that nothing happens, and it only gets worse year after year.
And then, sometime in the future
that a new leader will be chosen,
taking the last step
and the people will not be able to do something to stop it.
And it gets turnkey tyranny.
How does it feel? I'll be fine.
You have to start looking after yourself now.
If you have any reason to believe that you'll get kicked in the door,
somehow cornered, you must reformat the hard drive immediately.
I have encrypted backups.
Now I have ...
... No longer access the files. You have them all.
Concentrate on articles. It is important now.
If you'll excuse me, it's ...
We should all get some rest, we will need that.
I should sleep in a soft bed while I have one.
Sleep tight.
See you tomorrow. Good night.
Can you at least tell you where to go?
I know I ...
Monday, June 10, 2013
Ewen, I'm on the second floor.
I can not see Tibbo.
No, wait, I think I see him.
Crap. There are journalists everywhere in the hotel.
I do not know, I'll try to stop them with a press conference or something.
Glenn. Thanks. What we understand is one of the best lawyers in Hong Kong.
We will take him to the United Nations first Sen .. I prefer to say nothing.
Shit, they've seen me. Go you.
I'll answer your questions in turn.
Did you get them? Yes, it was the best I could do.
You should see Tibbo five minutes.
On the footbridge opposite the shopping center.
I have met many wonderful people in my life, but you ...
Alright kid, time to head over.
We will not disappoint you.
You would not look like a journalist without a camera.
Okay. That's a good idea.
You're not provide turn-cube?
I want you to have it.
Thanks. For everything. Thanks.
I have a van down the street.
Whistle blower Edward Snowden has now formally accused of
espionage, theft and illegal use of government property.
Spokespersons for the US government says they asked Hong Kong detain him.
Snowden has been in Hong Kong since May.
Snowden has checked out of their luxury hotel in Hong Kong.
It is probably best to look away.
The Department of Justice has gone through Interpol, so that Snowden,
if he tries to cross any border, will be arrested.
Americans approaching. They know with all certainty where he is.
They just need to Hong Kong's permission to retrieve him.
The big question is: Where is he now?
Thanks. This is Ed. Ed, Mayana. Welcome.
These are good people, they will not talk.
I have handled their cases for several years. They are like you.
They are waiting for their UN application will go through to obtain refugee status.
If you get arrested, you can call me on this number.
Good. Thanks so much.
You may not know it, Ed,
but you are not alone.
His girlfriend, amateur photographer Lindsey Mills
has not been heard from. She is reported to be with their parents.
She has been interrogated by the FBI and remain under investigation.
Ten days have passed and the world are looking for Edward Snowden.
Rumors claim that a wealthy supporter hiding Snowden
in a private luxury villa close to Hong Kong.
It is now confirmed that Edward Snowden has boarded a plane to Moscow.
The State Department is disappointed at the Hong Kong authorities.
He was joined by a representative from WikiLeaks.
Snowden trying to get from Russia to Cuba and on to Ecuador to seek political asylum.
Moscow's airport announced that he will not get the next board
plan because the US has withdrawn his passport.
Foreign Minister John Kerry is furious
Russia refuses to ask the American refugee.
Now, the man without a country stranded at the airport in Moscow.
I will not send combat aircraft
after a 29-year-old .. hacker.
Bolivian President plane was today nedtvingat of Austrian airspace today
because there were suspicions that Snowden was on board.
After 39 days at the airport hotel, he has only his Russian lawyer
and an advisor from WikiLeaks, Sarah Harrison, with him.
Now he can enjoy the freedom guaranteed under the Putin regime.
There is still something called execution.
Snowden deserved to have protection around the world
but at least he has been granted asylum in Russia.
He can be active in the debate he began.
And the world now have an example of that you can do the right thing.
You do not end up in a cage, in a prison.
After more than a year in the country with temporary asylum
Snowden has been given a three-year residence permit in Russia.
And now, live from Moscow, Edward Snowden.
Hi, Ed. How are you?
Thanks. Sorry if I lose my direction a little.
People have always said that I'm a little robotic.
How did you end up in Russia?
I had not planned to stay. My passport was withdrawn
on the way to South America, so when people ask why I am in Russia,
I usually say: "Ask the State Department."
Does that mean that you are willing to go home and try your case in court?
Absolutely. If there was a fair and public trial.
Unfortunately, it would not be there,
as long as a spy law used against whistleblower.
Do you still think it was worth it? Yes I do.
Without the information to debate the merits of the case, we are lost.
Citizens the opportunity to question the government and hold it accountable.
It is the basic principle on which the United States is built.
If we want to protect our national security
we should defend the principle.
If your arguments fall on deaf ears, and our leaders do not act?
I think that if nothing changes,
more and more around the world stand up.
Whistleblower and journalists, but also ordinary citizens.
And when those in power are trying to hide
by classify everything, we will hold them accountable.
When they want to scare us into giving up our human rights
we will not let ourselves be intimidated. And we will not give up.
And we will not be silenced.
You are alone in a foreign country. You will be extradited if you are traveling somewhere.
It must be difficult.
When I left Hawaii, I lost ...
... Everything.
I had a stable life.
A steady relationship. A family. A future.
And I lost that life. However ...
... I've got a new one.
And I am incredibly grateful.
And I think,
that the greatest freedom I have is not having to worry about
what happens tomorrow, I'm happy for what I have done today.
Live from the Internet, Edward Snowden.
Edward Snowden still lives in Moscow.
Lindsay Mills have moved there to be with him.
Join I2P for anonymous communication -
Have you changed opinion? Is he now more a whistleblower than a hacker?
Obama wants to stop the NSA's massive collection of data.
NSA's mass surveillance is deemed illegal.
The House of Representatives will vote to stop the NSA's massive collection.
Congress adopts monitoring reform.
Obama signs the NSA's surveillance reform.
What will happen to Edward Snowden? He will die in Moscow.
He will not be home.
Edward Snowden, he is a traitor or hero?
He stole very important data.
Breaking news.
Among the news, NSA telephone surveillance has changed.
.. More transparency for the secret court ..
who regularly approves surveillance
Is it a victory for Edward Snowden? It depends on who you ask.
US government acted illegally.
He should not be allowed to return home without facing trial.
Snowden played an important role in educating the American people
the extent of how our rights and freedoms undermined.