Snowed-Inn Christmas (2017) Movie Script

Kevin Jenner,
travel writer extraordinaire.
Do you seriously answer
your phone like that?
Meg, is that you?
Yes, it's me.
Can't you just
add me to your contacts
so you don't have to ask
every time I call?
I don't add anyone
to my contacts,
it makes answering my phone
more thrilling.
Hey, I got an important day
at work today.
Can we, uh, can we talk later?
No, I have to talk to you.
Do you love me?
Do I love you? Yes, I love you.
You're my favourite sister.
I'm your only sister.
Hey, Meg, what's up?
Do you need a kidney
or something?
What? No.
I want you to come home
for Christmas.
Kevin? Did you hear
what I just said?
Yes. You know I can't do that.
I'm going to Aspen on
a luxury Christmas piece.
It's a big one.
I thought your boss hadn't
assigned who was going yet.
She's choosing me.
If I ever get to work.
She's picking today.
But you haven't been
home for Christmas since
Mom misses you.
Are you sure everything's okay?
Meg, work has been hectic.
All right? I'll be there
next year, I promise.
I'll see you in the new year.
I love you.
Tell Mom I say hi.
Good morning, writers.
Good morning.
How's everybody doing?
Good morning.
Nice to you see you.
You all look very dapper
and beautiful.
I like the red, very holiday.
All right. As you all see
we are in mid-December
and our holiday content
is in full swing.
Epiphany has never looked
more festive. Look at it.
I am very proud of the hard work
that each and every one of you
has put in this last year.
You've done a great job.
Thank you.
However, Epiphany's traffic
has gone down about 20%
since last December.
Yeah. I mean,
it's like competition in the
online magazine world is fierce,
I could hardly keep up.
Let me guess. Another
pregnant woman needed saving
on the way to work this morning?
Uh, no, no, no.
It was, um
Litter of kittens.
Very sad.
As I was saying, Epiphany's
readership has taken a turn.
they don't want any more of that
New Age hipster holiday fluff.
They want stories of hope,
they want stories of redemption,
they need the proof
that the Christmas magic still
exists out there somewhere.
So it's really important,
really important,
for each and every one of us
to start finding stories
that speak to
the heart of the season.
And I hate to have to say this
but our jobs depend on it.
Um, ho-how do our jobs
depend on it?
Are you saying
there's going to be cuts?
Likely in the new year.
Unless we all get
a Christmas miracle.
And I hate to have to
break this on you guys
right before the holiday
but unfortunately
that's just the way it is.
So, any other questions?
Have you decided who's getting
the Christmas Aspen piece?
Yes, it's going to be you.
You're picking him?
Yeah. And you too.
Excuse me?
What do Wait. What do you mean
that we're both going?
We have two completely different
writing styles.
Yeah, that's right.
One is interesting and fun.
It's clean and professional
versus messy and disorganized.
One is boring and bland.
Boring and bland? Really?
I've been here
Oh, come on.
Will both of you please stop it?
Stop it!
I said stop before I
Or do I need to
send both of you to detention?
I mean, these are tough times
in journalism.
Our readers, they need to be
part of a story
that puts them in
the Christmas spirit
so they can remember what
Christmas is truly about.
Which is what exactly again?
You know, that is for
you two to figure out.
All I know is that our readers
should be so enchanted
that they are rushing to
plan their own Aspen Christmas.
And that is why I picked both of
you, my two best writers.
Because you two are wonderful
but you're skilled
in different ways.
And I know this may
sound a little harsh
but I really need to figure out
which one of you is
my most valuable writer.
No, really.
Do my readers want soft
and warm and historic?
Or do they want fast and bold
and straight to the point?
Why are those mutually
exclusive? I don't understand.
Well, it's simple. It's simple.
Whichever one of you
can write the piece
that gets the most traffic
to the site,
then you are
my most valuable writer.
And what happens
to the person that doesn't
get the most traffic?
Like I said, we all need
a Christmas miracle.
Flight leaves 1:00pm sharp.
Please don't be late.
I don't care how many kittens
need saving, Mr. Jenner.
Yes, ma'am.
Miss Hudson, I need to
speak with you.
Enchanting is my niche.
Why am I being sent to Aspen
with the class clown?
Will you please stop it?
I need to protect this company.
Now, how are you doing?
I know this is a hard
time of year for you.
I'm fine.
No. Really.
I need to know, Jenna.
It's only been, what, a month
since you and Andrew broke up?
And I know how excited you were
to meet him and his family
for the holidays.
Oh, no. Everything's great.
I'm happy.
I just want to work.
You know what I think?
I think that it would be good
for you to meet someone new.
No, really.
Be open to new experiences.
And you never know, you might
meet somebody in Colorado.
Oh, boy.
I'm going to go now.
Let that hair down
a little bit, girl.
No, really. Loosen up.
Can't write with my hair down.
It's itchy.
I meant that figuratively
and you know that.
I know.
Loosen up!
What was that about?
We're stuck sharing the article.
Well, I'll be on the slopes
most of the time anyway.
Do you board?
Do I look like I board?
That's right.
Robots don't board.
Look, Aspen is a big place.
We'll just stay out of
each other's way.
Fine by me.
Me too.
Where you going?
To organize.
And pack.
We don't leave 'til tomorrow.
Toothbrush, phone,
passport, floss.
Sorry for dropping in on you
like this.
What's up?
You going somewhere?
Aspen for work.
Oh, you got the Aspen gig.
Good for you. I knew you would.
When's your flight?
One o'clock.
Um, my taxi really should
be here any minute.
Flight's not for
another four hours.
Andrew, if you want to talk
about things I could probably
I think I left my lucky tie here
and I just wanted to grab it
before the office
Christmas party.
It's in the second drawer.
Ah, yeah!
You ironed it too!
You're the best.
Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.
Welcome to flight 1215
departing shortly for
Aspen, Colorado.
We anticipate a bit of
a bumpy ride this afternoon.
Blizzards are making their way
across the Midwest.
So, please don't be alarmed by
any turbulence along the way.
We hope you have a comfortable
flight. Thank you.
Of course
she put our seats together.
Excuse me.
Sorry about that.
This plane's taking off
in four minutes.
Did you seriously just get here?
I ran into a cute girl
at the souvenir shop.
She wanted a piece of
my chocolate bar.
Trust me, it takes really charm
for me to share my chocolate.
Yeah. Did you get her number?
Tell her you were
going to Aspen?
"Hey, I'm going to Aspen."
You think you got me
all figured out, huh?
You are so not that complicated.
Thanks for sharing your
chocolate with me, Mister.
Have a good flight.
So cute.
What's that noise?
What is that sound?
Are you afraid of flying?
I fly all the time.
Oh, this is going to be good.
This is a special
news weather update.
Low pressure systems
and a sudden onset of
blizzard-like conditions
are making their way
across the Midwest.
Oh, yeah.
Too fast. I'm too fast.
That is so loud.
What is that hunk of junk?
Electronic Quarterback,
totally addicting.
You know there's, like,
1,000 apps you can download
instead of
lugging that thing around.
I got this thing for Christmas
when I was five years old
from my dad. All right?
I held the top score
since I was 12 years old.
Oh, the top score?
The top score.
Wow. On your own game?
That's impressive.
Trust me. You do not want me
as a competitor.
Is that so?
Yeah. In anything.
You care to prove me wrong?
No, I'm fine. Thank you.
Oh, no. No, please.
Be my guest.
Nope. I'm good. Thanks.
Be my guest.
I'd love for you to play it.
No, I really don't want to
irritate on this place
with all the crazy noises
that thing makes.
Oh, you're afraid of
a 12-year-old's score,
is that what it is?
No, I'm fine. I'm good.
I can understand there's
five buttons on this thing
so I get it, you know.
You don't know how to play.
All right. How do you play this?
All right. Do you know
what foot ball is?
Yes, I know what football is.
So there's three
offensive players
and six defensive
computer controlled players.
You press the blue button
to run.
You press the red button
to pass.
There we go.
Just like that
over and over again?
Okay, just
Yeah, don't press the buttons
so hard.
There I go. Oh, look.
I did it again.
It gets more difficult.
As you get to the fourth level.
Oh, did it again.
Let's see. Here we go.
I see that you're doing it.
All right?
Okay. I feel like I'm winning.
I feel like I'm just winning
one right after another.
You're doing okay.
I mean, there's still
Oh, oh!
It's great.
Look how close I'm getting
to your score.
You're making a scene.
It's just turbulence.
It's going to be all right.
This is your captain speaking.
Due to inclement weather
conditions in Colorado
the Aspen County Airport
is now closed.
We're preparing
for an early landing.
I assure you there is
nothing to worry about.
Simply a precautionary measure.
I apologize for
any inconvenience.
Emergency landing?
It's supposed to
come out of the ceiling.
I can't breathe.
It's not it's not an emergency.
Relax, okay?
I can't breathe.
Don't laugh at me.
I can't breathe.
We're going to land
and then we'll take
the first flight out to Aspen.
All right. It's not a big deal!
Oh, god.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do know that.
Trust me.
We will begin our descent
to a local airport
just outside of Santa Claus,
Indiana immediately.
Did he just say Indiana?
Did he just say Santa Claus?
Can I have a
May I help you?
Yes. Yeah, we need the first
flight out to Aspen, please.
I'm sorry, all flights
are canceled right now.
We have no clear idea when
we'll be able to fly anyone out.
Listen, um, we're actually not
on vacation like everybody else.
We have to get to Aspen
because our jobs depend on it.
I'm sure you can understand.
We can't stay in Indiana.
Well then, you better start
wishing for a Christmas miracle.
No, I understand. Thank you.
No vacancy there either.
One more person tells me to
wish for a Christmas miracle
I'm going to lose it.
This is unbelievable.
We're not going to get to Aspen,
we're going to lose our jobs.
I'm not losing anything.
Let me tell you.
That lady was right.
We need a Christmas miracle.
There's no such thing
as miracles!
It's nice to be
positive during the holidays.
There's no such thing!
I haven't seen such big frowns
since the Christmas
with no snow.
So, what seems to be
the problem here?
Oh, you don't have to
worry about it.
Our plane was grounded
and we don't have anywhere
to go or stay.
But, you know,
we'll figure it out.
Well, that's quite
a frosty pickle.
That's one way of putting it.
Do you happen to know of
any hotels in the area
that would have vacancy
this close to Christmas?
Funny you should ask, my husband
and I own a small inn in town.
If you need a place to sleep
and a warm meal,
I assure you we are
the coziest place around.
Oh, that just sounds
Oh, there's Chris now.
Oh, what have we here, my petal?
These kids need a place
to stay for the night.
And I don't think
I know your names.
How rude of me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm Jenna Hudson,
I'm a writer from New York.
Well, I'm not from New York but
I went to NYU for journalism
She asked for your name.
Not your resume.
Hi, guys. I'm Kevin.
Hi, Kevin.
Well, I'm Carol Winters
and this my husband Chris.
Wonderful to meet you both.
We'd be delighted
to have you stay with us.
No excuses.
We should be going though,
it's going to be dark soon.
I'll go fetch Rudolph.
Like the reindeer?
Oh, don't be silly.
It's what we call our car.
Welcome to the Winters Inn.
Oh, wow.
How old is this place?
It's been standing tall
since 1832.
Look at the detail
in that mahogany.
That stained glass window.
My goodness, this could be
the work of Louis David.
I've always admired
Georgian homes, you know,
they're so symmetrical
and balanced.
Well, somebody knows
their architecture.
You're such a suck up.
I have a subscription to
Architecture Digest, sue me.
You kids must be tired,
we'll get your room ready.
Lucky for you, the Mistletoe
Suite is available for tonight.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, we can't.
We're not together.
I would never ever.
Oh, my god.
Oh, uh, well then,
why are you travelling together
for the holidays?
We're on assignment.
We're both writers for
Epiphany Magazine.
Yeah, I'm supposed to be
in Aspen right now
in a luxury chalet writing
a heartfelt Christmas piece.
I'm supposed to be boarding knee
deep in powder
at a legendary mountain.
And then I was going to have
a holiday cooking cuisine class
with a triple Michelin-star
chef, which is very exciting.
There's a natural spa actually.
I don't think there's
any natural spas in Aspen.
Appointment at the springs.
My mistake.
I'll put you in separate rooms.
They'll have to be
side by side though.
Can you two manage that?
Oh, yes.
Yeah, yeah. That's perfect.
Thank you.
Oh, hi.
Will this do?
Oh, Carol, thank you.
It's perfect.
There are complimentary pyjamas
in the drawer if needed.
And the bell will ring
at 8:00 in the morning
for breakfast downstairs.
Well, great. I think I'll be
up and about well before 8:00.
Very well.
I'll see you then.
Knock knock.
You know, you could actually
knock like a normal person.
You laugh now, huh?
It's like I'm in
a bed full of bunnies.
Wait 'til you try yours on.
It's like I'm wearing nothing.
But I'm not.
You really have a way
of putting things
so even a two-year-old
can understand.
I have my own pyjamas,
thank you.
Not a lot of light in here, huh?
I like it.
My bed's softer than yours.
Is there something you needed?
No, I just wanted to know
if you wanted some help
unpacking your broom and cape.
Goodnight, Kevin.
Goodnight, Jenna.
Well, well, look who
came late to breakfast.
Yes, I slept in.
Haven't slept in
since I was a child.
Sounds like the saddest thing
I've heard in my entire life.
Have you looked outside yet?
Looks like we're living in
an Indiana snow globe.
With no way out.
Yes, that's what a snow globe
is, you're stuck inside.
What is your issue
with Indiana anyway?
Maybe that it's not
a luxury chalet in Aspen
surrounded by beautiful
snowcap mountains?
Thank you, Carol.
We might not be Aspen
but there's no place
like the Winters Inn.
You'll see.
Well, you're lucky to be here
for our last Christmas
before we close.
Oh, you're closing? Why?
Oh, dear.
The developers have been
to shut us down for years
to build a big luxury hotel.
You're still here.
Mmhmm, sure.
Since this place has been
designated as an historic site
it can never get approval.
What happened?
They made a case that the man
who founded this inn in 1832
is a fictional character.
And therefore the building
has no historical significance.
Who founded it?
Well, the great Saint Nick,
of course.
So sorry to hear
that's happening to you.
Is there anything
that can save your inn?
Only if we can prove that it is
a national historic landmark.
Good morning, my dear.
Good morning, you two.
Morning, Chris.
Um, any word on those flights?
Looks like the snow is
disappearing and we really
We should get started,
we should go.
The blizzard is still in
full effect in Colorado.
There are no flights
in or out of Aspen.
You got to be kidding.
On the bright side,
all this fresh show is perfect
for our sleigh rides
this afternoon.
That's very sweet.
So, you're saying
there's no way into Colorado?
I can't drive there.
There must be another way
to Aspen.
A private airport. There's a lot
of rich people in Aspen.
It's a great idea. What, are you
going to charter your own jet?
Did I say I was going to
charter a jet?
It sounded like you meant that,
Why don't you and your pancakes
mind your own business?
Okay, fine.
We'll just sit over here and
enjoy our carbs.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm sorry, you two,
it looks like you're snowed in.
You're snowed in?!
Yeah, there's no way in or out.
This is a disaster.
I need your pieces
uploaded the site
by 9:00am on Christmas Day.
What am I supposed to
publish now?
I know.
And where did you guys
say you were again?
It's Santa Claus, Indiana
to be specific,
and there's a lovely couple
who's let us stay at their
beautiful historic inn.
It's decorated like
Santa's Village in here.
Because it's Christmas time.
I mean, what is wrong with you?
Would you look at this place?
Okay, wait a second.
Did you just tell me that
your plane landed
in a town called Santa Claus
one week before Christmas?
Why do you make this
sound like it's a good thing?
Because it is a good thing!
You guys, you need to stay!
There's a story there,
I can feel it.
Simone, okay.
I have spent weeks
organizing my research.
Will you please be quiet,
both of you, and figure it out?
Or find another job.
Now, I thought I'd taught you
that the heart of being
a good journalist
is finding the extraordinary
in the ordinary.
So, find it!
Wait! Simone!
Guys, uh, guys?
Merry Christmas.
All right? Bye.
Oh, gosh. They get on my nerves.
Don't you just love
decorating the Christmas tree?
It brings people together
in such a special way.
How about you, Kevin?
Did your family decorate
the Christmas tree together
when you were a kid?
Uh, my dad would take us
Christmas camping.
Christmas camping outside?
No, no, no, no, we, uh
we'd camp out in the living room
in front of the Christmas tree
after we decorated.
We'd, um, just keep
the tree lights on
and eat Christmas
caramel popcorn
and my dad would read us
Christmas stories
until we fell asleep.
Oh, Kevin,
that sounds beautiful.
You dad sounds amazing.
Yeah. He's the best.
How about you, Jenna?
Oh, uh, yeah, yeah.
We had plenty of great
Christmas traditions.
Um, my mom used to make
this peppermint hot chocolate
that all the neighbourhood kids
went crazy for.
And we made homemade
And, uh, on Christmas eve
my parents would set our
stockings at the end of the bed,
and then early in the morning
we would wake up and have,
you know, something to open
everybody else.
You okay over there, Jenna,
you look a little frazzled?
Nothing, I'm fine.
Thank you.
Don't tell me
you're reading about this place
when you could be outside
experiencing it.
Yes, I think it's important
to know the history.
What did you find outside?
I found a great coffee spot.
They roast their beans in house.
Came across a couple local kids
Took their saucer down a hill,
it was electrifying.
Sounds terrifying.
You never tobogganed as a kid?
No, never.
So, what are you, uh,
what did you find in your book?
I'm not going to tell you.
Go do your own research.
What do you think this is, huh?
I think that's coffee.
Show me your research.
Let's see it.
It's all up here.
I can't believe
you're my competition.
Come on, no, no. Tell me.
Tell me one fact
you learned in your book.
Pretty please.
The legend is two centuries ago
old Saint Nick crashed his
sleigh here one Christmas Eve
after delivering Christmas
presents but he liked it so much
he decided to stay
and make it his home.
The North Pole was
too conspicuous?
Apparently it's tradition now to
look up in the sky at midnight
on Christmas Eve
and see a golden streak.
A golden streak?
Yes, it's a dash of
the Christmas spirit
marking the end of Christmas Eve
and the beginning of
Christmas Day.
Oh, and, um, only those who
believe will be able to see it.
Sounds like you're wasting
your time.
It's magical, right?
You know Santa Claus
isn't real, right?
You just asked me
what I was reading.
Because I wanted facts.
I didn't want some
ridiculous fairy-tale.
Well, I happen to think
this is interesting.
Forget it. Jeez.
All right.
Sharing is caring.
What, did your father not
teach you any manners as a kid?
My father taught me everything.
Well, he skipped over
common decency.
You're just upset
because you know that I'm going
to find a better story here
and you're going to start
the new year off unemployed.
You've got some nerve, pal.
And you know what else?
You're really lucky you don't
believe in Santa Claus
because you would be getting
coal for being this irritating.
Carol, tell me about
living in Santa Claus, Indiana.
What's your favourite part about
being here during the holidays?
Are there any traditions
everyone participates in?
Certainly our Christmas Eve
festival here at the Inn.
We all gather here, sing carols,
and we dance and we eat
the most delicious treats.
That sounds fantastic.
It's enchanting.
I'm going to miss it next year.
I'm so sorry they're
closing this place down.
It would sure take a Christmas
miracle to save it now.
That's it.
What's what, dear?
I'm going to write my article
on saving your inn.
It's going to be a story of
hope and redemption
and Christmas spirit and
everything Simone wants.
Oh, you're very sweet, but it'll
be hard to find any proof.
No, no, no. I'm a journalist.
And I'm a good one.
Research is what I do.
I just wouldn't want you to
get your hopes up, Jenna.
Anything is possible
at Christmas!
Let's do this.
Good morning.
Here they are.
Thank you.
It's a big one.
Merry Christmas.
Is all this mail for you, Chris?
We're the only town in the world
whose post office
bears the name Santa Claus,
so the town gets thousands of
letters every Christmas
from kids asking for things.
No one else in town knew
what to do with all that mail
so I volunteered.
Here, read one.
"Dear Santa, it's me Oscar."
Oscar. Heh.
"This year I'd really like a
megastar scooter in blue."
"I promise I'll share it
with my brother Coby"
"even though he never
shares his candy with me."
Do you, uh
Do you ever respond
to any of these?
Every signal one
I remember once upon a time
believing in Santa Claus.
What happened?
I grew up.
Somewhere along the way
I stopped celebrating Christmas
That's a real shame.
You know, Christmas is meant to
be spent with loved ones.
Even for those who have
lost their Christmas spirit.
Yeah, well.
I'll do that in the new year.
This Christmas is all about
keeping my job.
If you say so.
Hey, what's going on?
What, are you following me now?
Yeah. That's exactly
what I'm doing.
So, what do you think
the story is here?
What's your angle?
Like I'm going to tell you.
Oh, I'm just trying to
make conversation.
Fine. I was thinking of
hidden Christmas getaway the
whole family will treasure.
The town's called Santa Claus.
All right.
Well, it's a working title.
What do you have?
I'm not going to tell you.
You're ridiculous.
I'm going to go meet Santa.
This is great.
Of course he's the town Santa.
Are you sure you don't
want to visit Santa
and tell him what you want
for Christmas?
How come?
He thinks the kids are
all going to laugh at him.
One second, all right?
Hey, buddy.
What's going on?
Um, he can't hear you.
I'm sorry.
Thank you so much.
You know sign language?
A little.
My grandfather lost his hearing
during the war.
My mom grew up always
talking sign language to him
and she wanted my sister and I
to learn
so we wouldn't miss out on
getting to know our grandpa.
Sounds like a great mom.
Yeah, she's the best.
What did you say to him?
I told him
I personally knew Santa
and I'd let him know
what he wanted.
What does he want?
Video game.
I wonder if he'll
keep it for 30 years.
That was a good one.
"In 1935, Congress passed
the Historic Land Act"
"which authorized
the US Secretary"
"to formally and legally record
historic properties"
"as having national
historical significance."
"With this status"
"it cannot be torn down
under any circumstance."
"Search your property"
"to check for its
historical significance."
Winters Inn.
Okay. "Although there's a rumour"
"that the Winters Inn in the
heart of Santa Claus, Indiana
"was once formally granted a
legal certificate in 1937
"starting its historic
"it has gone missing
from the records
"and the significance
is now unknown.
"" Myth goes that
the sealed document
has been hidden somewhere within
the old inn for over 50 years."
Oh, boy.
Please be a good idea.
I miss you too, sis.
What you guys up to?
You decorate the tree yet?
You are?
That's that's nice.
I wish I could be there too.
Aspen. Oh, it's
It's amazing.
The chalet's unbelievable.
The boarding conditions
are perfect.
I know, I'm lucky.
I'm very lucky.
All right, say hi to Mom.
Bye bye.
Hey you.
I'm here at the Chicago office
and I can't stop
thinking about you.
I can't wait to get home
I miss you so much.
Man, this heat wave
is killing me.
Typical for July, I suppose.
Anyway, I love you.
Oh, yeah.
I got to go.
Okay? I'll see you tomorrow.
What are you doing up?
It's after midnight.
Couldn't sleep.
I'm hungry.
What are you doing awake?
I couldn't sleep either.
I'm hungry.
You want me to
make you something?
Do the honours.
You know, all the finest chefs
in the world
crack an egg with one hand.
Show me.
Ooh, sorcery.
And what's this?
Oh, it's the
Christmas Eve Festival.
Didn't Carol tell you about it?
It sounds great. They, uh, sing
carols and dance and eat snacks.
It sounds fun.
Go ahead. Aren't you going to
make fun of it?
I'm going to hang up
my Scrooge top hat.
Ghost of Christmas Past,
Present and Future
can haunt somebody else
for tonight.
And the Grinch's heart
grew three sizes that day.
You're not supposed to
play with it,
you have to make cookies
out of it.
Okay, all right.
All right.
Yeah, all right!
Ho ho ho!
Does it look like a house?
It doesn't look like a house?
It depends.
Here. Oh, here!
We got a tray.
Hot. Hot.
Did you just touch it?
What's wrong with you?!
They have to cool down!
Okay, okay.
Um, nothing. I just
I've never seen you
with your hair down.
It looks good.
Is that Kevin Jenner sarcasm
I'm detecting?
You know, I'm not always a jerk.
Can I ask you something?
Yeah, of course.
Why'd you want this Aspen
assignment so badly?
What do you mean?
You seem like you have
a great family.
Why don't you want to
spend Christmas with them?
It's a big piece, it could
really push my career forward.
You know that.
Is that the only reason?
There's that and
Also I try to avoid Christmas
at all costs.
How about you?
Aren't you missing your family
at Christmas?
No, um
To be honest, Christmas was
never really much of a big deal.
What about
The peppermint hot chocolate
and the marshmallows
and the stockings?
I was put up for adoption
when I was a baby
and I was never adopted.
So, I never did get to
spend a real Christmas
with a real family.
I just usually watched
cheesy Christmas movies
in whatever agency
I was in that year.
And I always wanted to
wake up on Christmas morning
with stocking and a family
that really loved me but
You know, being here is
the closest I've come
to having a real Christmas
with a real family.
I thought I was going to get one
with Andrew's family this year
but that didn't pan out.
Yeah, uh, my ex.
We broke up,
well he broke up with me.
He felt like he couldn't follow
through with our five year plan.
Five year plan?
Yes, I know. I know.
It sounds high maintenance.
But it made sense, you know?
It seemed like it was a really
reasonable thing for us to do.
We were right on paper and
we should map out our future
and take a look, make sure
we're on the same page,
make sure there's no surprises.
Surprise, we broke up.
Can you really plan out
your future?
I thought we could.
Everything seemed like
it was right on schedule.
We were supposed to get engaged
in three months.
I had a ring picked out.
You miss him?
since we've been here I haven't
thought of him too much.
It's been kind of refreshing.
Maybe I just missed
the idea of him.
I just
I don't think you should have to
try so hard to fall in love,
I think it should be
exciting and impulsive.
And unpredictable.
That sounds awful.
Have you ever been in love?
Does Kelly Kapowski count?
Look, I could jump out of
a plane at 12,000 feet.
But falling in love, like,
really, really falling in love
Scares the hell out of me.
Finally something
we have in common.
Well, thank you.
I should be, uh, getting to bed.
I have a lot of research to do
in the morning.
Hey, wait.
Uh, you want to
get some fresh air?
It's two o'clock in the morning.
So, what else are you afraid of?
You mean besides being
stuck in Indiana with you?
I I write about what I'm
afraid of to get over my fears.
Like what? Like, what's the
scariest thing you've ever done?
By far, swimming with Great
White Sharks in New Zealand.
Oh, yeah. I remember that
article. It was so great.
My heart was racing so fast
I could hardly finish it.
How about your article about
saving the Great Barrier Reef?
That was amazing.
You read one of my articles?
Well, yeah, I've read them all.
You're an amazing writer.
You think so?
Why do you think
I've been such a baby
about being paired up with you
as my competition?
Wow, that's really funny
how things turn out.
What do you mean?
We've worked together in the
same office for all these years
and only had
a real conversation now.
I always thought
you didn't know who I was.
I felt really invisible
in that office sometimes.
You felt invisible?
I noticed you the first day
you walked into that office.
If anything, I thought
you were ignoring me.
There's one thing
I can say about you, Kevin,
it's that you're
impossible to ignore.
That's true.
Do you guys remember ever
seeing a certificate from the 1930s?
It really would be the golden
ticket to saving this inn.
It's an historical
legal document
the developers could not
argue against.
You have any idea
where it could be?
Oh, that.
Last time I saw that, Theodore
Roosevelt was president.
I'm on a really tight deadline.
I was doing some research
and, well,
it's a certificate that I need
in order to write my piece
about saving the inn.
It's exactly the kind of story
our readers need right now.
It would fill them with hope
and belief in
the magic of the season.
It's the perfect
Christmas story.
Good morning, everyone.
Hello, good morning.
What's on the agenda today, son?
You know somewhere
we can rent a car?
Rent a car?
Where are you going?
Is this for research?
'Cause you know Simone wants us
to stay here and write.
You know,
actually I was thinking
you might want to come with me.
It's a secret.
Well, I can't.
I really need to continue
researching and finish writing.
We only have three days left.
Oh, don't be silly, Jenna.
You've lots of time.
You can borrow Rudolph.
I think it'd be good for you
both to go out for the day.
Thanks, guys.
All right.
Ding dong ding dong
Okay, we have been
driving for 45 minutes.
Where are we going?
We'll be there soon.
Don't worry about it.
All right. Well, wherever we
are, it's very beautiful here.
It is.
We're going to see my family.
Your family?
Like your
What kind of family?
My immediate family.
You grew up in Indi
You grew up in Indiana, we've
been hanging out for three days,
didn't think once
to mention that.
You know what?
I heard you talking
to your sister on the phone
and you lied to her, you told
her that you were in Aspen.
Why did you do that?
The walls are thin.
What's going on?
It's complicated.
Don't give me it's complicated.
You brought me
all the way out here.
There was no reason to tell you.
What is the deal?
My dad passed away
three years ago.
And I never had
the chance to say goodbye.
I haven't come back
for Christmas since.
I'm sorry.
So, you haven't seen your family
in three years?
No, no, no. I see my family
all the time.
I love them.
My niece, Tori, she's the cutest
thing you'd ever want to see.
It's just
The thought of spending the
holidays without him is
I get that.
And that's why you wanted
the Aspen assignment so bad.
Hooray, we're here.
You ready?
Yeah, I think so.
You coming?
You're home! Oh!
How are you?
I thought you were in Colorado.
Hey gang, what's going on?
I missed you!
You're here.
I'm here.
I'm Wendy. I'm Wendy.
And this is Megan.
Hi. Jenna.
So good to meet you.
Thanks. You too.
Uncle Kevin!
That's our Tori.
How's my favourite niece?
I'm your only niece.
That's that's right. You are.
What's all this commotion?
What's going, stranger?
How's it going, man?
It's good to see you, good to
see you, great to see you.
This is my husband Eric.
Hi. Jenna. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you. Beautiful
lady. Congrats, man.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
We just work together at the
magazine, we're coworkers.
Oh, of course. Okay, of course.
All right.
Who's hungry?
Do you put honey on your
mashed potatoes?
That smells amazing.
It's a two-hour meal,
so I would hope so.
Can you help me
put this on the tree?
Oh, yeah. I would love to.
I made this one myself.
No, you didn't! Oh, my gosh.
You're so talented.
Guys, she's so adorable.
We know, man. We know.
Put it there.
Are you two writing together?
Simone has us on
separate pieces.
We each have to write something
about Christmas magic.
It's actually an experiment to
see who the readers like more.
It's not ideal.
So, you two are competitors?
Uh, it's a cutthroat industry.
You know?
And we had no choice.
So, what angles
are you both taking?
That's a good question, Mom.
You should tell them, I'm sure
they'd be really interested
in hearing what you have to say.
I'd really like to know,
I think the whole
You've been doing
so much research.
You guys aren't telling each
other what you're writing about,
are you?
Maybe not.
Mine's not really
coming together anyways,
so there's not much to say.
How's your coming, Kev?
I haven't started yet.
Of course you haven't.
I never start writing
until the last day
just in case something
more inspiring comes along.
Because you're a master of
your craft, that's why.
Thank you.
That's just his way of saying
he's a master procrastinator.
Procrastinator, you? Never.
Mom, artiste.
I'm an artiste. Okay?
It wasn't an awful Christmas,
it was a great Christmas.
I got the train set.
"To Megan, love"
To Megan?
It said, "To Kevin."
I gave you the blue
and the green ones.
Yeah, out of a
10-piece train set.
You locked it in your bedroom?
That's like 40%.
Little weird, huh, Jenna?
Is this why you have trains
in your office everywhere?
He does.
They're lined up
right by the window.
There's no trains in my office.
There are so trains
in your office!
Trains in your office.
Trains? No, there's one train.
I'm so happy you came home
for Christmas.
Thank you. Here I am to be able
to tell my half of the story.
I'm all ears, man. I'm all ears.
I even had it etched
on the caboose.
Oh, what book you got there,
The Christmas Miracle.
That's a good one.
That's a good one.
"Once upon a time
there was a boy named Charles"
"who couldn't stand
the Christmas season."
"On Christmas Eve
he would run up to his bedroom"
"and jump on his bed and
put his pillow over his head."
"He didn't want to be like
the other boys in school"
"who tried to stay awake
all night"
"just to hear
Santa's sleigh bells."
"This Christmas Eve he"
Your family's
really great, Kevin.
You're lucky to have them.
I know they loved
having you there.
I know I did.
Me too. Thanks.
That was a lot easier than
I thought it was going to be.
It's almost like my dad
was there with us.
He would've liked you a lot.
Look, Jenna,
I hope this isn't too forward
but I would love it if you came
home with me on Christmas Day.
That was, uh, really nice.
Thank you for inviting me.
That was fun.
Hey, about the article,
I know there's a lot at stake.
I just don't want work
to get in the way.
Get in the way of what?
Um our friendship.
You want us to be friends?
Yeah, I think
you're really nice.
I'm sorry.
Was the article the only thing
you were thinking about
all night?
Because not everything has to
be a competition, you know?
And this is coming from
Miss Competition?
I'm not I'm not competitive!
I'm-I'm-I'm organized
and I'm assertive!
And impossible.
Okay, I got to talk to you.
I need to talk to you
as well actually.
Uh, you go first.
Look at that picture.
That's Christopher and Carol.
I mean, I can't be 100% sure
but that's them, right?
That's definitely them.
It looks just like them.
Flip it over.
It can't be right.
I know.
But look at the paper, look at
the clothes they're wearing.
The photograph is definitely
over 100 years old.
There's no way. It's impossible.
Maybe it isn't?
What are you trying to say?
Maybe Christopher is actually
Santa Claus.
Is that so crazy?
You're not a kid anymore, okay?
You got to stop
thinking about Santa Claus
and start worrying about your
article to save the inn. Okay?
How'd you know
I was writing about the inn?
Oh, um.
Well, I, um
I might've overheard you
talking to Christopher and Carol
about finding the certificate
to prove this place
is a historic landmark.
You don't think
it's a good idea?
I didn't say that.
I didn't say that!
I can see it all over you.
All over me?
There's nothing on me.
I'm just
It's just Christmas Eve
is in a couple of days
and if you don't find it
I don't want you to be crushed.
Well, thanks for
the vote of confidence.
What'd you want to
talk to me about?
Oh, god.
I want to know
if you want to come to the
Christmas Festival with me.
It's happening
in a couple of days.
And I'm going to be
done my article.
And I want to know if you can be
the first person to read it.
You can maybe give me
some spelling corrections.
Oh. You want me to copy edit
the Christmas Eve Festival?
That's not what I meant.
I want you to be the first
person to read my article.
I should be done with mine
by then, so.
Maybe we could swap, you know,
it'd be kind of a peace treaty.
Okay. I'd like that.
So would I.
This is
Okay. You're right,
you're right.
I just need something!
Let it go.
Well, we've only got two days!
Hey, how goes the battle, Jenna?
Oh, hi.
Uh, I wouldn't call it a battle.
It's more like
a friendly competition.
A-a friendly competition?
Wait a second.
So, what,
you guys are friends now?
Yeah, I guess
it means we're friends.
He's not completely
driving you bananas?
He is.
But, you know, once he lets his
guard down he's actually
He's a good guy.
He has a kind heart.
Stubborn but kind.
Wait a second. A kind heart?
What are you talking about?
I-I it just sounds like
I hear something a little
different in your voice.
Do you like him?
No. No.
Of course not. I mean
I don't know.
God, he drives me crazy.
You like Kevin Jenner.
That's perfect.
Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.
That's not why I was calling.
How's your story coming?
Yeah, it's great.
I've got everything laid out.
I just need to find the
certificate from the 1930s.
What? Explain.
So, if I can find the
certificate it means
that I'll be able to save
the inn that we're staying at.
Which is
It's really
the heart of the town.
But they're going to
demolish it.
Oh, wow.
So, we're talking about, like,
redemption and conflict
and hope?
Keep looking.
This sounds interesting.
I will!
All right, honey.
I'll check in with you later.
To all those reading
this, I encourage you
to look at Christmas
in a new way this year.
Because with
a little bit of luck
and a dash of Christmas magic,
you too could find yourself
falling in love
with the last person
you ever expected.
The end.
Hi, Chris.
What a pleasant surprise.
How are you, my dear?
What's on your mind?
Is that you?
Hey, guys.
So, you, uh,
you found Chris' man cave.
Yes, yep. Came in for a little
Pep talk.
Chris, what time
is the party tonight?
Oh, guests usually
start arriving around 8:00.
Oh, is it formal?
I don't think I have a
Yeah, I don't have
anything fancy.
Oh, don't worry.
Carol and I have found some
elegant clothes for you to wear
from our youth.
D-do they fit?
Don't worry, we had them
tailored just for you.
Sorry to interrupt, Chris.
I need your signature
The new sleigh insurance.
Did you say sleigh insurance?
You can't be too careful.
Is James Cagney
calling for his suit, say?
Never mind.
This Meg?
Yes, add me to your phone
Okay. One second.
All right, there you go.
Well, did you finish
your article?
I did actually.
You found your inspiration.
I did.
Well, come on. You're leaving me
hanging here. Spill!
It's about how I found
Christmas magic again.
And how did you find it?
By falling in love.
With Jenna.
Oh, that's so romantic.
Does she know?
No, no, not yet.
I'm telling her tonight.
We're swapping articles at this
Christmas Eve Festival thingy.
This is so exciting.
You haven't been in love
since the 10th grade
when Cynthia Gilmore
broke your heart.
Hey, too soon, Megan. Too soon.
Do you think
she feels the same way?
I do.
Okay, hey, hey.
I'm going to get off the phone
with you right now
so you don't go into
cardiac arrest.
Okay, okay. I'll
I'll see you tomorrow,
big brother.
Both of you.
All right. Oh, one more thing!
I need to find Jenna
a traditional Jenner
knitted stocking.
Oh, Mom doesn't have time
to knit one before tomorrow.
I mean, unless we use
Yeah, he'd be happy to share it.
Have fun tonight.
Top of the world, Ma.
Hey, guys.
What a great party.
Oh, isn't it something?
Now, you wear that well.
Not like you.
Hey, have you seen Jenna?
There she is.
I knew it would fit you.
I knew it would fit.
You look
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
You don't look so bad yourself.
Don Draper.
Well, my friends,
I must take off.
What? Where?
I've got a lot of things to get
done before the night's end.
And you have
a lovely evening tonight.
I have a feeling
it will be very special.
Thank you. Thanks, Chris.
Have fun.
Thanks, guys.
What's-what's wrong?
I didn't finish my article.
And I've never not
finished an assignment.
I don't-I don't want to
think about it tonight.
I just want to enjoy the party.
I think we should dance.
Where did you learn to dance?
My dad always told me
the way to a woman's heart
wasn't through shiny things
but the two-step.
Does that work?
Why don't you tell me?
You know, Jenna,
I know that I haven't been
the easiest guy to work with.
But I just
I have something to tell you.
I really think that I'm
Uh, Kevin, Andrew.
Mind if I cut in?
Be my guest.
Happy Christmas Eve, Jenna.
What are you doing here?
I called your office
and Simone's assistant
told me you were here
and I had to come surprise you.
Yeah, I'm surprised.
These past few days
I have missed you so much.
And I was afraid I wasn't ready
to take the next step
but now I am certain
that I am ready.
I've been lost without you.
Andrew, I'm really confused.
You said specifically
I know, I know, I know.
That you didn't want to
be in a relationship.
I am so dumb for letting you go.
I want to take you home.
I want you to finally
meet my parents.
I want to try again.
I haven't finished my article.
I'm on assignment here.
I can't just leave
in the middle of everything.
I know. I'm sorry I'm putting
this all on you at once.
But I can help you finish it.
You know we make a great team.
Come on, I got us a room
near the airport.
In the morning, we'll fly home
and we'll go and spend
Christmas Day with my parents
together as a big family.
And not here dancing.
In some old timey movie.
Come on.
Wait, I just
I have to
Can you just give me a second?
It's okay. You can go.
Of course you want me to go,
you get to keep your job.
'Cause I'm the competitive one?
I look forward to
reading your article tomorrow.
Please tell your family
that I said Merry Christmas.
Come in.
Hey, Carol.
How are you doing?
I should've told her how I feel.
I always do this.
Well, there's nothing
scarier than love.
But it's the only thing
worth risking everything for.
Sweet dreams.
You too.
Hey, what time is it?
Almost midnight.
What are you looking for?
Dash of the Christmas spirit.
No way.
The golden streak in the sky!
Can you please tell me
what we're staring at?
You didn't see that?
I'm going to turn in. We got
an early flight tomorrow.
The certificate.
Christopher Kringle
built this place in 1832.
Jenna was right all along.
Okay. I've got a deadline
to make.
We can do this.
It's not too late.
It's never too late.
I cannot wait to
get back to the city.
Indiana is such a bore.
So, tell me what I should expect
from your family for Christmas.
Do you guys have any traditions?
I mean, it's not really
all that festive.
Christmas isn't really
a big deal at the house.
Okay. Do you have a tree
that you decorate?
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
The maid gets it out of storage
and she decorates it.
She does a good job.
Do you, uh, open stocking?
You mean like stocking for kids?
No, I mean
We'll just exchange gift cards
and then sit around,
watch the news
after the big Christmas feast.
Oh, homemade feast.
That's great.
You know,
I make a great apple pie.
We can stop at the store
and get some ingredients.
You don't have to worry about
any of that.
Normally we just get
this Thai takeout
from a restaurant
around the corner.
It's great, you'll love it.
Now boarding flight
223 to New York City.
Great. That's us.
Hang on a sec.
Hi, Simone.
I'm sorry.
Honey, what? Why are you sorry?
Your piece is amazing.
My what?
Well, you and Kevin's piece.
I just can't believe
you found that certificate!
I am so impressed.
Wait, the certificate was found?
Do you know that your piece
saved that inn
from ever closing?
It's trending on Twitter.
People are already booking
their stay for next year.
Wow! I-I How?
I never
Honey, you should be so proud
of yourself, honey.
Well done. Be careful!
Listen, I'll see you soon.
These kids are driving me crazy.
And hey, who knew he was
such a softie?
You're a lucky girl.
Aw, merry Christmas, Jenna.
Merry Christmas to you too.
Hey, stop running around
this house!
Babe, we got to go.
They're boarding.
My article was published.
That's amazing.
Come on. Can you do that
on the plane?
No, no. Wait.
You got to wait.
Oh, my gosh.
"How two writers
found Christmas magic"
"just in time to save
a historic inn."
"By Jenna Hudson
and Kevin Jenner."
Wait, hang on. I'm confused.
I thought you said
you didn't finish it.
He finished it for me.
He found the certificate
in Chris' jacket.
Final boarding call
for flight 223 to New York.
"I never believed that
Christmas miracles existed"
"until I was snowed in
with the one person"
"that embodied everything that
Christmas should be about."
"Thanks to the Winters Inn"
"Falling in love was
the greatest Christmas miracle"
"I could've ever asked for."
Okay. Look, we're going to
miss our plane.
What's your favourite article
I ever wrote?
What are you talking about?
Where is this coming from?
They're all amazing.
Just tell me your favourite.
My, okay.
Let's see, um.
The uh
Okay, I'm sorry.
But in my defense you never
asked me to read any of them.
But I promise as soon as
we get back to the city
I will read all of 'em. Okay?
So, let's just get going.
Jenna, are you coming?
She's an alien.
You don't see an alien.
Where's an alien?
In there.
Over there.
Where's the alien?
In the tummy.
In the stove?
No, in your tummy.
In my tummy?
These are delicious as usual.
Thank you, Wendy.
I'm Alien Man,
Rainbow Alien Man.
I read your
article this morning.
It's really good.
It's getting some nice buzz.
Thank you.
Simone should be happy.
Have you heard from Jenna
at all?
There's still hope.
Your article does say that
Christmas miracles happen
when you least expect them.
Guys, guys.
Thank you very much.
Let's stop talking about work.
Let's just enjoy Christmas
morning together. All right?
I'm proud of you, Uncle Kevin.
Tori, thank you.
Thank you very much.
I'm proud of you.
So is Santa.
'Cause you got all these gifts.
Must be the carollers.
Mom, I'll get it.
I read your article.
So, what do you think?
I love you too.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
I have something for you.
I think he'd want you
to have this.
I love it. Thank you.
Open it up.
You're giving it up?
It's so good.
I think the reigning champion
deserves it.
Merry Christmas!
There they are.
Just in time for a great game
of Christmas charades.
You got no food in your hands.
Well, you know what?
We'll play for food.
Okay. All right.
Go ahead. There's a spot for you
right there.
You don't want to play me, Eric.
I'm the charades master.
Oh, you know what I heard?
There's a blizzard warning
for New Year's Eve.
You want to get
snowed in with me?
I'd love to.
We're playing without you!
All right. Okay, guys.
Here we come.
So, we figured out one word.
One word. Second word.
Second word. Star?
First word.
Star fish. Fish?
Shining star!
Shining star.
I told you I'm a natural
at this game.
There you are.
Another magical year.
It was a great one.
One of the best.
They found the certificate.
Well, of course he did.
You know that.
Merry Christmas, my darling.
Merry Christmas.
Ho ho ho ho ho.