Snowy Road (2017) Movie Script

(Snowy Road)
(Kim Hyanggi, Kim Saeron)
(Kim Youngock, Cho Soohyang)
Young Ae!
Young Ae!
Young Ae!
Young Ae!
Ah, I peed
(Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs)
(To Kang Young Ae)
Why did this come to me?
Your dad is a man of national merit
so the country will give you an award.
It's a good thing for you.
Do you want your family certificate?
Write your information here.
Can I have another one?
I'll just write it for you.
Can I have your identity card?
Here you go.
Are you Kang Young Ae?
I have a brother.
Kang Young Ju.
I guess he'll be happy when he hears this.
Can you search Kang Young Ju?
We can't do that in here.
Can't you search where he lives
by using the computer?
It's okay.
I'm not saying that we can't help you.
Wait a minute.
What is the relevance between my mom working
and me getting help from the country?
That's the law.
So you should find your mom and
I don't know her face.
Then, come again with your grandma.
It's okay.
I don't need it anymore.
And it's not that much money.
Go to The Ministry of Patriots-Veterans.
Do you know where it is?
There's a bus stop in front of this place.
Aren't you going to school?
I'm going right now.
(The Family Certificate)
it has been dried well.
Gather the seed in one place
so that we can sow the seed.
Jong Bun, hello.
Thank you.
It has been ironed well.
Get these.
Nobody can compete
with the skills of Jong Bun's mom.
Look at her laughing.
You're so beautiful.
You're going to marry to a nice man.
- Are you going now? - Yes.
Young Ae.
Get a bowl of rice.
Did you deliver it well?
- Yes. - Okay.
Jong Bun, hello.
Can you step aside?
- Jong Bun, here you go. - Thank you.
You want to go to school?
I told you that you can't go to school.
You should get ready to marry someone.
What got into you?
Young Ae is the same age as me.
You should've been born in that house.
I really regret being born in this house.
I told you not to touch it like that.
Come on down.
Oh, my
I have to throw this away because of you.
Deliver this to Jong Gil.
No! You told me not to go to school.
Don't you pity your younger brother?
He's the only one who can
lead the ancestral rite.
That's why he have to learn how to write.
Oh, my.
Go and deliver it to Jong Gil fast.
Jong Bun.
Don't eat Jong Gil's potato.
Are you going to school?
Do you want a ride?
No thanks.
You can have this.
Young Ae already read this.
(A Little Princess)
Do you know
how to read Korean?
Goodbye, then.
This region is leading
the development of our country, Japan
because of its location.
Do you guys remember the questions
that I told you it'll come out in the exam?
Tell me about the area of Kanto area.
Tell me.
Tokyo, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma,
Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa.
- Who is she? - I don't know.
Stand up!
Pledge to Japanese empire!
One! We're citizens of the Japanese empire.
One! We are loyal to
the Emperor of Japan.
Jong Gil.
Are you okay?
Oh, my. That's Jong Gil's shoes.
Here you go.
That's Jong Gil's
Hey, what are you doing?
Don't laugh.
Don't laugh in front of him.
You look cheap when you laugh.
Young Ae.
Where is the man who brings the wood?
A Little Princess.
A Little Princess
What's this?
It means a princess.
A beautiful princess.
(A Little Princess)
How come the heating bill so expensive?
There's something wrong.
Did you check the circuit breaker?
Well, I guess I used that much.
They must be right.
Go to the office and complain about it.
Or else, they'll think we're stupid.
Many houses go through winter
with an electric pad.
Yeah, you should complain about it.
They'll think we're stupid.
It'll be nice if they take care
of the problems immediately. This is why
those who don't know always lose money.
You're the best in knitting.
I really mean it.
Then, can I have $10 more?
I used many strings this time.
Hey, we get little profit
from this.
Come on.
I always make it on time.
For these,
just give me 70$.
Come on.
Don't forget this.
- Don't forget this. - Yeah, take this.
She's so strong.
It's going to be hard
to live alone without a family in that age.
I think so too.
Why did you come to school at lunch time?
You can't just skip classes like this.
And I heard you provide
your house to the runaway students.
A student shouldn't do that.
You'll get expelled if you get caught.
What's wrong with you?
I need the money.
I'm doing it because I need the money.
Eun Su.
You're wrong.
Studying in a high school isn't mandatory.
You can just drop out from the school
if you don't want to study.
Did you just laugh?
Did you just laugh?
Then, do you want me to cry?
Do you want me to cry?
Write this.
If you get caught, I'm going to submit this.
(The application form of dropping out)
Damn it.
Don't eat like that. You'll get sick.
I told you many times.
Anyway, it's not my body.
Are you listening to me?
Don't whine later.
You're so stupid.
What's wrong?
I know you. You always close
your mouth when you want to say something.
Young Ae,
do you still hate your dad?
Look at this.
The country will give your dad an award.
What should I do?
Young Ae.
My dad saved this country?
That's ridiculous.
But it's no use now
since he sent his family to the hell.
- Mom. - Young Ju.
- Young Ae. - Mom.
Young Ae.
- Mom. - Young Ae.
Where is Kang Hee Won?
Do you guys want to go to the prison?
- Mother. - Young Ju.
Young Ae, take care of our mom.
Shut up! Take him!
- My son! - Mother
No, don't take my son.
Young Ae.
Hey, you bastards.
Who'll do the farm works
if you guys take all the young men?
Hey, you bastards!
What's wrong with you?
Young Ae.
- Young Ae. - Hey.
He'll be okay.
He'll come back after a year.
He is going to work in a bank next year.
So don't dream of becoming his wife.
- Let's go. - I don't want to go.
- Let's go. - Let's go.
I don't want to go.
Stay here for a second.
- I don't want to go. - Come here.
- Why? - I don't want to go.
- It won't take long. - Come here.
It won't take long. Come here.
Come here. It won't take long.
Jong Bun, open the door.
Go inside.
Go inside.
Follow her.
- I don't want to. - Hurry up.
Jong Gil, be quiet.
Let me go.
Why are you doing this to me?
There' no one here.
What's your father's name?
His name is Kano Matsuhara.
What's his name?
He didn't change his name yet.
Your father is Kang Hee Won.
You liar!
Did your father teach you like this?
Your father is a thief. A thief!
So answer me again. What's his name?
Tell me fast!
What are you doing?
I won't go to school here.
I'm going to Japan.
They give us a house and send me to a school.
To Japan?
Aren't you scared?
I have my brother there, so I'm not scared.
Yeah, you're right.
You're right.
You can meet your brother
when you go to Japan.
When I graduate from school,
I'm going to be a teacher here.
Stop that nonsense.
Why is this nonsense?
I think you're out of your mind.
They'll give us a house when we go to Japan.
You're so stupid.
Do you think they're serious?
Why are you so stupid?
I want to go to Japan.
Stop that nonsense and wash this.
Wash it.
Wash it fast.
Wash it!
Aren't you hungry?
I'll let you eat delicious supper
after I sell this.
You need to get married soon.
Why are you so dirty?
Stay here with Jong Gil.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey!
Hey, Jong Bun.
Hey, Jong Bun.
Jong Bun, give that to me.
Give it to me.
Why? I want to help you.
I don't need your help.
You have to stay with Jong Gil.
Go inside.
Go inside now.
Give it to me.
- No. - Stay with Jong Gil.
Stay with Jong Gil in the house.
Let go of this.
Why do you always care about Jong Gil?
And am I his nanny?
How can you talk back to me?
Go inside fast.
Am I his nanny?
What did you say?
Do you want to get punished?
Stay inside the house.
What a girl.
This year is very important
in deciding the victory of the war.
So every teenager should join the army
and help the country win the war.
Remember that you are a Japanese soldier.
Step out!
We, the students
will do our best
to help our country achieve victory.
What is she saying?
I don't know.
But you learn Japanese at your school.
What is she saying?
I don't know.
Everyone, step forward!
I have to speak Japanese to join there, right?
Will they send them to an advanced school?
I don't know.
Good for Young Ae.
She can earn money and become a teacher.
I want to go to Seok Gu's house.
You'll become hungry if you run around.
Let's just go home.
Did you see your friends going to Japan?
Do you want to go with them?
You want to go to Japan
and live better than here, right?
let's go.
Mom told me not to
go anywhere before my dad comes.
You can just run away.
Who are you?
Do you want to come with me?
Aren't you cold?
I'm starving.
I'm so hungry.
Be quiet.
That's why I told you to stay at home.
when is mom coming?
She went to Seochon to sell the bowls.
She'll come back tomorrow.
Are you sure?
Who are you?
Jong Gil.
- No. - Sis!
- Sis! - Don't come outside.
Jong Gil, go inside.
Don't come outside.
- Sis! - Jong Gil, go inside.
Go inside!
Go inside!
Young Ae.
Why are you here?
Tell me.
Are we going to Japan?
I thought you went to Japan to study.
I am not supposed to be here.
I should be going to Japan.
There must've been a mistake. Check again.
My dad is a clerk.
Can you call my dad?
He lives in Gang Kyung, Chungcheong-nam do.
Be quiet!
His name is Kang Hee
His name is Kano Matsuhara.
Shut up!
- What am I going to do? - Young Ae, stop.
Young Ae, are you okay?
what happened to you guys?
I also didn't intend to come here.
- Me too. - Me too.
We're in trouble.
There must've been a mistake.
She should've been sent to Japan
because she was 1st place in school.
Is that so?
Then, that means something went wrong.
I'm in trouble.
I have to go back because
I left Jong Gil alone in the house.
I didn't come here on purpose.
Everyone is just like you.
Then, let's tell the soldiers.
Everyone is just like you.
Then, where are we going?
Young Ae.
Look over there.
The mountain is so huge.
Young Ae, you rode a train before, right?
Where are we going?
Look outside.
Where are we going?
My mom told me to wait.
She's going to look for me.
She's going to look for me.
She's going to look for me.
Jong Bun,
Jong Gil, your mom is here.
Oh, my.
Jong Bun, Jong Gil.
Oh, my.
Oh, my. Where are my babies?
Oh, Jong Bun.
Where are you?
Jong Bun.
Jong Gil, let's eat.
Jong Bun.
Jong Bun.
Jong Bun, let's eat.
Hurry up!
Hurry up! Go inside!
Aren't you tired?
- It's okay. - It's a little bit far.
- The air is so clean here. - Yeah.
- Yeah. - Granny, hello.
- Granny, hello. - Hello.
How is your real estate business going?
It's going well.
Is this your first time to visit my house?
No, I came here before.
Have you seen inside?
Of course.
I'll fix the door.
And change the wallpaper.
Oh, my goodness!
Oh, my.
What are you doing here?
I'm living here.
- Hey! - What are you doing?
What's wrong with you guys?
I told you to move out.
Open the door.
Hey, open the door.
Open the door.
Hey, open the door.
What's going on?
I knew this would happen.
Granny, look at this.
She has been using your electricity.
- I need to change the lock. - Okay.
I'm going to change it right away.
But she doesn't have anywhere to go.
Stop it.
I don't run a charity.
These 3 houses are my only source of income.
Here you go.
That's why I should live here
since I can't come here often.
I want to change the lock of the door.
Yeah, I want to change it.
She's not here anymore.
she's gone.
Are you okay?
Dont mind me.
She's gone.
Leave me alone.
- Hey, come inside. - It's so cold.
- Why is it so cold? - Hey.
Let's eat ramen together.
- There's no light here? - Young-su, move.
Hey, don't touch it.
There's no light here?
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Is it working?
I'm so hungry.
- Hey, it's working. - It's working.
- Let's eat now. - Let's make ramen.
Let's make ramen.
Eun Su, come here.
Let's make ramen.
Do you have the water?
Hey, where's the water?
Eun Su, do you have the water in here?
What is this?
Eun Su, what's wrong with this house?
- There's no water? - Oh, my God.
- It's so cold. - This house sucks.
It's so warm in here.
You're so old now.
I've been living for a long time.
Of course, I'm old.
I don't want to become old.
You look more beautiful now.
You don't look ugly anymore.
Your way of speaking never changes.
I'm glad you're not yet dead.
Young Ae.
Do you think your brother is still alive?
I'm not sure
A lot of people died that time.
He must be dead.
Our life was nothing to them.
I bet he died a long time ago.
I'm alive because I'm stupid.
I hate that sound.
I really hate it.
Be quiet. Be quiet!
Are you stupid?
Why did you lower your head?
Do you like to be here?
No, I didn't mean that.
You can have everything.
I don't need it.
Oh, my.
Hey, hey, hey.
Do you know what time it is?
I have to move out my things.
What's wrong with your face?
Did you fight?
Yeah, you fought with someone.
Hey, come over here.
It's none of your business.
Hey, you need to take care of the wounds.
You need to paste a medicine.
It's okay.
do you have somewhere to go?
Then, where are you going?
You can sleep in my house for today.
No thanks.
Or can you give me $30
so that I can go to a motel?
Then, don't mind me.
Open your mouth!
It's for your own sake.
What's wrong with you?
Your baby is going to die anyway.
So open your mouth.
Damn it.
Young Ae, they'll
kill you once your tummy becomes big.
So just eat it.
I guess you want to die. So listen up.
You can't die here even if you want to.
Your baby is going
to die anyway in here.
Hold her!
Open your mouth!
Stay next to her tonight.
If she hangs herself,
you're going to die too.
Are you scared of dying?
Young Ae
It's better to die than to live like this.
But you should try to live
Go away.
I don't want to live like this.
I'm not going.
I'll die too if you die.
Just leave me alone.
Stop this.
Do you know you're the same Young Ae?
We're the same in here.
If you want to die, you should die alone.
I don't want to die.
I'm going to go back to my country.
You're right
No one will care about us.
Young Ae!
Young Ae!
Young Ae!
Young Ae!
- Let go. - No!
Please let go.
- Leave me alone. - No.
I need to go.
- Let go of me. - No.
- No. - Let go of me.
- Don't die. - Let go of me!
You can live like this if you want.
But I don't want to live like this.
Let go of me!
- Let go of me! - No!
Let go of me!
Young Ae.
Don't die.
You have to go back to our country alive.
- Let go of me! - No!
Let go of me!
Come here.
Did you bring them here?
No, we were going there.
Young Ae!
Don't do that!
Young Ae!
Wait a minute.
Oh, my. This is a loss.
Young Ae.
Young Ae.
Young Ae.
Are you okay?
Are you still alive?
Shut up!
Can you search
the name and the address?
We can't help her here.
Just tell her to leave.
Someone will search for it.
So go back to your house and wait.
By the way, did you apply for that?
(Looking for a descendant)
(of the independence patriots.)
What's the use of that now
since all the family members are separated?
The weather is so nice today.
You only come here when you want to.
Were you waiting for me?
You always cared
about the others since before.
That's why I like you.
People usually think about themselves.
There aren't many people like you.
Whenever I got bruises,
my mom always rubbed me like this.
It's so cold here.
I need to be inside a warm place.
The rooms are so cold inside.
Here you go.
After they took out her womb,
she got canker sores in her mouth.
It's sweet, right?
Don't cry.
It's no use even if you cry.
Attention! Everyone go inside your room.
Go inside now!
Young Ae.
I can't do this.
I can't do this anymore.
Young Ae.
Can you teach me how to write?
Your brother gave this to me.
I always carried it with me.
I didn't get caught.
What do you think?
(A Little Princess)
I can't read.
Can you teach me?
You studied hard to become a teacher.
I can be your first student.
Se Ra stood up and looked outside.
The beautiful sunset was covering the sky.
The gold clouds were covering the west sky.
The birds were flying on top of the roof.
Young Ae, you look alike with your brother.
You guys look the same.
It feels good to stay like this.
You can't marry my brother.
I just said you guys look alike.
Se Ra stood up and looked outside.
The beautiful sunset was covering the sky.
What is this?
Where are you reading?
I'm reading right now.
So where are you reading?
Just listen to me first.
It's so beautiful.
Something might happen.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
Why do you wash these?
These are Japanese girls'.
They take care of the generals.
They get to receive the real money
and get to go outside.
They give me 2 cents for washing these.
And they told me they'll take me outside.
I heard that we can go to Korea
if we walk for 1 month from here.
What if we get caught
Yeah, you're right.
It'll be better than
living like this.
Of course.
So let's go there together.
Let's go there together.
Stop talking in Korean.
Forgive us! We're sorry.
We're sorry.
Let's go.
Why? What happened?
There's no reason.
He just hit me without a reason.
And I'm used to getting hit.
Look at her.
She looks like 20 years old.
Yeah, he's right.
I didn't know she's a teenager.
Are you her guardian?
Are you her guardian?
Yes, I'm her guardian.
I'm her guardian.
Hey, what are you doing here?
Those who don't have their parents
always make troubles in the society.
I knew it.
How about your kids?
I guess they'll grow so well
under your education.
- What are you doing? - Hey!
Did you hear what she just said?
Hey, you're the one who should apologize.
You're the one who hit me.
What did you say?
Stop it.
Why are you hitting her?
She's just a teenager.
She's only 17 years old.
How can you hit a teenager like that?
Stop it.
Granny, there's also her fault.
She's making a trouble with her friends.
Do you know why she's doing that?
What can she do alone?
She's scared and lonely.
You guys should lead her to the right path.
You're the reason why she's like that.
Granny, I bet she's going to sell her body
or cheat on others if she goes out from here.
Don't touch her.
Don't touch her!
Those who play with the teenagers
should be killed.
You bastard. Can you say you're an adult?
- How can you say like that? - Stop her.
Stop her.
- Granny, stop now. - Oh, my.
Don't stop me.
He's the one who made a mistake.
How can you stop me?
What is this?
I called you to take me out from here.
Damn it.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to say sorry to me.
He should be the one who should be sorry.
Ah, I'm so tired.
Let's take a rest here.
Aren't you cold?
I'm freezing.
I didn't
sell my body or cheat on the others.
I know.
I mean it.
I know.
Let me have a stick of cigarette.
Come on.
I know you smoke.
You don't have to hide from me.
You can smoke when you're upset
or to relive your stress.
I used to relieve the stress like this.
But you shouldn't smoke.
Smoking is really bad.
I hate this world.
You can cry.
Cry as much as you can.
Don't carry it inside.
if I become old,
will I be able to
live better?
There's no 'better' in the world.
But you will breathe.
So don't worry right now.
Se Ra, I'll miss you.
I'll miss your face expressions.
General Crue hugged Se Ra and kissed her.
Who is it!
What if she got caught?
What should we do?
Did you see me?
Did you see me running?
I was the best runner
in my village.
Let's eat now.
What is it?
It's a jujube.
A spring lady has a flower on her chest.
A spring lady's sigh makes the moon fall.
The sound of a pipe.
Pi-pi-ri. Pi-ri-ri-ri.
She's so happy. Happy. Happy.
I want to eat the food made by my mom.
After putting the daikon,
the spicy chili, the chili powder,
and the scallion
into the water.
Ah, I really want to eat like that.
I want to eat doenjang soup
made by doenjang in my house.
It's really delicious.
I want to eat watery kimchi
with chili powder
and water parsley.
Ah, I almost forgot.
I have to go.
Our owner is going to give me the medicine.
Hey, does the medicine work?
I don't know. But I guess
they keep on giving me since it's working.
They don't like the smell from the puss.
But they're the one who gave it to me.
I think it's better to be sick
than to treat the soldiers.
I can take a rest when I'm sick.
I need to go now.
I want to eat watery kimchi with rice.
Will I be able to eat it before I die?
Of course.
You can ask your mom to make it for you.
This is itchy.
I want to use the blanket made by my mom.
The blanket with cotton inside.
It's really warm if I go inside the blanket.
Jong Bun,
I heard my father died.
The one who dragged me here
told me he saw my father die.
So he told me I have nowhere to go.
And told me to listen to him.
Hurry up and change your clothes.
Hurry up!
Hurry, hurry!
Hurry up and change your clothes!
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Hurry, hurry!
Hurry, hurry!
Take off your clothes here!
Come here.
Make a smile!
Make a smile!
A nurse soldier?
The troop should move to Shang-hai.
The destination is Iwo Jima.
Every supply
should be thrown away.
Iwo Jima Do they want me to die?
My father used to work in a tailor shop.
And he stole the fabric and sold it
so that he could feed me
He hid the fabric inside his body.
However, he got caught in the next day
and my parents had
to beg for mercy.
I ran away because I felt shame on them.
I was so happy when I heard that I got
accepted to the army since I can leave
the house. My parents came to the station
to say goodbye and I just left.
I was going to tell them I was sorry.
You're so stupid!
I didn't say thank you to them yet.
I didn't say thank you to them yet
Shut up. Shut up!
Stop that!
Did Japan win?
What's wrong with them?
Young Ae, pack this too.
Ayako liked mooncake.
Bring the liquor!
Go, go!
Go, go!
Something's wrong.
What do you mean?
Our owner isn't following us.
I heard they're moving out tomorrow.
They don't usually tell us about it.
They just drag us with them.
Jong Bun,
let's run away.
They won't know
since they're drunk right now.
Let's go.
- What's going on? - What's going on?
I can't go further.
Let's take a rest here.
We'll freeze to death if we stay here.
We need to go little further.
What would've happened to the others?
What do you think?
Why did they kill them?
It's because they don't need us anymore.
That's why they killed them.
So they killed everyone?
Let's go.
Jong Bun.
When you go back to Korea,
you can marry my brother.
I allow you to marry my brother.
I won't stop you.
And I'll give you
my wool coat when we go back.
You wanted to wear it since before.
Are you sure?
Of course.
I don't need it.
I don't need it anymore.
I can't wear it
since my body is polluted.
I don't want to wear it.
We can lie to everyone.
We can tell them
we worked as a nurse or in a factory.
We can lie to them.
I'm going to lie to everyone.
I'm not going to tell the truth
even to my mom.
I'll just tell her I worked in a factory.
And I'll tell her
I collected cotton in the factory.
I'll tell her I collected cotton and
string while listening to the machine sound.
And my face became white
because I didn't go outside.
I'll also tell her that
I slept in a cotton blanket
and waited for the day of going back.
If I go back.
I'm going to give birth to a beautiful baby.
Jong Bun.
Jong Bun, wake up.
We have to move. Wake up.
Young Ae.
Jong Bun,
the sky is so blue.
What do you think?
The sky was also beautiful
when I ran away
from the place before.
Jong Bun,
take this
You shouldn't forget
the others in the picture.
Don't forget them.
Do you get it?
I'll take a rest here first.
You should go first.
Young Ae,
I'm scared to go alone.
You're not alone.
Everyone is with you.
Go now.
You have to go now.
Don't be sad.
Jong Bun, look at the snow.
I remember when our mom
hung the cotton in our village.
It was so warm
and soft.
Go now.
I'll catch up with you.
Go now.
Young Ae,
I can't go alone.
Let's go together.
You'll be cold if you stay here.
Young Ae,
you'll be cold if you stay here.
I can't move anymore.
Young Ae, I'm sorry.
I can't walk anymore.
When I saw a house,
I was relieved and thought,
'I'm happy since I get to die in Korea.
I'm happy now'
I thought like that.
Then, what happened?
That's the end.
That's the end of the story.
I can't believe it.
This is so unfair.
I want to kill those bastards.
It's no use now.
I cant live if I keep thinking
the things that Japanese had done to us.
I just have to think it wasn't
my experience and go on with my life.
I always fool myself.
wasnt it tough and strenuous??
Why don't you say it was tough and strenuous?
Because I suffered too much.
Did you meet your mom?
The distance was not that far
but I had to walk that time.
So it took 1 year to reach my house.
But no one was there.
No one was there.
The house was empty.
And I was alone.
- Mom. - I became alone.
Jong Gil!
Jong Gil!
Jong Gil!
Jong Gil
I felt like I came back to the hell again.
They gave me 50 cents if I work abroad.
I was kidnapped at that time
so there was no record.
Where is your house?
But Young Ae had her record.
What's your name?
Kang Young Ae.
So I used her name
and lived with her name.
Then, a rumor that the girls worked in
a strange place started in my village.
So I left the village and
I never went back.
Come and follow me.
Let's go.
You shouldn't feel ashamed.
You don't have to feel ashamed.
They were the bastards.
Here you go.
Granny, you did a right choice.
Thank granny.
I'm going to pay her.
I didn't say anything.
You have to stay with me for at least 1 year.
Consider me as your grandma.
I will earn money by doing a part-time job.
Just concentrate on your study first.
The country is going to support you.
Is it done?
Yes, it's one.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
It's snowing.
The snow makes me think of my past.
We always
hung the cotton
inside our house.
It made us feel warm just by looking at it.
And it was so soft like the snow.
I'm sorry for bothering you.
It's okay.
you have to reissue your identity card.
By the way, you have
to report the death of Kang Young Ae.
Since you're in an inevitable situation,
you will be able to report
the death of Kang Young Ae if you have
a document which proves her death.
I'll do that.
I'll have to send her away now.
(The report of death)
You lived my life to the full.
You did well alone.
I wasn't alone. I was able
to live since you were next to me.
I guess I have to go now.
I'll follow you soon. Wait there.
If you meet Jong Gil in there,
tell him to wait for me.
I'll tell him if I meet him.
(To solve the problem of)
(Japanese Military Sexual Slavery)
Did you eat?
Why aren't you wearing a muffler?
you'll catch a cold.
She's the same with before.
People don't change easily.
Why are you here today?
Let's eat together.
we found Kang Young Ju.
He didn't come back
since he couldn't contact his family.
He sent a letter.
(Sender: Kang Young Ju)
(Receiver: Choi Jong Bun)
Thank God.
I'm happy that he's alive.
Thank you for the letter.
Thank you for not forgetting about me.
I only have a sweater to give you.
I made it big since I don't know your size.
I'm doing well here.
I hope you're doing well there too.
Jong Bun.
Jong Bun.
I called you several times.
Didn't you hear my voice?
This is my gift.
Wear it well.
Jong Bun,
come here now.
Hey, Jong Bun!
I'm going.
Stop calling me.
Come here fast.
I'm not going anywhere.
(By 1 March 2015, there are only)
(53 victims of)
(Japanese Military Sexual Slavery)
(out of 238 victims)
(We won't forget those who suffered)
(and left the world)
(without receiving an apology)
(from Japan)