Snuff (1976) Movie Script

Jesus, I need something in this heat.
Hasn't Ana got some good stuff?
She disappeared a couple of hours ago.
I don't know where the hell she is.
She said she didn't have any.
How you gonna believe a greedy bitch
who's always holding out on us?
Come on. Let's go and see.
What kind of crap-
Still holding out on us, huh, Ana?
Make her pay for it!
Ana, Ana, you've disobeyed me.
You will feel the pain.
And you will not inch from it.
Susanna, the feet.
Each one of you must obey my commands,
or each one of you must die.
You do not live for yourself, but for me-
in me and through me.
Here. Let me help you.
You're lucky we didn't kill you today.
If it wasn't for Satan, we would have.
Don't worry.
In a few weeks, you'll be back to normal.
I guess we need you.
No one else around here
takes the chances you do to get the stuff.
Attention, all passengers.
LAN Chile ight number 436
arriving from New York,
Miami, Lima and Santiago.
Departure for Montevideo and Rio
will be in 30 minutes.
All passengers will please check
their baggage immediately...
and have their ticket validated
at the LAN Chile office.
Pluna Airlines ight number 6-
...will depart in 20 minutes.
Oh, God!
Help me! Somebody help me!
All passengers departing
from LAN Chile ight number 436...
please proceed to
the main passenger terminal.
All those passengers continuing on
to Montevideo and Rio,
there will be a 30-minute wait.
Why not rest for a few hours?
We can meet Orestes later on tonight.
I think that's a good idea.
Don't you? Hmm, Terry?
Oh, shut up, Max.
I've been sitting in that plane
for nine hours.
I've got a splitting headache,
and the heat is killing me.
All I want to do
is go to sleep for a few hours.
You don't understand, dear.
Of course I know you're tired.
But this is the guy who's putting up half
the money for the whole picture.
He's big!
Max Marsh doesn't need anyone
to raise money for him.
You can take care of it yourself.
Mr. Marsh and Miss London, would you mind
if I asked you a few questions?
You know I mind.
You know I don't give out any interviews.
Is there any truth to the rumor
that you intend to be married here?
We've come here to
make a picture, that's all.
And in this new film will Miss London
be following current trends?
Will she be doing any nude scenes?
Miss London is under
exclusive contract to me,
and if I want her to stand on her head,
that's what she'll do.
- I would not!
- Miss London is an actress.
She'll do anything necessary to give a good
performance, in this film or any other.
- Mr. Marsh, can I ask you a few-
- That's all, boys. See you at the studio anytime.
Aw, come on. Have a heart.
Your attention, please.
Will the security officers please go
to the lower level of the restaurant.
Will the security officers...
please go to the lower level
of the restaurant.
Your attention, please.
Will the security officers please go
to the lower level of the restaurant.
The studio got this car for you.
Let's try it out.
Is this heat normal for this time of year?
I don't know if I'm gonna
be able to stand it.
I know I'm gonna be sick.
I always get sick when it's this hot.
I know you'll like the house.
Is it very far from here?
If it is, you're going to have to drive.
I can't take it.
Well, let's see. We're almost there.
No, it's only three blocks.
Max, not now!
I can hardly stand up.
My head is gonna split open.
Let me get myself together.
It's not easy to leave you alone, Terry.
I don't want you to think
that Maximilian Marsh...
can't control himself.
You're a dear, Max.
You know I can't
refuse you anything, Terry.
Have a good rest today and tonight.
In the morning you can meet Orestes
and the others at the studio.
But be there at 10:00 sharp.
I'll be waiting for you.
I want to place a call to Punta del Este.
An hour, and maybe two, to get through?
Yes, all right. I'll be here.
All day, without question. That's sure.
Hello. May I speak to Horst Frank, please?
Yes, I'll hold on.
A call, sir, from Miss Terry London.
From New York?
No, sir. From the city.
Terry? Ls that you?
Of course it's me!
I told you I was gonna come down.
Where are you?
Give me two hours
and I'll be there with you.
Do you know the yacht club at San Isidro?
Oh, no, of course you don't.
Any cabdriver will know it though.
Wait for me at the small dock.
This is wonderful! I didn't think I was gonna see
you again until I came back to New York in May.
How long will you be here?
Two months!
We'll have the time of our lives!
We have to be careful, dear.
You know I'm here with Max.
Max? Still working for him?
We're not gonna let
a lowlifer like that spoil our fun.
Well, you know I'm here to work,
but I think we could
squeeze a little fun in between.
I have a much better idea.
How about squeezing the work in
between the fun? Hmm?
Well, if you don't get going,
I'll never see you. Hang up fast.
Angelica, do you know who that was?
Yeah. The one you met
on Long Island last month.
Isn't it wonderful?
Because that's what you want.
Oh, Angelica.
You're so... frigid.
I wish for once you could be
enthusiastic about anything.
That's not necessary, Horst.
You have enough enthusiasm for us both.
Horst! Horst!
I broke my own speed record getting here.
You look wonderful!
More wonderful than you ever looked before!
I promised myself
I wouldn't attack you here on the spot,
but I think I will!
Oh, Horst, it's good to see you!
Am I finally going to meet your father?
No, he's in Munich.
He'll be there till the end of May.
We'll have the place to ourselves.
I've never been in a speedboat before.
Oh, this should be fun. Hold on!
Satan, I can't stay there.
Now this actress Terry London
came in from New York.
He's with her now.
I sent you there to bear his child.
There must be a child.
Perhaps she can provide it.
She won't live with him,
not while she's working on the movie
with this Max Marsh.
Let me come and live with you, Satan.
I'm tired of pretending.
I want you there.
I want them to get used to you.
I want them to trust you.
But I always want to be with you, Satan.
No one can be with me always.
You do not know yet the way we live.
I will change men's destiny.
First we will get rid of this Marsh.
The rest follows.
After he is dead,
the two of them will create
the victim for my sacrifice.
With this ablution...
I wash away all sense of guilt,
all sense of shame,
all sense of the false morality
you have been living with.
In these waters
you will find a new life...
totally unlike the old.
All things from the past
soon will be dead,
and from these muddy waters
will spring a new existence.
Your soul will be cleansed
and dedicated to me...
and it will serve me.
I will serve you, Satan.
I will obey you and do anything for you.
I will gladly kill for you.
Hey! Look!
Come on!
All right, Satan! We're both hot too!
Terry! I can't believe my ears!
Are you still sleeping? It's after 1:00?
It can't be.
How the hell can I get anything done...
if you refuse to show up
every single time?
Oh, I'm sorry, Max.
I didn't even realize what time it was.
How many times you gonna pull this?
Take it easy.
Please get up...
and get your beautiful ass over here.
Okay, Max.
Okay, I'll be over as soon as I can.
I can't do anything without you, Terry.
You're not gonna let me down, are you?
Just get over here.
It's important to you.
I've got to go. They've got to see me.
Max is having a hard time of it
with the coproduction people here.
I can't let him down like that
in the middle of everything.
To hell with the picture.
What do you want it for?
What kind of life is that?
This Maximilian Marsh-
all he does is sex pictures.
All he's interested in is big bosoms.
That's what the public pays to see,
including my own.
Do you think I want to do
his kind of pictures?
What does Terry want?
Whatever it is, I think I can provide it.
My father has many millions of marks,
any and all of which can be mine.
Why cheapen yourself
when you don't have to?
I don't expect you to understand.
You really don't know me.
But I must try to be something myself.
I'm tired of taking handouts
and of selling out.
For me, even a Marsh picture
is something of a step upward,
and I'm going to do it myself.
That means something to me.
What are you reading?
Words. Words.
This is a surprise.
I never see you anymore.
I'm very attered.
I came to tell you something.
I hope it's something
I don't know already.
No, it's something very important.
Terry is pregnant,
and she's going to be living here with me.
As your wife?
No. But under the circumstances,
we both feel that, uh-
Well, when we talked it over
this afternoon, we both said that-
You mean she said that I should get out?
We both did.
I'm sorry, Max.
Okay, we'll try it once more.
After the carnival.
Oh, Max!
This is 10 times better than Mardi Gras.
It's fantastic!
Ah, it's a little too crowded for me.
I hope this ball tonight
is a little less frenetic.
Max! You didn't tell me!
But I don't have anything to wear!
Do I, Max?
What about the costume that was sent over
to the hotel room last night?
What costume?
Did you get me a costume, Max?
No. I don't know who it was from.
Oh? Do I have a secret admirer?
- Don't ask me.
- Very well.
Who are you gonna go as? Mickey Mouse?
Stop! Hey! Let me go!
Open the door. Do you hear me?
You can't get away with this kind of thing.
Not until you give me what I want from you.
You lousy son of a bitch.
You bastard!
I can see you can't take a joke.
Miserable joke.
What's gonna happen
when Max sees I'm gone?
Max is important to me.
It's my career, not yours.
Who the hell do you think you are?
basically a very bad,
spoiled rich boy.
I'll agree with that.
Listen, Terry, you didn't think I could go
through Carnaval without seeing you, did you?
Max made me the star
of this picture, Horst.
L just don't want to stab him in the back.
Sure! And what about me?
You're the one, Horst,
I really want to be with.
So here you are.
I want to make love to you.
Angelica's taking care of Max.
And after you changed places
with this other girl...
you never saw Marsh again?
- Not until-
- The morgue.
Early this morning.
And you never saw
this other girl... Angelica... either?
- Huh?
- No.
You don't think she had
anything to do with it, do you?
She was only trying to help me.
- Have you ever seen this knife?
- No.
Or any like it?
Seven people were murdered last night,
each with a knife like this.
Each was found with a knife like this
embedded in his back.
Please stop! I don't know anything
about knives or what happened last night.
How many times
are you going to go over this thing?
I'm sorry.
I forget the strain you must be under.
Officer Ortega, will you please escort
Miss London back to her home.
That won't be necessary. I'll take her.
We're through with our questions.
We find nothing suspicious.
Oh, thank God.
Come on, Terry. I'll take you home.
- Shall I take you back to the hotel?
- Yes. Please.
You can't just brood, Terry.
It's the worst thing you could do.
I don't know what to do.
Well, come to my place at Punta del Este.
It's near Montevideo.
There you can be near me,
and perhaps by being together,
you can forget about what has happened.
Forget Marsh. Forget the whole
ugly business. I wanna be near you.
Huh? Forget Max?
Yes. Why not? You're alive now.
- Not him.
- What else can I do now, Horst?
Okay. But let's get going fast.
Now your turn to go in the drink.
Does this go on all the time I'm not here?
Well, I'm back-
10 days earlier than I expected.
Did you see Mother in Lbeck?
No. I didn't have the time.
Father, this is Terry London.
I met her at Hans Alba's place
in New York.
I wrote you.
And you thought enough of my son
to y 6,000 miles here with him?
No, no. She came to act
in a film here in Buenos Aires.
Not the film where they slit
the director's throat, I hope.
Pardon me. I didn't realize.
It was very stupid of me.
Ah, forget it.
As a matter of fact,
that's what we're all trying to do.
Come on, Terry. Let's get dressed.
We must get to know
each other better tonight.
It is only the cowardice
of the new Bonn government...
that prevents the deal from going through.
Is there no other way of getting
the necessary permission?
Sending the lot to
a less objectionable country...
where they can later be... passed on?
It had to be done this month,
or it is useless to them.
Yes, of course. I should have known.
I was within hours of signing
when they pulled the rug out from under me.
Excuse my ignorance.
I'm very fascinated with it, but I don't have the
slightest idea of what you're talking about.
Oh, excuse me, my dear, but my father
was speaking of a large deal...
to supply machine guns to an Arab nation,
but it's all fallen through.
Oh, I didn't know you were in munitions.
The Frank Arms Company is only one
of the many enterprises I control.
Surely you don't find that shocking.
No, not at all.
It's just that, um-
I hope you don't take offense at this.
It's disturbing to hear a German
supplying arms to an enemy of the Jews.
- Terry!
- NO no, no,
I've heard this many times before,
and I'm not offended.
Horst is always trying to prevent me
from hearing what people think.
But we'll ignore him this once-
something you may not get
another chance to do.
You are shocked by German machine guns
killing Jews in this day and age, are you?
Is that any worse
than German guns killing Arabs?
Many of the troops of General Dayan...
are equipped with the finest guns
that Germany produces now,
and he uses them.
Does that make him less of a butcher
than, say, Eichmann?
The analogy is hardly appropriate.
Angelica, I had no idea you had come in.
I just came to collect my things.
I didn't mean to disturb you.
But we overheard your conversation
on the way out.
It's very clear that my uninvited
houseguests disapprove of my way of life.
You were speaking of butchers.
Yes, and the similarity between them.
I've always thought the profession
of butcher is an honorable one.
What would we do without it?
They have chosen the profession
that is beneficial to us all.
They slaughter
and chop up their victims...
so that the rest of us
may have the wherewithal to live.
From them we get life!
But the man that sells him the knife he
uses to slash the dumb animal's throat...
does nothing but profit
from the blood that is spilled.
You can ask what the butcher
would do without the knife.
That, indeed, would be terrible.
Mankind would starve.
No, we need those knives,
just as we need undertakers for the dead,
just as the carcass of a bull
on the pampas need jackals.
But I for one do not like jackals!
So you don't like jackals.
How dare you enter my home
and talk to me like this. Who are you?
Lam who am.
That's blasphemy. Get out!
Good night.
Susanna! Carmela!
They're gone.
But they'll be back.
Come on. We'll wait until dark.
Let me up.
Lousy bastards,
let me up, for Christ's sake.
Come on. I've had enough of this joke.
Let me up off of here.
Let me up.
Come on, you bitches.
I've had enough. Let me up!
What name did you just call upon?
Oh, stop it. Stop it!
Whose name?
Whose name? Answer.
Christ. Jesus Christ.
Let me up, you filthy Pigs-
Wait till I get my hands on you.
Give me a couple of minutes, and I'm gonna plunge
this knife into your heart and cut it from your body.
Who do you call on now?
Who's the only one
who can save you from my knife?
Satan. Satan!
Satan. Oh, please, please stop. Satan.
That's enough. Let her up.
There is only one more thing
you must do to be one of us.
You will submit to me. Here. Now.
- Like an animal to its mate.
- Yes.
You will submit to me and the pain.
Let's see now.
Milk, salami, macaroni,
Cepita, pomelo,
ice cream and tomato juice.
I don't know what happened
to the print delivery today.
Monica never came.
Well, she said she had to see the doctor.
She probably went there.
There's a lot of u going around.
You have to be so careful.
The best thing is to take a little nip
before going to bed at night.
Here you are.
You better do what we want...
without any complaints.
- Why should we?
- Because of this.
Oh. Oh, my God.
Oh, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Please go away. Just take what you want.
We won't give you trouble.
Dios mio!
All right, you shaky old goat,
fill up the bag.
All right. All right.
But please, please, put those guns away.
What the hell is that? It sounds like a car.
Keep your eye on him.
I don't think we need a gun for this one.
What on earth is going on here?
You girls should be ashamed of yourselves,
waving guns around like that.
What kind of a joke is this?
This kind, grandma.
Mama! Mama!
You've murdered her! You've murdered her!
Mama. Mama. Mama.
Don't move.
You're staying in here with us.
Good God. What's going on?
You girls are crazy.
Why do you kill us? Poor woman.
Why murder us? We have done nothing.
For the love of God,
go away and leave me alone.
If you leave now, I promise to tell...
no ODE.
Now, what are we going to do with him?
Angelica, this one's for you.
Are you sorry now
you've given yourself to me?
No. Being your servant
is, in a way, freedom.
I demand more than anyone else could.
- How can you call that freedom?
- It's what I want.
I've chosen it. I want it. And I'm happy.
You are happy, then, in bondage?
Ever since I was a little girl,
I've always been in bondage.
The owner of the farm where I lived
had seduced me when I was 12.
By the time I was 17,
I had become a regular whore,
afraid of him and yet fascinated by him.
He was cruel and yet powerful.
I lay with him every night,
half willingly, half reluctantly.
He both fascinated and repulsed me.
I would often think of that day years ago
when my father had gone to town.
Something happened
that changed my feelings entirely.
I lost my turtle in the tall grass
and was looking for it.
Oh. There you are.
My, don't you have anything to say?
Angelica, come over here!
Come over here this instant.
Stupid little bitch.
He was looking for my father
who had disappeared again.
He was regularly disappearing.
We would find him drunk under a tree
or hiding in the barn with his bottle.
Luis, the owner, would get mad
when he had to go milk the cows himself.
Angelica. Where is he?
Where's your father?
He should be doing this work.
You and your father
give me nothing but trouble.
Your father is becoming a nuisance.
Do you want me to throw him out?
No. No.
Ah, easy for you to say no.
What does that lazy father of yours
do every day except get drunk?
Your whole family's useless for anything.
Why don't I just get rid of you all?
Come here.
Come here and I'll show you how.
Here. Your sister knows how to please me.
It's time you learned too.
If you don't, I'll break both his legs
when I find him.
Oh, no! Help me!
Please don't touch me like that!
Please! Please!
Oh, please!
My brother watched as I was raped.
Almost every time he touched me,
I thought back to that day.
But one night as he stirred from sleeping,
I felt his hands on me,
and I felt repelled,
more than I had ever felt before.
I heard footsteps in the hall
coming close to our door.
I didn't know it, but it was Father.
Pig! Filthiest of all animals!
I will cut your heart from your body
and feed it to the dogs!
Father! Father!
Oh! Oh, no! No!
The next day it rained,
and Luis took his revenge.
He hung my father's disembodied hands
in front of the house for all to see.
The next day my brother
followed Luis into the jungle.
Since then I never once
have had real independence.
I've always been dependent on men,
and now on you.
All my life I've been in bondage
of one kind or another.
I'm not saying I like it.
I have to have it.
What would you do...
if this Luis were here now?
- I'd chop him into a million pieces.
- Your turn will come.
The unborn human being I am waiting
for grows larger in the womb every day.
Five, six, seven months have passed,
and now the time has come-
time to strike and kill just to be born.
I've waited long enough.
The time has come for you, my girls,
to kill them all.
The time has come for slaughter.
Believe me, you don't yet know my wife.
She's absolutely insatiable.
Oh, Antonio always likes to embarrass me.
Ah, you don't mind her, then,
having an affair with me.
Not with you. Not with any other man.
And believe me, there's been a lot of men.
- Plenty of men.
- Do I mind it?
On the contrary. It provides me
with my main amusement.
Come on. Come on.
Let's amuse Antonio.
- I don't want Terry to see.
- But it's better if she sees you.
We'll go back to the servants' quarters.
Antonio, you stay here.
Can't I have just one little peek?
No. Stay there.
Stay there.
Go on. Stay there. Get out.
Does he always keep it locked?
No. I've never seen it locked before.
Ah, there's Jaime. Jaime!
Oh, Miss Angelica.
It must be six months
since we've seen you.
- Where have you been?
- Jaime, I've just come back...
with my friend Ana...
to say hello to Horst...
and pick up a few things
that I left here six months ago.
Ah, Jaime, you know how close we've been,
and I'm leaving in a few days.
Just let me up for a few minutes.
My friend Ana can stay here
for a few minutes.
Please, Jaime. Huh?
Mmm, well, all right.
I guess it'll be okay.
Do you have a cigarette, Jaime?
Ah, yes. Let me see now.
I had some over here on the bench.
Now, what on earth did I do with them?
Well, that's all right, Jaime.
I guess I can do
without the cigarette after all.
Close the gate.
But wait there. Susanna and Carmela
will be along any minute.
What the hell are you doing?
I'll show you what we're doing.
Don't do anything crazy.
I have some good stuff here.
Somewhere in my pocket.
Where the hell is it?
Please. Please, don't.
- What are you up to, you two?
- Ah! Up, or I'll blow your brains out.
Come on. Get out of there fast.
Come on. Out.
Angelica, you're scaring
the hell out of Terry.
You're crazy.
This is a morbid kind of a joke.
Please stop it. Let me alone.
What good does it do
to torment me like this?
No good.
Oh, my God.
Uh-Uh-Upstairs, my checkbook.
Name any amount.
- Uh, it's yours.
- Shut up.
And my private plane to take you away.
" " Shut up!
- Is that his?
- Yes.
- Is that his?
- Yes, yes.
Well, you two go and join him.
All right, cut.
That was dynamite.
That was a gory scene,
and that really turned me on.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- It turned me on too.
- Did it really?
- Yeah.
- Well, I'll tell you. Listen.
Why don't-Why don't you and I
go over to the bed...
and we'll get turned on-
turn each other on, huh?
- With all these people watching?
- They're gonna be wrapping in just a minute.
They're gonna be going.
They're all still here.
- No, come on.
- No.
Come on.
What are you doing? Are you filming this?
They're filming this.
- Come on.
- Stop. Let me go.
- Oh, don't worry.
- What are you doing?
- Don't worry about it. I'm not doing anything.
- Stop.
- Just watch-
- You're crazy.
- Just move right back up here.
- You're crazy!
- Move right back up here.
- Let me go.
- Watch yourself.
- Let me go!
- You wanna get a good scene?
- Yeah. Go ahead.
Watch-Watch yourself.
Huh? Watch it.
- Let me up.
- Hold her down.
- Just hold still.
- Let me go!
- Now-
- You're crazy!
Come here.
- Watch yourself.
- Let me go!
You're crazy!'No, ma'am.
No, ma'am, I'm not.
You're not serious.
You're not really gonna do it.
- Oh, you don't think so?
- No.
Oh, you think I'm kidding? Do you?
You're not serious.
Scream! Go on! Scream!
That's it! Scream! That's it! That's it!
Shut up! You wanna play?
Bring in the camera! I'll give you a show!
Let me go. Let me go. You're crazy.
One of you guys come over here
and help me, will you?
Go. Go. Go give him a hand.
Please! No more!
No more!
- Wait!
- Go and get the ripsaw.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Shit, we've run out of film. Shit.
- Did you get it? Did you get it all?
- Yeah. We got it all.
Let's get out of here.