So Close (2002) Movie Script

Mr. Chow, the virus that has infected
the mainframe can't be cured.
It's threatening to wipe out the entire
Chairman Chow, you must take
control of the situation immediately.
If this continues, our stock will
plummet when the market opens.
We'll suffer significant losses
in the EU market.
- Chow Lui, what shall we do?
- Pay them off.
If we do,
they'll come back for more.
Our computers are protected by a
world-class first-rate security system.
Clients invest in us because we
guarantee absolute safety.
It's obvious that our mainframe is
being attacked by an external virus.
If we don't pay them off, our reputation
will be ruined.
No amount of money can compensate
for that.
Something called the Computer
Angel is getting rid of the virus!
Thank God! We're fine again.
Find this Computer Angel for me.
Who is this Angel?
Someone we can use.
How can I help you, miss?
- I'm here to see Mr. Chow Lui.
- Who shall I tell him?
- The Computer Angel.
- One moment, please.
You want to buy $20 billion
of Dragon stock.
I think this is crazy.
I won't sanction it.
- Have you thought about?
- The Computer Angel is here.
May, show her up.
Right away, Chairman Chow.
Alice, please turn down Dragon
on behalf of Nunn.
Sister-in-law, let's discuss this
in my office.
Sure. Don't stay too late tonight.
Control Center to Mr. Yip. Over.
Someone called the Computer
Angel is in the lobby...
claiming to have an appointment
with Chow. Do you receive?
I'm Yip, Chairman Chow's chief of
security. We have to perform a search.
- She doesn't have weapons on her.
- Thank you.
This way, please.
Chairman Chow is waiting upstairs.
Mr. Yip, please go with them.
This way, please.
I'm May, Chairman Chow's secretary.
Sorry about just now.
Mr. Chow rarely receives visitors
nowadays, so our security's a bit tight.
- How are you?
- How do you do?
Please have a seat.
Do you have a name besides
Computer Angel?
Computer Virus!
I'm both Virus and Angel. The invasion
and battle against your computer...
is my organization's
best optical illusion.
We were simply manipulating
the images on your screens.
None of your data was affected.
The only things we disabled were your
portals and prevention systems.
That's why it looked so realistic.
So much for the opening speech.
What's your point?
You've amassed your fortune through
smuggling and drugs.
It's an evil fortune.
You're impossible to approach
unless it's at your own bidding.
So I've come here to...
It's such a pity that you're so
Even if you had a cannon you
wouldn't be able to touch me.
Why do you think I put the glasses in
That much cyanide would poison
a quarter...
of the rush-hour subway crowd.
All units, Chairman Chow's in trouble,
check it out! Do you copy?
I copy!
Target destroyed.
I'm leaving the scene.
The police have picked up the alarm.
They'll be there in 5 minutes.
The guards on the 87 th floor are
forming into groups:
Two in the elevator, five by the
stairs, two are at the lobby elevators.
I'm corrupting the screens in
and cutting off their communication.
What's happening? What's going on?
Let's listen to a song.
- What's going on?
- What happened?
Why is there music?
Hey, what's going on?
Count to 20 and go down.
One, two, three...
They're about 80 meters from you...
at 10:00, four men total.
Forty meters...
30 meters...
20, 10, 5, here.
Eight, nine...
May, what's going on?
Now count to 20 and go back up.
four, three, two, one. This image
will play in a continuous loop.
You may vacate the premises.
Control Center calling all units.
Target is located.
She's in an elevator in section C.
Wait for her on the 40th floor.
I'll lock the elevator
when it arrives there.
Do you copy? Over.
Out of the way!
- No one's there!
- You're joking? Isn't she inside?
Don't forget the cake and candies I
ordered from the Orchid Bakery.
Mom and Dad! I'm here again.
I have a complaint.
I'm Sue, I am 8 years old.
Come to Daddy!
Daddy, what are you doing?
Daddy is inventing something that will
change the course of human history.
If it works, it will connect by
all the CCTV systems in every
building in the world...
and be able to see
what people are doing.
Wow! That's like the eye in the sky.
See, Mom, she always bullied me
and nothing's changed.
Gazing at your boyfriend again?
You're so mushy.
Spit out the gum. You're disgusting!
Do you remember me?
I come back every year to visit my
cousin's grave.
I thought I'd run into you
at the cemetery.
A few years ago you suddenly
I asked lots of people, but no one knew
where you'd gone.
Something happened
to my family that year...
so my younger sister and I moved.
Are you still working at that American
magazine? Nothing's changed?
Everything's the same with me.
What about you?
All right, I'm going to New York
tomorrow on the noon flight.
Here's my telephone number.
I hope I'll see you again before I go.
What are you thinking about?
The baker must have really upset you.
This job was so clean, what are you
worried about?
- What's the fuzzy thing?
- It's hair.
Is she that tall?
Hey, what are you doing?
- You're asking me?
- Yes.
I'm not tall enough, so I need to climb
up this ladder...
to inspect the ceiling.
Perhaps a 0.5- Inch-diameter hole
between 1.6 and 1.7 inches deep.
This is very interesting.
Why? According to my analysis, it's
very possible that the hole was made...
by an outstanding pair of pointed
4-and-a-half-inch heeled boots.
The hottest boots on
the Paris catwalks this year.
No one's asking you what it is.
I'm asking you who you are.
Forensics. I'm new.
Oh, a rookie. Go, and come back
when you know a bit more stuff.
No problem, Sergeant Ho Chi-kwong.
How did she know my name?
- What's her background?
- Who knows?
I do. She is Kong Yat-hung.
She used to be with Criminal
Psychology, then trained in the U. S...
and recently came back
to Hong Kong.
Oh, really? And who are you?
Ma Siu-ma. I was with Traffic, but I did
well, so I was sent to train in Zhuhai.
Now they've transferred me back to be
Kong Yat-hung's assistant.
What are you doing here?
You told her to leave, but didn't tell
me, so I'm still working.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Is she crazy?
Don't assume she's a fool.
I'll bet she can run circles around you.
Is she so great? Let me check her out.
She has exactly the same birthday
as you.
No wonder she's so intelligent.
Officer Hung,
I've discovered something.
Security said the killer's face wasn't
recorded on camera.
The guards were all shot in the leg.
This killer is quite something.
This killer is quite something.
You know it's harder to shoot someone
in the leg than shoot him dead?
Those men had no time to fight back.
They said, "Ouch" and passed out.
Why not say, "Argh," and pass out?
Why would they say "Ouch"?
- I'll show you.
- What? Ouch! What're you doing?
That's why.
This song jammed the communication
system. Let's listen to it for clues.
What are you doing?
Even though my cousin lives
in New York, he hates the cold.
I remember that year. I was young
but very happy as a college student.
I went with my best friend May...
to a remote island for Christmas.
There, I met Yen.
The three of us spent all our time
Yen and I discovered we had feelings
for one another.
But we had an unspoken agreement
not to let May know about it.
So we hid what we were feeling,
all through the holiday.
May made a date with us to get
together again the following year.
But the day before Yen's return...
she died in a mountaineering
It was arranged that I pick Yen up.
We'd agreed to meet
at the mortuary...
but what happened later
changed my life.
I never thought I'd ever see him again.
Come in.
They've transferred the money
into our account.
- What are you doing?
- You know.
No way.
Why can't I handle cases on my own?
Why must I always be the assistant?
Because you're emotional
and reckless. You lack the skills.
Does that answer the question?
I'm not good enough?
I'll get you for that!
The Chow Lui case. The killer is very
accomplished in I.T., no?
He hacks in then destroys the security
system. This kind of killer is rare.
What does the Secret King do?
He was a secret agent. Now he's old,
so he's called the Secret King.
You've been back a month. How did
you know he exists? Even I don't.
It took me a week to get through the
local files for the last 10 years.
A week? Do you remember anything?
- Are you drinking that coffee?
- Can't you see me using the sugar?
You've put the sugar in the cream.
Your coffee is next to it.
I put the sugar in the cream, then I put
it all in the coffee.
Are you feeling all right today?
- Enjoying your novel?
- It's okay.
- Shall I tell you the story?
- Sure.
This story is called
"Made for Each Other."
It's about a man meeting a woman
at a pier...
I'm not done yet.
I don't like it. Tell me another.
All right, there's one called
"We'll Meet Again."
- I don't like that one either.
- I haven't started yet.
It's old hat. They obviously have
feelings for each other.
They're separated, then they
meet again at a bakery...
They meet at a nightclub.
That's worse.
The girl's become a prostitute.
Guess what? He became
the prostitute. It's the opposite.
- She was fine.
- Whatever. Anyway, it's all the same.
Okay, I'll tell you the best one:
"Meant for Togetherness."
Okay, tell me.
A guy makes a date with a girl
to meet at the pier.
And then he tells her:
"If you come, it means we're
meant to be together...
and we'll treasure our relationship
forever." And if she doesn't...
- What are we doing at the airport?
- Looking for someone.
Someone picking someone up
or seeing someone off?
- It's our old neighbor, Uncle Chan.
- Uncle Chan?
You're too young to remember him.
He's leaving, so we're seeing him off.
If you hadn't come today...
I'd no longer have the excuse to
come back to visit my cousin's grave.
How could I forget you?
This gentleman looks like...
our old neighbor Uncle Chan.
I'm Yen, and you are?
I'm your fourth great-aunt.
You are telling lies again.
Mr. Chow never told me to invest
$2 billion in Dragon stock.
Isn't it the same talking about it
with me now? If you...
In any case, I don't agree.
Let the board of directors decide.
All the board lacks is your vote.
I definitely won't agree to it.
We managed to do away with your
brother, we can deal with Lai Kai-joe.
Your brother forced us into this.
We helped him conquer the world...
but as soon as he made his fortune,
he abandoned us.
I don't care.
I'll kill whoever gets in my way.
Mrs. Chow.
What's the matter?
The old man Lai refuses to give in.
Ignore him. When the time comes, I'll
transfer all our stock to Dragon.
We'll be even stronger.
And then you can officially...
become Mrs. Chow again.
Why's the Secret King so late?
Has he stood us up?
The hardest part of being an officer is
the waiting.
Usually I try to bond with my
assistants, and play...
educational and interesting games of
What kind of communication?
- You bait me, I bait you.
- You bait...
I ask you something, back and forth.
- We can ask anything?
- Anything goes.
- Okay.
- You go first.
I'll go first. Okay, how many siblings
do you have?
None. At what age did you
begin jerking off?
Fifteen. Do you have a boyfriend?
No. When was the last time you did it?
Yesterday, yesterday.
You're working today and you
jerked off yesterday? Look!
- Wow, your eyes are really bloodshot.
- Don't ask me questions like that!
- You might ask if I have a girlfriend.
- If you had, you wouldn't do that.
- You ever played with yourself?
- Play with myself?
Certainly not!
No? I don't believe it. Do you
think I'm that naive? Nonsense!
Of course it's nonsense.
It's just a game.
Why are you so serious?
Look at you, you're cute
when you're stupid.
Why are you so secretive?
The older I grow,
the more secretive I am.
Hung, none of my colleagues know
who made the hit you talked about.
Someone who specializes in selling
high-tech goods says 15 years ago...
someone bought a lot of satellite
equipment from him.
But the buyer was a middle-aged man,
not a woman, like you said.
Turn off the walkie-talkie.
I didn't turn it on.
- How do you think I gather info?
- You gather from our headquarters?
Where in the world would we be
without secrets?
Get out. Drive.
Hey, hey, hey.
Did you have to go so fast?
You trying to kill me?
The Secret King reminded me. We're
concerned with finding the murderer.
But it's impossible.
The security is so tight there.
But the Computer Angel comes
and goes as she pleases...
shoots the guards and none
of the CCTV capture her face.
Do you think it's an inside job?
The head of security said
all their computer data...
is accessible only if Chow Lui's
were placed on the scanner
and correctly identified.
But Chow Lui is dead, in the mortuary.
So how does access happen now?
That's why I have to prove that my
theory is correct.
The penthouse was Chow's personal
space, so it's not covered by cameras.
All of Mr. Chow's visitors would have
had to take this elevator up.
- Who was first on the scene?
- His younger brother.
I need to use the restroom.
Where is it?
- Over there.
- Women are so much trouble.
Hello, does a Choy Siu-ming
work here?
Yes. What is it, please?
- Mr. Choy, phone home urgently.
- What?
- Something happened to your family.
- Okay.
- What's up?
- Something's happened to my family.
- Is it serious? Go, if it's urgent.
- Don't walk off by yourselves.
Don't worry. We'll wait here.
- Remember don't go off by yourselves.
- Don't worry, I won't.
Hung, he's gone, come out.
What's on your mind?
I wonder if anyone changed
the data that day.
Ridiculous! I wonder who would make
such a terrible crank call.
Just wait till I find out.
- Mr. Chow, Mr. Yeung.
- You're still here at this hour?
Officers are investigating the case.
They're in Chairman Chow's room.
You stole Chow Lui's fingerprints
from the coroner's laboratory?
This will very soon prove
whether my theory is correct.
Sorry, Mr. Chow. I was
with them originally, but...
It's true! Who made the changes?
- Who was first on the scene?
- His brother, Chow Nunn.
- Who stands to gain from his death?
- Chow Nunn.
- Officers, where were you?
- We've been looking for you.
- This place is so big.
- These are the officers.
What are you looking for?
Nothing in particular.
It's standard procedure. We're done.
See them out.
It seems the policewoman
is on to something.
If she finds any evidence of the killer,
we're in deep trouble.
When the Angel finishes off
Lai Kai-joe...
we'll send the Angel herself
to heaven.
Tell the Angel we need her
for another job.
- Come in.
- On the phone with Uncle Chan again?
- What is it?
- Business.
People with sweethearts are selfish.
Go away!
Did you find anything?
I've checked the company's
outgoing e-mail...
and pulled all the suspicious
messages. Here, take a look.
- Wait! Find out the recipient's address.
- What?
- I can't help you.
- You're kidding.
Should we report this
to our superiors?
What kind of e-mail is that?
What does kissing ass prove?
On what basis can our superiors
take action? Intuition?
- Take me to a record store.
- Why?
Remember Security said
the communication system...
was interrupted by a song?
And what if you find it?
I can't let any clue
related to this case slip by.
I spoke to my mother about you
on the phone yesterday.
She asked me what you do.
I couldn't answer her.
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If you don't want to tell me, then don't.
It's not that I don't want to say.
My job isn't easy to understand
or accept for normal people.
This is a robbery. Don't move.
Take out your things. Hurry, quickly.
- No, don't!
- Get out!
Now you know what I do.
Wait for me.
I've studied the terrain. I've even
picked the tools for you.
This rifle is perfect.
I want to cancel that contract.
I think we should call it quits.
Do I get an explanation?
He's asked me to marry him,
so I don't want to do it anymore.
You told him about us?
Get some rest, I'll cancel the contract.
Then you get some rest too.
Stick them up!
You frightened me!
I'm listening to my new CD.
I'm going out to dinner.
Okay. Go, before Uncle Chan
gets desperate from waiting.
Lawyer Chan, enjoy yourself tonight!
It's the boss's birthday.
I'm getting completely drunk.
It's your birthday tomorrow. I've
reserved a table for lunch at Rosario's.
I've heard they do great French food.
What is it?
What are you thinking about?
She hasn't called me all day.
It's not like her.
- Who?
- My sister.
I'll just call her.
- No answer.
- Maybe she's in the bathroom?
I'll call later.
Happy birthday!
Boss, how's the stock doing?
Going up. Buy from me
and you won't have a problem.
I looked into Lai's room.
Those three girls are clean.
Still no answer?
Let me see.
No wonder she's not picking up.
I have something to do. I must go.
Remember our date
for lunch tomorrow.
Why are the lights doing that?
The light show starts at 10
and repeats on the hour.
We're the only place in Hong Kong
with this design.
Miss, do you need anything?
I'll wait to order when my friends
arrive. Please go outside...
and close the door for me.
There's something wrong.
- What is it?
- I feel she's here tonight.
Boss, the policewoman from last time
is here.
In that case, we'll take care of her
at the same time.
Are your instincts right?
Will they show up?
She's across the street!
Let's go check it out.
Let me do it.
We're the police. Which room
faces the Magic Ocean Disco?
Room 17, but two ladies
are already in it.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
Don't hold the elevator for me.
Excuse me.
It's pointless for you to hold on
to him. I still have your partner.
I didn't plan to bring her with me.
They think they're better than they are.
Even if she didn't die today,
she'd be useless tomorrow.
Okay. I'll release her
and you release my man.
Lynn! You can go now. I'm here.
Haven't you caused enough trouble?
Throw me the gun!
Get out when we get to the road.
The people we did that last hit for
want to kill us now...
so they set a trap for us.
Listen carefully.
He just wants to protect himself
and his money.
Just like we work as killers,
it's only for money...
and not love or hate.
I'll kill them all tomorrow.
If you do, it will be because you want
revenge. You can't do it.
Why not?
If you were capable, you would've hit
the target with one shot...
and you wouldn't have been found
by the police.
You'd never have gotten away
without my help.
When did you learn
to make up your own mind?
Why didn't you cancel the contract
when I told you to?
And when did you start making
all the decisions?
You said you wanted to get married
and quit.
Did I put up a fight?
You may cancel your half
of the contract.
What did you say?
I know I can't beat you in a fight.
But no one can force me to do
what I don't want to do.
I didn't force you. I only want you
to live a normal life.
Not every woman needs a man
to protect her like you do!
How did you know we had a fight?
I could tell how you were feeling,
even on the computer.
What happened?
Do you believe in reaping
what you sow?
What do you mean?
For years...
I've had the smell of blood
on my hands.
No matter how much I wash them,
the smell won't go away...
because the blood of my victims...
not only stained my hands,
it also flowed into my heart.
That's why I never let Sue do a job.
I don't want her to be like me, to have
to suffer this guilt all her life.
I'll never forget it as long as I live.
My dad's invention, World
Panorama, was nearing completion.
Originally, he had planned...
to give his invention to the police...
but a group of ruthless
murdered my parents for it first.
One of the killers rescued
my sister and me.
It was he who taught me
to fire my first shot.
I know where the Computer Angel is.
You're not with Operations. I'll forget
the Secret King case as it ended okay.
But your latest actions hospitalized
your partner.
I almost captured the Computer Angel.
How can you joke? The place
was shot up like a honeycomb.
Do you know how much in reparation
we paid? Think about it!
Mr. Chow, we've made all the
arrangements for the policewoman.
This is Peter, a computer expert
we hired from America.
This is Ben. He'll be in charge
of our security.
Are you a chess aficionado?
- Are you up for a match?
- Absolutely!
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Hey, you're a year older.
- What?
- Happy birthday!
- How did you know?
- Someone sent you a birthday cake.
Looks like your boyfriend wanted to
surprise you. It's on your desk.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Well? Do you like the cake?
You're so clever!
You know I'm watching you.
Why are you so angry?
Doesn't the cake taste great?
Sorry, Lynn.
Mom, do I still have to jump?
If you disobey your elder sister again,
you'll jump until dawn, understand?
- Is the cake I ordered ready yet?
- It's ready.
There you go.
Thank you!
- Hello?
- Well? Do you know who I am?
What? Are you afraid?
How did you get my number?
You're a regular customer here.
It was easy to find out.
You're very clever. You put the cake
in a plain white box.
But as soon as I tasted it, I knew it
came from the Orchid Bakery.
You're not the only one who
appreciates great cake. Look outside.
My car!
- Police! Stop.
- To hell with that!
You! Get out!
I'm WIP3662 Kong Yat-hung, following
a suspect on Causeway Road.
License plate number
Juliet Victor 955. Requesting backup!
This is HQ. A suspect's been spotted.
License plate Juliet Victor 955.
Car 1 copy.
- Hurry and help me!
- What's happening?
I'm being chased by patrol cars!
- What's your location?
- Tung Lo Wan and Causeway Road.
Hold on.
- Lynn, hurry!
- Wait.
- Have you found me?
- I'm trying.
- Got you!
- So where do I go?
There are alleyways where you can
escape. Get off the bridge first.
I can't hear you clearly. Speak louder!
- Police have blocked the road.
- What should I do?
There's an exit on your left.
- I can't see it!
- You're 400 meters away.
350 meters...
100, 50...
Thirty, turn!
Help me, Lynn!
Got you.
What do I do now?
Reverse. There's an exit behind you.
Crash through the two police cars.
Crash through!
I'm sorry.
I forgot you're a big girl now.
I remember when we were little, every
time we did something wrong...
Mommy only pretended to be angry.
No matter what you've done now...
I won't blame you, just as Mommy
never blamed us.
You're looking
at your boyfriend again?
- Stop it!
- Leave me alone! You're overacting!
- Overacting?
- Give it back!
- Give it to me.
- Come and get it!
- Come and get it!
- Give it to me.
Have you seen this person?
She was murdered today.
Much of the evidence at the scene
of the crime points to you.
You've been framed. I know who did it.
You'll be dead if you stay here. The
only way to survive is to come with me.
You speak as if I have no choice.
You have two choices:
A: We leave together. B: I kill you,
then I leave.
You know what? There's at least one
more letter in the English alphabet.
Besides A and B, there's C behind me.
Anti-Corruption came to see me today.
A deposit was recently made into your
bank account. But I don't believe them.
Now only you can help yourself.
I don't know what to say. Thank you.
If you help me avenge
my sister's death...
I'll give you the recording of her
murder and cooperate with you.
Why are you so sure
I'll cooperate with you?
I understand you.
We're opposites, but I think you're
somehow attracted to me.
What is it? Are you regretting this?
Let me be clear.
I won't help you kill anyone.
- I'll only help you work the computer.
- That's all I need.
We definitely can't let
the two of them go.
As long as they are alive, I will not
sleep. Do you understand me?!
I understand. We've enhanced
the security system.
You should go away for a bit. When
we take care of them, you come back.
Sometimes the most dangerous place
turns out to be the safest.
To catch a small fish
in a large ocean...
I think you might as well wait
and let it swim into your net.
That's exactly what I think.
This is incredible.
Your sister used this to rescue you
that last time?
This computer directly controls
the World Panorama.
I've installed new software.
You'll have to know it thoroughly
before tomorrow.
What boyfriend?
He's not bad, but he's too passive. I
like men to be a bit more aggressive.
I have a question for you:
If I was a police officer
rather than an assassin...
would you choose him, or me?
Never mind.
Actually, I didn't need to ask.
When you were dreaming yesterday,
you already said it.
You're a soldier, and I'm a bandit.
Be careful.
Section A, B, C and D elevators
will be on the 87 th floor.
Only Elevator 1 in section A will work
in the lobby. Do you copy?
Copy that.
Operations are normal upstairs.
You must all be careful, okay?
Everything's set. It's up to you now.
I know you don't really trust me, but in
helping you, I'm helping myself.
A man like Chow Nunn isn't worth
protecting with the law.
I had another dream yesterday.
I didn't arrest you.
- Let's get to work, Hung!
- Take care of yourself, Sue.
The fish has taken the bait.
Mr. Chow...
this is DG 747. Anti-hacking system.
Five minutes is all this baby and I
need to locate the trespasser...
strike back and wipe it out.
Got you!
The target is in section C.
Get the elevator up now!
There's trouble in section C.
Why is she in block A?
- What's going on?
- Where is she now?
Send some men down there.
The others stay upstairs.
Copy. Somebody's over there.
- What happened?
- Don't worry, we'll handle it.
Are you all right?
I'm okay.
Tell me when you get there.
I'll input more virtual people.
Their men are concentrated
on floors 89, 88 and 87.
Be careful. We can't afford
to lose this time!
The target is in section A,
going towards B.
Careful! She's now behind you!
No, she's not!
Gotcha! Wonderful!
Simulated images.
Almost the worthy adversary.
But not good enough.
Gentlemen, now is where
we get to play with her.
Tell the men on 88 to go down
to the fire escape in section A.
Why did the virtual people disappear?
One. Done.
Where do I go now?
Leave section A.
Go to the fire escape of section B.
What happened? Why did it do that?
Don't ask me! I was ambushed.
Why'd you let me go there?
Anyone in section C?
I guess it's no problem.
Well done!
You bitch! How dare you mislead me!
I didn't. I really didn't see there were
people there. Believe me.
I'd rather trust myself than you. I'll
get back at you, even in death.
- Are you threatening me?
- I won't speak to scum like you.
Scum? Hello? All right!
I'm coming after you.
I'm coming right now.
Sue! Sue!
I've destroyed all the computers.
Why is there an image here?
It's a shot from World Panorama.
It's Lynn, blessing us from heaven!
She's blessing you, not blessing me.
This contains a record
of Lynn's murder.
It should be enough
to clear your name.
your dream is the opposite of reality.
I can come with you,
since I should pay for my sins.
The Computer Angel has died...
and will never commit
any more crimes, right?
Actually, you are really talented.
I hope you'll do something for society.
I am not that ambitious.
But I can give my father's
World Panorama to you.
It will be very useful to you.
Actually, this was my father's wish.
When she left, she made me think
of a line spoken by a killer:
"A gun is like a bird.
If you don't grab it tightly enough,
it flies away.
If you grab it too tightly,
it will die."
This metaphor applies even more
to my relationship with Sue...
a friendship between soldier
and bandit.
Mom, Dad...
I have already brought Lynn
to your side.
after this incident...
I will never disobey you again.
I can now take care of myself.
I am most worried about...
how to tell Yen what has happened.
The most painful thing for a man
is to be stood up.
I will tell him he will always be
your beloved.