So Cold the River (2022) Movie Script

[waves rumbling softly]
[suspenseful music]
[phone buzzing]
How'd you know I was alone?
Well, he could have
been with me so...
I know, but maybe
try not to completely
destroy my life
the next time you're lonely.
I mean...
- [Grace chuckles]
- Yeah.
Yeah, I set a really
high standard for.
- [Grace screaming]
- [tires screeching]
[heart throbbing throughout]
[suspenseful music]
[music intensifying]
[music peaks]
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I know you can hear me.
[ominous music]
[door knocking]
Ah, shit.
I knew you saw me
in the parking lot.
Okay, so we're just walking
into somebody else's...
[Alyssa] This is exactly
as I pictured it.
[Erica] What the hell
does that mean?
Not the specifics, but the tone,
the tone fits.
Erica Shaw, I Googled you.
That's not less unsettling.
When I hired you to do
my sister's funeral,
I looked up a few
business reviews online,
but I had no idea my sister
was getting a video send-off
from one of the most
promising new voices
in American documentary. Wow.
What happened?
You Googled me.
For the record, there was no
way you could've known that
- that kid was...
- Lotta work.
Excuse me?
I have a lot of work
I have a deadline...
- How did you know?
- What?
The house, red, A frame?
You give me the photos,
I cut everything together
according to aesthetic
I was the only one
she told about the affair.
How did you know?
I saw it.
[Alyssa] So what?
I saw the... truth,
the thing behind
what everybody else sees.
It just happens sometimes...
certain people, pictures,
places, I have an instinct or...
A gift.
Isn't that what you used
to call it in interviews.
Yeah. I thought that sounded
real cool when I was 20.
- Until of course...
- Can I point you toward a grief counselor or a therapist
or someone who, I don't know,
isn't in my apartment?
I didn't come here to
talk about my sister.
I have another job for you.
Another dead relative?
I'm sorry, that was...
I was out of line.
A different kind of job,
more in line with
what you used to do.
Not a real documentary,
not yet at least.
But my father,
Campbell Bradford,
has led quite a life,
what I know about it.
He comes from this small
town in Indiana, West Baden...
forgettable, whatever...
I just make funeral
videos now and weddings,
if it's a light month,
that's all.
I figured someone with
your unique skill set
might be able to uncover
a little bit about
- who he was there, his history.
- I'm not the right person.
The advance will cover
as much as you'd make
if you worked every single
day for the next two months.
You should go see him before
you leave for Indiana.
I didn't say
I was gonna do this.
It would be good to
meet the inspiration
for your next film.
I've already booked
a room for you.
Just wait till you see
the hotel down there.
Oh, I almost forgot.
My sister found this
in my father's safe
when she was going
through his things
and getting them in order.
It's a relic from West Baden.
I thought you might find
it useful or interesting
or whatever.
It's the only thing
that survived the crash.
[door shuts]
[mysterious music]
Mr. Bradford?
Campbell, my name is Erica Shaw,
your daughter hired me to...
Well, I don't know exactly,
but she's used to getting
what she wants, isn't she?
Level with me Campbell,
she's part witch, right?
I knew it.
I've got to say most people
looked pretty nervous on camera,
but you look totally unfazed.
[somber violin music]
I like your taste in music.
It's haunting.
Okay, well, whenever you're
ready, let it all out.
Hopes, dreams, regrets.
She can't say I didn't try.
You messing with me, Campbell?
[Campbell laughing]
Oh, come on.
All right, okay.
That's good.
That's a good one.
You got me.
Well, you feel like talking?
Holy shit, he speaks.
Pardon my...
It's all right, it's fine.
Okay. So this job I'm supposed
to find out about your past
before Chicago.
Feel like saying anything?
There's not much to say.
And whatever you do
say is only gonna be
when I'm looking through
the camera, is that right?
[Campbell chuckles]
Okay, gotta admire your
commitment to the bit.
Tell me about the town.
West Baden, is it?
Nice place... to hide.
[Campbell] Disappear.
- Why would you wanna disap...
- It's the river.
It runs deep
under the whole town.
Never find you in there...
Who wouldn't? Can we go back?
Why would you be hiding?
I'm confused.
Tell me about the river.
Look, I don't wanna press you,
but this might be your only
chance to tell your story
in your words.
What about this?
You know anything about this?
Does this mean anything to you?
His blood.
His name.
Who's name.
You should not have this.
- Your daughter gave it to me.
- It's evil. It's broken.
[ominous music]
What have you done?
I'm sorry, I thought
it was just...
What have you done?
Why is the bottle so
important, Campbell?
Why is the bottle so important?
[somber pop music]
The guy she looks up to
Did you tell me
for a reason?
[radio signal scratching]
[mysterious music]
[suspenseful music]
[tires screeching]
[horror music]
[music intensifying]
[Josiah] Wait till
you see the inside.
Never gets old, does it?
Are you here on business
or for the rebirth festival?
No, no, definitely business.
I can tell. I can always
tell, but if I may be so,
I hope you'll be joining
us for the big event.
You might be thinking you know,
but trust me, you don't.
It is fun for the whole...
Are you here alone?
Doesn't matter.
You're gonna love it.
I'm Dylan.
I run all
the special events here.
None more special than
our yearly festival,
which I truly hope
you'll be able to attend.
I don't think I...
I'll put you down as a maybe.
Leaning yes.
Don't underestimate
the charm of this place.
We'll get you one
way or another.
Business or rebirth.
[foreboding music]
[horror music]
[suspenseful music]
[violin music]
What have you done?
[lounge music]
You try the water?
Famous for our water down here.
People used to say
it cured everything
from cavities to cancer.
Figure whatever
you're dealing with
might fit somewhere in there.
Is it that obvious?
You're too young to be
asking the bartender
to turn down the music.
It's just a headache.
Where are you from?
You know, I'm not really in...
Message received.
Sometimes a woman just needs
to drink alone all by herself,
an island.
Even in a world where
we've already lost
all sense of community
and the only real
contact we have anymore
is through
the internet and email...
- Chicago.
- I love Chicago.
I mean, it's been
years, decades.
Used to take the train
there all the time
with my husband before the kids.
Trains haven't run in years,
but the tracks are still out
back just off the property.
Used to be
the only way in or out
if you were coming
from out of town.
Now, well, it's almost
too easy to get here, isn't it?
Ann McKinney.
Erica Shaw.
What brings you to
West Baden, Ms. Shaw?
- I'm a filmmaker.
- Fancy.
Not really that kind of, um...
It's a documentary...
You're making a documentary
about the hotel.
I don't know exactly.
Actually IU's
sending me an intern.
She's gonna be here
any minute, so I should...
Rebuilt in 1902 after it burned
down for the second time.
Forget about death and taxes.
This hotel is the one true
certainty in West Baden.
I mean, look at it.
Really look.
Like one of those churches
you hear about in Italy
or somewhere like that.
Sure is something, isn't it?
You probably already heard
about the festival of...
Yeah, I met Dylan.
Sounds corny.
Maybe it is.
But ever since I was old
enough to have memories,
I've never missed
the festival, not once.
Hard not to celebrate
something this special.
From the ashes.
From the ashes.
So what's it about?
- What?
- Your documentary.
I wouldn't really use
that word to describe it.
It's more of
a character profile.
I don't wanna stick
my nose into anything,
but I am sort of known as
the unofficial historian
of the Springs Valley.
I got a world of knowledge
about a speck of land.
So if there's anyone you
wanna know something about
from around here,
I am definitely one...
Campbell Bradford.
[mysterious music]
You know him?
It's getting late, and you got
that intern coming in,
so good luck, Ms. Shaw.
[suspenseful music]
[violin music]
[train horn blares]
[train carriages rumbling]
[train horn blares]
[soft piano music]
We actually met,
like, five years ago,
I was at this line
for a movie panel thing,
and, um, I was actually
wearing this cardigan,
and, uh, we locked eyes,
but you left
before I got the chance
to... it wasn't 'cause...
Sorry that I didn't mention
anything about the fandom
when I applied to
be your intern.
I just... I didn't
want to creep you out
or make things super weird.
You were cool with lying though.
Omission lies,
they're like so not.
I'm sorry, but come on.
Come on, "Song of the Sick."
- "Dead Special."
- Okay.
"Dead Special:
Behind the Scenes."
Congrats, you're aware of IMDB.
"All The Little Breaks."
And you hacked my Vimeo account.
- Jesus.
- Recognize it?
- Why would I recognize...
- Milt Staley.
"Asleep at the Wheel."
How did you get this?
Uh, soon as it
started streaming,
that kid was on eBay
selling practically
anything that showed up
in the doc.
I tried to buy
his Mustang, but...
- that's a pretty cool consolation prize.
- It's probably a fake.
But it looks real,
and it's sharp as fuck, so...
I don't mean that...
I'm... I am your biggest fan.
No, really, I have read
every old interview of yours.
The way that you talk about
process, how projects found you,
how they haunted you,
how you would channel certain...
I mean, people they always
get so precious about
having some sort
of psychic connection-
That's not a word I would use.
Right, I wasn't...
it's always fate.
It's always fate.
- Oh, God.
- Those are your words.
You said that shit.
I don't even believe
in fate or whatever,
but us in this moment
in a place like this...
it kind of makes you believe
that everything happens for...
- Okay, just get to it.
- What?
Just get to the part where
you asked me what happened.
I know what happened.
Lonnie Wilkes,
"Some Kind of Hell."
And there's no way
you could've known.
No one could've
seen that coming.
Not even you.
After your film got
his case overturned,
what he did to his family
the day he got out.
It's not your fault he ended up
being a total monster.
You chased down that film
with everything that you had,
and you made
something beautiful.
You made something beautiful.
That was the first thing
of yours I'd ever seen.
I was 16, and it changed me.
It did.
Now, anyone can ask,
"What happened?"
And the real question is,
"Was it worth it?"
Putting yourself
out there like that
and creating real
beauty only to...
Lose it all?
I still see him.
Just him.
Sometimes the family.
It wakes me up
out of a dead sleep.
It keeps me up.
You almost got an Oscar, though.
So, what?
- So what do you see, like, here?
- What do I see?
I mean, are you picking up
on, like, a certain vibe?
Are you getting a certain...
A place like this
for someone like you,
- there's got to be all kind of...
- Campbell Bradford.
- Who?
- I don't know what the story is
or the angle,
if there even is one,
but we definitely don't
have anything
until we find out
who Campbell Bradford is
or was when he was...
That's the job.
How hard can that be?
[violin music]
[suspenseful music]
[soft piano music]
You okay?
Let's go somewhere less here.
Google West Baden nightlife.
There's like a bar area.
So, we doin' roulette
with the old couple
or penny slots
with the... oh, yeah,
that guy is actually dead.
Look, I don't wanna to
be weird about things,
Now that we're working
together, you know,
this is a really
big deal for me,
collaborating with Erica Shaw.
Are you cool with me calling
this a collaboration?
'Cause this really feels
like a collaboration.
I'm definitely getting, like,
a collaborative vibe happening.
Do you know him?
- Who?
- The guy you're staring at.
- What guy?
- But he's walking this way right now.
Just so you know, tomorrow, when you
regret this, I had no part in any of it.
- It's you.
- Oh, so this is, like, an established thing?
I work at the hotel.
I stay at hotel.
- Josiah.
- Erica.
I'm Kellyn, hi.
You play Blackjack?
Saved a spot for you over here.
That's cool, thanks.
[Josiah] Oh wait.
So, I don't understand,
it's like a movie movie or...
It's like a home movie
for somebody else's family.
And they pay you for that shit?
Yeah, it's honest work, sort of.
No work is honest if you're
doing it for someone else.
Cool, so you actually
own the hotel.
- Oh, wow.
- Yeah.
Yeah, see, you're welcome,
set you up perfectly for that.
Be something though wouldn't it?
Owning that place?
I don't know. It seems
like a lot of work.
Can't even keep
my apartment clean.
- What?
- You don't fool me, Erica from Chicago.
- Oh, no?
- No, you do not.
You can sit there, you know,
act like you're cool,
laid back, but you got it too.
The sickness.
I can see it in your eyes.
What do you mean by that?
You want more than you got.
I know because I have it too.
'Cause this maintenance
thing, I mean,
this is, like,
a temporary kind of...
Look, I've done it all here.
I was a bartender.
I was a mechanic's apprentice.
Blasted limestone
for a couple of years.
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah?
Yep, that is a job.
Yes, indeed.
I... actually, I still got
all my gear in the car.
You need me to blow up
a wall or something.
Hey, I might take you up
on that one day.
You know, it is what it is.
Be honest with you,
it's the best job I ever had.
The world's designed
to kick your ass,
but you get yourself
a drill, a little dynamite...
you can be your own
force of nature.
Why'd you give it up?
Boss was dick, pay sucked.
Besides I always knew that
I was meant for bigger shit.
World dominance?
Yeah. Yeah, why not?
I mean, that's right up there
on my list of shit to do.
I mean, you know,
I might start with
running a business first, maybe.
"Josiah Bradford, Incorporated."
Well, yeah, I mean, maybe
my name goes on there,
maybe I make some shit up
like Microsoft.
Point is, I got plans, okay?
A lot bigger than this valley,
sure as hell bigger
than that hotel.
To "Josiah Bradford,
So you grew up in West Baden?
- What?
- You... nothing.
What about your family?
You guys been here
the whole time?
My family?
Wait, what are we...
what are we talking about?
Nothing, just...
Look, I didn't mean to...
Some fuckin' room, right?
Yeah. Yeah, everything here's...
You know,
I've lived here forever.
I work at this goddamn place,
I've never actually been
in one of these rooms.
Must be nice.
I... you know what? I think
I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go.
No, c'mon, stay.
Let's have a drink.
What's that?
Nothing, it's just this thing.
Come on, let's have
a real drink.
Sorry, I didn't mean to pry.
Maybe it's just because you've
lived here your whole life,
but this town...
and maybe it's the hotel...
it really puts you
in a weird place.
And anyway, it's nice
to talk to somebody
who knows what it's like
to grow up in a place...
[Josiah] Ugh, tastes like shit.
Did you just...
[Josiah] Cold as fuck, too.
You know, you really
shouldn't just...
Sorry, I didn't mean...
Sorry, I didn't mean that.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
- What?
- Maybe you should go.
Hey. Hey look, I'm sorry
I didn't mean to do...
- It's fine.
- No, seriously.
I said it's fine.
What? What is it?
Nothing. You should go.
- [Josiah] Erica.
- Go!
[Erica breathing heavily]
[Hotel Owner] Look, Campbell,
you're just gonna
- have to accept the realities.
- Quiet.
Excuse me?
Excuse me, miss?
Wondering if you
could help me out.
Have you seen him?
Wanted for murder,
possible kidnap.
Still might have
that boy with him.
Perhaps a closer look
will help you.
[horror music]
[Erica panting]
And the thing no one tells you
about being detail oriented
is that you have to see
the big picture first
in order to see anything,
in order to get
anything accomplished.
Oh, look who it is.
Are we a definite yes
on the festival, yet?
Oh, I just have to
check my schedule.
Long night?
Excuse me?
No, it's just
you seem a little...
I guess I better
get back to my work.
It looks like someone
needs the water.
First time guests get a complimentary
session in our mineral baths.
Now they say the water here is
magical for a number of reasons.
But first and foremost,
it's the perfect hangover cure.
Yeah, that sulfur smell lets
you know it's the real deal.
I mean, the Pluto Water Company
started pasteurizing
this stuff in the '30s
to give it more of a shelf life.
Some say that killed
the waters magic,
but not this stuff, it is
straight from the spring.
So what do you say?
Ready for a rebirth of your own?
Maybe some other time.
The water's certainly
not going anywhere.
[machines whirring]
What the fuck, man?
Still down here!
[horror music]
[clock ticking]
Something nice about it.
The past.
Stick around long
enough you lose
everything you ever loved...
but the past is always
there fully intact.
Just waiting for
you to come home.
Sorry, okay.
Yeah, don't suppose I could
get you to say that again.
- Could I?
- Why?
I just want to separate
you from the wall.
- Oh, um, I think we can make it work...
- No!
And I wanted to make
sure I'm getting...
I'm old, but I'm not stupid.
You didn't come here
for local color.
You wanna know about
Campbell Bradford.
If you're not comfortable...
That's fine.
But you better get the lighting
exactly how you want it
because I'm sure as hell
not say in any of this again.
Fair enough.
Campbell Bradford, hadn't
heard that name for a while.
Doesn't seem to
fade away though.
You knew him?
Well, not personally.
My daddy did though.
Talked about him like the
boogeyman or something worse.
'Cause he was real.
Why can't I find any info
about him or his family?
The Bradfords... the ones
around here anyway...
never could catch much luck
in the longevity department.
Only one I can even think of
is his great-grandson...
We've met.
Kid's been a mess
his whole life,
Can't blame him, I guess.
Considering what?
Well, having a man like
Campbell in your line...
can't imagine.
He made his name in blood.
My daddy wouldn't even
look me in the eye
when he'd talk about him.
But he still talked about him.
Certain stories,
they just refuse to die.
No one could touch him.
Not the law, not anyone.
He thought the town was his.
Couldn't get the hotel though.
The owner refused
to sell it to him.
Didn't think Campbell was
worthy of a place so perfect.
So Campbell killed him,
beat the owner to death
right in front of
the man's only child.
Then he just took the boy.
Sheriff went looking
for him after that,
but Campbell killed him too.
Even had someone from the FBI
come down from Chicago.
So Campbell finally
skipped town for good,
right after burning him alive.
Found that Fed's body in a pile
of ash along the river bank,
but all they ever
found of that child...
was his violin.
You okay, dear?
Suppose that's Campbell
Bradford in a nutshell.
Kind of person so evil,
you get them in your head,
you start seeing him everywhere.
It's a miracle this hotel...
this town survived him at all.
Maybe they didn't.
Campbell's alive.
Barely, but I've met him.
But that's not possible.
The years and his age,
and it's not...
- Okay, maybe we should take a little break.
- I've met him, Anne.
He's with us for now.
I really don't
mean to press here.
I'd be careful, I were you.
What do you mean by that?
If you don't know
by now, you will.
Maybe he's changed.
- Changed?
- Maybe he found love for God, or...
At my age, one of the only
things I know for sure
is that people,
they don't change.
Just become more of
what they really are.
I get that, I do.
I'm just asking you
to keep an open mind.
Yeah, and I know that
it's your father,
but you're the one who wanted to
know the truth about the story.
You're the one who
wanted to know...
No I understand,
I'm not stupid.
Of course.
It's just... okay, all right.
The people around here,
when you mentioned the name
Campbell Bradford, they...
I'm sure you were hoping
for a different version
of this story, but this is it.
This is the...
I'm telling you,
this is so much bigger
than anything you can imagine.
No, you're not hearing me.
The most important thing is for
everybody to know the truth.
That's the most important thing.
And you could have
hired anybody.
You could have hired some hack,
but you called me
because you wanted...
you wanted to know...
This woman. Okay, yeah.
So you're gonna come down here and what?
You're going to rip
the camera out of my hands?
No, I don't... honey, I don't give
a shit about the rest of the money.
This is my story now, too.
And nobody,
especially not some
North Shore bitch,
is gonna stop me from getting...
Fucking entitled...
That fuck has a
family in Chicago?
I'm sorry, I should
have told you
as soon as I knew who you were.
- And he's still alive?
- Yeah.
Yeah, he's got days left,
if that, but he's still...
- Josiah...
- What's he like?
old and frail and...
Honestly, it's hard
to imagine him as...
Pure evil?
- Yeah.
- [Josiah sighs]
This guy,
this piece of shit monster,
he terrorizes this place
long before my time
then he just bails.
Starts over.
Pretends it didn't happen.
Well, he fucked up
the whole lot of us
like every branch of
the goddamn family tree
was just snapped in half.
And I'm the only one still here.
Yeah. Why?
The Campbell curse.
They said that shit
like it was a joke.
[sighs] You know?
Definitely wouldn't mind a few
minutes alone with the guy.
Hop a bus to Chicago.
Tell him to fuck off.
Maybe worse.
At least he made a name
for himself though, right?
Heard he almost bought
this place back in the day,
and here I am fixin' it up
for ten bucks an hour.
You don't think you're
worth more than that?
Do you?
[ominous music]
Maybe you can.
Tell him to fuck off.
- You alright?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You got this.
- Yeah.
Be ready.
You got somethin' prepared, or...
Just be ready.
Let's start with your name
and how you're related
to Campbell Bradford.
Uh, my name is, uh...
Do... am I lookin' at the camera?
Just look at me.
Just a conversation. Easy. Relax.
[Josiah clears throat]
My name is Josiah Bradford.
Campbell was...
is my great-grandfather.
And how, would you say,
is your relationship
with Campbell?
Well, I've never... I mean, no, I never...
we already talked about...
- I know. I just need it for context.
- Oh sorry, uh...
- It's alright. How would you say
is your relationship with Campbell?
Never met him.
I mean, ran off
and left his wife
and daughter
long before I was even...
Is this even, I mean...
they're not gonna wanna
hear me say this shit.
Doesn't matter what they want.
What do you want to say?
Why I...
this doesn't really...
- Say it.
- What are you...
- Say it.
- Fuck him!
Fuck Campbell Bradford.
How's that?
- Why?
- Why?
- Are you alright?
- What?
- You seem a little...
- No, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just, uh...
- You know, a little weird with the camera.
- Is that it?
Wha... what do you want?
I mean, I don't...
I just... I do this for a living
so I can tell the difference
between somebody
who's camera shy
and somebody that's scared.
The hell's that
supposed to mean?
It means I think you're
scared of this man
that you've never met,
and I'm curious as to why that would be.
- I ain't scared of shit.
- Your hands are shaking.
- Your voice has an unsettled quality about it.
- Erica, maybe we could keep...
I don't know why
your body tenses up
every time I say the words
- "Campbell Brad..."
- Because he killed them.
- Killed who?
- Everyone.
My mom, she OD'd when I was
in high school. Sophomore year.
It rained that day,
I remember that.
Her mom, my grandma,
died that summer.
It was an accident.
Accidentally stepped
in front of a train.
Who does that shit?
Ugh, goddamn Bradfords.
An aunt I never met
stole grandma's car
when she was like 12.
Drove it off a bridge.
You know, by mistake, of course.
My mom's brother,
Uncle Ross, funny as shit.
Drunk as shit, too, choked
on his own vomit one night
'bout 10 years ago.
Yep, that shit really happens
not just to famous people.
His two kids, both my cousins,
got caught up in some shit
with the wrong people...
not that they were
the right people, necessarily,
but never murdered
anyone as far as I know.
Found one of 'em shot
dead in his living room.
Other got his in prison.
Alright, uh...
Anyone else wanna smoke?
I thought you said
Campbell killed 'em.
Just me?
Sounds like bad decisions
or bad luck maybe,
but I don't know
if I would call it...
I'm pretty sure you
can't smoke in here.
Yeah, right.
Um, right, I'm just
gonna step out...
Does that comfort you?
Excuse me?
Putting your family's
mistakes and problems
on a man you've never met,
- is that fair?
- What the fuck is this?
- No, no. I'm sorry...
- You know, this isn't what you said we were gonna be doing,
acting like all
this shit is on me.
- Turn the camera off.
- Let's just talk. No, we just wanna...
- Turn that shit off.
- Alright. Yep.
Okay, it's off.
It's off.
Shit, sorry. Um...
Can we just talk,
just you and me?
[Josiah] What the fuck
just happened here?
I'm sorry. It... can you
please sit down so we...
- You just want to talk?
- Yeah. Okay, so...
these things can get heated,
and it's easy to get
caught up in moments.
And... but can I just tell you?
Can I tell you how
brave I think you are?
What you're doing right now.
Listen, it's easy to
make me the bad guy
and feel like I'm
pushing you in directions
that you don't want to go,
but think... think about it.
Think about where you were
going before I got here,
before you were willing
to deal with this monster...
and what he's done
to your family.
[Josiah] Family's dead.
But you're not.
You're still here.
And you're gonna be alright.
You're gonna fuckin'
survive this.
Unless, of course, you keep
selling yourself this story
that your family's cursed
instead of taking
responsibility for your actions.
"Campbell Curse," is that
what you called it?
I mean, it sounds more like
a Bradford problem to me.
Bradford problems.
- Yeah.
- I like that.
It's like the whole
nature nurture thing.
Are we born pieces of shit
or do we pick that up
from our surroundings?
I'm not trying to imply that...
You're tryin' to say
I'm stuck here because of...
Shit town,
shit job... I ain't tryin'
to put that on Campbell.
I fuck up.
Yeah, secret's out.
I could've found a girl.
Had some good ones, but I always wanted
the others, the ones just out of reach.
Could've learned a real trade,
make five times what I'm makin' now,
but there's no way that I am gonna
look in the mirror every day,
come to terms with
the fact that I'm just a...
I didn't quit that blastin' job.
They fired my ass.
Real professional discourtesy,
if you ask me.
You see, I kept stealin' materials,
takin' 'em home at night.
I wanted to try out some
more innovative ways
of turnin' walls into rubble,
force of god damn nature.
You rig that shit just right,
one call from one of these,
that's all you need to take
down an entire building.
That's right.
I can do more damage
with this phone
than a full demolition crew.
So how am I supposed
to sit there
with some old ass detonator,
goggles, hard hat and shit,
some goddamn grunt when I know
there's a better way?
You know what that's like?
Feelin' greatness in your
bones, getting so close...
knowin' it's right there...
knowin' damn well
you deserve it.
[ominous music]
So, yeah...
ain't tryin' to blame
my "Bradford problems"
on anyone but me.
But the curse...
Campbell's only real
gift to the family,
well that's in the blood.
When you have it runnin'
through you, you just know.
- [laughing]
- [ominous music]
What the fuck?
[Josiah laughing]
[Josiah coughing]
What, uh...
If you need a moment, we can...
Uh. [clears throat]
Uh, what...
What just happened?
Put that on the laptop.
Uh. Okay, but didn't
that seem a little...
You wanted to know
how this was done.
You wanted to know how
I make something beautiful.
You want in on the process?
This is how it's done.
Let me know when
you're finished.
[soft violin music]
His daddy should have
sold me that hotel
when he had the chance.
They say if you ain't
built for greatness...
you best not mess with it.
[fire crackling]
[horror music]
[soft violin music]
Someone in here?
[ominous music]
[Young Campbell] Ain't no curse.
That's a gift.
Who the fuck are you?
[Young Campbell] Oh, you know...
My blood.
My name.
Only good things you have.
You can't run from what you are.
You sure as hell
can't run from me.
Who are you?
[horror music]
[Erica sighs]
We need to talk.
[Erica on video]
Holy shit. He speaks.
Pardon my a...
Why don't you tell
me about the town?
West Baden, is it?
Hmm, why would you
want to disappear?
Can we go back?
I'm a little confused,
why would you be hiding?
- I don't understand what...
- Oh, it gets better.
What about this?
Does this mean anything to you?
Whose name?
Well, your daughter
gave it to me, she...
I can't tell if you're
crazy or full of shit.
I kinda have my money
on both right now.
Yeah. [sighs]
Ever since I started
drinking the water...
- The what?
- The water in that bottle
that I got from
the woman who hired me.
- Jesus Christ.
- It's been strange.
It's different than
the usual glimpse
from the past that I get.
It's like every
time I take a drink,
the past comes here to me.
- It's...
- It's probably giardia.
No, it's not. This is what
we've been working toward.
No. No.
God, look at you.
We are so close to finding out
about Campbell.
All we need is one last piece,
that perfect image is just
gonna tie everything together.
That's what we need. We just
need a little more time.
Hey, this is real. This is...
If I'm crazy right now then
everything I've ever done,
all the work that...
that changed your life,
all the work that you love
then that's all bullshit too.
- Never meet your heroes.
- Oh, come on! Come on!
[Kellyn scoffs]
Okay, people always talk about
the darkness
in your films, Erica.
This bleak, violent horror shit.
It was never the darkness
that drew me in, though.
God, I had enough of that
in my day to day already.
The shit I'd seen, I probably
could've been one of your subjects...
No, it wasn't the darkness,
it was how you made
your way through it.
You stood in the middle
of some of the most
fucked up lives,
and you refused to
look away, to even blink.
You showed me
something that I knew,
but I couldn't see myself.
Your work...
it didn't change my life...
- it saved it.
- Well good...
Okay, with all due respect to your process
or whatever, I think you need to go
- find someone to talk...
- No, no, no, you don't understand.
- You don't understand.
- No, I don't!
Something horrible
is gonna happen here.
- How can you possibly know that?
- Lonnie Wilkes.
What? What the hell are
you even talking...
The whole time I was working with
him, I knew people were gonna die,
- and I never did anything...
- Okay, you got played by a sociopath.
- You cannot carry that...
- I knew that he was guilty.
I mean, face to face,
I bought it
like everybody else did, but...
but every so often,
I would see it.
He played the part.
But I knew.
I knew exactly what he was.
And, um...
it just... it just worked
better if he didn't do it.
My involvement, the way
the film made real-life change.
That was the story.
But his family, his...
I know, I know, I know.
I know. [sniffles]
I know people died because
I walked away from the truth.
I can't ever do that again.
That's why I can't
ever do that again.
Unless it makes for
a better ending, right?
Do you really think you would've
done something different?
If... if you were that
close to something
you've wanted your whole life?
You could taste it.
You really think you'd be
able to do the right thing?
That's why I am leaving.
[door closes]
[Erica exhales]
[soft violin music]
- [man grunting]
- [horror music]
[Erica gasping]
[ominous music]
You want to know about me?
[ominous music]
Now you know.
You brought me here.
You did this.
[ominous music]
Hey. Erica.
Wha... what the hell
are you doing?
- He's here, he's here.
- Who's here?
- [Kellyn gasping]
- [ominous music]
[horror music]
Out cold.
Shame she'll be missing
tonight's festivities.
The Rebirth thing?
Sounds like some bullshit to me.
If you lived here,
you'd understand.
Yeah, if I lived here,
I'd leave.
Sorry, I...
I know you...
Just something about this place.
Somethin' about every place.
But you didn't see
her last night.
I mean, either she's
completely lost it or...
Or what?
She says he's here now.
Just tell me that she's crazy,
that I'm crazy for even
thinkin' that this is actually,
you know...
- What do you see?
- What?
Well, look around.
What do you see?
- What are you...
- Go on. Do it.
I see a...
a building.
A building.
getting ready for a party.
Little-ass sandwiches on trays.
What exactly am I
supposed to be...
I see a town...
refusing to let anything...
keep it down.
What do you think she sees?
So, which one of us is right?
[upbeat jazz music]
Hi, how are you?
Yes. Hey guys!
Hey guys, don't worry, you...
It's 10 after, let's go.
[people chattering]
[Man] From the ashes!
[All] From the ashes!
[ominous music]
[ominous music]
[metal clangs]
[ominous music]
Oh, Jesus!
You can't just sneak
up on a person like...
[footsteps approaching]
Oh, glad to see you decided
to join us this evening.
This is a fun interpretation
of "formal attire."
Uh, have you seen Erica?
Miss Shaw?
No, not since
last night's incident.
Not everyone takes to
the water, I suppose,
- but I really thought...
- The water, the fucking water.
No, no! The pool is
closed for the festival!
You probably
shouldn't go in there!
[Kellyn breathing heavily]
[ominous music]
[drill whirring]
[drilling continues]
[horror music]
[Kellyn gasping]
They'll all be dead before
you get 'em to stop dancin'.
[Kellyn breathing shakily]
Run now.
You'll probably make it out.
[drill whirring]
[both grunting]
[both grunting]
[both grunting]
[both grunting]
[Kellyn choking]
[Josiah grunting]
[ominous music]
[Kellyn gasping]
[Erica sighs]
You really believe
all that shit?
Campbell and everything...
that he actually...
- What happened with Josiah...
- Yeah, I do.
- I mean, what you think?
- I don't think that you can just become a monster...
not without having some of
that in you to begin with.
- Well, Josiah was...
- Give me the phone, Erica.
- What?
- Josiah's phone.
Why? What does this
have to do with...
Give me the phone!
[ominous music]
I have the camera
set up outside.
It's just one shot,
but it's one big wide shot
of the whole place.
And I really think
we should get it
before we ruin these
people's festival.
I mean, my God,
it's gonna be local news
and cops and it's just...
it's kind of hard to keep the music
going after something like this.
I really think it's
a shot I've been...
we've been trying to...
I really think
we have something here.
[ominous music]
I know.
I know we've been through hell.
We've been through hell here.
Just trust me, please.
Can you just trust me?
Just this once.
It's gonna be okay.
Just imagine the story
we'll have to tell
once this whole thing is over.
[Erica gasping]
[horror music]
[heart throbbing]
[Campbell] Your mine now, boy.
But you will never
have my blood
or my name.
[gun cocks]
[gun fires]
[soft violin music]
[Campbell gasping]
[horror music]
[ominous music]
[river bubbling]
[ominous music]
[heart throbbing]
[ominous music]
[soft music]
[river bubbling]