Sobibor (2018) Movie Script

How did he baptize them?
It's just an ordinary river.
Although only Jews can baptize
each other from the ordinary dirty
and a smelly river.
[the horn of the train sounds]
[German speech sounds]
Welcome to Sobibor.
Welcome to a new life.
Now this is your home.
Interestingly, for a long time us
will divide.
How will it be?
For as long as three days.
So let's check our feelings.
This is their German order.
About the order they are crazy.
And can you believe the Germans?
Are you panicking again?
What a nervous companion I have.
Jakob we will work as always.
And we are immortal.
Because we are jewelers.
And gold is stronger than death.
Yes, here.
Suitcases will get
a little bit later.
Everything will be in complete safety.
Do not worry about anything.
I don't worry Thank you.
Welcome to Sobibor camp.
[speaks German]
You can here in good faith
work and live with dignity
in anticipation of resettlement
to the lands liberated by the Reich.
Do not worry, the separation of men
and women - temporary.
For hygiene purposes,
now take a shower
to avoid an epidemic of typhus.
A bit boring.
But everything is in order.
And then everyone will meet.
Keep your receipts
so that without difficulty
find your luggage
for the device in the houses.
Agree to any job.
What for?
Stay to live.
Keep your receipts from luggage.
Are there any masters? Bricklayers?
Shoemakers? Carpenters?
Saddlers? Seamstresses?
I'm a jeweler, and so is he.
He's my companion.
I'm a jeweler.
Here's the ring.
I did it. Wedding ring
my wife's. Hannah, show me.
Excellent. Jewelers
there is a case.
Said, hold on to me Jacob.
Come, come.
First, women go to the shower.
The rest will be taken to the shower
Exit to the left.
Welcome to Sobibor.
I'm with you. Dad mom
go without us.
I want with Shlomik.
Rivka, dad and mom will get angry.
I'll make you beautiful earrings.
And I will bring it tomorrow.
Small with red pebbles.
I do not want with red stones.
I want with blue.
Brother does not need to get in the way.
It's not for long.
He was entrusted with work.
It is very important.
Do not scratch a pimple.
Will remain the trace.
I'll smear you tomorrow.
Until morning, son.
Well, finally in the shower.
Yes, two days on the road.
Without a shower - it's terrible.
Stop! She went.
What do you want?
How do you think it turns this,
Or already nothing helps or assists?
[speak a foreign language]
[speak a foreign language]
They came to us
from the Minsk camp.
There unsuccessfully tried
to escape.
It's strange that they were not killed.
Throw the Russian out of here.
Why do you need all this to us?
Tell me?
Getting acquainted.
We are peaceful people, craftsmen.
And alive because
that we follow the rules.
And you are a provocateur.
And if we report on you?
Why did not they shoot you?
In Minsk?
We thought you were not Jewish.
Well, everything, everything, everything.
On, look.
The same circumcised.
He's the same Jew.
They have something else underground.
They shake and pray.
Pshisheviki, like cattle in a
slaughterhouse, weaklings.
Furted. Sash, leave without them.
I gnaw this wire with teeth.
And you from the tower with a machine gun.
And you do not croak.
Well, we decide?
We've been here for two days.
They are already long.
They know everything in the camp and
around. We will not press anything.
Come on.
Mom is only in the window saw.
We approach this window
were afraid.
And I swore to myself that I would give
my mother all the treasures of the world.
Well, how, gave?
Then he did not give it.
Just licked.
But now I will make up for everything.
Yids, yonder, how many
such good.
As they say, with them
you will not take it.
So they did not take it.
Not with the Jews anymore.
Already with the great Reich.
Do not spoil the thing, Wagner.
I'm just on my pens
Where from?
You at the construction site worked
with my brother.
w w w . z o c i n e . c o m
watch movies and series!
Come on.
Wolf, this is for you.
It's definitely for you.
See Backman
yes you are handsome just.
The Jewish handsome.
In the third camp, please.
For disinfection.
After the war I will make an exhibition.
You all will die of envy.
It is forbidden to enter.
After the lights out, you can not.
I did not go out.
You have misunderstood it.
I saw you went out
from the barrack, Sasha.
You again have conceived something?
Why are you... Why are you
are you experiencing destiny?
Try to forget Minsk.
It is not your fault.
You are alive.
Do not you want to live?
No, Luke does not want that.
Nobody wants that.
No one.
But we must endure.
To suffer and believe.
[there was an explosion]
Escape from the camp
is impossible.
You were warned
Gentlemen of the Jews.
Let everyone know
fugitives will perish,
and the innocent will be punished with life
for them.
So it was, and it will always be so.
So watch closely one by one
and tell your Jewish capo about everything
suspicious, gentlemen of the Jews.
And now it will be shot
every tenth. On knees.
[counted in German]
Gustav do not hurry.
You knock rhythm.
What are you doing, Jews?
You are worthy of your fate.
Get some sleep.
Ashes of your relatives
flies in the face.
And you are eating it?
Be cursed.
Not true. My little sister is alive.
I made her earrings with pebbles.
My daddy is alive.
The Germans promised me.
And the Germans keep their word.
Be cursed.
Be cursed!
[hears his conversation with his sister]
Yes, we have a committee.
You guessed right.
We need a commander
with military experience.
There was a Dutchman Josef Jacobs.
Marine officer.
Brave guy.
There was preparation.
Josef headed it.
But Capo Berlinger
all sniffed and told.
The Dutchman was tortured for two days.
But he did not betray us.
The Germans shot 76 people.
And my Jews were completely depressed.
How many receipts does your committee have?
Issued at the station to people?
Promise that everything will be fine.
Do you understand?
We try to survive
to take revenge.
You are trying to just survive.
w w w . z o c i n e . c o m
watch movies and series!
One Reich is one Fuhrer.
w w w . z o c i n e . c o m
watch movies and series!
What is interesting?
Cufflinks, which you want.
I have not seen it yet.
You look bad.
You're lazy.
You're very lazy.
Do you think I like to beat you?
Take your pants off.
That's what happened. These things
from the Paris train.
As a banker.
Wagner will piss himself off with envy.
Wagner does not have this?
I see such a thing for the first time.
Expensive leather. House Chanel.
How it smells.
You heard the smell of leather
how are the flowers? Smell it.
It smells wonderful.
Well, for a good job
rewards are encouraged.
Cognac. We have everything French today.
Do not huhry-muhry.
I'm a Jew, I can not.
Our faith does not command.
And do you believe?
We all believe.
Take your pants off.
25 strokes.
Count the blows.
You start - I'll start again.
At first.
Five. Six!
Seven! Eight!
Bad. At first
Two. Three.
Stop torturing yourself.
You can not do it this way.
Miracles are waiting for me.
And what can I do?
In Minsk, a fool, he played
in the hero-savior.
People died.
And I'm alive.
No, it's all...
I played enough.
This nightmare is over.
Someone will survive.
I pray that.
It was you, Sasha.
God will save us.
Just do not interfere with him.
We just have to endure.
To suffer and believe.
Do you want this necklace?
And what if he gives it to you?
Will it give?
Wear her a necklace Come on.
She is so beautiful.
What do you think?
Come on, tell her that.
Tell me.
You are very beautiful.
And now kiss her, Jew.
Kiss and kiss.
Come on, kiss her.
Sorry, I can not you protect.
Do what he says.
No no no.
More passion, more.
Kiss her passionately.
Yet! Yet. Yet!
[screaming in German]
My First Woman she was Jewish.
She loved me and I loved her.
More than anything.
We wanted to get married.
But my father, he was an anti-Semite.
He forbade me, but I obeyed.
And she went to America.
And what am I doing here?
I kill the Jews.
Who is to blame for this?
Tell me.
She, because she left me
or just me?
Who is to blame for this?
My father is to blame.
It's his fault.
It's his fault! My father
My father!
Why is this Jew still alive?
Yes, come here.
I give five minutes for you to split
this stump.
If you do not have time, we'll shoot
every tenth here.
Five minutes.
Let's start.
Sasha, you just have to endure.
To suffer and believe.
Four and a half minutes.
Do you want an apple?
Thank you, I'm full.
Take it.
The food I get here
I'm quite satisfied.
That's not all.
Do not be afraid, do not be afraid.
Do you want sugar?
What's your name?
Are you silent?
I will call you Silent.
A good Silly.
Well, how much are you here?
Almost a year.
And what's still alive?
Do not be so, Sash.
I'm a good worker.
And good workers
are needed everywhere.
Before the occupation, I was the director
market in Uglyaivets.
I could organize everything.
But I can not lead people with me. We need
a commander with military experience.
A normal Jewish approach.
Yes, Sash.
We need Moses.
All the release.
Sash is not needed here.
So to behave.
Defeat pride.
I'll think about it.
They will report to us Burlinger
if they see it together again.
They do not want a new escape.
Afraid of new shootings.
Where is my wife?
You're drunk again.
Are you jealous?
You're 15, and you get vodka
every evening.
I am one hundred years old.
What would your father say?
He will say nothing more.
Shlomik, you have golden hands.
What are you doing with yourself?
Great, plump.
Well, wait, wait.
Where did you get.
Among the sorted things
come across products.
Sometimes it turns out to hide the troos.
Want? Yes, you eat.
I will not eat it.
Leave it.
Those people are no more.
And the food remains.
Of course they are not! Just a hundred
people burned, and we are eating!
We're safe here!
We're rubbing the Germans' asses.
Stop being silly.
Sasha, everyone has come.
It is necessary to decide something, Sash?
Yesterday Neuman brought me
gold teeth
with chunks of jaws.
To make him a pin for his tie.
How can I be sober?
[German speech sounds]
w w w . z o c i n e . c o m
watch movies and series!
Work! Work!
[trying to say something]
Quietly quiet.
Leo! Leo!
Come here.
What he says?
[speaks a foreign language]
Good shot.
What are you saying?
And this one?
Lovely shot
Mr. Unterscharfuhrer.
He just does not understand
in German.
Forget it.
He said the train from Belzec.
Belzec canceled in three days
by order of the command.
And corpses, then, to us for recycling?
No thanks.
All thought out.
Belzec is a camp like our Sobibor
Only east, closer to the front.
What did he say before he died?
[inaudible]. What does it mean?
What did you want?
Yiddish. "Revenge for us
How to get revenge?
destroyed because
that Soviet troops are moving to the west.
To us.
Perhaps the most important thing now is
wait for the Red Army? Survive?
And how much to wait? Year?
Do not wait.
From day to day we all
will kill.
Oh, you're a rat!
I'll kill you, you bastard!
To leave.
To leave.
Our camp is next.
It will be liquidated.
They all will be killed.
Kapo too.
That person from the train
whom Berg shot
he was capo in Belzec.
So we will all be killed together.
Do you think I'm skinning?
I'm a physics teacher.
My whole life was a pointer
in hand. And here I am.
Did you kill people?
Will you be able to kill?
I do not know.
The provocateur would
not have answered that.
He has access to all premises
where the officers are sitting.
There are twelve of them.
Twelve people are Sobibor's brain.
Destroy the brain - kill them all.
Like this?
Slicing, biting suffocating.
Eliminate the officers
we will take away the weapon.
And we will all leave
through the central exit.
Well, with weapons easier...
The whole camp.
Either all or none.
We parted.
Tell your people we need cartridges.
Let them take it out.
But as?
I do not know.
You're the director of the market.
I'll tell the women
They know how.
Is it hard for one?
Hold on.
[the dial tone]
Run. Run.
Dad taught me and Rivka
to forgive people.
People - yes.
Now you are my father.
Will it work out?
Or how will it be in Minsk?
I do not care if even
as in Minsk it will end.
I can not take it any more.
Hey! Evreeshchka.
Stole it.
Well, look, I have today
good mood.
Come here, lady's chest.
Come here.
Look, she likes it.
I know that I like it.
Come on.
What is that?
What is it? Where did you get this?
How dare you, scum?
And now what?
I'll tell the Germans that bald
got sick.
Until tomorrow they will not look.
Will not they be exactly?
So tomorrow.
Tomorrow one by one we lure
all officers to the workshops.
All twelve people.
Three will be on a business trip.
There are nine left.
It's easier.
Under any pretext. We speak that beautiful
things are waiting for, boots, jackets.
Anything. The most difficult is to lure,
so as not to cause suspicion.
Who can do it?
I can.
Call me Toivey.
This is a good option.
How old are you, Toivi?
I can handle.
I clean their shoes
and other things.
I know them. I know how to say
about beautiful things
for each of them.
They will believe me.
Come here, Toivey.
Three officers will be brought
to tailors.
Three - in shoemaking.
They will Arkady.
No. Neumann, Beckman remain
in the administrative building.
Brzeski, you'll go there
two people.
I'll deal with Frenzel.
Borya cut communication.
Two can not.
Only one.
I can get and lead.
I have a pass.
Moses, you go to Neumann.
When with all the officers
will be done away with,
Brzecki gives a signal to build.
Going to the parade ground.
[siren sounds]
What is it?
Again someone ran away.
In the ranks next to not stand.
More chances to survive.
Brzezky, do not sleep!
All right, let's go!
On knees!
[automatic queue]
See what a puddle they are
have done.
It smells of Jewish urine.
w w w . z o c i n e . c o m
watch movies and series!
We will raise the glasses for our
Oberscharfhrer Frenzel.
Hooray! Let's have a drink!
The horse has died.
Hey, you stand up.
To me.
In another world, one must leave
with clean shoes.
You do not know what beauty is.
You are Jews.
Jews are deprived of feelings
Dirty boots! Dirty hands
Dirty ears! Dirty thoughts!
All rubbish! It's rubbish!
Are you afraid?
Take an example from him.
He is already afraid of nothing.
Clean the shoes! Clean!
Do not take pictures of me.
Today I'm not so handsome.
Clean the shoes! Clean!
Pure, I told you, cattle!
Well done, asshole.
Let's drink together.
What, does not faith allow?
Well, you have to baptize.
Now they do not call you Chaim,
but Heinz.
We're friends now, Heinz.
Look, your asshole
does not value honor.
Come on, flush everything from the floor.
The Jew gave you a drink.
And he said, you do not drink.
Your law does not order?
And there, as you lap.
In nothing to you, the Jews
you can not believe.
I will be John the Baptist.
Jews, I am now all of you bug.
I will be John the Baptist.
I will be John the Baptist!
Have you seen my wife?
I can not find her.
Where is my wife.
Here is your wife.
She is nowhere to be found.
Have you seen her?
I can not find my wife.
You see?
Here's her ring.
And it is nowhere to be found.
I can not find her, you know?
Have you seen my wife?
The road.
You are welcome.
My saddle.
I have the fastest horse.
Who will overtake - put the box
He went.
Have fun.
Come on.
He went.
He went.
I said faster.
It was a lovely party.
See you.
Do not get out of the car.
Sasha? Sasha? Sasha?
Lord, thank you. Lord
alive, alive.
Sasha... Alive, Sasha.
Sasha is alive.
Sasha... Sasha...
Alive, Lord...
Sasha ..
God, why are you doing this
I just wanted to stay horse.
A horse? What for?
I was scared, very much.
I was joking.
I wanted to amuse you.
It was not funny.
A bad joke.
I understood why this is all.
This war.
This death camp is damned.
I understand that...
For what?
Find you.
I feel so good now.
Lord save.
So, look carefully
You take a stool
put it here so that when the German village
turned out to be back to Arkady.
[speaks in Russian]
I'll show you again
just in case.
You take a stool and put it
To the German back to Arkady.
Reason, Pan, mind.
Well, of course, show me.
And you, Arkady.
Go Borya, go.
Well, since you all know...
Very good raincoat
Fashionable tailoring.
No, well, if you do not want
I run to Mr. Beckman.
Backman will break.
Come on.
If the cloak is really good
I'll give you sugar.
Do you like sugar?
Yes, of course, very
Mr. Berg.
They're coming.
You are too early
I still do not understand anything.
Monsieur Unterscharfuhrer
could only now.
Please, to the light.
Wagner and Backman will burst
from envy. Come on.
You are welcome.
Please, Mr. Berg.
Give me the weapon.
It's not for you.
Do not shoot.
There will be a lot of noise.
Noise much?
And the team was
so as not to shout!
w w w . z o c i n e . c o m
watch movies and series!
And you were silenced, eh?
We are working.
Arbayten, arbayten.
That's just for you, Mr. Officer.
Only now I have cleared and refurbished.
Leather cloak, dear thing.
Only from Paris.
On his knees rose, the dog.
No pride.
And you are good at it.
Yes, I'm good at it.
I had a wife and four children.
Well done.
Only for you. Mister
the Oberscharfuhrer. Come in.
Leather coat, expensive thing.
Sorry. That's just for you
Mr. Obersharfuhrer.
Only now I have cleared and refurbished.
Leather cloak, dear thing. From Paris.
Does Backman have this?
The piece thing, you what?
Backman has a fetish
good leather things.
Would you propose to Mr. Backman?
For what reason?
I take this cloak with me.
Try it on, please.
And I'll fit a couple of recesses.
To be as flush on your figure.
Everybody just gets
from delight.
Well, perhaps.
But fast.
A photo?
Come in.
Where are those praised boots?
You are welcome.
Try it on.
Only do not wet yourself.
I'll kill you myself!
The women tell me
I smell like a corpse!
I am death!
Boy, where are you?
I will punish you.
Mom... Mom...
What are you doing here?
I brought you a pin.
You wanted cufflinks?
I'll make them out of your teeth.
They taught the Jews to kill.
And you on time.
You take a knife, you go
and you'll slice it.
Kill it! Kill it!
I can not!
I can not! Sorry!
Do not be afraid, do you hear me?
Leave him alone.
Go away.
Sasha, Moses can not.
He's afraid of blood.
Who will go to Neumann?
Brzecki where?
A bullet to Brzecki! Bullet!
There is!
Leo? Leo, I brought it.
What are you brave
my little girl.
I killed Neumann.
Well done, lad.
Well done!
Sasha, there are so many cartridges.
We have enough to break through.
Come on, jerk?
No, Borya does not.
The whole camp will run. Come on.
I killed a man.
I killed.
Leo, which of yours can now
to get to Beckmann?
I do not know, I do not know.
I have access to that barrack.
Selma, tell me what I can do.
Give you boiling water
with sugar.
Do not use sugar.
In my mouth I will not take any more.
They took your childhood from you.
And you help to take from them
a life.
It's all right, Toivi.
Find Shlomo and do not take your eyes off
with Frenzel.
He will manage, Sasha.
How did you manage it?
What's on your heart is,
that they obeyed you?
Comrade Stalin at Sasha's heart.
As well as at all of us.
[siren sounds]
What does he do, then?
What's happening?
I ask what's going on!
Where is everyone?
Pick up people.
Pick it up.
We get up! Stand up to everyone!
Tell them to run!
Tell them to run!
[speaks in Russian]
Get up!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Everything will be fine.
Oh please!
You are welcome. Silent, ran!
I am begging you!
I beg!
Luke, Luke!
Luke! Luke.
Luke! Luke.
Sasha... Sasha
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