Social Suicide (2015) Movie Script

- Hello, I'm Millie and
today I'm going to show you
some gymnastics.
The first move is the splits.
(soft music)
And then, they complicate.
And statistics say that
I'll meet the one at 23,
so why bother for the next seven years?
I don't want to be broken
up with and I don't want
to have to tell some guy
I don't like him anymore.
It will all end in trouble.
Number four, they're messy.
That's it.
(soft music)
And then I do the same
with the other side.
But you want it to look really neat.
'Cause if it looks neat,
then it looks really pretty!
I know I said I didn't want a boyfriend,
I met him, tonight.
- My name's Daisy and I can't
wait to pour these baked
beans all over my skin.
(soft music)
- Yeah, yeah!
(soft music)
(phone ringing)
- Bal?
- [Voiceover] Reese, it's...
it's Julia, she's um...
- She's what?
- [Voiceover] She looks like she's dead.
I've just seen her taken out of her house,
there's an ambulance and everything.
- What happened?
- I don't know, I'm not sure.
- [Voiceover] You're not sure?
(siren wailing)
How can you not be sure?
- Just stay hidden.
After last night the police
will be looking for you.
- Bal, is she okay?
- Okay look, I'll find out
what's happened and where she is.
I'll meet you at 10 under the bridge.
Just don't do anything stupid.
Hello? Reese?
- 10, if you're not there...
- [Voiceover] I'll be there.
- Don't be late.
- [Voiceover] Ditch your phone.
- So, Ty Chapman and Marc
Mercer, both confirmed dead
from severe head injuries.
Estimated time, midnight.
Balthazar Williams, Reese
Mattson, these two persons of
interest are currently missing.
(phone vibrating)
Reese is our main suspect.
Lead officer O'Rourke
will brief you further.
Now, there's a lot of attention on this.
They're not gang members,
parents will be worried that
it could happen to them, okay?
Tread lightly, thank you.
- [Voiceover] Okay, we've got
eyes on both of their houses.
The search warrants
are about to be issued.
Any questions from anyone at this stage?
(banging on door)
- Yes?
- Balthazar Williams.
I'm detective O'Rourke.
I'm arresting you for aiding
and abetting the murders
of Mark Mercer and Ty Chapman.
Do you understand?
- Yes.
- I've also got a warrant
here to search your premises
and seize any items
relevant to these crimes.
Including telephones, computers,
and electronic equipment.
- Hey, be careful with that!
I need to feed the cat.
Monty will starve.
- Close that account today, okay?
You've made yourself look like...
Yeah, well you've humiliated me too.
No, I don't trust you anymore how ca...
Search record.
Did you get it all?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Listen, I want Hughie in the room with us,
get a copy, get him to hook
it up to the screen, yeah?
- Is that her? No wonder she's rabid.
- She's got Dalton's arse.
- Hey!
Back to work.
- [Voiceover] The next thing
I'm going to show you...
- Family is off limits!
- Shoes.
Any health issues?
(indistinct intercom chatter)
- Balthazar.
My name's Laurence Emerson.
I'm your appropriate adult.
It's my job to make sure
that you know your rights
and to explain anything to
you that you don't understand.
- Do you need to take five minutes?
- No.
That's not what she posted.
That was some twisted little...
She's just a girl.
(door slams)
(soft music)
- It is relevant.
- I've caught that one before.
- What haven't you seen?
- I get my kicks out of
watching people inflict pain
on themselves, yeah, sue me.
Let's keep our eyes open.
I want to find out the way
that he stages his reality.
- Balthazar's posted thousands.
- Just prioritize his digital
footprints for the past 24 hours.
Mate, can we get some tea please?
That normal stuff, yeah?
None of that green kumbaya shit.
- This clone is nearly finished.
- Hey.
- Take a seat.
Operating the computer is
Mr. Hughes and you've already
met your appropriate adult, Mr. Emerson.
- and trained psychologist.
(chewing loudly)
Balthazar, I know this
is a bit scary, but,
Detective Dalton is merely
concerned with the truth.
You okay?
You want something to eat?
Did he have breakfast?
- He's 17, not seven!
- How long will this take?
- You've heard the news.
They're dead.
- What's this got to do with me?
- Marc was your friend?
You don't seem too upset.
- Of course I'm upset.
- You're very good at
hiding your emotions.
Where's Reese?
- I don't know anything.
- Guilty lying boys
are a very easy target.
You need to decide how
helpful you're going to be.
Mr. Hughes, now watch.
This CCTV is from the
multi-storey car park in Peckham. STOREY
It shows Marc being beaten
up and crawling away.
He was found with a broken neck, dead,
on the other side of the wall.
We found Ty outside the car park.
He fell, or was pushed,
three stories to his death.
Turns out woolly hats aren't
as good as crash helmets
in a high impact situation.
But you already knew that, didn't you?
You say you don't know anything,
but I know some things.
The lad being beaten
up, Marc Mercer, dead.
The boy with the woolly
hat, Ty Chapman, also dead.
The boy with the dark hair
who helped chase them away?
Reese Mattson, missing.
And the boy who video
taped it all was you.
I want that camera footage.
- Balthazar, do you
understand what she's saying?
- What?
- My camera dropped.
- So it was you in the footage?
And Reese?
- The card fell out, I lost it.
- We have experts going through
your cameras, computers,
and phone.
If you're lying, Mr.
Hughes' team will find out.
- We always win digital hide and seek.
- I don't have it, I swear.
It got lost when the camera dropped.
- Where?
- What?
- Where exactly did it fall out?
- We were running away.
Do you not have the CCTV
from outside the garage?
- Lucky for us you can
tell us all about it.
- I don't know anything.
- We have your testimony
that you witnessed a murder,
but didn't come forward.
That's withholding.
There's another boy dead,
possibly at your hand,
that's murder, manslaughter, at least.
- Fine.
I'll answer your questions
and tell you what you want
to know, but that's the truth.
I don't know if Ty fell or what.
- So what was the fight about?
- Ty was mad about Julia.
- Julia?
- Yeah.
Julia Coulson, Reese's girlfriend.
- We need to track down a Julia Coulson,
we need to question her.
So tell me about Julia, how did they meet?
- It was about six weeks
ago, we crashed one of Ty's
house parties, that's
where everything started.
(hip hop music)
- Excuse me, miss?
Do you have a license for that?
- A license for what?
- You must be over 18 to have
alcohol of the peach variety.
- I'll take the risk, thanks.
- I am so sorry.
My friend desperately
needs to see a therapist.
- It's cool.
I'll see you at the party.
- I want to paint you red
and spank you naughty tomato!
- Yeah, you'd be so lucky!
- That's one for the ho pro.
- Her and Reese, maybe.
- Shut up, Balthatard!
At least I know you're no competition.
- He's going to make
you famous so be nice.
- Guys, do you think we'll
get out before the firemen
get there?
- Yeah, but after Ty cries like a baby.
Might even wet himself.
- Who is he, anyway?
- Don't you remember?
Your tackle against St. Mary's?
You broke his leg.
- Oh, yeah.
(hip hop music)
- So the three of you went
there to cause trouble?
- No, it was a prank, a joke.
That's what we do, did.
You can see it on my channel.
It's called The Holy Smoke,
got almost 8,000 hits.
- I saw that one, got
good numbers actually.
(distorted music and voices)
- Everyone out!
- Fire, fire, fire.
Have you phoned the fire brigade?
- And that's when Reese met Julia?
- Yeah, I've got it on file.
I recorded the whole party.
It's on my computer.
(loud music)
- Just as the beans poured
over her and she's got
like 20,000 hits.
- Total social suicide.
- [Voiceover] Reese,
are you all set, yeah?
Two minutes you said, right?
Do you think people will like it?
Do you think we'll get a lot of hits?
- Listen, Bal, relax.
- Marc, how long?
- Chill, soon, Freakazard.
- Hey, you're Julia, aren't you?
I was just filming everyone
at the party and talking to
friends, that's what I like to do.
And I saw Julia across the
room so I went to speak
to her and that's when it happened.
Hey, um, you're Julia, aren't you?
- Excuse me, I'm showing
her something important.
- I'm Balthazar.
I, um, I watch your blogs.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I've got a bit of
an online following, too,
stunts, pranks, fails.
I thought we could, um, you know,
team up and do a joint video?
- I don't know, I just blurt things out
and that doesn't really go with pranks.
Nice to meet you, though.
- Wait, no.
I was thinking, your angle, it's smart.
Pretending you don't want a boyfriend.
- I don't want a boyfriend.
- Sure, but there's a
gimmick we could try.
- No, people know it's not real.
They'll never trust you if it's an act.
- So how does this relate to the deaths?
- 'Cause Ty hated Reese,
he wanted revenge.
- For playing a practical
joke at his house?
- It wasn't just that.
- Was Julia dating Ty?
- No, it was her cousin.
It was all Reese!
- A coincidence?
- They fell in love.
Go to the next clip, I can prove it!
- Done already.
- You sit!
(people cheering)
- Ty doesnt like that, look at
Reese stealing the show!
My house, my parents, my bed!
- You think you're funny, huh?
I know this was you and
Reese, I'm going to kill you!
Piss off!
- Don't put that in the final edit.
- Why was this Marc so
keen on being filmed?
- Oh, his parents posted a
video of him riding a dog
when he was a boy.
Got millions of hits.
That was before you could make money.
- So he's trying to recreate
his moment of glory?
- We do loads of stunts.
There's this one where um
Marc jumps off of a roof
into a pool, but misses.
- Where's the footage?
What's missing?
- That's it, all of it.
- No, why did you stop
filming in the middle of all
the smoke and chaos?
That doesn't seem like you.
What happened after everyone went outside?
- Nothing.
- Not on your computer,
but I remember something.
(hip hop music)
- I didn't know it was love.
Besides, the HO PRO was Marc's thing.
He made me post it!
I removed it straight
away, erased all I could.
- I think as we all know, you
can't fully delete anything
from the interverse.
- Did anyone see this?
- Even I saw it.
- No one told me her
parents were religious.
They freaked.
I told Reese I was sorry.
It was just a joke.
I felt really bad.
(knocks on door)
- Julia Coulson overdosed
early this morning.
- What?
- She's unconscious so there's
no chance of interviewing
her anytime soon.
- That can't be a coincidence.
- On it.
- When did you last see Julia?
- I tried to find her this morning.
She's dead, isn't she?
- Why did you go there?
- After last night, Marc was dead!
Reese had disappeared.
I was scared.
She was my friend, too.
Can I go to the toilet, please?
- So who was the last
person to see her before she
- How would I know? Please!
- I'm sorry, he does need a break.
- You escort him? YOU ESCORT HIM
Julias still alive.
(soft music)
(door slams)
- Dalton.
- How's the boy?
- You should take it easy on him.
A lad can only take so much
before he goes into meltdown.
- Emerson, you're here to
make sure he understands
the questions, that's all.
- Okay.
- Have him put in a cell.
- You're in charge.
- [Dalton] Damn right, I am.
(water running)
- Good news about your friend then, eh?
Seen your YouTube channel,
man, really impressive.
Can tell you're serious by the hours.
Bit of a YouTuber myself.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Look, Dalton's just a
bit of a tough cookie.
She doesn't get with the
technical stuff, you know?
Which gives me a profession, I suppose.
Which is cool, you know?
- What was that video
of the gymnast you were
watching earlier?
- Oh!
You don't want to go there.
(car door slams)
(doorbell buzzes)
(indistinct voices)
- I won't be long, just need a quick look.
(soft music)
Bag it.
- Sir, we're able to access
photo and video exchanges
between Julia and Reese.
- What date was it?
- 15th.
- That was the day of the smoke party.
Right, get them up on the big screen.
Dalton wants us to get a head start.
- What's your favourite
colour, animal, and name?
- White, rabbit, and Reese.
- You're beautiful, you know that?
(soft music)
I can't stop thinking
about you all the time.
I think I might be in lo...
- Tease.
I'm not afraid to say it.
I know I lo...
- I'll get you for that.
- I hope so.
I wish you were here right now.
Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
- It's your fault!
Come to the window!
- Reese!
(both laughing)
(playing recorder)
(Reese laughs)
My parents made me learn,
obviously I didn't.
So what's your secret skill?
- [Voiceover] I was a
child model, catalogue.
- Give us a pose.
- You have to jump off
sand dunes and look longingly
at a puppy.
- [Voiceover] Do more.
- Fake running.
The hilarious laugh.
The point at the sky.
Is that your drink coming our your nose?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, just bashed my jaw up yesterday.
Just one more car park
thing and then I'm done.
- But you love it.
- But you don't.
Do you want to come with me?
Or are you still grounded?
- My month of house
arrest is up in two days
and three hours.
So what's your passionate kiss pose like?
Or is your jaw too sore?
- You're blushing.
- Hold on, hold on, go back!
- Ty caught me coming back last night.
He said he warned you.
- Nah, it was a lucky swipe.
- Your jaw?
- It was nothing, really.
Except he says he wants to kill me.
- I don't think my mum's
ever going to get over it.
I'm not the same, I'm
such a disappointment.
I'm every other synonym
for disappointment.
It's like they used an online thesaurus.
- That's so wrong.
- Ty's going to tell them
you're a gang member,
full of STD's, dealing in drugs.
And they'll listen to him,
they already hate you, and me.
And after Ty's finished with it,
we'll be finished.
- You know what I want to do.
- Reese, you can't joke about that.
- This is going to happen, trust me.
Ty will be out of the way forever.
- Two second clip between
manslaughter and murder.
Right, get Balthazar and
Emerson back in the
interview room.
(soft music)
So did you love her?
- [Voiceover] No I didn't love her!
It was always Reese!
And they we... are my friends!
- But you saw her first!
- Any girl who meets me and
Reese will always choose Reese.
- Have you ever had a girlfriend?
What was the exact nature
of their relationship?
- I don't know, they were close, you know?
All over each other all the time.
(thunder rumbling)
- Marc's going to hate this one.
- Oh, is he?
- Just ignore him, I do.
- Go on, kiss.
- That is not going online.
- Only delete nine seconds, please.
- Come on, Marc's going
to launch himself into the
stinging nettles without us.
- Oh yeah, I can't miss that.
- About time!
You guys ready for this?
Oh, there's dog shit in here!
- Parasite.
- They liked having me around.
- You must've been jealous of Reese.
Not only did the camera love him,
but he took away the girl
you wanted to team up with.
- I was never...
- Okay, okay!
So you were jealous of Julia?
She took away the guy
that was going to help you
get that million hits!
- What's your point, inspector?
- You tell me!
- I thought they'd be good together.
They both had something special.
- So what changed a week ago?
We have Reese saying, and I quote,
"Ty will be out of the way forever."
Ty wanted to break them up
so they planned on killing
him and you were the accomplice.
- What?
- And we can charge you right now!
- They were talking about getting married,
or at least a version of it!
- They're not old enough.
- It's true!
I filmed the entire ceremony yesterday!
I was the only guest!
The only one they trusted, actually.
- We didn't see anything.
(bridal music)
- Are you honestly telling
me that they thought Ty
would back off once they got married?
- Yes.
- Bullshit.
Getting married could
only have one result,
further antagonism.
Reese got married to escalate things.
- No, no, Reese is not like that.
He wanted to be friends
with Ty, they were family.
- Oh, come on!
Why do you think so highly of Reese?
- I don't.
It's just the camera that loves him.
- You are the camera, Balthazar.
It's not real, you know?
You just use it to exploit people.
- You're wrong!
You don't exist if you're not online.
Look at celebrities, yeah?
The bigger they are, the
more followers they have.
Followers, like a cult.
Yeah, somewhere out there
there's the perfect clip.
With the right drama,
humour, and excitement.
I'll get a million hits.
- Did you not get enough
attention at home, hmm?
Is that why you moved out at 16?
Or not enough from girls?
- No.
- People who watch your
manipulated videos,
they're not looking at you,
they're looking at Marc and Reese.
They're not your friends.
They watch 100 stupid videos a day!
- I'm an artist!
There's a difference between
what I do and some drugged
up kid!
Or how about that video of the gymnast?
Yeah, you must've seen it.
Some pathetic girl exposes
herself to the internet.
Add some slow-mo and some
music, and there's your million.
She knew exactly what she was doing.
Pathetic little porn star.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Take it easy!
(door slams)
- I thought you were
supposed to protect me.
- I'm going to check on Dalton.
(soft music)
- Through there, upstairs, turn right.
- What's that?
- The investigation room.
- Right.
(soft music)
You need to cool off a bit.
- Thank you, Detective.
- You just attacked a witness!
- He knew what he was doing.
- Look, it wasn't him
who posted that video
of your daughter.
- You think I lost my temper?
I'm in control.
He wanted me to react, so I did.
Let him think he's getting to me.
- How old is your daughter?
- 14, why?
- Balthazar is just three years older.
Until last night he thought
the whole thing was a joke.
He's going through
stages of grief, ease up.
You'll get more answers that way.
- The kid's not right.
Look at that.
- S-sorry to interrupt you,
but I've got something here
you might want to see.
- [Voiceover] Yeah?
- It's buried in his browser
history, suicide help sites.
A forum he was posting on last night.
- Suicide websites.
- Probably wanted to use
them for entertainment.
- What if it's research?
- Emerson!
Where are you going?
- I'm going to arrange
legal advice for Balthazar.
I think he needs it.
- Alright, okay!
I'll take it easy.
But you need to help me get the truth!
Okay, ready?
Mr. and Mrs. Coulson,
do you know a boy called
Reese Mattson?
- I told her to stay away from him!
I thought she had.
Julia humiliated herself
at a party a few weeks ago.
Everyone saw it.
That boy hated our family.
He trashed my sisters house,
broke my nephew's leg.
- Our nephew Ty, he was killed last night.
Is Reese responsible?
- No, we're not sure yet.
Did you know that Reese and
Julia were still together?
- That's impossible!
- They were quite serious.
- After that awful video came
out she started disappearing
at all hours.
I took her computer away.
She didn't even mind.
- Do you know where she went?
Do you know anything that
would help us locate Reese?
- You okay?
- No parent deserves that.
(phone vibrating)
Excuse me.
Can you give me a minute?
I'll meet you downstairs.
- I'll get you a coffee.
- Thanks.
Doctor, doctor?
- Yes?
- Do you have those tox reports yet?
- Yes, we're running further
tests because the paracetamol
just doesn't cover it.
There was something else in her system.
She's stable for now so
we're in "wait and see" mode.
- Right, I need them ASAP,
so just call me, soon as.
- Alright.
- Thank you.
- Do you think Reese knows Julia's alive?
- He probably doesn't even
know she hurt herself.
You should focus on you.
I'm sorry Dalton attacked you.
- It's better than being ignored.
16 bottles of wine.
- What?
- Balthazar, that's
what I was named after.
- Could've been one of the three wise men.
Some people just aren't
cut out to be parents.
- Mine didn't even notice I'd
moved out for over a month.
They were on a cruise
watching whales or penguins.
- Perhaps you should've
tried to be more lovable.
- My GP says I have anger issues.
And anxiety.
Well, it's a long list.
- Everyone has their share SHI to deal with, Balthazar.
- Not everyone.
Not Julia, not Reese.
Those two have golden
horseshoes shoved up their
perfect bottoms.
- Trust me, everyone has.
Though sometimes it's buried very deep.
- I didn't do anything.
I just filmed.
The videos help me escape.
- The lure of the internet.
- IT was my best friend, 'til Reese.
- You know, I've dabbled
in it, the internet.
Online gambling, porn, box
sets from dubious sources,
which is like porn.
The law of diminishing returns.
Thank goodness I reigned myself in.
I'm going to go check on Dalton.
You want anything?
Could you help me get hold of
Balthazar's doctor, please?
- Can you locate Balthazar
William's GP for me?
- Guv!
No sign of cut grass near the car park,
but they did find this.
- That look like it fell to you?
- Smashed, more likely.
- Good work.
Okay, keep looking for
Reese and get that boy back
in the interview room.
- Yeah.
- I need...
- Tons of people, kids mostly,
been sending footage in.
We've not get the man power
to go through all of it,
but there is one Vine.
- No, I need this fixed.
Come on, you're good at this.
- I've got to show you this Vine.
- Where's that image from?
- Ty's phone.
- When?
- Yesterday, a few
hours before the deaths.
- Can I get a print out of this?
- I've got to show you this Vine.
- Okay, do.
- [Voiceover] Piss off you videoing fuck!
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
You're into this world,
tell me what you think.
- I mean, has he got some odd posts? Yes.
But, given the volume
of his YouTube channel,
it's bound to happen.
It's the way it works, you've
got to push the boundaries
these days.
These kids get all these clicks,
they become more popular,
everybody likes a bit of graphic content.
Especially when they see the warning.
- Not everyone.
- [Voiceover] I do.
- You ready to go again, then?
- Yes.
Alright, let's go back through
the CCTV, talk us through it.
That's Marc, that's you, and there's Ty.
- Yeah, um, Ty wanted
to know where Reese was.
- Why was he late, where did he come from?
- He got married a few hours earlier,
he was meeting us.
- Okay, sit down.
What time?
- Four in the afternoon.
- [Voiceover] Julia, can
you look this way please?
That's lovely.
- Thanks, mate.
- So, where we going now?
- I actually thought it was just be us.
Julia's parents are
gone for the afternoon.
Wedding, ironically.
- Oh, yeah, no.
I figured it'd just be you two.
- See you tonight?
- Are you still coming?
- Wouldn't miss it for the world.
- Thanks for today.
(soft music)
(Julia laughing)
- So Reese was the last
person to see Julia
before her parents found her?
- Don't know, guess so, yeah.
- Hughie.
- Reese tried to calm him down!
It was all a terrible accident.
Ty was devastated, he never
meant for it to happen.
I wasn't fast enough.
I found Reese outside
looking at Ty's body.
Said he fell in the chase.
Then we heard sirens and ran.
That's when I dropped my
camera 'cause it was dark,
then we couldn't find the chip, did you?
- Why was Ty waiting there for you?
- I told you before.
- I got it, he was angry
because they got married.
- How would you feel, yeah?
If the guy you hated married your cousin.
- But how did he know they were married?
- Balthazar?
- And how did he know where you were?
It's a random car park, not
the place you'd look for
someone unless you knew they were there.
Someone sent Ty a photo of the ceremony.
Two lovers are in it, you were
the only one they invited.
The only one they trusted.
So who could've sent it?
- I did it for Reese.
- You did it for Reese?
- He was always falling in
love so easily, you know?
And Julia, she was unhinged.
I was doing it to protect him!
You know, she was always
posting videos about how
she didn't like guys or
didn't want a boyfriend.
Check out her blog, two
months ago, the third.
- Why do I always overestimate some guys?
And they significantly underestimate me,
and my friends an...
(slams table)
- Stop!
No more videos, just talking.
- I was worried she'd break up with him.
That she'd do something
crazy to herself, and now...
- So her overdose was to get attention?
- What more proof do you need?
Look, I could tell she
was having those thoughts.
I recognized them!
I've had them.
- Two minutes ago we saw
you trying to make videos
with her and now you're
telling us she was suicidal.
- She was internet gold.
Pure, believable.
People watched her, but she
became so obsessed with Reese.
- You took their wedding video,
you could've stopped it then.
- I don't know, I didn't know
they were getting married!
Reese just told me to be
there and bring my camera!
It was all too late by then.
Look, no one says no to Reese.
- So you filmed it like
you film everything else?
- It had gone too far!
It was only 'til afterwards I
realized I could do something
so, I just, I just sent
that picture to Ty!
I thought he'd speak to Julia's parents.
They faked the consent so her
parents could just reverse it!
- I think you planned to stir things up.
Ty's reaction to the smoke was so good,
it was such a hit!
You wanted more, you wanted
a fight, you wanted drama!
I think you might've planned
all of this from the beginning!
Was it your suggestion
to have the party prank?
- Reese needed my help!
They were my friends!
Marc was my friend and now he's dead!
What was I supposed to do?
Look, Reese chased after
Ty after he killed Marc.
I didn't know that was
going to happen, did I?
- All you do is record you friends.
You barely talk to them, you
barely interact with them!
- Inspector Dalton, that's
enough, Balthazar's helping.
- They wanted me to record them!
They told me to!
- I mean it, Hetty, no more.
- We found the SD card.
- Whoa.
- What?
- Put it on.
- I don't think...
(breathing heavily)
- How?
- I'd say telescopic camera pole.
- You're just a freak
with a camera, aren't you?
Positioning people to get the best clip.
- I didn't want to.
- Who made you?
- It wasn't my choice.
- So who's pulling the strings?
- Reese did.
- What was that? Speak up!
- Reese told me to do it.
- What else did Reese make you record?
Come on, now is not the time
to be holding your tongue.
- No, he...
- Don't defend your friend either.
- Balthazar, just tell
the truth, you'll be okay.
- I need a break.
- The more I look at
Reese the worse he gets.
- Piss off you videoing fuck!
Piss off you videoing fuck!
(knock on door)
- You okay?
- Thank you.
Reese has been spotted at a
pharmacy near Julia's house.
We will find him.
Now's the time for you to tell the truth.
There's a curious thing
about Julia's overdose.
It doesn't appear to be self-inflicted.
The doctor's say there was
a substance in her system,
but we couldn't find it in her room.
After he slept with her, he
drugged her, then he met you,
and killed Ty.
This footage was caught this afternoon.
Reese seems to have a
vendetta against this family.
We need to catch him before
he hurts anyone else.
Tell us what you know, Balthazar.
- Take a breath.
- [Voiceover] Tell us.
- Okay.
Okay, you're right.
I was scared of him.
Whenever I said no to something he wanted,
he threatened me.
It was like there was two sides to him.
I didn't think anyone would believe me
'cause people like him so much.
I was lucky to be his friend.
- He exploited you.
- Go on.
- He killed someone in front of me.
And I haven't got anyone to go to.
- I think he's dead.
- What?
It was an accident.
I swear.
- You killed him.
- No, no, no!
- [Voiceover] Reese
knew what he was doing.
- Give me the card.
- [Voiceover] He knew the
camera could prove it.
- I couldn't stop him.
- We better get our story straight.
(dramatic music)
- He killed Ty, but I
had no idea about Julia.
I honestly thought he loved her.
I thought he was my friend.
Can I go home now, please?
- Can I have a word?
- Yeah.
(footsteps approaching)
- That boy's had enough.
You've got the CCTV and his
testimony, now let him go.
- Look, I know he's had a rough time,
but not before we're finished.
- Balthazar has serious anxiety issues,
as well as numerous other conditions.
- He told me he had no medical issues.
- Well he lied.
Now, you keep on pressing
him, his testimony will be
- Shit!
This is your fault, you
were supposed to sort this!
- [Emerson] I didn't attack him!
- Next time I'll get a
more appropriate adult.
Is he still on medication?
- He'll be on a cocktail for life.
Let him go.
- Christ!
Yes, hello, this is
Detective Inspector Dalton.
Listen, I need you to check
Julia Coulson's system
for a specific substance.
Something like an anti-anxiety
drug or an anti-depressant.
Great, thank you, can you
get straight back to me?
- Ma'am?
- Hmm?
- Balthazar posted about
Lorazepam on one of those
suicide sites, just last night.
He asked how much would be
fatal and how much would
put someone into a coma.
- You're free to go.
- Interview concluded at 1952.
Keep videoing, mate.
Next time you should do one with your cat.
- Everyone loves a kitty on a Hoover.
You going to be alright?
We have a number of programs and people
that can help, we have youth support...
- Thanks.
For getting me out of here.
- You're welcome.
- How is she?
- Julia?
I hear she's slowly
coming around, silly girl.
- And Reese?
- Still out there.
Remember, he's not a friend of yours.
- No, he might do something stupid.
I need to get to him.
- Balthazar.
You need to stop recording
and start participating.
- I'm on the verge of making
a video the world will watch.
Remember to share.
(soft music)
When can I get my equipment?
- When we're finished with it.
- Oh, hi, yeah, can I
order some flowers for
Julia Coulson, please?
Yeah, can you let me know her room number?
Online ordering, internet never sleeps.
Great, thanks.
(dramatic music)
- Careful, take your time.
Yeah, just get it around the borders.
(phone vibrating)
That's it, keep it up.
- Yes, what is he up to?
Okay, we're on our way.
(dramatic music)
Where is she?
(indistinct radio chatter)
- See you in a bit.
(dramatic music)
(machines beeping)
- I'm so sorry.
- She's fine, yeah?
- They're keeping her
alive for her organs.
I heard the doctors saying it earlier.
- She looks so real.
- Too bad you destroyed the card.
Would've proved you innocent.
- Two people died.
Doesn't that mean anything to you?
I think you killed him.
- What?
- He's dead.
- It was an accident.
So sorry, Reese.
I... I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it!
I can't go to prison, I can't.
- Yeah.
Ty, no.
- I'm not a murderer.
What are you doing?
- This is...
- Why didn't you help?
- This is the million.
- Give me the card.
- What?
The Holy Grail?
- You can't post it!
- But it's my footage!
- You're sick in the head.
- You're right.
I'm sorry.
- I need to go to the police.
- Your fingerprints are all over him.
They'll find out you hated each other.
You'll be arrested.
I'm the only one who can clear your name.
I can back you up.
I saw it all, Reese.
I can tell the police.
I'll tell Julia the truth.
- Julia.
(machines beeping)
- You're doing alright,
you're doing alright.
Yeah, cool.
It works!
It bloody works!
- Yes, Dalton.
Okay, yeah, thank you doctor.
There was Lorazapam in her system, hurry.
(phone beeping)
- Where's Dalton?
- No idea.
- It's from the broken SD card.
- [Voiceover] Ty!
- Ty jumped!
- Yeah.
- Why didn't you help?
- She was right.
- Hughie?
He jumped? No.
- Reese.
It's time to let go.
- Forgive me, Julia.
- If it wasn't for you,
she'd still be alive.
- It's your stupid stunts!
That's why this happened,
why any of it happened!
- You wanted to be in these videos!
- No, you begged me to do that shit.
I never went looking for you!
(crying softly)
We took our vows.
'Til death do us part.
(soft music)
Here's to you, my love.
- Hugh, mate?
- Yes?
(phone ringing)
(door slams)
- Hugh, come look at this.
This is delayed, this is not a live feed.
There's a delay.
- That's two.
- Leave it with me, I can do this.
Two minutes.
- Come on!
Try and find every server
within a mile of his address.
Shit, I knew it!
- Where are the people
that we left on guard
outside her room?
Okay, we have to kill that feed!
Do you understand?
Christ, faster.
- Reese?
P-please wake up.
Please wake up!
Oh God.
Reese? Reese?
Why won't you wake up?
Oh, God!
Oh, God, please!
- How are we doing downstairs?
We don't have five minutes,
we don't even have two!
- Can you try and help us out, people?
We're really struggling, thank you,
as quickly as possible.
- Make it half that, cheers.
How are we doing?
- [Voiceover] Police
are on their way, Hugh!
- [Voiceover] Take that down, then.
(soft music)
- I can't watch it.
(police siren wailing)
(tires squealing)
(pounding on door)
- Julia!
Julia, wake up!
Julia, open the door!
Get this open!
- Out of the way!
Film me!
(soft music)
You all watched?
Yeah, well now it's your
time to redeem yourselves.
This boy.
This boy, Balthazar, find him!
(sirens wailing)
(dramatic music)
- O'Rourke, get a move on, come on!
(dramatic music)
He said somewhere in
Borough, near the market.
Hughie's trying to pinpoint him.
Is that him?
(sirens wailing)
Shit, you can get around the back.
There, there!
(rock music)
- Balthazar, stop!
(people murmuring)
- Are you filming it?
- Stop it.
- I can't believe it's him.
- Stop filming!
- Just take it easy.
- See, how do you like it, huh?
- Balthazar, come on.
Just tell me what happened.
- He owed me!
I had two deaths on camera
and Reese destroyed them!
- For what, a million hits guaranteed?
- He replaced me!
Stop filming me, please!
Stop it!
- Come on.
It's alright, come on, you stop this now,
it doesn't go on the news.
- Film this!
- No.
- Get off me!
(sirens wailing)
(cat meows)
- I know the truth.
Balthazar told me what
happened to Marc and Ty.
I'm here for you.
You must be so scared.
But I love you.
Um, we'll get through this together.
Our connection, that's what's important.
Not what people post or watch.
If we're together we'll be okay.
Um, I'll meet you
tomorrow under the bridge.
We can go to the police
together, or run away,
whatever you want.
We'll be okay.
I love you.
It's real.
Nothing else matters.
You're sure he's okay?
- Promise, I'll get this to him now.
- Maybe I should go with you.
- You pack, I'll be faster alone.
- Thanks, Bal.
- Here, take this.
Should stop you from crashing.
They're waker-uppers.
You don't want to miss Reese.
- I'm so worried, I'll never sleep.
- It's not worth risking it.
They're really mild, trust me.
(Julia sighs)
(breathing heavily)
Bal, I um...
(soft music)
- That's one.
(upbeat music)