Sodom and Gomorrah (1962) Movie Script

Unbelievable riches
had accumulated over hundreds of years
accumulated behind the walls
of Sodom and Gomorrah,
in these cities of sin
and vice without borders.
The greed for power and wealth
had also gripped the desert tribes,
which became more and more threatening.
Your mighty leader
was the prince of the Helamites.
Even if so many subordinates
are loyal to your prince,
our attack may only take place
when my horse troop
has returned.
Tell your prince,
I'm looking forward to the day,
at which we shall
shed the blood of our enemies.
I thank you, Prince.
Beware of the Sodomite scouts.
There she is! After her!
- Stop!
- No!
Get off your horse! Get down!
- No.
Who sent you to the Helamites?
Let go of me!
- Who sent you?
the prince's secret messenger.
She will talk.
We must
bring news to the prince.
While in Sodom and Gomorrah
betrayal and intrigue reigned,
a peaceful people wandered
through the desert, the Hebrews.
You were looking for
pasture for your cattle
and for food for yourself.
The tribes of Abraham
and Lot were together
and the country
could not stand it
that they dwelt together,
for their number was great.
Abraham said to Lot:
If you want to go to the left,
I'll walk to the right,
or if you want to go to the right,
I'll walk to the left.
And Lot voted and went with all
his people against the Jordan Valley.
Go back to Lot,
maybe he'll carry you.
Oh Lord.
If it is your will that my people
should take this arduous journey
so help me not to show any tiredness.
Give our bodies strength for the future,
to overcome all the hardship.
First of all the thirst that plagues us.
Help us, oh Lord,
to conquer the fear
that gnaws at our hearts.
The way was long and arduous.
Thirst, hunger and exhaustion
attacked Lot's people.
Hopelessness spread
and sowed discord.
Only the sick
should drink from it, says Lot.
Aren't you sick, Isaac?
Are you feeling well?
- Cut them open.
Come on, let the cool water run over
your hands, your face.
Wet your lips and mouth.
- No, no, please.
If Lot gets angry, then
you say: But, Lot, I'm sick.
Look, I'm dying of thirst. Here.
- Take it.
No, no. I beg you.
- Come on.
Come on.
- No.
Hold on, Isaac. Stop.
Please let me drink.
I'm sick, Lot.
The water is for the sick.
Please give me a drink.
Help him.
- Who made him sick?
Who got him so far that
he can't control himself?
Lot is to blame. Let us repent.
- Repent?
Now that we
are at our destination in a few days?
Maybe in a few hours.
He is incapable of leading us.
We have endured enough.
He's right.
It is not customary to decide
such questions with a weapon.
Give orders that we repent.
We elders have chosen Lot
as our guide, Melchior.
You have a duty to obey.
- This staff belongs in my hand.
I'd better guide you.
Since Melchior is keen on action,
he can accompany me on a corridor.
We'll investigate
how far we still have it.
Come on, Melchior.
Come. To drink.
Where there is water in the desert,
there is danger.
Back with you!
- Let them come closer.
What are you doing here?
- We hope to find water.
There is no water in this oasis,
not for 3 years.
You are the Hebrews?
- Yes.
Our scouts have informed us
of your coming.
They say your men have beards
but you are shaved.
During the period of mourning
our men shave.
Are you grieving? To whom?
For a favorite?
- My wife.
The wife. A wife is easy
to replace, am I right?
Where can we get water?
Many are sick with thirst.
Maybe they
need not only water, but also salt.
Salt? Salt makes you even more thirsty.
It's a secret
as old as our City.
When one is weak and exhausted
from thirst and heat, one needs salt.
Unfortunately I gave away my salt
for the slaves.
I bought her for the queen.
It cost 4 times its weight
in salt.
Poor creatures.
Am I a poor creature too?
Is your heart broken too
because of me?
I'm a slave too,
The top
of the royal body slaves.
To own people as property
is wrong, evil.
What kind of views do you have?
Where I come from,
there's nothing wrong with it.
Everything that gives pleasure
is good.
Where are you from?
Not from far away.
Straight ahead for a while.
Sodom and Gomorrah.
You people of Sodom and Gomorrah,
Your sins
cry out for retribution.
You buy men and women
as if they were made of stone.
You treat them
as objects of your pleasure
or like machines for your work.
You force them to mine your precious
mineral wealth,
the white salt.
Just to increase the prosperity
of your nefarious cities.
You owe all your power and prosperity
TO the salt.
And you buy this salt
with the blood of your slaves.
Listen to me people of Sodom.
The old fool!
Shut him up!
I have to warn the prince.
Hey. Hey
One day they will destroy you,
just as your prince would even destroy his
own sister.
Watch your tongue. You have
publicly blasphemed the queen's brother.
How can this person
demand submission?
How dare you speak of it?
You have the monopoly
on the precious raw material,
which in Africa
is more valuable than gold.
On the salt.
You use this material,
in order to keep an entire continent
cruelly in a stranglehold.
You exchange your salt for
gems, fragrances and slaves,
just for the insatiable greed of your
queen and her nefarious brother
to breastfeed.
We hurried to warn you.
We were worried
that we would be late.
haven't been brought here yet.
It was good of you
to come here immediately.
I'll reward you for it.
Now is the time to
find other means, more effective ones.
After a defeat
on the battlefield
they would be despised.
Your assassination
would be celebrated as a great deed.
Whoever killed them would be the
new king of Sodom and Gomorrah.
My sister.
She imagines she can rule
as well as a man.
She has a cautious woman's mind.
I could found a state,
an empire.
She's just trying to hold
what we already have,
our 2 united cities.
No, let go of me.
- In there!
There it is, stupid creature.
Tamar, Tamar.
Up here. Do not be afraid.
I'll protect you,
don't be afraid.
What message
did you bring me with you?
That the arrival of the Hebrews
changes things.
He thinks
the time is not yet ripe.
Quiet, I said.
Take a deep breath.
Breathe, do you hear?
He's blind.
- Blind?
What a nice idea.
You have a delightful imagination.
This makes the case more interesting.
An excellent refinement, Maleb.
That should loosen that faithless bitch
the tongue.
Do you know the name?
Then your sisters will die.
If you have to watch it,
I'll tell him.
Of all my slaves
I have given you my favor.
Weren't you happy?
And not even grateful.
What message did you bring to the
Helamite camp?
Since when have murderers
been allowed to act as judges?
Since when do traitors have the right to
ask questions?
Who sent you there?
I want you to keep your life.
What is my legacy
to you and Sodom?
- No.
Are you insane, Tamar?
Tamar, the slave.
No, no. No!
Make it short, please.
You're helping me with this.
Have pity on me.
It will
cause me less pain. Have pity, please.
- The name.
Please, Arlok. Please.
She will die without speaking.
Give her the rest
if she doesn't speak.
Talk. Tell me the name!
Who sent you to the Helamites?
Speak before it's too late.
I have to praise you.
Your wild cat gives the
best testimony to your taste.
Thank you, mistress.
She's also proud.
After you, the 1st girl
who suppressed every scream.
I admire pride.
- Better for her if you don't like her.
If you take Tamar's example.
The life prospects
of your favorite slaves
are exceptionally low.
You met them?
These Hebrews? - Mmm.
My brother didn't succeed.
Even so, he never tires of warning
me about them.
I want to know why.
These Hebrews cannot be trusted.
They want everyone to behave
as their beliefs dictate.
And you tell me
they are not dangerous.
Dangerous? Who are they dangerous to?
Didn't you say they were unarmed?
- That I saw.
I want to convince myself
why they seem threatening to you.
When my plans are ready,
we will go see them.
Beloved sister, I only live
to obey your commands.
As always, he thinks no further
than the tip of his sword.
He believes these people
are a danger to us.
But in reality
your presence can be useful.
Should we be attacked
by the Helamites.
And in peacetime they
make themselves useful as slaves.
For menial jobs.
- Not as slaves.
Your leader Lot says,
No human can own another human.
Whoever has no slaves
must be very poor.
That's right.
But they seem
to be ignorant of their poverty.
If this Lot prefers
not to keep slaves,
it is at his discretion.
Often you can't prevent
becoming one yourself.
Especially when one is seduced
by tricks,
which are as old as Sodom
and as proven as Gomorrah.
How often have we
heard on our marketplace:
The Hebrews keep their word,
the Hebrews can be relied on.
You understand, the Hebrews
with their newborn religion
stand between the great mighty kingdom
my brother dreams of and us.
And between the Hebrews
and the rest of the world only Sodom.
And you, Ildith? Do you fear
being my favorite too?
The Jordan.
- How beautiful.
This is where our faith
will be put to the most severe test.
No Hebrew is allowed to go into
these cities, not even near them.
that no one should cross the river.
Nobody is allowed to
cross the river. No one.
You my two brave daughters.
Our long journey is now over.
Let everyone know that they
are not drinking too much at once.
"Lord, I thank you for our
salvation and humbly ask you to
show me the rest of the way."
So let's go now. Ho! Forward!
I think the old Alabias was still alive.
What a horrible place this is.
What a horrible blasphemy.
Dead and dying.
Bleached bones
under God's bright sky,
under its brilliant sun.
You will be fine.
We will take care of you.
Here, drink.
Slow down, drink.
What kind of place is that?
The body of the slaves
of Sodom and Gomorrah.
With the flesh from those bones
these wicked cities are built.
Faster, forward.
The Chosen People,
that's what they call themselves.
Chosen by whom?
You're right, Ildith.
When it looks poor
it is easy to think of the raw
as a virtue.
Or you make the mistake
and think it is weakness.
Warn our people.
Nobody is allowed to cross the river.
You have to negotiate for us.
Watch out.
Don't worry.
My son and I
are slaves to the queen.
We have orders
to carry you across.
I have two legs myself.
- Please.
So that I can talk to you.
You have no slaves?
No. We are all just servants
of our Lord in heaven.
If my son and I
could flee to you,
would you give us refuge?
I would do that.
Thank you.
Sodomite queen.
- Lot.
Lord of the Hebrews.
There is room for your people everywhere.
What do you think you can find here that
made you wander around?
Let the land be fertile.
- For crops?
Or for your religion?
- Maybe both?
If this country were yours,
you would be ready
to fight for it?
You will notice
that the Nomad tribes are not peaceful.
We are not a warrior people,
but we would fight,
to protect what is ours.
- Then take possession of it.
The whole Jordan Valley for annual
100,000 talents of grain.
For, say, 10 years.
In your interest I warn you,
the land is barren and arid.
It is impossible for us
to raise that price.
75,000 talents, no less.
For, say, 7 years.
I agree too.
My daughter Shuah
brings a present for the queen,
to seal the trade.
To dry your feet.
I would like
to give you a gift in return.
My best slave, Ildith.
- But I don't want to.
I'd rather die.
Did I learn so much for it?
To live with this pastoral people?
In huts made of smelly skins?
You were brought up
to do what I please.
I have to refuse your gift.
It is against our belief
to own others as property.
Is it also forbidden for you
by your faith to set them free?
And good luck.
Hurry up. Come over.
There will be trouble.
The women, especially the wives,
will reject this woman.
She is a slave from Sodom.
I'll be in front of the
altar of the tabernacle
to point out the duty
to hospitality.
Thank you.
We dressed them as you ordered.
She is dissatisfied
with the clothes,
but she'll get used to it
how we all got used to it. - Thank you.
As you ordered.
Well? Don't you even
want to admire your work?
A noble robe
and so supple to the skin.
Do you like it better
than the silk robe?
For the purpose
it's supposed to serve, yes.
For what purpose? A bird has
colorful feathers to attract others.
Look at that!
I think you will
agree with me. - Not at all.
Women wear clothes as protection
from the sun, from the cold.
That explains the shape of your clothes.
You Hebrews
confuses clothes with tents.
You sit loosely so that it
does not interfere with your work.
Which one?
- Women's work.
Cooking, spinning, cleaning,
work in the fields.
And you say you are
against slavery? - That's the way it is.
you ask me to do work,
which I had never to do before.
Work is the price of freedom.
The work for yourself.
If you decide for yourself
what and where you want to work.
This is what really sets you free.
If that means a sunburned face
cracked hands,
dirty, rough clothes like this,
I'd rather be a slave then.
Me too, if it means delicious smells
and silk clothes.
Just feel it. Soft like angel wings.
And those lovely shoes.
You will need them.
How can you show yourself like that.
What would your mother have said?
What would she have said if she
had seen the woman in our tent?
We know why you recorded it.
A man who has lost his wife,
doesn't have to be ashamed about it.
- Insolence.
You forgot
that your father is the master.
I've learned that the Lord
never does anything wrong.
Run, run! Come over
we will protect you!
Stop the Sodomites.
Save the slaves. - Ah!
The network, the network!
Get out of here! Get lost!
Come on.
Give us refuge. Protect us.
Hand over our slaves.
At the word of your sister
this is our country.
Hand them over.
- No.
Stop fighting.
Ishmael. Do you want to kill a
defenseless man?
Is that what you want? So.
Help him.
Tell your queen we will
take care of her brother,
until he is ready
to return alone.
Bring him to our tent.
Tell her too
that these men are now free.
You are under our protection.
Now leave our country.
Back to Sodom. - The Sodomites
will never forgive you for that.
We need not fear them.
We are servants of the Lord.
We are here on his behalf.
You should be scared.
The elders and Lot
pray to Jehovah.
They ask for help with what we are doing.
Better to pray for swords,
spears and lances.
You don't get it.
The Sodomites are your enemies.
Dangerous, unscrupulous.
Be careful with this man, no matter
how sweet his words are.
You have to be vigilant.
You think of me a lot, Shuah.
Not even at night?
Not at all.
Admit it.
You think of me a lot.
IS my skin
still as soft as on that 1st day,
that you anointed me?
Does my hair still
smell that sweet?
Does your hand still shake
when you touch me?
My father has given orders
to take care of you.
I obey him, nothing more.
Not even at night?
Tent walls are thin,
and you don't sleep far away.
I hear you.
What you said in a dream,
was very enlightening.
What did I say?
What did I say?
- Should I repeat it?
Shall I?
Why aren't you
like everyone else?
What is it?
Your skin?
The scent of your hair?
Why am I doing this?
Why can't I stop
feeling this way?
To stop feeling means to die.
You're too young for that.
Think about your dream again.
The answer
lies in it.
He didn't tell you
that he wanted to leave?
- Why should he?
You have just been
been a pastime.
You know what Ildith looked like
when she came to us.
These are the women
he's used to.
So it will be wide enough.
So he would have to withstand.
- How long will it take us?
When our men work like Eber
we're ready for spring ordering.
A surprise
for the Queen of Sodom.
How delighted she will be when
it turns green and sprouts.
The Land of Hope
for every slave in Sodom.
Do you know those roots?
You can find this plant
all over the mountains.
If you cut it,
juice will come out,
which we use to color our nails,
like now.
The more you take
the darker the color.
What's going on here?
- The girl has feet like an animal.
I showed her something.
- I can see that.
It's late. Water the cattle.
My father doesn't want
me to be attractive.
Why can't Maleb
water the cattle?
Should she do your work
in addition? Now go on.
My daughters are beautiful enough
as nature created them.
You don't need any decorations.
Perhaps it's the most refined
nothing to be done.
This brown, wind-tanned
skin is probably exercising
has a very special charm.
Of which we in Sodom
just have no idea. - Do you think?
A clay floor also has advantages.
It would have broken on marble.
This is strange.
Show your other hand.
Let's go to the light
so I can see it better.
These are not
the hands of a farmer.
Why not?
These are the hands
of a great man.
Your lifeline is long and clear.
My lifeline is short.
That means I will die young.
Do you believe in things like that?
Why? Not you?
We believe
that only God knows our future.
This belief gives
us the power to move mountains.
Soon you will see
what our faith can do.
He's transforming this whole country.
When you see this structure
growing towards the sky,
you will share our faith
one day.
After that nice speech, you want
to sleep outside now? - No.
In Ishmael's tent.
I should have figured that out.
It's warm and comfortable here.
Too comfortable maybe.
You must be a good
example to the men of the tribe.
Even if you wanted to stay here,
you wouldn't dare.
Good night.
You are much more a slave to your
faith than any slave in Sodom.
Although your visit
came as a surprise, Prince Astaroth,
we have still brought
about this modest show
of our foot and horse troops.
It is certainly
not to be called humble.
The elite
from all of my desert tribes.
Watch the cavalry troops
ride through the warriors.
An example
of good horse control.
The attack
of a well-led cavalry force
beats the best foot troops.
You're supposed to
ride for another hour.
I don't understand
why you are not acting. - patience.
Your sister has new allies.
- Allies?
The Hebrews live in tents of
skins, the men are unarmed.
You would even have taken
the queen's brother off the horse.
They are a peaceful people.
Anyway, I want
to get an idea of myself first
from this peaceful people.
Every thing
needs the right time.
I have trained leopards.
After pulling on the halter
I can judge
when the animal is ready to jump.
This moment has not yet arrived.
I'll wait.
To me.
Please, please.
You promised me one.
You are way too slow.
That's it now.
Have you seen my brother?
- No, my mistress.
Well, in a nutshell.
We must always be ready
and bring more and more fighters
to our side.
If the attack occurs,
we must stab in the back
of the forces of the Queen.
What a pretty sight.
How pleased is my heart,
so many of my loyal subordinates
So convinced of our
warlike strength to see
that they can afford
to spend their time playing
my father's favorite game.
And so sensible.
You play
in front of your remains.
With this you prove him
and our other ancestors
an extremely dignified
and tasteful honor.
Get out!
We weren't idle.
No? A little more precisely, please.
Have your confidants established
what pleasure Hebrews
seek in this quarry? - Yes.
Before you came I said
that these granite blocks,
that have troubled us
are destined for a temple,
with whom they want to make their God
I want to know exactly.
Here, your first request for salt.
You have to sign a
deposit for every grain.
You may find
some useful help in Ildith.
Ask her what the Hebrews build.
A visit to the Hebrew camp?
How pretty.
Yes, Lot's young daughter.
There are times
in which I envy you men
for your freedom of action.
For nothing else?
- For many things.
Like you,
you alone,
maybe you know very well.
The brother is cute,
oldest and dearest of my enemies.
That was down to the blood.
- Here.
You no longer enjoy it.
Not even pain.
Go! Carry out my orders.
Anything you want
sweetest sister.
The Sodomites believe we are building
a temple in honor of Jehovah.
For Jehovah? No. My one
pagan temple, I fear.
For fertility.
Come on, come on. We bring the salt
your leaders asked for.
We also bring things that
will make your life easier.
Soft sleeping beds
and blankets made of wool.
Metal bowls
and ornate ornaments,
with which you can make your hut more
beautiful than that of your neighbors.
Good afternoon.
Aren't you happy
to see me again?
Tell me, does this Lot
dislike you?
As far as I can tell, yes.
What do the Hebrews build?
I have had no reason
to find out.
It's your job.
- Why?
Tell me that.
You are only here to
keep your eyes open for us
and to seduce Lot into our habits.
To convert him. How Malek
converts women to our ways.
Tell your sister,
I don't know anything.
If I knew something
I'd keep it to myself.
You know my sister
doesn't appreciate unkind words very much.
She sent me away.
I do not belong to your sister any more.
I'm free. I can do what I like.
I belong to myself.
Congratulations on this possession.
The bird you are looking for
is in hiding.
In the tall reeds.
Thank you.
There is something touching
about your loyalty to Lot.
Are you hiding from me?
Am I a stranger? Are you angry
because I left without saying goodbye?
You don't want to show yourself.
That makes the game more exciting.
I have to find your lead.
You leave traces, on purpose.
You want it that way.
So that I can follow you.
And find you.
Even for a mediocre hunter
it's easy
following a trail in the reeds,
best Shuah.
You know that very well.
I'll find the lead.
And I'll find you.
What do you need so much for, Melchior?
Why so much?
You wanted me to find you.
- No.
You wanted it. Admit it.
- No, no.
Salt is meant for everyone.
It's free.
Like the air, like the water.
On behalf of the elders, Nako
will sign for all of us.
And you, go now.
- Ah! Lot!
Lot! Lot!
Astaroth, Shuah,
I wasn't vigilant.
Forgive me.
Down by the reeds.
Leave me.
- Why don't you want to?
Am I being too gentle with you?
- No.
You dog!
Get out of here.
Leave me my pleasure or die.
So kill me.
You will not return
to Sodom alive.
You want me to spare him?
- Yes.
For your daughter's sake
I'll spare you.
So our calculation is smooth.
At our next meeting
there will be no more consideration.
Grace is not given.
No mercy is asked.
If you touch my daughter again
once, I say,
by Jehovah, I will kill you.
Lot, look.
- What kind of riders are they?
Nomads. Helamites.
- Perhaps you will see it now.
You'd better get out of here.
We will convene the council
and prepare.
Our watch is over.
Fine, Sarah.
Are the backup guards on duty?
- As you ordered.
On all peaks
within earshot of each other. - Good.
We haven't seen anything in days.
You have to give that to the devil,
or the she-devil.
She worked like one of us this week.
What a week proves.
They are watching us. I better go.
Look at him. Soon she will
have him sweep out her tent.
Leave him alone.
Lot, wait.
I have to ask you something.
It's about Maleb and me.
We would like to get married.
- Getting married?
Not immediately, of course.
In about 6 months.
When a man and a woman
love each other,
they should
not live apart for too long.
I have reasons to wait.
My share of the harvest,
a new household must be started.
You have my blessing.
Go and give her a Kiss.
You shouldn't have followed me.
- No?
Not in my own tent
in broad daylight?
That's it right now.
All these women by the river.
In 10 minutes you will know in the camp.
The breath of annoyance.
You have a low opinion of me.
- Do you think so?
You make no distinction
between me and my office.
Lot, the leader of the tribe
would never do this or that.
Neither does man Lot.
Now the man Lot is
standing in front of you.
His heart pounding
like a stupid boy.
He didn't want to go into the tent,
but his feet carried him.
Let me know
everywhere in the camp.
Must I fail
what is
taken for granted by other men?
Yes, you have to.
You must remain a good
man to your people. - A good one?
Why not a gloomy one,
Grayer, older, more boring?
That's not what I meant.
What does being a good man
have to do with
that I'm with you in my tent
please, Lot.
Has it anything to do with the fact that
you think I'm a good man
and you're not a good woman.
Because you used
to live in Sodom?
You can't even imagine life
in Sodom.
This is over.
It has nothing to
do with the now.
Look at those hands.
Furrowed, sunburned.
These are not the slave's hands
given to me.
These are the hands of a woman
who was born again.
You don't know if it really is.
I don't know.
The hands of the woman
who is now.
The woman,
who shall become my wife.
Very well.
Why not?
I am brought up to give joy
and to obey.
I can give you joys
that you have never dreamed of.
In Sodom,
we had fragrant baths.
Will you forgive me
if I come to you like this?
Without a beguiling scent?
And what a shame that you
took my pretty dress away from me.
I would really like to
be beautiful for you.
But maybe,
I am enough for you?
You may not even
miss the finer points?
I'm not looking
for pleasure in you.
I want your love
as I give you mine.
You mustn't love me.
I want to make you my wife.
- You mustn't love me!
YOU mustn't love me!
- Why not?
I don't know.
- My dear wife.
Not because of the things
I've done.
Because of what I may do.
Maybe I will never
believe in this Jehovah.
You will.
Maybe I'll never be happy in
clothes like that. - You will.
something in me will give us away.
And I will wish
to live in Sodom again.
I'll take it seriously.
Why are you bothering me?
What do you have to tell me?
Isn't one favor
always worth another?
Didn't Melchior show you the way
to Lot's daughter?
I intend to do more
favors to you.
Maybe you don't care,
as the first Hebrews who wanted
to become a citizen of Sodom.
Services rendered
are remembered with benevolence.
Future Services
we will know how to reward.
We welcome you to our walls.
Open the gates.
Melchior betrayed us.
- DO you have anything else to say?
Nothing about Sodomites, but much about
Hebrews who betray us.
Jehovah will cast you out.
- Hollow words of an arrogant religion.
I would think you guys are crazy
I would not have seen
what you built.
Help, help me.
Help me. Let go of me.
No! No! Leave him alone!
We are not slaves. No!
You've been so smart, so smart.
You set a trap
and trapped yourself in it.
You persuaded the Hebrews to pay
dearly for a desolate piece of land.
What now?
With this dam that they built
this worthless piece of
land will bring in so much
that they will have
paid for it in 2 years.
Now the time is working for you.
My most gracious sister.
But Melchior
brought other news too.
That Lot should intend to
marry Ildith.
You don't think it's important?
It proves to me that the leader
of this invincible people
is not that insurmountable.
Time works for me.
the leader of the Hebrews, Lot,
is waiting with a group
of his advisors.
They wish to speak to you.
I'll talk to him, but alone.
This is great.
He gives himself into your hand.
In one fell swoop
we can take down Lot.
Without their ruler
the people are helpless.
And Sodom will be without allies.
Your eagerness to
Serve me moves me.
Put down your gun
and wait outside.
Why do you always have
to treat me like a child.
I want to be alone with Lot!
My brother is having
a fit of hurt pride.
Please don't put anything on it.
You want to reclaim Melchior?
- I don't care about traitors.
But where are the former slaves,
that you kidnapped with his help?
For a clear head
and to calm your nerves.
- Where are they?
I want them back.
It is our pleasure to please you.
Allow us to make
you comfortable.
You're wasting your time.
I'm not here
to be drowned in wine.
I am the leader of the Hebrews.
I'm here
to discuss important matters
with the ruler of the Sodomites.
Leave us alone.
You want
that I do not speak as a woman,
but as the ruler of Sodom?
Then speak as the leader
of the Hebrews
and not as a self-appointed
prophet of an imaginary deity.
Let's tear off our masks.
Do you want to see the
slaves that we took back?
Come on.
Where does he ride to
with such a grim face?
Wherever he may go
he will not like it.
Our great general's wrath
is aroused.
None of the sinners can evade them.
A man in the free country
is a free man.
If this is not so,
we are not masters of the land.
In that case we will move on.
Who told you
that I wasn't indifferent?
Maybe Ildith?
- Nobody told me that.
Back then you asked
if we would be ready
to fight for this country.
Since then I've assumed
that our presence
fits into your plans.
But maybe I was wrong.
Wait, Lot.
I can afford to be generous.
The 3 recaptured slaves
are to be released.
You may go back to the Hebrews.
- Yes, my lady.
And our right to give refuge?
If you insist that it
belongs to the acquisition of the land,
that too.
Earlier you refused to
drink with me.
Let's drink now to celebrate the
covenant between the good two
We're enemies, aren't we?
Our peoples, no.
Our philosophies of life, yes.
Have you discovered a lack of
courage? Say your opinion openly.
Nothing but bravery. Hot blood.
I congratulate you.
But if it is to be done
it must be done now.
You never asked me for my price.
I Know everything has its price.
For years we Nomadic tribes
hat to pay terrible tributes
for the salt of Sodom.
Now is our time.
Half of Sodom's total gain in salt.
The leopard is pulling on its halter.
If 1 let go of him,
you have to take care of the booty
within the walls.
My sister?
My sister.
I've waited a long time for such a hunt.
I'm so glad you
became my father's wife.
Thank you.
Let me be the first
to bring you bread
and the salt of life.
Congratulations, Lot. - Thank you.
You and Maleb, you are next.
Live happily.
- Thank you.
Good luck from the heart.
- Become happy together.
My lucky comb.
Do you remember how he
helped me catch you?
Don't lose him, Ildith.
The Helamites!
Ildith, lead the women and children
to Sodom. Demand shelter for them.
Calm down.
Calm down, keep calm.
We knew that this could happen.
We promised that we would
defend this land,
our country.
We are prepared,
so arm yourselves.
Each go to his post.
Hurry up.
Who knows how fast they are here.
It is better
we can wait for her in peace.
Nobody can know
when you are here.
They're still over an hour away,
calm down.
Everything is going as Lot planned.
Didn't we
practice all of this enough?
Quiet. Trust in God, friends.
I'm so sorry
on your wedding day.
Quiet, Maleb.
What should
the other women think?
He's coming back.
Shuah, you and your sister,
you help Ildith
with the women and children. - Yes.
My two daughters will follow you
as if you were their mother.
We have to act.
The Helamites
are only five miles away.
As agreed, you
are under Lot's command. Attack!
May I suggest that our
most trusted subordinates
with your departments
keep the town occupied?
As her Queen's bodyguard.
As you mean. Select them.
Let them into town.
The men for your protection
ride into the field.
Since they are the most reliable,
we have given them this honor.
Then may I ask you to cite them.
You will serve where I please.
By my side.
For my personal protection.
Attack the Hebrew camp!
Death to the Hebrews!
Destroy your camp!
Death to the Hebrews!
Our Hebrew allies
aren't even fighting for their camp.
The Hebrews are gone.
You are gone, escaped.
We'll find them.
Even in Sodom
the Sodomite cavalry
is known for their betrayal.
I hope it isn't too important.
- We'll keep it in reserve.
If we're lucky
we don't need them.
Lot! Lot!
The Helamites
have destroyed our camp.
Tents, grain, everything burned.
Our men are all in their places.
Suppose the Helamites
are not doing us a favor,
to attack where we want.
We have decoys for that.
Give the sign
that they are coming towards us.
The Hebrews!
Like rats, so they run
into their canyons.
Prisoners are not taken!
The watchword of the day is:
Death to the Hebrews!
Into the hiding places!
- Into the hiding places!
Into the hiding places!
- Into the hiding places!
AS you can see, my friend,
they are prepared.
Back! Return! All back!
Ah! Ah!
Your Prince's allies
appear to be trapped.
The key to this trap
is up there.
If we turn this around, we'll
reverse the course of the battle.
You take this container,
I take the other.
Drive them out!
Get back!
Get back, Helamites!
Save yourselves, Helamites!
Get back! Return!
The fire, it's going out.
See what happened.
Melchior, come back!
Come here, you traitor.
Come back!
- Ah!
Ah! Help me!
Help me!
I don't hear your voice.
Dead people cannot speak.
Help me! An!
They're going to slaughter us.
Order the withdrawal.
Our men have to stop them.
So that we can buy time
to break the dam.
The dam?
- No, Lot, no.
It is the only hope
for the future of our people.
What else can we do? Nothing.
We gave our word.
Command our people to fight until
they hear the horn.
When they hear the horn,
they should withdraw.
The way is clear! Forward!
You and your men are defending the
southern front, I defend this one.
Help the Hebrews!
I'll take command.
Retreat. Retreat!
Retreat, Sodomites! Return! Return!
Keep fighting until
you hear the horn.
Follow them.
They withdraw like rats.
Chase them! Destroy them!
Eber, try to break through the middle
section of the dam.
We'll hold them
for as long as possible.
Go, Eber, go.
Run, run!
Everyone upstairs!
Does everyone know what to do
if he blows the horn? - Yes.
They're going to drown us.
Let the men dismount.
Hold on, hold on. 1st group forward.
Attack on the dam from the south.
- Attack on the dam from the south.
Group attacks from the north.
Unmounted forward.
Spread out. Clean up the ravine.
Break through the ropes.
Break through them.
Come on, punch them through.
Let's go to the top! Hurry up!
Back, back.
Your message?
Triumphant victory.
Dangerous. That's what
you called the Hebrews.
My dear bodyguard.
Have you not been
privileged to protect me?
Get water and bandages
for the wounded.
Between Sodom and the world.
Hebrews only.
The queen wants to speak to you.
Hebrews and Sodomites,
I greet you.
Our city's hospitality
awaits the winners.
You too, brave Lot,
and all your people.
The city awaits you with food and drink
and with everything
brave men dream of.
Mild sheaves from the Sodomites.
We can take Sodom
and free the slaves.
Give us the order to attack
and we'll burn Sodom
to the walls.
We'll have to accept it.
We have no other choice.
Hear me, Queen.
We accept the hospitality
offered to us.
But only until our burned down
camp is rebuilt.
Come on.
I'll take care of the wounded.
"0 Lord Jehovah, give me a sign,
that I have done well
in your face.
That I made the right choice.
Show me the right way
and show me what to do,
to serve you humbly.
Where can we get water?
- Maybe there.
Try this, I'll look here.
Our work is ruined.
Washed away by the same water,
which we believed
would be a blessing to us.
This water will grow new fruit.
The water.
- This land is cursed.
I don't think so.
I don't think so at all.
A mountain of salt.
The flood and a landslide
exposed the salt.
grows on our soil any more.
All of this is on our land.
What use is water to a land
that is poisoned?
Better we go back to where
we came from. - No.
We will accept the offer.
We will live in Sodom.
Separated from them,
but within the walls of their city.
Live in Sodom?
That is the sign I asked for.
Jehovah has chosen me to lead my people
away from the fields.
We're going to trade.
Weigh honestly, measure well.
The Sodomite tyranny is over.
Merchants who avoided Sodom
will come.
We'll have paid our land
in a year.
What are we going to sell?
And so it happened
that the Hebrews lived within the walls
of Sodom and Gomorrah.
You had given up your simple life
as farmers and shepherds
and had become a salt trader.
To pay for our land or for you?
- To free slaves.
Quiet please.
It is the hour when Judge Lot
will hold his midday meal.
Come back tomorrow.
He will listen to your concerns.
Lot never used to stop working
just to eat.
The hardworking
tastes better with a crust of bread
than a rich meal for the lazy.
Lot said in those days that
salt was as free as air.
Now we're going to sell it for gold.
The tax I collected in one day.
This is how we
pay the Queen our land.
We sell so much because we
ask a fair price.
The Sodomite slaves
are whipped for it.
You have to work faster and faster.
Lot has won a great victory.
Now he brings you riches,
us righteousness.
Could it be that we Sodomites
think more of him than you do?
We admire your Lot.
- You admire him. We love him.
Our love obliges us
to remind him
that he is a servant of Jehovah.
Your anger is immeasurable, Ishmael.
- How else is anger supposed to be?
If you could say
what you hope to achieve
with such ruthless trade.
Don't you get it,
It can't go on like this.
You mean we should openly
break with the Sodomites?
They wouldn't know.
- What is it about?
We have the Queen's word,
that in Hebrew dwellings
every slave enjoys protection.
You are going to cheat the queen
of her property?
Are flesh and blood, people
suddenly your property?
How have you changed.
I am a man of peace.
I must respect the way of life
of my neighbors.
What they have acquired
we cannot steal.
If we do
our presence
loses any moral basis.
The reason for our presence
is to free the slaves.
We are in Sodom to win
the people over to decency.
While slaves perish?
You should know what it
means to be a slave in Sodom.
Tell him!
A work slave? What do I know.
I've never been anything like that.
I believe your freedom
is not that important
like our peace with Sodom.
Ishmael, I command you
to do nothing
without my consent.
Then why do we live here?
Is it that hard to understand?
If we continue to rise in the respect
of the Sodomites,
one day we shall
obtain everything by law,
You would put all of that
at risk through a rash act.
They change us more than we do them.
Their depravity infects us.
Look around here. Your clothes,
this food, this house.
We live in a nicer house,
because the elders wished it.
And Shuah, who paints her face,
and barely comes home?
And my Maleb,
who avoids my gaze.
Is that true? - Shuah spends
her time like other girls.
As for Maleb,
if you thought of them as much
as you thought of the slaves,
if there were no difficulties
between you.
How can you judge innocence?
If you want to accuse me or my wife
of any wrongdoing,
bring it before the elders.
The elders.
Forgive him.
He's angry with me.
He doesn't realize how close
we are to success,
without us having to use force.
Did Lot hear you?
- Heard yes.
That's all we expect.
He refuses to act.
The Queen once told me
between the Hebrews and the world
there would be only Sodom.
Do you think so too?
Yes, I do.
Who do you think is the most
powerful Hebrew right now
My uncle, Abraham.
And should you convert Sodom,
who would be the most powerful then?
I would be so proud of you.
- Mhm.
If that happened
then it would be Jehovah's will.
I'm nothing more than his tool.
His tool?
It would be the credit of Lot,
the man.
You still don't understand.
You lack true faith.
That all the great things
that you do
are not your credit
and you owe it only to this
invisible Jehovah?
There are sure to be times when you know
whose achievement it really is.
Does your former
slave confuse you?
Does she annoy you?
- No.
But I care about you.
If we should face hardship
and dangers again,
then you are lost without faith.
Then I'll be lost.
I can't believe in something
that I can't see.
Hardship and poverty
I'll never endure again.
I know that, never again.
But I don't need that either.
Because you protect me.
Isn't that enough
for now?
That I believe in you?
Your sister Maleb.
No, I just don't think so.
Because it makes you
angry. Because of this?
Maleb is too young,
too innocent.
Too cute to be so spoiled.
AS I was.
Younger yes.
And maybe,
maybe too
You are lying.
If that's true,
if you loved her too,
why should you tell me?
- Why not.
Didn't I succeed
to make you jealous?
Just admit it.
You're jealous.
If only I knew.
If only I knew.
What difference does it make?
- She's my sister.
Well then. Then you now have
even more in common.
Also with the other Hebrew who
treasures our Sodom, your Father.
My father is good.
He is perfect.
- Did I say something else?
He married a woman of ours.
Led your tribe into town.
What makes you different from him?
Or Maleb.
Or me.
Do I remember your father?
Step closer.
Do you prefer the captain?
He's very beautiful.
Would you rather kiss him?
Come on.
Don't be afraid.
Come on.
Kiss him.
Go ahead.
Isn't she beautiful?
Answer me.
Come on, take her in your arms.
Answer me.
I thought
years of loyalty to you
deserves at least respect.
Respect for a hypocritical dog
that wags its tail?
He goes and thinks
he's betraying me.
The queen already
knows everything.
I'm close to death.
Those tears.
For you or me?
For Maleb.
I'll make you
very happy tonight.
Look, the dancer here.
The one next to it is better.
- The other one is more graceful?
Give me some rest.
Pay attention. Silence please.
I ask for silence on the queen.
My loyal subjects,
old citizens of this City
and new ones.
On the faithful keeping
of the word of the Hebrews,
is confirmed to us once again today.
By making the final payment
on their land.
To your great
esteemed Colonel, Lot.
The first against the Helamites,
the first in righteousness,
whom I hereby appoint as my
personal advisor.
To the highest dignitary of Sodom.
My eternal gratitude
to the Queen of Sodom.
To peace and friendship.
May she rule forever
between the Sodomites and the Hebrews.
Just like the queen
over both peoples.
Are the guards
- Shh.
How many are guarding the camp?
- 2. The slaves are ready.
Make way.
The gates open inward.
Back. You won't get out like that.
Make way! Return!
Make way! Move out of the way!
Push them back!
Ishmael, this way!
If I were to do you an important service,
would you give me the
position that was due to me back?
How about you do me
the service and then ask?
There was a time
your wife
was such a good dancer too.
Slaves, escaped slaves!
The slaves broke away.
This way.
- They're going to rob us.
Quickly to your houses. Hurry up.
Not here.
- Take us in!
Hebrews, help us.
They are Killing us. Let us in.
Let's get in.
They're Killing us. They Kill us.
We're trapped.
- You have to let us in.
Arrest them.
They are trying to free slaves.
Tell them to be silent.
- Listen!
Listen! Silence please!
A couple of ex-slaves
have attempted
to help their friends to escape.
Don't worry.
Thanks to the loyalty of our
new Hebrew citizens
they and their treacherous
patrons could be caught.
Show them in.
Get the fire wheel ready.
- No, Lot, help us!
As the leader of the Hebrews
I invoke our right
to give refuge.
Your people
have refused them refuge.
They slammed the doors before us
They have turned us over
to the guards.
That man over there is a Hebrew.
If he broke the law,
I claim the right to punish him.
Whatever you want. Into jail.
He may wait
what Lot decides. - No!
I want to stay with them.
I want to stay with them.
And as for the others,
Your punishment will be
a welcome relief for us.
Save us, Lot.
Neither I nor my people
approve of such a spectacle.
you will ask your people first.
I don't hear any protest.
They seem to think that
the sentence is deserved.
Take them away.
- Rise up, Hebrews.
You are stronger than them.
Don't let it happen.
Rise up. Save the slaves.
Save them!
Save them!
- What are you waiting for, Lot?
Save them.
Lot, save us. Don't watch
them kill us.
Lot, save us.
Help us, Lot!
Hebrews, help us.
Hebrews, do not let them
Kill us.
How can you expect them
to defend slaves?
If you know
that you do not even defend
the virtue of your family?
Your wife,
your wife,
which has been
one of ours and will be again.
She knew it,
but she kept it from you.
Don't listen to him. He grudges you
the queen's esteem.
He's going to
set a trap for you.
She protects
your daughter Shuah.
You vowed to kill the
man who stole her innocence.
I'd do it.
Then kill me.
Read the truth from her face.
And the other one, Maleb,
that you think
is an innocent angel,
avenge her too.
A fight of equal value
is more entertaining.
Don't do it, Lot.
They're just trying to
challenge you.
Spare me, Lot.
In the name of your God,
spare me.
No, father, no!
I am to blame for everything.
Let him live!
Let him live.
No! How could you?
You could have spared him,
all right, but you didn't.
You didn't do it.
Shuah, don't cry.
I won.
I promised you I would die
in your arms.
- No.
You mustn't die.
I won't let that happen.
Congratulations, Lot.
How delicious it is to Kill.
To see
how life flows out of the body.
And knowing I did that.
He begged for mercy!
Did he have mercy on you?
Or with Maleb?
In the name of Jehovah I punished him,
In Jehovah's name
you also led us through the desert.
In Jehovah's name
you brought us to Sodom too.
You wanted to flatter your vanity.
Your arrogance.
But he did believe that
Jehovah had hallowed his sword.
And he would have the right
to kill an evil man.
He had the right.
As the highest dignitary of Sodom
he is the law.
What about the Helamites?
The Helamite warriors
were already defeated,
but you destroyed the dam
and drowned them down to the last man.
You murdered them.
In the name of justice.
And in the name of your God,
You gave yourself over to the
bloodlust with zeal and lust.
You are a real Sodomite, Lot.
No. - Take a look
at your Hebrews.
Take a look at them.
Behind the exciting pleasure
of killing
the pleasure of watching is coming soon.
You enjoyed every moment
of the bloody spectacle.
You have converted
the chosen people, Lot.
To Sodom.
I killed.
What does Hebrew law say about this?
Don't fall into her trap.
Be careful.
How would you judge such a murderer
Judge Lot?
Now speak, Judge Lot.
We wait for your words.
I would sentence him to the dungeon.
For the rest of his life.
Don't be
thrown into the dungeon. Fight.
Fight, Lot.
Your people want to help you.
Believe me, they will help you.
Justice is an empty word.
Fight if you love me.
Don't you understand, you
had the right to kill him.
If you love me I beg you.
Don't you understand?
You don't understand.
Lot, Lot.
What happened?
Why are you here?
What did they do to you?
Faster! More quickly!
O Lord God Jehovah.
Help me.
How could I get so lost
and cause so much damage?
Where I only wanted good.
I have tempted my people,
that no one can resist.
I did that with your name on my lips.
But in my heart there was pride.
And now it's too late.
The queen is right.
If we're all as sinful
as she says,
let's destroy one another,
for we're not worth it.
May we be wiped out
from the face of the earth.
I ask you, my Lord and God:
Is there nothing
in our hearts of yours?
Answer me.
If there's anything else in us
fighting for life,
in the midst of death and damnation,
give him your ear.
Speak to me, Jehovah.
Let me know
If we are worth surviving.
Do we have a right to live?
We're bringing you a message.
Jehovah's wrath
is upon these cities,
for they
have corrupted his chosen people.
In their sinfulness
would Sodom and Gomorrah
bring death and perdition
to all of God's creatures.
You have to go away. Lot.
You have to lead your people
away from here.
At sunset
will be the Lord's vengeance
and destroy Sodom and Gomorrah
and everything that lives there.
I fervently thank Jehovah for finding
us worth saving.
To be His tool on earth.
But will the Lord
destroy all the Sodomites? All?
Guilty and innocent?
The innocent had enough time
TO stand up against the guilty,
and have not done it.
But Jehovah is gracious.
Should he find 50 righteous here,
does he not spare the
place for their sake?
Then look for these 50 righteous ones.
If there are that
many among the Sodomites.
40 for sure.
Jehovah does not destroy 40
righteous people with sinners.
Not even 30, but not 20 or 10.
If I can make it, among the
Sodomites there are only 10 righteous
found before sunset,
wouldn't he spare the rest?
Jehovah will spare all others for
the sake of 10 righteous people.
But if the 10 do not exist,
he will born these cities with everything
that is in its walls to the ground.
Remember, Lot.
If some of those that you
take away will look back...
Jehovah knows that they
regret to live in Sodom.
And he will destroy them.
Don't let anyone look back.
I thank you for your grace,
Where are you? Ishmael?
You mustn't stay in jail.
You are our leader.
Say what to do.
A miracle, I'm free.
My chains have fallen off.
I'm free.
Lot too. He saw the miracle.
See his face.
His eyes.
Let's not talk about miracles,
we want our leader back.
Lot, you mustn't leave us.
I have sinned.
In my arrogance
I wanted to punish myself.
But now I know
someone else is going to punish me
according to his will.
We have to get out of this place.
Isn't it better to stay?
- No.
But we wanted
to convert the Sodomites.
Hold on, on behalf of the queen.
Let us through.
Now don't be a fool.
I have my orders.
- He's going to Kill you.
In the name of Jehovah.
My eyes!
My eyes!
We must tell our people
what we saw.
Stop it.
Stop the wheel.
- Stop the wheel.
They are dead.
The pleasure is over.
Make way for the noble judge.
Or should it just start?
These cities are cursed.
We have to leave
before the sun goes down.
Get hold of this man.
- No.
Make way for him.
Let him speak.
This will be entertaining.
Lot, what do you
think of the fire wheel?
These cities will disappear
from the face of the earth.
Crumble to dust.
Hebrews, listen to me.
I brought you here and tolerated
that you were corrupted
by an evil people.
But the Lord in his mercy
wants to save us one more time.
Come on, follow me.
Get out of this awful place.
A miracle.
You have to believe.
Look, the sun, it's already low.
We only have so much
time left until it goes down.
Why not burn him?
He's insane, insane.
He can't harm us.
You citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah.
If there are 10 of you
who come with us,
at least 10, then Jehovah
will show mercy for their sake
and spare their cities.
Only 10.
10 who still believe in life.
And not death.
Don't laugh.
I beg you, follow me.
Avenger of my lost innocence.
Now Jehovah's personal ambassador.
Be glad he's free.
A man like Lot
goes unusual ways.
Who knows what he's really thinking
what he's really up to?
You, come with me,
before it is too late.
Leave me alone.
Can't you see that I
am comfortable here?
God offers you the last opportunity to
turn his anger away from you.
Renounce your unnatural pleasures.
Come on!
- Lot?
You defeated the Helamites,
freed me from my brother,
and now you want to leave?
Want to leave Sodom,
which is richer in salt
than it was when you arrived?
Please, go.
If 10 of my people
want to go with you,
they should do it.
Avoid torture.
Think for the good of your people.
What you call sin
is virtue to me.
The mighty death that you
detest is my friend.
I have my back on you, Lot.
You and your feeble God.
Clouds, lightning. You teach your
people to fear such cheap miracles.
My people don't leave Sodom out of fear.
But for faith in God.
Faith in him
who is mighty enough
to appear to us in
the shadow of a cloud.
Whose voice in the thunder
can speak to us.
Take a long look at this sun.
You'll never see her again.
- Not until tomorrow morning.
Follow me.
Hebrews, have faith.
Listen to the elders.
A hot wind from the desert.
A storm is approaching.
This is going to be beautiful.
Come with me.
Follow me.
Is it true
that Sodom is going to be destroyed?
I only passed on
what I was told.
A message
I've been waiting for a long time.
Come on. Follow the elders.
Goodbye. Goodbye
our people are waiting.
We must join them.
I have a lot to make amends.
I will do what I can.
Only now please obey me.
Go with your sister.
- I'm going.
I'm going.
Because I will
wait for the rest of my life
to hear you scream
how I screamed.
I want to see you crushed
on the ground, crawling.
Until I see this,
I won't leave you.
I did not set myself free,
Jehovah did.
Only he can overcome
Sodom and Gomorrah. Come.
Just so you know
that everyone will know.
That it is Lot who does good.
That it is Lot who has courage.
Hear me out. Listen to me
As I was told,
I will tell you now.
When we're out of town,
don't look back.
When any of you look back at Sodom
then Jehovah knows
that he is sorry to give up
life in Sodom.
And he will destroy him.
Let nobody look back.
Tell everybody, mouth to mouth.
- Nobody is allowed to look back.
Tell everyone backwards.
Don't look back.
Back! Return!
Get back!
Close the gates!
You are all free people now.
Come on, join us.
A miracle.
Opened by invisible hands.
It was Jehovah's hand.
Jehovah has opened the gate for us.
The Lord is with us.
- A miracle? No, it was the wind.
The wind pushed open the gate.
Don't look back.
Don't look back. Go on.
Run! Run!
Lot, wait for us!
Come on.
Ildith, what have you got?
I can't believe it.
- You have to.
I can't.
- 'Yes, you have to.
I've tried.
- Believe.
To the left.
It's just a bad storm.
Nobody needs to be afraid.
An earthquake.
We've had that before.
Stay with your queen.
You should stay! You stay here!
Where do you want to go?
Do you want to hide?
Don't look back.
Remember Lot's words.
Lot's name
should be on her lips.
They have
to thank him for all the good
that happened to them.
There is no Jehovah.
Ildith, don't look back.
My father.
Come, father.