Sofia (2012) Movie Script

[message chirps]
[speaking Bulgarian]
[speaking Bulgarian]
As you can see,
our Cultural Attach Department
has extended our ESL program
to the rest of Bulgaria
with extraordinary results.
Sofia Private School
has the best scores in the country.
I think you should give
each and every one of yourselves
a round of applause
for this extraordinary accomplishment.
No witnesses.
[belly dance music plays]
[speaking Bulgarian]
So how's the good doctor this evening?
Happy to have the company
of my old friend.
Attractive, huh?
Yes, very.
So what's it been now, Robert, hmm?
Three years? Four?
It's been four years today, actually.
Look around, my friend.
If you wanted to,
you could go home
with a different one every night.
It's not exactly my style,
you know that.
What, then?
Ah, you're still punishing yourself
about the accident, are you?
Oh, Robert, you need to
deal with it, my friend.
I know what carrying that kind
of burden around can do to you.
I appreciate your concern as always,
but as long as I stay here
in Eastern Europe,
all of that stays back in New York.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Well, that's...
It doesn't work that way, my friend.
I think you need therapy.
I'll tell you what I do need.
I need a drink.
Where's our waitress?
[sighs again]
[passing sirens]
[dog barking]
[laughs quietly]
So, Vicki, how are we today, hmm?
I'm okay.
Any more memory lapses, hmm?
Any more bad dreams?
I sense that you're
avoiding conversation today.
Perhaps you'll indulge me
in a brief activity, hmm?
It's a hypnotic technique we use
to open a patient's senses,
to tap into the imagination.
It's really quite harmless.
You can trust me.
You're not afraid of a simple
little blindfold, are you?
You can remove it
whenever you want to.
I promise.
And just relax.
Breathe and relax.
Now, I asked you about your dreams.
Any recently that you recall?
Yes, one.
Go on.
It's embarrassing, actually.
It's like a re-creation
from something I read long ago.
Have you read Hubert Selby, Jr.
Last Exit to Brooklyn?
No, I can't say I have
There is this part at the end
where this junkie chick
climbs into an abandoned car
and lets every guy
in the neighborhood screw her.
Every scumbag and lowlife
for miles around get in this line,
and the line
goes around the block.
How did it affect you, the scene,
when you read it?
At the time, it was disturbing.
But in this dream...
I'm the girl in the abandoned car.
I can never see their faces.
They're hidden by keffiyehs,
you know, those Arabic scarves.
They're pulled over their faces,
and every one of those men...
Go on.
They're all the same man.
Have you thought who he might be...
the man wearing the keffiyeh?
[internalized screaming]
DR. KAHN: Vicki?
- Vicki?
- What?
You blanked out there.
Went somewhere else
as you answered my questions.
I did?
Answered your questions?
What questions?
What did I say?
Well, you were away
for several moments.
You don't remember
what we were talking about?
No, I don't remember.
[bell rings]
MAN: One moment, please.
Oh, here she is now.
This is the man
from the embassy, Vicki.
Robert Diggs.
Please meet my wife, Vicki Denov.
Pleased to meet you. Call me Vicki.
So you'll be spending some time
with us today then?
Yes, that's correct.
Your English is excellent,
by the way.
It better be.
Shall we? I'm running late.
Sure. It's a pleasure.
[speaking Bulgarian]
VICKI: Proper nouns includes words
like Sofia and Bulgaria.
When writing proper nouns,
you capitalize the first letter.
Pavo, can you give us examples
of proper nouns?
Atea, Mexico,
New York, Istanbul,
Washington, Mexico City,
[students laugh nervously]
Tiger Woods.
David Beckham.
[students laugh]
Very good. You may sit.
names, places, and titles.
[computer beeps]
I'm going to the ambassador's office.
[knock on door]
- Robert Diggs.
- Ambassador.
Good to finally meet you.
Pleasure's all mine, ambassador.
Sorry to drag you in like this.
Well, I have to admit, sir,
that your email did arouse my curiosity.
Let's get some air.
DIGGS: Project Sofia?
Sure, I remember.
A counter-terrorism program
based here in the city, defunct now.
Yes. Black ops.
A lot of fuss in the press
about it here, though.
Our agents were good guys,
really great.
They've been able to infiltrate
some of the best organized
terrorist-radical groups
from New York to Madrid,
and they were not able-
not able to get into Sofia, ever.
Not then, not now.
I gotta talk to you about
what's going on with Sofia today.
I thought it was dead in the water.
Yeah. Seemed to be
until yesterday.
Yeah, I read about this this morning.
Hmm. I've been on the phone all night
with the States dealing with this.
Turns out Washington
knows all about the fella
this vigilante terminated.
He was a target
of highest priority for us,
and we've never been able
to get anywhere near him.
Oh, I guess the guys back home
are feeling some heat from higher up,
and now they want to find out
exactly what's going on here.
So I have been specifically instructed
to, quote, unquote, persuade you
to take charge of
the investigation here.
Why me?
Because you are exemplary.
- [scoffs]
- No, seriously.
That's what your FBI friends called you.
They said you were exemplary.
I've never had anybody say
I was exemplary in my whole life.
Leaving law enforcement
was a well-thought-out decision
on my part, ambassador.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
I know. They told me about that,
and I'm truly sorry.
Come on.
But it seems that the ramifications of this
are very big-politically, globally.
See, these vigilantes have taken on
a whole string of high-profile targets,
targets your FBI guys
told me on the phone last night
that they've been tracking for years
and could never get a look at.
So now they need to know
how come these vigilantes
can get inside when they can't?
And who are they, these guys?
And what do they know?
How do they know it?
And why them, not us?
What Intel do we have?
They tell me that some militant
is setting up safe houses.
He doesn't know why,
but he knows they're here in villages.
Islamic Jihad.
Am I being pressured
into this assignment, sir?
You have complete disclosure,
full disclosure, everything.
Consul General has told me
that your clearances
have been made complete.
If you need help from local
law enforcement, you have it.
We need to get a handle
on this, Robert.
And you're the man for it.
Well, you know what you are.
- Exemplary.
- Exemplary.
[belly dance music plays]
[wolf whistle]
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
[speaking Bulgarian]
[speaking Bulgarian]
Lonewolf. Proceeding with next target.
[dog whines]
[speaking Turkish]
[man praying in Arabic]
[whining and barking]
No witnesses.
[dog yelps]
[belly dance music plays]
These are crazy times.
No. He's clever, this guy,
and based on the efficiency of the hit,
very well equipped.
Any idea who might be behind it?
None whatsoever, but, uh,
it does have me a little bit curious
as to why.
Why don't you give me
your professional opinion?
I mean, what makes somebody
become a vigilante?
I mean, profile him for me.
Well, let's see.
Well, to take responsibility
for the crime, right?
But he hides behind a mask.
It takes guts, patience,
and an odd sort of morality.
And he's gotten away with it
a number of times,
which has probably
emboldened him and...
makes him think
he's not gonna get caught.
Oh, lovely.
Well, let's hope he's wrong about that.
[new song begins]
Ah, our friend from the other night.
The fascinating thing about the female form
is its supple nature, is it not?
Its elasticity, its alacrity, and...
You're a slow starter, my friend,
but I'll give you this:
you have impeccable taste.
She's interested in you.
- It's obvious.
- [scoffs]
Robert, celibacy is for monks,
my friend,
and I'm not convinced
it's very good for them, either.
Look, it's not that I don't want
to meet somebody,
I just...
I don't want to lose somebody, either.
I'm not suggesting you marry her.
Anyway, these Eastern Bloc girls
can be trouble.
No, just keep it short and sweet.
Two dates, three maximum.
There's definitely something about her.
Well, go for it, my friend.
You only live once, allegedly, right?
What are you doing?
Where you going?
Come on, don't leave me here.
I'm sure I'm not even her type.
Listen, Robert...
I know that losing your wife
was tough, the worst.
I'm going to ask you a question.
You don't have to answer it.
Is it you're afraid
of losing another woman,
or is it you don't think
you deserve to have one, hmm?
I'll see you very soon, my friend.
Very soon.
[drums only]
You are stunning.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.
Would you care to join me, miss?
I'd love to.
I'll go change.
Your dancing is...
It's extraordinary.
I've never seen anything like it.
You're nice for an American.
Thank you.
[clears throat, sighs]
Am I making you nervous?
No, no, not at all.
It's just that, um...
you, uh...
you remind me of someone.
Your wife perhaps back in America?
Oh, this? No, no, no.
I'm not married.
Oh, divorced.
Is it an American custom
to wear the ring of the ex-wife?
No, no, no. I just wear it because, uh-
Because you still love her?
Wait. No, no, no.
You don't understand.
Let me explain.
Well, she, uh,
she died a few years ago.
I'm sorry.
No, no.
I should go.
No, no.
Please tell me your name.
I'm Robert.
Nice to meet you, Robert.
Well, look, I'd really love to
see you again.
Can I have your number?
DR. KAHN: So you blanked out
completely, like last time?
Do you recall anything this time?
Well, think and tell me
what you do remember.
It was a few days ago.
I was in the kitchen.
Mihail had left for work.
The next thing I remember
it was night time.
I'm in bed.
I hadn't shown up for work all day.
And you don't remember anything
that happened that day?
The next morning when I woke up,
I was so exhausted,
I could hardly get out of bed.
Are you still having the headaches?
Are you still having the headaches?
- Have you heard of syncope?
- No.
It's complete loss of consciousness,
interruption of awareness
of one's self and surroundings.
If you feel yourself blanking out
again, it's simple.
Just take deep breaths.
Deep breaths.
All right.
Mr. Diggs.
A couple of people I want you to meet.
Officer Aleksander Mulichev,
Officer Greg Ospasov.
Sofia's best,
and they both speak English.
[speaking Bulgarian]
Gregor Ospasov. A pleasure.
Great to meet you.
Please call me Aleks.
They're gonna give you all the help
that local law enforcement can provide.
They're good guys.
Trust them with your life.
[speaking Bulgarian]
The deceased is an explosives expert,
affiliated with Islamic Jihad.
Of course.
The killer shot the dog, also.
This is the 12th connected killing
you've seen in six months?
Yeah, that's right,
and just one piece
of forensic evidence,
a Romanian brand of cigarette butt
with lipstick
was found on the sidewalk
near one of the killings.
It could belong to anyone.
There is also a melted VHS tape
from an Arabic souvenir shop.
Completely clean. Untraceable.
Unknown origin.
DIGGS: So, now we've got
a long-range sniper killing.
Any forensic evidence
at the shooter's post?
Gunshot residue, hairs,
fibers, shells, anything?
We're working on it.
Sifting the dirt.
[speaking Bulgarian]
600 meters.
Robert Diggs. U.S. Embassy.
I'm gonna go take a look.
Nah. If that were the case,
the body would have wound up
somewhere over here in this proximity.
No, the killer let him finish his prayer,
and then hit when he stood up
and was just about to turn.
That's why the body wound up here.
So that means the shots
didn't come from there.
They came from there.
Hey, look at this.
Marks from a rifle stand, huh?
[breathing heavily]
[bell chimes]
[speaking Bulgarian]
[speaking Bulgarian]
Oh, I completely understand.
Hey, look, I'll have to
call you right back, okay?
The printout you asked for.
This is all they were able to retrieve
from the VHS tape?
Sorry, it was too damaged.
- Even with the enhancement?
- Even with.
[speaking Bulgarian]
This just came in.
We've gone international.
The press picked on the Jinn murders.
Son of a bitch.
Have you seen this?
It's not my fault.
This was leaked by your friends back home.
Sit down.
I told them I thought they were nuts,
but they said that they wanted
the world to know
that they had their best man
on the case.
With all due respect, sir,
was there any thought given
to compromising the investigation?
I'm a political appointee.
I have this job
because I gave the president's
election committee a bag of money.
I don't get to make decisions.
They want this out there,
well, it's out there.
The best case I can suggest is,
maybe it'll rouse up a person of interest.
I don't know.
They're desperate. I told you that.
You think tipping our hand like this
is gonna help expedite that?
Robert, I am the messenger.
Don't shoot me.
They didn't like your fried videotape,
so they said they were going with this.
I have car dealerships at home.
I can get you a great deal on wheels,
but I have to admit I'm a little bit
over my head on this stuff.
Bulgaria was not the post I wanted.
I was hoping for Paris.
That's what they hinted at, Paris.
Oh, maybe I didn't give them
enough money.
I don't know. [sighs]
Your guys want results, Robert.
We are doing the best we can.
DIGGS: That was a lucky find,
the art exhibit.
URSULA: He's a local painter.
Funny, I don't think I've ever
come across one before.
Maybe you just haven't been
paying attention to what's around you.
Maybe not.
So what made you come to Sofia?
Change of scenery, new opportunities,
that sort of thing.
And you like your employer,
the government of the U.S.?
[laughs] Yeah, fine.
What about you?
You like what you do?
I love it.
I'd like to live in the mountains one day,
away from the city.
I have to go.
Really? So soon?
What time do you go on tonight?
I'd love to come and see you.
No, not tonight.
I'm sorry, Robert. I have to go.
You're very nice, Robert.
I'd like it if you call me.
Okay, I will.
MAN: Next target, Abdullah Said.
[dog barks]
[speaking Turkish]
[speaking Arabic]
[frustrated sigh]
Wait a minute.
It's a bag.
That's it.
The last time we were together,
you became agitated when I mentioned
your parents, remember?
When I asked you if you missed them?
I want you to cast
your mind back, Vicki.
I want you to think about
that little girl,
what life was like for her
after her parents died.
Now... I'm going to ask you some questions
that may seem strange,
but I want you to answer them
naturally, okay?
Now, lie back, get comfortable.
All right, good.
And relax and breathe.
Will you take off your glasses, please?
Tell me your full name.
Victoria Denov.
What year were you born in?
1970s... Seventy-...
'77, I think.
What city were you born in?
No, Paris.
What is your mother's first name?
Your mother's first name, Vicki.
Now, you must try and answer
these questions.
What is your mother's name?
I can't-
I can't remember.
DR. KAHN: Calm-calm down.
Breathe. Breathe.
Memory loss is a natural reaction
in some cases,
so breathe.
That's it now.
Sometimes it's a product of something
as simple as stress, okay?
You guys blame everything
on stress.
So I'm not going crazy?
No, you're not going crazy.
[speaking Bulgarian]
[belly dance music plays]
[audience clapping in time]
[both laugh]
[singing in Bulgarian]
Does this feel right to you?
It feels perfect to me.
It feels perfectly right to me, too.
[passing klaxon]
[speaking Turkish]
[knock on door]
How are you today?
I think you know
what I'm going to ask you.
The same thing I ask you
every time we meet.
Are you ready to tell me
about your parents...
the family tragedy
that made you what you are today?
What's your thought?
Do you feel something about that?
I don't know why we meet
if you're not going to participate
in our sessions.
Tell me about your parents' death.
Allahu Akbar!
Excuse me, um...
isn't Ursula supposed
to be on at 6:00 tonight?
No. She's not in tonight.
- Robert.
- Hey.
Are you leaving?
I was supposed to meet the girl here.
Ah, no, stay with me.
I'll buy you a drink.
Excuse me, my friend.
Two dark scotches, please,
on the rocks.
I don't get it. We had an amazing time
together, it was all great.
I was supposed to meet her here
and she doesn't show.
Ah, ever the hopeless romantic.
Remember, Robert, it might just be
your passport she's falling in love with.
That's a little cynical, isn't it, Aaron?
Oh, so it's love, is it?
Anyway, how's that case of yours?
Any progress to report?
Nothing yet.
I don't think I'll ever find out
who this killer is.
There she is.
[music begins]
What was that about?
I don't know.
Maybe it's a part of her act.
There she goes.
I'm going after her.
[man shouts]
[brakes screech, horn honks]
[driver shouts]
Ursula! Ursula, please, it's Robert.
Just open the door.
Come on, sweetie,
I just want to talk to you.
Please let me in.
You must leave.
It's okay.
All right? It's all right.
- Stop, stop, stop.
- What, what?
I'm sick, okay?
What are you talking about?
Something is happening to me.
The headaches, the blackouts.
It's like I'm going insane.
We'll just leave Sofia.
We can go anywhere you want to go.
I can't.
Come with me. Please, please.
There is something important I must do.
I need two days.
Two days? Why?
Why not right now?
Listen, there is a cafe
next to the National Theater.
Meet me there at noon
the day after tomorrow.
No questions. That's all I ask.
Two days.
Multiple personality disorder.
I am ready for your final instructions.
Proceed to the final target.
[speaking Bulgarian]
[speaking Bulgarian]
Excuse me.
Get out of the way.
Aah! Aah!
No witnesses.
[man shouts]
DR. KAHN: Give me your full name.
Victoria Denov.
What year were you born?
What is your mother's first name?
What city were you born in?
No, Paris?
[cell phone vibrates]
URSULA: You look tired.
Where are you?
How is your knee?
What did you say?
Where are you?
You look very handsome.
Where are you?
Robert, I'm sorry.
I love you, but I can't.
Wait. Wait.
Please, don't go.
Papers are reporting
that one of the top military strategists
of the T.I.J.'s been killed
in the strike at the madrasa.
It is confirmed it was a front
for training terrorists.
- Wait.
- Yeah?
Archive this.
Close the file.
[telephone rings]
DIGGS: Aaron,
I'm sure you're with a patient,
but, uh...
I really need to speak with you.
It's important.
Call me back.
See, Mihail? [laughs]
Even the exemplary one
couldn't figure it out.
Yes, sir.
I told you dissociative identity
would work.
She's ready for Paris.
Yeah, I agree.
What about our next assignment?
A dossier will be
at your hotel tomorrow.
Just keep doing
what we've been doing,
but put her under narco-analysis
with Paris, okay?
Very well, sir. Okay.
See ya.
Good work.
Good luck.
[speaking French]
[woman singing in French]