Software Sudheer (2019) Movie Script

[Chandu chanting mantras]
Have you gone crazy?
Or are you possessed?
How many times should I tell you
not to give Aarti to the mirror?
It is not to the mirror,
dad. It is for the soul.
In Bhagavad Geetha, Lord Krishna said
the soul is the Supreme Being and
the human is Lord Narayana himself.
God isn't present in those
pictures but in a soul.
-So, God is here.
I have proofs, dad.
Where do you find Lord Rama
when Hanuman tears open his chest?
-In his heart.
-Right, isn't it?
Where do you find Lord Shiva when
Gajasura tears open his stomach?
-In his stomach.
-Right, isn't it?
That is why I am doing all this.
People consider me as a brilliant guy.
I am not asking you to
upsurge it but don't lessen it.
You act like a scholar's son
turning out to be stupid.
Okay, dad.
Water in the sky is considered as Varuna.
Water on the earth is considered as Ganga.
Is Water male or female?
Tell me, dad. Tell me...
You said that you're intelligent.
Why did put an innocent face?
Oh! Are you failing to make me succeed?
Change to your dress and come.
-Listen, Dad...
-Change and come.
You are giving orders because you
don't know the answer, daddy.
What this, sister?
Why does the apple from
refrigerator taste salty?
Those are fresh apples,
brother. Kashmiri apples!
But, it is still salty.
I have no idea.
Good morning, uncle.
Good morning, boy.
You are wearing a
black coloured shirt.
Black is not considered
good as per our sentiments.
Then, your eyes should
be snapped off as well.
Why do you say that?
By the way, mom! Did you fix
automatic lights in our house?
Then, why was there an automatic light
when I opened the door to pee, last night?
-Is it?-Hey!
How many times should I tell
you not to pee in the refrigerator?
Oh no!
What happened, uncle?
Why did you throw that apple?
The apple tasted little salty, nephew.
Excuse me, son! I am blind.
I slept and woke up just now.
Can you tell me if it's morning or night?
-I have no idea. I'm new to this area.
Bro! What's the route to Charminar?
-Which Charminar?
-There is only one in Hyderabad.
There are three Charminars in Hyderabad.
One is in the old city.
The other is in the form of
cigarette available in any pan shop.
There's another one at the
Secunderabad railway station.
I know the first and second ones.
But, where is it in Secunderabad?
Charminar Express!
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Isn't anyone here yet or
we have no office today?
No one has time punctuality, sir.
Sir! What's with this big mirror?
I should be able to see the
vehicles coming from behind, right?
I can see bikes and
cars in a small mirror.
But, we need this big one to
see buses and lorries.
You should also try it.
This baggage might get me into trouble.
D Bhai calls from Dubai and
threatens to kill if I don't give money.
What happens to my kids if his men
are there amongst these people?
What about my wife?
Don't worry, sir. I will take care.
Who? My wife?
Yeah... No, sir.
You are a minister.
The entire department is here to save you.
Yeah! The department is here.
But, D is in Dubai.
Murders continue to happen.
But, no one has ever seen that person.
Sir! You should do justice to me.
Hey... What is it? Get up.
You are an elderly person.
Don't fall on my feet.
-I am a poor person, not an elderly one.
-What is it?
-You have to save me.
-What's the problem you are facing?
Hey, Security! Catch him.
Hey... Hey...
You saved me from almost getting killed.
-I must build a big temple for you.
-It wasn't us who saved you,
but your PA (personal
assistant) Mr Samba Siva Rao.
It was him who has
identified this person.
It was neither me nor the
police who got him caught.
It is his watch.
D Bhai is in Dubai.
He didn't change the time as per
Indian Standard, after coming from Dubai.
The time is 10 am now.
But, his watch shows 8.30 am.
There is one and half-hour time
difference between Dubai and India.
You are not just my PA.
You are my PM (Prime Minister).
Bhai, we can't harm the minister
until his PA, Samba Siva Rao is with him.
Bloody idiot!
Hey, 2-in-1! That's a chilly fritter.
It might be a chilly fritter for you,
but for me it is everything.
Your money!
Thank you, Mr Rao.
Thank you.
Is that weighty better than my beauty?
Forget about the
weight, she's still a girl.
-I'd show you more than that if you agree.
Damn your life!
What's the cost of a coffee?
10 rupees.
Why have you priced it 10 rupees when
it costs one rupee in the other shop?
Clean your glasses and look properly.
That's not coffee.
It is a copy. Xerox copy!
Oh, sorry! What's the cost of a Samosa?
5 rupees.
I think this is the meaning of the proverb
'The value of things keeps reversing.'
15 years ago, the cost of a phone call was
5 rupees and the Samosa was just 50 paise.
But now, Samosa costs 5 rupees and
phone call costs 50-paise. Strange!
Are you here to have something
or simply irritate me?
I want...
Who is Nageswara Rao?
That's me.
Oh God!
Hey, stop guys!
If you ever bother my sister again,
there won't be any warning. Only killing!
Let's go.
[Chandu laughs]
What is this, sir? Why are you
laughing after getting bashed?
Crazy fellow!
I didn't purposely get bashed up.
I made them fools all at once.
-How, sir?
-Who did they come for?
-Nageswara Rao!
-What is my name?
-Do you now understand my IQ level?
You are not meant to be here...
You should be in some museum.
Thanks for saving me, buddy.
You got bashed to save me.
You are not just my friend!
You are my heart!
I love you, dear.
I love you.
I love you. Mwah! I love you...
Crazy guy!
Hey, Swathi!
Some bachelor gang is bashing up my
brother-in-law. I mean, your boyfriend.
Why are you doing all this?
Should you get bashed up to save a friend?
I didn't do it to save my
friend or make them fools.
I did this for your touch.
You are just like all the guys.
I thought that you're a
common guy as you were calm.
But, you are lusty!
I can tolerate a blind guy
but not a lusty guy.
It has been 30 days that
I've proposed my love to you...
...and 15 days since you've accepted it.
You never hugged me or kissed me.
And when I came to
you to give a handshake,
you've looked at me as if I'm untouchable.
That is why I did this.
I fell in love with you to get married.
Why aren't you talking to my
dad if you really like me so much?
It is an inauspicious month.
I believe in sentiments.
Wait for 2 days.
Auspicious month will come.
Are you speaking your heart out
or just your mind?
I am speaking my heart out.
Then, you should come
to my home in 2 days.
Sure... Okay?
Don't worry, dad.
She will come on time.
I am worried not
because she'd come or not.
I have a good reputation.
What happens to my reputation if she
turns out to be maid type or crazy type?
She looks as beautiful as Aishwarya Rai.
[inaudible voice]
I mean, is she aged?
Can I believe what my son said?
Why I am asking you is,
When he failed in his academics,
I got him passed by doing a request.
Oh no!
I've recommended for his job.
When it comes to marriage...
I cannot ruin a girl's life.
So, I didn't get involved.
I don't like his
complexion even as his father,
but how did you like him?
Uncle! Your son is like an ocean.
All you saw was his
outer looks like water.
But, I've seen the treasure
that's inside the ocean.
You saw his innocence.
I saw his honesty.
Regarding the complexion... Lord Shiva
and Lord Rama are dark-complexioned.
Lord Krishna too is dark complexioned.
Even the God of the Kaliyuga, Lord
Venkateshwara is dark-complexioned.
Even the father of the nation,
Mahatma Gandhi is dark-complexioned.
Gods and even the great
personalities are dark complexioned.
-My son has zero talent.
-Oh Gosh!
Uncle! Zero is most
important digit in Mathematics.
You know, right?
Yes, dear. You are right.
You are my darling.
My girl!
You are the only one who
understood my son properly at last.
You are my perfect my daughter-in-law.
But, will your family accept my son?
Aunty! Don't worry.
It's my responsibility
to convince them. Okay?
You are not just a darling!
You are an angel!
He's looking like a Benami to a beggar.
You liked this guy?
Don't address him informally, father.
Should I call him great instead?
There's a lot of difference
between you and him.
Answer your father.
It is hybrid generation, father.
You know about men, don't you?
Despite having a wife at home,
they're having affairs on
phone, on-line and at the office.
They maintain at least 5 at a time.
But, he's different.
Forget about a girl,
even female pets won't like him.
A woman can handle any evil thing
but not her husband's mistress.
Tell him, mother.
She is right in her context.
A woman can handle any evil thing
but not her husband's mistress.
I somehow feel that this is right.
Accept him.
Please, father.
What is his name?
Chandu, uncle.
People with that name are
usually very intelligent.
Yes, uncle.
My friends say that Chandu is a blend
of Chandrababu and Chandrasekhara Rao.
Honey! I might get blood
pressure along with diabetes.
-Go and serve breakfast.
-God is great!
"Oh God... Oh my girl!"
"What have you done to me?"?
"Oh God... Oh my girl!"
What have you done to me?"?
"Cool breeze perches on my heart"?
"and sings a lullaby"?
"Those pretty smiles
spread happiness around me"
"and play with me"?
"There a lot of dreams"?
"I am steeped in those
dreams because of you"?
"You made many stories
of my fantasy come true"?
"What should I do when I face them all?"?
"Oh God... Oh my girl!"?
"What have you done to me?"
"Oh God..."
"Though people are gazing
and talking about me"?
"I heard nothing.
What's happening to me?"?
"I didn't give a damn about them
thinking they'd be anyway doing that"?
"I'm concerned only about
ourselves, so I minded what I did"?
"Thought people around gazed at me"?
"I've just roamed around you"
"Wherever you go,
I'm always around you"?
"I'm just distancing the
distance between us"?
"Oh God... Oh my girl!"
"What have you done to me?"?
Mother is considered divine.
The Sun is considered divine.
The doctor at the hospital
is considered divine.
The patient is brought to the
hospital whenever there is an accident.
The patient dies at the hospital.
But the doctor is blamed.
The patient is brought to the hospital
when his liver fails due to excess boozing
The patient dies at the hospital.
But the doctor is blamed again.
This society doesn't respect doctors.
Okay. See you.
Why did you make him lie down
without saying what the problem is?
You should cure his illness, doctor.
What happened?
He takes my name in his sleep.
You should feel lucky to
have a husband like him.
You should in fact praise him.
His wife will really kill him if he does
that when she comes home tomorrow.
He is just like me.
Where is the doctor?
First floor.
Thank you.
Did you prepare for the
operation in the third ward?
-It's ready... Go to room number 4.
-What's that hurry?
How is my father doing?
Oh! Him...
Nothing. He got sick due to
food poisoning in breakfast.
-Food poisoning?
-He's getting saline drip inside.
Do something.
Get the medicines
written in this prescription.
He'll be fine.
-Thank you. Thank you, doctor.
-Okay... Carry on.
You're not getting better even
after 2 days of treatment.
What happened?
I slipped and fell down, doctor.
-Tell me the truth.
-My wife thrashed me, doctor.
That is why you aren't getting better.
You should never lie
to doctors or lawyers.
Nurse! Give him two
injections, front and back.
Back is fine but what's with front side?
Sarcasm, huh?
Your wife did no wrong by thrashing you.
Take rest.
-Excuse me!
Did you see any change in your husband?
He tries to open his eyes
when the nurse is here.
Oh! Nurses work better than medicines.
Doctor... Doctor...
-What happened?
I brought all the medicines.
But, I can't find the bottom one.
-That is not medicine.
It's my signature.
Doctor! Did you prescribe
alcohol instead of medicines?
That's not my dad's brand.
He drinks a different one.
I'm not talking about
alcohol. It is my sign. Sign!
[phone ringing] Your phone
is ringing. Check it.
-Yeah! Check.
Sorry... Sorry!
Okay... Okay...
Hello... Hello...
What happened to aunty?
She slipped in the washroom.
She's got four sutures on head.
-There's nothing to worry.
-You are tensed but ask me not to worry?
-I am not tensed about this.
I am worried about our future.
After the engagement,
You had an incident at your
home and mine as well.
I am very scared, Chandu.
Shall we get our horoscopes checked?
Why are you laughing?
This is 4G-generation!
Moreover, you're an IT employee.
It's funny when you talk about horoscope.
Hmm... What's your name?
Original name?
An astrologer suggested changing my
name to bring luck in getting married.
So, you believe in
astrology but not horoscopes?
Even Aishwarya Rai had a fault
in her horoscope, so she went to...
...Srikalahasti and performed a ritual of
Rahu and Ketu planets before her wedding.
Celebrities believe in it.
We are ordinary people.
Alright. Okay.
[gate creaks open]
[bells ringing]
[dogs bark]
Swami... Swami...
Okay, Swami.
[cow bells ringing]
[ox grunts]
Oh my!
This place is thronged with followers.
This guy?
I am blind.
Can you tell me if it's morning or night?
Hey! You are blind, aren't you?
How can you read?
My mother gave me birth.
And Guruji revived my life.
Who are Chandu and Swathi?
It's us.
-How do you know our names?
-Guruji knows everything.
You were called first even though
there are many people waiting.
I can understand the
extent of your danger.
Well Swami...
I know everything, child.
Even if you are a Seer, how can you
know without even being told to you?
It is you who should know it, not me.
Hail Lord Shiva!
That's camphor. It ignites only when lit.
Place that camphor on his hand.
Do you understand now?
The person beside you is not
a positive power. He is bad luck.
Oh my God! Swami!
We came here to check our horoscopes.
Don't deem me as bad luck or a
sadist and try to separate us.
Tell me if you want extra fee.
Why were birds scared when you
entered if nothing is wrong with you?
Why did the Ox become aggressive?
Why did dogs bark?
Why did bells ring?
Why did my eyes turn red?
Why was there a nature fury?
Bearing bad luck is not as
easy as bearing an enemy.
You have to save us, Swami.
When you don't trust, no power
including mine can save you.
But, I will not leave you for yourself.
It is my responsibility to save people
who put trust in me and came here.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
There are 30 pages in that book.
Read one page every day.
Whatever is written on that page,
it shall happen to you that day.
Come back to me if it happens for 30 days.
Then, I will save you.
Okay, Swami.
I will do as you said.
I will prove that you are wrong.
Well... What's your fee?
Hail Lord Shiva!
Oh! I think you don't take it by hand?
Should I place it in
offering box? Where is it?
Come with me.
-Please leave.
This Ashram runs on mystic
power, not on funds.
You may go.
-No, sir. Fee.
-Hey, Chandu!
Let's go. Come.
I'm the follower of Mahatma Gandhi's
words and Anna Hazare's ways.
Why will there be violence in my life?
First page fails.
Fraudulent Swamiji!
Chutney is frothy!
Didn't you add salt?
Salt is over, brother.
There is salt in our toothpaste, right?
Did you add toothpaste in it, by chance?
Take that book beneath the
laptop. Books are Goddess equivalent.
Laptop is the Goddess for the
software people, uncle.
Mom! Give me my milk supplement.
Milkman isn't here yet.
[door bell dings]
You have come at last?
Why are you late?
It is not me who is late.
-Water supply is late.
Hmm... I don't know what
you add to your milk.
My husband had food poisoning after
drinking coffee made with that milk.
What are you saying?
I supply milk to this neighbourhood.
Everyone gives compliments
but never complained.
If you don't like this milk,
pay the milk amount for a month.
-I will stop supplying.
You've supplied milk for only 10 days and
ask for a payment for the entire month?
I am a local guy. Don't mess with me.
Are you threatening me?
Do whatever you want.
If you don't pay, I will hold you
by your hair and make you pay me.
Here is my hair. Hold it if you can.
[milkcan clangs]
How dare you try to touch
my mom!
-I will kill you.
-No, dear. No!
-He's drunk...
-He might really kill me.
What's with you, nephew!
You used to be silent every time,
but you've become very
violent all of a sudden?
I got scared, nephew!
Greetings, sir.
Come, mister.
How is your father doing?
He is fine, sir.
Doctor asked him to take rest for a week.
You should take care of
all my work for this week.
Okay, sir.
Look. Let me test your brain.
She came here for an advice.
-Tell her.
-Okay, sir.
My mother-in-law is a
shrew... She tortures me.
She fired our maid intentionally recently.
She makes me do all the household chores.
I asked her to help but...
she gives excuse citing heart
condition and avoids work.
She doesn't even get down from her bed.
Is that all?
Buy 10,000 rupees worth
saree to your mother-in-law.
Your problem will be cleared.
Oh my! 10,000 rupees?
Your mother-in-law will be shocked too.
She's already a heart patient.
So, she might get a heart attack and die.
After that,
you can keep that silk saree.
My boy! Bless you!
-See you, sir.
-Thank you...
I asked you to give her a bit of advice,
but not to make her kill someone.
Some people need to be told clearly...
Some people need to be told deeply...
Some people need to be
told in a baleful way...
Some people need to
be told in a tricky way.
And people of this kind should be
told in the manner that I did earlier.
You say it in however way you want.
But, don't makeup stories and tell me.
Here! Give this briefcase to
your dad and find out the programme.
-Okay, sir.
Why are you giggling, nephew?
What's the matter?
What's funny about it?
It is not funny, uncle.
It is way more than that.
It is written in that the boss
would appreciate me today.
What's wrong in that?
Not wrong, uncle.
It's strange.
He gave me a job with
my father's recommendation.
Boss hasn't seen me ever since I
joined. He didn't even ask my name.
He didn't like my work as well.
Shall I tell a highlight point?
My rating is 2 out of 5 at the office.
Why would he appreciate me?
Sachin Tendulkar failed in tenth grade.
But, he became the recipient
of 'The Bharataratna' award.
Thomas Alva Edison was
dismissed from his school.
Later, he discovered bulb
and the rest is history.
Think positive, nephew!
Positive? Okay...
How is my floral shirt?
How can you say crap while eating?
-Good morning, sir.
I see confidence in your eyes.
and overconfidence in your walking
style. What's the matter, sir?
Boss would appreciate me today.
-You should dream while sleeping
Not when you are awake and standing.
[biometric machine blips]
He looks like he might shout...
but not in a mood to appreciate.
Good morning, sir.
Mutters: Did he hear me? Whoa!
By the way, your boyfriend promised
you to gift an iPhone. Did he gift you?
Stingy fellow! He promised
iPhone but gave me an i-pill.
Your boyfriend gave you that at least.
My boyfriend didn't even give me that.
Attention please!
Do you know what time is it now?
You'd have lunch on time.
You'd log out on time.
You'd receive salary on time.
But, you'd never come
to the office on time.
I doing investments by
selling my properties.
I'm giving salaries by taking loans.
Try to maintain punctuality
until the company grows.
Not just your brain,
but strain your bodies too and work.
I will not get out of the problems.
I might get doomed.
Hey! Come.
-Yes, you.
The office is at 9.30 am
but he came at 9:29 am.
This is what I call time-sense.
You should all learn from him.
I appreciate him.
What happened?
[Chandu laughs]
Why are you giggling, nephew?
What's funny about it?
It is not funny, uncle.
It is way more than that.
It is written in that the boss
would appreciate me today.
Oh my God!
This isn't surprising.
Yesterday, it was violence.
Today, it is appreciation.
It is just coincidence.
Anyway, it's been just two days.
There are 28 days more.
Will I get drenched today?
As if it would rain in summer!
What's with Rayban
glasses and Reebok shirt?
You are wearing all brands today.
Where are you going?
Today is Swathi's birthday, uncle.
I planned cake-cutting party.
Did you plan it grandly?
Yes, I did it that way.
But I'm running short of funds.
Can you lend me 5000 rupees?
You should never borrow money, nephew.
Lord Venkateswara took
a loan from Lord Kubera.
India took a loan from World Bank.
When it is not wrong when
Gods and nations take a loan,
how would it be wrong if I do that?
I don't have money no matter how
much logically you explain to me.
Let's do something.
Let's place a bet for 5000 rupees.
I am the Benami of betting.
Tell me. What is it?
Are months male or female?
How can we say that?
-How can you say that?
What comes after January?
See, didn't it sound female?
That is why I say that months are female.
-Oh no!
-Thanks, uncle.
-Aunty!-What, dear?
What is the name of the aunty who
newly came in the neighbourhood?
-But, why is uncle calling her darling?
-Oh God!
Is that why he gets
ready even during the night?
-Come home, I'll take you to task.
-Sorry, uncle.
Oh God!
May you live long happily
for 100 years, darling.
-Thank you.
-What's that elderly blessing?
The blessing might be old but
the content is evergreen.
Just cake? Is there no pizza?
You've become like a
burger by living on pizza.
Start dieting now.
[everyone laughs]
The food is fine.
Did you at least get her a gift?
Did your boyfriend give you
the ring he promised on your birthday?
He did... Not one. He gave 10
rings (miss calls) on my phone.
[everyone laughs]
Woman screams: Oh no! Please help.
My daughter fell into the water. Save her.
Please save her.
Someone, please help.
-Kid... Kid...
Get up, Lohitha.
Thank you so much.
-The water is dirty.
-Thank him, Lohita.
Take her to the hospital immediately.
-Otherwise, she might get skin allergy.
You saved a kid on my birthday.
I am very happy.
This is the energy that
I have expected from you.
Forget about energy.
He might get allergy if you delay.
You are also drenched.
Go and freshen up.
Will I get drenched today?
[phone vibrating]
Why did you call at midnight?
Swamiji's prediction failed.
Today is fourth day.
Nothing happened as per the book.
What was written in it
and what didn't happen?
It is written in it
that I will see a ghost.
It is 12 am now.
I didn't see any ghost till...
Where is he?
He didn't come out of his room.
What happened?
It is written in it
that I will see a ghost.
It is 12 am now.
I didn't see any ghost till...
[ghost chuckles]
[ghost chuckles]
Why is your body
temperature so high, dear?
You were fine when you
went to bed last night.
What happened to you in the morning?
Let me get evil eye catcher.
Your son has 102 degrees fever.
Ah! 102?
[people laughing]
Have this Mysorepak sweet?
-It will be tasty. Have it.
There's 'pak' in its
spelling. I hate Pakistan.
Hey... See there...
Hey, girl! Men can't control
if you turn showy. Beware.
I don't understand this, Mr Rao. Nowadays,
I'm turning showy whenever I see guys.
The time for you get
knocked-up is coming closer.
[everyone laughs]
[phone rings]
Why didn't you come to
office today, darling?
My family has been on a
trip to Yadhagirigutta.
I was busy helping them in packing.
So, I got late.
Will you come?
I am cooking Biryani.
Are you mixing a 'seventh-taste' in it?
I don't know... It is written in the book
that I would taste something new today.
I have been waiting
since morning to taste it.
[scoffs] I don't know. Okay,
come fast before it gets cold.
Okay, darling. Coming...
[door bell dings]
-Did I come on time?
-You came early.
Shall I help you?
It wouldn't be Biryani if you
cook it. It'd be a shocker.
Come. I will arrange.
Oh! Okay.
[electricity buzzes]
Are you okay?
Chandu, are you okay?
I got it.
I got it.
What's with 'got it'?
Tsk! Seventh...
I got the seventh-sense.
"My hearts started swinging
out of joy all of a sudden"
"That's because it heard you"
"There's a heavy tide around me"
"It won't stop if I stay calm"
"For the first time,
I feel evening to be morning"
"This moment awaits you all the time"
"Let me see you in a eyeful manner"
"You are such a beauty"
"which I have never seen"
"With you in front of me,"
"I remain gazing in silence"
"The sky fades just like that"
"It fades away"
"This world withers because of you"
"It withers up"
"All the four
directions are out of control"
"The realms above are disappearing"
"Dawn and dusk are not seen anymore"
"I am left behind only for you"
"This is your magic"
"You are such a beauty"
"which I have never seen"
"With you in front of me,"
"I remain gazing in silence"
"become my breath,"
"is what she said to me"
"You become my life"
"It never goes away"
"This is my 100 percent love on you"
"Express your love towards me"
"There is some disturbance in my heart"
"It won't get better
unless you come closer"
"Her breeze is troubling me"
"You are such a beauty"
"which I have never seen"
"With you in front of me"
"I remain gazing in silence"
What happened, nephew?
Where are you rushing as
if there is an earthquake?
Why is he leaving in a hurry?
Aunty! Where is Swathi?
Why did you come early in the morning?
Where is Swathi, aunty?
-She's upstairs.
-Thank you.
What happened?
You cannot meet Swamiji now.
You can meet him only after 10 days,
whatever it is.
Don't say that, sir!
You know that he gave me this book, right?
It's not possible.
Listen to me. Just once.
Hey, man!
-Listen to me!
-Catch him.
-Wait, man.
-What happened?
You have to save me. I rely on you.
I will surely help you. What happened?
Everything happened just
like you said for 29 days.
Today is 30th day.
See what's written here.
Why did you give that expression?
You are late.
I have been waiting since 12
years for the grace of Lord Shiva.
I have to definitely attend
'Kumbh Mela' today.
Lord Shiva won't have grace upon you
if you stop doing the right thing.
He might get furious... Don't you know?
What you say is right too.
It is not easy to save you.
You have a woman's curse on you.
It has been haunting you for lives.
You are facing its power in this life.
There is only one way to save you.
'Ayudha Chandi Yagam'
This cannot be done on the
earth or sky or in the Ashram.
This should be in done
in Patala or Nagaloka.
That means,
it should be done inside the earth.
We don't have so much time.
Get ready with the arrangements
in 30 minutes, Swami.
I will arrange the place for you.
Believe me, Swami.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Come, Swami.
Get in.
-We'll follow him.
Women cannot attend this ritual.
-Take care.
[electronic blipping]
[electronic blipping]
[heavy metal rumbles]
This place is same as Patala.
You can start the ritual.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Arrange it here.
ALL: Hail Lord Shiva!
[chanting mantras]
[Chandu groans]
Thank goodness. I am still alive.
I can manage for another 100 years.
I wouldn't have been alive
if it wasn't for Swamiji.
I shouldn't just thank him.
I should be grateful.
Store the money from the
sacks into those boxes.
[phone ringing]
Hey! How is your dad?
He is doing well.
What happened to you? Why are you wobbly?
Well sir...
Sir! Someone trapped me and
robbed your 1000 crores.
You made a rich man poor.
It is not just one or two. 1000 crores!
It is almost equal to the assembly budget.
Do you know how hard
I worked to earn that?
Are you planning to fool me
by taking Swamiji's name?
Look, I trusted your father.
Your father trusted you.
You've seen my prudence so far.
You will see my anger now.
Sir! Please sir.
Leave us.
Give me one week.
I will bring back your money.
What should I do after a week?
You can do whatever you want, sir.
Hey! Let them go.
Thank you, sir.
Your father knows pretty well about me.
That is why I am letting you go.
If you don't get the
money back in one week!
I usually build temples every year.
This time, it will be your graves.
Get lost.
Okay, sir.
Pack all your clothes and jewelry.
What happened?
What are you doing?
-I am preparing to escape, dad.
We have to escape from the minister.
What happened?
He is not a minister. He is a conjurer.
We can live for at
least a week if we stay.
-We'll die right now if we try to escape.
-Oh no!
Not just one or two, dad.
Where can we get 1000 crores in a week?
It seems Ashram is a set.
We can fight if we at least
know who robbed that money.
I know.
This is D Bhai's deed.
Who is D Bhai?
Dubai Bhai!
We can easily find D Bhai if we find
his apprentice Agora Bhai local don.
What should we do to face mafia?
You have to be strong
mentally and physically.
I understood already, dad.
Stop it there.
Who's the gym coach here?
Hey, you! Should I tell you separately?
Stop bending and do the workout.
Do it. More!
Why are you swimming
instead of doing push-ups?
Do it properly.
Do it.
Do it fast.
Speed 1?
Why are you acting instead of treadmill?
Why are you acting?
[machine blips]
Run! Run.
Do it!
Stop lifting legs.
Work with weights. Lift it!
I am the coach... What do you want?
You are hefty and strong...
Are you the coach?
[to herself]: 'Customer is God'
Tell me... What do you want?
Is it fitness or weight loss?
It's you who need them.
I am here for the six-pack.
In a single day!
Huh? Six-pack in a single day?
You can't even get close to that.
How many days should I
workout to get a six-pack?
Not just days! You should work for months.
Six months!
You should workout for one hour daily.
Not 6 months! I will do it in 6 days.
1 hour daily... So, 30 hours a month!
30 hours multiplied by 6 is 180 hours.
If I workout 24 hours a day for 6 days,
I can easily cover those 180 hours.
I can get six-pack with ease.
You won't get a six-pack that way...
You'd get low BP.
-I can gain something, right?
Master! You have to save him.
I will do 100 push-ups.
I'll call 108.
1... 2... 3!
Hey! Why did you come by auto?
Ambulance wasn't available, dad.
Why Ambulance?
I became weak, dad.
I am weak in Physics
and physically as well.
We cannot find D Bhai anymore.
Not everyone who succeeds
is fit physically.
It wasn't Lord Vishnu who
beheaded Rahu and Ketu!
Lord Vishnu's weapon did.
'The VishnuChakra!'
It wasn't Goddess Durga
who slayed Mahishasura.
It was her weapon... 'Trishul'.
Lord Rama did not put an end to Ravana.
His weapon, the mighty arrow.
People didn't kill Ravana of current era...
Bin Laden.
It was a weapon called AK 47.
Every winning war has a weapon behind it.
Weapons make you win.
That's enough, dad.
I got it.
Who are you?
Bro! I need merchandise.
What merchandise?
I need guns.
Guns are not famous in old city.
Bangles are famous here.
I saw in movies and TV that
guns are being sold here.
Okay... Do you need that gun?
Go straight and take left.
Take right and go straight.
There's a tiny street.
Your destination is that.
Go to the side.
Go there
Do you have guns?
Rifle gun, Machine gun,
Shot gun, AK 47, pistol
-All guns are available?
How much is this?
-300 rupees.
-Take 500.
Does it work?
Oh no!
Is it toy gun?
What else do you expect for 500 rupees?
TV and movies mislead us, dad.
Old city is famous for bangles, not guns.
Success is not permanent.
Defeat is not a failure.
Go to minister's house and head southwest.
There are two licensed revolvers.
Did I search for guns all over the
place when they're available here?
I'll take the gun and
come back victorious.
Please bless me, dad.
Go and come back with victory.
What's left to take from me?
I need a gun to face the
people who robbed that money.
I heard that there are licensed
revolvers in the room towards southwest.
Did you find the guns?
I did not find guns.
I found bombs.
Hey! Check him.
[device beeping]
Hey! Take it out.
You can't even differentiate
beetroot and bombs.
How will you find them?
I can if I have a gun.
I will give you as many guns as you
want if you can get the money back.
Get it.
You handle it well.
Are you experienced?
Well, I do watch movies.
That's my experience.
[tyres screeching]
-Threaten the builder and collect 1 crore.
-Okay, boss
Kidnap Software company owner's
kids and demand 5 crores.
Okay, bro.
Collect the guns in the ship
that came from Vizag today.
Hey! Who are you?
What do you want?
-1000 crores.
-Hey! Are you drunk or are you crazy?
I came with clarity.
D Bhai from Dubai looted
1000 crores from me.
Do you even know whom you are talking to?
Boss is the don of Hyderabad.
Agora Bhai!
Your Agora Bhai might
be good at threatening.
But, I am Che Guevara in fighting.
-Eh? Hey!
[phone ringing]
Just a moment.
Hey, local don! How are you?
Someone here says that
you looted 1000 crores.
Is it true?
I'm unable to protect
what I earned so far.
What is this mess now?
Sorry, Bhai.
Did you hear that?
We'd know any robbery that
takes place in Hyderabad.
So, why wouldn't we know about
this 1000 crores robbery?
Mafia didn't do this.
Someone among you did it.
No boy!
I made up my mind and came.
I will leave only after taking the money.
I will leave after finishing you all.
You can all be safe if
you give me back my money.
Otherwise, you'll be gone.
I'll count 10.
I shall encounter after that.
1... 2...
3... 4...
5... [bullet fired]
Hey! Why did fire on a count of 5?
I didn't! That's a misfire.
Shoot the idiot!
[bullets fired] Oh crap!
Stop it!
Let me go!
[bullets whizzing past]
Let me go!
Are you eating like a thief in your house?
Is that you?
Yes, that's me.
Not mafia people.
Do you know today's date?
It's 14th!
It's supposed to be our wedding day!
You should be the groom but
you risk your very life.
You are holding a gun
instead of holy thread.
What did you say when you proposed me?
You said that you'd treat me like a queen.
That is why I convinced my parents.
My house is packed with relatives.
My dad feels humiliated.
You should've escaped.
I might feel happy that
you are still alive.
Not you! I will go away.
All of this started after
I entered your life.
[siren wailing]
Why are you trying to commit suicide?
What is your problem?
Is he tormenting you to love him?
No. He saddens me by not loving me.
I will get down if he says 'love you'.
Or else, I will jump.
CI sir!
I will jump from here if Chandu says
'I love you' to her.
I don't have a soul in me.
I'm filled with love for Chandu.
CI sir! My name is Chandrika.
I am perfect for Chandu.
We were classmates since childhood.
We've grown up together.
I will burn myself if he denies me.
Wait girl.
CI sir! She is his classmate.
I am his colleague.
We worked together and
planned to live together.
If anyone gets in the way,
I will burn her and shoot myself.
CI sir! I am Chandu's girlfriend.
I went out with him for dinner.
I will hang myself if you
don't convince him to love me.
CI sir! I went on a date with Chandu.
Chandu is mine.
Otherwise, I'll slit my throat.
What's your relation with Chandu?
Chandu is my brother-in-law.
They compared us with
Radha-Krishna and Sita-Rama.
What will you do if you don't get him?
I'll not get treated.
I consumed poison already.
Hey, Constables! Who is this Chandu?
When so many girls were mad about him,
I thought he might look very handsome.
this guy looks uglier than the duckling!
Don't go for looks, check my caliber.
What's special about you?
Girls don't fall for us if we follow them.
Then get impressed when there's following.
They don't get impressed
if we go after them.
They get impressed if we get better.
A girl won't look for beauty
in man but for a bond.
Girls don't fall for rich guys.
They fall for kind-hearted
guys and smart guys.
Do you have those qualities?
"Oh baby! Come to me?"
"I want to be with you"
"I am from Coimbatore"
"I was found by Portuguese"
"I am from Coimbatore"
"I was found by Portuguese"
"My kisses are overwhelming"
"My curves are Mannapuram loans"
"My body is Kalyan jewelers"
"I am from Coimbatore"
"I was found by Portuguese"
"I am from Coimbatore"
"I was found by Portuguese"
"I am your YouTube channel"
"Subscribe and Share"
"I am your Google search engine"
"Search and seek in secret"
"My words are breaking news"
"My smile is viral video"
"You've got million views"
"I've got billion viewers"
"I don't come like a Swiggy order"
"They come to me to seek my love"
"Like Hollywood and Bollywood"
"You are from Coimbatore"
"You are found by Portuguese"
"You are from Coimbatore"
"You are found by Portuguese"
Get up, son.
My dear! Wake up.
Wait, mom.
I see beautiful girls.
Anyone might think that you are possessed.
Get up...
You are not my mom... You are an alarm!
Beauties are fighting for me.
That's your dream.
They say that they'd die for me, mom
That's your delusion.
Why did you bring coffee?
Where is the maid?
She looks good.
So, I told her that I am
finding matches for you.
She stopped coming fearing that
I would ask her to marry you.
Even maid doesn't like me?
No idea.
Fearing that I'll ask their
daughter in marriage for you...
my brothers stopped visiting us.
Neighbors and even maids are running
away when I talk about your wedding.
Don't worry, mom.
Our maid is gone.
I will find a beautiful
daughter-in-law for you by tomorrow.
My name is Salma... You know, right?
There's 'Ali' in Deepavali and
'Ram' in Ramzan.
Deities don't follow castes.
How can we?
-All humans are the same.
-What is your blood group?
-A positive.
-Mine is B positive.
Everyone should have the same
blood group if all the same.
But, I will not deny you...
Is there a gay in our office?
Gay? Yeah, there's one.
Gays accept any guy.
You go and propose him.
I will accept you if he
accepts your proposal.
It is that easy to gain you?
I will go and convince him.
See how long this ice candy is, dear.
Hey! I am married.
Do we not visit holy
places as we pray at home?
-Hey dear! Are you leaving?
Will you simply carry that all
the time or give to someone?
This is for you.
I love you.
The great sage Brahmam said that already!
Oh God! I expected John Abraham
but you sent Johnny Lever.
Hey Alien! You and I don't match.
Why won't it match?
-What's your name?
My name is Chandu. It means moon.
Honey and moon is Honeymoon.
O' God!
Do you even know the meaning of honeymoon?
Of course, I know.
Enjoying honey on moon!
Can't you understand when I say it once?
You and I are as different
as software and hardware.
I am beautiful like Agra.
You look like a Negro.
I will complain to my darling
if you dare to propose me again.
A gay did not accept you too.
Why should I accept you?
You will never become my boyfriend.
You'll just be my bye-friend.
You added my son's picture in your group,
Is there any response?
Our marriage bureau had 5 star rating.
It came down to 1.5 after
uploading your son's picture.
Take your photo.
You can take the advance and leave.
[gasps for breath]
-Mom! What happened?
Take the inhaler... Mom.
Okay? Is everything fine?
Why do you say that? A marriage
bureau can set a match if they want!
It's our mistake to false promise
that we'd find a match for anyone.
Okay... sorry.
Who is this girl by the way?
She is my brother's son.
So, she's his sister-in-law, right?
The problem is solved.
You can get her married to him.
Why will I marry him?
Isn't it?
You are not ready though
you're his relative.
How do you expect others to marry him?
There are very less girls in our
country and mine is late marriage.
You know? Madam knows everything.
No one comes forward
after seeing his bio-data.
They step back after
looking at his horoscope.
-After seeing his photo.
What did you just say? Stupid fellow.
-Mom... Mom...
-When a fellow like you gets married
Why can't my son find a girl?
-Mom! Let's go.
-I will kill you...
Why are they hitting me
for telling the truth?
There will be a lot in Bangkok.
-Dude! Is that dog male or female?
It must be a female.
How can you be so sure?
-It's going away from me.
Mom! Give me some lemon juice.
Hey! Whether the Taj Mahal is
painted or you wear make up,
It would only look more worse,
but there's no use.
-How is mom doing?
-She is fine.
Mr. Rao. Why are you spraying
perfume at the parking lot?
-Damn! My task won't be done.
-A new girl joined our office.
-But you are married!
-That's why I yearn.
I believe the fact that women are
nature's beauty when I see her.
Eyes like iPhone!
Face like iPad!
Awesome physique!
She's an updated beauty.
Mr. Rao! I like her.
Even gays don't love you...
Look at her grace.
She's the icon of beauties.
Hello, Mr. Rao!
Kejriwal became C.M with 'broom' symbol.
Tea maker became P.M.
Can't I become her boyfriend if I try?
-What? BF?
-Will you act?
Gosh! An adult joke?
-Okay! Show me the other file
Hi. I am Rao... TL of team.
What's that expression?
TL means not tea maker.
He's our team leader.
My rating in this office is 5 out of 5.
He has 2 out of 5.
You can ask me if you have
any doubt regarding work.
You can ask him if you
have a doubt about canteen.
Madam! HR is calling you.
Yeah... Coming. Just one minute.
What is this, Mr. Rao?
I asked for your help but you insult me.
She's like green card and
you are like ration card.
She won't fall for you.
I will impress her in one
month if you don't spoil it.
What if you fail to?
I will resign this job.
You can't talk like that with such rating.
You cannot work anywhere with that rating.
I cannot live without her either.
This isn't deep love but a deadly love.
-Coffee, sir.
-Give it to him.
-Hot coffee, sir.
-Give it to him.
-Take it, sir.
-Hey! You drink it. Go...
A beautiful madam will come here.
I will distribute my entire
salary to you before her.
Praise me like a virtuous
person before her.
I will collect my salary from
you and give 100 rupees per head.
As you say, sir.
BEGGARS: Sir... sir...
-Take this... Enjoy.
-Be happy sir!
-For me sir.
-You're great sir.
You are such a kind-hearted person.
You are our savior!
-Darn! Why didn't they come yet?
-Why are you waiting here?
I gave my entire salary to beggars.
They might've have fooled me.
They are not coming back.
[girls laughing]
Oh my!
-Good morning, sir.
-What is this weekend atmosphere?
Everyone went to the hospital, sir.
Did boss die due to company's loss?
Sanjana madam attempted suicide.
Everyone went to the hospital to see her,
Sui... Suicide?
Why did you do it?
My parents didn't agree
to get married to Chaitu.
You have to convince
them if they don't agree.
Even the ones who passed
IAS failed in love.
God created us not to die,
but to achieve something.
Rajiv Gandhi convinced Indira Gandhi and
brought an Italian to India for marriage.
Rohit Sharma, Sikhar Dawan,
Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni!
Did any one them have
an arranged marriage?
In fact, Charan convinced Chiranjeevi
and Arjun convinced Aravind.
There are many such inspiring
winning love stories.
Couldn't you convince a guy next door?
You should fight for
your love if it's true.
But, you shouldn't die.
-What's it?
What is this?
He needs job at sub station.
Sub station is a government job.
We don't use public transport
provided by government
We don't study at govt. school.
We don't go to government hospital.
But, we want government jobs.
I will get the treatment done
only if this guy gets a job.
I am not a minister to give you
the job as soon as you ask me.
-I am P.A.
-P.A. is no less than a P.M. in India.
-I know your power.
-We shouldn't misuse the power.
Yes... Coming...
Oh no! What happened?
What's that blood?
Your son won't exitst from today.
He'll only be in a picture on the wall.
Dad doesn't do anything for me.
-I will die.
-Hey, wait!
Will you kill him?
Do what he asked for.
-A job?
-I will do it...
-He will do it.
Let's go to the hospital first.
You are not my dad... You are a god.
Why did she turn so violent, sir?
I had an eye problem and visited a doctor.
He did not prescribe any medicine.
He asked me to blink my eye while working.
I understood, sir...
You blinked at the system
and sister slapped you.
Look at him, sir.
What's that?
I too have eye problem like you.
So, I'm using eye drops.
You should put eye drops in your eyes.
They don't stay in my eyes...
So, I'm putting in my mouth.
Do you want them?
You are intelligent, sir!
Hey... What's this?
You're the reason for our marriage.
If you hadn't helped me
with the government job...
Sanjana's parents wouldn't
have agreed for our marriage.
We wouldn't have got married.
All the very best! Take good care of her.
Okay, boss.
What's that expression?
My brother-in-law did it all.
He's doing it to impress you.
He challenged that he'll leave this job
if he fails to impress you in a month.
So, you've come...
I came because you loomed to die.
[phone rings]
Why are you laughing?
Many guys proposed me.
But, no one proposed me in this manner.
Am I just like them?
Aren't you?
You proposed me because I am beautiful.
Not your beauty, but your inner beauty!
Inner beauty?
The first time I saw you,
wasn't in our office.
[siren wailing]
Where are you going?
A person's life depends on that ambulance,
The ambulance should move
in order to save that life.
The traffic should be cleared.
It won't happen unless that
vehicle is moved from the mud pit.
If you hadn't helped that day,
I wouldn't have had my mom.
I like the moon.
I see mom in it.
You took a risk for a
stranger like my mom.
What if you become her daughter-in-law?
I've been searching for you since then.
Luckily, you came into my life.
I can't help it if you aren't
convinced at least now.
Come with me if you like me.
I will treat you like a queen till I live.
PRESEN 'All of this started
after I entered your life.
Not you! I will go away.
Please don't go.
I cannot live without you.
You won't live even if I stay.
That minister and mafia will kill you.
It's better to go away and live happily
instead of seeing that horrific scene.
The weapon and person who
can kill me are not born yet.
You talk in different language
with a different body language.
Crazy girl!
Your fiance is no fool.
He's a monster.
It wasn't the Swamiji who
stole those 1000 crores.
I did it.
I am sending that money
abroad through Hawala.
The work will be done in 2-3 days.
After that, you'll become a princess.
I will become your prince.
I promised you when I proposed you.
That I'd treat you like a queen.
What about the money
that Swamiji stole then?
Fake notes!
I stole the original money
and replaced with fake notes.
Luckily, Swamiji batch came.
So, I saved myself by blaming them.
The minister might suspect
if I leave suddenly.
I've been playing these
tricks to fool him.
I'm the brand ambassador of brilliance.
[phone ringing]
Hush... the fools is calling.
Sir... he's nearby.
Five minutes.
He'll come.
Okay, sir.
Don't share this matter with anyone.
Now, you should go to your room and relax.
I will meet you after sometime.
[phone ringing]
Tell me, girl.
Where are you uncle?
We are in the city.
We should meet immediately.
He deceived all of us.
They look original...
You said they're fake notes!
I don't understand why he said that,
Well, that's because I wanted
to catch you all in the act!
[bike engine purring]
[tyres screech]
Not even a female dog gave
me a damn before you came
I should've doubted when
a damsel like you loved me
My wits kicked in late as I was in love.
Hey! [groans]
Now tell me...
How did you deceive me?
I will spare the one who tells the truth.
Would you reveal it or die?
[shots fired]
You should fear death. Now tell me.
How did it happen as it
was written in the diary?
You should become
violent on the first day.
We arranged the milkman and
created a fight with your mom.
Any son will get angry when
someone abuses his mother.
That is how you become violent that day.
How did boss appreciate me then?
We kidnapped your boss's daughter
and demanded him to appreciate you.
-Look there.
This is a dagger.
You know what happens if I stab.
Nothing happened to you, right?
You won't get back your daughter
next time if you don't listen to us.
We'll abduct her.
How did I see the devil then?
That's a torch light magic.
How did I feel the seventh taste?
Come! I will arrange.
Put the AC in heat mode.
The person who comes for
lunch might feel sultry.
He will try to turn on the fan.
He will get a shock if we attach neutral
wire and phase wire to the switch.
He will get into coma if he
feels the shock for 2 minutes.
Turn it off.
Your mother faints in the
kitchen due to asthma.
The ambulance gets stuck in the traffic.
Every incident that happened was our plan.
You foxes! Have you made this
Hollywood plan to trap me?
I don't want to deal with you.
Minister is the right person for you.
Please... Please don't call.
We are not thieves like you think.
Who are you then? Virtuous?
We would run away if we were thieves.
Why would we still be here?
You would get blamed
if you escape suddenly.
Stop this drama.
Who helped you when mafia was after you?
We got our money. Why are will still here?
It is okay if we cannot help someone.
But, we can't mess someone's life, uncle.
We should go only after we save him.
Did you guys save me that day?
Good game!
I escaped with my own caliber that day.
It's important to save my dad and
keep they promise I made to minister.
The person you have called
is busy on another call
Call waiting.
Nature supports you too.
You have time until the
minister calls me back.
Tell me now.
What is your problem?
Firstly, we congratulate Mr. Rajanna,
the recipient of ideal farmer award.
Farmer is so stubborn...
He can harvest crops with his
tears when there's water scarcity.
Is alcohol and cigarette
important to a man?
people selling those are billionaires.
Food is an essential commodity to us.
But, the farmer who produces it is cursed.
God has created humans.
He created farmer to fulfill one's hunger.
It is our responsibility
to protect those farmers.
We might need a doctor or a
lawyer at least once in life.
But, we need a farmer almost everyday.
"Be conscious, O' farmer! Be conscious"
"Recoup, O' farmer! Recoup faster"
"Be conscious, O' farmer! Be conscious"
"Let there be a world without tears"
"Be conscious"
"Be conscious, O' farmer! Be conscious"
"Recoup, O' farmer! Recoup faster"
"Get up"
"Hurry up"
"Like a plant in a ploughed
land and the branch of a plant"
"Like a flower of the plant
and a fruit from a flower"
"Oh one who've withered
unable to bear a fruit"
"Be conscious"
"Be conscious, O' farmer!
Be conscious faster"
"Recoup, O' farmer! Recoup"
"For the sake of trading..."
"You harvest plenty,
but end up having nothing for you"
"For the sake of trading"
"You work hard, but you eat less"
"For the sake of trading"
"Be conscious"
"You get rid of weeds to turn
it into a fruitful plantation"
"You work on the land to produce food"
"You grow so much but
don't have a morsel to eat"
"Be conscious"
"For the sake of trading..."
"You do the harvest of
corals but end up fasting"
"For the sake of trading"
"For the sake of trading..."
"You work hard but you eat less"
"For the sake of trading"
"Hail everyone!"
My US visa is confirmed.
I will finish my masters
there and find a job.
I will reach my ambition within 4 years.
What happened, dad?
I am sharing such good news with you,
but you look sad.
Farmer suicides have become common news...
What's new and strange about it?
It isn't new or strange.
But, there is pain.
Why because, I am a farmer too.
There weren't many suicides
during my childhood.
Why did they increase now?
From the past 20 years,
underground water has been desiccated.
Water problem increased.
Crop cultivation decreased.
Farmers who rely on nature all the time
have relied on government this time.
If they build a dam to save
the water that flows useless,
Farmer's issue will be solved.
So, the government put up a water
scheme and sanctioned 2000 crores.
It's a democratic country, right?
They thought that people wouldn't vote
for them if they finish this work quickly.
So, the govt. stopped finishing the
dam with an excuse of low funds.
Elections came... we voted.
We elected the same party again.
Funds got released.
But, the minister turned out
to be a curse to the farmers.
He spent 2000 crores from the
sanctioned amount and took the rest.
He stopped the project saying
that it's a high budget project.
Meanwhile, the state got separated.
Why should we worry about others, dad?
We are doing fine, right?
We shouldn't be just fine for ourselves.
People around us should also be fine.
Your generation is a selfish one.
Farmer's children like you who
are educated, settle abroad.
Farmers in our country
are dying like this.
Is it wrong to develop?
Due to globalization,
Science and development...
Seasonal produce is made
available all year round.
We get to make Colostrum milk
cake when cattle give birth.
When the season changes...
...mushrooms appear.
Everything is available
in the city for 365 days.
That is agricultural development.
90 of 100 people die due
to heart attack or cancer.
Do you know why?
That's because of such hybridized food.
A man can live for 100 years
but it dropped down to 50.
If it continues like this...
...upcoming generations
won't have a future.
I don't know, dad.
I don't want to know
about farmer's problems.
I am going to U.S happily.
Don't send me off in a sad mood.
Dad... It's coffee time, wake up.
I know why my father died that night...
Unable to accept the farmers
committing suicide...
He died of heart attack.
If this Dam is completed...
Lakhs of acres can be cultivated...
Lots of farmers will have a better life.
Why did you cancel your trip to America?
Dad told me the reason why the
dam construction was put on hold.
I will go after it gets done.
There are rumors about minister taking
the money but there are no proofs.
We'll get a proof if we find where
that money was hidden, right?
If he saves it in bank or Swiss bank...
he knows that there'd be G.O.
for black money extraction
So, he stored the money underground.
Let's find out where that is.
It's hard, dear.
His P.A. Samba Siva Rao is very brilliant.
There'd be a weak point
even for a brilliant person.
If attacking from behind was an
option to kill the powerful Vali...
there will definitely be an
option to end Ravan directly.
So, you became that option for us.
We did this for the welfare
of public but not for us.
You played with my life
for the welfare of public?
Why are you saying that?
Your story is emotional and tragic.
But it's important to me to save my dad
and keep my promise made to minister.
[phone rings]
-Tell me.
-I found the money, sir.
Huh! Where?
I found it where you earned it, sir.
Near the Palasamudram project, sir.
I'll be there in half an hour.
Why did you come? Where is the minister?
He will not come now, where's the money?
Not one note or one rupee less...
The count is right, sir.
These people trapped us, sir.
Kill them if you want.
Forget about killing them.
Move the money from here...
Media is observing us.
[sirens wailing]
[indistinctive commands]
Brother-in-law! The media is here.
Did media get a tip off?
You were from a middle class family.
Where did you get this money, sir?
We came here to find
out whose money that is.
Is it yours or does it belong
to your brother-in-law?
My brother-in-law who is the
minister has informed you about it.
-Whose money is it then?
-It belongs to us.
You look like farmers.
How did get such a big amount?
We had 10 acres of farm since 1940.
Three harvests annually...
income beyond investment!
60 years of earnings!
I donated 1 crore for the damn which
stopped due to insufficient funds.
Many others gave money as well.
Altogether, it became such a big amount.
Did you donate 1 crore?
Show me the proofs of tax payment.
You're mistaken, IT officer!
We are farmers.
We have tax benefits under the
Income Tax Act 1961 Section.10!
Yes, sir... Farmers have tax benefit.
No one has a right to question them.
As there were no complaints
about the lost money.
we believe that it belongs to you.
But, such a huge amount found publicly...
will be handed over to
the income tax department.
But, you were determined to
finish the stopped project.
So, I will make sure to release the
funds from Income tax department.
I promise you in front of everyone.
-Raju! Take over the money.
-Okay, sir.
[mobile rings]
-Yes, uncle.
-Congrats, bro.
-What for?
-You got a good match.
The dowry is 2 crores.
I don't want a coat...
I am happy wearing t-shirts.
-Hey! What I said is money.
Do you know how the girl is?
She looks like a doll.
Should I marry a doll?
Dim fellow...
I compared with a doll in a
sense that she's beautiful.
Is it?
I will send you her pics,
are you on Whatsapp?
No. I am at Ameerpet.
That's how you got it?
Do you have FB account?
I have an account in SBI, uncle.
Brother! Do you know what are Zebra lines?
The lines on a Zebra!
I guessed you'd say that.
Swear on your mom and tell
me one thing honestly.
Did you get a job by learning Java?
I didn't prepare the soup. My mom did.
Ragi malt!
I had one full glass in the morning.
-It is tasty.
-Send me. Send me one glass.
I will drink half and enjoy.
What will you with the other half?
I will sell it on Amazon.
Uncle! You're getting angry on me.
Should I feel shy instead?
I unnecessarily called you.
I'll have to bust myself
if I call you again.
Weird guy.
What for?
Dam work started yesterday.
It will be completed in 6 months.
You are the reason for it.
I will come in half an hour.
Careful with the money!
Bloody idiot.
I thought you are innocent but I never
thought you'd turn out to be selfish.
That minister will come,
kill all of us and take the money.
Then, this project will stop.
How can you mess with everyone's
lives just for your dad?
I did the right thing.
-What is right?
-Crazy girl!
I identified you in spite of being stupid.
Minister is a mastermind.
He will identify you later if not now.
If you do what I say, you'd do
something for the welfare of public.
The minister started already.
Inform the cops, media and I dept that you found money here.
Gather all the farmers and ask
them to say what I tell you.
That's it.
That minister will let go of the money.
Later, that project will be finished.
The welfare of the public wouldn't
have been possible without you.
Stop it...
I don't want your thanks or compliments.
You accepted my proposal, right?
Was it fair or fake?
I am asking you even after
knowing everything because...
...I still have a little hope.
We are farmers.
We get deceived but we
never deceive someone.
What did I ask her and what did she say?
Crazy fellow! That girl loves you.
Is that what she meant?
Hey, Swati!
Hey.. Swati! Wait.
Farmer's child!
Include me in your family.
Let's make babies. Wait.
Swathi! Hey!