Solarbabies (1986) Movie Script

We live in the new time.
The year is 41, and the Protectorate
controls all the water on Earth,
and therefore, all life.
I am the Warden of Orphanage 43,
one of the many orphanages
that border the wasteland.
Children are brought here at an early age
to be indoctrinated to serve The System.
It hurts me to do what I do.
I, too, must serve The System.
Sometimes in my dreams,
I see the Earth as it was before,
green, with flowing rivers
and mighty oceans.
Can it ever be like that again?
There is a legend,
a tale told by the Tchiganis,
that speaks of a visitor
that came from the heavens.
The people called it Bodhi.
The legend says that it has come to Earth
to free the waters once again.
Is this legend true? Who knows?
- We challenge.
- And we accept.
- By the rules.
- Sure.
You want it by the rules?
Then let it be squared fair.
- All right, let's go!
Lead off!
Okay, go! Go! Go!
Pick it up! Pick it up!
Go, Charles!
Right now! Hit it up!
- Watch out! It's clear!
Pound him, Jason!
- Hey, Jason, look out! He's behind you!
- Watch your back!
- Violation!
- Who saw it? I didn't.
Okay, then. No rules!
He's open! He's open!
Crunch him! Crunch him!
Stop Gavial! Get him!
Free ball! Free ball!
Jason! Jason!
- Skate, Petey!
- Jason!
- Jason! Over here!
- Get the ball!
- Watch his legs!
- Move it!
Come on, Metron,
you're in the clear!
Go for it! All right!
You got it!
- Break left, Jason!
- Come on, defense!
Gavial! Come on, Gavial!
- Come on, Terra!
- Jason!
- Nice speed! Nice speed!
- Come on, Jason!
Go! Go, get them! Skate!
- Come on, keep it tight.
- Quick, over here!
Scramble! E-Cops!
This is E-Police.
- Come on!
- Let's go!
- Come on, let's get out of here!
Move it!
Let's accelerate!
You are in orphanage perimeter violation.
You are surrounded.
Hold for immediate restraining action.
You are warned, perimeter violators.
Scatter! Use the cave!
Stun weapons have been authorized.
You are warned
and reordered to hold positions.
Tug, watch out!
Skate! Come on!
You are warned
and reordered to hold position.
You are surrounded.
You have had special treatment, favors,
training by experts
from my maiming squads.
- Do you deny that?
- No, Strictor Grock.
And yet you allow yourselves
to be trashed
by left-brain rollers using homemade gear?
Strictor, if we just had...
Cut your breath
before you betray your putrid thinking!
Without me, you're nothing,
you don't exist.
You're an extension of me.
If you are defeated then I am defeated,
and that cannot be.
- Where'd he go?
- Down one of the mine shafts.
Forget about him.
I can hear.
You did it. You fixed my ears.
Thank you.
What's your name?
Bo... d... hi?
I can hear!
I can really hear!
Where's Daniel? He always beats us back.
- Well, what if they caught him?
- Not a chance!
Let's move or we'll miss roll check.
- Come on!
- First call. First call.
Water privileges will be announced
at free schedule assembly.
Come on!
- Fall in. Fall in!
Dorm unit commanders,
start your head count.
Staffers, ready your group.
Where's Daniel?
- Unit 12.
- I don't know!
Hurry it up, unit 12!
Unit seven!
Unit four.
Unit eight.
Unit nine.
You better be quiet now.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Do you like air? I mean, do you breathe?
Well, better not take a chance.
The following units are scheduled
for water privileges. Unit three.
Unit six.
- Hey! Hey!
- Unit 12.
Water privileges denied.
behavior determines existence...
Get back, get back!
Programming assembly has been called.
Appear with enthusiasm
for programming assembly.
It's my drinking ration.
You like it here.
It's quiet.
That's the difference between us.
I don't like quiet.
Yes, I know.
Why do you let them go beyond the walls?
It's good for morale.
It lets them feel they're getting away
with something.
And after all, there is no chance of escape.
The nearest uncontrolled water
is 100 miles away.
- I want them punished for it.
- All of them?
I saw only Solarbabies.
Were they winning?
Odd name for a skateball team,
don't you think?
Soft. No menace.
Why do you suppose they chose it?
They don't seem to need
anything more menacing, do they?
They always seem to win.
But you needn't worry.
They'll be properly punished.
They called themselves "Eco-warriors."
"Eco," taken from what?
Hey, if they took it,
they should give it back.
Tutor Nover,
I would like to see Jason, Metron, Rabbit,
Terra and Tug
on the dog block immediately.
- Looks like trouble.
- Busted.
Sundown for the Solarbabies!
This orphanage is dedicated
to producing useful members
of the E-Protectorate.
I will not run it as a prison.
- Do you understand that?
- Yes.
Yes. Then why did I have a Strictor
from the E-Police Maiming Squad
in my office this morning?
- We were challenged by the Scorpions.
I'm sure you were.
But you could have taken the challenge
here in organized play.
- They wanted the outside arena.
Of course they did.
There are no rules at the arena.
Now understand something.
My power ends at the walls.
Outside, it's the Strictors' world.
There is nothing out there. Nothing.
Stick with us.
Learn to serve order
and you'll achieve a decent lifegrid.
- Let them do 10 cubic meters.
Let them do 20 cubic meters.
Hurry up! Come on, let's go!
All right, it's a good game!
All right. Come on! It's my roll.
Twenty cubic meters by sundown
or double that tomorrow.
Start digging!
- What is that?
- What's that supposed to be?
Hey, crowbrains! No birds allowed.
You got a problem, Darstar?
Bye-bye, Mr. Magic.
The guy's a total moon.
- I like the sweat.
- Get out, you creature of filth!
Hey, I just wanna talk.
Maybe just a little hands-on parley?
Now I'm listening.
Gavial! Get out of there!
Next time.
Well, little Stakker,
they gave us 20 cubes in the ditch.
Yes, there's times
when it pays to be just a mascot.
- Forget it. He's not wearing his ears.
When's the next water privilege?
How long do I gotta wear this scuzz?
You're gonna have us holding
our noses for the next two days.
Unless we had a rainstorm.
Sure, well, how about a hurricane
or a flood while you're at it?
You believe all that dog squeeze
they feed us in class?
That's not the way it was.
Here's how it used to be.
"Thunder rolls distant across the sky,
"in echo to pale flashes of lightning.
"The vast cloudscape thickens.
"The scent of purest water
hangs in the air to be savored,
"before the first large warm drops fall.
"Then, within seconds, the air is no more,
"replaced by a vertical curtain
of falling rain.
"The land drinks
and the earth is refreshed."
Could you imagine to see clouds
and feel rain falling from the sky?
One of the few good things the
Protectorate ever did was outlaw fiction.
- Where'd you get this?
- Never mind! Just give it back!
Well, before you get so over-amped
over these pseudo-factoids, I'd...
- I didn't just hear that, I felt it.
- What was it?
Well, let's hope it's not another earth shift.
It's water!
Hey! Here!
Hey, it's water!
It's water!
I don't believe this.
- Terra!
- Hey, Terra! Come on, come on!
- Come here, get over here!
- It's wet!
Enjoy it!
Come on, Dan!
- Daniel, come on! Come on!
Let's go, little man!
Take that! Hey, go, little man! Go!
Yeah! All right!
They must be slipping us
some kind of new medication.
We're all hallucinating.
Well, they can slip me
more of that anytime.
I'm clean!
- It wasn't meds. It was real.
No, it couldn't have been real.
No, it was.
- He can hear you!
- What?
Of course he heard me.
He hears everything.
- No, you heard me. You can hear.
- Yeah, I can hear.
Daniel, you can hear
without your electric ears!
My electric ears don't even work.
I hear everything.
- That's impossible.
- Hey, man, how can you say that?
It's been thundering and lightning,
and we're all soaking wet!
I gotta believe anything's possible!
When did this happen?
Was it during the storm?
No. Bodhi did it when I found him. Look.
He did it.
- Daniel, what is that?
- His name's Bodhi.
- I think he heard you.
- Of course he heard me.
He hears everything.
Even when I'm not talking, he hears me.
- Here. He likes to be held.
- It does.
I can feel it likes to be held.
- Hey, Bodie!
His name is Bodhi.
Jason, can we keep him?
I mean, look, I fixed a bed and everything.
It'll be fine.
It doesn't need a bed.
I mean, it's not alive.
- We don't know that.
Come on.
Bodhi feels just like we do.
And he's smart, too.
That was the second call for skate rec.
All right.
Before we go, we all oath that no one
even breathes a whisper about this.
Daniel, I want you to pretend
that you're still deaf.
- Why?
- Because people will start probing,
and we gotta keep this thing
absolutely secret, okay?
- Okay, let's go. Let's move.
- Yeah, we're gonna be late.
Come on, let's move!
Stay here. I'll be right back.
This recreational
skate period is provided by E-Police
who represent order.
Take up the challenge
of order advancement.
Serve as members of an E-Force.
Give raw power to the cause of order.
Keep the flow.
Keep the bodjilar flow.
Enforcement calls you
to synergic dedication.
Enforcement means pleasure
in the use of ultra-tech weapons.
Pleasure in the stun.
Pleasure in the chase and stun.
Hey, Jason! Watch this!
Dissidents who choose to live
outside the Protectorate
are in constant need of ultra-disciplinary...
Get off me!
Come on, Jas!
Come on!
This recreational skate period is provided
by E-Police, who represent order.
Take up the challenge
of order advancement. Serve...
You so much as breathe on her again,
I'll break your neck!
Give raw power to the cause of order.
Enforcement calls you
to synergic dedication.
Do you get bored just sitting in here?
I can't believe that I'm sitting here
talking to a ball.
Okay. All right.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I know that you understand things.
Maybe everything.
But who are you?
Where do you come from?
I know. It's a tough one.
See, I don't know where I come from.
And I don't know who I am, either.
But what's worse is,
I don't know where I'm going.
I don't know who I'm gonna be.
I just know that I can't accept things
the way they are.
I don't want to be part of what I've seen.
But I guess I'll have to.
- No, it is not a waste of time.
- Yes, it is...
- And I'll tell you why it's not.
- We have a lot of work to do...
- What's going on?
- Is Bodhi okay?
Yeah. Yeah, he's fine.
I was just... holding him.
What's that?
- I just want to see if it's radioactive.
- Can't you just leave it alone?
Look, if we're around something
that's giving off radioactivity,
- we could all end up dead.
- Oh, please.
Just let him do it.
- Hi, Bodhi.
- Hey, Bodie, so you're not dangerous.
It's Bodhi.
Hey, look, he's speaking to you
in your language and me in mine, all right?
- Yeah, but what is it?
- He's a who, not an it.
- Well, then who is it?
- I don't know. I can't figure it out.
You're kidding.
- What?
Well, I just heard you admit
there's something you can't figure out.
Metron admits to mystery.
Flip it over.
- Don't hurt him.
We're not gonna hurt him.
I think that he wants to play.
Hey, Metron, pass it over here!
- Flick it to me, Terra!
- Hey, Jas!
Metron, why don't you try to hit the ball?
Hey! Yeah!
Rabbit, pass it over.
- Can you explain this, Metron?
- I...
Hey, Daniel, here's your chance!
- Put it in the goal! Come on!
- Come on, you can do it!
- Come on, little man!
- Put it up! He wants you to shoot!
Daniel, go!
Daniel's the skateball champion
of the world!
Can't we just play one more game?
I mean, Bodhi wants to play, I bet.
And I want to play.
It's late. I think we ought to head back.
Somebody's free! Oh, I envy him.
- They'll catch him.
- Yeah.
But until they do, he's free.
Toss every crib in here!
- What about the personal areas?
- Toss the personal areas.
Toss everything!
I got the bird boy.
- Anything?
- Nothing! Darstar took it all.
Let's go!
- You can't be in here. It's...
- Daniel's gone.
- What?
- He went after Bodhi.
I think Bodhi called him or something.
I don't know.
- Did you encourage him?
- No, I didn't.
- I wouldn't do that! You know I wouldn't.
- All right.
Get out of here.
And we'll meet in the clubroom.
- So we're gonna go after him?
- Be quiet.
He's a little boy all alone. I say that we go.
Listen to me carefully.
This is not like sneaking off to the pits.
It's not gonna be
20 meters in a ditch for this one.
If we do get caught,
it's gonna mean mainstream labor site.
- Or maybe worse.
- Yeah, well, what could be worse?
Like surgical alteration.
Didn't think of that, did we?
They've conditioned us here
to be so afraid.
There has got to be a place to go.
We were not born here.
We had parents on the outside, families.
People who might still be alive.
Maybe we could find them.
I'm very worried about him.
Please, let's just go.
It sounds like if we go,
we're not coming back.
That's exactly right,
so it's gotta be something that we all
agree on or we just don't go.
- Then we should vote.
- Okay.
- All those in favor...
- No, this should be a secret ballot.
There shouldn't be any peer pressure.
- It's unanimous. We go.
- All right!
- I did it!
- Let's move!
- Yeah!
- All right!
Alerts imposed on all quarters.
But why would they even try to escape?
There's no point in it.
Maybe they were challenged
by the ineptitude of your system.
Maybe they couldn't resist.
A Tchigani.
- He doesn't know that.
No child here knows his origin.
It's the law.
- He was taken at the age of two months.
- It's in his blood.
There are still some Tchigani
camped in the wastes. He'll find them.
Seven little douchkies all in a row.
How are you going to explain all this
to the inquisitor from mainstream control?
Maybe when you find them
you can bring them back here.
It might pass unnoticed.
But that's not the law.
The law requires that I take them to
my headquarters to be surgically altered.
You're not suggesting
that I break the law, are you?
Of course, you know, I could tell them
what you're always telling me.
That you don't run a prison here.
Grock, I don't want them hurt!
Maybe you should have
thought of that before.
Alerts imposed on all quarters.
Advise perimeter control.
- Jason, we're free.
- Yes.
- I told you, we're free!
- It's nice.
We're free! We're free!
- We're free! All right!
- Yeah!
- We made it!
- I can't believe it! We can breathe!
Wait, wait!
- E-Pigs! They're on our trail!
Wait. Wait a minute.
Disassemble the bi-chopper!
Let's go!
Come on, Jason, run!
- Come on! Come on!
- Come on, jump over!
Jason, you can make it!
- Jason, watch out! Hurry!
- Come on, Jason!
- Come on, Jas!
- Come on!
Watch out!
- All right!
- Yeah.
- Hooray!
- Yeah!
- We did it!
- All right, we made it!
Yeah, I know.
But where?
What is it?
Who are you?
- I've never been sure.
- Don't be cryptic with me, boy.
I was raised in a Protectorate orphanage.
That's all I know.
What do they call you?
I call myself Darstar.
The owl. It's yours?
As much as an owl is anyone's.
You are Tchigani.
- Tchigani!
What is this place?
It used to amuse people.
Hey, boy!
He's old.
He lives only to keep the past.
You are sooner than expected.
Now show it to me. Show it to me.
- Where did you get it?
- What does it matter?
He brought it to us.
He brought it? He brought it?
I think it brought him.
- I know it has powers, but...
- It has will.
There is the difference.
Stop trying to shuffle our brains.
How can we use it?
The force of will...
Be quiet! I am speaking!
This force of will is not one of your
blind energies which can light a lamp
or make an engine hum.
It chooses its own path.
So that if anybody is going to be used
it will be you.
Where did it come from?
Some say from the stars.
Some from the genius of Longiness.
You see? It knows his name.
He hid it. He protected it.
Listen, old mutt!
I know this is worth some coin.
The Protectorate fears
the will of the sphere.
Once they know that you have it,
they will spare nothing,
absolutely nothing,
to gain possession of it.
And they'll pay for it?
Get it.
Come on, torch it all!
Prepare to evacuate camp.
Deposit all captives in E-Van 7.
I got him! I whomped his owl!
- Stakker!
- Next time, you leave a better trail.
Daniel, we were so worried about you.
Where were you?
Bodhi called me. I had to follow,
but I didn't think you'd come.
What? And miss a trudge
through the desert?
Hey, what happened here?
Who trashed this place?
Must have been the E-Cops.
Hey, look!
We should bury it.
- Why?
- Never mind why. We should just bury it.
Bounty hunters, clear the gates.
Allow the E-Vans to enter.
- Hire us? Hire us?
- Won't cost anything. Won't cost anything.
Hire us. I'll go anywhere.
- Private... We are.
- Buy the best, sir. Buy the best.
Come on, we'll go anywhere.
We'll go anywhere.
Two good killers.
Two good men for hire.
Dedicated killers, sir.
Dedicated to your service.
Right. Hey, sir. Wait, wait.
Sir, sir.
Sir, sir. I beg of you, hire us, sir.
We are good men.
Good men, but vicious, sir.
Please! What have I done?
- Vicious men.
- We spare no expense, sir.
Please, stop it.
I just want a summer job, Daddy.
Just a summer job.
Show some respect. Sir. Your Lordship.
Your Lordship. Bounty hunters.
Looking for work, sir. Looking for work.
Whenever and whatever
I could do for you, sir. Anytime at all.
We'll be in touch.
Do you wish to change your story?
It is true. Please.
Please, please, please...
Relieve him.
And you actually saw
the sphere of Longiness?
- I touched it.
And the boy has it?
And the others?
- The boy was not alone.
- No, no, I saw no others. I swear it!
I believe this man has soiled himself.
Wash him.
Please, Strictor, I told you everything.
I should be rewarded for what I've done.
My reward!
There are a couple of ward-hunters
at the gates. Bring me their leader, Malice.
Clean the room.
You never told me about the sphere.
I didn't know about it.
- Did you enjoy what you just saw?
- No. I mean, yes.
It's a remarkable machine,
don't you think?
You can have whatever you want,
whatever they fear most.
Disease. Rats. Snakes.
How would you like to see
the flesh fall away from your body?
- I oath my life. I never saw a sphere.
- Never?
No! No!
- This is all there is, so make it last.
- Thank you.
Hey, Terra, how do you know
these things aren't poison?
Oh, I saw the birds eating them.
What she didn't see
were the birds dying afterwards.
Hey, listen, sandbrain. She fed us and
that's more than you could do, all right?
- Yeah, she fed us.
- All right.
- And they're good, too.
- All right, Daniel.
- Hey, this one's full.
- What is it?
"The man's brew."
I guess that means you go thirsty, Terra.
Thanks, Tug.
Don't drink that! What are you doing?
- Tug! What are you doing?
- It's probably spoiled.
- Oh, no.
- He's crazy.
- You don't know what's in that.
- You're an animal.
You don't know
what kind of stuff that is.
It could be poison.
You guys, come here,
come here, come here.
This is awesome.
What is it?
Look at these guys in the weird get-up.
These guys are Eco-warriors,
fighting the Protectorate.
- Terra, look.
- What?
Look at this man.
Look, he's wearing
the same symbol you have on your hand.
Hey, Jason, come here.
This magnetron creates a force field
nearly equal to Earth's magnetic pull.
- Sounds impressive.
- It is impressive. It could hold a comet.
But it doesn't explain why
it should interest a Strictor of the E-Police.
Could it hold
the sphere of Longiness?
Or to be more specific,
could it destroy the sphere of Longiness?
Are you suggesting the sphere still exists?
I'm not the kind of man to take
your valuable time without a reason.
You've actually found this malignant thing.
- Could you destroy it?
- Shouldn't it go to mainstream control?
And let someone else take credit
for the destruction of it?
My facility stands ready to serve,
Strictor Grock.
Look at this.
And they said there was nothing out here.
What is this place?
it's definitely not mainstream.
Sure, I'll tie you up, if you can afford it.
Looking good, looking good.
Hey, big chunk.
Two quarts
and you can spend a few hours.
- Spend a couple of hours doing what?
- Hey, come on, man. Let's go.
Spend a couple of hours doing what?
Come on, darling.
Grab a poncho, marima skirts.
They're lovely, don't you think?
Water! Fresh water!
Step right up
and see the wonders...
Come one, come all.
Watch the human fire-dragon.
Get him!
Extra water privileges awarded
for capture of these Protectorate fugitives.
Extra water privileges awarded
for capture of these Protectorate fugitives.
Extra water...
I know he came this way, Malice.
I seen him. I did. He just went round that...
We've got him.
He's mine.
No, we wait.
We follow. We've got them all.
Keep moving, vermin.
Move, you swine!
Dayshift, note.
Partial shutdown on sectional boilers
means reduced distillation.
The water content and pollution ratios
are down.
Fluoride levels are acceptable.
Only those willing to combine shifts
will have a water ration increase.
All others will have a water standard
reduction by 0.25 liters per day.
This way.
He's here.
We can't wait, come on. Standing out here
is like begging for a bull's-eye.
- Quiet.
- You sure you can do this?
Sure. It's just like the old gym lockers.
Well, almost.
Try 66.
The sphere better be in there,
or you're maimed.
Just turn the dial to 66, and you'll have it.
- Sixty-six.
- Hey!
Hi, Bodhi. See, I told you he was here.
- No. I said forget going back.
- So what are we gonna do, stay here?
- I'd rather go back to the desert.
- And die of thirst?
There has got to be a place to go.
Well, until you're ready to show us,
O earth mother...
- I think we should make it.
- Make what?
- Make our own place to live.
Make it out of what, Daniel?
Blink your eyes and take a look
at the real world out there,
'cause it's a very ugly place.
- Bodhi will help us.
- Bodhi got us here.
Metron, you should have stayed
at the orphanage.
- Hey, Terra.
- No, I'm serious!
You had a future with the Protectorate.
You should've stayed.
We found your owl. I'm sorry it got killed.
- We buried it.
- I know.
Why did you take the sphere?
'Cause I thought it would do magic for me,
like it did for you.
It's not simple magic.
It's something else.
So, what are you gonna do now?
You gonna stay here?
For now, anyway.
- What about you?
- I don't know. We can't decide.
Maybe it's been decided for you.
Come on.
Spread out! Come on, move it!
Come on, up the ramp!
I'll hold them!
- Wait, I dropped Bodhi!
- Daniel, no!
Wait. I have to get Bodhi!
- No!
Bodhi! Bodhi!
Head for the tires.
- Hop in. Come on, Daniel.
- Get in.
- That's it. Climb all the way to the back.
- Hurry up! Hurry up!
- All the way to the back. Let's go.
Let's go.
- This better work!
- Bye, Daniel!
Don't let go, Daniel!
- You all right?
- Yeah.
- Rabbit, man.
- You okay?
- Where's Terra?
- I don't know.
- Terra.
- I thought she was behind you.
- No, she wasn't with...
- No, she...
- Jas, wait! Jason!
Terra! Terra!
The place just exploded.
Maybe she got out another way.
Yeah. She was slick on her wheels.
Real quick.
Congratulations, Strictor.
- Now let's see what you can do.
- Our analysis will take a little time.
But I'll do everything I can
to see you're not bored.
Not to worry.
It's only a live boy-o they pay for.
Ain't that right, old dog?
That's what the E-Piggies want.
Live young lads.
Make a man's day.
Only one. Only a lonely one.
Not to worry.
Water. Water!
- Who flashes water like that?
Wait. We'll barter some.
Did you hear?
We'll barter for what you've got.
Bring it here.
- Let's go!
- No.
We've got value here.
We don't want to lose it.
It's only a lithe and little one.
Let's go!
- Nothing here.
- Are you sure about that?
- Take a better look.
- Terra.
- Terra!
- Terra.
- All right, Terra!
- Daniel, I missed you.
- Terra, I can't believe this.
You're okay. How'd you get out?
After all your hard work, we couldn't
let you go off empty-handed, boys.
Hey, you forgot your boot.
- Hey, take it easy, fellas.
- Bye.
Yeah, take it easy. Just get a suntan.
- Wait till you see this.
- Hey, where are you taking us?
- What is this place?
- This is where I live.
- It's water!
- Water!
Tug, come on, there's more. Come on.
Hey, look. Water comes
right out of the rock.
No, it comes from here. This is called ice.
Thousands of years ago, a giant glacier
was trapped under a lava flow.
As it melts, it feeds the springs
that make our oasis.
This is Greentree. He's my father.
- Your father? This is...
- From the picture.
These are my friends. This is Jason.
- Jason.
- Hello.
- And Rabbit.
- Rabbit.
- This is Metron.
- Metron.
Tug. And the little one over there,
that's Daniel.
I'm glad to meet Terra's family.
Now you're my family, too.
This is your home. Come on.
- Her father?
- Her father?
I don't understand.
Why doesn't the Protectorate
take over here like everyplace else?
This place is our secret and must be kept.
So have you stopped fighting?
The Eco-wars took a great toll.
Terra's mother was taken prisoner
and killed.
Our numbers were cut.
By now, the Eco-warriors are only a rumor.
But there are new generations.
Our survival is our victory.
By some extraordinary luck,
our people found Terra and she's here.
We're all here to stay.
Bodhi doesn't call anymore.
Maybe the E-Police have...
Are we just gonna give up, Jason?
What are we gonna do?
I never told you this, but Bodhi...
He showed me something.
We were headed for this place
that we still haven't found.
So it's not over, Daniel.
So you keep listening. Listen real hard,
so Bodhi will know
you're trying to hear him.
We've reached an apparent null.
I'll reduce the power.
Just keep cooking it.
I'm so happy here.
We're all gonna be very happy here.
Terra, I know what you've found here. I do.
- But the rest of us, we gotta move on.
- No.
We left the orphanage with a purpose.
To find Daniel. And now Daniel's safe.
We're all safe. This is our home.
Bodhi's gone. It's gone.
I can't believe you're saying that.
It's just better forgotten.
What do you mean, forgotten?
What do you know?
Come on, Terra.
Come on, Terra. We've all oathed
each other that there'd never be secrets.
But I oathed to my father, too.
And that means more?
Where's the sphere?
His men said that they took it
to the Protectorate aqua bunker.
- The what?
- The aqua bunker.
It's where they control the water.
Jason, they're gonna destroy it.
- Well, it won't happen.
- What?
You heard me. I said it won't be destroyed.
Hey, hey, wait a minute. Wait.
It's stupid to go like this.
Terra, this is our choice.
We made the decision and we're going.
Well, then maybe this will help.
- Plans to the aqua bunker.
- Let's go. Come on.
All right!
Are you sure
we've got the right place?
Enough. It's ready.
The fusion lasers have
greatly weakened the surface shield.
Now it gets interesting.
We lock it down and disembowel it.
It's all yours.
Gentlemen, this is Terminack.
He's a multi-capable masterpiece.
He can squeeze the color from a ruby,
or deftly pluck the eye from a living bird.
And he's been programmed to enjoy
what he does.
Terminack can actually see
the molecular structure.
He'll find the flaw and punch home.
He's in.
Gates. Main gates.
- He's got the gates. Let's go.
- Yeah!
All right.
Dogs, huh?
Hey, what are you doing
down there? Come on, let's get him.
Say hello to Sparky.
- Where's Daniel?
- He's coming.
Come on!
Daniel, hurry!
- Daniel!
Okay, let's go.
Terminack's obviously
impressed. A carbon cobalt bit.
Now he'll drive it right to the heart.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Come on, hurry up. Come on.
Be careful, Daniel.
- Come on!
- Move it!
- Come on, let's go. Hurry up!
- The dogs. Hurry up!
- Dogs!
- Let's go. Let's go.
- Jason!
- Come on, Jason. Come on.
Jason, be careful. Come on.
- All right, hold it right there.
- You okay?
Get your hands up. Who are you?
How'd you get in here?
Come on, who are you, huh?
Let's move.
Hey, Jason! Over here!
Stand back.
Sound the alarm.
- Grock, do something.
E-Police! E-Police!
Stop them!
Crowbar, Jason.
The whip, Jason, the whip!
Get the eye!
Cover your back, Rabbit!
Yellow alert. Yellow alert.
Activate all manual overrides.
We have a total malfunction
on all circuit controls.
We have a total malfunction
on all circuit controls.
Say bye-bye...
Hey, Terra, behind you!
Behind you!
Here comes another one.
- Yeah! Look out!
- I got this one!
Oh, my. Hello.
Is this your ball?
Open it up!
Red alert. Red alert. Evacuate.
Red alert. Red alert. Evacuate.
Come on, you guys!
Close auto-locks. Close all auto-locks.
Daniel! Follow Daniel!
Bunkers 9 through 11 now closing.
This place is gonna blow!
... sealed off.
Malfunction on hermetics 14 and 21.
Get out! Get out!
Quick! Evacuate!
What the hell is that?
It's a thundercloud.
It's a real thundercloud.
Wow. It's inspirational.
Holy-oskie, so that's a thunderstorm.
It's more than just a thunderstorm.
Water's free again.
It's free.
Look, Bodhi is better. He's glowing.
Where's Bodhi? He's gone.
He's left us.
No, look.
- Hey.
- He's all around us.
He hasn't left us.
He'll always be with us.