Sold (2016) Movie Script

- Ugh!
- Sorry.
Going to town to see if
anyone will hire me.
Good luck.
My husband will have
to wash his own feet.
All joy in life
comes from giving to others.
And all misery,
from only thinking of yourself.
- Understand?
- Uh-uh.
One day you will.
Amma, one day
I will buy you tin roof
that will never leak.
Finish your school, Lakshmi.
The rest will come.
Tali, no.
Lakshmi, give me more.
Too much rain.
We will find a way.
We always do.
We always will.
Wealth and fortune
will soon return
to our home.
You'll see.
You're such a beauty
and a great dancer.
- I love your bracelets.
- Do you?
City girls wear fancy jewelry
and eat sweet cakes and mangos.
Every day.
It's the easy life.
And city girls wear toe rings
before they get married?
City girls can do
whatever they like.
Do you work for a family?
Yes, a big family.
Do you want to come
and work with us in India?
I can be your auntie.
- Would you like that?
- Mm-hmm.
It's only two days of
travel from Nepal.
You'd make lots of money.
Easy work.
Who is that woman?
I don't know.
I already took her money.
Give it back.
- We don't need it.
- It is done.
Without rice,
what else can we do?
She'll work for good family.
You will see.
It's a blessing.
This, Lakshmi, will protect you.
Soon I'll earn enough money
to buy you a tin roof.
You will see.
You'll be fine.
Let's go.
Ah, there you are.
I've been waiting.
Are you excited?
You will see so many new things.
How long will it take
to buy a tin roof?
Tin roof?
Let's see...
If you work hard,
you make it fast.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Then I will save everything.
You're very smart.
You'll do very well in the city.
You afraid?
It's safe.
Hundred of people
cross it every day.
Hey, get up.
Is this Kolkata?
It's the border.
Come on.
We don't have all day.
At the border,
there are men with guns.
We don't want them
taking you away.
So let me do
all the talking, okay?
Hey, new girl.
We'll have so much fun
in the city.
The men are checking everyone.
Auntie, do you think
they'd take me away?
Once we cross the border,
they can't.
When do we cross?
We just did.
Welcome to India.
This is a big bus.
This is not a bus.
It's a train.
- A train?
- Hmm.
Stay close.
You don't want to get lost here.
Get out.
What did he say?
Welcome to happiness house.
Come, come, come, come, come.
A little birdie
told me that you like
sweet cakes, mangos,
and toe rings.
- Is that true?
- Uh-huh.
Take, take, take.
And Bimla tells me
that you're a very smart girl,
that you work hard
and that you're a good girl.
And good girls
do what they're told,
- right?
- Mm-hmm.
Now, look what I have for you.
- For me.
- For you.
Come here.
Come, come.
Come, come.
Put your foot here.
Thank you.
Mm, hmm, hmm, hmm.
- Auntie...
- No, no. Mumtaz.
Call me Mumtaz.
Everybody calls me Mumtaz.
And what do they call you?
- Lakshmi.
- Lakshmi.
She's the goddess
of wealth and prosperity.
You will be a legend
in happiness house.
You'll get used to being here.
It's much better
than being on the street.
Just do what Mumtaz says,
and you'll be fine.
This is where you'll stay.
But wait.
Where are you going?
Why are you locking me in?
Auntie Mumtaz?
I finished cleaning my room.
I can do others!
Is anyone there?
Are you hungry?
I'm Anita. Come.
I can help you with this.
What are you doing?
Never touch anything.
Especially knife.
Lucky you still have two hands.
- Hah.
- I'm sorry.
- I...
- Hmm.
Diya likes it spicy.
Watch this girl's face
when I change the channel.
Straight from the bus.
Okay, okay,
it's showtime, folks.
Time to paint your pretty faces.
But first
we must welcome Lakshmi.
Let's have a look.
Show her how to do it.
- Hey, hey, Monica.
- Hmm.
Show her how to look.
Show her.
Showing off as usual.
Now you show us the look.
Ooh! She will kill
everyone with those eyes.
Eyeliner... lipstick...
That's it.
My fresh mountain flower.
Ready to work?
- How many bottles sold?
- Eight so far.
How will I work in this?
Ha ha.
You'll see.
Sit here.
Put your feet up.
Do you see this?
This is from Kalighat.
It's going to bring you
protection and good fortune.
- What are you doing?
- We always do this
when a girl works
for the first time.
You are lucky to have
Varun as your first.
Give yourself fully.
That's how a goddess
serves her god.
Ha ha.
Where's my money?
All yours.
Where are you going?
Be back later.
You're so beautiful.
I'll be very gentle.
There's nothing to fear.
You have such lovely hair.
You're so beautiful.
Ugh! Ugh!
- Ahh!
- Ahh!
How dare you bite me.
- Ah!
- Ugh!
Where do you think you're going?
- Get off!
- Mumtaz!
- Mumtaz!
- Ooh!
- Mumtaz!
- Uh!
You have no idea
what you just did, do you?
That Varun can do anything.
He can have you chopped
into tiny, tiny pieces
- and fed to dogs.
- I'm going home.
If he doesn't kill you
before that.
What you just did
will triple your debt.
So from now on, sweetheart,
you will do what men tell you,
and smile when you do it
till all your debt is cleared.
Do you understand?
No! I won't!
Help me! Help me!
Help me!
You that bitch?
Mind your bloody business.
Child! Apologize!
Apologize to the sahib!
Sorry, sir.
I'll take care of everything.
- Ha?
- Hmm.
You'll have beat.
She'll learn
one way or the other.
- Go
try to run now.
Help! Help!
What are you doing?
If you yell again,
I'll cut your tongue out!
First time in Kolkata?
Let me out!
Let me out of here!
You'll be fine.
If you do exactly
as you're told, okay?
You want to eat?
Or you want to die?
Hmm? That's how you
want to have it?
You do something
about this girl now!
Come, come.
I have an appointment
with Mrs. Tripathi.
Thank you so much for coming.
- Thank you.
- Pleasure.
Let me introduce you
to everyone.
This is Vikram.
He's our chief investigator.
- Hi. How you doing?
- Hi. Thank you. Nice.
And this is Sam.
He's from the U.S.
He's training under Vikram
as an investigator.
And this is Sophia
the photographer
I was telling you both about.
I'm honored to be here.
We would love for you
to photograph our girls.
I wouldn't mind shooting where
they've come from as well
if that's possible.
I don't think
that's gonna be possible.
Because if you're
talking about the ones
from the red light district,
is not permitted there.
- Sorry. -Yeah, no
one wants evidence
that can put them behind bars.
- Sure.
- So taking pictures there
can be quite dangerous.
Of course you can just
walk in and have a look,
but just don't bring
that camera in.
Free checkup.
Free clinic.
Free checkup.
Ma'am, up here.
Help me get out of here.
Maybe you're right after all.
Maybe there's been a mistake.
I got you a peace offering.
Do you like man we sent you?
Pick her up.
Get out.
Get out of the way.
- She's so heavy.
- Stop complaining.
I've been thinking about you.
Have you been thinking about me?
The hard part's over.
From now on, it'll get
easier and easier.
You'll see, my sweet girl.
Ah! Ahh!
Leave me!
- Drink up.
- Don't spit it.
- Open up, swallow.
- Drink it, drink it.
- Come on, come on.
Stop it!
Stop fighting!
- Ah! Leave me!
- Come on, pull up.
Hold her.
I'll get her legs.
Shut up!
- Stop kicking!
- I don't like her.
- -Okay. Okay.
Lakshmi, make us some
good money tonight.
She's probably 12.
My daughters age.
Mm, mm, mm.
Can I see?
We have to help this girl.
How did you manage
to take this picture?
In a nun outfit.
When you raid this brothel,
I want to be there
and take pictures.
Unfortunately, setting up a raid
can take weeks.
There are protocols
we must follow.
- Yah!
- -Eight!
Along with self-defense
we teach academics,
vocational skills.
This prepares them for life.
- Yah!
- Five.
- Yah!
- Six!
- Yah!
- Seven!
- No!
- Excuse me.
No! I said, "no!"
- All right.
- I will not testify!
Just tell me a name,
and we'll protect you.
- They know what I did.
- I know they know,
but still nothing will happen.
- They will kill my family.
- -Seema, calm down.
- What? Oh, hello, hello.
- No.
No pictures, please.
No pictures.
Nothing will happen
to your family.
- Okay?
- No!
Delete all photos of Vikram.
He works undercover.
If the photo got into the wrong
hands, he will be killed.
No problem.
I still smell them.
They're not washing off.
Someone stole my Lakshmi statue.
It's gone.
You can't trust anyone
in this place.
I need this place.
Time to go.
I can go home?
Yes, of course.
After you've paid back
the 30,000 that you owe me.
I had to pay Varun off
to save your life.
Now you can join the others
and roam the house.
But, if you try
to runaway again,
you've had it.
Give you some rice
and show her her bed.
Ah, you're here.
- Oh.
- This is...
A little birdie
told me that you...
What you staring at?
What a pretty young thing.
Hi, Pushpa.
Hi, Jeena.
Oh, she's sleeping.
Harish, up.
This is her bed now.
I'm not him.
I'm Renaldo.
You are from Nepal, aren't you?
What did I say?
She's new.
Just go, okay?
Harish, come here.
This is your bed now.
You work and sleep here.
When you have a customer,
move this curtain closed.
Like this.
Harish, I have a customer.
Want to fly kites?
Lakshmi, over here.
You try.
Oh. Ah.
Watch out.
Put in.
Put it in.
- Great.
- Oh!
You let go.
It's getting away.
There's a customer waiting.
Take him to your bed, okay?
Do you want another mango juice?
Do you?
Come, come.
- Ugh!
- -Hey, stop it.
No! Ugh!
I've already paid for you.
- Stop!
- -You're mine.
- Stop! No!
Lakshmi, what are you doing?
Lakshmi, give me your hand.
Come down.
Come down.
That's right.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
- Hundred rupees.
- What? Hundred rupees?
I could have another
go with her for that.
This is not even cold.
- Hundred.
What are you doing here?
You are supposed to be working.
A hundred rupees a customer,
average ten a night
in 57 days.
I can go home.
That's not how Mumtaz
figures it.
I know maths.
Mumtaz has her own kind of math.
If Mumtaz finds you hiding here,
she'll bury you alive.
She's enjoying this.
You know this bride here?
She was the first girl
we ever rescued,
and today she's now like
the backbone of hope house.
How did you get
involved in all this?
- Who? Me?
- Hmm.
I was in the police force.
So one day I went into a
brothel with my captain.
It turned out
that he was taking bribes.
A little girl, maybe nine,
she came running and, uh,
put her arms around me
and just asked me
to get her out of that place.
The next day I went back,
and she was gone.
Get up! Lunch is ready!
Hey, get up!
Wake up!
Time for lunch.
You want to eat?
Get up.
Old ones are gentle and fast.
And they tip,
but they smell bad.
Young ones take forever.
They smell a bit better,
but they leave you
black and blue.
And they fall in love,
which is exhausting.
I imagine my customer
is an animal.
Dog... ruff!
Hide your tips.
People steal.
Don't trust girls,
especially Americans.
They will trick you into
running away, cut you open,
take a kidney, and leave
you to die in the gutter.
They say it happened
to someone here.
Use this.
They will protect you
from disease.
But don't insist.
If Mumtaz finds out you insist,
she'll beat you.
What is this for?
What you doing?
I'm making a kite for Harish.
Kites don't need tails.
Stand up.
- Harish.
- Hmm?
- I made this for you.
- Oh, my gosh.
- For me?
- Yes.
It flies great.
Third time you tried to get out.
What are you men doing?
Where is that runaway?
Bloody bastards,
Tanak and Suren!
What the hell have you done?
You told us to punish
her for running.
Never touch faces.
Use chilies.
Faces are merchandise.
Only use chilies.
- Spread her legs.
- Hold her hands.
Here. Okay, okay.
No. No.
Show them how it's done.
Hold her. Hey!
I can't.
Shut up.
You see?
That's how you do it.
Now, how many times
have I told you
not to hit faces?
- Hungry?
- Yes.
I'll get you some DAL and rice.
It was you, wasn't it?
I want it back.
- Where is it?
- Where is what?
My statue.
Give it back.
My mother gave that to me.
I don't know
what you are talking about.
I did not take your statue!
I'm giving you this candle
to shine a light on your story.
When Lalita's parents died,
her cousin sold her
into the brothel.
Mahdu is an excellent artist.
She's going to be an animator.
She wants to teach
homeless children
in train station schools.
You must understand
what is involved here.
What I understand
is every day she's there
she's raped and beaten.
I need to know
everything, right?
The entrances, the exits,
the hiding places,
and I need to earn
her trust first.
So be patient, please.
I heard her scream
as he beat her.
It's like that girl
who put her arms around you.
I just can't get her out
of my head.
I'll set up a raid
as soon as possible.
That's a promise.
So be patient.
That's mine.
Give it back.
What are you doing?
Give me my ball back.
Give me back my ball.
Hey, come back.
I didn't take your statue.
Lakshmi, next.
Mango yellow.
Are you charging me for this?
These are gifts.
This is my way
of saying thank you
for all your hard work.
These are not for children.
They don't like chocolates
anymore, you know?
Have you been thinking of me?
I've been thinking of you.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, why are you
copying my book?
Teaching myself
how to write in Hindi.
Want me to teach you?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Your first lesson
starts Mangalwar.
- Mangalwar?
- Yeah, Tuesday.
Ekh, dhoh, theen,
- char...
- Ugh!
How could you?
Let go of my hand.
Let go.
Dirty whore.
No one hits me.
No one.
- We are through.
What are you staring at?
I have a Tika present for you.
Big sister, I have a
present for you, too.
Thank you.
I have something for you.
- What?
- This is for you.
What is this?
What is this?
It's a soccer ball.
- Let's go.
Why did you do that?
Half a dozen customers
are waiting.
You could've just turned it off!
Go! Get ready!
We'll get you another one.
Calm down.
My name is Jai.
Such a tiny bed.
Is this where you sleep?
No, no.
You don't have to take
off your clothes.
I don't understand.
- What's your name?
- Lakshmi.
Let's just lay down.
That's all.
- What are you smiling at?
- Beware of pretty boys.
They'll steal your heart
and then your money.
Aah! He's got a knife!
Help me! Help!
- No!
- Ugh!
- Lakshmi.
You just earned a thousand
rupees towards your debt.
Well done.
Okay, ladies, enough fun.
Get back to work.
Go. Go.
Go, go, go, go.
Back to work.
- Hey!
- Get me a broom.
Glass everywhere.
Thank you.
Mumtaz did the same for me once.
The man's skull split open
like a watermelon.
- Did he die?
- Of course.
We buried him at the tree
with all the others.
Which one of you hos
took my Bollywood magazine?
Counting days
since pretty boy, huh?
Know how I know?
Because I've done it.
We all have.
We are here for only one thing.
To make money,
pay Mumtaz back
and go back home.
- I hate her.
- Mumtaz?
You know Mumtaz has given money
for my father's operation,
my sister's glasses,
and my daughters school.
She charges 25% interest
but now after five years...
I'm going back home.
Five years?
All I wanted
was to buy a tin roof
- for mama.
- And you will.
When you go back to your
village, you'll be a heroine.
Both of us will.
Bye, Monica.
I'm gonna go with her.
And you're Nepali?
There's a shelter
called hope house.
There's a school.
There's job training.
We could take you there.
We can get you home.
I'll come back Thursday
with the police.
If they try to hide you,
make noise so we can hear you.
- Be safe.
- Okay.
American Gora?
Never trust Americans.
If Mumtaz finds this,
she'll kill you.
They'll come back.
You'll see.
They'll come back
and take your kidney
and feed you to the dogs
I'd rather did like that
than stay here.
- I don't trust them.
- Well, I do.
Lakshmi, where are you?
"Hope house
414 Fanaa street."
- Hold on.
- -It's Monica.
Monica, what happened?
Move aside.
My father didn't let
me into the village.
He said he didn't want me
to bring shame into the family.
But your daughter.
Where's your daughter?
He told her I died a year ago.
Stay together.
Where are they taking us?
To see dirty hands.
You'll see.
What are you looking at?
Come on.
Let's move.
His hands look clean.
Mm. Hmm.
Mm-mm. Hmm.
What are you doing?
I have to check everything.
- It's routine.
- Change your routine.
I can tell them
you have the disease,
then you'll be out
to starve on the streets
like that.
I can tell Mumtaz that you tried
to get something for free
and Mumtaz will be
finding another doctor
like that.
Come on, who's next?
Nice and healthy, are we?
Um, uh, I...
I have to go to the bathroom.
Come and see this.
- What's that?
- -That's the disease.
Kaposi sarcoma. Aids.
Use these every time.
Do you hear me?
Why are you hiding here?
Look at what I got,
Your boss will fire you.
It's like fireworks
in the mouth.
Oh, no.
Where are you hiding?
Harish, I need those drinks.
Customers are waiting
for their beer.
- I know you are out here.
- -Anita.
Get Mumtaz at the door.
What is this?
I know I paid the electric bill.
- Get out the lantern.
- -Coming.
- Suren.
- -Yeah?
- Lock the gate.
- -Okay, will do.
You cost me a night of business.
We need to talk.
- Stop her!
- -Get her!
Stomp that bloody fire!
- Go! Go!
- -Stomp it.
Whose card is this?
Someone talk.
Otherwise you'll all get
chili powder!
It's mine.
I see.
Shh! Shh!
- Hey!
Hey! Open up.
- Open the gate.
- That's a raid.
Take the little ones away.
Suren, delay them at the gate!
Why did you say it was yours?
It's Thursday.
They're here.
Lakshmi, what are you doing there?
Hey, open up!
We are closed today.
No electricity.
- Open the gate.
- Okay, okay.
Just one moment, sir.
Let me find the right key.
In the dark it's not so easy.
Oh, I think...
I think this is the key.
- One more time.
- Quickly, open the door.
- Open that door!
- This is not the key.
- Hey, bang the door down.
- No, no, no, no!
No need to do that
because I found the key.
Hold on! Hold on!
Hold on!
Give me the knife.
Anyone who makes a sound,
Shahana dies.
Open that door!
Get the door.
Open the door!
Open the door!
What is his name?
The boy that you told me about?
Girls, make a noise
if you can hear us!
I know she's here somewhere.
They've checked every room.
They probably moved them to
another location already.
Come on.
There's nothing left to do here.
Tell me.
I shouldn't have
pushed you so hard.
We may still find he.
She's just a little girl.
I pay protection money
every month.
- Why were we raided?
- I don't know.
- Ugh!
- Well, go on, answer her!
I need answers.
- I have none.
- Talk!
Anita, talk.
Otherwise, I swear I'll send
you to the middle east.
You won't come back.
I've always wanted to travel.
Suit yourself.
- Come on!
- Come on!
Mumtaz sold Anita.
We're never going
to see her again.
Why didn't you say anything?
I didn't want to be next.
Pushpa, stand.
- Come on, now before they...
- before what?
We're just getting her
ready for work.
Really? Is that right, Pushpa?
Yeah. Yes.
- No.
- Fever's back.
- Time to go.
- No, she'll get better.
We'll get her medicine.
She's beyond medicine.
Now go.
Mumtaz, please!
For the sake of my children.
She's become such a beauty, huh?
And she's growing up so fast.
She looks just like her mommy.
I have an idea.
You give her to me.
After all, we are a family.
Pack your things.
- Harish?
- Huh?
I'm so sorry.
Bye, Shahana.
Bye, Didi.
Lakshmi, what's wrong?
We've got to get out of here.
I won't live on
the street again.
I can't do that.
Hey, girls! Come!
Kali Pooja is starting on TV.
Open up, now!
Open up!
She's getting away!
Catch her!
I gonna get you!
Stop! Stop!
Think you can runaway?
What happened?
- Where is she?
- Get her! Get her!
Get out of my way!
I catch you, I'll kill you!
I'm gonna catch you!
- Yes?
- Is Sam here?
- Come in.
- Thank you.
Oh, my goodness.
You got out.
All right.
Turn around.
Look who's here!
- You got her.
- Lakshmi, Didi, how are you?
I found something.
Come on, run!
Come out, girls.
You'll be safe now.
We're taking you to hope house.
You're next.