Solino (2002) Movie Script

And that's my Johanna.
She's also gone now.
That's my father.
Over there, where the furnace used
to be, there he went to work.
When I was a child, I used to say:
'My father is special.' Because he
went right through hell
and every time came out
in one piece again.
And what is he now
without his 'hell'?
A poor guy.
Good evening.
Come on, Gigi!
You'll never make it.
Yes, I will!
They are too fast.
- I'll make it!
You'll lose the bet.
- Nonsense!
If someone is coming,
you whistle, ok?
You got him!
- Don't let it go!
Don't touch my cat!
Run! Get out of here!
What are you doing in here?
Come down from there!
Come down already!
- Let me go!
So you play around on the rooftops!
Little bastard!
Come here!
Now you'll learn a lesson!
Go! Faster!
Your son has ruined my roof!
You'll have to pay this!
Are you okay?
Roof ruined...?
How is that supposed to work?
Tell me, what have you done?
He went up there
and threw down the bricks!
So it's only a brick and not the whole roof!
- That's pettifoggery!
You owe me 300 Lira!
- For used bricks?
You're crazy!
- 300 Lira! Well, stuff it!
He went crazy!
- 300...
A sparrow in the house!
That means bad luck!
Jump! You are the tallest.
Get him out of here!
300 Lira.
Still 300...
Rosa, you promised me!
Damn it!
- You shouldn't curse!
You say if your father
doesn't need you anymore
we'll go to Germany.
Just as Franco!
I won!
- My brother always wins!
Shut up!
Could you give some space, please?
Thank you.
How is it in Germany?
They got snow!
- Real snow?
Of course not all the time, only in winter.
Not in summer.
Me and my brother,
we are going to see the snow now.
Giancarlo, Gigi! Come!
Let's go home! We go!
What's the matter?
Would you come already?
I said, let's go home!
I'll not come with you!
Pack your stuff!
If you don't,
I'll slap you once more!
Madonna, where the heck you wanna go
at such storm? - Where's Mama?
Thank you for the ride!
- Thank you!
These are cookies!
I made them on my own!
Well, almost on my own.
Check out where your mother is!
The train is leaving!
Mama, the train...
You really want to go to Germany?
- Yes.
It's time to go! We have to leave!
Fuck! She's missing the train!
- Don't talk like this!
Don't leave! Stay!
- Stay!
Nicola! My Nicolino.
You got to help!
Stop the train!
It seems you want to ruin me!
You want me to lose my job?
Let down the barrier!
What does he want?
- Yeah, what does he want?
Let down the barrier!
Who does he think he is?
It's ME who will let down the barrier!
- HE will let down the barrier!
Well, OK. But close it, I have to go!
Telling ME when I should close the barrier...!
It's going to be closed when I say it!
- Come on, go!
Well, then I'll close it myself!
What are you going to do?
This is not allowed!
I'm the train conductor!
- I'm the boss of the train station!
Nicola, we can leave now!
Let's go, or we'll miss the train!
You forgot your cookies!
Uh, the cookies!
Will you bring me some snow?
- Yes.
- Promised!
This is Franco!
How are you doing?
How are you doing? Everything fine?
- Yes, I'm fine. Thank you.
Here we are, Romano.
Here, second floor.
Come on in, Romano.
Here's the appartment.
Nice, isn't it?
Mama, there are no toilets!
What? German's have no toilets?
- It's outside at the stairways.
At the stairways!
Didn't know that onions
can be so small...
And look at this.
And this!
He doesn't want to go to work anymore!
As if!
I don't want to get dirty hands.
It's unremovable!
What's your problem with the dirt?
It shows you are working for your family.
You are supposed to eat!
Why are we here?
Not for the beauty of the city!
We are here for the work
in mining.
And now you don't want
to work anymore.
Well kids, as of tomorrow
we'll all go for a roundabout!
In Germany there's work available
everywhere, no?
Then I'll work somewhere else.
In steelworks for example.
Because you don't get
dirty hands there?
Delicious pasta,
just like back home.
What's he saying? - The pasta
is delicious like back home.
There are no aubergines, no
artichockes, no oregano...
The onions are mingy,
and the toilets are at the stairways!
Neither they have a bidet!
I cannot go back.
What are we doing in here?
We don't belong here...
I don't understand
what the people are saying.
Let's try!
You cannot leave me alone!
I need you! Help me!
Why it doesn't snow?
We are in Germany!
So why isn't there snow?
But even if so... how can I
bring snow to Solino?
By train!
- It will melt in the train.
Well, let's see...
That appears to be fine: "Swei-ber"
Look up what it means.
No, welder is not good.
I wonder where's Giancarlo?
What's the matter, Mama?
Tell me, what does it mean:
"zu ver-mi-e-ten"?
It means: "zu vermieten".
But what does it mean?
- For rent.
What's going on? - They rent
a restaurant down there.
What are you up to?
You want to open a bussiness?
Franco doesn't have a woman.
Same goes for all the others.
I see.
You want to run a whorehouse!
No, I mean:
They got noone
who cooks for them.
It's an ice cream parlour!
No, Romano,
it's a pizzeria!
A pizzeria?
A pizzeria has square-shaped tables.
These are round-shaped.
I'll use checked table-cloth,
and we'll have a pizzeria.
That's not going to make
the tables square-shaped.
Well, then we are the first ones
to have a pizzerie with round tables.
Let's have a look
what's down there!
What does it cost?
What's he saying?
Write it?
How much is it in lira?
Giancarlo, say:
Everything okay?
You have an idea
for the pizzeria's name?
We call it:
"At Romano's"
"At Rosa and Romano"?
Just like back home.
Just like back home.
What's he saying?
Good luck!
Give it back to me!
Get it!
Give it to me!
- Come and get it!
The plates are full.
You put too much on them,
they are too big.
What do you mean, 'too big'?
Where have you been all the time?
How am I to pay the rent
if you make the plates that big?
People eating at our place
shouldn't stay hungry.
End of story!
Everything is flipped!
You bought a TV?
- That's going to make a lot of money for us!
You don't pay the rent
but you're buying a TV!
Noone's got a TV!
Not in front of the people, Rosa!
But that's what it's all about!
Now they'll all come to our place!
Where you wanna go with the boys?
Where did you take me?
The war is over
and they didn't change!
The war?
What are you talking about?
They are guests! Everything is fine.
They are shooting a movie.
A movie!
Come, Giancarlo!
From famous Italian
director Salvatore Baldi.
And they'll have their
"Mittagspause" (lunch break) in here.
Give me a cigarette!
A cigarette?
But you never smoked!
- Then I'll start smoking now!
Is that how you smoke?
Take a strong puff!
You calmed down a bit?
Now let's go downstairs
and you'll make the best pasta
of your life!
Yeah, but not for the fascists!
Anything else, Signor Baldi?
- A Grappa.
We'll make this scene
with a tracking shot.
It's not gonna work.
We only have four tracks.
Why aren't there any tracks?
You didn't say anything about
a tracking shot... - I say!
You're not able to think yourself?
Apparently not!
Not to mention this stupid
incompetent director of production!
Damn idiots!
It shouldn't be too hard
to find a few metres of tracks!
I can't squeeze blood out of a stone!
I say!
I'm also missing tracks sometimes!
Get out of my sight!
Bittersweet, just as life!
Much better!
Thank you, Signor Baldi.
Thank you!
I'm eating!
Can I come with you?
- You'll come anyway!
I want to make movies, just as you do!
That's not important.
It doesn't matter if you're
making movies or something else.
What's important then?
To live with fire and passion!
Fire and passion?
How to do that?
Man, you're asking silly questions!
You have to tell me
how to do it!
For example,
if you walk through the streets
you'll have to watch everything
as if everything is special.
As if this is the first time!
But I know Mhlheimer street
very well!
Well then.
What's on the left side of the street?
- A house!
Yes, a house.
But what does it look like.
- Are you sure?
No, it's brown.
Now what? Brown or grey?
Grey and brown.
It's green! Es ist grn!
- Of course, it's green!
It's grey!
That's what I said!
Are all windows the same?
I don't know.
Look, that one is totally different.
Someone living there who likes plants.
They've stretched threads
for the ivy.
That's fire and passion?
- No.
That's botany!
What's that?
Try this!
Listen carefully:
You found a barrette for the hair?
Be honest. Someone saw you there!
What have you done this time?
You want to ruin me?
I don't want to you see again in
company of those guys, understand?
But daddy,
I want to make movies too!
Here's your film!
You're supposed to go to school!
I don't want to see you again
around those guys! Understand?
Baldi is looking for you!
He wants to say goodbye!
Where's Giancarlo?
- Outside.
And turn off that music!
Gives me headaches!
Giancarlo, you think the guests
are waiting for you? - Yes, coming.
And keep your hands off the girls.
Come here!
I have to talk to you.
Let's have a glass of
good Montepulciano!
You heard the news, guys?
In market street there's
a another pizzeria now.
Now we're four.
But we are the best,
and that's not going to change!
And now, Gigi,
you have to make a decision: You're
going to college of hotel management?
My son, you have "Mittlere Reife"
(= secondary school level)
Different from your brother who
didn't learn anything at school
You got good grades,
you got talent.
It will take only three years.
After that, you and your brother are
going to open a restaurant somewhere.
In Mlheim or Essen.
If things work out well,
we'll be number one in the whole
Ruhrgebiet (= a region in Germany).
Noone can say then
that Romano Amato
didn't make it.
I have hired a waiter,
so you can go.
What a bummer!
Don't I pay you a well?
Fucking shit!
That ain't true!
This is our restaurant.
We are one family!
Und that's why you do
as I tell you!
Or do you want to to make
crappy pictures your whole life?
"Alles verkehrt rum"
(Everything flipped)
What's the matter?
Fire and passion!
What can you buy
if you got fire and passion?
Rosa, what are you doing?
Stop it! It will break!
You don't care about your family!
- But it's for your brother's son!
We have to send him something!
You only bought the silverware
so that everyone says:
"Oh, Romano Amato! You see
how much he can afford!"
You are nuts!
You can't afford anything!
Have you gone insane?
The whole restaurant is
crowded with people!
Wait! Just a moment!
I need your support!
I will pay the bills!
Get out of here! Get out!
You fucking buggers!
Two fucking buggers they are!
That's my Montepulciano,
you understand?
They've stolen my wine!
You're gonna pay for it!
All bottles! You understand?
What's going on in here?
They don't have any respect anymore!
I work hard the whole day
for the restaurant.
And they play on it!
Don't you understand?
They are not feeling good.
As if!
From now on,
the tune will change.
I don't want to see those pictures
anymore! "Alles verkehrt rum"!
You're going to the college
of hotel management! Period!
No people smoking weed in here
and drinking my wine!
To those who disagree:
There's the door!
I have always thought that
Luigi and Giancarlo
would go back to Solino,
build a house
where we can all live in
But we are doing well, don't we?
I'm cold.
Come here!
Don't talk crap!
They are the same size.
Beat it, you pansy!
Why don't you come back?
At least work
at the restaurant again.
You need work.
I got work!
- Where you work at?
Gigi, at least you!
I can't do it anymore.
I'm getting more tired each day.
I need someone supporting me.
Think about it.
Come back at least.
Do it for your mother.
I don't need to talk about anything.
What do you need the money for?
The pizzeria is full of pictures!
Who needs films?
Education is what you need!
But you didn't want it.
You could have make it far.
Don't bother me now.
Pick it up.
Pick it up!
I said...
- I pick it up!
They have to be cleaned anyway.
Fucking fire and passion!
Be quiet!
Come on!
Fuck you!
Come one now!
Leave him alone!
Next time it's more
than one night!
Next time they
won't let you go anymore!
That's where you belong!
What's that supposed to be? Was wird das?
- Antipasti.
But that's not on the menu card.
So what?
The menu card is not good enough
for the blonde one?
These are regular guests.
We have to pamper them.
That's part of the job.
For who am I doing this?
For our family,
and for you.
For me?
When will there be someone
supporting me in the kitchen?
I'm tired, I can't do it anymore!
But you always managed to do it.
The restaurant didn't expand.
Same number of tables still.
Wait a sec...
Did he say leukaemia?
What's he saying?
How much time I've left?
They can't tell.
I want to go home.
To daddy?
When will you come?
It's okay for me
if you're going to stay
in grandpa's house.
So you're going back?
daddy stays in Germany.
He has to manage
the restaurant.
So you're going to stay with
your mother?
Actually, I want to go back
as soon as possible.
Why didn't you send any snow?
You promised.
Don't you remember me?
Yes, I do. You're Ada.
We were friends,
and you promised.
I forgot.
You forgot to speak Italian
as well?
The pharisse and the scholars
grumbled and said:
The sinner is taking care of them
and will eat with them.
But he told them about the parable
and said...
We've been to the hospital.
Und why didn't they keep her?
She doesn't want to.
You should've known that.
She's stubborn.
They say it's enough
when she comes two times a week.
That's fine.
- Yes.
But I have to go!
How can I manage this?
She'll be all right,
running the errands, cooking, and alike.
But someone has to bring her
to the hospital
twice a week.
I know, I'm very demanding.
- Yes!
You're expecting a lot!
I have work to do.
And Paola is busy all day long!
But that's not the problem.
You can't leave your mother alone!
I've heard you're leaving tomorrow.
- Yes.
This is for your journey.
I remembered you like cookies.
Get on the train please!
Keep the barrier open!
I'll be right back!
You understand?
I have to take that train!
I have to tell my mother!
Where is Giancarlo?
He didn't come?
You see him?
Is there basil in the sauce?
- Yes, mom.
You won! Your movie is 1st place!
You got it?
Yes! That's the right one.
I would do it,
but I can't.
You know it's not possible.
Your mother doesn't want to see me.
I'm sorry.
Be quiet. The people.
I said, be quiet!
I've visited your mother.
Paola is very busy today.
So I cooked for her.
She's already taken her medicine.
You're welcome!
How are you, mom?
What happened?
you can do anything you like
in here.
You can even read the newspaper,
if you like.
You just have to take care
that the brats don't mess up
the place
or keep the showers running.
That's all!
It's a good job.
Where have you been, Gigi?
We've been waiting for an hour!
Well, come on!
I got something for you!
For me?
- Yes, for you.
All right.
It's just the two of us!
- Yes.
But I want to watch your movie
just like in a movie theatre!
The wall is too dirty.
Not good for watching.
Wouldn't it be nice
to have a movie theatre again?
Try with "love".
That was correct!
What are you doing in here?
How are you doing?
I'm fine.
You remember how often you
argued with your father
because he couldn't understand
that you want to make movies?
And when you stole the camera
you even went to jail.
What are you about to say, mom?
It's beautiful in here, right?
Go and live your life, Gigi!
Go and live your life!
Thanks for the light, Gigi!
You never thought about
living somewhere else?
Why are you asking?
I don't know...
I thought...
you'd come too.
Can you see the stars
in German cinemas?
I want to take something from you
with me! Tell me something!
Well, ok.
My name is Ada.
I hate sports.
And I only go to the sports arena
because Gigi Amato is there.
Which color has the wall
behind you?
But it's not painted yellow.
But the bricks are yellow from aging.
What's up?
It's me, Gigi.
What a joy!
It must be ten years
the last time we talked.
How are you?
- I'm fine, dad.
Nice to hear...
What's the matter?
Dad, I'm going to marry!
Will you come?
I feel so happy for you!
I really would like to come,
but the restaurant...
Always so much work in the restaurant!
It's always crowded!
What am I supposed to do?
I work so much, too much!
I would like to come,
but I can't.
I cannot come.
Congratulations! All the best.
I love you.
Let's go.
Paolo, would you please sit down
and eat!
You don't hear your grandma?
Sit down where your sister is!
The own kids at wedding...
- Times are changing!
I heard it, Paola!
Giancarlo is in television bussiness.
So we can see you on TV,
uncle Giancarlo?
No, not really...
So it's not on TV?
- Yes, it is on TC!
I told you,
he's in television bussiness.
Yes, I'm doing documentaries!
So no television?
But that is television!
Is there really no snow
in Germany?
You have kids?
You got a wife?
- They speak different than we do?
If I had...
wife and kids,
they'd probably
speak different, but I...
don't have wife and kids.
That was my first movie.
Its's already quite old...
I would like to show you me latest movie.
Would you like to see
my latest movie?
Yes, Gigi! Show us the movie!
The first traffic sign for Solino
is being installed
The funeral procession.
Is it fixed?
Is it fixed?
Is it fixed?