Solitary (2015) Movie Script

( seagulls calling )
( air horn blowing )
( air horn blowing )
( music playing )
Shoulder to shoulder
Nose to nose
By bush and by boater
By hill and by grove
The wood and the meadow
The moss and the stone
By warren and borough
By far any by boat
Watching the bobbers,
the dial of the moon
Silent below us,
the pup in the womb
And we run, and we run
And we run,
and we run, and we run
And we run, and we run
And we run,
and we run on and on
( vocalizing )
Shine of the moon
Sound of the feet
Daylight is soon
( vocalizing )
Scent on the wind
As hunters,
we're twinned
As two hearts beat
The dew and the spider
The tooth and the claw
Burying badger
in whisker and paw
Eyes in the shadows,
the cloak of the night
The moth in the darkness,
the owl in flight
Beetle and bolt-hole,
ankle and root
The bud and the leaf
and the trunk and the shoot
And we run, and we run
And we run,
and we run, and we run
And we run, and we run
And we run,
and we run on and on
( vocalizing )
Shine of the moon
Sound of the feet
Daylight is soon
( vocalizing )
Scent on the wind
As hunters,
we're twinned
As two hearts beat...
( song fades )
( alarm buzzing )
( phone ringing )
Oh, God.
Morning, Julie!
I've had it with him.
I can't take it anymore.
- Well, what happened?
- He won't take
his medication,
and he threatened me again.
I'm sorry.
It's too much.
I've had enough.
- Look--
- I'm leaving.
Oh, please don't.
I'm sorry, but I'm done.
Please, Julie,
I really need you.
- No.
- ( line clicks )
Woman: Julie?
Thank you.
- What's wrong?
- Julie quit.
He's impossible.
They never stay
for more than a month.
Want me to start
looking for another one?
Yeah, I suppose so.
I've got the Rahms case
to work on tonight,
and by the time
I've put him to bed--
What about your sister?
Can't she help you?
She can't even
help herself.
( radio playing faintly )
( radio continues )
- Morning.
- Hi.
You hungry?
Is there any coffee?
Yeah, there is,
but you're going to have
some breakfast, too.
Yes, sir.
- Rough night?
- One too many.
Just one?
We were supposed
to have dinner.
Since when?
You really don't remember?
No, I thought
it was tonight.
Tonight's my gig.
We can have dinner after.
It's in London.
I'm staying
up there tonight.
You forgot that, too.
Just give me a break,
all right?
If you forgive me,
I'll make it up to you.
Yeah? How?
Breakfast in bed?
That sounds like dessert.
I think I'm just going to
stick with the coffee.
No, you need
to eat something,
soak up all that booze.
Just give it a rest,
will you?
You want me to stop
caring about you?
I want you
to get off my back.
Nora, I'm worried about you.
- I'm fine.
- No, you're hungover.
And if you're not hungover,
you're drunk.
That is such bullshit.
You've got a problem.
Yeah, my boyfriend's
a pain in the ass.
Look, I'm really
worried about you.
Jesus, David, you sound
like a stuck record.
I want you
to stop drinking.
I'll slow down, I promise.
I think you need help.
All I need
is for you to fuck off!
- ( alarm chirps )
- ( phone rings )
- Hi.
- Man: Where are you?
Look, Julie quit.
I've got to take care
of things over here
for awhile.
You could have called.
I'm sorry.
You want me to come over?
No, it's okay.
I won't be long.
I'll be home soon.
Fine. Bye.
( television chatter )
Dad, where are you?
Man: In here.
Dad, are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just fell. Help me up.
How long have you
been lying here?
- Not long.
- Come on, let's get
you to bed.
I'm all right.
I'm all right.
Come on.
Come on.
We'll get you all washed up
and then
I'll start dinner, okay?
- All right.
- Okay.
( line ringing )
Nora: It's Nora.
Leave a message at the beep.
( beep )
( knocking on door )
( knocking continues )
( pounding )
All right.
- Hello, stranger.
- Can I come in?
Well, I wasn't
expecting anyone.
- I'm not even dressed.
- I tried calling.
- Yeah, my phone died.
- We need to talk.
All right,
but the place is a mess.
Wow, you weren't kidding
about the mess.
If you came
to give me a lecture--
- I didn't.
- What then?
It's about Dad.
Want a drink?
Cup of tea?
No, thanks.
Another nurse left.
What a surprise.
How's David?
He's good.
He's at a gig tonight.
Shouldn't you
be getting ready?
I'm not going.
- Another fight?
- No.
Just taking a breather.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Look, I really, really
need your help with Dad.
You sure you don't
want a drink?
I've got wine.
No, I need your help, Nora.
I can't do this
on my own anymore.
It's too--
What do you
want me to do?
Just-- look,
help out with meals.
Give him his medicine.
He needs a nurse for that.
I know.
They keep leaving.
Please, Nora,
just until we find
someone else.
I'm no good
with stuff like that.
Look, you said it yourself.
You and David
need some space.
Why don't you
just move back home
for a few months?
Save some money.
Get back on your feet.
I am on my feet.
I really think
you and Dad should spend
some time together.
You never see him.
He's welcome here
whenever he wants.
He doesn't feel well.
that's his problem,
isn't it?
He thinks you still
blame him for Mom.
Maybe I do.
It wasn't his fault.
How do you know?
She had a mind of her own.
No one forced her to drink.
Who was buying her
the booze, then?
If he didn't get it,
she would have got it herself.
She couldn't even
get out of bed.
He did the best
he could, Nora.
It's hard to stand by
and watch someone you love
destroy themselves.
Then look the other way.
You're good at that.
It's his fucking fault
the nurses keep leaving.
- Forget it!
- Not mine!
( phone ringing )
I thought
you said it died.
Must have come back to life.
( ringing continues )
( music playing )
( vocalizing )
Shine of the moon
Sound of the feet
Daylight is soon
( vocalizing )
Scent on the wind
As hunters,
we're twinned
As two hearts beat
All right, babe.
Wasn't expecting you.
Want to come down to pub?
- Yeah--
- Lisa, it's past 9.
Uh, yeah,
we were just
going to bed.
Aw, come on, babe.
Just one.
I'm not even
dressed, love.
Well, look at
the state of me.
All right, just one.
I'll go fix myself up.
What you doing
coming around here
at this hour?
Shut up, granddad.
I'll have her back
before morning.
You're fucking
unbelievable, you are,
do you know that?
Jesus Christ.
( vocalizing )
Shine of the moon
( vocalizing )
Scent on the wind
As hunters,
we're twinned
As two hearts beat...
Go on!
( vocalizing )
- ( rock music playing )
- ( women singing )
( cheers and applause )
Thank you very much.
Man on PA:
Thank you, Nora and Lisa,
for that interesting version
of "The Show Must Go On."
And the show will go on,
but I think we better
have a little break first.
So, Peter,
get yourself ready,
and first,
here's some other music.
( rock music playing )
Still got it, babe.
( growls )
Come on, spit it out.
I just thought maybe
you should call Shannon.
Why? So she can come round
and have a go at me again?
Just sounds like
she needs your help, babe.
It's not my problem.
If he wasn't such a cunt
to all the nurses,
they wouldn't keep leaving.
Nora, what's
she going to do?
I don't know.
Find someone else.
Maybe you could
just go over there
in the evenings?
That's when David's
got his gigs.
Anyway, I'm busy looking
for a job, remember?
How's David?
We haven't been
getting on lately.
The usual shit.
All right, do you
want me to ask Liam
if there are any shifts
in the 'caf?
Yeah, go on.
Thanks, babe.
Thought I'd buy
you girls a drink
for singing
that nice song.
Yeah, no,
it's all right.
We got some.
Look at that.
I just finished mine.
I'm going to go.
Tommy's going to kick off.
Stay for one more.
No, I got a morning shift.
I'll give you a ring.
See what Liam says.
Yeah, go on. Thanks.
Looks like your friend's
walked out on you.
I can look after myself.
Look after me, too?
( rock music playing )
( music fades )
( door opens, closes )
( David sighs )
Nora? Babe, you here?
I come in peace.
- What the fuck?
- David. David!
- Nah, Nora!
- I'm sorry.
I didn't know!
I swear to God!
Wait, David! David!
- Why?
- I'm a drunk, all right?
I was wasted, that's all!
What, that's it? Huh?
You're fucking pathetic!
David, please!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It was nothing.
If it was nothing,
then why do it?
It might nothing to you,
but it means something to me!
I'm sorry!
Okay? I'm sorry.
Get your hands off--
don't touch me.
Just let me explain,
all right?
I'll be back tomorrow night.
You be gone by then.
David, please.
Please, David!
- You all right, love?
- Is Lisa here?
She's a bit busy now.
Can you just tell her
Nora's here to speak to her?
- Please?
- Lise? Lise?
- Lisa: Yeah?
- Nora's here to see you.
Babe, what's the matter?
Can we talk outside?
Uh, can I just--
can I have
a ciggie break?
- Five minutes, yeah?
- All right.
- He'll take you back.
- Not this time.
I can't believe
you went home
with that tosser.
I was shit-faced.
I don't even remember
leaving the pub.
Nora, you got to be careful.
You were careful,
weren't you, yeah?
Maybe you should
move back in with your dad.
It might be good
for both of you.
You got to be
with your family
at a time like this.
- You're my family.
- Yeah.
But they're your family, too.
I really fucked up
this time.
- Listen.
- David was a good one.
Call you sister.
Tell her you changed
your mind.
I'm not moving
back in with my dad.
Can I come
and stay at yours?
Just till I find
somewhere new?
Tommy won't have it.
Well, just for a week.
Not after last time, no.
Well, forget it, then.
Babe, you know
I want to help you.
Sorry for just
showing up like this.
Of cour-- come here.
All right.
Nor, come on.
It's going to be okay.
I'll call you tonight.
Can I help you?
Can I see my sister?
She's busy at the moment.
Well, can you
tell her I'm here?
I can, but I doubt
she'll be able to see you.
You should have
called first.
Just tell her I'm here.
Yes, Max?
Your sister's here.
Send her in.
She can see you now.
Great. Thanks.
Stupid bitch.
( clears throat )
I'm busy.
What do you need?
I just came
to apologize.
Forget it.
I'm sorry
about last night.
- I was rude.
- It's okay.
I mean it,
and I want to help.
I've got it covered.
Don't make me beg,
Fine. Sit down.
Maybe I could help Dad out
for a couple of hours
in the evenings
and some mornings.
Won't David mind?
We broke up.
For good this time.
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
But I was thinking
it's going to be hard
to afford a place
of my own now.
So you want to
move in with Dad?
No, not move in.
I mean,
I don't mind helping out,
but I thought
maybe you could help me
out with the rent.
- You're unbelievable.
- What?
You want me
to pay your rent
in exchange for
looking after Dad?
That's not what I meant.
He's your father, Nora.
Doesn't that mean
anything to you?
Listen, I'm broke,
all right?
I was supposed to get
this job with Lisa,
but it fell through.
And that's
my responsibility?
As if Dad isn't enough,
I've got to take
care of you, too?
- You're my big sister.
- Your sister,
not your mother.
What the fuck
are you looking at?
You're the fucking help.
Get over yourself.
( dog barking in distance )
Dad: Nora? That you?
Hi, Dad.
Well, come on in.
Let me get
a look at you.
I look a mess.
You look lovely.
How you doing?
Better for seeing you.
Come on,
sit yourself down.
Who's winning?
I am.
Haven't played
a game in ages.
Oh. Well, come on, then.
Your move.
No, no.
Missed you, Dad.
Should I get unpacked, then?
Yeah, yeah.
Go on.
We'll have a cup of tea
and a proper chat later.
( gasps )
( floor creaks )
( gasps )
( soft clattering )
( gasps )
Dinner's ready, Dad.
I can smell it.
Bringing it in.
There you go.
I thought we could
eat together tonight.
Hardly said a word
to each other.
I've got to go upstairs
and make some calls
about a job.
We'll eat at the table
tomorrow night. Promise.
All right.
( tone plays )
( gasps )
( phone ringing )
- Nora: Shannon?
- Hi, Nora.
- Hi.
- You okay?
Yeah, fine.
How's Dad?
He's good. He's in bed.
So everything's all right?
Yeah. So I was wondering
if you want to come over
for dinner tomorrow night.
I'm supposed to be
having dinner with James.
- He can come, too.
- Oh, I don't know.
Please, Shannon.
I'll make my shepherds pie.
I promised James.
- Please?
- Okay.
Okay, great.
About 7:00, then, yeah?
Yeah, okay.
( gasps )
( doorbell rings )
Dad, can you get that?
Dad: I've got it.
( door opens )
Hello, sir. Is Nora in?
- Dad: Oh, it's you.
- David: "It's you?"
Dad: No, she's not.
I just got some
of her stuff.
I just want to
drop it off.
All right, just
put it down there.
- Is she in?
- Go on. No.
No, she's not.
Just put it down there.
She doesn't want
to see you.
Just tell her to come
and get the rest
of her stuff.
She doesn't need
the likes of you
coming around here.
Now, bugger off!
You didn't
have to do that.
You can do
better than him.
He just wanted
to talk to me.
You've got to learn
to say no.
I'm a grown woman.
I can look after myself.
That's not what I hear.
Come on.
Let's not argue.
Would you like
some more peas, Dad?
- James?
- Yes, please.
How was work today,
Good. Busy.
The Rahms case
is taking up
a lot of time.
Still not resolved?
Can't seem to reach
a settlement.
- I found a job today.
- That's great. Where?
At a vintage store.
Lisa's mate Trish
said she'd put in
a good word for me.
When do you start?
Well, I've got
to meet Trish first.
So you haven't actually
got the job yet.
No, but I've got
an interview tomorrow,
and because
Lisa knows Trish,
I'm pretty much
You're not eating,
No, sorry.
I'm not that hungry.
I've got a lot on
my mind with work.
God, that's all
it is with you,
isn't it?
Work, work, work.
I'm eating.
It's delicious.
There's other things
in life besides work,
you know.
And you'd know?
Yeah, actually,
I would.
Well, you certainly have
a lot of time on your hands
to discover
those other things.
That's enough, girls.
Bet it ain't easy
being married
to a lawyer.
Always a clever answer.
You don't seem to mind
the lawyer's paycheck.
See what I mean?
I said, that's enough.
- I'm finished.
- Yeah, me, too.
Did I say you could
leave the table?
I'm not a kid anymore.
I don't need
your permission.
Why do you always
have to ruin everything?
Don't worry.
I'm leaving.
Sit back down
this minute, young lady.
Or what?
Oh, fuck this.
Fuck the lot of you.
I don't need this shit.
( door opens, closes )
( rock music playing )
Hello, darling.
How are you?
Nora: Good.
What are you
so happy about?
- ( laughs )
- ( gasps )
- Thanks.
- You deserve it.
I can't believe
he finally asked me.
What do you mean
you can't believe it?
He's mad about you.
he took his time, though.
Well, you know
what men are like.
They want everything
in place before they ask.
All right, so,
we're planning on
getting married
next summer.
Where are you
going to do it?
Don't know yet,
but will you
be my maid of honor?
Of course, I will.
Come on, let's celebrate.
We're drying up over here.
You all right, babe?
Yeah, why wouldn't I be?
You're getting married
and I'm back at home
with my dad.
Things couldn't be better.
I thought you'd be
happy for me.
I'm sorry, Lise.
I am happy for you.
I really am.
All right, come on.
Let's get some champers.
It's my treat.
Yeah? Yeah, come on.
( chattering )
( laughing )
( laughing )
- Oh, my-- ( giggles )
- Who parked this car?
Are you all right
to drive?
Yeah, I've been on water
the last hour.
Anyway, it would be mad
to get in a cab
at this time of night.
I'm going to call Tom
and get him to pick us up.
He'll be in bed
with his tea
and slippers by now.
Anyway, I drive better
when I've had a drink...
You're a fucking nut.
You know you are.
That's why you love me.
Anyway, come on.
Let's go.
Freezing my ass off here.
( groans )
Come on.
- ( honks horn )
- Fuck off.
Fucking go.
I'm going your way.
( humming )
It's fine.
It's totally fine.
( dance music on radio )
- Oh! It hurts.
- Seatbelt!
Oh, all right!
See you, suckers!
( groans )
You still haven't
unpacked, then?
Only what I need.
Things okay over there?
Bit of the barmy tonight,
but it's been all right.
David came over
this morning.
- Ooh!
- Dad chased him away.
Oh, no way!
Your dad is mental
like that.
That's how he was
when any boys came over.
He was scared stiff of him.
I'm glad David came round.
I'll call him tomorrow.
It's all going to
be all right.
Oh, fuck.
( laughing )
Forever or ever.
- ( truck horn blares )
- ( Nora shrieks )
How are you feeling?
My head hurts.
You have
a bad concussion
and a broken wrist.
Other than that,
you'll be fine.
My friend?
I'm so sorry, love.
She didn't make it.
The truck hit
the passenger side
of the car.
The doctors said
she died instantly.
She didn't feel
any pain.
She's dead?
It was an accident.
Does her boyfriend know?
He's here.
Someone is with him now.
Nora, the police
want to talk to you.
I can hold them off
a little longer,
but you'll have to
see them eventually.
The police?
You had quite
a lot to drink.
Your sister's
waiting outside.
Do you want her
to come in?
- No.
- Come on.
It'll be all right.
How are you doing?
- Lisa's dead?
- I heard.
She just got engaged.
Let's focus
on your case.
Did you hear
what I said?
I heard what you said.
You're in real
trouble this time.
It was an accident.
That doesn't mean
you're not responsible.
You were three times
over the legal
limit to drive.
The only thing in
your favor is the fact
the the truck driver
jumped the light.
What's going to happen?
The maximum penalty
is seven years...
...but there are
mitigating factors,
so the judge may
reduce your sentence.
If you're lucky,
you'll get two to three.
Seven years?
You got drunk and killed
your best friend.
There's no apologizing
your way out of this one.
That's enough, now.
My patient needs her rest.
How long before
she can leave?
She'll be ready
for discharge tomorrow
she's allowed to rest.
I'll be back tomorrow.
I never meant
for it to hap--
We'll talk tomorrow.
You ready, love?
Man: Nora Gallagher,
whilst I accept
that you have shown
extreme remorse
for your actions
and pleaded guilty
to the offense,
I cannot ignore
that you were driving
under the influence
of alcohol
and were three times
over the legal limit.
You showed
a reckless disregard
both for your own life
and that of
your best friend.
Had you been
sober that night,
Lisa Jennings may still
be alive and well today.
And for that reason,
I must impose
a custodial sentence.
I hereby sentence you
to two years in prison
with parole to be had
after twelve months.
( muted chatter )
( buzzer, gate slams )
( exhales )
You'll get used to it.
Where did they put you?
Whose dick did you shake
to get that job?
Everyone needs
friends in here,
even assholes like them.
Do you want me
to watch your back?
What's that
going to cost me?
- That depends.
- On what?
What you got to offer.
Not much.
Then you're shit
out of luck.
- Got some more for you.
- I'm not doing yours.
- You better.
- Pick it up, you little
fucking bitch.
I'm not doing it.
She said pick it up, bitch!
( buzzer )
You going to
fucking do it?
Get off me, all right?
I will fuck you up.
Pack it in.
That's enough, girls.
- Playtime's over.
- All right.
Not very good
at this, are you?
I've never really
played much before.
Well, you'll have
plenty of time
to practice now.
Great. Thanks.
You better get
your head around it.
This isn't some dream
you're going to
wake up from.
I'm getting that.
Man on PA:
Lights out.
( buzzer, gate slams )
- Nora?
- What?
What you in here for?
I thought
you weren't supposed
to ask that.
I'm asking.
Drunk driving.
Did you hit someone?
My best friend
was in the car with me.
- Dead?
- Yeah.
- You got family?
- A sister.
She going to visit?
I hope so.
My mom comes every month.
Brings my son.
You've got a kid?
He's thirteen.
Missed a lot of good years.
I was thirteen
when my mom died.
- What of?
- Sherry.
That's a lot of sherry.
So what about you?
How come
you're in here?
None of your business.
Night, then.
- ( buzzer )
- ( muted chatter )
Aw, get away,
you fucking poser.
- Piss off!
- ( women shouting )
( man shouts )
You're up.
- Hiya, Dave.
- Hey.
I must look awful.
I don't know,
you always did look good
in tracksuits.
Oh, yeah?
Thanks for coming.
I should have come before.
That's all right.
Come sit down.
It's grown.
By the time I get out,
it'll be down to my knees.
How much longer
have you got?
18 months,
but Shannon thinks
I can be out in a year
if I behave myself.
Well, there's
no chance, then.
- You look well.
- Yeah?
Well, I've been
keeping busy.
How you're music going?
Good. Good.
I've got a gig
on the pier next week.
- Oh, that's great.
- Yeah, yeah.
Shannon been to see you?
A couple of times.
Job ties her up.
What about your dad?
It's hard with
the chair and all.
Didn't slow him down
when I came around.
He's meaner than he looks.
He's all right.
He was just
trying to protect you.
Look, you need anything?
I'd love to hear
some of your new music.
Maybe you could burn me
a CD or something.
I miss hearing you play.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
So have you seen Tommy, then?
A couple times
around town.
How's he doing?
Look, I've been
to the cemetery.
I left some
flowers for you.
So you seeing someone, then?
You happy?
Well, that's good.
You deserve it.
Look, Nora,
are you okay in here?
Yeah, I'm getting by.
I said "time."
- Thanks for coming.
- All right. I'll see you soon.
- Let's go.
- All right.
( buzzer )
- Come with me.
- What are you doing?
Shut your mouth.
( zipper unzips )
Take it out.
Well, don't just look at it.
You all right?
( sobbing )
Nora, are you okay?
What's wrong?
( sobbing )
Come on,
it's going to be all right.
No, it's not.
Hey, listen.
It was an accident.
It weren't your fault.
You didn't mean
anyone to get hurt.
I was drunk,
killed my best friend.
Come on, now.
You've got to let it go.
You've got to get
your head together.
It should've been me.
That kind of talk
is not going to help.
All right?
All right, all right.
- I'm okay.
- Shh, shh.
All right, thank you.
You're so beautiful.
Karen, what are you doing?
We don't have to be alone.
Karen, no.
You feel so good.
get the fuck off me!
- ( women shouting )
- Man: Pipe down, eh?
Shut your fucking face!
- ( guards shouting )
- Fuck you!
Man #2:
Get her out of there.
Get off me!
Get your fucking
hands off me!
Shut up, all of you!
I need a medic now.
I need a medic now!
Get off me!
Get the fuck off me!
No! No!
I was defending myself!
I was defending myself!
No! No!
( sobbing )
( squawking )
Wake up.
( gasps )
Let me out!
Get me out of here!
Leave me alone!
Nora, wake up.
I lost my key.
Get in quick
before Dad sees you.
Aren't you going to
get changed?
We have to leave
in a minute.
I'm not going.
Dad's going to kick off.
Tell him
I don't feel well.
Dad: Nora?
You slept out
last night, did you?
I lost my key.
Where'd you stay?
At Lisa's.
You're dressed
like a slut!
- Come with me.
- Where are we going?
Never you mind.
Let's get a move on.
Shannon: Nora?
Nora, are you in here?
Come on,
stop messing around.
What the hell
are you doing?
What's wrong?
Where's Dad?
I don't know.
He's out.
Help me up.
What? You're bleeding.
I'm fine.
Let's get out of here.
- What happened?
- Nothing!
It's all right.
You can
tell me anything.
Just leave me alone!
( door opens )
Not a word.
- Dad: Hi, girls!
- Hiya, Dad.
Good day at school,
Yeah, good, Dad.
How you feeling, Nora?
I'll be fine to go
to school tomorrow.
Glad to hear it.
I got an A
on my English test.
Hey, that's my girl.
Can I show you?
Come and help me
with this one first.
She was clearly provoked.
Miss Parker was in
hospital for two days
with a broken nose
and severe concussion.
And my sister's been
in solitary confinement
for over three days
without an official hearing.
Did you even question Nora
before segregating her?
She was hardly
in a fit enough state
to be questioned.
She's a danger to herself
and to others.
In the sixth months
that she's been here,
she's shown
no violent tendencies
and has an immaculate record.
Everyone has
a breaking point,
Ms. Gallagher.
Let's discuss
what could have provoked
the incident.
Records from
Karen Parker's
stay at Highpoint.
Did you know
she was accused
of sexually assaulting
two inmates
during her time there?
With all due respect,
Ms. Gallagher,
I don't see how
that's relevant.
Really? I bet
the independent
monitoring board
would find it relevant.
I expect my sister
to be released
solitary confinement
and relocated
to a different cell.
Good day, Ms. Pierce.
( sighs )
( keys jingling )
Get some rest, love.
- Shannon.
- How are you?
I'm better now,
thanks to you.
Are you in
your own cell?
Is that for me?
Are you sure
you're okay?
I'm fine.
Dad's been
asking after you.
He told me
to send you his love.
He's been a lot better
with the nurses, too.
That's great.
I helped put in
an application
for your parole,
and I really think
we could have you
out of here
within a few months.
As long as you
stay out of trouble.
Thanks for everything,
Not just for this,
but for always trying
to take care of me.
I know I haven't been
the easiest person to love.
The only thing
that matters
is that we get you
out of here.
- Just stay out of trouble.
- I will.
( buzzer, gate slams )
I've learnt my lesson.
I made a terrible mistake.
But I intend to go
to regular AA meetings
like I've been doing in here,
because I understand now
I've got to
take responsibility
for my actions,
stop blaming other people
for my bad choices.
( no audible dialogue )
I got your room ready.
- I'm not going to Dad's.
- He's got a nurse.
You won't have to
do anything.
- It's not that.
- What is it, then?
I just think
I need a fresh start.
He's really been
looking forward
to seeing you.
He's missed you so much.
Where are you
going to stay, then?
David said I could stay
with him for a few days.
Just till
I find somewhere new.
I'd hardly call David
a fresh start.
Please, Shannon.
I don't want to fight.
Well, neither do I, babe,
but, look,
I just don't understand.
Dad's going to
be heartbroken.
Remember that day
you found me
on the front step?
And later you came home
and I was hiding in the shed?
I think so.
It was the year Mom died.
I'd stayed home from school.
Well, that narrows it down.
Something happened
that day, Shannon.
I know.
You got your period, right?
That's why you were
hiding in there.
God, it must have been awful
without Mom to talk to.
But at least
we've still got Dad.
Sure this
isn't a bother?
Of course not.
I don't want to
mess things up
with your girlfriend.
We're not together anymore.
What happened?
Wasn't meant to be
and all that.
You kept it.
It was a good day.
I didn't break up
with my girlfriend.
There never was one.
I ain't been seeing anyone.
Then why did
you say you were?
Because I was angry.
- You had reason to be.
- I know.
You still angry?
( sighs )
I'm feeling a lot
of things right now.
Me, too.
Night, then.
I'm glad you're here.
Me, too.
I'm sorry, Dad.
She didn't want to
be a nuisance.
Where's she staying?
With David,
but she'll come
and visit
as soon as she's
back on her feet.
Did you tell her
we got her room ready?
Come on,
she'll be over soon.
Dinner's almost ready.
Slept out last night,
did you?
Young Nora:
I lost my key.
- Dad: Where'd you stay?
- Young Nora: At Lisa's.
You're dressed
like a slut!
- Dad: Come with me.
- Young Nora:
Where are we going?
Never you mind.
Let's get a move on!
- Aah! Stop it!
- Whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa! Nora!
Nora, it's me.
It's me.
It's David. Shh, shh.
It's me. It's me.
I had a bad dream.
Okay, but you're safe now.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Your Dad's been ringing.
Do you want me
to take you over?
Not yet.
He still loves you,
you know,
no matter
what's happened.
What if I don't love him?
Come on.
Nora, he can be
a pain in the ass,
but he's still your dad.
( no audible dialogue )
You sure you don't want me
to come with you?
I've got to do this
on my own.
You call me
if you need me.
I'll be waiting
right here.
Thank you.
You must be Nora.
- Yeah.
- Come on in.
Dad's been expecting you.
I was wondering
if I could see him
on my own for a bit.
Yes, of course you can.
- I'll get my coat.
- I won't be very long.
I've got
some errands to run.
You take your time.
Nora? That you?
It's good to see you, love.
It's good to see you, Dad.
Fancy a cuppa?
Betsy will make one.
No, I'm all right.
You've been well, then?
Better for seeing you.
Been worried about you.
I'm all right.
Heard you got
into some trouble,
some kind of fight.
I was defending myself.
Those bastards,
locking you up like that,
like some kind of animal.
I was in there
for a reason, Dad.
Lisa was an accident.
You didn't mean
to hurt anyone.
Sometimes we do things
we don't mean to
and other people
pay the price.
Well... did your time.
I hope you can
let it go now.
When I was in solitary,
I had a lot
of time to think.
Some things that happened
when I was a kid.
Best not to dig up
the past, Nora.
I thought about Mum dying,
how hard that must
have been for you,
how lonely.
Did you hear what I said?
I don't want to
talk about it.
But I do, Dad.
And if I don't,
then I don't think
I'm going to make it.
So was it lonely
when Mom died?
Of course it bloody was.
I was left on my own
to look after
two teenage girls.
You weren't
the easiest kid
to look after,
believe you me.
I missed my mom.
I acted out.
We all missed her.
I look the most like her,
though, don't I?
Shannon looks more like you.
Is that what you've
come round here for,
to torture me
about your mother?
Because if it is,
you can leave now.
This family's been
through enough as it is.
The strain of your accident
has nearly killed
your sister.
I'm sorry, Dad.
That's not
going to work anymore.
I've had enough
of this crap.
Where's Betty?
She's gone out.
It's just
the two of us now.
- Get out of my way.
- No, not this time.
Prison's done
something funny to you.
You need help.
I'm ringing Shannon.
You're not calling anyone.
Not until
I've said my piece.
How dare you?
I'm your father, Nora.
You've got no right
to speak to me like that!
And what right did you have,
you rotten bastard?
I was your daughter,
for God's sake.
Spent the rest of my life
trying to understand
what I'd done wrong.
All those years
I spent on the bottle
fucking up my life.
And if you could've
just reached out,
just told me
why you'd done it--
Don't know what
you're talking about.
Oh, come, Dad, it's over.
Don't you get it?
All the lies,
all the fucking bullshit.
It's over.
- Your sister--
- What about her?
She won't believe you.
No, she probably won't,
but that doesn't
mean to say
I won't do my best
to convince her.
Well, what good
will that do?
Look at me.
I'm an old man.
I've not got
many years left.
Don't take her
away from me.
Tell me why you did it.
Come on!
I didn't mean it to happen.
I just wanted
to teach you a lesson.
A lesson?
I didn't know
how to handle you,
wearing all those clothes
and coming in all hours.
I was thirteen.
I'd just lost my mum.
Please don't tell her, Nora.
I'm begging you.
I'll do anything you want.
Just tell me what to do.
Oh, Dad.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
( bell tolling )
I heard you were out.
Tommy, I'm sorr--
Oh, I know you are.
Don't ask me
to forgive you,
because I can't.
You understand?
Yeah, I do.
See you around.
- Hiya.
- Hey.
Thanks for coming.
You're out early.
Yeah, trying to take
things easier these days.
James and I
are going away
for the weekend.
Oh, that's great.
You guys deserve
some time alone together.
How are things with David?
We're starting out
just friends.
Oh, yeah?
Where are you sleeping?
On the couch...
for now.
I heard you went
round to Dad's.
Yeah. We talked.
He seemed pretty upset
when I saw him.
He'll be all right.
He's got you, hasn't he?
And you've got me.
I love you.
I love you.
Back from the badlands
With the wind
and the silence
And the cold
winter nights
And nature's
hard violence
Been scraping the soil
For a handful of stones
Got an ache in my heart
Got in an ache
in my bones
Want a new tomorrow
Want a brand-new life
Want some quality time
With a house
And a car, and a wife
No time for excuses
No time to cry
Excuses are useless
Too late for lies
But I love you, baby
This much is true
I'm dying inside
If our love is through
A new tomorrow
Life could be sweet
We should be living
On quality street
We could be living
On quality street
I'd hate you to think
I'd hurt you at all
When all this time
I've been on...
( song fades )