Sollers Point (2017) Movie Script

How's it going, sir?
How you doing today?(MAN)
Doing all right.
Doing all right?
Have you met Jesus Christ?
(MAN) No, not personally.
Sir, do you believe in Jesus Christ?
Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ.
I got ten for ten,
mix and match.
You want an egg?
What time you get up?
Just a second ago.
Well, you better start
practicing waking up
like normal people.
Uh, this is him speaking.
Officer Banks?
Yeah, I appreciate
your returning my call.
Um, I was actually hoping
you would be able
to grant me exemption
to travel out of state.
It's my niece's birthday
next month,
and my sister
is having a birthday party.
On the... 30th of July.
Um, in Arlington, Virginia.
Yes, ma'am.
Um, 3550...
Nelly Curtis Drive.
Um, it starts at 3:00.
Um, probably 6:00 or 7:00.
Yes, ma'am. I know.
I'm getting my days mixed up.
Yes, ma'am. I understand.
I got you your salmon.
It's okay. Hey, Dad,
did you get milk?
What? Did you get milk?
Use the creamer.
-I can't fucking
drink creamer.
Hey, what's up?
Going crazy.
You gonna come?
Yeah, another week
and I get this shit off.
You know, the same.
He can't say five words
without a nag.
Yeah, I called her,
but, I mean, you know.
She said it's not
enough time to process
and a whole bunch
of other bullshit.
Nothing. I just lost track
of the dates.
I'm gonna miss you too.
I'm gonna make Kara a card,
all right?
Next week?
All righty. Well, I'll be here.
Nothing. I just wanted
to let you know that I tried
to make it to the party,
but it is what it is.
He's in the garden
playing with his cats.
Yeah, yeah.
I love you more.
Hey, Dad. It's Kate.
Well, I told him not to bother.
He shouldn't push it,
especially now.
I don't know.
You're gonna have
to ask him yourself.
Beats me.
Volunteers of America
or the Job Corps.
Ah, I think he's too old.
I mean he's supposed
to be studying
for his HVAC exam now, but...
No, I don't know.
He's too impatient.
You know that.
Hey, yo.
Oh, shit.
We have a medium
to medium-high heat grill.
Who was that? Courtney.
She says "fuck you."
That's the great thing
about a tenderloin.
Courtney, huh?
Can I get some privacy?
- Turn off that air conditioner.
- It's hot as hell in here.
You start paying
the electric bill,
you can get cool.
She just brought me a box.
I saw that.
What was in it?
Some things of mine.
She say anything?
Yeah. She said hi.
Hi to you. Hi to me.
Happy this bullshit's
coming off.
And she gave me a letter.
You read it?
Why didn't you read it?
Why would I?
You know the problem
with you, Keith?
(CLICKS)Yeah, and what's that, Dad?
You don't wanna
hear anything
that makes you feel guilty.
Yeah, I don't think
that's my problem.
I don't have
a problem with guilt.
-I have a problem with knowing
that I let everybody down.
-Well, then don't!
Ha ha ha!
- Who let the dog out?
- It's good to see you.
Yeah, man. Son,
you remember A-Rock? Yeah.
Where's your sister?
- (MAN) Yo, this is Busy.
- (KEITH) What's up, man?
Yeah, we heard you
got your box off
a couple of weeks ago.
We know it's gonna be difficult.
We just wanted to come around
and let you know we here
to help you transition.
I appreciate that.
You talk to anybody?
Like who? Who?
Fuck you mean, who?
Man, you got a plan?
Not really.
What you been cooking
the last six months?
Nothing, man.
Just trying to get back
on my feet. Baby steps.
You ain't no baby.
I've been born again.
I was about to say, man.
You trying to work?
Not really.
Come on, dawg.
This ain't no buffet.
You don't just dip in
and dip out.
Remember your family, dawg.
We was there for you
on the inside.
We here for you on the outside.
Yeah, I know.
And I appreciate that, Gary.
But I need to be there
for my real family right now,
the one inside this house.
All is good to see you though.
- Mm-hmm.
- Peace out.
You too, man.
Hey. Tell your sister
I said what's up.
(GARY) Man, shut the fuck up!
Get in the van
and ride bitch, man!(VAN DOOR SLAMS)
we're gonna talk about heat transfer.
This is a topical outline
of what we're going to do.
We're gonna talk about how
heat, which is energy, moves.
We're gonna talk about heat
transfer coefficients... U values.
HTM's... heat transfer multipliers.
And we're gonna define
sensible and latent heat.
We're gonna tell you what to measure.
Walls. Gross, then net.
We'll talk about that.
Partitions. Knee walls. Floors.
Slab, elevated, below-grade floors.
Ceilings and roof combinations.
Windows. Glazing, fenestration,
whatever you wanna call it,
and direction become important.
Doors, people, and appliances.
All those things we're gonna talk about.
All right?
So if somebody will hit the magic
start button, we will get going.
Thank you.
Hey, hey.
What's good, Mr. John?
Kale. Lettuce.
Leafy greens.
Waitin' on the beans.
I see your dad
out watering twice a day.
Yeah, he is.
Tell him to grow something
he could eat.
He doesn't really mess
with vegetables.
You know he's not
a real practical man.
I actually came over
to ask you a favor.
I was hoping maybe
I could borrow your truck
to run a few errands.
Tank's empty.Maybe I could borrow 20 bucks
to fill it up for you.
I plan on getting paid.
I just need a little help
getting back on my feet.
You ask your dad?
I'd like to avoid
that situation.
(SIGHS)Sorry to ask.
You gonna return the favor?
Yeah, anything you want,
Mr. John.
Let me borrow
your riding mower? Yeah, absolutely.
Go see Candace
about the keys. All righty.
She probably layin' around the house
somewhere.All right, cool. Thank you.
And hey.
Welcome back.
Thank you, Mr. John.
Hey, yo, Candace!
What's up? What you want?
I need to borrow the truck.
Okay. And what's that
got to do with me?
Your dad said you had the keys.
Hey, you miss me? Hell, no!
I can't fuck with you no more.
Yeah, and why's that?
You owe me an apology.
Yeah, for what? You've been out for a year
and I haven't seen you.
Candace, I've been
on house arrest for a year.
What do you want me to say?
You could've called me.
You're not my girl, Candace.
I know that, motherfucker.
You need
to stop playing, Candace. Hmph.
Catch you later. Deuces.
Hey, boy, I was wondering
when you were gonna show.
Good to see you.Good to see you.
What's new?
Nothing much.
I was talking to your sister.
Are you back in the swing
of things?
I'm trying.
How's your dad? Same as ever.
You haven't killed him yet? You know he's
the man of steel.
Hey, you want a beer?
I'm good right now.
Is, uh, Ladybug in?
She's cooking supper.
What time is it?
Hey, you know she cooks
all day long. You know that.(LAUGHS)
Hey, what's up, Mama?
Who's that?
Oh, my God.
Oh, Keith. Oh, my baby.
(KISSES)I missed you.
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
Ah, ah!
How are you? I'm good.
It's good to see you.
You hungry? Yeah, sure. I'll eat.
Yeah. Oh, yeah?
Go sit down. You need some help?
No, no. You sit.(LAUGHS)
I got your letters.
I read your letters, Mama.
But you didn't write back.
Would you like a crab cake?
How's your father?
Good. Same as ever.
And Kate?
She's actually coming by
this afternoon.
Thank you.
So, I heard
Uncle Rick's working
that Fort Howard site.
Yeah, he's making
a lot of money now.
Yeah, I bet.
You guys
got any extra work
for me around here?
I don't want you anywhere
near the liquor, Keith.
Come on, Mama.
You already have
enough temptation.
I've been thinking a lot
about your mother.
Her birthday was last week.
Did you remember
it was her birthday?
Yeah. Did you... Did you visit her?
I haven't got the chance yet.
It's always hard for me
around your mother's birthday.
You two did all kinds
of things together.
You'd take long walks
around the neighborhood.
You had this
little ice cream truck
and you'd stop all the time
and pick up little things
and put them in that truck.
Little treasures.
She was very devoted to you.
She believed in you.
But at 26 years old,
you can go one way or the other.
You can pull yourself out of it,
which I think you're
on the way to doing,
and try to figure out
some plan for your life.
Or you can go right
back into it.
You got to go back to school.
That's the only chance you have.
You're not too old.
You can start again.
You can go to CCBC.
You already have a year.
I'll help pay for your books.
I've got your
grandfather's pension.
Plus, I've got
my social security.
Plus, I have a little money left
from your mother's insurance.
Who knows how long
I'm gonna last?
I'm not taking your money.
I don't want you
to waste what you've got.
I know how smart you are.
Mama, I don't know
if I'm ready
to go back to school.
I just need to find a job.
Well, where are
you gonna work?
What are you gonna do?
I don't know yet,
but I'm gonna figure
something out.
You're the most important thing
in my life, Keith.
Don't say that.
Finish your...
Finish your supper.
What's up, Uncle Rick? What's up, Keith?
How you doing? Good. Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Yeah, Ladybug called. I was hoping.
I got a haul for you.
It's only about 50 or 60.
It works.All right, cool.
Pull the truck
over to the dock
and we'll load up.
Right around here? Yep.
All right, cool. All right.
Thank you.
Hey, Rob, you got a pair
of gloves for him?
Come on back.
Keep going.
All right, you're good.
You probably
want these.Thank you.
Ah, this looks good.
Hell, yeah.
(KEITH) What's up, man?(MAN) Not much.
What's going on, man?
All steel? Yeah, it should be.
(MAN) Okay, you're good. Yeah, thank you.
(MAN) No problem.
Hey, what's up?(WOMAN) Hi.
I just dropped
a load off.All right.
You've got, um, 45.80.
Damn, that's it? Yep. (LAUGHS)
Thank you.Have a good one.
You too.
Watch your back, nigga!(KEITH)
You fuckin' kidding me?
You're getting
real fuckin' brave!
What the fuck, motherfucker?
You're lucky I don't have
my gun!
I guess it's time
for you to start learning
how to use those fuckin' hands!
I will fuck you up! Yeah, bet.
Pussy-ass bitch.
What's up?
I'm late.
Can you please take
these kids away from me?
What's up, Jack?
How you doing?
Uncle Keith! It's good to see you.
Hey.(JACK) Hey, Grandpa!
Come here.
(JACK) Can we play out back?(GIRL)
Can we play out back?
No luck?
What's that lawyer good for?
He's not my lawyer.
He's the state's.
He's not answering my calls,
and probations
isn't budging.
It's like they only care
when I'm fucking up.
So, why aren't you having
this party in Maryland?
She wants
her friends there, Keith.
Why did you even
move to Virginia? Keith.
I got some stuff.You
didn't have to do that.
It's inside the truck.
I made a card too.Ah!
Jesus, Keith.
You should not be spending
all your money on Cheetos.
Yeah, I didn't have
an envelope.
She's gonna love that. Yeah?
Here, let me help you
with this.
All right,
I'll pop the trunk.All right.
Is that all of it? Yeah.
I was gonna
tell you this Sunday,
but we are getting a new car.
Yeah, it's about time.
Oh, I didn't realize
you were so fancy.
I guess I won't give it
to you then.
Seriously? Yeah, I'll find somebody
who wants it.
Stop playing.
You know I want it.
-When can I get it?
-As soon as the loan
comes through.
Nice. Thank you. Mm-hmm.
You and dad doing okay?
When we're in separate rooms.
He's a lot easier
than he used to be.
Believe me.
Just try to be patient.
I need to get out of here.
Where are you gonna go?
I don't know yet,
but I can't do it.
Just relax.
You're so impatient.
You're just like Mom.
You ever think
that's why he hates me?
He doesn't hate you.
Do you think he would
be doing all of this
if he hated you?
I gotta go. All right.
All right.
Thanks for all of this. I know.
I wish I could be there.I know.
I wish you could too.
She would rather have
her uncle with her
than all the snacks
in the world.
Next year.
I swear.
(JACK) Keith!
You good? All right.
All right, you ready?
Pull it all the way
to the right.
Thanks for getting
the spot, Jess.
No problem.
I know it's been a while.
(LAUGHS) When I get my money up,
I'm gonna come see you
at the club though.
I'm at the Gold Club
on Thursdays.
You should come by there.
Oh, yeah? Yeah. It's nicer
than the Russian.
Getting fancy?
I'll save up, all right? Yeah, you better.
You ready? Yeah.
All right, let's do this.
I'll see ya.
I'll see ya.
Hey, go make that dirty money.
I'm going to school,
you asshole.
Okay, don't forget. 2:50.
Okay? For lunch.
Yes. I'll talk to you
in a few...
Could you hold... Oh, just...
Could you hold just a moment,
please? Thank you.
Yes. May I help you?
Um, I'm looking
for the HVAC workshop
that I signed up for.
Yes. You're a little late,
but they may let you in.
Um, you can go in that room
over there and see Mr. Monte.
Mr. Monte? Mr. Monte. Yes.
Thank you very much. You
have a blessed day.
Excuse me, sir.
I signed up for the HVAC class.
What's your name? Uh, Keith Cohill.
Forget it. Forget what?
I have a note here
that you didn't show
last week,
and you're 45 minutes late
for week two.
It would cause a disruption
if you join the group now.
Sir, I'm on probation.
I can get a note from my PO.
Nope. I'm sorry.
It's policy.
You'll have
to enroll in the class
the next time it's offered.
Well, when's that?
I won't know until September.
You serious?
What'd I say?
All right, man, thank you.
Yo, Marquis here?
Who's askin'? It's Keith.
Now's not a good time.
Yo, did I stutter?
Yo, just tell him to come
to the door. It's Keith.
Marquis, it's Keith!
I got it, man.All right.
What's up, man? Damn, yo, what's up?
Chillin'. How you doin'? Damn.
The fuck is you
geekin' for, man?
Look, like he told you,
we're a little busy right now.
Tryin' to get a hold of you.
I know.
Check this out though.
Hey, yo,
turn that shit back up.
Hell, yeah, we gonna get
on the radio with this shit. It's you?
Hell, yeah. Man, this ain't
no hobby no more.
We gettin' on with this.
Sounds good.
Sounds good. Hell, yeah. What about you?
Just tryin' to get back
on my feet, make some money.
Mm. Let me guess.
You need some help with that?
I got a car now.
And I know Northeast.
And I know bars
you can't walk into.
I'm sure you do, Honky Tonk.(LAUGHS)
Where your skateboard at, man?
You don't skateboard
no more? No.
Well, what you doin' now?
Been drawing a lot.
Okay. That's what's up.
Drawing what?
Draw whatever. Anything.
All right, well, we're about
to finish this album up.
We need some artwork for it.
I can get 'em to send you
the link when it's done.
Maybe it'll give you some inspiration.For sure.
For sure. Please.
All right, cool. Yeah.
I'm gonna send you
something to move next week.
Yeah? Yeah.
I appreciate that, man.
You wanna text my phone?
I don't got a phone yet.
But, I mean, I can
slide through whenever.
All right, Friday. Friday?
Friday. For sure, man.
Thanks, Quis.
What's up?
You good? Yeah, yeah. Get in.
It's not my day.
Been out here all morning.
Where you headed?
Harford and Ailsa.
How much you looking to get?
I've been
trying to get on
since yesterday.
I'll give you head for 20.What?
I thought you
were trying to score.
I am.
Look, I'm so sorry.
I'm so embarrassed.
Can I... Can I smoke
in your car?
You need
a cigarette? Yeah.
Yeah. Thank you.
But I'm... so sorry.
I'm such a mess.
I know if I don't score,
he's gonna hit me.
Who's gonna hit you?
My boyfriend.
He makes me come out here.
He makes you come out here?
I just wanna die.
You want me to take you
to the hospital?
Well, I would if I could,
but I...
I can't leave my cat.
I know it's so stupid.
You wouldn't understand.
But she's the one thing
that keeps me alive.
She's the sweetest girl.
She's... She's my baby.
What's her name?
Like "concrete."
It's gonna be 25.
Ah, fuck.
Look, that's all I...
that's all I got
on me, okay?
Yeah, it don't work like that.
Come on.
Just take it. It don't work like that.
No, I'll get the rest
off my boyfriend.
I promise, okay?
You need to go home.
What else you got? What is it?
That is quality merchandise.
Yeah, whatever.
Well, it works for me. Yeah.
Hey, Ms. Patty.(WOMAN) Hey.
Can I get one
of the Blue Steels? Sure.
Thank you.You're welcome.
How much a pack?2.99 a pound.
And this is...
You leaving? No, just takin'
a piss.
Catch you later,
all right?
I'll throw in a bag.Butterfly
these motherfuckers.
No, I don't want these.
You good? Uh, yep.
I would say hop in,
but I think
it would be tight.
I'll follow you
on the bike. All right, man.
Seven. Okay.
I think I'm about
five short there,
No, you good, man.
Old times.
Have a good one.All right. Thanks, man.
Be easy, all right? All right.
Hit me up if you need me.
All right. You stay out of
trouble.Yeah, I will. You too.
We need six-inch blades.
15, uh, 6-1-1-3.Excuse me.
And we need 40-19, uh...
Excuse me.
59-15.Excuse me!
Oh. What?
Are you Riha?
No. Riha's downstairs.
Downstairs? Downstairs.
What do you need? Are you Riha?
I left my mower a while back,
and I was wondering
if you still had it.
What color? It's orange.
You push it? Yeah.
How long ago
did you bring it in?
Uh, over a year ago.
It's electric.
Ah. I got one here
that's been sittin'.Yeah?
Come on. I'll show you.Thank you.
Seven-inch wheels
and side discharge, no mulch?
Yeah, that sounds about right.
That the one?
Ah, yeah, that's her.
I got it. I got it.
Don't worry about it.
I replaced the battery cord
and cleaned the air vent.
It might still need a blade,
but it's cheaper
to do it yourself.
Just be careful.Yes, ma'am.
What's the... What's the total?
I'll never find
that receipt.
Just give me 40 bucks.
Forty? Yeah.
Thank you.
There you go.
Appreciate that.
I got your mower.
What are you doing here? I
was in the neighborhood.
You should have called me
before you came here.
I thought you might need it.
I could have got that myself.
Court, it's been there
for, like, two years.
Who's cutting your lawn?
My brother cuts my lawn, Keith.
Tell him I stopped by.
I won't, 'cause you
shouldn't even be here.
Well, you want it or not?
Geez, yes, I want it.
It's mine.
How much was it
for the repairs?
Can I see Scout?
How much?
Don't worry about it.
Just let me see my dog.
I gotta get to work.
Court. Please.
Why won't you
listen to me? Let me see Scout.
Five minutes.
And then I want you
to go. Okay?
You want me
to bring this out back? Yes, whatever.
Scout, mama, come here.
Come here, Scout.
Scout, come on.
Come on, baba.
Come here, Scout. Look. It's Keith. Look.
Come here, baby.
How are you? How are you?
You miss me?
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Come here.
Come here, baby.
Come here.
You miss me?
How you doin'?
She teach you anything?
Can you sit?
Give me high five.
You tired?
You tired?
All right, Keith,
I gotta go. Scout.
I'll see ya, baby.
Hey. Hey.
Come on, mama.
See ya, baba. Scout, come on.
See ya, Court.
Hey, what's up, man?(MAN)
Hey, how you doing?
Can I get a whiskey shot
and a... a Boy?
What's up, Kelsey? Come on.
What? Come here.
Are you crazy? What?
You shouldn't be here. Why?
I heard you
pissed off Gary and them,
and now you're fucking around
with those hood rats.
Who the fuck
are you talking to
like that, Kelsey?
I'm gonna do what I please.
Yeah, well,
I talk how I please.
You know,
you're real fuckin' stupid.
Why you always trying
to find trouble?
I'm not.Yeah, well,
why are you here then?
I'm just here
to talk to Jessie.
Well, she's with a client.
So, you want a dance? Not from you.
Well, I know you ain't broke.
Whatever, man.
I know you're holding.
Yeah, says who? See?
Don't matter.
Why don't you put me on.
Get the fuck out of here
with that shit. No, you.
I'm just here to see Jessie. Fuck you then!
(WAITRESS) How are you? How are you?
Hey, Jessie.
What's up?
Um, I'm with my friend
right now,
so, uh, can we talk
a little bit later,
Your friend? Yeah, my friend.
What time do you get off?
Um, in a little bit,
so you can give me...
(JESSIE) Stop!
(KEITH) You bitch!
Get the fuck off me!
Get the fuck off... Keith!
Get the fuck off... (JESSIE) Keith! Keith!
Get the fuck off me!(BOUNCER)
You don't mean it.
Yo, ain't nobody playin'
with your dumb ass!
Stop!(KELSEY) Are you okay?
Why did you come here,
I came to see you.
Come with me. Are you drunk?
Come on. I'm lonely. I'm working, Keith.
Yeah, he's working too.Shut
the fuck up, Kelsey!
Why the fuck you even out here? Come on.
Go clean yourself up.
I just wanted to see you.
You should go to the hospital.
you later, all right?
Stupid-ass motherfucker.
Come on.
I saw that.
What'd you see?
I'm staying up at Patapsco
and Willow Spring Road,
on the corner.
I got some heat
if you're thirsty.
Right on the corner.
Just ask for Wasp.
Me and you, motherfucker!
You're a fuckin' punk!
You hit me from behind
in a crowded bar.
If they ain't pull me off,
I'd have broken
your fuckin' nose.
Now's your chance.
Go back
to your mom's day care,
you fuckin' runt.
Don't talk about
my fuckin' mother.
(KEITH) Yeah,
I'm gonna fuck your mom.
What the fuck!
What'd I tell you?
I told you to stop dealing
with them corny motherfuckers.
Is you all right? Yeah, I'm good.
Shit. Good thing recycling
didn't come around today
for real,
'cause they would've got
they head hit.
Hell, yeah.
Shit. Look, man,
I don't know what you
was fuckin' with when
you was locked up,
but around here,
we don't fuck with them boys. Yeah.
Stop talking to 'em.I know.
How long you lived
in this neighborhood?
Fifteen years.All right then.
You should know better.
Your father used to work
at Bethlehem Steel
with my father.
This our neighborhood.
This ain't up top.
(MAN) You got
a broom, yo? What?
Clean this shit up.
Stupid ass, man.
That's my nigga,
but he dumb as shit.
I'm tryin' to
spare his ass, man.
That shit was funny,
though, right?
Hey. Big man,
what's up, baby?
What's up, dawg? Yo, I need to see Mom.
All right.
Hey, yo, he's here to see Mom.
Yo, what's up, man? Who
the fuck are you, man?
Keith. I need to see Mom.
I don't know you
from Adam, man.
As far as I'm concerned,
you might be Five-0.
State the oath.
On my honor, uh,
I swear to keep myself
physically strong,
mentally agile,
and spiritually awakened.
I'm honorable and loyal.
I'm respectful, helpful,
shrewd, and straight.
I have self-discipline,
self-respect, and endurance.
I have dignity, morality,
and integrity.
You a little rusty,
homeslice, but come on.
Have a seat, bitch.
Have we met?
Yes, sir, uh,
briefly in Jessup.
Oh, Jessup dawg.
Who did you associate with?
I was assistant to FA.
Moneyman. Yeah.
Smoke? No, I'm good.
It's rose petal
and some marshmallow.
How long you been out?
Just got done
nine months home detention.
You need work?
Yeah, but I got mixed up
with the wrong people,
and I want out.
Little G was my FG,
but I know him as Gary
from way back when
in Dundalk.
Does he respect your decision?
I don't know.
He came to my house uninvited
with a couple of soldiers.
And? I was hoping
maybe you could tell him
to stop flexing
and let me get back on my feet.
Are you a white man?
As far as I know.
That's good.
(SNIFFS) Then remember...
these inactions are a mirror.
They reflect the character
of the individual
defined by dignity,
morality, and integrity.
Okay, that's the eye.
The eye is
a radical fucking thing.
Separate the honorable
from the dishonorable,
conflict goes away.
True virtue is based
on what is morally right.
The truth conforms to reality,
but it can only be found,
right, in the conscience.
In the consciousness.
Now, if you choose a falsehood
based on preference
rather than true truth,
you give yourself to a lie.
And when you give yourself
to a lie,
you commit yourself
to destruction.
And your life...
simply comes to destruction.
Yes, sir.
Power in teachings of the eye
changes men, right,
into great men,
and it alters completely.
The whole moral
a-a-and mental outlook
Mm-hmm. of those who walk
within the eye.
Those who enter the eye.
Do you understand
what I'm saying here? Yeah, I do.
Listen to me, okay?
This is a science.
I walk like this
and talk like this
to reach you
in your fucking mind.
When you see me, you say,
"What the fuck?"
Because I walk
with "what the fuck."
I want you to walk
with "what the fuck."
Hmm? Yes, sir.
Remember it.
The wise and honorable
always keep their kingdom
and their land...
and their house clean
of foolishness and dishonor.
So you can help me with this?
A true man walks a lonely path.
Yeah, inside You got the club
Chicks and drugs
Inside, outside
Outside you got the
money Whips and thugs
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Kara
Happy birthday to you
(GIRL) Yeah!
(GIRL 2) Yeah! Got 'em!
(KATE) Nice. That is some
expert cake cutting.
Can you say hi to your uncle?
I miss you.(KATE) We miss you. We love you.
Mwah, from both of us.
(KATE) Good job.
(KEITH) What's up? How's it going?
Getting in?
(GROANS) I missed my bus.
Thank you. Yeah.
Oh, it's hot.How much you need?
No, baby, I'm headed
down to the clinic.
Down on Sinclair. Oh, you on a program?
Three weeks.
Thank you.
Can I bum a cigarette? Yeah.
Shit. You probably need it.(LAUGHS)
You got it.
Mmm. Yeah.
I had to get off the dope.
My son is living with me now.
Too much going in
and out of the house, you know?
That's good. Trying to set a good example.
I want my boyfriend
and my son to come with me
to the clinic,
but they don't got no patience.
They can wait all day to cop,
but they can't wait 30 minutes
for the bus.
How much you payin'?
160, but I'm on
reduced disability.
No, for the methadone.
Uh, ten dollars, two bottles.
Yeah. Medicaid cover it? Half.
So what, how much do I owe you?
Nah, don't worry about it.
I was heading this way anyway.
How come?
My mom's buried
at Baltimore Cemetery.
I wanna go visit her.
Have a good one. Thanks.
See you later.
You take care.
(MAN) How were you inspired
to get all these colors
like this?
(MAN) Very nice.
(MAN) Excuse me.
What is your name? Keith.
Keith, you know that this
is a nonsmoking campus.
Is it? Yes.
It's good to know.
Thank you, Keith.
Thank you, dude.
So, these row houses
are all set up
like the bricks
and the marble steps,
and these colors came from it.
Do I know you? No.
Then why are you following me? I'm not.
I'm walking to my car.
Really? Really.
- What's your name?
- Aurora.
And what was so funny, Aurora?
I'm not laughing.
I saw you laugh at me.
You were staring at my drawing.
Do you go here? No.
Thinking about it though. For art?
I need to make a living.
What were you doing
in the art building then?
I was lost.
Where's your car? Right down there.
Drive me home?
Take your shoes off.
They're dirty.
It's like a museum in here.
Oh, yeah.
My parents are fans. What do they do?
Do you want
some salami? Yeah. Thank you.
My dad
works for Aberdeen.
My mom doesn't.
Where they at? Miami. Yours?
My dad's retired,
and, uh, my mom died
a few years back.
Oh. I'm sorry.
It's all good.
I've been watering these down
too much already.
They're beginning to notice.
Do you wanna get high?
How old are you again? How old are you?
Take a guess.
I don't wanna know that bad.
Now the second left.
There's some parking
at the front. You can park
in one of the handicapped spots.
Who's handicapped? Me.
Are you fucking kidding me? What?
You're a real classy guy.
Come on. It's nice
on the inside. Come on.
Oh, yeah?
Like that?
She good.
You can't come in here.
Why is that?
'Cause Tommy said no. Why?
Because he can't have
no trouble in here, man.
that fucking clown
jumped me?
He broke a fucking bottle
over my head.
I could've called the cops.
You like the police?
Fuck you. Let me in. Yo, move on.
Hey.Don't fucking touch me, man.
Yo, too late. Let's go someplace else.
Forget it.
Hey, wait up.
Where are we going? I need to
go talk to somebody real quick.
Why? Don't worry about it.
Should I just go home? No.
All right.
I'm just gonna say hi
real quick.
Is Wasp here?
Mike's upstairs.
Who? Wasp.
How do I get there? Around the corner,
straight up.
She stays here.
I'll be right back, all right?
Well, make yourself
Come on. Have a seat.
Hey, look who came for a visit.
What's up, man? Come on in, bro.
Make yourself at home.
You want one
of these? Yeah.
Come on. Sit down.
Take a load off.
Fuck. (SIGHS)
Yeah, I had a parole
violation hearing
this morning.
Had to go up to the Bronx
and take care of some business
and this fucking Lojack
ratted me out.
So I wrapped it up
and took it with me just in case
the hearing went south.
Thank God it didn't.
Here I am rolling cigarettes.
I had to pay ten bucks each
for these in the joint.
Yeah, I know.
Wait, this was up your ass
this morning?
It was... It was wrapped up.
You think
I'd be licking this shit
if it was wild in my rectum?
Just smoke the fucking thing.
It's free.
Am I charging you for it? No.
No. So you've been inside.
You know about these things.
Yeah. Remember
that conversation we had?
I remember the conversation.
What do you need, bro?
What you working with?
Right now
all I got is a Beretta.
Give me a week,
I can get pretty much
anything you want within reason.
Yeah, I don't think
I can wait a week right now.
Youngblood's in a hurry, huh?
I got ya. Come on.
I'll set you up.
Follow me down to the basement.
That's where I keep my tools.
Yo, where'd that girl go?
She left. Why?
Yo, what'd you do to her?
Hey, this is my house,
- I'll do whatever I want.
- You fucking touch her?
You know what?
Get the fuck outta here.
Hey! You step
to this guy, Karl?
Who the fuck
are you kidding?
Sit down.
Sit down.
You wanna do this or what? Yeah.
Let's be quick, huh?
Come on.
Yo, Aurora!
Get in.
What are you doing?
-Come on. What happened?
-Fuck you, man.
I don't even know you.
A'ight then.
I thought you were down.
Who are you? Kelly.
Who else lives here? My mom.
And my brothers.
- Aaron?
- Yeah. Sometimes.
Is he home? Yes.
Why don't you
go get him for me?
Come on, motherfucker! Get
that motherfucker, man!
(GRUNTING)Put him in the fucking van!
You're lucky I didn't blast
your whole fucking family!
(KEITH) Motherfucker!(MAN) Fuck off, bitch!
(KEITH) I'm not fucking
playing with you!
-(MAN) Think
I'm playing with you?
-Stupid-ass motherfucker.
(MAN) Bullshit!
Bullshit, Keith!
(MAN) What's that smell?
There's some smoke.
(MAN 2) I think it smell like
somebody cooking shit.
Yo, what's he doing?
Yo, look at that shit.
- (MAN) Oh, Fuck!
- (MAN 2) Fucking shit!
Oh! Motherfuck!
Get that motherfucker, man!
Yo, put that shit out!
(GARY) A-Rock!
(GARY) Fuck it, man.
That shit's out? Yeah.
All right.
Get the fuck
in the van, man.
Yeah. There's my Scout.
What's up?
How you doin'?
Come here.
Come here.
(DAD) Still out?
(MAN) Yes, sir. Oh!(MAN 2) I'll take it.
(DAD) All right.
Spades are still out, right?
Don't you growl now.
(DAD) That's yours.
(MAN 1) All those hearts
you have, huh?
(WHISPERING) Come here, Scout.
Come here. Good girl.
Good girl.
Oh, you miss Daddy, huh?
How you doin'? (KISSES)
Scout, lay down.
Lay down.
Lay down. Mom ain't
teach you nothin'.
"Dear Keith,
I tried writing this letter
so many times."
Scout, stay.
"I tried writing this letter
so many times,
and I still don't know
what to say.
Do I need to say anything?
Nobody has known me
longer than you,
known me better than you.
And I know it's the same
the other way around.
In one way or another,
almost half my life
was spent with you.
You were my family, Keith.
Can you understand
what it did to me
when you went away?
I spent the last two years
getting used to living
in a world without you.
And now that you're free,
you can go do whatever you want.
I expect you to do the same.
You need to adjust
to a world without me, Keith.
Please do not stop by
Please do not call me
for no reason.
Please do not
come up with any excuses so that
you can violate these terms.
We can't pick up
where we left off.
You can't depend on me
to be your friend or your family
or anything.
I really can't handle it.
I hope you understand this.
Please keep yourself
out of trouble. Courtney."
Scout, stay here, baby.
Yeah, why not? Mmm.
You got that one.
You're out of spades? Really?
Bam.Oh, you!
Shit. You got a handful of spades.
There you go.
Damn it. You're out.
All right.
All right, all right.
- (DAD) Go back to clubs.
- There he is, the prodigal son.
- (MAN 2) Hey, Keith.
- How you doin', fellas?
- Where you been?
- (KEITH) Out.
Hey, Keith, you want in?
Yeah, sure.
You know,
I'm gonna sit
the next hand out.
I need a smoke.No, w-wait.
No way you're leavin'.
No, no, no. Let him go.
He gets dizzy when he smokes.
(MAN 3) Don't try and stop me.
I got my e-cig.
-What flavor, Gilbert?
-(GILBERT) Grape.
What else? C'mon.
(DAD) Are these washed?(MAN 1) Yes, sir.
Washed and cleaned.
All right.
You know the rules
of the game?
Well, you're dealing left,
but remember,
we're passing right.
- No, we just did that.
- (MAN 2) It's a new game.
Why are we starting a new game?
Got the kid in. Two of clubs lead?
No. Left of dealer.
That's not the way I learned.
(MAN 1)
House rules, baby.(DAD) And I'm the house.
(MAN 1) Yes, you are.
So how's that
Rocket 88, huh?
Rocket 88's movin'
and groovin' along
in style.
Love that damn car.
Big-ass thing.
Yeah. It rides nice.
It's got those big back seats,
big front seat, no console.
You know what
they used to call those?
(MAN 1) What's that? Baby makers.
You ain't makin' no more babies.
(DAD) Goddamn right
I'm not.Let's hope not.
(GILBERT) You know,
I remember when I bought
my first new car.
I'd been working
at Bethlehem Steel
for six months.
Bad pass.
- Why is that?
- You want me to shoot the moon?
Well, anyway,
I bet that dealer
saw me coming
and thought, "Here's a loser.
What the fuck
does this kid want?"
-I didn't have any credit
at the time.
-(MAN 1) Of course not.
(GILBERT) He looked at me
like I was a piece of garbage.
I was about to leave
with my tail between my legs.
And then he asked me,
uh, where I worked.
I told him
I worked at the Point. Yeah.
He got all excited,
asked me about my brass check.
(MAN 1) Ah, the golden ticket.
What's a brass check?
Well, that's what I said,
you know, but he said, um,
"You know, your work ID,
from the Point,
where you work."
So I pulled my work card
out of my pocket
and showed it to him.
He took it, went and rubbed it,
just like they did at the plant,
you know?
Came back with his supervisor
and said I could pick
any car I wanted.
Man, I tell ya,
working at the Point
could get you anything.
Except an honest retirement.
- Oh!
- Seriously?
-(GILBERT) Ouch.
-(MAN 2)
Happens to the best of us.
-(GILBERT) What just happened?
-(MAN 1)
Keith just ate the queen.
(GILBERT) Who threw it? Take a wild guess.
Yeah, no fucking kidding.
What do you want me to do,
take it easy on ya?
Hold your hand?
Come on, I saw the opportunity
and I took it.
Stop cryin'.Who's cryin'?
You're acting like a little boy.
What the fuck
does that even mean?
- What did you just...
What the hell's that?
It's Scout.
What is her dog doing here?
It's not her dog,
and it's none
of your fucking business.
This is my fucking house.
It is my goddamn business.
Whose dog it is anyway?
It's my fucking dog!
(DAD) It's not your dog!
It's my fucking dog! It's not your dog!
(SCOUT GROWLS)Goddamn it! Give me that!
Hey! Fuck!
Shit, Keith!
(DAD) What the fuck, man?
Don't let me go
And now we've reached
Our sad song
hit deep to left field.
Hooking down the line.
And that one
will be off the wall.
They will wave Ferguson
around third.
He will score.
Into second
with an RBI double
is Collin Woody.
Stay. Firebirds lead
1-nothing on the double...
(CHEERING) and a nice...
What happened? I don't know.
Oh, Jesus.
I don't understand
'cause he doesn't have keys
to the house anymore.
If he broke into my house,
I'm gonna have to press charges.
I don't blame you.
I just wish
you'd wait till morning
and think about it.
Carol, I don't feel safe.
I feel like I have to get
a restraining order.
D-Don't do that, please.
Please, just sleep on it.
Now, don't patronize me.
I'm not gonna be able
to sleep tonight.
Where is he?
I do not know.
What am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to do?
I wanna go home,
and I can't go home,
and I can't leave my house
by itself, clearly.
I have to call the police.
No, don't, don't, don't.
Please don't. Really.
Think about his position here.
I mean,
wh-what are the cops
gonna do, really?
Are you kidding me?
He's not a teenager.
He's a grown fucking man.
Why does everybody treat him
like he's a goddamn child.
I mean, fuck.
I can give him until midnight.
But if he's not home
in two hours,
then I am gonna call
the police.
Thank you.
You know, I, um,
I really thought that he was
gonna come out of this stronger.
Come on, Scout.
Will you call me
when he gets in?
I will.
Come on, baby.
...softly in the wind
We move slowly to keep
them From wondering
Where we've been
Oh, my love
Never again
My love, never again
In the evening when they
Shoot you through the sky
They shoot you Through the sky
And you feel you're flying
In the morning with Your
face down on the floor
(MAN) And all these things
That have come to pass
Emptied well
Of times that never last
Rhythms speak
Sun to winter's call
Pouring forth
They beckon to enthrall
Burnt, clean eyes
Reach into our graves
Into the scars
Of our truth
Of life within the stars
All these words
Are dust within my mind