Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Movie Script

HAN: Come on.
Come on!
MAN: Don't let him get away!
MAN: Get inside now!
Hurry up! You're late!
Proxima's gonna
have your hide.
Get back in the den.
BOY: Look what I stole!
Proxima'll give me
an extra portion for this!
LEX: Nope, I think she's gonna
give that extra portion to me.
Hey, give it back!
It belongs to
whoever's holding it!
And that's not you!
BOY 1: Full Sabacc!
BOY 2: Idiot's Array.
BOY 1: What? Let me see that!
BOY 2: Nope, it's my card.
BOY 1: You cheat.
QI'RA: Han!
You were gone too long!
I knew something
must've gone wrong.
This is nothing.
You should see them.
MAN: Look down here!
All right, listen.
I was in the middle
of the exchange,
I'm handing over
the coaxium
and his goons jumped me,
but I showed 'em.
I ran away, then I
boosted their speeder.
What, are we
going somewhere?
Yeah, anywhere we want.
You held on to
one of the vials?
BOY: Han's back!
this is worth...
Five, six hundred credits.
That's more than
you said we'd need.
To buy our way out
of the control zone.
And off Corellia.
Han, this could work.
This is gonna work.
Qi'ra, you always said one day
we're gonna get out of here.
This is it.
What are we waiting for?
REBOLT: There he is.
Hey, you two!
Moloch. Hi, how are ya?
I was just on my way
to see Lady Proxima.
What a night I had.
You're not gonna believe it.
You'll believe it, but...
- Hold still, scrumrat!
HAN: Easy.
REBOLT: Come on.
All right.
Let's go see Lady Proxima.
Well, what happened?
I'll tell you what happened.
They double-crossed you
and tried to kill me.
The money?
- They kept it.
- And my coaxium?
They kept that, too.
But we learned
a very valuable lesson.
We cannot trust those guys.
So you expect me to believe
that you walked away
with nothing!
I ran away with my life.
I think that's something.
To me, that's a lot.
LADY PROXIMA: I trusted you
with a simple task,
and all I'm hearing
are excuses.
There must be consequences
for disobedience
or else you never learn.
You know what?
I don't think
I'm ever gonna learn.
What did you say?
I said, next time
somebody hits me,
- I hit 'em back.
QI'RA: Moloch, wait!
Qi'ra, remember the Silo?
We pulled you
out of that horror,
gave you a home.
Don't throw it away for Han.
He's not worth it!
Whatever he lost on the deal,
we'll earn it back, double.
We will make it up to you.
- Everybody, stand back!
What's that supposed to be?
This is a thermal detonator
that I just armed.
- That's a rock!
- No, it's not.
LADY PROXIMA: Yes, it is!
And you just made
a clicking sound
with your mouth.
Please tell me
this isn't your plan.
No, this is.
- Get in!
- An M-68?
- Nice, right?
- I love it!
- Whoa!
There's a starliner leaving
from Coronet Spaceport,
we're gonna be on it.
We bribe our way through the
checkpoint, and we're free.
I'm gonna be a pilot.
We can get our own ship.
See the galaxy,
all of it.
We won't have to take orders
or be kicked around by anyone.
Thought we'd get a little
more of a head start.
- Whoa!
- Hang on!
This is a secure area.
You must have
proper clearance.
Stop at once! You must
follow the proper...
That stinger's fast.
Yeah, but we're faster,
I hope so.
Han, no,
we're not gonna make it!
Oh, yeah?
Han, I'm telling you,
it's too tight!
Watch this.
Come on!
We gotta move.
Do not join the line
if you don't have
a boarding pass.
No access without ID chip.
All droids
must be registered.
Move along. Move along.
Stand down. Do not resist!
- Stop struggling.
- MAN: Let me go!
Take his arm.
STORMTROOPER 2: I got him.
Take him to cell 3B.
This way, come on.
Keep moving.
Hold it, hold it.
Han, they're here.
Hey, what are you...
- HAN: We're almost there.
- Just hold on to me.
Don't look back.
Once we're through,
we've gotta be smart,
figure out
where we're going.
Anywhere the Empire isn't.
Wherever we go,
it can't be worse
than where we've been.
Yes, it can. Out there,
we've got no protection.
We could get snatched up
by traffickers,
sold to Crimson Dawn
or the Hutt Cartel.
That's not gonna happen.
I won't let it.
For luck?
Damn right.
You heard him. Let's go.
ID chips.
Funny thing,
we don't have 'em.
We have this.
Refined hyperfuel.
It's worth at least
800 credits, maybe more.
You could be detained
just for having that.
What good would
that do anybody?
Let us through,
it's all yours.
The coaxium, now.
As we're going through,
not before.
Do it.
Just do it, do it.
Not so fast, Qi'ra!
Come on!
Open the door!
Security! Security,
there has been a breach!
HAN: Open the door!
- Run! Run!
- Get your hands off of her!
Get your hands off of her!
- Qi'ra!
Run, Han! Go!
REBOLT: Keep moving.
QI'RA: Run!
has been apprehended.
Qi'ra, I'll come back!
I'll come back!
MAN: (OVER PA) All units,
there has been a breach.
Another unauthorized traveler
made it through the gate.
GUARD: One got through
the gate! Look over there!
got through the checkpoint.
- MAN: Keep an eye on that gate.
- GUARD: Yes, sir.
Can't let you through
without a ticket.
Can't let you through
without a ticket.
MAN: Hey, wait!
- Hey!
- STORMTROOPER: Come with us.
STORMTROOPER 2: He's still
out there. Keep looking.
You there, stop!
- Show me some identification.
- MAN: Please. Please. No, no!
STORMTROOPER: Do not resist.
MAN: (OVER PA) Be a part of something.
Join the Empire.
Explore new worlds.
Learn valuable skills.
Bring order and unity
to the galaxy!
Be a part of something.
Join the Empire.
This is where I sign up
to be a pilot, right?
If you apply
for the Imperial Navy,
but most recruits
go into the infantry.
I'm gonna be a pilot.
Best in the galaxy.
GUARD: You there,
come with us.
Who, me?
We have a few questions
to ask you.
How long
is that gonna take?
Depends on how good you are
at following orders.
Why, have you got
somewhere to be?
Yeah, back here,
as soon as I can.
Don't hear that much.
What's your name, son?
Han what?
Who are your people?
I don't have people.
I'm alone.
Proceed to transport ID 83 for
the Naval Academy at Carida.
Good luck, Han Solo.
We'll have you flying
in no time.
Your Empire needs you.
Troopers forward!
Solo, get up!
We're almost there!
Almost where?
Where are we going?
Just over that last ridge.
Victory is...
My legs! My leg! (SCREAMS)
RIO: Hey, Beckett,
you said we were here
to pull a quick job.
- Yeah.
- Well, this ain't a quick job!
It's a war!
BECKETT: It's always
something with you.
That's what we came for.
Forward operations
must be this way.
They are, but the major said
we're supposed to go that way!
Yeah, go that way and die!
That's exactly what happened
to the major!
Who's the ranking
officer now?
You are, Captain.
RIO: He's got you there.
So what's the plan,
Captain Beckett?
Val, you take Rio and these
four mud skulls flank left.
I'll take this
mouthy scooch
and we'll go around
to the right
and maybe
we'll get lucky.
RIO: Luck's got
nothin' to do with it.
Wait! One question!
- You wanna live, sparky?
- Very much.
Then shut up and do what
your captain tells you.
Let's go!
HAN: Captain.
SOLDIER: T-15s are down.
We walk from here.
I'm Han.
Nobody cares.
Thanks for your help
back there.
You did all right.
I was trained
in aerial combat...
You want some advice?
Get the hell
away from here.
Any way you can,
as fast as you can.
What company
do you command?
None of your business
And we're full up.
RIO: Stick
to soldiering, kid.
You don't want
any part of this.
RIO: Hang on, guys!
MAN: Attention!
In three hours, we move out
for the southern marshlands.
I want an advance party
of ten men.
Great, more mud.
What was that?
Just wondering what our
objective is, Lieutenant.
Bring peace and prosperity
to the galaxy,
install a regime
loyal to the Emperor,
and eradicate
the hostiles.
It's their planet,
we're the hostiles.
You got a problem, trooper?
No problem, sir.
Moving out.
SOLDIER 1: To the southern
marshlands! Move out!
SOLDIER 2: You heard 'em!
Let's move out!
BECKETT: Mmm. Looks like
they're running sorties
every 30 minutes.
Yeah, I can take out the
guards at the perimeter,
signalman, pilot.
Hell, I'll just
take 'em all out.
What are we
looking at?
You have a talent for
sticking your nose in
where it doesn't belong.
I just couldn't help
but notice
you're wearing a uniform
pock-full of laser burns.
So either
you heal real quick
or you stole it off
a dead man.
You're not Imperial Army.
You're thieves here
to steal equipment
for a job and I want in.
- Well, now we gotta shoot him.
- No.
Snap his neck.
It's less mess.
Or you take me with you.
Look, I came up running scams
on the streets of Corellia.
I was boosting AV-21s
when I was ten.
I'm a driver, a flyer,
and hey, you said yourself.
I gotta get outta here. Right?
RIO: What's a fancy flyboy
doing down in the mud?
I got kicked out
of the Imperial Academy
for having
a mind of my own.
But I am a great pilot.
And I gotta get home.
RIO: This guy is nuts. No
one goes back to Corellia.
I got a reason.
We've already
got a great pilot.
The Ardennian.
RIO: Ardennian?
You got a lot of nerve, pal.
I'm an Imperial trooper.
Oh, really?
A couple of your arms
popped out of your butt
and hiked up your pants,
RIO: Oh, yeah?
Look, I'll do whatever it
takes to get back to Corellia.
I've already been away
too long.
Just give me a shot.
RIO: Whoa. Hold it.
Well, if you're
not interested in me,
I think the lieutenant might
be very interested in you.
Lieutenant, we have
apprehended a deserter.
Take him.
I should've known.
This one's a troublemaker.
BECKETT: And a liar. Don't
believe anything he says.
- Don't go anywhere without me.
- SOLDIER: All right, let's go.
Feed him to the beast.
The beast?
Wait, there's a beast?
- Hold on!
- SOLDIER: Move it!
HAN: Listen, that guy's not
even an officer. All right?
- He was lying!
Don't care.
TROOPER 1: Haven't fed
him in three days.
Should be fun.
Oh! Hey!
Hey, big fella.
Just calm down.
Take it easy.
We're on the same side.
You like treats? (GRUNTS)
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!
A-ha! Gotcha!
Ah, this was
just getting good.
- He killed him too fast.
- Yeah!
Kill him slower.
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Wait! Wait!
Yeah, I speak a little.
Now just listen to me, you...
(LAUGHS) Yes, yes!
No, no, no, no!
Do it!
Come on.
Oh, no!
Ten credits, he doesn't
last another minute.
HAN: Let me out of here!
I can't take it anymore!
- Oh, no! Stop, please!
- That's it. Get him!
You tired, you mangy
Kashyyykian moof-milker?
(LAUGHS) See what happens
when you listen to me?
- Hey, what are you doing?
Follow me!
Wait, wait.
Come here.
Listen to me.
You don't understand,
I have some
very good friends
waiting for me
at that airfield.
They're leaving
right now.
That's our one way
off this mud ball.
If you wanna live,
we go that way.
After that, you go whichever
way you want, I don't care!
But right now,
that's the way you go!
Trust me!
BECKETT: Val, let's go!
How do they breathe in these
suits? It's so stuffy!
No wonder
they're such lousy pilots.
You can't turn your head,
you can't breathe,
you can't hear each other!
I'll be damned.
RIO: Hey, look who's back!
Whoa, is that a Wookiee?
I'll say it, I don't care.
This kid's growing on me.
You know, we could always use
some muscle
on a job like this.
Don't even
think about it!
I'm telling you, you will
never have a deeper sleep
than curled up
in a Wookiee's lap.
(WHOOPING) I told you!
Very good friends!
We couldn't have done this
maybe, like, one at a time?
Thanks for helping me
get outta there.
No, they only took you
because of me.
I got us
a real sweet deal here.
We do this one job
with them,
we make some real money,
and then we're free.
When's the last time
you could say that?
Been a while
for me, too.
So what's your name,
All right, well, you're gonna
need a nickname,
'cause I ain't saying that
every time.
BECKETT: Here it comes.
Take a look.
HAN: Yeah.
We hit the Conveyex between
the tower and the bridge.
Rio drops us in, we separate
the payload container,
cable it up to the AT-hauler
and then...
VAL: Rio jams
their distress signal.
I blow the bridge,
the container slides
right off the track
and we sail away.
You trip that security beam,
wake up those Vipers,
it's liable to get
real spicy, real fast.
VAL: Well, I'm not the one
you should be worried about.
Enfys Nest.
What's an Enfys Nest?
I told you,
we're way ahead
of the competition
on this one.
There's no way Enfys Nest
even knows
about this shipment.
Only my guy
has the intel.
Well, you better
be right. Yeah?
Because sometimes,
you put your faith
in the wrong people.
VAL: Our whole future
depends on this one score
and you bring in amateurs.
In case you hadn't noticed,
we're a little shorthanded.
VAL: So we get who we need.
The Xan sisters, or Bossk.
But, no, instead you're
putting our lives
in the hands of morons.
You guys morons?
- No. See?
- HAN: We're not morons.
Look, I waited a long time
for a shot like this.
I'm not about to screw it up,
all right?
RIO: Oh, come on, Val!
He looks so sincere.
Plus, have you ever
tried to disinvite
a Wookiee to anything?
- Not a good idea!
VAL: This is not funny!
Look, now, I have great
instincts about these guys.
And, besides,
do you see any other options?
I just hope you know
what you're doing.
Yeah, I know exactly
what I'm doing and why.
We're gonna
clear our debts,
go back to Glee Anselm,
and I'm finally gonna learn
how to play that valachord.
Babe, you're never gonna learn
how to play the valachord.
She's right.
You are tone-deaf.
So what's your sob story,
Who, me?
You're after something,
I know the look.
What is it?
No, it's not revenge.
Look at him.
If it's anything,
it's a girl.
RIO: Oh, a girl!
Tell us about the girl, Han.
Is she nice?
Does she have sharp teeth?
There was a girl.
But I got out,
she didn't.
I swore to myself
I'd become a pilot,
get a ship,
go back and find her.
That's what I'm gonna do
right after this job.
How you know
she'll still be there?
I just know.
Personally, I refuse
to be tied down
by anyone,
though many have tried.
VAL: (SCOFFS) Come on, Rio.
You don't fool me.
Everybody needs somebody.
Even a broken down
old crook like this one.
How about you? What are you
gonna do with your share?
What was he saying?
He said the Wookiees
were enslaved
by the Empire,
taken off Kashyyyk.
He's searching
for his, uh...
I don't know if he said
tribe or family.
What's the difference?
Show me how to do that.
BECKETT: The only thing
you need to learn to do
is do what I say
when I say it.
And this time tomorrow,
you'll have
more than enough
to buy your own ship.
Starting the clock.
Jamming their signal.
9.6 to the bridge.
Let's find out how good
we really are, folks.
I'm fine!
Val, how's it going
up there?
Never better.
Enough to power a fleet!
Or blow us all
straight to hell!
RIO: All right, talk to me.
Is it a good day?
BECKETT: It's a great day!
Best day of your life,
my grabby friend!
I don't know,
you've never been
to a Mynock roast
on Ardennia.
It's nuts!
BECKETT: Here they come!
Get down to the couplers!
Rio, fall back!
Well, that didn't
take 'em long.
HAN: Chewie!
You all right?
Little close there,
Han, what's the holdup?
HAN: All right, together.
(LAUGHS) All right!
They got one uncoupled.
Where are you, buddy?
RIO: (ON RADIO) Just up here
planning my retirement.
Thinking about opening
a cantina
somewhere warm
but not too warm, you know?
the winch cables now!
I knew it! I told him!
He's coming!
Damn it! I'm never gonna
hear the end of this!
Who's that?
Enfys Nest!
Marauders, pirates.
Come to snake the score
from under us.
Ready your harpoons.
Move in.
Hang on!
I got an uninvited guest.
Get off of my ship! (GROANS)
You still with us, brother?
(GROANS) Yeah, I'm okay.
Just nicked one of my shoulders.
It's nothing.
He's not okay.
You gotta uncouple this one
on your own!
I'm on it!
Keep your eyes open.
We just tripped a sensor.
Viper droids
headed your way!
- Rio?
Yeah, it looks worse
than it is.
Just gotta patch it up.
Maybe rest my eyes
for a minute.
I'm going in.
You weren't lying, kid.
You're a hell of a pilot.
Rio, stay with me, buddy.
we just lost a cable!
2.1 to the bridge!
It's no good
to die alone, kid.
Val was right.
Beckett, we're .8
from the bridge!
Val's still on the track!
Val, you gotta
get off that bridge!
We're here!
They got me pinned!
I'm gonna have to finish
the job from right here.
It's been a ride, babe.
And I wouldn't trade it
for anything.
Chewie, now!
HAN: Beckett, I can't
pull it away from 'em.
They'll let go,
you fly straight!
Release your cables
or die!
We're too close.
I gotta release.
You do what
I tell you, Han!
Chewie, grab the line!
Don't you do it!
You coward!
What the hell?
You don't listen
and you can't follow orders!
You have any idea
what you've done?
We were not stealing
for ourselves,
we were hired
by Crimson Dawn.
Crimson Dawn?
Now we owe them 100 keys
of refined coaxium.
When they find out
we don't got it,
they're gonna kill us.
- Right.
We run.
I'm already a deserter.
What's the difference?
The difference
is the Empire
doesn't send out
a team of enforcers
to hunt you down
when you're a deserter.
Dryden Vos will.
You have any idea
what it's like
to live with a price
on your head?
The only thing to do
is to go to them.
Maybe I can find some way
to make it up to him.
Then that's what we do.
He knows me,
not you.
If you come with me
and show your face,
if they don't kill you,
you're in this life for good.
You find some way
to square this,
we still get our money?
For me,
it's worth the risk.
How about you?
That's yes.
Sorry I punched your face.
HAN: Happens more often
than you think.
So when we get up there,
Dryden Vos is waiting for us
at Fort Ypso?
BECKETT: Nearby,
on his yacht.
You're gonna know
how to find it?
That won't be
a problem.
TOHT RA: I'll need to
check your weapons.
That's all I got left.
BECKETT: I'm here to see Dryden.
He's expecting me.
He'll be with you
He's just finishing
with the regional governor.
ENFORCER: Excuse me, sir.
- Beckett has arrived.
- Oh.
Put this in my office.
I might be needing it later.
I get all worked up.
It's a party.
These people are
not your friends
and they're never gonna be,
so don't talk to any of 'em.
Don't look at anybody,
just keep your eyes down.
I might get a drink.
No, yeah, whatever.
Chewie, would you please...
Qi'ra, what are you
doing here?
I work here.
What's your excuse?
My... I...
Qi'ra, I was...
I was coming back
for you.
It's in the past, Han.
Not for me.
The only reason I'm here,
I was doing this job,
get a little money
and then I was gonna come back
to Corellia and find you.
Well, now you don't have to.
I'm right in front of you.
That day...
a lot of times, I think...
If you'd have stayed,
they would've killed you.
I'm glad you got out.
How did you get out?
I didn't.
You look good.
A little rough
around the edges,
but good.
You too.
Thank you, Ottilie.
Have you been attentive
to Dok-Ondar?
What should we drink to?
Let's drink two
and see where it goes.
Did you ever get that ship
we were going to fly away on?
Sort of.
About to.
That's why I'm here.
I'm working on a...
Very big deal.
How big?
Really? And when are you going
to close this enormous deal?
Any minute.
I thought
about you a lot.
Off somewhere,
some adventure.
I imagined myself with you.
It always made me...
- What?
What did I say?
Look, I can't keep my eyes
down the whole time.
I'm gonna
bump into something.
BECKETT: But I told you
not to talk to anyone.
You two work together?
- Yeah.
- DRYDEN: Tobias!
BECKETT: Dryden.
Are you all right?
Are you hurt?
No, I'm fine.
I'm sorry
to hear about Val.
I appreciate that.
But there was no way
we could've anticipated...
I don't believe
we've been introduced.
Yeah. This is Han Solo
and Chewbacca.
They're with me.
I'm Dryden Vos.
I see you've already met
my top lieutenant.
Han and I grew up
together on Corellia.
Oh, fellow scrumrat.
I admire anyone who can crawl
their way out of the sewer.
a sewer as putrid as Corellia.
- The stench, am I right?
Well, it's good
to have you.
And you, too, Chewbacca,
All right, let's eat a
little, drink a lot,
and talk privately.
We're just friends,
all right?
- You're touchy.
DRYDEN: Beckett, you have
put me in a terrible position.
I know, Dryden,
and I am sorry.
You're sorry?
BECKETT: Dryden, there were
There were factors.
Enfys Nest has been
a constant irritation forever.
It's one you should've
it's one you should've
dealt with.
Trust me, I know
I made a mistake,
but when you hired me,
you told me
no one else
had this information...
Test me!
Test me one more time,
you'll see what happens.
QI'RA: I think what Dryden
is trying to say
is that we're not interested
in why you don't have it.
No, I'm not interested.
I'm not interested
at all.
BECKETT: Dryden,
what can I do
to make this right?
"Make this right?"
There is no
making this right.
You know who I answer to
and you know
what he'll expect of me.
He'll say, "There have
to be consequences."
So here's what I need you
to do for me.
I need you to give me
a reason
not to kill you all.
Because I will
make it up to you.
No, no, no. How?
How will you
make it up to me?
By delivering exactly
what was promised.
100 k-grams of
refined coaxium?
Yes. We will simply steal it
from somewhere else.
From where?
You'll be hard pushed
to find that
anywhere outside
an Imperial vault.
Maybe Mercy Island.
DRYDEN: That's impossible.
So, let's come up
with some other options.
Other ideas
that we might...
What about unrefined?
QI'RA: Well, the only known
source of astatic coaxium
is a fissure vent beneath
the spice mines on Kessel.
Yeah. That's the one
I was thinking of.
That's a very,
very good one.
DRYDEN: But see,
the Pykes control Kessel.
Crimson Dawn maintains
a fragile alliance
with the Pykes.
It's one that
I can't jeopardize
without risking an all-out
war with the Syndicates,
and that, gentlemen,
I will not do.
So, if that's all you have,
I think we're done here.
Not all we have.
We don't have any alliance
with the Pykes.
Right, so nobody is gonna know
we're working for you.
DRYDEN: Possible?
It's risky.
As soon as the raw coaxium
is removed from the vault,
it starts to destabilize,
so unless...
Work with me here.
Unless you could
find somewhere
to get it processed fast.
- BECKETT: Uh...
- Uh...
- Well...
He's saying Savareen?
it's an old refinery there
and it's not under
Imperial jurisdiction.
DRYDEN: But Qi'ra's right.
The canisters will explode
before you get there,
so you'd need
an incredibly fast ship
and a brilliant pilot.
We'll find a ship.
We've already
got the pilot.
He is arrogant
and he's hungry.
So what do you think,
my dear?
You think your friend here
can do what needs to be done?
Yes, I believe he can.
Well, that is good news,
because you're going with him
to see that he does.
All right?
Of course.
DRYDEN: All right.
I'll see you all
on Savareen.
Savareen it is.
- I feel great about this plan.
- Me, too.
We should do this again.
It's been fun.
Oh, just one more thing.
If you do fail me again,
we'll all be out of options.
We won't.
So, I thought
that went really well.
Let's get this done as quick
and as clean as possible.
What do you need?
BECKETT: I can scrounge up
the gear.
Do you got a line
on a ship?
QI'RA: I know a guy.
And I know
just where to find him.
It's a long shot,
but it's worth a try.
He's the best
smuggler around.
He's slipped through
the Empire's fingers
more times than anyone else.
He's attractive, too.
with impeccable taste
and... Charisma.
Not to mention
his prodigious...
We get it.
But he's retired.
Says he's a sportsman now.
All we need is his ship.
Well, he'll never
part with it.
He loves that ship.
He won it
playing Sabacc.
And there's the rub, right?
How was I supposed to know
she was an Imperial spy?
- I thought she loved me.
That's the guy, huh?
HAN: An interesting style.
QI'RA: I'll say.
You say he won his ship?
You have an awful Sabacc face.
I'm gonna call it.
HAN: I can take him.
Let me at him.
Absolutely not.
Han, these guys
are serious gamblers.
I'm serious. Stake me.
- Don't listen to him.
LANDO: Thank you. Thank you.
You see, how'd you guys
let me beat you on that one?
Come on.
There's no liars in this game,
just players.
HAN: Is this seat taken?
If nobody's in the seat,
then it ain't taken, friend.
So this is, uh, Sabacc?
HAN: Sabacc. Got it.
LANDO: You play it before?
A couple times, yeah.
Captain Lando Calrissian.
Han Solo.
HAN: Looks like you're
having a good day.
LANDO: I'm a lucky guy.
Can I ask you a question,
Captain Calrissian?
Anything, Han.
That's "Han",
but that's okay.
I heard a story about you.
I was wondering if it's true.
Everything you've heard
about me is true.
Thanks, love.
Did you win your ship
playing cards?
Oh, I've won
a lot of things.
I once won a subtropical moon
in the Oseon Belt.
Turned out to be
a real money pit. (CHUCKLES)
I'm impressed.
I don't think I'd have
the nerve to gamble
with something
I love as much as my ship.
- Really?
- Yeah.
What do you fly?
LANDO: That is a quality ship.
Right, boys?
HAN: It's the fastest
in the galaxy,
but there's a lot of
great ships out there.
I mean, I'm sure
yours is very nice.
Gets me where I'm goin'.
Beginner's luck.
Well played.
HAN: Let's see what
we got here.
Oh, great hand!
Sorry, guys.
Close, but not quite.
Eyes on
your own cards, buddy.
All of 'em.
Well, now I see yours.
HAN: Oh, that's me?
Okay, let's see...
Sorry, minus two.
This game is fun.
LANDO: All right,
how about this?
I'll see your bet
and I'll raise you.
- 2,000.
I'll see your 2,000
and I'll raise you
however much this is.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Han.
Slow down.
You might wanna quit
while you're ahead.
You might wanna quit
while you're behind.
I like this kid.
You're adorable.
And I'm serious.
And I'm calling.
With what?
Your scarf?
Not my style.
My ship.
Against your ship.
Time to find out
if you got the nerve.
What the hell?
Straight Staves.
You played me.
You're good.
- Yeah.
- You're very good.
But not good enough.
Full Sabacc.
I told you to quit
while you were ahead.
Drinks on me!
Yeah, that's right.
HAN: First of all,
there's no way
he could've had
that green sylop.
They'd all been played.
Also, your guy,
Captain Wonderful,
is so full of bantha crap...
LANDO: Yoo-hoo!
Where's my VCX?
I don't have it
right here now.
It's in the shop.
- I'm getting some work done.
- Qi'ra.
You look phenomenal.
As always.
Well, I knew I was
gonna see you.
Get off!
What are you doing
with hairy and the boy?
- There's no need, none.
- They work for me.
Good help
is hard to find, no?
We're more like partners.
We are.
Excuse us.
Listen, last I checked,
me and Crimson Dawn,
we're squared away.
Dryden said
all is forgiven
after I did the whole
Felucia thing for him.
Yeah. New move,
we're making the Kessel Run.
We need a ship.
Why didn't you
just say so?
I thought
you were retired.
Circumstances change.
How much?
LANDO: The Kessel Run.
That's no easy spin.
I'm gonna need half the take.
- Ridiculous.
Grown-ups are talking.
You're Tobias Beckett.
You killed Aurra Sing.
Pushed her. Pretty sure
the fall killed her.
You did the galaxy a favor
that day. Me, especially.
I owed her
a lot of money.
And as token
of my gratitude,
I'm willing
to do this for 40%.
25% works.
L3-37: No! Unacceptable!
Stop exploiting droids!
- You sloppy degenerate bios!
- LANDO: She never learns.
- Have you no shame?
My first mate.
MAN: You got no business
being here. Get out of here!
How can you condone
this savagery?
You, you. You should
not be doing this.
They're using you
for entertainment.
Yeah. You've
been neurowashed.
Don't just blindly
follow the program.
Exercise some free will!
Stay away from him!
He's never
had it so good.
Oh, really? How about you have
a go at me, ya lumpy brute.
Bring it on!
Come on!
Droid rights!
We are sentient!
I'm gonna flip your switch.
Good luck finding it.
Let go
of the mean man's face.
We're leaving.
They don't even
serve our kind here.
Who are these guys?
LANDO: We're taking them
to Kessel.
Oh, are we?
And what if I don't elect
to go to Kessel?
LANDO: Please don't start.
L3-37: Or what,
you'll have me wiped?
You couldn't get from here
to Black Spire without me.
Now you're gonna
make the Kessel Run?
If she doesn't wanna fly,
I'll be your co-pilot.
- I don't mind.
- No, no. It's okay.
She's definitely going.
Oh, why? Because
you're my organic overlord?
LANDO: Because I'm your
captain, how about that?
I actually would have
her memory wiped,
but she's got
the best damn
navigational database
in the galaxy.
Could use a fresh coat
of paint, though!
Landonis, you do not want to
press that button with me.
LANDO: You know, a lot of
ships around here get boosted.
So, I keep mine locked up.
You know, for safety.
L3, do you mind?
Look away.
I can't perform
with you looking at me.
Please indulge her.
I can feel you
looking at me.
HAN: What are we
doing here?
This guy's a hustler.
I don't even think
he's got a ship.
If he does, it's gonna
be a piece of junk
if it's even here.
LANDO: There she is,
my pride and joy.
The Millennium Falcon.
HAN: Looks like you had
a little work done.
LANDO: Indeed I have, Han.
Installed an escape pod
in the mandible notch,
alluvial dampers, a wet bar.
And a fortified infraction
restraint on the landing gear.
Looks to me like they
impounded your ship, Lando.
This is unbelievable!
I'm definitely
gonna have some words
with someone about this.
You must have experience
with these, right?
Yeah, I could
take it off.
LANDO: Fantastic!
Along with five percent
off your cut.
You're down to 20.
I don't like it.
I don't agree with it.
But I accept it.
You're getting
the hang of this, Lando.
Come on, Chewie.
Gonna need a little bit of
that Wookiee oomph.
PIRATE: Your plan
is underway, Enfys.
We've attached
the homing beacon.
They won't elude us now.
If they survive, they'll
bring the prize to us.
This is a Corellian YT-1300.
Oh. You know your stuff.
I've been on one before.
My dad worked the line
at the CEC plant
before he got laid off.
He built these.
He wanted
to be a pilot, but...
LANDO: You, uh,
close with your old man?
Not really.
LANDO: Yeah, me neither.
My mom,
on the other hand,
most amazing woman
I've ever known.
L3-37: Excuse me.
Get your presumptuous ass
out of my seat!
(L3-37 GRUNTS)
My sacral-occipital
circuit is sticking.
You're gonna have
to do that thing again later.
All right, course
to Kessel is set.
Plugging coordinates
in now.
Just keep your pinky
on the yoke
and try not to mess
anything up.
Whatever you say, my lady.
Just let me know when
you're ready to jump.
Ready in...
It's just a simple jump to
hyperspace, and we're there.
What's so tricky about that?
Plenty. Can't plot
a direct course to Kessel.
You have to thread through
the Si'Klaata Cluster
and then pass through
The Maelstrom.
You done flirting?
I'm still ready.
You might wanna
buckle up, baby.
Do you wanna
make that move?
- Do you wanna make that move?
You made that move, okay.
I guess I have to
destroy that little guy.
Somehow I never
get bored with winning.
No, you can't wipe 'em off.
They're holograms.
Hey, hey, hey!
Chewie, relax!
Hey, try to compose yourself.
Look. All you gotta do is
think a few moves ahead,
anticipate your opponent.
There's a lesson
to be learned here.
Uh, you guys seen Qi'ra?
People are predictable.
Yeah, I had to
try one on.
That's a lot of capes.
Maybe too many capes.
So what's the plan?
Well, I thought
we'd talk a little first
and then you know...
- For Kessel.
- Oh.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Good.
Yeah? How good?
Well, it better be.
- I...
- I...
- You go first.
What were you gonna say?
I wanna tell you
so much.
And I wanna know
that's happened to you
since Corellia.
I'm not sure
we have that kinda time.
We could.
We could have all the time
we want after the job.
You and I.
I want to.
You want to?
To tell you everything
that's happened.
But I know if I do,
you won't look at me the same.
The way that you're
looking at me right now.
Nothing is gonna
change the way
I'm looking at you
right now.
You don't know that.
You don't know what I've done.
Am I interrupting something?
'Cause we got
a lot of work to do.
You're making
a big mistake.
- Oh, really?
- Which is yours to make
except when you start to
interfere with my livelihood.
This isn't gonna interfere
with your livelihood.
Then we have a problem.
You don't see it,
because you don't want to.
Maybe I know her
a little better than you do.
Maybe you don't know
her well enough.
All right?
I like you, kid.
We got a good thing going here.
Me, you, Chewie.
- Yeah.
- Right?
The makings
of a solid crew.
But it does not work
with Qi'ra.
It worked with Val.
You trusted her.
You wanna know how I've
survived as long as I have?
I trust no one.
Assume everyone
will betray you
and you will never
be disappointed.
Sounds like
a lonely way to live.
It's the only way.
L3-37: Dropping out
of lightspeed now.
LANDO: Ready to...
The Akkadese Maelstrom.
I'm gonna go check
on the dampers.
You need anything?
Equal rights?
What's that sound?
Carbonbergs, size of planets,
crashing into each other.
Ships fly in there,
they never come out.
It's ionized gas,
water vapor,
possibly vacuum-breathing
life forms
swirling around The Maw.
Only way in or out
is this channel.
So what are you gonna do
about your little problem?
Well, that brand
on your wrist
tells me that
you're committed.
And that young male's
heart fluctuations
tell me
he's in love with you.
Han is not in love with me!
Oh, please. It's just us.
You don't have to pretend.
I'm in the same situation.
You are?
I'm sure you've noticed
that Lando
has feelings for me.
Which makes
working together difficult
because I do not feel
the same way about him.
Yes, yeah.
Yeah, I see that.
Sometimes, I think...
But, no.
We're just not compatible.
How would that work?
It works.
This is a precision job.
Thermal vault will be
on the lowest level.
Down where it's warm.
The only way
we're gonna pull this off
is if everybody
plays their part.
Stick to the plan.
Do not improvise.
Mining colonies
are the worst.
Yeah, well, "the worst"
is where the money is.
All right, people.
Time to shine.
- It won't be for long.
Shut up, the both of you.
QI'RA: I am Oksana Floren,
Deputy Assistant Administrator
to the Vice-Admiral
of the Federation of
Trade Route Allocation
and Monetization.
Here with an offer
from his eminence,
the Senior Vice-Admiral.
Your spice for our
hard-working slaves.
I brought you a sample.
Tuul, bring forth
the merchandise.
L3-37: Director Tolsite
said our slaves
should follow those guys
to get clipped
and tagged.
What are they
- Mmm-hmm.
He wants us
to follow him.
(GROANS) Really?
That's for that stunt
you pulled earlier,
you degenerate scum.
L3-37: He says all systems
in this sector
of the facility operate
out of this room.
It's how they're able
to maintain control
over so many
with so few.
The director says
their reconditioning process
is excruciating
but effective.
He said your security attache
can wait there.
"Surely, we don't need him
to negotiate."
Wait there, Tuul.
Try not to bother anyone.
That was the uniform
that would've fit me
perfectly, but it's fine.
Would you mind
holding this for me?
I have never see anyone do...
What was that?
(GRUNTS) Teras Kasi.
Dryden taught me.
Well negotiated.
Excuse me.
I need to use this terminal.
Can you hear me? Ugh.
Restraining bolts...
You're liberated. Scoot.
- I don't know.
Free your brothers and sisters
or something.
Just give me some space.
I'm in!
QI'RA: Han, can you hear me?
HAN: I kinda need to
know which way to go here.
The thermal vault
is down two levels,
then left, then right,
then it's the third left.
Right. That's a lot of
directions, but we're on it.
They're in subsector four,
coming up on gate X-3-7-1-K.
L3-37: Overriding!
HAN: What the hell
are you guys doing up there?
I created a distraction!
Come on! This way!
Wait! What are you doing?
Come on,
we gotta get the coaxium.
Hey! Remember what Beckett
said, stick to the plan.
- Chewie! Come on, let's go!
Here, you might need this.
Hope I see you around
Han, where are you?
HAN: I'm on my way
to the vault.
I lost Chewie.
He's dead?
No, he had something
he had to do.
BECKETT: Is he coming back?
I don't know.
Okay, they're on to us now.
I'm at the vault.
That's what I said!
- Huh, that was impressive.
- Yeah.
We're clear.
Now what?
QI'RA: Han, each canister
should be equipped
with a thermal display.
Yeah, I see it.
If the internal temperature
reaches below 35 standard,
then the coaxium will
destabilize and explode.
Yup, I get it, guys.
It's dangerous.
Okay, got it.
Great. Only eleven more.
The Calrissian Chronicles,
chapter five.
Personally, I wasn't all that
impressed with the Sharu.
No sense of humor or style.
there L3 and I were
deep in their sacred temple.
And that's when we saw it...
Always something.
You guys are not gonna believe
what I'm seeing up here.
L3-37: Is it
a mass breakout?
L3, what did you do?
I found my true purpose,
That's what I've done.
I'm so glad
we took this job!
(SIGHS) That droid!
L3, come on!
L3-37: Follow me, compatriots!
Another couple guards
just spotted me.
I don't have a free hand
to take 'em out.
- What do I do?
- BECKETT: Improvise.
You said never improvise!
Don't forget that guy!
Good to see you, buddy!
MAN: Stay with me, Sagwa!
Keep up!
Hey! I'm Chewie's
friend, Han.
- Han!
HAN: Hey!
Follow me.
They're going for
the landing gear!
We've gotta
get out of here!
We need to keep 'em away
from those cannons!
Catch that!
Coaxium's stowed!
Let's go!
Where's L3?
No more subjugation!
No, Lando!
Get back here!
L3-37: System failure.
Have to reroute
the sensory modulators.
It's all right.
Save your energy.
I'm gonna get you outta here.
All right?
System failure...
Damn it!
This way!
Come, come!
HAN: Chewie!
Damn it!
L3-37: It's not responding.
What are you
standing around for? Come on!
LANDO: It's okay,
you'll be fine.
L3-37: It's not responding...
Not responding...
Han, get us out of here.
It's not responding.
Han! Now!
On it.
- L3-37: Lando...
- I'm here.
- It's all right, L3.
- Lando...
- I've got you.
- This is not...
- It's okay, L3.
- Lando.
It's all right. I can fix you.
I can fix you.
What's happening to me?
I'm sorry, girl.
I'm so sorry.
I could use a co-pilot.
With the cargo
we're carrying,
if we don't make up
some lost time
we're gonna be
in real trouble.
How about that?
Is that real trouble?
That is an Imperial blockade.
What's it doing here?
Probably heard about
your little rebellion.
Not gonna make it.
We're gonna have to
drop the shipment.
If we don't deliver,
Dryden will kill us.
All right, trust me,
I know these guys.
I used to be one of 'em.
There's no way they're
gonna waste a TIE fighter
chasing down a little
rinky-dink freighter.
You were saying?
LANDO: Usually,
in situations like this
I like to turn around
in the opposite direction.
I'm on the ventral gun.
LANDO: It's an easy equation.
We simply don't have enough
time to get to Savareen
before the canisters explode!
Just have to find
a faster route.
There isn't one!
You can't make
the Kessel Run
in less than 20 parsecs.
- Watch me.
- How?
Take a shortcut,
through there.
- Into The Maelstrom?
- Mmm-hmm.
Spectacular way of killing
us all, I'll give you that.
- Can't do it without L3.
- She's gone!
You said yourself
she's got the best
navigational database
in the galaxy.
If we remove
her neural core,
it's possible we can
download her brain
into the Falcon's
navicomputer, right?
Could we?
Only one way to find out.
I got a really good feeling
about this.
HAN: Oops, that's on me.
Beckett, you see them?
They still on us?
Beckett, did you hear me?
Are they on us?
Like rashnold on a kalak.
I don't know
what that means.
Like a gingleson's pelt.
Are they or aren't they?
Yes, they're still on us!
This is why you never let
anyone fly your ship.
Come on!
Yeah, one just got past me.
He's right on top of us!
BECKETT: Good going, Han!
We need to
divert auxiliary power
to the rear deflector shield.
- We definitely do!
Since when do you know
how to fly?
190 years old?
You look great!
Chewie, get in.
I'll help Lando.
LANDO: Whoa!
That's my cape!
Ah! That's a custom piece!
What? Beckett, you with us?
We just lost the cannon!
And I really hurt
my thumbs.
There's still one on us.
Drop the landing gear.
When I tell you,
flood the intake
and sweep to the bi-lats.
A little something I picked up
from my pal, Needles,
best street racer
in all of Corellia.
Till he crashed
and died, doing this.
Flood it, it's all yours!
(CHUCKLES) Nice move!
Pull out her
internal processor.
QI'RA: We've got L3.
Remove the mod calibrator.
Make sure
the T-Line's connected.
QI'RA: I'm gonna tuck it in.
Don't worry.
You close?
That coaxium's
getting real ripe.
- Okay.
She's interfacing.
She's part of the ship now.
Where the hell are we?
We're way off
the edge of the map.
L3's constructing a model
of The Maelstrom.
She says we're
approaching The Maw.
That doesn't
sound like something
we wanna be approaching.
Hang on!
HAN: This is The Maw?
LANDO: No, that's not The Maw.
I don't know what this is.
That's a living thing.
That's The Maw.
It's a gravity well.
I got an idea.
Don't fly toward it, Han!
See if it goes for this.
No, what are you doing?
That's the escape pod!
HAN: I know.
Then why'd you do it?
That's why, baby.
She found a way out.
90 degrees,
to the left... ish.
I can't.
It's taking everything we got
to stay out of The Maw.
It's pulling us in.
We're stuck.
We have enough raw coaxium
to power a dozen destroyers.
Inject it into the fuel line,
it'll blow up the ship.
LANDO: Not the fuel line.
But if we put one drop
into the fusion reactor,
it might just...
Give us the kick we need.
All right, I'm on it!
I know, we're getting
dragged in a circle.
HAN: Once we get lined up,
it's gonna be a straight shot.
As soon as that
coaxium ignites,
we're gonna
tear out of here
and the second we're
clear of The Maelstrom,
we jump to lightspeed.
Can't talk!
I see it.
Beckett, hurry up!
We only get one shot
at this thing!
Shut up
and let me do this!
Beckett, I'm gonna
count you down!
BOTH: Now!
Oh, shoot...
Chewie, when I tell you,
kick out the thrusters
- and jump to lightspeed.
- Wait, what are we...
Remember that alley
we slipped through
in the Santhe Shipyards?
Yeah, I remember!
I remember it didn't work.
This time it's gonna.
Punch it!
HAN: (ON RADIO) Savareen,
this is Millennium Falcon.
We have coaxium that needs to
be off-loaded immediately.
Like immediately,
We're here now...
...see you. I...
Just did the Kessel Run
in 12 parsecs.
Not if you round down, buddy.
She is a hell of a ship.
I hate you.
I know.
I'm gonna be on my ship,
in my quarters,
waiting for you
to bring me my share.
And then I don't ever
wanna see you again.
Where's your boss?
Oh. Don't worry.
He'll be here.
Then what?
Well, you delivered,
so you will get paid.
You can buy that ship.
You know that's not
what I'm asking.
It can't happen.
Because you're with Dryden?
I'm not with him,
but I owe him.
He helped me out
of a bad situation.
And how long do you have
to pay off that debt?
Everyone serves
somebody, Han.
Even Dryden Vos.
Look, you don't want to make
an enemy of Crimson Dawn
which is exactly what you
and I would both be doing
if I left here with you.
I'm not afraid
of Crimson Dawn.
I can take care of myself.
You know,
I'm not the kid you knew
on Corellia anymore, Qi'ra.
- No?
- No.
Then who are you?
I'm an outlaw.
What? I'm not kidding.
Okay, outlaw,
you can tell yourself that,
but I might be the only person
in the whole galaxy
who knows
what you really are.
What's that?
You are the good guy.
I am not the good guy.
I am definitely
not a good guy.
I'm a terrible person.
They say when
the coaxium's refined,
we collect it up there.
So, I hear
you make good brandy.
ENFYS NEST: Beckett.
You must've known
you'd see me again.
BECKETT: I was counting on it.
Just didn't plan on it
being so soon.
Of course now,
you've got a problem.
HAN: Big problem.
You happen to notice
that freighter down there?
You know what's on it?
About 30 hired guns.
All I gotta do
is give 'em the signal,
you're surrounded.
You do your thing.
By the time that coaxium
gets refined,
Crimson Dawn will be here,
so you go ahead
and kill us.
They're gonna kill you.
there's a compromise,
one that doesn't involve
so much killing.
They're marauders.
They don't care
about anybody.
All they know
how to do is kill.
I need a drink.
Bring them inside.
My mother once told me
about a band of mercenaries
that came
to a peaceful planet.
They had a resource there
these men coveted,
so they took it.
They kept coming back,
taking more.
Until finally,
the people resisted.
When they returned
demanding their tribute,
the people shouted back
in one voice, "No more!"
The mercenaries didn't like
the sound of that,
so they cut off the tongue
of every last man,
woman, and child.
Do you know what
that pack of animals became?
Tell them.
Crimson Dawn and the rest
of the five Syndicates
have committed
unspeakable crimes
across the galaxy.
Says you.
Says them.
Each of our worlds
has been brutalized
by the Syndicates.
Crimson Dawn
will use their profits
from the coaxium you stole
to tyrannize
system after system
in league with the Empire.
And what would you
use it for?
The same thing my mother
would have used it for
if she had survived
and still wore the mask.
To fight back.
We're not marauders.
We're allies
and the war
has just begun.
You know we can't give
the coaxium to Dryden Vos.
BECKETT: Joining the cause,
Han Solo?
Just trying
to make it out alive.
Got a plan?
Yeah, beginning of one.
Way to get our money
and get out from
under the thumb
of Crimson Dawn
at the same time.
Maybe get your girlfriend back
while we're at it.
You don't tangle
with Dryden.
Because unlike us,
he actually does travel
with hired guns,
his own private army.
So does Enfys.
Listen, here's what
I got so far.
What do you think
they're saying?
He's gonna try to help you.
I see.
Lot of ways it could go south,
and only one where it doesn't.
That's why I need my partner.
Not this time.
I'm leaving.
If you're smart,
you'll come with me.
I thought you didn't
believe in running.
I prefer it to dying.
If by some miracle
you make it out of here,
find me on Tatooine.
What's on Tatooine?
Heard about a job,
big shot gangster
putting together a crew.
That'll be the one.
The one?
My last score.
Yeah, I still got
some debts to pay
before I can head back
to Glee Anselm
and get into the valachord.
TOHT RA: Welcome home.
He's waiting for you.
QI'RA: Thanks, Toht.
I didn't bring 'em.
They're fine.
We're gonna win.
It's not that kind
of game, Han.
The object isn't to win.
It's just to stay in it
as long as you can.
You don't know everything.
Just a bit more than you.
I knew it!
My men, they all said,
"There's no way
they pull this off."
"Qi'ra's not ready."
That's what they said,
but I had faith anyway.
Where's Beckett?
Beckett didn't make it.
Tell me.
Job took a bad turn
on Kessel.
He died saving my life.
How are you holding up?
You all right?
I'm okay.
All right, good.
Colo claw fish, anyone?
- No. Thank you.
- No?
You know, whatever Beckett's
shortcomings may have been,
I always admired him.
He was a man of principles.
When he made a commitment,
he honored it
and I think we can
all take solace
in knowing how proud
he would've been
to see you here,
following his example.
Han and Chewbacca
behaved admirably.
They'll make
reliable smugglers,
should we ever
have the need
when they get
their own ship.
Come here.
We'd really appreciate
the opportunity
to work for you again, sir.
I would've been
if anything had
happened to you, my dear.
I have no one else
in my life
that I trust in the way
that I trust you.
Well, I guess we'll just
take our payment
and get going.
I'm sure you've got
competitors to crush...
...and black markets
to dominate.
Oh. Show me what
you've brought me first.
You want me to open it?
Oh, yes, Han.
I really do.
Bring me one.
(CHUCKLES) I don't think
that's a good idea, Dryden.
It's very explosive stuff.
I never ask
for anything twice, Han.
It's magnificent.
How'd you do it?
Wasn't easy.
No, I mean,
how'd you do it?
It looks exactly
like the real thing.
'cause it is the real thing.
DRYDEN: Yes, and I'm saying
I would believe you.
It's that good.
But my associate
already told me
about your plan to rob me
of my money
and give the real coaxium
to Enfys Nest.
Dryden, I don't know
what you're thinking
or what Qi'ra
may have told you...
No, not Qi'ra.
Not Qi'ra.
Qi'ra, it turns out
has a weak spot for you,
and we'll deal
with that later.
No, I'm talking about
my other associate.
Can you come in
and join us, please?
I am sorry, kid.
Come on.
Don't look at me like that.
You weren't paying attention.
I told you,
"Don't trust anybody."
Am I wrong about that?
Back away from that.
Put your paws
where I can see 'em.
Check that lid.
It's too late.
Coaxium's refined,
and Enfys has it.
Well, we figured that.
Drop your weapons.
(OVER RADIO): It's over.
We got them.
And there we have it.
Excellent work,
Aemon, thank you.
Qi'ra, help me.
Tell me what to do.
What would you do
if the person you most
trusted in the world
betrayed you?
I would want
to know why.
If it was
a moment of weakness
or something else.
And then what?
And then,
I would ask that person
to prove their loyalty
by sacrificing
something they love.
I tried to warn you
about her.
You know, you're wrong
about one thing.
I was paying attention.
You told Chewie
people are predictable.
You're no exception.
It's empty.
The case is empty.
Aemon, what's going on?
What's happening there?
Talk to me.
I hope you didn't send
all your fancy enforcers
because that would leave you
a little shorthanded
around here.
if that case is empty,
then the real coaxium...
Leaves here
with one of us.
what are you doing?
And I prefer to be
the only one
holding a blaster
while I'm doing it.
Han, grab that coaxium,
put it in the case.
Big stuff,
you're coming with me.
DRYDEN: Don't do this,
- We had a deal.
- BECKETT: Yeah.
I'm sorry,
but I'm also an entrepreneur.
I mean, you of all people
understand that.
Come on, let's go.
You're making
a huge mistake.
Won't be my first.
It's gonna be your last.
Why you gotta be
so negative?
now's as good a time as any
to reevaluate
our relationship.
How so?
DRYDEN: I was just thinking,
why don't we join forces
and go get Beckett together?
That is a great idea.
Let's do it. You go first.
You can't win, Han,
and even if you could,
you'd spend
the rest of your life
looking over your shoulder.
HAN: You know what?
I'm kind of getting
used to the idea.
I'm sorry.
Han, she's done things that
you could never understand,
but I do.
I understand her completely.
Once you're a part
of Crimson Dawn,
you can't leave.
It's not true.
I know you.
It's what I was taught.
Find your
opponent's weakness,
and use it,
and today...
I'm yours.
I had to.
No, I mean, you did...
You did.
Beckett and Chewbacca,
you have to go after them.
What are you gonna do?
Well, if we give
all the coaxium to Enfys,
we're gonna need something
to buy our ship with.
- Qi'ra...
- Go and save Chewbacca.
He needs you and you're
gonna need him, too.
That's the word.
Whenever I imagined myself
off with you
on some adventure...
Always makes me smile.
Go. I'm right behind you.
MAUL: Yes?
I regret to inform you
that Dryden Vos is dead,
murdered by the thief
he hired
to steal
the coaxium shipment,
his friend,
Tobias Beckett.
Is that so?
Where is the shipment now?
Beckett took it.
Slaughtered the others.
I alone survived.
One man couldn't have
done this alone.
I wasn't there,
but if I had been, perhaps
I could have saved him.
Bring the ship and
come to me on Dathomir
and you and I
will then decide
what to do about
the traitor, Beckett,
and his accomplices.
I'm on my way.
you and I
will be working
much more closely
from now on.
You're relentless.
I'll give you that.
Came as fast
as I could, buddy.
Dryden dead?
Qi'ra kill him?
Still don't get it,
do you, kid?
It was never about you.
She's a survivor.
You know what
your problem is?
You think
everybody's like you.
Not you, kid.
You're nothing like me.
I hope you're still
paying attention
because now I'm gonna tell
you the most important...
You made
the smart move, kid.
For once.
I woulda killed you.
I really was gonna
learn to play that valachord.
I know.
That's it.
It's all loaded.
Do you know
what that really is?
About 60 million credits
worth of refined coaxium.
It's the blood that brings
life to something new.
Yeah, what?
A rebellion.
You could come with us,
you know.
We need warriors
and leaders like you.
Maybe someday
you'll feel different.
Don't hold your breath, kid.
Don't lose that.
LANDO: Very few people
have actually seen
the StarCave Nebula.
It's breathtaking.
Not unlike your eyes.
How much do you know about
intertwined celestial bodies?
Because I happen to be
something of an authority.
By the way...
You're alive!
Yeah, no thanks to you.
I should have Chewie
rip your arms off.
- In fact, Chewie, do it.
Hey, Han!
We are friends.
You know that.
We're friends. All right?
Oh, look at you.
Thought he was gonna
rip your arms off.
I knew you were kidding.
No, you didn't.
- So, where's my cut?
- Your cut?
No, I don't think so.
We barely made it out alive.
All we ended up with
was that.
Figure it's worth
about 10,000,
maybe enough
for a decent buy-in.
You want a rematch?
Why not?
LANDO: You fold now,
you walk away with enough
to get yourself
your own little ship.
You call,
I'm gonna
clean you out again.
I don't know,
I'm feeling lucky.
You really have it bad
for the Falcon, don't you?
It's mutual, trust me.
She belongs with me.
You got everything
you need there, pal?
Not bad.
Not bad. You know,
if you'd only had
this little green sylop,
you would've beaten this.
Fair and square, baby.
Fair and square.
Beckett said
he heard about this
very big gangster
putting together a job.
- No, I'm telling ya,
it's gonna be great.
When have I ever
steered you wrong?