Solo Sunny (1980) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to this lovely house.
A colorful spectacle awaits you!
That's the motto
of our quality show this evening.
Speaking of quality...
Someone said...
"You can't go on stage
with state shoes.''
I said, "Why not?''
"I can if they're in the box."
And now...
some of the finest ... The Tornados!
Hit it boys!
Listen to that feedback!
That's the point
of a qualified technician.
Back to quality... Here's Monica Metz
Ernesto Z.
Extra class dance impressions.
Lawrence and Lu!
And last of all...
your humble host Benno Bohne.
What should I do?
There's no john.
I caught a cold.
It's biological.
Hey, Missy.
Look who it is.
You've got a pigeon problem.
Pigeons do damage.
Clear out your window cabinet.
I don't see any.
Am I blind or something?
Who knows what you see,
Mrs. Pfeifer?
Just throws out her laundry.
Too lazy to wash it.
Breakfast not included.
Why not?
- I skipped work for you.
- It's not up for discussion.
Not very friendly.
Why did you take me home then?
- Where's the toilet?
- Half flight down, take the key.
Want some coffee?
What the hell for?
Why didn't you respond
to our citation?
I didn't receive it.
The mailboxes are broken.
The kids steal my mail.
And I travel a lot.
Mrs. Sommer.
There are complaints
that your living habits
are a nuisance to your neighbors.
Do you wish
to say anything?
No, I don't have anything to say.
Loud music...
...entertaining men...
...pigeon nest.
- Mrs. Pfeifer reported me?
- We register all complaints.
That's strange.
Can I have a sheet of paper?
- A what?
- Just a blank sheet of paper.
There's a tenant across from me.
He masturbates in the open window.
Do I have to tolerate that?
Do I have to shut the blinds
all day to avoid that?
Must I accept that?
File a complaint.
No. A complaint won't be necessary.
Maybe try to keep
the music down a bit, Ms. Sommer.
- Would you sign this?
- I'm not signing anything... period.
I hereby confirm with my signature
Ms. Sommer's behavior
does not trouble me
in any way whatsoever.
- An accident, maybe.
- I wouldn't bet on it.
Don't get sand everywhere.
- Hi, Sunny.
- I told you I'm going away.
- Right now?
- This second.
- Did you like that?
- You mean the music?
Think up some lyrics for me.
Not really my expertise.
- When are you back?
- Next week.
- When?
- Wednesday maybe.
Then we can go for a drink.
- I don't want to go for a drink.
- Then I'll visit you with a bottle.
I don't want you to.
You ruin a good idea.
- I brought my taxi.
- I have a ride.
Excuse me, I have a question.
Did you step on the woman's hand?
I wouldn't think of it.
What do you think of
"udder masseur''?
- What's that?
- A farmer.
It's a joke for the real crowd.
- I think it's good.
- I don't like it.
- Why not?
- I don't know. I just don't.
4 complaints: ''Singer is inaudible''.
You guys are too loud.
Mr. Bohne,
you don't understand music.
It's a drag.
We need a new style.
- We should do jazz and revolution.
- Amen.
Forget the house
and a Swedish water faucet.
I thought we're talking about style.
- I think tonight's the night.
- For what?
For screwing.
Can't you say anything else?
Not clever. Just different.
- Why don't you want to?
- Why should I?
- Because I can really get down.
- So can I.
To sleep.
Tonight's the night.
Mind stepping out?
Be right back.
Damn, man!
Can't blow with that lip.
Now what do we do?
- Back to Berlin for a new player.
- I'll go too.
- Sunny's to blame.
- Why?
Well, she shot him down.
The guy was an athlete.
Shouldn't be nailing people.
Taking orders.
Sunny, I can't understand
you not sleeping with Norbert.
- Say, can you spare me 100 marks?
- Sure.
You play spades.
Drop that card.
Watch for 10's and Ace's.
Who's that?
Who is the guy?
Not a pro... but he used to play
in a student club.
He's a philosopher.
- By profession?
- That's what he studied.
- Do you want some eggs?
- Eggs?
We're having eggs.
I eat eggs all week.
- Should I take them back?
- That means I'm used to eggs.
I sing what you just played.
My name is Sunny.
My name is Ralph.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to this lovely house.
We've got a great show!
It's small but it's got quality.
Someone told me
"Can't go on stage with state shoes."
I said, ''Why not,
dear friend?'
I said, ''Sure you can...
...with the box!''
Now it's some of the world's finest...
the Tornados! Hit it boys!
I'm in love.
There was gold in your stare.
Gold in your hair.
Starting today I'll always say
there was never a day
like this without a care,
Look! Detlef scored.
Maybe my key is in the hotel.
Totally sucks.
If I would've noticed it missing.
I could've gone to Moni's.
I'll have to get a locksmith.
Yep, looks that way.
Sucks, totally.
The problem can be solved.
Rita lived here.
Traces of Rita and her phone calls.
And who was Rita?
No idea.
You live all alone?
No space for anybody else.
I want to read for 5 minutes.
You can go to bed.
There're two blankets
so we're apart.
I see them.
- What kind of music is that?
- Old Indian.
It's beautiful.
Somehow soothing.
- You want the wall?
- No.
Damn. It's light.
Matter of fact it is.
Fall asleep fast.
- It's strange somehow.
- What is?
We're being so formal to each other.
OK, I'm Ralph.
I'm Sunny.
- We don't have to kiss.
- I'm tired, don't take it personally.
Why should I?
- Is your key really lost?
- What do you mean?
Wait a second!
The bimbo just can't resist you, Right?
- OK, lay down.
- No! I'd rather go than stay here.
- It's cramped anyway!
- Lay down!
Where to with no key?
Are you getting us in the mood?
Just so.
If I'm gone when you awake,
shut the door when you go.
Good day.
You have the key
to the deceased's flat.
I'm her nephew.
I'm only here on a visit.
I'm sitting pretty.
What are you doing here?
What've you been up to?
I didn't erase Rita's traces.
Paint everywhere.
- Are you going to call me?
- Just come on by.
I'm only home
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays.
Here's a photo of us at work.
- Which one's you?
- The headless one.
This is Christine. She said
''If only I could sing like you''.
When I'm really into a person,
why doesn't he feel the same?
lf I love him, so to say,
why doesn't he love me back?
That happened to me a lot.
Weird, don't you think?
Sort of.
- Do you mind if I eat that wurst?
- No.
It's like a yearning.
Maybe it's passion, not love.
And when I have him.
The passion is not to have him.
Sometimes it's like that.
- You're strong willed, I take it.
- You say that so...
Could be true.
Sometimes I think...
that I'm not a real singer.
I mean, in the sense of real singing.
I can only do it as if...
I can just be that because...
I want to.
I tried calling, Sunny.
How are you?
Good, Harry.
- Let's go have eel in green sauce.
- I have to go. Can you drive me?
- Right now?
- Yes.
I will for you.
You want to find a nice hotel
in Leipzig?
No, I don't.
You ruin every idea.
Why do you persist?
Sometimes you're so dense.
You can't be serious.
Not with the money I make.
You should always know
someone in Berlin loves you.
0h Sunny.
- What about the furniture?
- You wanted it.
- For 3 months?
- It's 0K. I'm' earning.
- The company found me the flat.
- How's work going?
- Still the same.
- Is Beate still there?
- She'll never leave.
- And Manfred?
That's over, Ingrid.
I'm 34 and can't play around anymore.
We talk about your life a lot.
It must be great.
To be applauded and admired?
It must be nice.
Sometimes I'm against the crowd.
I'm against them because I'm scared.
Then I need a drink beforehand.
It loosens you up.
Just like taking the pill.
Closing time.
We have to do different music.
Then we'd have a different crowd.
- That was a senior citizens gig.
- You'll be old too someday.
Fellas, can we close?
- Did you go home with him Sunday?
- Is this an inquiry?
Supposedly a hot player.
Open it back up.
- Let's talk.
- Give me the key.
I don't get you, Sunny.
I mean, check me out.
Good body.
No gut.
And a nice smooth face, huh?
Lines come from thinking.
You see.
That's why i like you.
I like you because you're...
an intelligent woman.
Can't this wait?
I'm trying to sleep.
We'd save money.
Instead of eating out always.
We could eat in our room.
That's what Hubert and Moni do.
Sunny, think about it!
- OK, I'll think about it.
- Really?
Now give me the key and take off.
Don't get uppity with me.
Sunny, I've had it.
I need somebody.
- lf you hit me, you'd better kill me.
- Are you guys crazy?
I always thought
you sang like a pig.
- Let's go people.
- I can't get him up.
I got this from the kitchen.
And now what?
Cabbage leaves on the head
draw out the schnapps.
- Whacko.
- No, really, I heard it.
Really, that's what I heard.
A Russian said Eskimos do it.
The cabbage turns black.
Yeah, right.
- Where do eskimos get cabbage?
- From the Russians.
How can an educated man
be so drunk?
The guy tore ticket stubs
and turned MC through a mail course.
Stub tearer to MC?
You think I'm drunk?
- Right !?
- Hey, the cabbage works.
But it's not black.
And now our next artist.
An up and coming singer.
Not the youngest
but up and coming.
Isn't she grand, ladies and gentlemen?
See for yourselves.
Sit back and listen to...
Keep on playing.
- Screw you!
- You're not Liza Minelli.
No cheap shots on stage.
I answer for what I say.
Humor requires intelligence.
Sunny walked off stage.
That's why they booed.
This group is weird.
Been in the business 25 years.
I've dealt with dozens like you.
You're small time.
And you're just a perfect colleague.
Do you have a lot to read?
Not too much.
Do you retain everything?
That'd be horrible.
I remember almost everything.
At 12 I read 10 books in a row.
I'm good with phone numbers.
0r days when something special
happened to me.
For example, May 22, 1959
when I was 7
I stole a roll of gum drops.
But they weren't drops.
It was a roll of film.
I remember the date
when I saw the Baltic the first time.
July 15, 1961.
On December 22, 1966
I was in a reform school.
I put my thumb in a sewing machine
because of the holidays.
Here, but you can't see it anymore.
And on April 4, 1969...
I was deflowered.
That's how I can remember.
You're looking straight through me.
- You spend time here?
- Sometimes.
Graveyards make me feel peaceful.
Shouldn't it be so?
It goes something like that.
Could you come up with some lyrics?
To sing? No.
I was the only one
who noticed my neighbor died.
Some die in well made beds.
Well taken care of.
Dying in loneliness.
Anyone who dies is a nuisance.
The dying should know that.
It's up to them to be considerate.
Not those with no time to mourn.
He who dies is suddenly an outsider.
But we all die.
What is exception?
What is rule?
What is exception?
Can we grasp that?
Something to think about.
So tell me.
Are you really a licensed philosopher?
Magna cum lauda.
...and every hue...
- hue - h, u, e
...hue between.
She is Sunny they will say
...Some day
It's about you.
They'll say
''That's Sunny''
- Isn't it better in German?
- I have hang ups with German.
You're just kidding.
- Repeat after me.
- What?
The salt of tears.
- "The salt of tears''.
- Right.
Das Salz der Trnen.
Tears are always good.
This music is rejoicing and mourning.
Always the same music.
Are you glad when I come?
Yes, Sunny.
Open up.
Fucking Sunday again.
- Good morning.
- Morning, Detlef.
You're expected.
Do you think I could sing that?
A friend wrote lyrics in English,
but they're not ready.
- Would you write me the notes?
- Sure.
Do you think
a non-celebrity can have personality?
Worth aspiring to.
- You keep pretty much to yourself.
- Why?
You don't hang out and drink.
My stomach can't handle it.
- What profession is your wife?
- German and history teacher.
- That works with you as guitarist?
- Why not?
- Can we get started?
- Sunny needs a few minutes.
You look like a whore.
Get on stage and don't piss me off.
Say, the taxi guy was here.
My mother always said:
''Better under cars than drivers.''
I'm trying to figure out what you do.
You mean what i live from?
I write for newspapers.
And you write that from books?
- That's something else.
- ls it secret?
Are you bored or something?
Admit it. You think I'm dumb.
- What's all that?
- You do.
Listen up. I sit in this dump.
I have no new flat.
Haven't applied for a car.
Of my own free will, I have no TV.
Why did I get an education?
At the cost of the workers.
Who am I?
A philosopher.
So what?
ln philosophy your theory
can be disproved with one sentence.
Joe Schmo can do it.
Seriously, you think...
I'm a pompous ass musician.
Not man enough or too good
for a CV and a 500 word vocabulary.
I told you what I write about.
About death.
A subject that no one wants to hear.
Death and society.
- Do you want a child?
- What?
I'd have it if you want.
But it would be yours not mine.
Really, I would do it.
- Who's that?
- No one said?
- No.
- That's pretty lame.
Start slaving the gear.
Who's the girl?
Norbert, the speakers go up front.
- Sunny, what do you say we split?
- And why?
There's been tension.
Maybe just tour stress.
Someone always goes.
- We want a new face, new songs.
- Berndt knows I want new songs.
Either you go or the band.
I'm sorry for losing my temper
and also for leaving the stage.
There's a new girl.
It'd be cool if you'd finish tonight.
Life always goes on.
Have a seat.
ls the lady working in the show?
ls there a problem?
Yes, this is a backstage room
for artists.
Don't worry about it.
I ask of you to feed the bird
somewhere else.
What's her deal?
She's the one I told you about.
Say, are we just a bit jealous here?
Some women just don't know
when to quit.
The hell I don't!
I'm out of here!
Friends, is this necessary?
Ladies and gentlemen!
I must inform you of a cancellation.
Due to an indisposition,
our charming Sunny will not appear.
And now for you... the Tornados.
Hit it boys.
For last week.
I even have a gig for you.
At a bar in Berlin for one week.
I liked performing with you.
Here I am.
I came by train.
It's not good if you come in.
- Why not?
- I didn't know you were coming.
Maybe you can get a cab.
It's a bad scene.
Are you crazy?
Those are my bed covers!
Can I help you?
My sheets!
Hello, Sunny, it's Harry.
- Who?
- Harry.
- Oh, Harry.
- I'm at the hotel Berolina.
Do you want to come by
and have a nice breakfast?
- Guess what I'm doing.
- What?
Sleeping. Idiot.
In the kitchen or living room?
I want to explain.
Yesterday I screwed up.
She meant nothing to me.
Can I sit down?
We didn't set rules
for our relationship.
We really didn't.
So nothing bad happened.
But it as a bad scene.
Especially for you.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't against you.
- You said that before.
- What?
That it's not against me.
Right, you notice everything.
By the way,
not forgetting means not letting go.
OK. What do we do now?
I don't want to sleep with you.
But it's late.
Do you want to stay?
You still want to stay?
I'll stay.
I'll make the bed then.
Your kind suck people like me dry.
What did you say?
Were you beaten as a child?
Why do you ask?
- Your feet look so content.
- How can feet look content?
They just look that way.
There's a knife in bed with us.
Did you put it there?
Why me?
- It's not mine.
- Why mine?
Sunny, there's only
the two of us here.
Maybe you can enlighten me
as to why it's there.
I've never seen this knife.
- I wanted to kill you.
- And why didn't you?
I fell asleep.
lf you hadn't fallen asleep
I'd be dead!?
As dead as could be.
When I saw that ass stuffing his face,
it was over.
Over... finished.
Sunny, you were good.
I can't drink enough
to block the crowd out.
For me you sang really good.
- "Really well", not "really good".
- It's all the same, girl.
Two more!
The people have to want me
or else I can't do it.
I'll get us a taxi.
- ls that your glass?
- Yeah, why?
Cheers. .
I have to go farther.
I promised someone and I'm expected.
What's the matter?
I've tried and tried.
What the hell is the matter?
Can i sleep here?
I have to lose someone.
- Good morning.
- You can eat what you want.
Just yesterday
we were talking about you.
I had a solo gig.
You have to tell me about it.
Do you have sleeping pills?
Find one.
- Will you be here when I'm back?
- I don't know.
- You can smell the booze, huh?
- Just a little bit. Bye.
- Obviously alcohol too.
- OK, same procedure.
An assfull probably helped.
Use the big hose. It'll go faster.
What's her occupation?
You can get up.
It was a problem family.
She always lived alone
and kept to herself.
After work she learned to really sing
and read notes.
Night school.
Was she in a relationship lately?
I don't know.
Actually, I don't know much about her.
- What's going on with you?
- Everything happened at once.
I drank something...
I heard pills and alcohol don't mix.
Any pain?
Know what the favorite word is here
They don't have a grip either.
Finding the right man is a lottery.
- I don't get the one i want.
- It's the same for many.
It must be my problem.
It must be me.
Maybe I could work for you again.
Seriously, I could go back there again.
- You're not used to it anymore.
- So? I did it before.
My impression is
that you are argumentative.
It has to do with me.
It absolutely does.
Because I always had to assert myself.
That means that you're very honest?
No. I'm not that honest.
I'm more like a battery
that is being charged.
And then you say what you think?
But my insults are very targeted.
I would like to know
how you term success.
I've never really had it.
One time.
The people stopped dancing to listen.
Success for me is telling people
what I think of them.
I think I have to know...
that someone wants me.
Yes. I can understand that.
I really can.
You haven't changed much, Ingrid.
What for?
It's still the same here too.
Do you have a minute?
I'm going to be a singer too.
What do think of my voice?
Those in love
seek each other
I've been looking
Found my way to you
From being in love
to love
This street we walk together
And we go with each other
Like the river flowing
To the sea
To the sea
I want to love
I want to live
It's me, Sunny.
Know how long
we've known each other?
Almost a year and a half.
I came into Lolott's.
You were at the bar
in that green dress.
I forgot about that, Harry.
Everyone wants to make buck.
That's life.
You too.
I make it with a taxi 24 hours a day.
And it's all mine.
And it's more than enough for two.
You don't have to say anything.
But I'd consider getting married.
I reserved a suite.
Please fill this out.
Success comes our way swiftly.
The victory parade begins.
Because we're both naive
with sexy eyes and chins.
won't tell you my life story.
It will take too long.
I'm older than you.
I started as a total orphan.
Funny, I'm also an orphan.
That's not a laughing matter.
But it's true. Mother died.
I never met my father.
Then we go well together.
I mean, spiritually of course.
No go, Sunny?
Sorry, Harry.
No go.
It's not fair of me.
I'm the one who called.
And you took care of everything.
Come here.
You can really ruin it for a guy.
- It's nice.
- Do you think so?
- What does it mean?
- Someone once wrote it for me.
What did they say at work
after I quit again?
No one was surprised.
I make myself sick.
A teacher told me once:
''You'll either land on the bottom.''
"Or you be something special."
For some stupid reason
I can't forget that.
Nobody told me anything like that.
What are you crying about?
You really have a gift. You can sing.
You can't lose your courage.
- I have to look different.
- You're beautiful as you are.
I have to wear different clothes.
I can sew you some.
I have a machine at home.
- I'm always so alone.
- No, you're not.
- Why are you crying, Christine?
- Just crying with you.
Last night I dreamt very clearly.
Someone came into the room.
And he looked around and said:
"Traces of Sunny. She lived here."
But I'm so far away.
I want to come back but i can't.
I can't. I can't.
I read your ad for a singer.
I'm interested.
Are we looking for a doorman?
I'm blunt, sleep with whoever I want,
The Tornados dropped me. I'm Sunny.
OK. Tomorrow is rehearsal.