Someone Is Watching (2000) Movie Script

Excuse me, everybody.
The time has come to...
Ann has finally succumbed
to my pleading,
and we're getting married.
We're officially engaged.
[Woman screaming]
[Woman screaming]
(Man) Hey, guys,
let's get out of here.
Hi, Mr. Culley.
Mr. Jensen.
I'm back.
(Cory) Oh,
man. Someone let in a big alien.
[Growling noises]
You can't get me.
There's some monster action
going on here.
Just a little.
I got you three sets of keys.
You should keep one
in the kitchen,
one in your bedroom,
and one maybe with a neighbor
you feel comfortable with.
Aye, aye, captain.
Hey, that's not funny.
I called my painter, by the way.
He's going to be here
at 9:30 tomorrow morning
with some paint selections,
because this place is dull.
I'd like to live
in a house for a while
before I change the color.
Oh, okay.
I'll cancel him.
Do what you want.
Oh, I made reservations
at la Luna for dinner.
You guys need a break, you know.
I need to stay
home tonight, Charles.
I'd like to get settled.
Okay, fine.
Then we'll order in.
Listen, Charles.
I'm tired.
It's Cory's first day
at school tomorrow.
Why don't we just do
this another time?
So we're back to that, are we?
Charles, don't do that.
The same argument: We're not
dating. We're just friends.
This is convenient for you.
You get me to help you find
this place,
and then poof, it's back
to the friendship thing.
I didn't ask you to help US.
You just went ahead
and did it on your own.
[Doorbell rings]
Well, howdy, little partner.
How you doing?
I'm the local welcome wagon.
I'm Sally beckert.
I live down the street.
I thought I'd come over
and make you feel welcome
to the neighborhood.
How do you do?
My name is Michelle duprey.
Hi, Michelle.
And you're?
Charles Jensen.
I'm Michelle's friend.
Nice to meet you.
I made you all
some chocolate chip cookies.
She doesn't eat chocolate.
Thank you very much.
That was very nice of you.
You know what?
I'm out of here.
take a cookie.
Yeah, thanks.
I will.
It'll be my dinner.
(Michelle) Charles... Charles.
Cory, stay on the porch.
Charles, wait up.
can I share something with you?
There is something...
There is something very wrong
with the yin and the Yang
in this room.
The couch...
The couch is at an odd angle.
are you familiar
with the eight
life aspirations in the pakua?
When's the next hockey game?
Not for a couple weeks, buddy.
You said you were going to bring
me a team shirt, number 36.
I will... the next time
I see you, okay?
Now, look, why don't you...
Why don't you take this.
But don't tell your mother
I gave it to you. Okay?
See you, buddy.
It is this totally fabulous book
on feng shui.
I'm going to bring it by
later this week, okay?
Bye, kiddo.
Thank you.
Mom, Charles said he was going
to bring me a team shirt.
Oh, isn't that nice.
Mr. Culley,
I forgot to ask you.
I need another phone Jack
upstairs for my modem.
Is it all right if I call
the telephone company?
No, now, I'll have my son,
Bobby, handle it.
He does odd jobs.
That's very kind of you.
Welcome to the neighborhood,
Ms. Duprey.
We've been looking for the right
tenant for a long time.
Sure glad we found you.
Cory, come on.
Baby, what is it?
There's something in my closet.
Oh, well, maybe it's Mr. Astro.
No, Mr. Astro went to pluto
with calico Jim.
Well, honey, this is
a different house,
and it makes noises
we're not used to.
Can I stay with you
for a few minutes?
Come on.
Oh, that's good.
Hey, what are you doing up here?
Setting up my play room.
Well, honey, you can do
that after school.
Come on.
You don't want to be
late your first day.
Hurry, hurry.
[School bell ringing]
We're here, sweetie.
I don't want to go.
I don't know anybody.
Well, you're not going to meet
anybody by staying here,
are you?
Come on, old grumpy grumps.
[Shutter clicking]
You're going to like this.
It'll be fun.
Cory, we're going
to be eating soon,
so don't forget to wash up.
You're kind of popular here.
I'd pick them up,
but my hands are full.
Come on in.
Thanks a lot.
No card.
God, I'm jealous.
You've been here a week,
you already got
a secret admirer.
I've been here six months.
I haven't had any action at all.
I think I know who it's from.
Oh, here's this book I was
telling you about... feng shui.
And then I brought
you this a little goodie.
You didn't have to do all this.
I know.
I just wanted to.
Look at that.
Did you paint this?
I paint angels all the time.
I love the little darlings.
It's terrific.
Have you ever shown?
I'm not ready yet,
I don't think.
Well, I don't know what to say.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
You want to stay for dinner?
That is the best offer
I've had all week.
A glass of wine?
You bet.
God, am I glad you're here.
I finally got
someone to talk to.
You know, I have been here
for six months,
and nobody has said squat to me.
Thank you.
They're all too busy
with their careers.
What business are you in?
I'm a medical researcher.
I'm on a year's sabbatical
to write my book.
DNA, that's my specialty.
You mean, like cloning DNA?
[Telephone rings]
Excuse me.
Hello, who is this?
That's the third time today.
Well, why don't you do what I do
and get that star 69 thing,
you know that?
Then you can call
them right back.
Well, that's a good idea.
You bet.
[Telephones rings]
I will get it this time.
All right,
you no-good, dirt bag,
[Man over telephone]
This is Charles.
Oh, hi, Charles.
Is Michelle there?
Who was that?
That was Sally.
Oh, the one with the cookies.
Look, I don't feel right
about this afternoon.
Can we talk?
I said I cared about you.
I know you said...
But I need you to commit to me.
I don't think
I'm prepared to do that.
And why not?
We're more than just friends.
If you can't handle this,
then maybe we shouldn't see
each other any more.
Cut the crap.
I won't listen to this.
I'm going to hang up.
We're two adults.
Can't we just have
a conversation?
I'm hanging up, Charles.
Oh, would you watch the sauce?
I don't like it here.
I want to go home.
But this is our home, honey.
I don't like it
when you fight with Charles.
You know something?
Neither do I.
But come here.
Do you know
who the very best man
in my life is?
I think his name begins
with a "c."
Who could that be?
How about a smile?
Oh, look at that smile.
Look at that.
(Sally) Oh,
that was great. Thanks a lot.
Listen, let me know
what you think
about that book, okay?
(Michelle) I will. Thanks for everything,
[Shutter clicking]
Good-looking boy.
Thank you.
Aren't they great at that age?
So innocent.
Hey, what is he, about six?
Good guess.
Which one is yours?
The one in the red dress.
Oh, she's adorable.
Annie's got her mother's eyes.
Oh, too bad things have
to change.
Why can't they stay like this?
(Cory) Hey, mom. Here. Catch.
Erika, come to daddy.
That was great, daddy.
[Suspenseful music]
Cory, come on.
Let's go.
The vaccine then induces an
immune response that recognizes
[phone rings] Both the tumor
DNA and the nontoxic fragment
of the tetanus toxin DNA.
[Suspenseful music]

[Operator over telephone]
911. What is your emergency?
I have been getting
a few hang-ups on the phone.
Since when?
A couple last week,
three today.
Any idea who it could be?
What about smokers?
Do you know someone
who smokes a lot?
Charles Jensen,
an old boyfriend of mine.
He can be
pretty annoying at times.
But I can't imagine
he'd do something like this.
Is there anyone else
you can think of?
Well, there was an incident
where we used to live.
A man broke into the apartment.
I confronted him,
but he got away.
You confronted him?
My father gave me a gun.
It didn't do much good.
Did they ever find him?
So what do we do now?
Well, these guys are
hard to catch,
but they usually keep
their distance.
We'll beef up the patrol
in the neighborhood,
and if he sees
our cars around here,
he'll think twice
about bothering you again.
What if he doesn't?
This is my direct line.
Call me any time.
Hey, if I have to,
I'll bring my sleeping bag
and camp out.
One way or another,
we'll take care of this guy.
Thank you.
Good night.
Good night.
[Ominous music]

[Charles on answering machine]
Thanks, Michelle.
I had a detective at my door
today, basically asking me
if I was a pervert.
Is that what you
really think of me,
after all I've done for you?
I'm really disappointed in you,
really disappointed.
[Man over telephone]
Detective carvelli.
Ms. Duprey?
He's back.
He's just been outside my door.
All right.
I'll be right there.
Please hurry.
What's going on, Mr. Culley?
I know you're upset.
You're damn right, I am.
I just saw a man looking
in my window,
and then he went
into your back door.
It's my son.
He's not well.
You better tell
that to the police.
I beg you.
Don't get the police involved.
They'll just send him away.
What do you expect me to do?
Let me take care of it.
[Sirens wailing]
He won't come near you again,
I promise.
He's the only family I got.
Don't let them take him away.
It ends today, I promise.
Are you all right,
Ms. Duprey?
Thank you.
I'm fine.
This is my landlord,
Mr. Culley.
He lives next door.
I was taking the trash out
from around back.
I guess I gave
Michelle here a fright.
Is that what happened?
It was dark.
I only got a glimpse of him.
Honest mistake.
I didn't mean to scare anybody.
Sorry to get you out here
for nothing.
It's okay.
You did the right thing.
I'm glad it was a false alarm.
Me too.
You stupid idiot.
She hasn't even been
here two weeks,
and already
you got US into trouble.
You got the cops all over US.
I didn't mean to.
No. No.
You don't ever mean to.
But you're always
messing up!
We had
everything going smoothly.
Then you got sloppy.
You went over there and put your
big, stupid, ugly face
into her window.
She's so beautiful.
I know she's beautiful.
But you're going
to scare her away.
Now, repeat after me.
I'm a moron.
I ain't going to do it any more.
Cut your crying,
you pathetic little puke.
I'll give you
something to cry about.
Now, say it!
I'm a moron!
[Suspenseful music]

[Culley's voice]
Culley residence.
Please leave a message
at the tone.
Mr. Culley, this is
Michelle duprey from next door.
I think I saw your son
outside my house again,
and if I did,
this time I am going
to talk to the police.
(Culley) Hello. Hello?
Mr. Culley, I think
I saw your son...
He's dead.
My son's dead.
He just hung himself.
Oh, my god.
[Creaking noises]
[Ominous music]

Mom! Mom! Mom!
There's someone in my closet.
[Suspenseful music]

Honey, you see?
No boogie man.
It wasn't the boogie man.
It was a man.
Did you see him?
No, but he talked to me.
What did he say?
I don't know.
I was sleeping.
Oh. Well, maybe it was
a dream, hmm?
Do you think you could
fall asleep again
if I tucked you in really tight?
There we go.
Now, you sleep tight,
and I'm going
to leave the light on.
Good night, baby.
Night, mom.
I love you.
[Man whispering]
I told you
she wouldn't believe you.
[Man over radio]
Partly clear but cool.
Today's temperature
will get up to 58.
Come on, sleepy head, get up.
It's 7:00.
come see this.
What is it, honey?
What a shame.
Okay, let me get this straight.
Mr. Peeping Tom turns out
to be the landlord's son,
and he lives next door, right?
And he hung himself.
That's right.
And I missed the whole thing?
I got to get a beeper.
Sorry about what happened
to your painting.
So psychotic next door
neighbor commits suicide,
and then my little angel takes
a shot right through the heart.
This is getting
kind of spooky, isn't it?
I'm trying not to think
about it that way.
Thanks so much for baby-sitting.
I won't be long.
Don't worry about it.
Hey, where's
my favorite little rug rat?
[Ominous music]

Can you just hang on
to these for a second?
I'll be right back.
What a surprise.
Oh, hi.
I thought you guys had
your own firing range.
Well, you know, sometimes we
like to mingle with civilians.
I heard what happened
next door to you.
Yeah, it was tragic, wasn't it?
Yes, it was.
No more trouble
with the peeping Tom, though?
No. No.
I think you must have
scared him off.
Let's hope it's for good.
Would you care
for a few pointers?
All right.
You want to line yourself up.
Can you hear me?
All right, now...
Okay, we're just going
to adjust your grip here.
So put your left thumb over
your right like that.
Bend your knees a little.
Now focus on the center
of the target,
take a deep breath,
you exhale,
and before you breathe in again,
that's when you pull
the trigger.
All right?
You want to give it a try?
That's okay.
Just try again.
Breathe again.
You can't do it, can you?
Can't pull the trigger?
Do you want to talk
about it, Ms. Duprey?
My name's Michelle.
Do you want to talk
about it, Michelle?
Why don't you step
into my office.
Oh, where do I begin?
At the beginning.
Before we moved here,
we lived in highland town.
It was about 3:00
in the morning.
I heard a noise.
It woke me up.
I got my gun out of the closet
and went into the living room.
You can't do it, can you?
I couldn't do it.
And he knew I couldn't do it.
It's not an easy thing
to point a gun
at another person and shoot.
I just felt so violated.
I couldn't stay in that house.
I had to move.
I understand.
Thank you for listening.
I haven't been able
to talk about it
with anybody for a long time.
I have...
I was just thinking.
You don't, by any chance,
eat dinner, do you?
How about Saturday night,
Cory, is Sally here yet?
What are you eating?
Where'd you get that?
The man in the closet.
He doesn't scare me anymore.
Oh, I think I'll take that.
Thank you.
[Doorbell rings]
Michelle was right.
Come on in.
I'm Joe.
Hi. Michelle's
upstairs, primping.
I'm the baby-sitter,
but you can call me Sally.
Well, nice to meet you, Sally.
Oh, hi.
Sorry i'm running a little late.
That's okay.
Cory, this is
detective carvelli.
Hi, there, Cory.
So where's your uniform?
Well, detectives don't wear
uniforms, Cory.
But I used to wear one.
Do you have a picture?
Sally, could I see you
in the kitchen?
Don't go away.
What? "Do you have
any pictures?"
Where's your leash?
In the closet
with the rest of my toys.
No chocolates for Cory.
Only bugs and berries.
And he's got
to be in bed by 9:00.
It's Saturday night.
Okay, 10:00.
And listen,
if you hear him talking
to somebody upstairs,
he has an imaginary friend.
Is he single?
Funny. Very good. Very good.
You're an angel.
[Suspenseful music]

Thank you.
So what happened to your Van?
Crashed and burned,
sort of like my marriage.
I'm sure you know how that is.
Actually, I've
never been married.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I just assumed because of...
He's adopted.
Well, he's one lucky kid.
Oh, no.
I'm the lucky one.
He has a terrific imagination.
He's going to be
the next ray bradbury.
To imagination.
[Thumping noises]
[Piano softly playing]
And then he gets
a stab in the lip.
You scared me.
I scared you?
Oh, I didn't mean
to scare you, honey.
What are you doing?
You are supposed to be in bed.
Playing with b.J.
Playing with b.J.?
Howdy, Mr. B.J.
That's not b.J.
That's not b.J.?
Well, where is he?
What's he doing in there?
He's shy.
He never comes out.
Oh. Watch this.
Hey, Mr. B.J.
Look, there's no need
to be shy, you know,
around sweet old Sally, huh?
I'll get him.
[Ominous music]

Oh, I haven't danced
like that since... uh-oh.
Better not go there.
I guess we better get
you out more often.
Can I go back and play now?
No, you can't,
because you have to go to sleep.
[Thumping noises]
What's that?
Probably b.J.
He wants me
to come back and play.
I'll bring some cookies.
No, no, honey.
You stay here.
If b.J. Wants some cookies,
he can come and get them.
What's going on?
There's someone in the house.
He's okay.
Stay here.
I'm detective carvelli.
What's going on?
I don't know.
You go around back.
[Thumping noises]
Do you want
to read him his rights?
You guys don't believe me,
do you?
Sally, we searched
the house and came up empty.
The back door was deadbolted.
You didn't see
anyone come out front.
Nobody was here.
Something was upstairs,
and it wasn't that damned robot.
It was b.J.
That's his imaginary friend.
Cory, was your friend
here tonight?
We played castles and knights.
Well, what does he look like?
I don't know.
Baby, you go upstairs,
and you brush your teeth,
and I'll come and tuck you in.
Night, kiddo.
Good night.
Well, I guess I'd better let
you two get some rest.
Oh, I'll be in Philadelphia
for a couple of days.
I have to go to conference
on administrative procedures.
Lucky me.
Can I call you when I get back?
I'd like that.
Good night.
Good night.
You know what I think?
I think you've got a ghost.
Oh, Sally.
Well, how else can
you explain what I heard?
I mean, maybe it's
the ghost of that psycho
who lives next door.
Well, what did Joe say
when you told him
that that was the guy
who was watching you?
Actually, I didn't tell him.
Poor Mr. Culley.
He's been through enough,
and anyway,
Bobby's dead and gone.
He may be dead,
but I doubt that he's gone.
Listen, I've got an idea.
I know this psychic.
I don't know about that, Sally.
Well, don't knock it
if you haven't tried it.
I know about this stuff.
[S[school bell ringing]
Hey, hey, hey.
Where is my kiss?
How'd you like to go back
to playland this weekend?
I want to stay at home.
Pick you up later.
Hey, kiddo.
What are you doing here?
Well, I didn't think
your mom wanted me
to come by the house.
You know me,
I'm a man of my word.
So here it is.
Number 36.
What's the matter?
I thought you couldn't wait
to get that.
I got to go.
What's she saying?
She wants to know
why you dream of knives.
[Interpreting] There is
death in this house?
Did someone die here?
Not that I know of.
My landlord's son committed
suicide next door.
The spirit has not moved on.
It's him.
I knew it.
I knew it.
Are you sure
no one has died here?
It could have already happened,
or it's going to happen.
She sees someone falling down
these stairs.
She sees me falling down
the stairs?
She doesn't know.
There's a lot of energy here.
She sees something,
but she's not quite sure
what it is.
A leaf?
You mean like on a tree?
(Woman) It's not just one leaf,
it's many leaves...
Dark brown leaves.
There is a presence
in this house.
It wants to get your attention.
It seeks releasement.
You must listen,
or it will not move on...
Slow down.
There's a man in your life.
The letter "j."
Be careful.
He's not what he appears to be.
Oh, that was frigging weird.
I don't know, Sally.
You don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
You were as freaked out
as I was in there.
Somebody I don't know
comes into my house
and tells me I'm going
to fall down the stairs,
what am I supposed to think?
That is not what she said.
She said, it could
have happened already.
All right.
There's one way of finding out.
I'm going to call my landlord.
[Culley's voice]
Culley residence.
Please leave a message
at the tone.
It's an answering machine.
Mr. Culley,
I'm sorry to disturb you.
This is Michelle duprey.
There's something
I have to ask you about.
Did anything happen here
before I moved in...
An accident of some sort?
I really need to know.
Would you call me and...
And once again,
I'm so sorry about your son.
If there's anything I can do,
please don't hesitate to call.
Thank you.
What about the j?
The evil man in your life.
Who could that be...
Oh, don't be silly.
Well, you got
any other js in your life
that I don't know about?
Charles Jensen.
Oh, there must be a dozen js.
We got to make a list.
[Telephone rings]
[Man over telephone] Ms.
duprey. This is Mr. Walters,
Cory's principal.
Oh, hello, Mr. Walters.
How are you?
Fine, thank you.
Is anything wrong with Cory?
I'm not sure.
Cory's teacher brought
these to my attention.
I think you should
take a look at them.
He did these
when he first came here.
Now, these were done
in the last few days.
The children were told
to draw anything they liked.
As you can see, Cory's contain
some very troubling images.
What is this?
It's just a picture.
Why did you draw this?
From a story.
What story?
The Princess and the knight.
I don't know that story.
How does it go?
Once there was this knight,
and he went to this kingdom
across the way,
and he wanted
to marry the Princess.
She was beautiful,
and she was going to say yes,
and this made
the knight very happy.
But then there was this wizard
who casted a spell
on the Princess
that made her want
to marry the baron.
And this made
the knight very sad.
So what happened?
She fell down the stairs
and got what she deserved.
Who told you that, Cory?
Oh, honey.
B.j.'s not real.
That's not what he said.
He said that if I believed
he was real, he'd be real.
And he said that some day,
you'll get to meet him too.
Aren't you going to help me
in the kitchen?
I want to go play.
[Telephone rings]
[Dial tone humming]
I don't believe you.
Michelle, wait...
[Culley over answering machine]
It's Robert culley.
A courier delivered
a gift while you were away.
I left it in your house.
I hope you don't mind.
In answer to your question,
I don't know
where you got such an idea.
But no, nothing ever happened
in your house.
It's just me.
Charles, what are
you doing here?
Oh, I knocked on the front door,
but nobody answered.
So I came around back.
Can we talk?
We could have talked
on the telephone,
but you hung up.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I was nervous.
I really just wanted
to leave a message.
I didn't have
the right words then.
Michelle, I know you're going
through a lot of stuff,
and you're not ready
for a relationship right now,
and I can live with that,
and I think we can be friends.
I don't know.
What's the problem now?
The calls, the gifts.
What's the harm
in giving the kid a sweatshirt?
What are you talking about?
Didn't Cory tell you
I gave him a shirt?
And I don't know
what you told him about me,
but he wasn't very friendly.
When did you see Cory?
Today at school.
You went to Cory's school
without asking me?
What's the big deal?
The big deal is
that you never ask me,
you just do.
Look at this.
Why did you send this to me?
I've never seen that.
Charles, who else would have?
I'm sure I have no idea.
This isn't going anywhere.
I think you'd better leave.
Oh, so now you're
just dismissing me, huh?
And what are you going
to do if I refuse, huh?
Going to call
your cop boyfriend, huh?
Are you spying on me?
Or maybe you're
just going to use this
as another traumatic experience
so you can sleep
with him for a while,
and then be friends with him?
Go to hell.
Son of a...
[Doorbell rings]
Can I help you?
Yeah, Mr. Culley, my car was
just spray painted.
You didn't happen
to see who did it, did you?
I did.
Why don't you come in and wait
while I call the police.
Oh, that's great.
(Female translator)
Rebecca sees something.
It's not just one leaf,
it's many leaves...
Dark brown leaves.
(Woman) Everett asked
me to marry him today,
and I accepted,
under the most beautiful
snow-capped mountains
you've ever seen.
I can't wait until our wedding
day to be with him forever
and to leave this place.
I love him so much, and
I thank god he's in my life.
Every day, it's something else,
something different, and each
thing is stranger than before.
Sometimes I lie in bed and feel
like I'm being watched.
I can almost hear
the breathing inside the room.
Everett suggested we throw
a Halloween party,
wear frightening costumes,
and scare away
any ghosts that might be here.
He says he's going
to dress up as a beast.
So I've decided
to be his Princess.
We'll announce
our engagement at the party.
Everett suggested
we throw a Halloween party.
Everett suggested
we throw a Halloween party.
Halloween party...
Halloween party...
[Ominous music]

Cory, what are you doing
down here, baby?
You didn't get up.
So I decided
to make myself breakfast.
Oh, I'm so sorry, baby.
Oh, thank you so much
for taking Cory to school.
No problem.
I got him there
in time for his gym...
You feeling any better, huh?
Here, try that.
If I didn't know any better,
I'd say I had a hangover.
But all I had to drink was
a cup of tea.
All I remember is
taking a bath, and then...
I had the most bizarre dream.
I was at a costume party
here with Ann Grayson.
Who is Ann Grayson?
Oh, she used to live here.
I found her diary hidden
in the bookshelves in my office.
Thank you very much
to your psychic friend.
I knew it.
Look at this.
Let me see.
I must have dropped it
in the bath, because it's all...
Oh, what a shame.
Look at that picture.
Is that her?
Oh, my god.
She could be your sister.
See what's around her neck?
Someone sent me this
the other day.
It's giving
me chills... this.
Read what it says on the inside.
"Forever in love."
I don't know who Ann Grayson is,
or where she is now,
or why she left
her diary behind,
but I'm certainly going
to find out.
[Suspenseful music]

Hey, where are you going?
To play with b.J.
(Michelle) Mr. Lilly,
thank you for seeing me.
My name is Michelle duprey.
I live in the house
that Ann lived in.
Strange things are
happening in that house.
I have a suggestion for you:
Mr. Lilly,
do you recognize this?
Someone sent this to me.
I'm trying to find out
who and why.
Show me the inside.
Where did you get that?
Sit down, please.
I was hoping you could
help me find that out.
Ann was wearing that
the night she was murdered.
The only person who could have
sent that to you is the killer.
I am not that person.
Maybe I could help
you prove that.
Tell me
what happened that night.
It was such a great evening
for me and Ann... the party...
Announcing our engagement.
The last of our guests were
just leaving and
I told Ann I'd be upstairs
in a few minutes.
I'd had a lot to drink
that night,
but not enough to knock me out.
The next thing I knew,
I woke up,
and she was there beside me,
covered in blood.
Then there were policemen
yelling, pointing guns.
My fingerprints were
all over the murder weapon.
The autopsy showed
another man's semen in Ann.
So they claim that I caught her
cheating and killed her.
Do you think
she could have been raped?
But I can't prove it.
The autopsy showed
no signs of rape,
and the doors in the house were
all locked from the inside,
so they claim that we were alone
at the time she died.
They didn't even bother
looking for the other man.
Who called the police?
Oh, the guy next door.
He said he heard US arguing.
Mr. Culley?
No, his son.
Did you know
that Bobby committed suicide?
It doesn't surprise me.
Robert was weird,
but b.J. Was a real nut case.
Yeah, b.J...
Bobby junior.
My son has an imaginary friend
called b.J.
Maybe he isn't imaginary.
Yeah, it's the knight.
Are you hiding on me, huh?
I'm going to get you.
Damn robot.
Oh, my god.
What the...
Oh, my god.
Those guys re-did
the whole place.
Breaking and entering?
Leaving so soon?
You always make a habit...
Of walking into other
people's houses... uninvited?
You have very bad manners.
Hey, b.J.
There's a big rat out there,
and I got to catch it.
So you go downstairs...
Come on.
But you promised
you would play with me.
Yeah, I know I did.
Now, go downstairs,
and I'll be there in a sec.
Come on. Go, go.
It's your lucky day, lady.
I'm letting you go.
Just don't let me find you
snooping in here again.
Now, you be a good girl
and let yourself out
before I change my mind.
Blah. Blah.
Zoom. Zoom.
It was a big one.
A big, fat, ugly one,
and I killed it.
Hey, okay.
Hey, you want to play?
Hey, Cory,
what's wrong, buddy?
I want to go home.
Oh, Cory, you are home.
No, with my mommy.
That's all right, buddy.
Your mommy will be here soon,
and I'll take care
of both of you.
Hey, hey.
Take it easy.
It'll be all right.
We're a family now.
Look, you said
you wanted a daddy, huh?
Here I am.
You're not my daddy.
Hey, hey, I'm your daddy.
I am your daddy.
And you're
going to listen to me.
You stop it... I'm not going to
raise no cry baby.
I mean it.
If you don't stop crying,
I'll really give you
something to cry about.
Hey, put me down.
I want to go home.
You just be quiet.
I want to see my mommy.
Hey, let me out.
Let me out.
[Telephone rings]
Hi, it's Joe.
I just got back.
I got your message.
Joe, I need you to check
something out for me.
What is it?
The suicide next door.
Can you confirm who died?
What's this all about?
Just do this, please.
Just give me a sec.
What was his name again?
Robert culley...
I found him.
How old was he?
It says here 31, so...
Bobby was about 31.
No, he was born in '31.
So that would make him,
what, 68?
Oh, my god.
He's alive.
What did you say?
Bobby culley junior...
He was the man
who was stalking me.
I thought he was dead,
so I didn't tell you.
What are you talking about?
He was the peeping Tom?
And I think he killed someone.
Killed someone?
I'll tell you about it
when you get here.
Just hurry, please.
All right.
I'm on my way.
Don't do anything
until I get there.
I won't.
Let me out.
I want to see my mommy.
Let me out.
[Banging noises]
[Dramatic music]
If you don't stop,
you'll never see her again.
You understand?
[Door squeaks]
Oh, god.
Welcome home.
You killed him.
He was a real loser.
I couldn't let
him come between US.
Where's my son?
I swear to god
if you laid a finger on him,
I'll kill you.
Our son is just fine.
He's playing with his new toys.
In fact, we were waiting
for you to come home.
Listen, Bobby or b.J.
Or whoever the hell you are,
I want my son,
and I want him now.
Tough day at the office,
You should be well rested
after last night.
I put a little something
in your tea
to help you relax,
since this is
such a special day for US.
You are so adorable
when you sleep.
You know, your skin,
so soft.
Oh, don't worry, my Princess.
I wouldn't dream
of consummating the relationship
before our marriage.
Just tell me where my son is,
or I'll shoot.
Remember that guy
in highland town?
You couldn't shoot him.
Why would you shoot me?
I'm warning you.
Where's Cory?
Oh, he's just...
That's better.
You do what you want to me,
but let Cory go.
Come on.
Get up.
So you found my little secret.
You're clever, aren't you.
Well, you better be
careful though.
Two old friends reunited.
[Till the end of time
playing on music box]
Incredible, isn't it?
I know what you're thinking.
You wish you'd shot me,
don't you?
You're right.
[Gun clicks repeatedly]
No bullets.
I took them out.
I'm wicked.
I know.
I love you so much.
You're my Princess.
You shouldn't be alone.
I'm going to save you
from this life
so that we can be together
Just let...
Let Cory go, please.
Well, why would I let
our son go?
Every day I've
been looking at you,
looking at the way you
get out of bed in the morning,
and the way you brush your hair,
the way you get dressed.
I called just to hear
the sound of your voice,
the way you take a breath.
My father watched you too.
He said I couldn't have you,
but I showed him.
I will Cherish and protect you,
and make you so happy.
I promise, my sweet.
It's all right.
I understand.
I have a surprise for you.
I'm going to draw you a bath.
Then I'll bring you to our bed
so that we can
celebrate our wedding night.
You are so beautiful.
(B.j.) I'll be out soon,
Michelle, my love.
Mommy. Mommy.
B.J. Locked me in the basement.
Cory, honey, listen to me.
I want you to get out
of this house.
I want you to run to the
neighbors and call the police.
Do you understand?
I know a secret way out.
Then go. Go!
What the...
Hey, come back here.
Run, Cory. Run!
Come here.
[Sirens wailing]
[Banging at door]
Mommy, look out.
Come here.
Why are you doing this?
You are going
to destroy everything.
We are a family now.
Don't you understand?
A family.
how could we be a family?
Everyone around here knows US.
Who's going to believe that?
We'll move far away.
We'll get married,
and we'll start all over again.
Look, there's
nothing to stop US now.
It'll be wonderful, Michelle.
I promise.
A wife is supposed to be able
to trust her husband, Bobby.
How can I trust you?
Of course you can.
I love you.
What do you do
to the people you love?
What you did to your father?
My father?
He didn't want me
to be with you.
He wanted you for himself.
Just like my mother.
He didn't want me
to be with her either.
He was always trying
to keep US apart.
She was dying.
He didn't even want me
to see her in the hospital.
I never saw her again.
I hated him.
Like you hated Ann?
I loved her.
You killed her.
She betrayed me.
No, Bobby.
She didn't love you.
That's why you pretended
to be Everett.
You raped her.
You killed her.
No, no, no, no.
You don't understand.
I was her knight.
I was trying to save her,
and she wouldn't listen.
That's the way
you save someone, huh?
You kill them.
That's a lie.
That's a lie.
They deserved it.
They deserved it.
Hey, buddy.
Why'd you do that?
Isn't that what you did to Ann?
You threw her down the stairs.
She didn't love me.
Mommy. Mommy.
He hurt Joe.
Stay here, Cory.
Oh, Joe.
Don't move.
I'll call an ambulance.
Cory, go upstairs.
B.j.'s hurting.
Give me your hand.
Is Sally in heaven
with the angels?
I'm sure she is, honey.
I think Sally would have
appreciated what you've done.
Yeah, but she probably would
have rearranged everything.
I'm glad you could make it.
I'm very glad to be here,
believe me.
I have something
that belongs to you.
Thank you for everything.
Mommy. Mommy.
Oh, excuse me.
Look what Joe gave me.
Three hockey tickets.
Three hockey tickets?
There's one for you too.
You're going to come, right?
You bet I am.
Hey, you know
how much I love you?
How much?
maybe this much. No. This much.