Someone, Somewhere (2019) Movie Script

You okay?
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I can't stop sleeping.
I swear, sometimes
I sleep 13 or 14 hours.
That's weird, isn't it?
I must have a bug.
You're not in great shape.
I think it's psychosomatic.
You believe in psychosomatic stuff?
Do I believe?
Are you kidding?
Psychosomatic disorders are proven.
Me, for example!
Every time I go to the dentist,
I get a stomach ache.
Every time.
Sure, there'll be layoffs,
but we'll be a prototype.
The first in Europe!
Isn't that a shame?
That the work's done by robots?
We're improving working conditions.
You, for example. You deserve better.
I bent over backwards
to get you a promotion!
- Really?
- Yeah!
You have to see the HR director.
I'll let you know when.
Did you guys hear?
They're only keeping 5 of us.
Replaced by robots!
Robots can't do what we do.
- What'd they give you?
- The door!
I got early retirement.
I heard some guys even got promotions.
That's what I heard anyway.
What are you gonna do?
I dunno...
I'm supposed to go see the HR director.
And you?
Transferred to Vesoul.
What the hell am I gonna do in Vesoul?
I'd rather go to Marseille.
I talked to the HR director.
You can go see him.
- Now?
- Yeah.
I changed 57's protocol,
to avoid production line 8.
Tell me who you are.
In one word.
- Meaning?
- Choose a word.
And that word should sum up... you!
From your point of view.
That's hard.
- One word?
- Exactly.
One word...
I could say...
At the same time, no.
- Just one word.
- Yeah.
One word...
I feel like it changes.
As if I were more like a...
Like a...
What do you call it, a...
A bubble?
A bubble?
Yeah. No?
You see me as a bubble?
I don't at all see you as a bubble.
Why'd you...
Because you mimed a bubble,
so I thought...
No, no, no!
It's weird you'd say bubble...
"Bubble" just popped out.
- Shall we move on to the next question?
- Sure.
The position you feel best in...
Is it as leader? As follower?
It's a question.
Yeah, sure. Follower, leader...
I'm not sure she's capable.
So, Mlanie...
We've discussed it at length
and I think it'd be great
if you presented your results in April.
Me, in April?
Yes, I know. In April,
it won't just be us.
That's when the donors join us.
So it's very, very important.
Yeah, I mean...
I don't know if I'm capable.
There's no reason
you can't speak
before the board and donors.
They want us to show
that we're a young team, so...
Yes, of course.
We'll see.
But it'd be best if it were decided.
Thank you.
- I have a sleep problem.
- I have trouble sleeping.
- I sleep constantly.
- I can't sleep.
- Well...
- One sec...
Excuse me, Michel.
These sleeping pills are fairly light.
Super strong multivitamin -
vitamin C, vitamin D,
vitamin B1, B6...
- Relaxing.
- Invigorating.
Why are you so tense?
Loosen up! Relax!
Chill out, it happens.
There are good days and bad days.
Lately, it's mostly bad days.
Sir, are you okay?
Squeeze my hand.
Are you okay?
What is it?
If you hear me, squeeze my hand.
No, I'm okay.
Do you have any pain, sir?
We'll take care of you.
I'll take your blood pressure.
I can't find anything wrong with you.
Are you stressed these days?
Not especially.
Is your family okay?
My family?
Yeah, they're fine.
And at work?
Yeah, it's fine.
Well, they...
They laid everyone off recently but...
It's fine.
But not you?
Me... No.
Well, yeah.
But they offered me something else
So, it's fine.
I think you had
a little panic attack.
I think you should see someone.
A shrink.
Mr. Pelletier?
Have a seat.
Are you serious?
We're gonna talk like this?
Well, yeah.
I dunno, I...
Tell me...
I think you're here to tell me.
Ms. Brunet?
Hello. Please, come in.
- Do I have to lie down?
- No, maybe later.
Sit here, facing me.
Nice and normal.
Yes, like that.
Sorry, but...
I don't really get it.
Just because I talk to you
I'll be able to sleep again?
That's one tenet of psychotherapy.
Putting pain into words can help.
Not necessarily cure it,
but make it easier to bear.
What does that mean?
I mean, I'm not...
Know what I mean?
I came because the doctor
said I should see someone...
Until proven otherwise, I'm someone.
At the moment,
you are seeing someone.
In my case, a psychotherapist.
Okay, this...
You're saying that's more effective
than sleeping pills?
Yes, in one sense.
If you came to see me,
it's also because you feel
sleeping pills aren't that effective.
What do you think?
I don't know.
We lived together
for almost three years.
And we broke up a year ago.
I don't know
if it's linked to the fact
that my father left my mother
when I was 5 but...
I can't seem to...
He ruined everything.
We were so happy and...
it's hard without him.
Are you talking
about your father or your ex?
I almost never see my father.
Once a year. I couldn't care less.
How do you explain
that panic attack in the subway?
I dunno.
Could it be...
But depression
is a fairly serious illness.
Do you feel depressed?
No, I dunno...
I'm alone.
I mean, I live alone.
So, sometimes it's...
Given your insomnia
and your fainting spell on the subway,
how would you describe
your current state?
In one word?
If you like.
A bubble?
You must realize
that you have the right to fall in love
and the right to be happy.
In love and happy.
That's easy to say
but not necessarily easy to achieve.
Understanding the problem
isn't always enough to solve it.
Yet you have to understand it
to be able to solve it.
The problem.
No, no, no!
- Why not?
- That's not you!
What is me?
There's pesto
and then there's pesto!
That's you. That's pesto!
That one...
If you don't like it, bring it back.
- This one's pricier.
- And so better!
- Are the expensive olives the best?
- Yeah.
You know, in my store,
I have 2 goals -
the least expensive and the best.
One day,
the best may be the least expensive.
But that's in an ideal world.
You have a little money,
take the pricey ones.
Because, sadly,
they really are the best.
May I serve you?
Serve the young lady.
- What would you like?
- The olives...
In the back.
- They're the most expensive!
- I know.
Hello! How are you?
I'm asking because
I haven't seen you in a while.
I have no idea how you are,
that's why I'm asking.
Then just say "I'm fine."
I totally agree.
You should sign up on Tinder or Happn.
- She didn't say that.
- Sure, she did.
I know shrinks like a book!
If you translate, she said...
move your ass and meet some guys.
Sure, put Laurent on.
How's it going?
Sure, you know Paris! It's...
It's Paris. It's crowded.
No, I'm still not on Facebook.
You know, I'm alone but I'm not...
It's not like...
Create an account
"Which Rmy Pelletier are you?"
The idea is,
if you and a guy "like" each other,
he'll send you a message.
You can chat.
And if you hit it off,
you can meet him.
- Shall I order food?
- Yeah!
It's best to meet in a safe place.
What's totally wild is the geolocation.
If there's a guy nearby
and you like each other,
you "like" each other,
and that's a "crush".
That's like a "match" on Tinder.
I have Italian, Japanese, Chinese.
There's even Danish.
He's cute! Look.
He's great! Like, like!
- He's "liked"!
- Wait!
Does he have my address?
No! He just sees
the general vicinity you're in.
Sushi, maki or yakitori?
"Upload a photo..."
What a dickhead!
There's just one picture
and he's in shadow.
You can't see his face.
He must be creepy.
He's scary!
Really, I'd take off running!
- Tuna, salmon or shrimp?
- Tuna.
- What?
- This one's for you.
He's really scary, just my type.
- Like him?
- Yeah.
Do I "like"?
You have a "crush"!
The guy we "liked" "crushed" you.
- Wait...
- Crush, crush, crush!
Text something!
He's online now. Write!
I write him?
- What?
- "Hi, what's up?"
- No "hi"!
- Why not?
Two seconds...
- D'you get sweet sauce?
- I got both.
Okay, write "What's up?"
Just "What's up?"
"Hi" is dumb.
You have to say hello!
No, it's like, "Hi, what's up?"
Exactly, "Hi, what's up?"
"What's up?"...
It's just "What's up?"
Sounds fake "chill".
You're the "hiya" type.
So let's say, "What's up?"
Friend Request
Mathieu Bernard?
"What's up?"
How dumb.
What an answer!
Good start!
"Night out with my homies!!!"
"Back to work! Oof!"
This guy's a hoot.
Mathieu Bernard!
Yeah, okay.
- Who was the teacher again?
- History?
You don't remember Tournaire?
He had us in stitches!
One day, he came in and said,
"General quiz on Thursday!"
"No, Tuesday!"
And we were like,
"Sir, is it Thursday or Tuesday?"
And he says,
"Don't start! I said Tuesday!"
See what I mean? Hysterics!
Thursday... Tuesday...
We were in stitches!
You don't remember?
You sure we were in the same class?
Sixth, seventh, eighth grade...
Yeah! Tourbon... Tourbon!
Fanny Tourbon!
Fanny Tourbon!
I heard, I don't remember.
Pierre Chaffrai, Sbastien Calone,
Anthony Cadoret, Laura Monne, David Adrien!
You must remember
Karine Plisson!
- Short?
- Tall.
Brunette. You know, she had...
Curly hair?
- Dreadlocks!
- Mental problems.
She ate a cat. Karine.
The bus!
The morning school bus.
Sometime snow blocked the road.
It started in the back -
Anthony Cadoret, Julien Blain.
They could see.
Then I was like,
"Blocked, blocked, blocked!"
Everybody was yelling,
"Blocked, blocked, blocked!"
We were in a frenzy.
We went nuts...
Doesn't ring a bell.
You remember so many details!
It's all up here.
They called me "Hard Drive."
"Hard Drive"!
You were "Hard Drive"?
"Hard Drive." Right...
I don't know what I can tell you
about myself.
I don't necessarily
have anything special to tell.
Take a bite outta life!
You have a Crush!
Some people
really have nothing to say.
You can talk about anything,
about the weather.
But, no! Nothing.
He clammed up for an hour.
At one point, he said...
I feel like
I've been looking for you for years.
Where have you been?
I was speechless.
It's not funny. It's horrible.
I can just see you!
- What could I say?
- Nothing.
Plus, he was cute.
He wasn't mean, he kept smiling.
But he didn't speak.
Why'd you stay?
Because I'm too nice.
I don't know!
I couldn't say, "I'm bored to tears."
- Yes, you could!
- No, I can't.
What's wrong with being "too nice"?
My love life, for example.
I think things often didn't work out
I said "yes" too often.
To everything.
I'm too...
Yeah, I'm too nice.
Sometimes fragility can be a strength.
Yeah, but...
I liked Guillaume so much that...
How can I say this?
I agreed to everything -
everything we did,
everything he said.
He swept me into a whirlwind
I couldn't resist.
This is it.
I can't invite you in.
I have to be up early.
What time?
Perfect. It's 6:50
- Oh, no.
- Yeah.
I couldn't resist.
It was stronger than me.
I think what hooked me
was that feeling
of floating on air,
of leaving the real world,
of being carried away by...
I don't know...
a tornado.
We started slow, then...
I was always at his place.
It was like we left reality behind.
My reality.
- How do I shoot?
- You're getting killed!
I'd always felt
like a Miss Goodie-two-shoes,
pretty stable...
I lost all my bearings.
I lost all sense of time.
Time became...
Hours flew by in a second.
Days lasted centuries.
Go for it!
That's Zlatan!
Look, isn't that an offside?
Isn't an offside
when the ball should
still be in the rectangle?
That's not an offside, my love.
There's no offside.
She was right!
I'd never had brothers.
I think I liked
being surrounded by guys.
But when we came back down to earth
- grocery shopping,
day-to-day problems -
he didn't like it.
Pastore's injured again?
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
You say "yeah"
like you couldn't care less.
No, I said "yeah"
because, yeah, he's injured.
He said "yeah"
because the jerk's always injured.
I think...
living together
wore down his feelings.
I knew I was losing my bearings but...
Isn't there a match tomorrow?
As if I loved him more than myself.
Isn't there a match tomorrow?
Yeah, against Amiens.
I'm not sure I'll watch it.
I loved him so much,
I felt like he was everything.
And I was nothing.
But it felt so good to be...
That's it.
And that was a year ago?
For a year I've been obsessing,
crying nonstop.
I don't understand it.
I don't think
you've given yourself permission
to grieve that relationship.
I don't know
if I wanna forget Guillaume.
Grieving doesn't necessarily
mean forgetting.
It's not living without.
It's living with it,
but not as a burden.
Do you want to be happy?
You have to remember the past
and accept it,
to fully embrace the present.
That's easy to say...
You have the right
to fall in love again...
Understanding the problem
isn't enough to solve it...
How are you?
I'm happy to see you.
- You look good!
- Really?
I know you don't wanna come,
but I stopped by anyway.
- Come with me!
- No.
You're not gonna stay all alone!
It's Christmas.
Mom wants us all
to be together tonight.
She'll be so happy to see you.
Come on!
If she wants to see us,
she can come to Paris.
She's lived in Amiens for 10 years.
You're still mad?
- She lives with an asshole.
- That's her choice.
Why should I feel guilty?
She's the one who moved far away,
not us.
If she wants to see us,
she can come to Paris!
- I hate your not being there.
- That's how it is.
I'll be frank with you.
You don't look good at all.
You haven't looked well for months.
Don't get mad but...
I think you should see someone.
I am seeing someone.
And it's not helping?
It is.
I'd better get going.
Okay, bye.
Merry Christmas.
Will you call me from the train?
- You leaving the station?
- We're just leaving.
See me?
Can't you see me?
I see you.
Are you at the front?
The 2nd car. See me?
- Merry Christmas.
- Same to you!
- Love you.
- Me, too.
Have a good trip?
How's the Parisian?
How are you?
And you?
D'you cut your hair?
Can you grab the cakes?
How are you?
See how big he got?
How've you been?
- Can I take my Switch?
- What did we say?
- Didn't we say I could?
- Must we repeat everything?
- And the Babycook?
- Got the keys?
Don't you?
- Can I park next door?
- Sure!
- Got any Tylenol?
- For you or the baby?
Bring Phil's bag!
How goes it, you hicks?
You're on your motorcycle?
Wanna buy me an SUV?
Can you take him for a week?
Think we'd ride in this snow?
- D'you ride on the bike?
- Can I tell the truth?
Why can't kids ride with us?
How do you grow so fast?
Bro, how's it goin'?
Still climbing?
You buying a new car?
Who wanted Tylenol?
Here come the fries!
So, Parisian, you never answered!
How are you?
Want more fries?
Not really.
No fries?
No, sorry...
I'm not doing great.
How's your first year
of junior high?
I've made friends.
Apparently, I have...
some sort of...
Sort of.
D'you see a doctor?
I saw a doctor.
He sent me to see...
a psychotherapist.
A what?
A psychotherapist?
That's good.
But you're not...
You're not crazy!
No, Mom!
You're normal.
Like us!
Depression isn't...
about being crazy or abnormal.
It's just a period
when you're a bit tired and stressed,
that's all.
He has a girlfriend.
Her name's Maria.
You don't have to broadcast
my private life!
Who wants more fries?
I do!
Go on!
Pass the fries!
I'm fine, I...
- Drink up!
- I did already.
It'll do you good!
Just a drop with us.
We'll make a toast!
- To Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
Why don't we go that way, for once?
Why go that way?
I don't know.
To go that way for once.
No, we're not going there.
You know Dad doesn't want to.
No use pissing them off.
You know how they are.
People can change.
When you said you had a shrink,
was that true
or just to needle them?
No, it's true.
Otherwise, got a girl?
It must be tough to be alone
in a big city like Paris.
You must feel even more alone.
Yeah, but at the same time,
I really like the anonymity.
How so?
Remember when I dated Flicit,
the Black chick from Sainte-Foy?
We had a date on a Saturday night.
Sunday morning, everyone at the market
had a "funny" comment.
It was a nightmare.
After that, I could never live here.
The air may not be as pure in Paris,
but at least...
I can breathe there.
Charlotte took that one.
- Do you have organic eggs?
- Sure!
Bring me some organic eggs!
No, normal...
I don't know. They're healthier!
People can do what they want.
Jrmy and Pablo are coming.
Charlotte, everyone!
- Really?
- Look.
You come, too!
You never wanna do anything!
You like to dance.
Come and dance. It'll be great!
Is this a debate or what?
Bring them!
- They're not organic.
- No big deal.
These are free-range.
From the Sarthe. Delicious!
Excuse me for butting in...
were you talking about dancing?
Ever tried kompa?
Because there's dance
and then there's dance.
Kompa is the real thing!
My brother-in-law gives classes.
Stop by.
It's right on the corner.
By the Paki DVD shop.
What kind of dance is it?
Kompa is...
bodies in sync.
Bodies in sync!
Sure, why not?
Anybody there?
Anybody there?
What is this?
This may be a mistake.
We're improving
your working conditions.
I think this is a big mistake!
We're improving working conditions.
You okay?
Can you come over for a sec!
Come on!
The girls want two
and the others...
It's dumb but, since there's a whitey,
I thought of you.
We thought of him!
Okay. No!
Okay. In fact...
He's so cute!
- But I don't want a cat.
- Me, neither.
But you've got 'em.
He's so cute.
Okay, but...
Sure, he's cute...
He really is cute.
He's adorable!
Yeah, but I...
No, not that.
That's it!
Shit! You must be hungry.
- Got a cat now?
- Yeah.
- Don't ask why.
- A cat?
I'm not sure it's a great idea.
I'm happy to sell you this now.
But you have to alternate their food.
Cats know.
You know Ali,
who runs the kebab shop?
He saves scraps for people.
He saves bones
for Amir's cocker spaniel.
Amir runs the broken phone store
next to the Chinese Thai massage parlor.
- Near the laundromat?
- No.
By the West Indian hair salons.
Well, the West Indians from Mali...
My lament is the lament of two hearts
Full of strength and tenderness
Toward the day that will come
It's the story of a love
eternal and banal
Which brings so much good
and bad each day
With the wheel of fortune
We embrace or say adieu
With anguished evenings
And magnificent mornings
My story is a story we all know
Those who love play the same game,
that I know
But nave or profound
It's the only song in the world
That will never end
What are you doing there?
Stay here! Stay with me.
Holy shit!
Are you crazy, or what?
Are you nuts?
Stay in here with me!
I'll say we can remove the gene
to boost the immune system.
Then conclude
with the Toulouse lab results.
That's great!
Relax, you have 2 months.
How many people
are on the board, again?
Fewer than last year.
Around 30 or so.
Ten or thirty, what's the difference?
Just concentrate on your results.
You're right.
Shall I memorize my speech?
Stop worrying.
No, don't bother.
You sure?
Okay, learn it by heart.
I spoke to the HR director.
He's crazy about you!
- Really?
- Head over heels!
He said you have
an extremely rare personality.
You're 2029!
Take a seat here.
You'll treat 300 orders a day.
Just like your internship simulation.
If you have any questions,
go to the internal chat room.
Any idea where my old co-workers are?
No, I...
You'll see, it's hyper friendly here.
There's ping-pong
in the conviviality room.
Dive in!
Here we go...
Make like I'm not here.
Hello, Farfast Hotline.
Rmy Pelletier.
How may I help you?
I didn't get my package.
I'll treat your request.
May I have
your order number, please?
You mean the date?
No, the order number.
I don't have it.
In fact, I...
You need the order number!
I need that number.
No, I don't have the order number!
It's my birthday today.
Happy birthday, then.
Don't go there!
Thank you.
I blew it!
My present's in that package.
It has to come today.
I understand, ma'am.
I'm 100 years old today.
- That's incredible!
- Old age is a drag.
She's 100.
The only thing I can do is...
Are you dumb?
Why are you speaking robot?
I'm answering you.
Didn't you just...
If you need any info...
Yes, madam.
I'm inquiring right now.
Just ask!
I've been here 2 months.
At first, it's kind of weird.
It still is, but you get used to it.
Yes, I inquired...
Hello, Farfast Hotline.
How may I help you?
I dig lunch breaks.
So you're a cheese guy?
There are 3 types of guys -
cheeseburger guys,
hamburger guys
and chicken nugget guys.
There's a huge difference.
The nugget guy
is sort of sweet, nice,
never makes waves.
Super nice,
but kind of annoying.
The burger guy's "The Guy."
"Here I am with my meat!
"Screw the rest of you!"
He can be really sexy
but an asshole.
Risky for chicks.
But the cheese guy...
I think the cheese guy's got class.
He's got balls,
but he doesn't flaunt 'em.
He likes nuance, he's tactful...
you know?
- Really?
- Yeah.
I like cheese guys.
You're cheesy, but not too chatty, 2029.
These days,
I'm not getting much sleep.
So I can be a little weird.
Weird? What do you mean?
Sort of ill-at-ease.
You're weird, not a weirdo?
No way!
Not at all... I'm just weird.
I'm not...
not a weirdo.
My little guy!
I'm gonna call you Nugget, okay?
Call me Nugget
I'm as cute as they get
And I go by Nugget...
You can call me Nugget...
Want a kiss?
Yes, you like kisses.
They're amazing!
At first, I didn't even want that cat.
But I took him in,
I fed him, I named him...
And he took off.
That makes me crazy.
I'm sure he was run over.
I feel awful
that he died because of me.
You sure he's dead?
I'm not sure but...
But you think he was run over?
Yeah, he's so little.
Have faith in life.
You don't have to systematically
create negative scenarios.
There's a good chance...
What are you doing there?
You all alone?
I don't understand.
Won't you tell me?
You were abandoned. Huh?
I can't take you in.
I work all day, I live alone.
I'm depressed.
I'm no prize package.
What do you mean?
Didn't you say...
you have certain depressive symptoms.
That's not clinical depression.
So I'm not depressed?
Let's go back
to that story about the cat.
What did you feel exactly?
Like I'm bad luck.
I've always been bad luck.
We'll have to stop there today.
But I think you've just put your finger
on something important.
Think about that this week.
And try to tell me why you're bad luck.
That interests me.
that girl you met at work...
Did you ever see her outside?
No, I...
I'm afraid I'd disappoint her.
You won't disappoint her.
Have some confidence in yourself.
Hello, is this 2129?
Can't see?
When did you last eat?
You're hungry!
It's Djena.
Can I use your phone?
In one sec.
Is she your daughter?
- Are you my daughter?
- No, I'm his princess.
She's my princess!
She's beautiful!
- You have a cat now?
- Yes.
Everybody has a cat these days!
It's wild!
Have a nice evening!
Where are you?
At the check-out.
At the check-out!
Then check her out.
Welcome to my place!
Your room?
That's my room.
Want a beer?
Love one!
What's that?
It's just a...
- May I?
- Sure!
Like to dance?
I don't dance much,
but like to watch it.
You never dance?
Sure, I do!
But not often.
I don't go out much.
So you never dance.
Almost never.
And what's that?
That's part of a series IL-6
Jaguar K.
It's sort of a mythic engine.
There are mythic engines?
The K series IL-6,
the first Ferrari V12,
the Porsche Flat 6,
the BMW 6L, which is...
Okay. You're a fanatic.
Know how internal combustion works?
Yeah. No... I don't know.
In fact, it all starts with a spark.
You have a spark
that triggers combustion.
That triggers an explosion
in the combustion engine.
Then you have
this insane chain reaction
that moves the pistons.
It's wild.
It converts chemical energy
into mechanical energy.
It all snowballs,
but it's triggered
by just this teeny thing.
A spark...
That fascinates me.
What are you doing?
I dunno, you...
Okay, I thought...
No, because...
No, I'm sorry, I...
- You leaving?
- Yeah.
Sorry. Because now...
this is a little too "burger" for me!
It's freaking me out.
Bye then.
It's crazy how easy
it's gotten to meet someone now.
We exchanged a few texts.
Then we met at a bar.
Then the next day,
we exchanged messages
and everything, but...
It was like I lost all desire.
I thought to myself...
I was acting like Guillaume.
Guillaume goes out with lots of girls,
connects with lots of people.
Yes, that's Guillaume.
And you?
Why'd you do it?
To please others,
for your own pleasure,
or to act like Guillaume?
I don't know.
Do you think you had a real connection
with that guy?
What's a "real connection" to you?
Maybe it's something that's not decided.
That happens by chance.
It just clicks.
Does that mean you're against all that -
Happn, Tinder, dating sites?
I make no judgements.
I'm not here to give my opinion.
My opinion is that
social networks
are the worst thing
ever invented for relationships.
But I'm not here to give my opinion
but to listen
and give meaning to your words.
What I'm hearing
is that using "Trinder"
put you in immediate gratification mode.
Which worked, certainly.
But it's not what you're looking for
deep down.
And now you clearly
don't want that guy anymore.
That's true.
I think you want much more
than to meet someone.
Making a connection means...
finding someone who's meaningful to you.
Are you Musclor 75?
Me? Not at all.
- You expecting someone?
- Yes.
May I turn off the light?
Hi, I'm Kevin.
I'm Jack.
You should go out.
I'm expecting someone.
I am out.
I'm outside now.
- You're the one who's not inside.
- Really?
Excuse me.
Musclor, my neighbor.
Excuse me.
Who could that be?
I can explain...
He's my...
They're my...
He's my...
You okay?
Am I too early?
I really overslept.
Things are getting serious with Amaury.
I'd really like you to meet him.
- Did you hear me?
- Yeah, no, yeah.
Your mind's obviously on your thing.
Let me see!
I'd really like to meet him, too.
Okay, so...
From the beginning,
biology has progressed
by probing the infinitely small...
Just be yourself!
Don't stay glued to your notes.
I just can't learn it by heart.
So I need it in front of me.
I'm so freaked out, I'm not sure
I'll get 2 words out tomorrow.
Just try to be convincing.
If they don't understand,
they could cancel our funding.
- It's happened before.
- I know.
Wanna start again?
I have your file, ma'am, please hold...
Let me check into that, sir.
- Yeah?
- Are you sulking?
I apologize for the other night.
No biggie.
It was a little weird but...
I really wanted you to come onto me.
- I put you on hold...
- I have a bug in the system...
I'm a jerk.
Later, I thought,
"No wonder he's not coming onto me!"
I sort of understood the opposite.
Doing anything tonight?
- No.
- Yes!
You are.
- What?
- If I tell you, you won't come.
- One second, sir...
- Just one moment...
41 rue du Temple.
41 rue du Temple.
No, that wasn't for you.
I'll never make it!
Sure, you will.
You know your subject.
Mind if I leave?
- No, go on!
- Really?
- Thanks!
- You're welcome.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Go to bed early.
- Already in bed.
Call me afterward!
Love you!
Thanks! Good night.
Break a leg!
I'm not sleepy.
You have a Crush!
'Evening. I'm Steevy.
How's it going?
What a cute kitten.
Agile cat!
I really like your cat.
Here, kitty!
We killed the six-pack!
- Oh, no!
- Yeah.
- Steevy, you have to go.
- Now?
I have to be up early.
I have this really big thing.
I love your teeth.
I'll just stay a little while.
You okay?
Not really?
You want help?
- Mlanie?
- Hello... Capu?
- Yes.
- Hi, Capu.
This is Steevy.
What does that mean?
My name's Steevy.
Who are you?
I'm a friend of...
A friend of...
I'm a friend of Mlanie's.
And she's sick.
- What?
- Mlanie's sick.
How so?
What's wrong?
She puked everywhere.
Where are you?
At her place.
She puked everywhere.
Is she okay?
- Where is she? Is she conscious?
- I don't know.
Capu, you okay?
No, I'm Capucine!
- Capu?
- Yes.
- Where is she?
- The living room.
- What did you take?
- A few beers.
We smoked a little ganja.
A little vodka.
She's on meds. Shit!
She's better.
Watch your step.
Steevy, it's better if you go now.
Thanks, Steevy.
You, too, Amaury.
I'd rather you go.
- Me, too?
- It's a sister thing.
I'll give you a hand.
I can help...
I think we need peace and quiet.
- You sure?
- Yes, see you tomorrow.
Call me.
Bye, Amlie!
Her name's Mlanie.
- I threw up.
- You grew up?
- What came over you?
- I threw up.
Yeah, we saw.
Help me!
Can you stand up?
Yes, your conference!
And who was that guy?
Bye, Steevy.
He's gone now.
Help me!
Keep your legs there.
1, 2, 3...
It'll do you good.
Wake up. It's 7 o'clock.
We have to leave in 10 minutes.
On your feet!
Good morning.
- No more coffee.
- Drink it.
Here's Mr. Delcourt!
I'm still a little jetlagged.
I understand.
May I introduce Mlanie Brunet,
whom we discussed.
You're the speaker?
Pleased to meet you.
The team's getting younger!
You'll see, she's terrific.
We shall see!
Mlanie, you're gonna be great.
Sometimes fragility can be a strength.
What may, at first, seem like a paradox
can be essential
in the fight against cancer.
Our research center adjoins a hospital.
Sometimes, on my way to work,
I go see the patients.
I know my coworkers
may be embarrassed by that.
But when I see sick children...
sometimes terminally ill,
it reminds me why I'm here,
why I'm a researcher.
In the medical world, in general,
but especially in cancer treatment,
we've always tried
to destroy everything around a tumor,
to eliminate every cancer cell.
Immunotherapy focuses on activating
and strengthening the immune system.
The advantage is,
if the immune system destroys a tumor,
there's little collateral damage.
As opposed to chemotherapy,
which destroys everything,
endangering the immune system.
Today, we see cancer as an imbalance,
rather than an aggressor.
Every living relationship
implies an exchange of foreign bodies.
We think
that notion of exchange is important.
Could you recommend some rice?
This way.
I usually buy this one.
Not that. That's not you.
If you want rice?
I'll sell you real rice.
Do you like it al dente or creamy?
Get Japanese rice!
I have an excellent rice from Uonuma.
They say
that's where souls take flight.
Eating this is a voyage in itself!
A real voyage!
I swear, you're gonna love it.
Thank you.
Which hummus
do you recommend?
It's a bit more lemony.
Eight euros, please.
- Debit card?
- Yes, please.
Know what "basmati" means?
"The queen of perfume."
It's from the Hindi.
And those pistachios are from Iran.
Try one!
Have a nice evening.
- You've made progress.
- Really?
This is great! It's from the Prigord.
Ever tried kompa?
Kompa is magnificent.
It's a partner dance.
My brother-in-law teaches
every Friday.
This will keep you warm.
Pull it tight around you.
Will you be okay?
You sure?
Sir, this way.
Are you okay?
- Dembo!
- Daddy!
Don't worry, he's breathing.
Suddenly, I wondered...
what happened to that man.
If he was dead or... I don't know.
When Daddy left,
I kept asking where he was,
when he was coming back.
I saw that mother
hugging her daughter so tight and...
They were both crying.
She was squeezing her so tight,
she was hurting her.
They watched the father leave,
not knowing
if they'd ever see him again.
It was horrible.
Were you afraid you'd never see
your father again, when he left?
Why don't you see him anymore?
My father?
I don't know.
He moved to the States right after that.
His American wife's not crazy
about seeing my sister and me.
He has his own life.
You forgive your father more easily
than your mother, it seems.
It's true,
she took good care of us.
I don't know why
I'm angrier at her than at him.
When she moved to Amiens
with her boyfriend, I was 20.
I was independent, a grown-up.
When someone leaves,
it's like when someone dies.
There's work to be done.
She was smiling.
She didn't cry.
Ccile, my sister,
was like that little girl.
- In the fire.
- Ccile?
Meaning? Tell me about it.
Ccile, my little sister.
She died of cancer when she was seven.
And you...
You never told me that!
I never thought of it.
It was when I was 10.
My little sister, Ccile, was 7.
She got sick and...
In less than three months, she...
I'm sorry.
The last time I went to the hospital,
the doctor told my parents that...
it was the end.
My parents said not to tell her.
I wasn't even allowed
to say goodbye.
That last day, she smiled at me like...
that little girl in the fire.
As if to say,
"It's great!
You get to stay alive."
I wanted to throw my arms around her,
but Mom said not to touch her.
Two days later, we buried her.
Seven years old!
It sucks to die at seven.
And it was after your sister died
that you thought you were bad luck?
I never forgave myself
for being alive.
Or for working,
when your co-workers got fired?
Maybe it's time
to stop feeling guilty.
You have every right to be alive, Rmy.
And you have the right to be happy.
When I get home...
As you know, my wife's a Lacanian.
It's hell at my place!
She never stops talking.
You're not leaving?
No, I'll be right back.
Don't you work
at the hospital anymore?
Other people's gazes
are still hard to bear.
But I'm much more fulfilled,
now that I'm myself.
Before, I kept pretending to be
someone else, just to please others
or meet expectations.
It was a nightmare.
Mom forced me to cut my hair.
It wasn't my choice.
Then I got laid off.
When he passes my office,
he pretends he's on the phone.
I think they tap all my phone calls
and hear my conversations.
The bailiffs came
and took everything!
For 5 years,
we moved every year.
He doesn't realize
I see his phone's off!
And then 5 people died.
She said,
"I'm going out for cigarettes."
I remember that clearly.
"I'm going out for cigarettes."
And I never saw her again.
I have no problem with the number 5.
Things around me always go bad.
Got the blues?
Not at all.
I was just thinking of the thousands
of things people have said
just before dredging something up.
But in a few days, I'm retiring.
It may be hard to close the door
when my last patient leaves.
I'm sort of wondering
what use it's all been.
What do you want me to say?
That's all in the past.
You have to forget it.
Are you kidding? No!
I don't wanna forget.
Stop bullshitting me!
You haven't forgotten Ccile.
Quiet! Don't say that.
No, I won't keep quiet!
You have a problem mourning Ccile.
Not me!
It'd be so much better
if we could talk.
You have no idea
how hard your silence is...
It's a heavy load to bear.
I don't know...
If I ever meet a guy...
I mean, if there's a real connection...
I'd be afraid
to reveal my true self.
That I'm in psychoanalysis...
That stuff's not too sexy.
It rarely works
if you don't tell the truth.
I'm not all that interesting.
I've been listening to you for 6 months
and I find you interesting.
For two egos to make an "us",
two egos have to be themselves.
Excuse me?
Each ego has to be him or herself.
You won't be able to meet someone
until you've resolved your own issues.
Have faith in life.
That's what a connection truly is.
Sharing things
we thought were "unsharable".
What you need now is just
to love yourself a little more.
No love is possible
if you don't love yourself a little.
See you next week.
Hello, Mom?
Yeah, it's Mlanie.
You see!
Anything can happen!
Me, too.
It's dumb but it helped.
You can't judge yourself like that.
If you did it,
it's because it had meaning for you.
It's good to do things, Rmy.
You need that now.
You have the right to touch.
Don't be afraid
to get closer to things -
people, life...
Instead of speaking from a distance,
looking from a distance.
You love motorcycles and engines...
- Get your driver's license!
- I know!
By the way, I've decided to change jobs.
Know what you're going to do?
No. But I'll find something.
Positive scenario!
After summer vacation, as I said,
I'm retiring.
I'll give you the name
of a colleague who can help you...
Just in case.
Goodbye, Rmy.
I just wanted to say...
Thank you.
Go for it!
- Is that a dyno?
- Yep!
What's up?
What'd you have for breakfast?
You know, you're at 7A now!
You're kidding! 7A?
Yep, 7A!
Today, we'll start with the basics.
But first, I'll explain
what we'll do next week.
We'll do a kompa overview.
We'll compare the origins of kompa,
salsa and bachata,
to see how they're different...
You came to try it out?
He's my brother-in-law.
Rmy, a new student.
Gladys, my wife.
Join the others.
Let's get started!
I'll repeat the basics
for today's new arrivals.
We'll start with a two-step,
then add a small pelvic move.
It goes like this.
And 1 and 2...
That little "and"
is very important in kompa.
It differentiates it
from other two-step dances.
It's like walking.
If you can walk, you can dance.
Very good!
Let's try it with music
and see what happens.
You'll see, it's easy.
Just let go!
Okay, all together!
And 1 and 2 and 3...
And remember,
the accent isn't on the step,
it's really on the "and".
Relax your pelvis.
Remember, we're in Haiti!
The sun's shining, it's hot.
Loosen up, relax...
and enjoy!
Now, let's all form couples!
Rmy, pair up with the new girl
in the back.
Is that okay?
Sure, go ahead.
- What's your name?
- Mlanie.
- Yours?
- Rmy.
Here comes the music.
And we're off...