Something (2018) Movie Script

Police Department!
[somber piano music]
Police Department!
[dramatic music]
[urgent knocking]
Sir, if you can hear me
I need you to acknowledge.
[dramatic crescendo]
I'm gonna put him in
something warmer.
I feel like he's got
a cold coming on.
Yeah. Good idea.
I put the heater on
so it should warm up.
And I also plugged up
those holes
that were letting in
the drafts.
Well he's outgrown this one too.
Aww, that one was cool.
You liked that?
Who got it for us?
Your boss I think.
We should probably donate this
stuff to charity, though.
Or-or-wait. Who do we
know that's expecting?
You want to give it away?
Let's just pack it for now.
I mean what if we
have another one?
Well... let's just...
see how it goes.
Is he asleep?
I think so.
Wanna take him to the crib?
No, I'm gonna wait a
little bit longer.
Make sure he's totally out.
Well, hey...
Why don't I hold
him, and you can...
take that bath you didn't
get around to earlier.
Just... relax a little.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'll just...
watch something out here
for a while.
Oh, but quietly!
I will put captions on.
OK. If you're sure.
He's probably gonna wake
up the second I dip a toe in.
I can handle it.
No... you can come get me.
It's just the way
he's been lately.
Anyway I won't be long.
Take your time.
[water running]
[water running]
[water shuts off]
There's no hot water.
It's barely even lukewarm.
Not again.
Do we have to call
that guy back again?
No. No.
I saw what he did when he
was here last time.
It's basically just
like cleaning a mesh.
I'm pretty sure I can do it.
Oh OK, good.
I really didn't like him.
He gave me the creeps!
Well, another raincheck I guess.
Are you gonna fix it?
First thing in the morning.
All right.
Let's just go to bed.
Ah! Goddam...
You've got to be more careful.
You almost woke him up again!
I know. I know.
It's too dark.
I can't see anything.
Well that's why we
have a nightlight.
It's a nightlight.
Still can't see anything.
Takes a while for
your eyes to adjust.
Am I supposed to,
like, stand in the corner
over by the door in the dark
for, like, five minutes?
Yeah! Maybe you should!
[sigh] Maybe it's time to move
the crib into the nursery.
Yes! Yes.
I've been saying that for weeks.
We can finally walk around here
without having to tiptoe everywhere.
Or flip on a light switch
every once in a while.
Watch TV in the next room
without having to worry
about gunshots or explosions...
probably all sorts of other advantages
that I can't think of right now...
OK, well you can move
the crib over tomorrow.
- Goodnight!
- Gooodnight!
[baby crying]
It's cold this morning, huh?
Yeah. I think winter is
well and truly here now.
Uh... Yes, please.
Oh, you know what?
Don't make me any coffee.
No, I think I'm gonna skip the
caffeine this morning.
Gonna try and take a nap.
Yeah he did not take it
easy on us last night.
What about you?
What about me?
What are you up to
this morning?
Uhhh... I am moving the
crib... is what I'm doing.
[clearing throat]
Aren't you forgetting something?
I... am fixing the water heater
and then I am moving the crib.
Shhhh. Shhhh.
[loud alarm beeping]
[baby crying]
You've been saying you're gonna replace
those old things since we bought the place!
I know! I was... I
am... I-I just...
[alarm stops abruptly]
Didn't get around to it.
Great. Back to square one.
[baby crying]
Almost time to wave 'bye' to
our little roommate.
Oh you know I have laundry
in there, right?
Can you move it, please?
Ahhh. OK.
It's... it's not gonna
fit through the door.
I'm gonna have to take it apart.
[gentle sombre music]
OK - room's all clear.
Hey did you lock this again?
Well it's locked.
Sorry, I didn't mean to.
(sighs) Can you get me
one of those spiky things?
So I can unlock it.
Why do you keep doing this?
I said I didn't mean to.
It's the little button thing.
Sometimes it gets
pressed by mistake.
Thank you.
[lock clicks]
Do you need this, right now?
OK. Then I'm gonna
put this right...
Uh... I'm gonna put
this right here...
For next time.
I've literally only
done it two times.
Three. Now.
Which makes three to zero.
OK. Stop.
Are we gonna put the
TV back up there?
Uh... yeah eventually.
Just let me deal
with this first.
[cellphone ringing]
[baby crying]
It was supposed
to be on vibrate!
- [sigh]
- [chuckling]
That one was your fault.
[crying continues]
[gentle somber music]
All right...
There we go!
Yeah, take a look.
It's a pretty good picture.
I'm happy with that.
Have to see how it
works at night.
It has night vision, you know.
[lullaby plays]
So that's playing in
his room right now?
Yeah... no. I don't think
we'll be using that feature.
Ah! Nice.
It even tells us what
the temperature is in there.
That could be useful.
65... right now.
Is that a bit low?
I should check. See...
They say it should be...
68 degrees.
All right.
I'm gonna go turn it up.
[baby gurgling]
[emotional music]
All right...
I set it to 70 degrees.
What? What's wrong?
Are you OK?
It's just too much for me.
What do you mean?
This... him... everything!
You're doing great.
Am I?
I see other moms
they have themselves
together way more than me.
I mean, I'm a mess.
I should have the hang
of it by now, but I just
I feel like I'm slipping
further underwater every day.
I just feel exhausted
all the time.
I mean... all the time!
No, look. I know.
I'm feeling drained too.
I think that's
just... what it is.
Are we bad parents?
I think it's too early to tell!
I think we probably have to wait
another 10 or 15 years, and...
we can check his grades and
administer a drug test.
That sort of thing.
But this?
This is temporary.
And we'll get through it.
Of course we will.
I mean... no one ever said
it was gonna be easy, right?
I had no idea it was
gonna be this hard.
It's been harder
than I expected too.
And lately it...
feels like it's been
getting harder, not easier.
It's crazy.
It's really crazy, isn't it?
How this...
This is humanity.
I mean...
All of humankind,
all the way back...
doesn't matter who you
were - rich or poor...
we all started out
just like this.
In constant need of attention...
just to stay alive.
And all their parents
struggled with the
exact same issues, and
reveled in the
same joys, like...
the first smile...
But, the one thing that they
all have in common.
All of your ancestors.
All of my ancestors.
All the way back to
the beginning of time.
Is that... that they managed.
Otherwise we wouldn't be here.
And if they could
manage then so can we.
We will survive!
Do you have him? I think I'm
gonna go take that bath now.
Yeah. Yeah, that's good.
Are you OK?
[water tricking]
[water shuts off]
[eerie music]
[ominous crescendo]
All right!
Yeah! There you go!
All better.
Hey! How was it?
The bath. Relaxing?
Yeah. It was good.
I guess I needed that.
I think I must have drifted
off while I was in there though.
Hey - I'm not judging.
I say grab a nap
wherever you can.
What about this?
Yeah maybe... But not tonight.
I don't feel like starting a
whole thing like that right now.
Maybe just... a short comedy.
Something lighter.
Or... we just go to bed.
I mean I know it's still
a bit early, but...
Can you get me some water?
I have such a bad headache.
I feel like it's 'cause
I'm not drinking enough.
Yeah. OK.
Actually, it's killing me.
Can you get me a couple of painkillers?
Yeah, sure.
[ominous music]
Are we out?
If we are there's a
new bottle under the vanity.
[ominous music builds]
[pills rattle]
Found 'em.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
I just had the
strangest sensation.
Yeah, I had it a couple
of times lately.
What do you mean?
Like someone's here. Like...
we're being watched.
OK, little one.
Let's see how you like
it in your new room.
I'm just gonna set it up on
your side, if that's OK.
I guess.
I mean, I will get up too
if you need. I just, um...
I need to do some work tomorrow.
To get ready for the trip.
And I know I still have
a few days, but...
I'm really hoping to make
a dent in it tomorrow.
Well, I'll try and let
you sleep if I can.
Thank you.
Actually, about the trip.
Do you really have to go?
Come on. We have
talked about this already.
I know, and I get that
it's important but...
It's just things are different now
than when we first talked about them.
I'm struggling.
I don't know why it's
so difficult for me
but it just is.
OK look. If I can get
things done quicker
I will be on the first
flight back here.
But I do have to go.
You think there's any way
that they would let me take
this much time off
if there was any chance
that I wouldn't be on that trip?
I mean, yeah maybe...
they can scrape by without me.
But what kind of message
is that gonna send?
If I'm not there.
It's my account. My biggest.
Yeah, I know.
You're gonna be fine.
It's just a few days.
Yeah, well. Goodnight, then.
[startling music]
Woah, what was that?
- I didn't... I didn't say anything
- I think I saw something.
- On the monitor?
- You need to go check.
What... wait. What did you see?
It looked like someone
was in there!
Our baby is in there...
Could you just...
I'm being serious!
OK, oh fine. I will go in.
There's nothing here.
He's fine.
See? Nothing.
I'm sorry I swear
I saw something.
Yeah. Well.
Wake up! Wake up.
- What?
- OK, look.
Take a look at that.
Tell me you don't see
something right there.
Uh... a shadow? I don't...
Oh god, OK just... fine.
[tense music]
OK. I'm in here...
I'm standing by the
shadow you saw.
Is this the right spot?
Yes, it's to your right.
Push the button on
the bottom right to talk.
Yes - to your right.
OK. Look.
There's nothing here.
Case closed.
[creepy music]
Thank you for checking.
Next time just listen to me.
I know but it really looked like
something was there, that's...
that's hard to just ignore.
Am I going crazy?
[laughs nervously]
Think about it. This is the first
night that you've spent away from him
since he was born.
Or actually since nine
months before that.
[somber piano music]
He was always right
there with you.
So I'm guessing this is just some kind
of... separation anxiety, or something.
Yeah. Maybe you're right.
I am.
Hey. Let's just go to sleep...
Don't go checking that
screen every five minutes.
OK, I'll leave the
monitor alone.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
[cereal pouring]
So... the whole plan to
get a good night's sleep
ready to do a good day's work
- didn't really pan out, did it?
- I know.
I'm sorry about that.
I guess it wasn't that bad.
He slept right through it,
didn't he?
Doesn't often do that.
I'm falling apart - maybe
he's getting it together.
You didn't make me any coffee?
You said you didn't want any.
I didn't say that.
It's all right. Never mind.
No, you said you didn't want
any because of the caffeine.
That was yesterday.
No-No it wasn't.
Anyway, it's OK.
I can make another cup of
coffee. It's no big deal.
There you go.
Is there anything
else you might need?
Can't think of anything.
I'm gonna go get stuck in now.
Try to get a few hours done.
Yeah... I won't bother you.
Just 'cause...
Then I'll have more time later. If I can...
concentrate without getting distracted
- then I'll get more work done.
- Yeah. I get it.
All right. See you in a bit.
[TV cookery show] ...continue to
cook with the heat it already has
and the last thing you want is
for it to lose that tenderness.
OK. So once it's done we're gonna
let it breathe for a while...
[TV home improvement show] ...fabulous
open plan area with so much natural light.
Honestly, I think the 'wow'
factor this would achieve
would totally be worth
losing the separate room
and I can't over-emphasize
the importance
of fresh air
in the home...
[baby crying]
Dinner's ready!
Just washing my hands.
[water running]
[water shuts off]
Hey, little guy!
Hi! How are y...
[tense music]
Hi. How's your work going?
What the hell is this?
A knife?
I just found it, in the crib.
It was inches away
from the baby.
Well I didn't put it there!
A knife! I mean...
I would never p...
I mean if...
If I... if I put that there then
I just put it down for a moment.
Yeah. A mistake I'm sure...
But jeez...
You've gotta be more careful!
I mean - that is seriously
dangerous. You realize that?
Of course I do.
God, I just... uh...
All right. Let's just eat
before the food gets cold.
Anyway no, I didn't
get much work done.
It's probably all the
time I've taken off.
It's gonna take a little while to
get back into things, you know?
Like... 'work mode.'
It's like...
You know when you're reading,
and your eyes are following the lines
and you're going through all
the motions of reading
but it's not until afterwards that you
realize you haven't taken in a single word?
It's like that.
Well anyway, it's OK
I do my best work the
day before a deadline.
Always have.
So... was he good today?
You mean you didn't hear him?
Oh... well...
Actually he wasn't so bad.
He was...
Kinda sleepy all day.
Well that's something.
So anyway, I probably have...
a lot more work I should be
doing tonight but
with how stressed you -
and I - have been lately, I...
figure we just kick back and relax,
watch a movie tonight, you know?
But on the big screen.
Like we used to.
Now that he's down the hall
we can turn up the
volume... a little bit.
[popcorn popping]
Can't we skip this?
No! This is our punishment
for buying the DVD legally.
There we go. Now we can start.
[fanfare from movie]
[baby crying on monitor]
Perfect timing!
I don't think it'll take long.
He probably just woke up
and found himself alone.
That's fine, I'll wait.
[music stops]
[baby crying]
Hey... Shhhh.
Ring around the roses
Pockets full of posies
Ashes, ashes
We all fall down
There. Easy!
Yeah? That was fast.
[movie music]
[movie]: Am I right?
[farting sound]
[movie]: Did you just...?
[movie]: Oh my god!
How can you
just sit there?
- What?
- Oh, man, I'm dying here!
Well, I don't mind it.
[laughter] OK, that's it.
Interview's over!
[movie]: Totally unacceptable!
So come on. Gun and badge.
Hand them over.
No, sir, I will not give you my
gun and my badge.
I need those.
- Wait a minute.
- [movie]: I'm gonna give you 48 hours...
What is it?
Why does it say that
it's 55 degrees in there?
[startling music]
- Shit!
What did you see?
[tense music]
It's... it's locked!
Get... Get me one
of those... oh wait...
What? What is wrong?
Damn it!
Can you get that!?
- Yeah.
- Come on, quickly!
[suspenseful crescendo]
[baby starts to cry]
Can you get him?
This doesn't make any sense.
[metallic tapping]
He must have gone
out the window!
Stay here, I'm gonna
go look outside.
Well I don't th...
Be careful!
[suspenseful music]
[bell jingling]
What the...?
I'm coming back inside.
Did you find anyone?
Are you OK?
- That was a bit of excitement, right?
- Tell me what is going on!
OK, well...
I saw something on the monitor.
Like I did!
Yeah... except this
was definitely someone.
All right, it wasn't like
a flicker or a shadow.
It was definitely a person
and they were wearing
like... some kind of mask.
- Oh god.
- But, listen...
They must have jumped out
the window, right?
But the screen is still on that
window which would mean that
he had to replace it,
after jumping out
which doesn't make
any sense at all.
And besides it was just a few
seconds before I was in there.
- So are you... are you following me?
- Yes, so what are you saying?
It's obvious.
It all became clear the second
I stepped foot out there.
Signal interference.
All right, there must
be somebody nearby
that... that has, like,
a security camera, or something
and they're far enough away to
where we usually don't get anything.
But every once in a while
it overlaps and we get a
flicker of their image.
You would think that they'd
be more secure than that...
Occam's razor.
Right? The simplest explanation
has to be the right one.
It has to be the monitor.
Could it be hacked?
What if... what if someone's watching
and listening through it right now?
If we can see someone else's feed,
maybe sometimes they can see ours!
There's nothing to see!
You're just being a
little paranoid now.
'Paranoid now'?
Don't forget when I thought I saw something last
night you had me thinking I was going crazy.
Now you see something you just
immediately accept it was 'interference.'
Who left the window open?
Who locked the door?
I d-I don't
remember doing that.
OK look...
No harm done... this time.
So let's just drop it, get
some rest and we'll...
talk about it in the morning.
I let you sleep in a bit.
I know. Thanks.
You should have slept in too.
Yeah. I know, but...
I just woke up and starting thinking
about everything from last night
and... I couldn't
get back to sleep.
Yeah don't remind me.
Well... um...
Actually do you want
coffee, this morning?
Yes, please.
So I know you don't
wanna be reminded
but we have to talk about it.
I mean I don't understand why
you would've even opened a
window in the first place
after it's turned so cold...
I don't know! I...
Maybe at the time I thought that the
room needed fresh air or something.
I'm worried about you.
And I'm worried about the baby.
I mean you can't
keep ignoring this.
I'll just... pull
myself together.
We both know that
it's not that easy.
Look, I'm... going
on the trip tomorrow
and I don't feel safe
with the two of you here, alone.
Then don't go!
You either go and
see the doctor...
- or, I'm gonna ask my folks to come down...
- No!
They would be happy to, and
you could use a hand.
I don't want them
seeing me like this.
What if...
What if they realize
that sometimes
I just can't stand their
grandson that they love?
[nervous laughter]
No one will think that.
But if you don't
want them to come
then go see a doctor.
OK. I will.
I'm not talking about some vague
promise. You call them, today...
This morning.
Make an appointment
as soon as you can.
It's just because I love you.
I had this awful
dream this morning.
I mean, it was like a dream
but I was still awake.
It was about all of these crazy things
that I have been doing without realizing.
But in the dream...
it was you - you were doing
all of them
to make me think that
I was going crazy!
That's just-that's just silly.
I mean I'm... I'm pretty sure
these feelings are all just...
Part of, um...
all of this.
You know I wanna help you.
Oh, can you throw
that out for me?
Yeah. What's with the shades?
Oh, um... I had a headache,
and they were helping.
So? What's it gonna be?
What's that?
Am I calling my folks, or...
I made an appointment.
- Yeah?
- 11AM tomorrow.
That's great. I'm proud of you.
I just hope you go
in there, and...
be open, and honest...
I will.
So, um.... what're we
gonna have for dinner?
Oh I haven't planned anything.
Maybe just something
from the freezer?
Sure, yeah.
How's the work?
I'm just gonna leave it for
Take a fresh look tomorrow.
Plane doesn't leave 'til 6 so...
I have some time in the
morning too.
For now I'm just gonna go get
my things ready for the trip.
Pizza's gonna be 25 minutes.
Is that all right?
Yeah. Yeah.
[dramatic piano music]
Have you seen my passport?
It's not where I put it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- It'll turn up.
- Yeah.
You definitely didn't...
move it anywhere?
Why would I have had it?
Yeah, OK... I'll keep looking.
[dramatic piano music]
Pizza's ready!
Did you find it?
- Really? That's so weird.
- Yeah.
Well, let's eat while it's hot
and then I'll help you find it.
Are you OK?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm just preoccupied
about that damn passport.
What happens if you
can't find it?
I don't know.
Have to make some
calls tomorrow
see if I can get a
replacement, or a...
temporary one or something.
Otherwise there's no way I'm getting
as far as security without it.
Well... we'll find it.
Actually I think I'm done anyway want me to start looking?
Where should I start?
I mean, it's supposed to be
in the office, but...
I already looked there, so...
Well, I'll take a look.
Fresh eyes.
[eerie music]
That account... wasn't that
for a soda or something?
[startling music]
Oh, hey.
Oh cool, you found
it! Where was it?
You threw it in the trash?
What the hell are you thinking?
What? No, I didn't.
Of course I didn't.
You couldn't get me
to cancel the trip
so now you try to sabotage it?
But not just the trip. Oh, no.
Sabotage my career, and our
livelihood at the same time.
Are you out of your mind?!
Look, I know lately I've
done some things...
[baby starts crying]
Take care of him would you?
OK, but after that we talk.
Why's it so heavy?
Look. I know lately I've done
some things I wasn't aware of
but, I mean come on
you have to belie...
Wait a minute.
What the...
What is it?
My case. For the trip.
It's already packed.
Not only am I
'sabotaging' your trip
now I'm also helping
you pack for it?
You're sure you just didn't forget
to unpack it after your last trip?
I mean, everything
looks neat inside it.
Can you turn on the light?
Oh, now wait...
[startling music]
Put-put-put that-put the-
Put the light back on!
No! The other one!
Well which one?
- Outside?
- Yes!
[ominous music]
What is it?
Oh... the strangest thing.
I thought I saw someone
standing right there.
Oh god!
Don't go out there!
I'm not, I'm making
sure it's locked.
OK, come away from the door.
Am I... Am I....?
Shall we call the police?
There's someone on our property.
No I-I don't know. I d...
I mean I think I saw
someone, but it...
He looked like what I
saw on the baby monitor.
I packed that didn't I?
[somber music]
I mean I... must have.
You know what?
Maybe it's getting to me too.
Maybe I'm losing it as well.
You know, let's just
get some rest and...
and we can...
rethink things tomorrow.
You mean the trip?
What if the guy that hacked the baby
monitor is prowling around our yard?
Or it wasn't hacked and
he's been inside.
Oh my god!
I just thought I saw something, for a
second, out of the corner of my eye.
Doesn't mean anything.
Well, no I mean...
It means that I just
really need sleep.
And, I dunno, maybe we
both need help.
But that's for the morning.
Did you hear that?
- No, what?
- Shhh Shh!
[tense music]
Stay here.
No, wait!
Don't come out here until
you hear me tell you it's OK.
What did you hear?
Stay. Here.
OK, I'll stay here!
[dramatic music]
Who are you and what
are you doing here?
- What did you say?
- Oh god!
What are you doing here?
Get out! Get out!
[metallic clattering]
Are you OK?
Are you there?
Oh, please say something!
[tense music]
Oh my god, are you OK?
Please say something!
Did you see where he went?
No. Wha-what, the man
you-that you saw outside?
Can you get him?
Here, come... here, go.
OK. Go!
Ready? You go in
there. Stay there.
Call the cops!
Oh thank god, I need the police.
Yes, it's an emergency.
[baby crying]
- There's someone in the house.
[tense music]
- [sigh]
- Nothing.
Did you call the police?
Yeah, they're on their way.
Maybe they can help shed some
light on this because, uh...
Can you put his jacket on?
We should go wait
for them in there.
So this means it's all real.
Someone was in the house.
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't
know? Look at your head!
Oh my god, someone was in the
house all these times.
I feel sick to my stomach.
I don't know what happened.
It's like I blacked out.
Nobody's here now.
What if... they're still here
and they slipped behind your
back when you weren't looking?
No, no. Stop. You're just
scaring yourself.
I'm scaring myself?
No, this whole thing is doing a
pretty good job of that.
Occam's razor: the simplest
explanation is the right one.
I just don't have any
explanation for any of this.
I don't see how anyone
could be in here.
I know this is gonna sound
nuts, I realize that but
what if... what if
there's something...
[banging at the door]
Police department!
Open up! We have a
report of a disturbance.
Whoa... Whoa officer!
- Are you the homeowner?
- Yes! Yes!
Ma'am? Are you the one
that called 9-1-1?
OK and is this man
bothering you?
No, no that's my husband.
- All right sir, I'm gonna need to cuff you up.
- What?! Why?
- It's just a precaution.
- That's not necessary!
He's not the intruder!
All right, we're
gonna find out.
You just stay right here.
Don't move!
All right, ma'am. You can
go ahead and speak freely.
Is your husband the
reason why you called?
No, I said 'no' - why
is he handcuffed?
Look, there was
someone in our house.
He was in our
baby's room before.
OK, so you believe that there is
an intruder still in the house?
I don't... I don't know...
No. We-we don't think so. My
husband looked around.
[ominous music]
Oh god.
Stay here.
Nothing outside.
- You checked all the way around?
- Yeah.
- Both sides?
- Yeah!
All right.
Sir, you can come back inside.
Turn around.
Ma'am, I'm gonna need you to stay
right here with your husband.
We're gonna check it out.
All right, so here's the deal
we... searched the entire house.
The intruder's not here.
Why don't you folks
tell me what you saw?
Well, uhm... it started
a few nights ago.
We thought we saw
someone in the baby's room.
You saw someone?
Ah well not directly, uhm...
We saw him on the baby monitor.
Why didn't you report
this to the police?
Well actually we... we just thought
something was up with the monitor.
And then?
Umm... tonight
I heard something
and so I came out of
our bedroom, right there
into the hallway and...
I saw him with my own
eyes, standing right there
just staring at me.
What did you... what did you do?
I... uh... ran at him
with a golf club.
You attacked him?
I was tired... it was...
Everything is all...
is very blurry.
I came out just a second later.
And the intruder was gone, hmm?
Well did you guys see
any open doors or windows?
Or any sign that he escaped?
It all happened in an instant.
I don't know where he went.
OK, can you tell me what the
intruder looked like?
I couldn't see his face....
he was wearing a mask.
Umm... and it was
dark. But... um...
It was almost like a
Halloween costume... um...
One of those long... beak masks.
A plague doctor!
Yeah! Like a... a plague doctor.
Do you know what that is?
Yeah, maybe. Clothing?
Um. A long black gown...
It was dark so... um...
- Did you get a look at him?
- No.
But I know he was there.
I saw him on the monitor.
All right now I...
I have to ask you this.
Have you two been drinking?
Or how about doing
any... recreational drugs?
No! No.
Um, we just had a glass of wine
while watching a movie
tonight, that's it.
'Cause I have to let you know,
the pair of you are slurring
your words just a little bit.
No! Look. There
really was someone...
Or... or something...
Listen, why don't you go
call this in.
I'll wrap it up here.
Ahh... yeah.
I mean, there's no
evidence of a break-in
and there's no one here now.
You don't believe us.
I believe that you
believe, you saw someone.
But let me tell you what I
really think is going on here.
You folks have a new baby.
Your sleep is disrupted. It's a
very anxious time for you.
I mean, I just think things
have gotten on top of you.
You're shaken up.
Listen - you're shaken up.
You have a... bump on your head.
I think both of you just
really need some rest.
What if it's not... real
as in, you know,
like... like, real.
But what if it's
something unexplainable
but that... we're
still in danger.
I mean, do you folks have somebody
that you call to come stay with you?
Or... somewhere that
you can go and stay?
Right now?
No, not really, no.
All right, well I can...
All right here's
what we're gonna do.
I can see that you're both very
worried and upset by this.
So, you know, we can come by and
check in with you at
the end of the night
when our shift is done.
Woah, no, I don't...
I don't think that's
actually a good...
...good idea.
All right. I will.
I will swing by...
I'll come check on you both...
I'll look around the property
make sure everything is
OK, and that you're safe.
- Thank you.
- But, uh, we gotta get going.
Stop worrying - and
get some rest.
Stay inside...
Close and lock all the windows
and doors, so you feel safe.
You better get that bump
checked out.
Yeah... yeah.
Thank you, officer.
What do we do now?
I don't know.
Are we supposed to
just go back to bed?
I'm not sleeping!
Um, but you should sleep.
And... I'll stay awake
and keep watch.
Oh, I don't think
that's a good idea.
In the morning we'll...
we'll pack everything up and
go to my parents' for
a little while.
And I'm gonna move the
napper into the bedroom with us.
- Oh, yes please.
- We're all staying together tonight.
[dramatic music]
[throbbing music]
[light switch clicks]
[woman cries out]
He's gone.
- He's gone!
- What?
What... What happened?!
He's been taken.
You were supposed to
be keeping watch!
I- I was! I-I must've just...
Wait, wait...
Lemme just... think about this.
[distant baby crying]
Did you hear that?
[distant baby crying]
Was that him crying?
[distant baby crying]
Yeah, I think that's him.
Maybe he's back in his crib.
I'm gonna go check.
You start looking!
- Is he there?
- No, he's not in there.
But we-we both
heard him, right?
Yes - let's check the
rest of the house.
[distant baby crying]
Did that come from outside?
Can you put the light on?
He's out here!
Oh thank god!
He must be freezing.
Well it definitely looks
like you've wrapped him up
but get him in his jacket, we
have to warm him up.
How could this have happened?
I mean...
Did you get up and
feed him? Or...
I don't know anymore.
[somber piano music]
[startling music]
What?! What is it?
He's right there.
He's standing right there.
What did you-What do you see?
[menacing music]
I don't see anything.
It's OK... it's OK.
Oh my god, he was
standing right there.
I saw him with my own eyes.
He was... he was just
like you described.
The-the black cloak...
Same freaky mask?
Just like how you drew it.
- Drew it?
- Then you came in, and he just disappeared.
I don't...
That tells us something. Um...
It means that it-it
can't be a person.
So it's either in our heads
or it's...
something else. I don't...
You mean like some
kind of a ghost?
I... Until tonight, I would be
the first to say that
that idea is nonsense. But...
maybe... we're dealing
with something supernatural.
Are we in danger?
I think so.
Oh, but if it wanted to hurt us
it could have by now
I mean, it was
standing right there!
Maybe I... scared
him away, or...
What if it's not
after you and me?
Oh I can't process
this I feel sick!
I think we need to get
out of the house.
Where are we supposed to go?
I don't know - a hotel?
At this hour?
Or... or we... drive to
my folks' house right now.
It's a five hour drive.
You'd fall asleep before we
turned off of our street.
OK... yeah you're right.
I don't... I-I-I don't
know what to think anymore. I...
I feel like my head is
going to explode.
Maybe we just need
to... hang tight.
Until the cop comes back.
And then we can get help.
Yeah, OK.
I need to lie down or I'm
gonna fall down.
OK... yeah...
I will-I'll be there
in-in one second.
[startling music]
[sinister music]
Dispatch, I'm back at
the property with the...
possible 10-70.
Nobody's answering
their front door.
I'm gonna go round back and...
check things out
before I head out.
Copy that, officer. Please
advise when complete.
Police department!
[tense music]
[doorknob rattling]
This is a 10-54...
I'm gonna have to
force the door.
Do you require backup?
Negative. Stand by.
[baby starts crying]
You just hold tight, OK?
I'm gonna check on
mommy and daddy.
[somber music]
Dispatch, we've got a 10-55.
Two bodies.
Suspicious circumstances.
I need you to send a crime scene
team out here, and a coroner.
Also get me child services.
Copy that.
Please secure the scene
and await their arrival.
Yeah, yeah.
The deceased?
Humm... right through there.
You know, why don't you
set up over there.
Just watch your step.
Hey, is the uh... coroner here?
Yeah. I just saw him
park outside.
[clears throat]
So you're in charge?
Yeah I guess so.
I uh... called it in.
Sorry about the delay, we had
a messy one across town.
So you were first on the scene?
Yeah, that's right.
First to find the deceased?
Are you OK, pal?
Uhhhm... yeah I... I just...
You look a little like
you might be in shock!
I tell you I've attended
at least a hundred DOAs
and there's just something about this
one that's gotten me shaken up... umm...
I haven't slept in
a long time too.
All right. What do we have?
- OK... we've got a male and a female...
- Mm-hmm.
Late twenties, maybe
early thirties.
And I attended a call here
late last night.
And originally I thought it
was some sort of domestic angle.
But there just...
something wasn't
right, about the situation.
So I decided to come back around, early
in the morning to check on them, and...
that's when I found the bodies.
[echoey]: Anyone else?
Umm, yeah.
There was a... a baby.
And when I arrived
it was in that crib
thing, crying outside.
And I, uh, called
child services and
they've taken it into care.
Good. I'm not good with babies.
All right! So...
Let's go have a look
at the dead people.
All right,
right through here, sir.
Yup. So, nobody moved
anything, huh?
No, they're exactly
as I found them.
You reported this as suspicious.
All right, you didn't think of this
as a simple overdose situation?
They didn't seem like the type.
I mean...
- There was something weird though.
- Weird.
I reported it as
suspicious because of the call.
I mean, these two
were absolutely convinced
that there was an
intruder inside the house.
But, the rookie that
I was with, and me
we searched the entire premises
we found no evidence
to back it up.
Course now I think that maybe
they were telling the truth.
I mean they... they just...
they look so alive,
you know what I mean?
They swore there was
an intruder, right?
That they'd seen with
their own eyes, huh?
But you thought it
couldn't be. Am I right?
You thought it was some kind of
delusion or hallucination.
Am I right?
Yeah, yeah. That's right, yeah.
I- I actually thought maybe it
was the sleep deprivation?
Mm-hmm. Uh-huh.
Look at these.
These rosy cheeks?
That's why they look so alive.
That's something we call
Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
Cold weather just kicked
in, so it's probably
the water heater, or the
furnace. Maybe both.
We'll do some tests.
Hey, does that door open?
Uhh... No, sir. It seems
to be locked with a key.
OK... Everyone listen up!
I need all of you to
exit the building.
Yeah. Acute CO poisoning can
sometimes cause
paranoia, memory loss, hallucinations,
apparitions... things like that.
It would've seemed all
too real to them, but
just one of those things.
You weren't to know -
don't blame yourself.
We'll have the baby checked out.
The effects are
usually reversible.
Real lucky they left
him out there, huh?
You coming?
[ominous music]
How long have you
been waiting in this house?
A whi-... a while...
OK you need to come
with me right now.
I need some help here,
I need some oxygen!
Help, help! I need some
help in here with this guy!
[menacing music]
We need some oxygen, hey!
OK. Hold your head up,
hold your head up...
[dramatic crescendo]
[somber piano music]