Something In Between (2018) Movie Script

... want to be with you.
Till death do us part.
Not even death can do us part.
Abi, what about the boy and the girl
in your dreams?
Were they faces getting clearer?
I can't really tell so, but...
I can see they are happy.
On the contrary,
you've always been unhappy...
... after those dreams, haven't you?
But it seems that you've been
having these nightmares, like...
... twice, three times, each night maybe?
That boy and that girl in your dreams...
What were they talking about?
Something like a vow.
In Bahasa.
Do you speak Bahasa at home?
Yeah, we do sometimes. Yeah.
Abi, have you ever thought
that all your dreams...
... somehow might be connected
to your early years in your hometown?
I believe once you lived
to your past experiences again,
into here right now,
these nightmares can disappear.
I know you can do that, Abi.
- Mom.
- Hm?
I think I should go back to Indonesia.
What for, dear?
I really need to find the answer.
Are those dreams bother you that much?
Are you guys bothered by that?
If you are, let alone me.
Dream after dream.
That laughs.
That happiness.
That face.
A face that I can't draw whole yet.
A face that I haven't known before.
I thought every face has its own names.
what's your name?
Who are you?
What are your words supposed to mean?
The same words that you keep telling me.
The words that remain unfinished.
And now here I am.
Looking for you.
Looking for myself.
Looking for us.
We can start with this.
There's a software to identify a picture.
Gosh, Abi.
You're from London.
How come you are so ignorant
about technology?
This will work.
- Hey, let me borrow this.
- Yeah, sure.
Dad. Come here.
- Abi is here.
- Abimanyu.
Welcome. Welcome.
Thank you, uncle.
When Aldo, your dad,
called me to tell me about your plan
to spend the holiday here,
I could hardly believe it.
If your aunt still around,
she should be delighted to have you here.
- That's for sure.
- Here he goes again.
You're so emotional, dad.
Just let me be.
I got nothing.
The software is useless.
Hey, why don't we do
some sightseeing tomorrow?
While looking for that place.
Don't you have to go to school tomorrow?
I do home-school, Abi.
Okay then.
Thank you, Tas.
You are my best cousin ever.
Of course I am.
I'm your only cousin.
You're joking.
Please wait a moment, sir.
Abi! Hurry up.
Sir, I'm going out for a while.
Sure, miss.
Are we going on a bike?
Of course we are.
Oh my.
What's with you?
Wear this.
Wear this.
I'm scared of bikes.
Abi, you are in Jakarta.
If you want to go around by car,
you better kill yourself.
Ride a bike can kill me too, right?
What the hell?
- Sorry. Sorry.
- Come on!
Be careful, Abi.
Is this the right place?
Nope, Tas. It's way different.
Let's find another place then.
Come on, sir.
Hello. We are on our way.
Abi. How about this one?
No, it's not this one.
How is it?
Not this one, Tas.
Not this one.
Okay then let's go.
No one hit me up yet.
The response is slow.
Actually, we got several notifications
But they all say
that they don't know the place.
What are you guys doing?
- Hey, dad.
- Uncle.
So, how was it today?
We got nothing.
Don't forget to enjoy your holiday here.
Of course.
I know you have your own goal to pursue.
You're looking for some answers.
But you should enjoy the journey too.
No matter how challenging it is.
There's a notification came in.
"The place that you're looking for
is Kebangsaan High School."
"Good luck with the search."
It's Kebangsaan High School. Yes!
Do you know where it is?
It's nearby.
But it's not on the main street
so there are not many people around.
I'll take you there tomorrow.
We'll take my car. Don't worry.
Can I go there alone?
Well, this is my quest.
I need to find the answer by myself.
But, I'll drop you off there.
Right in front of the gate.
- Alright.
- Okay?
I'll reply to this first.
"Thank you for the information."
"Are you a girl or a boy?"
"I'm sorry because you didn't mention
your name."
Is that necessary?
Well... Not really.
I'm just being polite.
I think he or she doesn't want to tell us
his or her name.
... want to be with you.
Till death do us part.
Not even death can do us part.
Compare it with your drawing once again.
Just to make sure.
No need for that, Tas.
I remember every detail of it.
Okay then. I'm leaving.
This gate.
I don't know where it leads to.
Are you in there?
Or maybe there are other doors
that I need to open one by one...
...until I found you?
Oh, my God.
Mr Maman.
Oh, my God.
What was your name again?
It's Abimanyu.
What brings you here?
I don't know actually.
But may I ask why does he...
He's Mr Maman.
Why did he cry after he saw me?
Long ago,
we have a student...
... that...
... looks like you.
You got that?
What is it for?
I just want to test
the camera on your new phone.
Please send those to me.
How? You don't have a phone.
After we finished our mission,
I'll buy you a phone.
How about me?
You already have one.
Or you can give your new phone
to Mr Maman.
I'll buy you a new one later.
What do you think?
You're so complicated.
Here, take another one.
Use my phone this time.
I don't think it was good enough.
- It was good.
- Just do it!
- Once again, sir.
- Yeah. With the same pose, right?
That's it.
Thank you. Thank you.
- Sir, please keep this for me.
- Sure.
- Or it'll get confiscated.
- Okay.
Where is she? We should get back to class.
I don't want to get punished again
by Mr Bagus.
She'll come. Just wait.
Just give him some slack.
You just want a new phone, aren't you?
It's him again.
Maya! Maya!
What is this?
It's a proposal.
Don't open it yet.
It's a state secret.
You should read it calmly and slowly.
- All of you!
- Ma!
What are you guys doing?
What are you guys doing here?
- We are going to return these books.
- Yeah, we're returning...
- What?
- We're returning these books.
- To the library.
- The library.
How about Surya and Gema?
What were they doing?
- They...
- They were...
- Sir, please don't.
- What's wrong? What is it?
It's a state secret, sir.
You can't open it.
Have you finished cleaning those trophies?
What does it say?
You shouldn't know.
It's a state secret.
"Gema's Love Proposal"
"Snake and Ladders"
These stairs are too much
to climb through alone.
What if I fell down?
Who will help me to stand up again?
That's why I need you.
we're smart classroom students
while he's not.
Who do you mean?
The one you keep staring at.
What are you doing?
Prowling around class 2-1 every day.
I want to move to that class, sir.
The smart classroom?
- Why now?
- Well...
You should have prepared all that
since long ago.
Since you were in junior high
if necessary.
- Well, I didn't know that...
- What?
You didn't know that Maya
is in that class?
Your excuse is so lame.
All of this just for a girl.
In fact, Maya is the main reason, sir.
... your grades...
... are unqualified for that class.
I'll prove to you...
... that I deserve to be in that class.
That'll be nice.
Do you like the proposal?
Not really.
I don't even know
why you gave me that proposal.
I'll climb the stairs, May.
Wait for me, will you?
I'll move to your class, May.
Our class is on the same floor,
why should you climb the stairs?
Stay out of this, you don't know anything.
What's with you.
Maya doesn't know anything either.
No, I do.
I know what he means.
What's with you.
Come on.
Even Gajah Mada would not eat the nutmeg
before the archipelago united.
Here he is.
I found him in the library.
Gema's looking for you.
Why were you looking for him anyway?
Di, I need a private tutor.
For all subjects.
I want to move to class 2-1.
Lauk-lauk, sidulang, lumpatna,
kamana, entepna.
I'm off.
What does that mean?
I don't know.
- What did he say?
- You don't know?
- No.
- Let alone me.
How are you getting home?
I'm waiting for the public transportation.
Are you really going to take
public transportation?
Why don't you wait for me here?
I'll get my car.
I'll take you home today.
Hey. Bro?
What's wrong with you?
Watch where you're going!
"Beware of the snake."
Well, I'll get my car.
Bro! It's fine.
I'll take public transportation.
Natural science, history, physics.
As for tomorrow is history.
Are you going to skip dinner?
It's unusual to see you read the books.
I'm not hungry, mom.
... is studying?
Yes, he is.
Dad, mom, I have to go.
Where are you going?
I want to study.
Are you sure he's not possessed?
I don't expect you to be here.
I'm always here.
Why are you here? It's unusual.
I want to study.
I'll do anything
to get to the finish line.
Don't equate life
with snakes and ladders game.
Life is way serious than that.
Maya. Maya. Maya.
You shouldn't be serious all the time.
Life is way more fun than that.
Here you go.
Dry your hair and face off.
It's a good thing...
... if you can change someone
to be a better person.
Mom. It's not because of me.
He is... What's the word...
He is weird.
And also annoying.
A weird one is not always annoying.
Come one.
Let's eat.
Come on.
Why are you here?
I got homework that I hardly understand.
Will you teach me?
Good evening.
Good evening.
So, I got chemistry, history,
and civic education homework. Gosh.
I tried to learn by myself...
... yet I still couldn't grasp
the chemistry task.
This one is function of buffer solution.
- Do you know what it is?
- What is it?
It's widely used in analytical chemistry,
- meteorology and also photography.
- You are so serious.
My name is Gema.
Let me help you.
Here you go.
I'm Gema, ma'am.
Come on, take a sip.
Please make yourself at home.
I'm Gema.
Please go on.
- Carry on.
- Yeah.
Go on.
That's impossible.
I can't determine...
... and make a decision
based only on your grade...
... in the few last exams, I can't do that.
How is it then, sir?
Well, we can just wait
until you are in your senior year.
I'm sick.
How come I got infected too?
I don't have much time left.
How come I got infected for real?
Are you sick?
For real?
Ain't it too much
to use such a lame ass reason?
May. I told you.
- I'm going to do anyth...
- If you keep saying...
... that life is just a game,
then I don't like your game.
I'm the only one
who holds the key to your heart!
Maya already change her door!
You are so lame!
Why do you like Maya that much?
She's not even your friend.
I bet you only like her appearance.
Precisely the point, Sur.
I'm acting like this
because I have a crush on her appearance.
Therefore I assumed
that she's more than just a crush.
- It's...
- Love?
You know,
love is heartbreak's best friend.
So if you want to fall in love,
prepare to have your heart broken.
I'm your best friend, right?
You should know best
that I'd never afraid of heartbreak.
Good morning, class.
Please open page 54.
Yes, ma'am.
It's from Mr Bagus.
where should I sit, ma'am?
- There's an empty chair over there.
- Go ahead.
A fool like you want to be in this class?
You got some balls.
Are you talking about yourself?
I'll take you home, come on.
No thanks.
Give me a reason not to.
Okay then.
- Come on, hurry up.
- It's so noisy!
Wait a sec, bro. Patience!
Are you ready?
Ready for what?
- Ouch!
- Hold on tight.
Hey! Slow it down!
Gema! Stop playing around. Gema!
- Stop playing...
- Hold on to me!
Gema! Gema!
It's dangerous!
It's not funny!
Oh no, oh no!
Can you do it?
Yes, I can.
This is what happens
when you show off too much.
I'll just walk from here.
May. I got it, May.
Gosh. Gema. My house is just around...
See? It's on.
Come on. Let's go.
Wear your helmet.
Here we are.
You freak!
You listen to me anyway.
Hey! Pull over!
Get off the bike!
Get off the bike!
What? Who are you?
Are you ganging up on me?
I want you to stop fighting for Maya.
I just started, man.
Listen to me.
A fool like you...
... will never be able
to date a smart girl like her.
Are you afraid if I made it?
So you do realize...
... that you're stupider than me?
Finish him.
Ouch. That's enough.
I've checked every inch of it.
Your bike...
... is fine. Not even a scratch.
How is that possible?
You got in an accident...
... yet your bike is fine.
While your face in a mess.
A tough bike indeed.
Ouch. Mom.
You got into a fight?
It's part of the struggle.
The struggle my ass!
Let's eat.
Is this your homework?
No, it's not.
It's from Gema, mom.
- I don't have any feelings for Gema.
- So?
I didn't ask whether you like him or not.
Tell me.
What are you keeping from me?
Let your heart open for anything.
You'll know eventually,
which one will stay
and which one to let go.
What are you talking about, mom? Stop it.
What took you so long?
I'm starving.
Maya is not in the mood for food.
Why not?
She's in love.
Stop it, mom!
I'll be waiting at the dining table.
What should we do?
Dad's upset.
- It's because of you.
- It's fine.
That's the nature of men.
They get jealous easily.
What is it, dear?
I'm still not ready...
... to see Maya fell in love.
Do you think I'm ready?
Please keep this for me.
What's wrong?
You don't like to help me?
I don't like to see your face
messed up like that, moron!
- It's part of...
- The struggle!
I know.
- You sound like a freedom fighter.
- It hurts, dammit!
Good morning, everyone.
Good morning, sir.
- How is it, man? All good?
- Of course.
Good morning, everyone.
Good morning, ma'am.
Please collect your homework up front.
Where's my homework?
Here you go.
I didn't bring mine.
How come?
I forgot.
Is this all?
Yes, ma'am.
Is there any else?
Maya, you didn't do your homework?
My book...
You are late.
- Where's your homework?
- Um...
I haven't got my homework, ma'am.
Get out.
You too, Maya.
Get out.
You didn't do your homework.
What happened to your face?
I got in an accident.
You lie.
I got beaten by Raka.
For real?
You don't believe every word
that came out of my mouth.
Both of you.
Come with me.
Ma'am. Wait a sec. I'm sorry.
I left something behind.
Just for a sec, ma'am.
- Come.
- Alright.
Just the usual place.
- How is it then?
- Is he coming?
Why do you care?
Why did you beat Gema up?
Are you sure it was me?
There are a lot of people in this school
who want to get their hands on him.
- It's not just me.
- I know.
It's because you didn't have the balls.
You wouldn't do it by yourself.
You always ganged up on people.
You are a coward!
I'm fine, really.
That's what the big boys do.
This is how we solved a problem.
Is the problem solved?
As I see it,
my problem with Raka is done, May.
As I see it,
solve a problem with a fight is childish.
I never fought when I was a kid.
Can you be serious just for a sec?
This is fate, May.
What fate?
To fight?
You call that a fate?
Your face like this is fate?
That's not what I mean, May.
I mean this moment.
Both of us...
... being here.
Your fate is...
... to clean up the boy's restroom.
So I should let you clean
the girl's restroom by yourself?
How could I do that, Maya?
Have you signed the proposal?
I gave you a pen.
I tried a dozen pen in the bookstore.
I pick the most comfortable
for your hand, May.
What's that for?
Chill out, May.
You always bring your little towel
with you, right?
I'll borrow it, okay?
Aren't you tired?
Cleaning up the restroom
won't make me tired, May.
- What I'm saying is...
- May.
You know what I mean.
That's okay.
It's okay to take a shower twice
in the morning sometimes.
You haven't answered my question.
Aren't you tired?
Are you?
I'm tired.
We should take a break for a while then.
We can't do that.
It's still not clean enough.
We'll get scolded.
You know what I mean, May.
It has nothing to do with the clean up.
The struggle!
May. Let me take you home.
- Do you know Bayu?
- Yeah, why?
He's getting good each day.
He likes using an AWP.
If they play in Dust or Aztec,
he'll definitely win.
I just don't want him to be useless
at the competition.
- Would he be a drag?
- No, he's good.
He's a top notch,
especially in a death-match.
I want to return these books.
Just put it there.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Yeah.
That's so funny.
Let me take you home today.
No thanks.
I'll take public transportation.
What's wrong with you?
Let him take you home.
I don't want to come home
with a man who likes to gang up on people.
- Huh? May.
- May.
- Who do you mean?
- That was a long time ago.
the man that you defend so much...
Good day, students of the smart class.
Hi, Maya.
Maya is going home with me.
Is that true, May?
Hey, Maya is...
Are you still tired?
Are you done with the break?
How tacky! You'd better go home.
- May.
- Let's go, May.
No, no.
I want to go home with Gema.
Why are we here?
I'm kidnapping you.
The ransom is that signed proposal.
The proposal is in my house.
Where do you keep it?
In my room.
Do you stare and smile at it everyday?
Get over yourself!
Do you miss me?
No, I don't.
I miss you, you know?
But I don't miss you.
But they say if you're missing someone,
it means that they're missing you too.
That's a weird theory.
Says who?
There is no theory of feeling.
Everything in this world has a theory.
Only smart classroom students say that.
It's true though.
Does love also have a theory?
Why aren't you saying anything?
I missed that theory class.
I can teach you.
Have a sit.
It hurts.
Where have you guys been?
It's almost dark.
I'm sorry, mom.
We had something to do.
Yeah. There was a charity event
at school today.
We were told to clean the restroom
around the school.
There are 15 of them, isn't it?
Oh, I see.
We held the same event
when I was in high school.
- Really?
- Of course not.
You were joking too, right?
Did you just get home, May?
Yes, dad.
Dad, this is Gema.
Yeah. I'm Gema, sir.
Why did you come home late?
I was...
They got an extra task from the school.
I thought only the wrongdoers
got an extra task.
It was me who made the mistake.
Not Maya.
So Maya was asked
to watch over the wrongdoers.
That's why she got home late.
You can go home now.
get inside.
Please take this inside.
I'm leaving, sir.
I'm sorry she came home late
because of me.
If you know that was wrong,
don't do it again. Okay?
Yeah, I won't.
- May.
- Hm?
I don't want you
to sacrifice your education.
Yes, dad.
I won't sacrifice my education.
If your grades drop even just a bit,
you should stop seeing...
What was his name again?
It's Gema.
Have you learned the love theory yet?
May I take a sip?
No, that's nasty!
- Would you like to try?
- No.
Let's go.
Stop it!
Stop right here.
- Are you a high school student?
- Yes, officer.
Do you have a license?
Show me your license, please.
Of course I have.
Here it is.
My license.
A license to love.
Isn't that right, baby?
I'll write you a ticket.
Come on, officer.
Imagine we're in London.
And you pay me a visit
while I'm studying there.
No, I'm studying there too.
That's why you should apply
to a college in there soon.
Before it's too late.
Do you think it's cute?
Yes, it is. You look like
a marching band player.
You're cute too.
I mean your shirt.
How about this one?
Which one is cuter?
This one.
I think it's cute.
What are you doing?
I want to try on the accessories.
Stop it, Gema.
It's not that cold in here.
My snot is freezing.
This one is so cute.
It's my favorite music.
It's mine too!
May I help you?
- Wait a minute, miss.
- Sure.
Here it is.
Hold this for me.
Would you please take our picture?
- One, two, three.
- One, two, three.
- London!
- London!
This is awful.
Look at our faces.
I want to be with you forever.
Stop your sweet talk.
I'm serious.
I thought you told me
not to take life too seriously.
Yeah, but not for now.
I'm serious now.
If you're truly serious about me,
you should apply
to a college in London soon.
I've done it.
For real?
Why do you even ask?
I will say it one more time.
... want to be with you.
Till death do us part.
Not even death can do us part.
I want to be with you forever, May.
Till death do us part.
Not even death can do us part.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday.
Wake up. It's 12:00 AM.
It's your birthday, dear.
- Hurray!
- Hurray!
What's wrong?
Gema hasn't called you yet, has he?
He's probably asleep.
So our surprise doesn't make you happy
just because of that?
- No.
- I'll throw the cake away!
It's not like that, dad.
I'm happy.
I promise,
I will always be
mom and dad's little girl.
- You promise?
- I do.
Happy birthday, dear.
Thank you.
- Sur.
- Hm?
Does Gema forget
that today is my birthday?
Today is your birthday?
Happy Birthday.
So he doesn't remember?
I don't know, May.
That's Gema.
Why don't you ask him yourself?
May! Gosh.
Wait for me, I should pay for this!
Go after her! What's wrong with you?
I don't want to.
She is sulking.
Girls. They want to be pursued.
Mark my words.
She's gonna turn around.
On one,
She didn't turn around, man.
Why do you put your hand up like that?
It's annoying!
Happy birthday, Maya.
Thank you.
You better give that to another girl.
Just keep it.
May. May!
There is no other girl.
Why did you say that?
Are you jealous?
That's not what I meant.
What I meant was
you'd better find another girl.
Because I'm Gema's girlfriend.
Hop on.
No thanks. I'll just walk.
What's wrong?
Come on then.
Are you ready?
- Are you ready or not?
- I'm ready.
- Oh no.
- See?
- I'll just walk.
- Wait.
Help me to push the bike.
Just push the bike.
Come on.
There is a little trouble with the clutch.
Just pick anything you want.
Surya must have reminded you about it.
No, he didn't.
Even I'm the one who reminds him
of his own birthday.
So why are you doing this just now?
Because I'm not Raka.
I'm different from other guys.
Indeed. You are the weirdest
amongst them all.
Now pick one.
They're all too expensive.
Just pick one already.
This one?
Wait here.
- Should I blow it out?
- Yeah.
Did you make a wish?
Of course I did.
So did I.
Why? I'm the one who blew it out.
To increase the likelihood
our wish to be heard.
What's your wish?
Same as yours.
You don't know what my wish is.
I wish...
- ... that I can be with you forever.
- To be with you forever.
Do you think our wish will be heard?
It will, as long as it came
from our heart.
So I could be with you forever?
Should I promise?
It says I should.
Who says that?
Anyone who heard it.
Only the shop roof heard that.
I have one more gift for you.
... let me walk you home for now.
Just wait for me at your house.
And I'll bring it over later.
- Where is Gema taking us?
- I don't know.
Let's just follow him.
Whose house is this?
Dad, mom,
this is Maya.
Maya, they are my parents.
Hello, sir, ma'am.
- Gema?
- Hello, ma'am.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
- Please come inside.
- Please.
Let's get inside.
Um... Gema.
We should wait until Maya's dad got home.
How is it, sir, ma'am?
- Sure.
- Please have a little.
What is this?
Wait a sec.
Let me help you.
- Dad.
- Hm?
Gema and his parents are here.
- Dad.
- Hm?
Please promise me.
Just listen what is it does he want.
Because I don't know either.
What's with you?
Promise me, dad.
Please give them a smile
instead of a frown, okay?
Come on.
- Hello.
- Hello, sir.
Please have a sit.
Sir, I promise I will never replace
your role in Maya's life.
I want to be her guardian, sir.
I'm asking for your permission.
You are joking around, right?
What is this, Gema? Are you insane?
You don't know what you're talking about.
I'm not finished yet.
Maybe you both think,
and maybe mom and dad also think...
... that Gema and Maya are still too young.
But we want to take the more serious step.
We want to unite.
Would you...
... marry me?
Maya can't get married.
Maya, go to your room now.
- Dad...
- Go to your room!
You're still in high school, Maya!
You shouldn't think about marriage now.
Good afternoon.
- Who are you? Get out!
- Oh, my God.
I'm here for the wedding.
Who told you to?
He's the one who invited me.
Mr Komar, please have a sit.
It's about time.
What did you say? Hold on!
Maya, answer me.
Would you...
... marry him?
Is this a wedding or engagement?
Praise the Lord.
Maya, you are still a kid!
Maya is pregnant.
What did you say? You jerk!
Mom! Mom!
Yes, Manda.
He proposed to me.
I'm shocked as well.
- I...
- Maya!
Where's the tea?
- Wait.
- Hurry up!
Here you go.
Hello, Man.
Who's with you over there?
Are you with the others?
Raka isn't there, right?
You better not tell Raka about this.
No. I'm fine.
I'm happy.
Dear, please wake up.
Where's Maya?
Maya is outside. Everyone are outside.
Put yourself together.
Where's Maya?
Over there.
She just went out with Gema.
Were you letting your son
took my daughter away?
- Hold on.
- What's wrong with you?
You got it all wrong.
Look, let me explain.
It was your daughter who asked to leave.
She said...
... she needs to talk it through with Gema.
Let's find them.
I agree. Come on.
- Where to?
- Hold on.
- Just let them be.
- Come on.
- Hey!
- Come on!
Is the wedding still on?
Gema, let's get back.
We won't get back until dad call
and tell us that everything is ready.
So where are we going now?
To the place
where no one can't separate us.
Wherever we are,
no one can separate us.
So here you are.
Mr Bagus told me about this place.
After that accident,
I came here almost every day
for a couple months.
For Gema.
Surya took this.
Mr Maman.
Do you know...
... where I can find Surya?
- I want it, mom.
- Wait, dear.
- It tastes so good.
- Really? Do you like it?
Have some water.
It's nice to see our kids eat well.
That's why you should work harder
so we can eat out more often.
Isn't that right?
- Babe!
- Huh?
Stop playing with the knife.
It's dangerous.
You are supposed to watch over the kids,
not glancing at that young girl!
No. Don't take it the wrong way.
That girl looks exactly
like my high school friend.
What are you blabbering about?
She must be around 20
and just graduate from high school!
You better help me out now!
Babe! Help me cut this!
Yeah, I'll help you out.
Gosh! Stop playing with your food!
For God's sake. That's not how you do it.
- Babe!
- What?
Look what you're doing!
... want to be with you.
Till death do us part.
Not even death can do us part.
So now you know...
... that the guy in your dream is yourself?
No, he's not me.
His name is Gema.
Which is every inch of him
was precisely the same as yours, right?
Yeah, but that's still not enough.
And I need to figure out
why I keep getting those dreams.
As if it tells me...
... that I need to finish something.
Find the girl?
Yeah, that's one of them.
And maybe that's what matters the most.
Her name was Maya.
And I sort of feel what Gema felt.
I'm falling for her.
Are we there yet, dad?
What do we do now? We're stuck.
Sarah might be late!
It's a massive traffic jam.
There's nothing we can do.
But she can't be late for class.
Move it! Move it!
Sarah is still in kindergarten.
If she's late, they will go easy on her.
I don't want her to be late!
You're so noisy!
What's your problem?
I'll do whatever I want!
Enough. I'm so sorry, sir.
Stop honking the horn, it's useless.
So what? I'm not breaking any laws.
- Hello?
- Look at my armpit.
Ew! Disgusting!
- Who is this?
- Go get a shower!
Who's this?
You're so cute.
Mr Bagus?
Oh, my God.
I thought Mr Bagus was lying to me.
I've seen your face before.
How come?
That's what I'm trying to figure out.
I've been wondering that myself.
And also...
... I've never been able to finish
the sketch of this girl.
I saw her here a couple days ago.
So how can I help you?
Do you know where Gema's house was?
I know.
But his family has moved to Singapore.
I think you won't find anything there.
How about Maya's?
Last time I went there...
... was before the funeral.
I don't really remember.
But I know someone who does.
Faster! Come on!
The ball!
- Hey! Raka!
- The ball.
My name...
- I'm...
- I think we should...
... wait for Manda.
- Okay.
- I called her.
Oh, my God.
Who is he?
How come...
... he looks exactly like Gema?
Where's Maya?
Where's Maya?
I'm so sorry.
I messed up your mind.
I'm Abi.
Surya told me...
... that only Raka knows where Maya lived.
But it turns out...
It's not him, it's me.
I'm the only one who knows
everything about Maya.
- This one?
- Yeah.
That is Maya's mom.
She was their only child.
... it hit her very hard...
... to lost her only daughter.
Well, everyone was.
... she was the one
who got the hardest hit.
That's enough, dear.
Do you want to get off?
I still keep our picture.
I feel so close to you.
We will see each other...
... in no time.
I need to finish this pursuit.
The universe is guiding me.
Not through dreams this time.
But through the reality that passes me by.
At one point it will all come to an end.
And there will be only you.
Slowly step toward me.
Where is she?
My name is Abi.
I'm Laras.
What is it?
You gotta see this.
It was us.
A long time ago.
I think you've mistaken me
for someone else.
Wait, Laras.
Laras, wait.
Laras, please stop. Laras!
Please hear me out. Laras.
Laras! Please...
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I need to find her again, Sur.
Are you gonna keep coming to that cafe?
I think she would never come back
to that cafe.
Even if she does,
she'll run away after she saw me.
So what are you gonna do?
You're gonna post something
on your social media?
Why not?
I will do anything.
It's part of...
The struggle.
Gema used to say that.
- I didn't meant to...
- It's okay.
I know.
How about...
... Gema and Maya's grave?
Do you know where they are?
Laras. Laras.
Laras. Hey!
Laras. Hey!
Laras. Laras!
Hey! Laras!
What brings you here?
Hey. Laras.
Over there...
Those are Gema's and Maya's graves.
You've been experiencing those too.
Am I right, Laras?
Hey! Laras.
Those dreams.
You've been having those too, right?
Answer me, Laras.
Ever since my 16th birthday,
in my sophomore year,
I've been trying to find out
about those dreams.
I've been doing the search
for a long time.
Until one day I found her school.
And her grave.
Also Gema's.
For me,
my task was completed there.
I didn't want to find out
about the man that looks like Gema.
Though I knew
that he might be somewhere out there.
Why not?
Why wouldn't you look for him?
I've known your existence
since the beginning.
I knew it from the chat forum I read.
And I saw the sketch of the gate.
I am the one who told you
about Kebangsaan High School.
I've guided you.
Was that not enough?
If what you're saying is true,
then why did you run away
when we first met?
Because I know how it ends.
A parting.
A painful one.
Are you...
... still getting those dreams?
Have you...
... been to Maya's house?
Maya came home.
Get inside, dear.
Get inside. Come.
I don't want to!
Get inside. She's not Maya.
Our daughter has...
Don't you dare say that. She's not dead!
Maya had passed away, ma'am.
I'm not Maya.
But I know for sure
that she loves you so much.
And she'll always be here.
What are you talking about, Maya?
She will always be here.
She will never leave.
She truly loves you.
Come on in, dear.
- Come on.
- No.
I don't know...
I don't know what God's plan is.
But you look exactly like...
... our daughter.
Please leave.
We've been trying so hard...
... to let our daughter go.
Now please leave.
And never come back.
Just let her go!
She's not our daughter!
I buried her myself!
I buried her with my own hands!
Just let her go.
I can still feel...
I can still feel her warmth on my hands.
You have to stop your search effort.
I can't leave this unanswered, Laras.
I managed to find you.
Fate brought us together.
That doesn't mean anything to you?
We were fated to be existed, Laras.
That fate wasn't ours to take, Abi.
Now, why don't you try
and explain it to me?
Why are we keep getting those dreams?
And telling me to find you.
To find us.
Your head made that up.
They're not real.
I never made them.
Quite the opposite.
They made me exist.
Right here, right now.
In front of you.
You don't even know me, Abi.
I've known you way before we exist, Laras.
Love is heartbreak's best friend.
And I'd never afraid of heartbreak.
What you're looking for
is Gema and Maya's story.
And you already found it.
But I'm not Maya.
And you are not Gema.
We're done here.
After everything that's happened,
should our story only become a tale?
A tale of two people
who want to be together.
But they can't.
How's my daughter, Doc?
She's pregnant.
- Pregnant?
- Yes, she is.
There was no sign of her being pregnant.
Doc, how are they?
I'm sorry.
We did our best.
You can see them now.
We'll be together forever, May.
Till death do us part.
Not even...
... death...
... can do us part.
A tale of two people
who want to be together.
But they can't.
Wake up from your dream, Abi.
Wake up!
Your search is not finished yet.
It was just the beginning.
"Something in Between"