Something Like an Autobiography (2023) Movie Script

It feels lighter to fly above human zone, Farhan!
Concentrate on what you are doing please.
No, dont hang up!
We mostly speak to each other from car,
bedroom, make up room etc.
Will I ever again get a chance
to speak from the sky?
Lets continue then.
You are parasailing in Pattaya
and I am having sweaty palms in Bangladesh.
You are unnecessarily afraid of heights.
It's so liberating up here.
Sounds good. But be careful.
Yes, please.
You know all my life
I have never wanted a degree,
-What happened?
money, or fame.
All I wanted was two wings!
Now you got one.
BTW, my credit card is not working.
Send me some money.
Will you be done with filming as scheduled?
We will be done ahead of schedule.
Wrapping in two days.
Okay, great!
Here is your bag.
Thank you so much.
As long as we Bangladeshi expats are here,
no one will be able to harm you.
Please have some water.
Thank you brother.
I am a big fan of your acting.
But I have a complaint.
You have been married for 10 years,
when will you have a baby?
Yes, hello.
Tithi, why did you share
dolls photo online?
What happened?
People are commenting
instead of raising dolls, raise your own child!
Listen, my genuine fans
dont comment such bullshit.
So have you tried for a baby before?
No, actually.
We havent had time
to consider it as we both
were so busy with careers.
During last lockdown,
it occurred to us
that the time has come for a baby.
Your menstrual cycle is normal, right?
Yes, normal.
Do you know your date of ovulation?
We were literally watering
outside the plant-pot
and asking why the plant isnt growing.
You know what fooled us?
Mainstream Bangladeshi cinema.
See how Bangla cinema ruined us?
We didnt have sex education in school.
Our only source of sex education
was the Bangla movies.
What did we learn from the movies?
We learned that
the heroine would go to the mountains
and meet the hero.
Theyll have one encounter
and have a baby the next day.
We used to think it was a sure shot.
Hello, sir!
Please give me a container
for semen samples.
Sir, can I take a selfie with you?
What happened?
Give the sample to them.
No, I have not done anything.
That guy recognized me.
So what?
The guy must be visualizing
what I would be doing inside.
Dont say such stupid things.
Just go and do it.
You wont understand
as you are not doing it.
Just go.
Please go.
you are not only my patient.
Im your fan too.
Thank you.
I have to be honest,
your egg count is
very low.
If I combine this factor with your age,
theres a very low chance of conceiving
almost no chance.
Do we really need to have a baby?
Why is it a must?
Has mankind done anything
for the planet Earth except harming it?
Let me show you an article.
Voluntary human extinction program.
Why do we then want a kid?
Look, read about this movement.
I didnt have a baby
all these years for my career.
It brought us here now.
Arent you mad at me?
Dont you have any regrets?
Tithi, weve been married for 12 years.
Have I ever pressured you to
have a baby?
What happened?
Havent you fell sick yesterday?
pack Moms medicine.
She will stay in my house.
No, I wont go anywhere.
Do you listen to me?
Why should I listen then?
Get the shopping bags in.
Prayers aint accepted if a house has dolls.
Get me an Uber.
Wont you let me be in peace?
Where are you going?
I will not stay in this unholy house.
Take baby first
and get the house blessed.
I will return then.
Got the Uber?
Mam, next were starting scene 19.
You got an email saying
you are fired from the job
but they havent given you any valid reason.
In the scene,
you are having an argument
with your Boss about that.
If I accept eggs
from a doner,
the baby will look like
that woman, right?
The embryo you will take
will have 50% of your husbands
genetic material.
So the baby could look like
the father.
It wont have any
resemblance with me?
Since youre not the biological mother,
it wont look like you.
As I said,
it might look like father
or anyone from fathers family.
And the lady
I take eggs from!
it might look like the lady.
I understand it wont look like me.
What about the babys
character and behavior?
Will it resemble the lady too?
Look, behavior and characteristics
are not always determined by genes.
It depends on what kind of environment
the child grows up in.
What their surroundings are like,
how their parents interact,
In that case,
even though youre not the biological mother,
the baby still can be influenced
by your behavior and characteristics.
Do you have Chaitys number?
Check my contact list please.
Its there.
I will be honored to give you my egg.
Though I don't know whether
your wife will accept my egg or not!
I know it might be awkward to
take egg from ex-girlfriend!
Whats for the breakfast today, Nipa?
Bread, potato curry, and sweat.
Having potato curry with bread is honestly
like eating potatoes with potatoes.
Wheres your plate?
Wont you eat?
Wheres your plate?
Im not hungry,
Ill eat later.
Are you not feeling well?
I am good.
I havent said anything about
my complications to anyone.
I have not even shared it with my mother.
So please dont share it with anyone.
Not even with your friend Mamun.
No , why would I?
Has Mamun said anything?
no one has said anything.
Of course!
There are some things
we cant share with anyone.
This is that kind of secret, right?
Yeah right.
I will be honored to give you my egg.
Though I don't know whether
your wife will accept my egg or not!
I know it might be awkward to take egg from ex-girlfriend!
If there is any risk,
then I would say change the color.
No, it will be just like this.
It will be just like this.
Hello, Tithi.
Where are you?
In my office,
in a meeting with shihab.
What did you do?
What did I do?
Dont you really remember?
I am not understanding.
Farhan, you should remember what you did?
What happened?
Tell me.
I will.
You didnt understand, right?
What have I done?
I am not understanding.
Come home in an hour.
I will tell you.
you guys continue and I'll be back.
Jui, never call me or send me any message please.
And if I ever have initiated the communication,
I am sorry for that.
Where is Tithi?
Shes out.
She asked you to stay put!
Where are you?
Doesnt matter where I am.
Are you home?
Im home.
Stay there, Im coming.
Will you tell me what happened?
Farhan, Stay at home,
Dont move a single hair.
Wheres Farhan?
Hes in the bedroom.
What happened?
Will you tell me what happened?
What drama is this?
Oh my God!
What drama is this!
Hello, is this Tithi?
who is this?
this is Maria from Mumbai.
I actually work for
Mr. Harshvardhans production.
Oh yeah,
Mr. Harshvardhan is planning
for a new film for Metflix.
He has seen one of your previous works.
So, he was thinking of
casting you in the lead role.
But the only problem is
before we share the script and everything,
We have to know about one thing.
Its a season specific film
and the filming has to take place in July.
Are you available at that time?
You can speak Bengali.
So we can continue in Bengali.
First of all,
thank you so much.
I feel honored.
I'm a big fan of his work.
Please let him know that.
I really want to work with him.
Just one thing,
what is the language of the film?
Just to be clear,
I am not good in hindi.
it is a Hindi language film.
But your character will be mixing
both Hindi and English.
And that Hindi and English
will be very basic.
Thank you sir.
See you later.
Its good
that Metflix is noticing your work.
But the timing is uncanny!
We will figure it out!
Lots of Hollywood and Bollywood
will come and go.
Pay attention to the one
whos coming now.
Ill do whats best.
Ill consult the doctor first.
Seems like everyone is more
concerned than me.
Tithi, you are in the first trimester.
You need to think carefully
if you should do this job.
There will be physical and mental stress, right?
I will talk to the team and make sure
I dont have to work under stress.
Is it possible then?
you see whats best.
I have another request,
can you please convince
my mother to let me do this?
Dont tell her I called you.
Ok. I am calling her.
Hi, Farhan.
Yes, madam!
Tithi called to tell me
about an Indian film.
I think it will be
risky at this time.
It's better
not to do it.
Ill talk to her about it.
dont tell her I told you this.
Hi Maria,
I read the script.
I have a small observation.
It feels like the lead girl is surrendering
too easily to the pressures of society.
Especially the scene
where she goes to meet
the line producer.
I love the script.
The dates wont be a problem.
Lets solve the script issue first.
Then well discuss the schedule.
Keep me posted.
God forbid if anything bad happens to the baby,
you will see a different face of your husband.
I couldn't receive your call.
You dont have to be sorry.
You are at work,
there is nothing to be sorry about.
If I can't get you on the phone
after trying 10 times,
thats my problem,
not yours.
You didnt have to suspend
your regular life.
I had to.
I cant do this,
eat this,
or go there.
You will not understand my problems.
You are living a normal life.
I know Tithi,
I can feel you.
Please dont
show sympathy.
Your sympathy is bothering me now.
Whats the matter?
Shooting pack up?
Home so soon?
just took a break.
What are you holding?
Thank you.
You didnt even pretend to refuse.
Give it to me again,
Ill refuse this time.
I have been working from an early age.
Ive never sat at home.
Staying at home for even three days
is a big deal for me.
So Im a bit
Im so sorry.
Im with you.
Maria, how are you?
Yeah fine,
what about you?
I'm good.
Ok listen,
Im on for the project.
Thats great.
Now please mail me the contract.
I will go through it and within 2-3 days
I will go to the line producer's office
and sign it.
Here is the pen.
wheres your boss?
Hes in the washroom.
Tell him Im in the balcony.
Hey Mapel
go inside.
Whyre you sitting outside?
No reason.
All good?
I am not doing the film.
I dont feel like
doing it.
Lets not announce
were having a baby.
Let the baby arrive first
and then we will see.
Yeah sure,
why not?
We are having baby for ourselves.
Not for societys validation.
What happened to your taste?
What kind of name have you chosen?
What kind of name is this?
It sounds like a name for a
70 year old person.
How could you imagine a baby
with such name?
Yeah, these arent really good names.
Names should be
Oh mom,
you chose that one!
Sorry, I was pulling
Farhans leg.
You picked a nice name.
Qaramat is a nice name.
Hello papa!
I learnt you can hear us now.
I can hear you now.
I learnt you have ears now.
Yes, two big ears.
Oh much like a cat?
Ok since you hear
everything now,
how can me and your Mom
have private conversations?
You should text each other.
Oh, ok.
Since the baby can hear sound now,
we got to be careful.
You need to avoid
going out now.
Theres so much traffic noise in Dhaka.
It's unbelievable.
The baby has a very tender
hearing system, right?
The extreme sound pollution
might harm it.
What was that?
Is it gunfire?
Oh my god!
I Dont know.
What the hell!
Yes, sir.
Yes sir?
Can you check where these
sounds are coming from?
Yes sir,
I heard that too but
I can't see anything.
Go find out please.
Obviously it's coming from somewhere around.
sir yes.
Ma, the baby is moving unnaturally.
Should I be worried?
Dont worry!
Everything will be alright.
Just looked up.
It says,
For babies inside womb,
the permissible noise level is 113 decibels.
Firecrackers generally produce
a noise level of 125 decibels and beyond.
please be with her.
I'm coming in a minute.
Dont go by yourself.
Hey Farhan!
Why are you following me?
Why do you have to go now?
Its late.
Dont worry.
I am taking Milon.
Yes madam!
Havent you gone with Farhan?
No, madam!
Farhan said
he will take you with him.
He didnt take me.
Please go look around,
If you find him, call me.
Not getting him on phone.
Ok, mam.
Where is Farhan?
It might be Farhans phone,
it might even be Farias.
The phone belongs to whomever has it
Excuse me!
Give the phone to Farhan.
A girl picked up Farhans phone.
How come?
It's switched off.
Who picked up the phone then?
I don't know.
Why is the phone switched off?
Sit quietly. Relax.
You shouldnt stress yourself.
For the sake of your future.
Mom, dont talk selfishly.
My husband
is not home for one hour.
I called him.
A woman picked up his phone.
I dont know where he is.
You are talking about future?
Excuse me,
can I speak to you?
Can you go and sit there?
Let me finish it first.
She is Tithi, the famous actress.
Please tell your officer to attend her.
she is actress Tithi.
Ok, all right.
sit for a while.
Hi mam!
How are you?
-Im okay.
I will take you to the duty officer.
Ok, mam
its been two hours only.
Give it some more time.
You please
go home.
Give me your phone number.
If there is any update,
I will let you know.
You should take care
of your health now.
You dont have
to worry about me.
Thank you so much.
I am giving you
Farhans phone number.
Please try to track his phone
and find him.
I will take his phone number
but we can't just
track if we want.
The OC is out of station.
I will tell him once he comes.
He will need to speak to AC
for phone tracking.
You would have phone-tracked
instantly if the request came from
a powerful person.
If any influential person
is watching this live, please
inform the police to help me
find my husband.
Its easy to find him
by tracking his mobile
but I dont know why
they are not doing it.
I urge my fans to raise their voice
just so the police act accordingly.
please delete your live video first.
Otherwise I can't help you.
Please forgive me.
Sit mam.
I am sorry.
I probably didnt talk to you
as nicely as I would have liked to.
As soon as my team recognised you,
they favored you and provided support.
You have accepted that with a smile.
You then told them to track a phone.
When they regretted it,
you went live complaining.
When you receive favor,
the police are good.
And when police cant entertain
a request from you,
police is bad,
is it fair?
No, it's not fair.
Brother, my husband has been missing
for a long time.
Please find him for me.
I was just trying to make
you understand your double standards.
Ok, let me try.
Charlie 73
for echo 73.
Why have you come here?
Excuse me.
Why have you brought my husband here?
No need to thank, Mr. Azhar.
I am glad you are happy with our service.
Our job is to make you feel safe.
Yes, of course!
Tomorrow for sure.
why have you guys arrested my husband?
Im here to look for him.
I just saw him.
Just saw him in handcuff.
What has he done?
-Ok, wait.
Let me check.
I saw my wife upstairs.
Can I talk to her?
you cant.
It's prohibited.
did you guys bring Mr. Farhan
from Mr. Azhars house?
Yes, sir.
Mr Farhan went to Mr Azhars
house with firearms.
He injured
Azhars security guard.
I captured him from the scene.
please tell me what happened.
Why did they arrest him?
Do you have the license for the pistol
Mr. Farhan took to Azhars house?
I dont understand anything.
Where would he get a pistol from?
If there is a license,
then the case would be different.
But if there is no license,
it would be complicated.
I don't understand
what we are talking about!
Why did you come here?
When did you come here?
Have you been here the whole night?
What have you done?
I will tell you everything.
When did you come here?
Tell me what happened?
I am telling you.
But you must go home
now and take a rest.
You must sleep 5 hours at a stretch.
After that,
you should call Masud and Babu.
Tell them to talk to lawyer Prakash Biswas.
This is not a big deal.
I have to just stay for 2 days.
They will move for the bail.
I will get bail easily.
But for Gods sake,
you go home now.
what happened?
I am telling you.
What happened I want to know?
A girl picked up the phone.
What actually happened?
I went to that house
where they were partying.
Then they...
What's happening here?
Who gave you the right
to bother people?
Who are you??
Yeah, it might be Farhans,
it might even be Farias.
See brother,
hey sister!
The phone belongs to whomever has it.
Please brother listen.
I have someone with health issues in my family.
Please let me go.
Give me my mobile back,
you don't have to let me go.
Just give my phone back.
hey you.
Come here.
They have captured me for no reason.
I have some health emergency in my family.
I am requesting you to
let me go.
For Gods sake.
Is this you?
Dad, he is kept in this room.
Dad, leave this motherfucker in my hand.
During the Corona period,
this motherfucker posted
7 status against you.
Dad, do you know what he called you?
He called you an Oligarch.
Google says it's a Russian word
with a bad meaning.
This motherfucker is a filmmaker.
He should stick to filmmaking.
Why should he come after us?
Dad, leave this matter to me.
Sadman is right.
This man is very dangerous.
That's why his last film is still stuck
at the censor board.
Whatever you feel right,
do it.
Okay, dad.
You have problems with sound.
My wife was having a problem with sound.
That's why you came to
mess with us?
Shove sound through his ass.
I told you not to write anything
political on Facebook.
if you take stress,
it's bad for the baby.
You are not listening to me.
Listen to me,
you just think that.
If you love me,
just for our baby,
you have to stay strong.
You can't take stress.
You have to think Im doing
outdoor filming.
You should listen to songs.
You should stay happy.
I will come back within two days.
Please do another thing.
My specs broke.
I lost it.
And I need a drop for my ears.
There is irritation in my ears.
Everything will be allright.
Did you get that?
You should go now.
Police behaved very well with me.
They showed respect.
You go.
Please go.
Go and sleep.
I will be fine.
Go home please.
Speak one by one.
You guys always talk about human rights
discrimination, equal rights.
Then you should give equal coverage to this
ordinary woman.
Celebrities shouldnt get privileges.
tell them your statement.
I just want justice.
Whoever injured my father,
he should face trial.
Just because he is a celebrity,
wont there be any trial?
This is not done.
tell them what happened that night.
My father,
Jashim Ahmed,
works as a security guard in sirs house.
He was doing his duty that night.
Around 1 am,
Mr. Farhan arrived at the scene
with a pistol.
Open the gate.
Open the gate.
Who do you want?
Come over here.
You will see whom I want.
Why would I open?
Open the gate.
Oh my God!
He came with a pistol
and tortured her father.
Tell them.
He tortured my father a lot.
A lot.
Now which is a crime?
Sound from my house bothering him
or he trespassing into our house
and attacking our security guard?
Its up to you to decide.
Which case?
Filmmaker Farhan Reza Chowdhurys case.
Oh right,
I have seen that on TV news.
Thats a big one.
Have trust in me, I will handle this.
How is it going, Prakash?
I am sure we will get the bail.
all right.
I will discuss something with you later.
Ok, Boss.
Dont worry.
What's happening?
Is he alright?
No problem,
boss is fine.
Madam, court will decide on remand prayer now.
Oh, the court granted remand for 1 day.
Why they approved remand prayer?
It's an arms case.
They have originally applied
for a 5 day remand.
But why do the court grant this?
Its a norm.
No problem.
Is Tithi here?
No, madam wanted to come
but I told her not to.
Please tell me the truth.
What actually happened that night?
What should I say, mam?
I like you so much.
I have your posters
on my wall too.
But if your husband
tries to kill my father,
then shouldn't I ask for justice?
I like you that doesnt mean
I wont seek justice for my father.
Is it right?
You could just do a great job.
You just had to tell the truth.
I am telling the truth
but you are not believing me.
Thats your problem,
not mine.
Yes, Tithi.
How are you?
You might have seen on TV already
how I am doing.
I did.
I thought of calling you.
But you have kept
my last WhatsApp text
unseen for the last 4 and half years.
So I wasnt sure if you
would receive my call.
Your father was a minister.
Do you think he can do something?
Dad doesnt need to be involved.
He has done so many things for Mr Azhar.
A call from mine would suffice.
Dont worry.
I will talk to him.
You just do one thing,
Dont talk to any press and dont say
anything against the government.
Since this morning,
reporters are calling me.
But Im not responding.
Not even posted anything online.
Listen, Tithi.
I spoke to Mr. Azhar.
I am meeting him
at 11 am tomorrow.
Everything will be ok.
Oh, thank you.
I will go to 4B.
Tithis flat.
What is your name?
someone named Tanvir is here.
Should I send him?
Okay, let him come in.
I spoke to Mr. Azhar.
I am meeting him
at 11 am tomorrow.
Everything will be ok.
Farhan might be angry
if he knows you came here.
Im leaving then.
Leaving, huh?
(Tithi calling)
(Tithi calling)
(Tithi calling)
(Tithi calling)
Madam, Mr. Tanvir has come again.
But he wants you to come downstairs.
Ask him to come upstairs.
Sir, please go up.
Madam, he doesnt want to go up.
Give the phone to him.
Come upstairs.
No need.
You come down.
Come up please.
Ok, all right.
Oh my God!
I had no idea.
We havent told anyone.
Right decision.
Why didnt you tell me yesterday?
I met Sumaiya the other day.
She was asking if you and
I are in contact.
What did you say?
What else would I say?
We arent in contact.
See Tanvir,
you know
I dont compromise easily.
Your father knows.
He saved me from many dangers.
That's alright.
Now how can I send you
empty handed?
But tell me one thing,
you are involved with
export import business.
How on earth are you connected to
these movie people?
Uncle, we have to mix
with many people in life.
That's right.
So you are requesting for
a settlement, right?
Yes, uncle.
Youre asking me to withdraw the case?
If you get your security
guard to withdraw his case,
half of the problem is resolved.
you are contemplating withdrawing the case.
Now what will happen if that man comes out
of jail and sue you saying that you tortured him?
I promise he won't do that.
Tanvir bhai,
thank you for assuring this.
But please do one thing.
Get an affidavit signed by him.
He must admit that he committed a crime
by entering into our house and attacking our security guard.
Thats why he is sorry.
Not only in papers,
the motherfucker has to touch
my Dads feet
and beg for my dads forgiveness.
Dad, sorry for my language.
I will look into this.
Another thing.
He had posted 7 Facebook
statuses against my father.
He said my father ruined the health sector
by importing fake surgical masks.
He now has to put 7 more posts
saying my father is a national hero.
I can't promise that.
But I will try.
No, Tanvir,
for the sake of my son's pride,
you have to do this.
Who negotiated this?
A filmmaker friend.
Whos that filmmaker?
You don't know him.
He knows the minister.
I should know.
I should know who is trying to
prove me a criminal.
Who is trying to insult me?
Did I do any crime?
Then why would I apologise?
Am I a criminal?
there is no other way to
get you out of here soon.
I dont need to get out soon.
You dont need to?
Then we should plan something.
We had a plan you will say the first sacred
words in babys ears.
Now that you will stay here and
my due date is around the corner,
let me tell Babu
to get a Cleric to do the job instead of you.
You stay here.
Mr. Farhan has already signed.
Let me check.
I havent made a single mistake
in my 12 years of lawyership.
You can trust me.
I trust you.
Thank you.
But I don't trust myself.
the papers are all ok.
Uncle Jashim,
come here.
Do you have a pen?
Im a lawyer.
Of course, I have one.
In Gods name,
sign here.
Ok, you can go now.
Beg your leave, sir!
How are you?
Yeah Im good.
Are you good?
This is the court order sheet.
This is the bail bond.
You sit please.
Sign here,
under your name.
Ive made a mistake.
Please forgive me.
You were probably supposed to
beg forgiveness differently.
I am sorry!
Because you had to belittle yourself.
Its okay.
Its for our baby.
All good.
Hey kid,
will you remember
what your dad did for you?
Even if she doesnt remember,
its ok.
Have we remembered
what our parents did for us?
Come inside.
Farhan, you have to be by her side.
No, mam.
I am nervous.
The father has to stay inside.
There is nothing to get nervous.
Its a normal thing.
You will feel alright.
he will not go inside.
He fears hospitals.
My mother was in ICU for 26 days
but I never went inside for a day.
It will feel different.
Ok you wait here.
my pressure is falling.
You are allright.
I am going to collapse soon.
Please get it out soon.
You came?
Im going to collapse.
Tell madam to do it fast.
All good!
You are allright.
Why the baby is so dark?
Starkids must be fair and beautiful,
I think
we should make a film
on this entire journey.
Something Like An Autobiography.
But we won't keep this last
"nurse scene"!
I don't want my daughter to feel bad
when she grows up and watches this scene.
Let's keep the nurse's "colorist comment" in the last scene.
No worries!
She needs to conquer this anyway!