Something You Said Last Night (2022) Movie Script

I'm fine.
Whole wheat or white, Mamma?
Said I'm not hungry.
Where are you going?
To pee.
You want me to come with you?
Siena, go with your sister.
- She's fine.
- She's not fine.
"Sar Perch Ti Amo" by
Ricchi E Poveri plays
Come on, you guys. You
used to love this song.
Do you remember we had this on repeat
driving to my mother's?
Over and over.
They could never get enough.
Now they won't open their mouths.
Why did we have them?
Next vacation, it's just you and I.
Forget them. You guys are deadbeats.
We have the waterfront room, right?
of course not.
It's fine.
You always do your own thing.
I mean, we're here for a week, Gui,
not for a couple days.
Honest to God.
We're here.
We're here.
Oh, honey, aren't you
happy you came in the end?
Didn't I tell you work would
give you the time off?
Hm, we're gonna have
such a good week, Mamma.
Okay, girls, start unloading.
You're so stubborn.
You know they're busy every year.
They're always overbooked.
You should have booked.
Now we're gonna be...
Have you even started
looking for a new job?
It's been months.
You were drooling.
- Okay. No, go back a bit.
- More, more.
We're on a trip.
More, more.
I don't need more.
Okay, do something nicer.
Why are you taking it of your face?
Because you're cute.
I don't want-- I don't want that.
Oh, my God, Dad, stop.
You are so annoying.
- Okay, ready?
- Yes.
Okay. Bigger.
No, it's fine. Go!
Please, I just want one
photo. Just take it.
Okay, again.
Back up, Dad.
Jump, jump, jump or something.
I'm not...
Okay, again.
Hey, do you think it's long distance?
Do you think it's long
distance to call your brother?
I don't know.
Okay, can you, um...
Do it up tight.
I don't want my boobs falling out.
Ow! That's too tight, Mamma.
- That's too tight.
- You said tight.
Well, not that tight.
You're pulling my hair.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Relax.
- You relax.
You're hurting me.
Does your boss look at your stories yet?
They will. Okay?
Hm, right on cue.
Si, Ma.
Yeah, we're here.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
Che bella.
Yeah, the weather's amazing.
What did Daddy do?
Ma, he-he can't go out
and get the Corriere
in his underwear.
Oh, Ma, che pazzo.
You coming?
No, we haven't gone shopping
yet. We're going soon.
Nonna says hi.
Come stai, principessa?
Did you hear that?
Si, Renata.
No, Ma, I haven't given
them the money yet.
- Ma--
- What?
- I thought you weren't hungry.
- Mona.
Who died?
Chi sei mort?
La sorella di Rosa? Mm, non la conosco.
Ma, I know Rosa, I don't know her sister.
Because Rosa's the one who
always comes into the shop.
How am I gonna know her sister?
She doesn't come in.
Ew. Ew-ew-ew-ew-ew.
Oh, my God. Ew.
Look at this lovely je--
- -vision yourself having a--
Yeah, but what if someone needs something?
Ah, shit!
Rena, can you get a carroz ?
Wait, you have your phone?
Can I have that?
Yeah, in a minute.
Honey, which one do you
think your sister would like?
No, come on, help me, Mamma.
She's so picky. Which one?
- Okay, what about you?
- I don't need anything.
No, no, no, no, no, no. You
know how you get in the sun.
Can you stop?
Renata, so help me,
God, if you get sick--
I'm not gonna get sick.
Mannaggia la miseria.
You're welcome.
- Dad!
- Hm?
Go, Sweetheart.
Dad, come on. Pay attention.
Can I not be on his team anymore?
Honestly, he does it every
single time and I just lose.
Siena, would you calm
down? It's just a game.
Come on. Don't be like that.
Tired of travelling...
Whose turn is it?
Just pull.
All right...
Okay, that's not bad.
You get the rent money?
- I'm going to bed.
- Mm-hm.
Oh, Siena, we got you a hat. Look.
Let's see.
Mom doesn't know?
I'll miss you so much when you
go back to school in September.
My little accountant.
You sure you don't wanna move back home?
You don't want me here?
Oh, Guido, leave them alone.
Good night. I love you.
You're a brat.
I love you. Good night.
Are you done?
Oh, my God.
You weren't even supposed to come.
But me happy you did.
These sheets smell weird.
I farted.
What's going on here? Geez.
What are you gonna do? Sleep all day.
Guido, leave them alone.
Oh, Mamma, you look so tired, Honey.
What happened?
See, that's what happens
when you sleep on your side,
you get wrinkles.
That's why I told you to lie on your back.
You wanna look like Zia?
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Guido, what is in this?
- It's disgusting.
- It's love, and hard work.
- You pack the cooler?
- Yes.
- With ice?
- No, with dirt.
Oh, girls, forgot to tell you,
Nonna left you $100 each as a present.
Nice Nonna you have, $100
to go away on a vacation.
You know what my Nonna used to give me?
- Bye.
- Please don't forget
to call Nona, thank her for the money.
See you later.
- Stop.
- What?
Oh, my God, stop.
I'm not doing anything.
There she is. Hi, Mamma.
Don't do it again.
Stop that, Dad!
- Good for you.
- Oh, my God, Dad.
This is so weird.
Let's kill this thing.
Dead, dead, you're dead. Kill it!
Oh, my God, stop. Dad, stop!
Oh, my God.
Guido, would you leave her alone?
No, no. and your mother.
Thank you.
Thank you. Okay. Okay.
So, you know Cherry, here.
- Hi.
- Hi, Cherry.
- So, you know Cherry.
- He knows me.
- Yeah, I know her.
- How do you know her?
We hung out.
You left me.
And you don't know why you're here.
Well, Cherry asked you here
because she has something--
You're getting the bed all sandy.
I'm on my side.
I loved our time together,
especially in the hot tub
but I want to be completely
honest about me.
Okay, suck in your stomach.
Do we look okay?
Go on this side.
Okay, wait, get one of us kissing.
D'you get it? Let me see.
Aww, this one.
Where's your sister?
Go find her so we can
take a family picture.
Oh, she didn't get my good angle.
Let's just take it ourselves.
- Okay, ready?
- Go.
Smile. No, please, smile.
Ah, che belleza.
Okay, okay, but just hear me out, okay?
It was strategy.
Oh, my God, you had to
drive all the way there?
What time did you have to leave?
So, you had to leave at what -- six?
Oh, five. Oh, my God.
Well, there's no traffic
at that time, that's good.
Who drove? You?
You took your truck?
Did you have to pick up Tony too?
Yeah, how many times have you been late
because of that guy.
Does he buy the coffees?
Grazie dio.
Yeah, he's funny.
Did your boss let you get home early?
Good, well, just make sure
you're eating, Honey.
The fridge is full of food.
Have you heard from your sister?
Oh, today?
Yeah, we went to the beach.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
It was so nice.
Well, not for Renata.
She felt sick.
I know, I told her to wear a hat.
She text you, Mamma?
No, no, sorry, sweetie. Your sister's out.
I just haven't heard from her.
I know.
Sempre la stessa musica.
Hey, did you get the pictures
I sent you from the sunsets?
So beautiful, huh?
I know.
Che belleza.
Sunrises are nice, too, but
you know the way it is here.
I'm the only one that sees them.
Oh, your father. Your
father came with me once.
I'm gonna take this.
What time did your
sister get in last night?
Bit too hard.
Did she text you?
I told her to text one of us.
You're done?
Hey, is that the hat I bought Siena?
Hm, it looks nice on you, Mamma.
This, on the other hand... What is this?
No, no, Mamma. It's so ugly.
- I like it curly.
- Well, I don't like it curly.
- Give me back the clip.
- No. Stop.
Renata, I put it up for a reason.
Let me braid it.
And how was your night?
It was fine.
Seems like it was better than fine.
What was the one thing I asked?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God? I asked for one thing.
One thing, Siena. One little text.
- I don't ask for a lot.
- My phone died.
Oh, so no one had a
phone you could borrow?
Me sorry.
Is that my hat?
Yeah, you said
I could wear it.
No, I didn't. Take it off.
You haven't even been wearing it.
Because I didn't want it to get ruined.
Oh, my God, you're so ridiculous.
Mom, she got paint on
it. She's ruining it.
She's never gonna wear it.
She doesn't even like it.
- What the hell, Siena?
- It's my hat.
You don't even like it. I picked it out.
Like, it's my hat.
It-it is Siena's hat, okay?
And I wanted to get you one.
I can't take that.
Hey, Bella.
What are you doing in here?
We're at the pool.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Questa e mia figlia, Renata.
Piacere, piacere. La account?
No, no, no, not the accountant.
That's my younger daughter.
This one wants to be a writer.
She's all, you know, artsy-fartsy.
She look like-a you, no?
- Oh, yeah?
- Si.
Yeah. Poverina.
Hey, Gui, seafood place tonight?
Okay, but you have to go back and change.
You can't come out like that.
What's wrong with what I'm wearing?
I'm going to put an effort in
and when she gets here, I'm
going to try and be civil.
Like, I had a fun week last week and--
Okay. Thanks for coming.
I need your help.
What is she doing here?
Well, I know there's been
a lot of tension lately,
and I thought it'd be a good idea
if we just sat down, cleared the air.
You know, I want everyone
to have fun next week--
Who's gonna buy this?
Shut up.
Can't you use yours?
Your camera's better.
Think loosey and relax.
You look constipated.
You look constipated.
Take it ease.
Take it ease! Take it ease!
Okay, the back.
Are you done?
Why does my nose look like
that? It's disgusting.
Why are you smiling like
that? You look insane.
Don't make fun of my smile.
You're smiling like Dad.
At least I don't smile like Zia.
Talk about looking constipated.
Who is it?
No one.
What are you hiding?
- God, you're so annoying.
- You're annoying.
Just give it back.
Mom's gonna fucking kill you.
Renata. Renata. This isn't funny.
Mommy's little accountant's dropping out?
Just give it back, Ren, please.
You're gonna break their little hearts.
I am at least not unemployed and old.
At least I finished university.
You sure you can handle
being a disappointment?
You're the biggest disappointment!
It still works?
You can never say sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Mi scusi, mi scusi.
Do you wanna get ice cream?
I'll pay.
You cheap bitch.
Can I try?
Can you...?
What are you, an infant?
I'm not feeding you.
You wanna mini-putt tomorrow?
Mine's better.
Is that my beautiful ikwe?
Will you marry me?
What is that?
Do you work here?
In the summer.
What do you do?
Ren doesn't have a job.
Coolness, coolness, coolness.
All right.
Where are you going?
See you later, alligator.
Stop it, Renata. I'll be right back.
I lost my key.
No, no. That's not what...
Why is this so complicated?
I'm just trying to load a
picture from last night.
Which one?
I don't know, which one
do you think is better?
Actually, the one with the lobster.
So, what are you girls up to today?
Yeah, that's nice.
- Hm?
- Mini-putt.
Oh, I can't go anymore.
Just can't.
Oh, well, where are you
going? You barely ate.
What happened to Siena's phone.
You need money, Mamma?
What? All the activities are free.
Look, the one with the lobster.
Hey, we got you a hat.
Renata. Hi, Sweetie.
Get in my lap.
Stop it! Ah, stop!
My hair!
What do you got to do that for?
Hey, sorry. I just--
I lost my boat.
Could you help?
You gonna be okay?
I'll be right back.
I'll be fine.
Can I?
How much longer are you here for?
Just a couple of days.
My vape?
Nice hat.
Hey, guys, so, today--
You know Siena hasn't answered me all day.
All day. Not once.
So, you know...
Where is she?
Where's she been all day?
Oh, please, don't anybody answer me.
You just keep watching the movie
that you've already seen a hundred times.
I'll take care of it.
Shut up.
Come help me with my hair, Mamma.
Oh, no, no, no, Mamma.
It's still wet. It's still wet.
Can you do it a little bit more?
Well, I'm sorry, but when you dry my hair,
you have to make it completely
dry or it's frizzy.
You know that already.
We've been through this.
You're the one who offered to dry it.
I'll do it myself.
Yeah, that's better.
Okay, thank you.
How was your day?
What's wrong?
Did you take my key?
He just throws everything in a pile.
I have no idea what's
dirty and what's clean.
Does this bathing suit smell dirty to you?
I don't know.
Oh, Jesus.
Swear to God, your dad just
leaves everything lying around.
Don't believe this, I
have to clean at home,
now I have to clean on vacation, too.
Wow, not even an apology.
I have been texting her all night long.
And you think that she would respond?
Not once, not once.
What's going on with your sister?
So, where were you?
We were out.
Well, I guess I have no
reason to worry, then,
'cause Siena was out,
Siena was out, everybody!
Stop? You want--
you want me to stop?
You're being so crazy.
Did you hear that,
Gui? I'm being crazy.
You know what, Siena?
I cannot wait for you
to go back to school.
You know that? Then you'll see.
See what?
See how much your father and I do for you
and how much you take us for granted.
Oh, Siena, please...
Who's going to sit with us for the meal?
We're providing the house,
the money, the meals.
Of course you're gonna come home
to eat because that's free.
You don't have to pay for that.
And if I go out for an hour or two?
If only it was an hour or
two. Maybe an hour or two
if you mean one or two in the morning
but you don't go out for an hour--
I'm having fun!
You can have fun, Siena.
Who's telling you you can't have fun?
Did I say you couldn't have fun!?
Yes, you did because you said...
You have to stay with the family!
This is what you're supposed to be doing.
Am I wrong?
What do you want from me?
Like, I'm sorry.
Okay, is that what you wanna hear from me?
Yes! Yes!
I won't do it again.
I'll stay here until
I'm 35 years old.
Oh, Siena, you're being ridiculous.
Hey, you're up!
Where's Siena?
She's keeping daddy busy.
It's his birthday, Mamma.
Come help me with dinner.
What are you looking for?
You really don't need that junk.
Mom, what did you do with my vape?
Where's your shoes, Mamma?
I want my vape.
Oh, Renata, please, enough with the vape.
You promised you would stop.
Oh, my God, this ice is making a mess.
Look at this. It's dripping everywhere.
Doesn't mean you can just take it.
- I didn't.
- So where is it?
Che cazzo ne so.
Besides, when you're with
us, you follow our rules.
You know I don't want
you smoking that shit.
All right, I was gonna buy lobster,
but because I'm making linguini,
I just thought, you know,
it's a little too filling.
What even is it? A boy?
No, it's a girl.
Give it back.
Excuse me?
Excuse me.
Give me the doll.
We got it, we got it.
We have it, we have it.
So stupid.
We have it, we have it.
Is everything all right, Mamma?
It's fine.
Give back the doll's head, freak!
Ah, excuse me, boys.
I don't think that toy belongs to you.
Don't you think you should give it back?
Actually, no.
- Excuse me.
- Boys, come on.
Excuse me. Hello, hi.
- Are-are you their mom?
- Mom.
You guys, are you good?
Okay, watch your legs.
Your boys were name-calling.
- Mom, it's fine.
- Sorry?
You know what? It's not fine, Renata.
I think there might be some
kind of misunderstanding here.
No, no, no, there is no
misunderstanding, actually.
- Mom.
- You just need to calm down.
- Is everything okay?
- Excuse me, no...
Everything is not okay.
I'm telling you that your boys
are name-calling and they
took another child's toy
and they're breaking it.
Are you freaking kidding me? Excuse me.
Hey. Hello!!
- Mom!
- Piece of work.
Mah, va fa Napoli!
Can you stop?!
Like, what? What did I do?
I was taking care of it.
Here. Come on, honey. Let's
go find your family, okay?
I want to go play now.
Whoo, it is hot.
I didn't take it, by the way.
I don't care what you do on your own time,
but this is my time.
I don't need you killing
yourself with that shit.
Oh, you think that's funny?
Do you think it's funny
that I worry about you?
I worry about all three of my children.
I worry about you, I worry about Anthony,
I worry about Siena.
Yeah, but you worry about me the most.
Well, with you it's different.
Siena's dropping out.
I can do this.
Go make your dad a card.
Happy birthday.
Did Anthony call?
Call you when we're ready.
- Okay.
- Enjoy.
I am gonna kill your brother.
I know you're home.
Answer the phone.
It's daddy's birthday.
Would you call him please?
I hope you're eating.
And not take-out shit but the
stuff that I made for you
and left for you.
And by the way, have you spoken to Nonna?
Can you go visit your
grandparents, please?
And call your father, okay?
All right, talk to you
later. Love you, miss you.
Ciao-ciao. Bye.
- Mom.
- Oh.
I'm going out later.
Siena, ask your father. No,
no, no, not yet, not yet.
- Close your eyes.
- It's Anthony.
He just called to say happy birthday.
Hi, honey. So nice you remembered.
Close the lights.
Yeah, hang on, I'm gonna
put you on speaker, okay?
All right, one sec.
Okay. You ready?
Okay, come in to your left.
Right there. Okay.
Okay, okay, I got it, I got it.
Down. Siena, gimme my phone.
Hello? What's going on?
Okay, hang on!
All right,
here we go.
To me.
Make a wish.
Okay, wait, I wanna get a picture.
I wanna get a picture.
Okay, get close.
Okay, here we go.
Say cheese.
Dad, gotta go.
I'll see you later.
Aspetta, aspetta .
- Did you talk to--
- Bye.
- Okay.
Okay, girls, get the plates,
the forks, let's go.
Happy birthday, honey.
Thank you.
All right, where's the knife?
Thank you.
So, Mom, is it okay if I go out?
I told you to ask your father.
Ask your father what?
Can I go out?
Can't just stay home tonight, huh?
It's not like we're gonna do anything.
Oh, okay, so now we gotta do something.
We can't just be together?
We've been together this whole trip, Mom.
Like, we're together right now.
Siena, please, I-I just
don't have the strength.
Dealing with your sister's
been enough. I just can't.
Don't you have something for your dad?
Hm. Not bad.
This is me?
Of course it's you.
It looks just like you.
Honey, can you get the coffee, please?
What's the big deal?
you're exhausting, okay?
I gotta be supportive of Renata.
And now what? I gotta
be supportive of you?
It's a lot, okay. I have
no more support to give.
What are you even talking about?
Talking about.
You know, you have been working so hard
and studying at school.
And now all of a sudden, just like that,
you're dropping out.
So, what happened? Hm?
What the fuck, Ren?
What the fuck?
What the fuck, hey, Gui?
Dropping out.
Yeah, what the fuck, Siena?
What did I do to deserve this?
Let me get the cross to nail you to.
What did you say to me?
You are so ungrateful, you know that?
After everything your father
and I have done for you,
that's what you say to me?
So, is this-- is this what
you wanna end up like, huh?
- Like this?
- Please, Mom.
With a dead-end job and
no money to pay your rent?
Mom, please, stop.
I mean, she could move home,
but, oh, no, not Renata.
And you, you are exactly like
your sister, you know that?
You just take and take and--
I'm nothing like her.
So, this is me?
Go out.
Thank you for dinner.
Couldn't you just keep your mouth shut?
You coming?
"Kinjabang" by TroyBoi plays
loudly on sound system
Is this mine?
To be honest, I didn't even
know what the fuck class it was
so what I was reading on the paper,
I was just guessing the whole time.
- Did you do the test?
- Yeah, I did do the test.
One time we had a supply teacher
and every time he went like, um, um,
like every single time,
so a group of us, were like,
every time he says "um,"
we have to sniffle, so we'll go like,
um, , um, , and SNIFFLE
and then every time he would go like this:
"Okay," like, I'm not sure
we understood the question,
I'd be like, okay.
So, then, we started stomping our feet.
- My turn.
- Rude.
Who's this guy?
It's my-it's my fucking daughter.
- Yo, Lani.
- Long time no see.
- What's up, man?
- Hi.
Would you like to come join us?
Yeah, yeah.
Um, anyway, safe to
say, I failed that class.
But, um, you know, it's
fine. I still graduated.
Which one do you want?
This one.
You know, we would take
the fire extinguishers
and we'd just spray each other...
And you wouldn't get in trouble?
I mean, like if they caught
us, we'd be like, you know,
but we didn't get in trouble, you know.
- Too fast.
- I have to pee.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
- Hey, who is that?
- That is nobody.
Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
Oh, my brother.
Stop it.
Take us home.
Who the fuck is this?
Just some fucking idiot.
Siena's puking in your mom's car.
Nice fucking dress!
Do you have your key?
No. Check the mat.
Mommy probably left it under the mat.
Uh-uh, thanks.
You too.
Bella di Nonna.
Are you gonna drop out?
What would you do?
This water's nasty.
Hi, did you just call?
Uh, yeah.
Wait, hold on a sec.
I, uh, I saw the card you made Dad.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah. You drew him with glasses.
You know he hasn't worn
them for, like, 15 years.
He got laser.
When are you guys coming home?
Tomorrow. Why?
Mum hasn't called today.
Make sure they bring back
something good, okay?
I'll try.
All right...
I'll, uh, I'll see you later.
It's Anthony.
Dad says hi.
Guarda che c' qua.
Vai a giocare, vai a giocare.
For Anthony.
That's cute, right?
I think it's cute.
I got fired.
Do you need to move back home?
I think so.
We won't be too long.
Let's go!
Please wear some shoes, Mamma.
Brought beer.
So, last night...
Sorry. I had to ditch.
They wouldn't get it.
Get what?
Bad girl.
What the fuck?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Thanks for the beer.
My fucking phone, you crazy bitch!
My sunglasses?
Yeah, they're in your bag.
Which bag?
Uh, your duffel.
I don't see them.
Oh, my God.
Come stai, principessa?
Mah, chi e questa persona? E Renata?
Si, Nonna, sono Renata.
I know.
I should have called you sooner.
Mah, propio mo.
I told you guys to start
packing last night.
What are you doing? Come on.
Hi, Nonna!
The bus is leaving.
Yeah, it's Siena.
Are you bringing the bags out to the car?
No, she's fine.
Yes, we've been eating.
Thank you for my present.
Wait, did you leave enough?
Daddy's birthday?
Girls, come on. Let's go.
No, we had pasta.
We're leaving. Let's go.
I don't know. Ask her.
Yeah, Mom's here.
Girls, you didn't make your bed.
Why make the bed?
We're leaving.
I love you too.
Ti voglio tanto, tanto bene.
Ciao, ciao.
Nonna wants to talk to you.
Si, Ma.
I was gonna call you from the car.
Mamma, please, stop yelling at me.
Washroom break.
Can you come with me?
Of course, Mamma.
I really wish you would stop.
" Sar Perch Ti Amo " by
Ricchi E Poveri plays