Sometimes They Come Back... for More (1998) Movie Script

Captain Cage.
Captain Cage.
24 hours ago one of the engineers
on ice station Aerobis went postal on us.
Right now it looks like we got at
least one confirmed dead.
Sounds like a semper fi detail to me.
The Antarctica is demilitarized, Sam.
As far as the marines are concerned,
Aerobis doesn't exist.
OK so what is this IJS station anyway?
Officially it's a research facility
run by the army corps engineers.
And unofficially?
It's an illegal mining operation,
courtesy of the pentagon.
Now, there are - were - six soldiers
at Aerobis
Whitaker, the commander, Jennifer Wills,
Medical, Tech ??? Shebanski, Geologist Ronald
Reynolds and Baines, a mining engineer.
That's five.
And the director of operations makes
6, Dr Carl Schilling
He's the shooter.
Where the hell did this weather come from?
No way I'm gonna be able to go
down in this.
Just get us as close as we
can and we'll drop.
Yes Major.
Now or never, Major.
Hang on, we're too high.
-We don't have a choice!
Okay, drop.
OK. Are you alright?
yeah, let's go!
Base is that way.
Whitaker! Major Frank.
The commanding officer!
Come on, we gotta move!
Don't move!
Do not shoot!
Hold your fire!
Drop the gun.
We are here to help. Now throw
your gun out!
I don't wanna call for help,
who are you ?
Major Carrie O'Gardy and Captain Sam Cage,
military police.
Drop it!
Throw your gun out, and
put your hands where we can see em!
Alright. Alright, here is the gun.
I'm coming out.
Jennifer Wills, medical officer.
I thought one of you could have been
Where are the others?
I don't now. As far as I know,
it's just tech officer Shebanski and me.
Where is Shebanski?
I do not know. Dug himself a hole back
there I guess.
Well let's dig him out.
Do you always keep it this dark
down here?
Well we run mostly on solar so this time of
year we have to work with what we got.
Captain John Baines.
Mining engineer.
How did he end up in here?
I found him outside frozen solid.
All I could do is just drag him in.
Guy likes to get close.
What is it?
Let's go!
This is Dr Schillings room.
It's OK, it's Shebanski!
They are the MP's.
Well it took you guys long enough.
I want to get the hell of this iceberg.
If you guys are waiting for hell to freeze
over, you're a little bit late. Now come on,
let's GO!
Not until we find the others and
clean this up.
You don't understand. We gotta get out
of here like NOW!
Where is the transport dammit? There are
only a few minutes left before it gets dark.
Now where is the transport?
- We dropped in.
Look, nobody else is gonna die,
nobody here at least.
So the sooner you tell us what happened,
the sooner we can do our job and get you
out of here.
You can do whatever the hell you want,
alright, I'm gonna go radio for
transport now.
You can try, but nobody is
gonna fly in here during this storm
not to mention this is a restricted area
now, and unless one of us gives the base
the correct code they won't send shit.
So why on't we just start from top,
OK folks?
So Whitaker ordered level 6 of the mine,
that's the deepest level, sealed off.
On account of the gases. -There was a sudden
increase concentration of sulfur and carbon monoxide.
Yeah but Schilling decided to go down there
anyways. Suddenly he's reporting back.
He's found something down there,
but he won't tell anybody, hat it is.
When was this?
Yesterday early.
So next thing we know, Schilling is back
up from the mines and he got this huge
knife in his hand
walking, into Major Whitaker's office, the last
thing I saw was Bings, I guess
he was trying to go in there to help
Major Whitaker
Why was that the last thing that you saw?
Cause I didn't wanna get in nobodies way
if you know what I mean.
Yeah well we found Whitaker's body
on the way in.
Let's go get him.
-Whoa whoa whoa sit down
He's not going anywhere, that just leaves
Reynolds, do you have any idea where he is?
You guys are the secret police, how about
you tell us?
We gotta get out of here, now.
Talk about your cabin fever.
The way I see it, there's only two real
questions here.
Is the geologist Ronald Reynolds still
alive and where is Schilling?
How do you wanna proceed?
-We radio our status and we check
out the mine (bad idea)
Where are the gas masks?
- Schilling took em.
Only 20 minutes of daylight left
- Exactly how we like it, short and sweet.
You don't wanna be out there
when the temperature drops.
Yeah we'll keep that in mind.
Are you ready?
- Yeah, let's go.
Are you with me?
- Yeah, let's go.
Damn, I lost him.
Jesus I need air!
Come on. Hold it together, let's go.
Any ideas?
Shit. Let's try that way.
Dead end!
These goddamn fumes.
Doesn't seem to bother you at all.
It's not just me, it's hot, right?
We gotta get you out of here.
Here, put your arm around me let's go.
How the hell do we get out of here?
This is 4, what's going on?
What happened to her?
- Put her here.
Did you find anybody?
Look at me.
I'll be fine.
How is she?
-Well, heart rate's a little high
...but I think she'll be OK.
You just need some rest.
I said I'll be fine.
??? We're gonna need a map.
-Maps? Hold on.
Schilling must have em.
Don't look at us either.
Neither of us have been down there
Alright look, I think we should all try
to get some rest.
I want you two armed.
From now on we all stay together,
Oh gee I thought I'd go out and take a
walk in the snow.
Yeah keep up that attitude and
we'll let ya.
I'll take the first watch
I feel to shitty too sleep.
Are you sure?
- Good night, Captain.
What is going on?
Solar power is depleted.
There it goes.
Backup generator is kicking in.
We're gonna have to conserve as much fuel
as possible. ??? we'll freeze.
How long do we have?
-I don't know the guy in power
is defrosting down the hall.
It's nothing. The wind must have
knocked over an aerial.
Look, if it makes you more comfortable
we will check it out.
Are you kidding? It's at least 70 below
out there.
Nothing can survive! Nothing!
-Nothing living.
Alright you tell me what it is.
-I don't know what it is and I never
wanna find out, alright?
Then stow it, lieutenant.
Besides, Jennifer is right.
Nothing could survive out there, so.
Damned aerial.
You saw something, didn't you?
-I didn't see anything.
Yeah, right.
What did you see?
- Nothing. Shadows.
- Yeah.
Try to get some sleep,
I'll wake you in two hours.
He's gone.
- Baines.
Last time I checked on Baines was
just before we went into the mine.
Shebanski, wanna face me, please?
-What? -Put your hands up.
What? I was watching the monitor, OK?
If you don't believe me,
ask her.
He was. The whole time.
-You two go back to bed. The captain
will join you in a second.
Somebody apparently has a backstage
pass around here.
Which means either Schilling has a
partner in crime -Or else?
Or these two are fucking with us.
Maybe Shebanski thinks that if he hides
Baines body he'll spook us into calling
the transport.
What is it?
Where's Callie?
Someones on level five.
It's 60 below out there,
you'll freeze.
If he can survive out there,
so can I.
God dammit!
Come on.
Come on!
I'm sorry.
Maybe now you're gonna call for backup?
What do you think it is
now the right time?
Shut up.
Shut your fucking mouth!
Alright. The radio.
You don't think I did this do ya?
They must have done this when
they took your partner.
How many phantoms do you have here?
The army had us here for a year doing
nothing and I lost perspective.
Let me put things in perspective for you.
Fix the fucking radio!
Calm down.
It is not your fault.
She trusted me.
I'm sorry.
Lock this door.
Robert Reynolds?
Bring him!
- What?
Just bring him! Now!
Alright... got him.
Okay the warming blanket is on.
Dead is dead Doc.
Dead is dead.
Look, he's got a chance,
I felt a pulse.
So if we can warm his body, and if
his heart can take it, then maybe we
can save him.
Now can you get some blankets, please.
Alright now what?
- OK, erm monitor his temperature for me.
You know how to do that?
-Yes, stick it in his ear. -Right.
-Push the blue button.
Alright, 89.5 degrees. -Great.
Here they are.
-Put them on.
You can do it, Bobby.
-90.7 degrees.
Now what?
- We'll wait.
Doctor, is erm, is that normal?
- That.
OK, OK, it's just ???
??? you got it.
Hold him.
OK, he's stabilizing.
-Is he gonna live?
Yeah, for the moment.
Brain damage, that's another question.
Well congratulations I guess.
But if it was him that was in the mine,
believe me he's gonna wish that he'd stayed
Now you both have guns. Keep an eye on
captain frosty here, I'm gonna
secure the
FOR MARY, 1916
That's how you secure a perimeter?
-Well you work with what you've got.
Can you give me a minute?
How many hours till daylight?
Are you OK?
Yeah, I just hate this waiting shit.
You're a good man, Sam.
... Callie was lucky
to have you as a partner.
You don't know me, I'm not good
at all.
Yeah you are.
You're just doing a damn good job of
fighting it.
Don't worry you're secret is safe with
me, though.
It's not my good tide that
I'm fighting.
Bobby, it's okay.
Hold him.
Hold him.
- I got him!
I'll get ???.
What's going on down here?
Come on.
What's going on?
Nothing, just get back there and fix
the radio.
It's toast! I can't do
How are we gonna get out of here,
Ask Mr. Big Stuff. He's the ashole who
wouldn't let us use the radio when we
wanted to, now we need to
and can't because it's busted.
Shut up.
I say we can get out of here and
we will.
Alright look, it's standard operating
procedure for the base to send in
the cavalry if they don't hear from us.
But we can't count on that in that weather
besides we don't know what Schilling has in
store for us so..
Go ahead and find alright nobody is
stopping you go ahead and find Schilling.
That's exactly what I intend to do we're
gonna flush him out at daylight.
You and me what do you mean "we"?
That's right you and me.
I'm not fucking going in that mine I
never been down there before so
I'm not going down there I'm not I'm not.
That's an order, lieutenant.
Just calm down.
Hellooo, little brother.
Have you seen Mary?
Sick son of a bitch!
Hold your fire!
Stop shooting you idiot!
-Alright I stopped I stopped!
OK I think we got him trapped don't
move! -???
Just stay there!
God dammit, I told you to stay put!
I'm sorry.
You saw him come in here, right?
-Saw who?
Is there any other way out of this room?
Wait, there's a disposal unit.
Maybe that explains the noise.
But I still didn't see anybody come in here.
That explains everything.
Sam listen I think those gases might have
affected you a little more than you think.
So here. Why don't you let me give you
something. It will help you sleep.
Shut up I don't need to sleep.
I was just trying to help.
Well I don't need you goddamned
I just need to think.
OK.. OK maybe that's what happened to
Schilling he sucked to much gas.
What are you talking about?
First you got a downed aerial then
the disposal unit now it's a mystery gas.
You can rationalize this anyway you like,
the bottom line is: we're all fucked!!!
Somebody and I'm talking about more than
one person is moving bodies around this
And who cares why?
Because we're all gonna be dead,
if we don't get out of here soon.
OK then maybe Schilling isn't working alone.
Maybe that's right. Maybe this place is
so hush hush that maybe it's the fucking
Iraqis, that they are after whatever it is
Schilling found so
it's not the aerial and maybe it's not
the gases.
Sam, why would they...
-Because we can't just go around reporting
this to anybody they know that. It would
blow the whole goddamn thing!
If they wanted us to leave, why would
they trash the radio?
I don't know maybe they want us all dead.
None of us are here officially.
They know that our country would just
sweep us under the rug.
As long as we're all going nuts around
let's say you weren't send down
here to solve any murders.
What if I said that, I mean hypothetically,
that you're part of this whole cover up?
In fact you're down here, to sweep us under
the rug aren't ya?
Cause that is what he's here for, he's here
to fuck with us.
I am down here to save you sorry little
pathetic ass!
You couldn't save anyone.
I can sure as hell shut you up.
That's enough!
What is it, Bobby?
It's coming.
Can't stop him.
-I'm not gonna listen to this.
The dead will walk ...
to destroy this place.
He's out of his fucking mind.
You're seeing things and he's out of his
Oh the dead can walk? Give me
a fucking break!
Well have you seen Baines lately?
Oh, Callie.
Sam, someones been in Schiling's
Ben Cormain, Jim Norman,
??? Rock California, John Porter ...
Who are they?
-Beats the crap out of me.
That's him.
That's Schilling.
I think there is something that
you should know.
Schilling is my half brother.
Please, just stop it.
Just stop and stay.
Come sit down please.
Sit down.
We have the same father. Or so I'm told.
I have never met my father.
My brother and I are not close.
So what happened ?
We were in the war together.
There was a lot of killing, and
we lived like animals.
But then I met a nurse.
Named Mary.
And we fell in love and it all
happened so fast ...
... I was consumed by her she she was so
And three days before she was to be
shipped back home ...
... I knew it was now or never.
And so we agreed to be married the
next day.
Karl... I should have known better
I should have known that all he
would have done ...
... he used to be around her all the
He took her from me.
And I didn't have the courage to stop
I'm sorry.
Please, don't. I don't deserve your
So what does Schilling want with us, then?
-Nothing good.
These four points make the size of a
larger pentagram but ...
...the last point being here ...
What is that ?
-It's a book.
'Raising Demons'.
Put Baines in Schillings room.
So who needs a gas mask
when you got a genius, right?
Let's go lieutenant.
I'll be right there just give
me one more second.
Time's up.
I told you I wasn't going down there.
Captain meet the tunnel hound.
And I told you that we're blowing
the mine level by level until
we flush him out.
At least this way you gonna see what you
gonna nuke before you gonna nuke it.
After all this is the modern army.
Isn't it?
OK go.
-OK, I'm switching to the tunnel cam.
It works.
Where is all this light coming from?
Phosphorus, maybe?
No it's something stronger.
Keep going. -Okay.
I said keep going.
-I'm stuck goddammit hold on.
Can you...?
-What? Go down and move the rock?
I don't think so.
Here we go.
-Careful. Maybe I should write that down.
Can't go any further.
-Drop it in.
What? And smash my baby to
smithereens? -Do it.
Yeah but we're gonna lose the signal.
-Just do it. -Yes Sir.
Oh damn!
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
It's coming back.
We got a picture again.
Here we go.
Looks like I lost the headlight, though.
Can you move it?
-Yeah I can try. Hold on.
Keep on moving towards the light.
Follow the light, Carol Ann.
Follow the light.
What is that?
I couldn't tell you.
Keep moving.
What the hell was that?
Is there something you can do about
that? -Battery.
Looks like an altar.
-That must be what Schilling found.
An altar?
You see, right there?
Look familiar?
Can you get closer?
-I can try.
Oh my God.
What are you doing?
Sam, you can't go down there.
She's dead!
Sam, it's a trap.
He wants you to go down there.
Open the door.
Sam, if you leave us here alone, we
are dead!
Open the door!
You know I'm right.
OK, we'll let him come to us then.
Maybe we should think about this first?
Yeah, go ahead, think about it all you want.
Reynolds, Baines and Whitaker probably
thought a lot, too.
??? airlock doors.
Looks like Bobby's been here
trying to help us open these front doors.
Let me go. Let me go!
This is Bobby.
He's my responsibility.
He's gone Jennifer. They got him.
Who's got him?
Who? Schilling?
Devil worshipers? Is that it?
What if they... they're gonna kill us
next. Is that it?
Oh well why not? They got Whitaker.
Whitaker's dead.
They got Baines, Baines is dead.
Well. I thought he was dead but he really
wasn't dead.
Callie is dead.
Now you're telling me Bobby's dead, too
is that what you're saying to me?
Is that what you're telling me?
What? I wanna know. I wanna know!
I do not understand!
Look! Hey! Hey!
OK I'm not gonna lie to you.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
I have no idea what Schilling is up to.
But I swear to god, that if we keep our
heads, and we stick together ...
... We're gonna make it. OK?
I promise.
He's right, Jennifer.
Captain, I'm sorry.
I guess it's just got to me you know?
For the past few days I'm sorry.
Alright they're coming in the back.
We're here to help you.
Where did he go?
We have to get that book.
Wait here.
Sam? It's me Callie.
Sam, help me, please.
Sam open the door. It's Callie, Sam.
Sam, don't!
Now what?
What the fuck were you trying to do, heh?
-Nothing, I'm sorry alright?
You trying to kill me, huh?
Captain I told you I'm not cut out for
this kind of crap I'm just not.
Sam he said he was sorry.
I am sick of your excuses you little
Lay off man.
Do you understand me ?!
Oops. Oh Boy.
What are you?
Oh captain, you disappointed me.
You of all people shouldn't have to ask.
I don't know what you are talking about.
I think you know exactly what
I am talking about.
I had a long talk with Schilling.
He told me your just like your dad
just like him.
Spittin image. And we all know that an
apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.
Undead son of a bitch.
A little fresh air, heh? Come on!
What was he talking about?
Who are you ?
The truth is I don't even know.
Please let's just get the book, OK?
Oh no.
Baines is alive again.
No. This time he was dragged.
There it is.
I can't even tell you what language this
book is.
It looks like someone translated some
of it in ???
What does it say?
If a demon ...
... can complete a circle of
eight during the day of the portal ...
... a day which comes but once
every thousand years ...
... he can raise Satan himself ...
The demon and one of his own blood ...
... must gather six human beings ...
... and emblaze the mark of Satan
upon their flesh ...
... and sacrifice their mixed human
blood in the ceremony of the pentacle ...
... at the appointed time.
Then Satan himself will pass through
the portal ...
... and reign supreme over all
the earth.
The portal.
That's what Karl Schilling found.
-Oh my god!
He's a demon.
Which makes you...
- Someone who's been ??? who he is.
For longer than you can imagine.
I need you to not be afraid of me.
I need you to trust me.
I need you.
To not be afraid of me.
I don't know why ...
But I believe you.
I do.
I'm just scared. I'm so scared.
So am I. But we can't hide here any
We have to kill him.
But how are we going to do that?
Baines ...
... Was dragged ...
... which means that you killed him
when you stabbed him through the
chest with the harpoon.
So the heart. It has to be the heart.
God I hope you're right.
We got to get out of here.
Pull the emergency lever!
Here, hold this.
Don't stop!
I can't take it.
-OK, I carry you.
Sam, look. The elevator.
What's the matter? Forget who you
I tried, but you wouldn't let me.
Let her go.
Don't tell me your still mad about...
...what's her name?
That was over eighty years ago.
Her name was Mary.
Ah, quit ???, I saved you some.
I worshipped you.
For over a thousand years
I followed you from end of the
earth to the other.
I found you victims, and
buried you dead.
And the first time I felt something tender
for another living soul you
torture her to death.
That is you mothers blood speaking.
Weak, pathetic, human blood.
Forget not who your father is, Sam!
We were brought into this world for
one purpose.
To prepare for his return.
If he does not return, here, tonight,
we no longer live forever, Sam.
Good. Because I'm tired of all this.
??? get it right! Through
the heart...
That's it. Feel the power.
The joy of taking another life.
Good. Gooood.
Complete the circle of eight.
Behold. Our fathers kingdom.
Come to us.
I'm not afraid of you, Sam.
Love? Only weaklings
and fools believe in love.
Kill her!
Now before its too late.
Goodbye, Karl.
May god have mercy on your
I have no soul.
Jennifer, come on, let's go.
If I'm going back to hell, you're
coming with me!
Give me your hand.
Jennifer, dynamite.
Mary ...
Mary ...
Will I ever understand?
All I know is how I feel about you.