Sometimes Yesterday (2023) Movie Script

Hi, I'm your ride
to fourth street.
Okay. I'm gonna be a lift
driver with Jessica in the back.
All right.
Hey, how you doing today?
Well, enjoy your ride.
Did you say something?
This is close enough.
You can just drop me
off at the corner.
Hey, boss.
How'd the doctor's
appointment go?
Oh, you know, same old thing.
Did some tests and
they'll call me
if there's any change,
I guess, I don't know.
You want me to swap
out those hard drives?
Yeah, if you can.
Okay. Will do.
Yeah, don't worry about staying
late, but if you close up,
I appreciate that, the kid's
got something going on tonight.
Hey, thanks man.
No problem.
Let me know if you hear
anything from the doctor.
Sure, will do.
Hey, what are you doing?
I was walking by and I saw
that your clamps came off
of your battery and your
battery charger wasn't charged
in the battery, I
thought I'd help you out.
Oh, okay, I thought you
were stealing it. So, yeah.
You know this neighborhood,
but let me jump in it.
It's been on there all day.
Hopefully it came off
after it was charged, so.
All right, let's
see what happens.
Let's see what happens.
Oh yeah.
Looks like you got power.
Good. We got a full charge.
All right.
Well, I appreciate
you coming by.
Glad to help you out.
Actually, you need
a battery charger?
Oh, no, I'm... you
an have this one.
I promise I'm not
gonna need it anymore.
Oh, well, Moosey,
looking at this
really isn't making
me feel any better.
In fact, if I keep looking
at this, I'm gonna go crazy,
start talking to cats.
Oh, here, you jump down. I'm
gonna work on that new song.
Maybe that'll get my
mind right again. Ugh.
All right. No problem.
Church over on seventh street,
their computer's frozen.
Can you get over there
and take a look at that?
Yeah, sure.
Okay. Is your car running okay?
Otherwise you can
take company vehicle.
No, no, no, I'm good, I'm
good. See you in a bit.
I'll be in meetings all day,
so if you need anything,
you can text me.
Please feel free to
call me in the evening
if anything comes up.
The programs we have,
we need them printed
by Friday morning.
Please... I will.
- If they need to be done.
- I did that last year.
And by the way,
I have a guy coming in to
check the computer out.
There's something seems
to be wrong with it,
so he'll be here shortly.
Somebody called about
a computer repair.
I don't know. It appears
to be frozen or something.
It's on the table in there.
I gotta catch a plane.
I'm gonna be late. It needs
to be done by Sunday morning.
I'll see you on Sunday.
That was beautiful.
Oh, gee, I thought
I was alone in here.
Who's that by?
Well, did you like it?
I loved it. That
was really nice.
Well, in that case,
yeah, I wrote it.
Yeah, if you said
you didn't like it,
I would've said it
was by Bon Jovi.
No, I thought it was good.
You really wrote that?
Yeah, I really did.
Wow. I've never met
a songwriter before.
So what's it about? Is it
about somebody you lost?
Oh, I don't know.
I guess it's mainly just a
bunch of words that rhyme.
So, are you a professional
music writer then?
No, I wish, but
actually I'm an it guy.
I fix computers and
stuff like that.
I'm actually here, the
pastor called me in
to fix his laptop.
Well, this is a
funny looking laptop.
So, do you fix 'em
by singing to 'em?
Yeah, that's it. But hey,
so you like music then?
Of course, I have to love music.
I'm the choir director
here at the church.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
Oh, so you know all
about music then?
I do.
So, you sing and do you play
like instruments in too, or?
No, we have other members
that play the instruments.
I just sing and
direct the choir.
Oh, that's pretty cool.
So this song, seriously,
what made you write it?
Made me write it? What do
you mean made me write it?
No, you know what I mean.
What's it really about?
I don't know, I
guess how, you know,
yesterday kind of seems
always better than today.
Why would you think that?
Geez, you are full of questions.
I'm sorry. I just find
it very interesting.
No, that's , I'm
just giving you a hard time.
I gotta admit, I like talking
about music and stuff.
It's, you know, it's cool.
It's nice to talk to
somebody about it.
But anyway, while that
laptop's updating,
I was actually gonna go grab
a bite to eat, get some lunch.
You interested in going with me?
Well, don't you have
to fix the laptop?
No, seriously,
it's only updating.
It'll literally fix itself.
No, seriously. Let's
go grab some lunch.
And don't let the
long hair fool you,
I'm completely
harmless, I promise.
And you know, it'd be nice,
it's nice to talk about music
with somebody with a
music background like you.
So, what do you say? You
wanna grab something to eat?
So besides work and music,
what else are you into?
Well, I've got a
cat and 11 turtles.
Turtles? I didn't
expect that one.
Most people aren't though.
So, are you in a
band or something?
Well, you know, I used to be.
For many years around here I
was in, you know, cover bands,
bar bands like that.
But I just got sick of
playing other people's music
and I really got sick
of the bar scene.
So yeah, I literally,
I put down the guitar
and never touched it
for maybe 15 years.
And for some reason
I picked it up
and started writing
and playing again.
And I don't know, I guess
I got all the satisfaction
I need outta music by creating.
So is everything you write
like what I heard you
play at the church?
No, I mean, a lot
of it is, you know,
like old school hard rock.
That's what I used to listen
to, what I still listen to.
So that's kinda
what I write like,
a lot of the stuff's like that.
You know, as far
as, I don't know,
I guess there's really no genre,
I mean, I write all
kinds of different music.
It's kind of a feeling,
it's whatever I'm
feeling and thinking.
I try to write words
in music, you know,
to kind of match that, so.
That's really cool.
You know, the only
songs I work on
were written like 400 years ago,
but at least I'm singing, right?
No, that's true.
You know, as long
as you're singing.
Speaking of singing, I don't
know if you'd be interested
maybe singing one
of my songs with me.
What do you mean?
Well, you know, I've got
a song that I wrote that,
you know, when I recorded,
what I've got so far,
I always thought this would be
a perfect male/female
duet type of song.
And it's not like
anything you've heard yet.
It's not a hard rock, it's
not an ac/dc song or anything.
But I just think
it's, I don't know,
just a kind of a song
that would sound good
with a male/female voice.
I'm confused.
Well, what I do is,
I'd send you the song,
I'll text it to you,
or email, whatever,
and I'll send you the lyrics
and you can listen to the song
and come up with
like a Harmony part
or something that you'd
sing along with me.
And once you're comfortable
with it, let me know.
We can get together and
you can give it a try,
and we'll try
singing it together.
Yeah, I can try it.
That sounds good.
So do you suppose your
computer's done updating yet?
Well, yeah, I would guess so.
This was a pretty easy
fix I gotta admit.
Usually I've gotta
go to all the trouble
of turning 'em off and
on before they work.
Oh, right, that
always works, right?
That always works. Yeah.
And that's the secret
of my trade, you know?
It's easier than singing 400
dear old church songs, right?
Yeah, are you gonna go
in the church center
or are you gonna head home?
What's your plan?
I'll probably just head home.
Okay, well, here, let me,
why don't you enter your
number into my phone?
And then I will text you
that song when I get home.
And like I said, listen to it,
if you think you wanna sing it,
think it would be fun to do,
yeah, we'll give it a shot.
That'd be great.
If you think it's terrible,
hey, tell me, I have no ego.
I'm sure I'm gonna love it.
So, do you wanna meet
back here at eight?
Meet here at the church?
- Yeah. - Okay.
- Okay. - Sounds good.
All right. See you at eight.
- Bye.
All right. Well, you're
ready to give this a shot?
I am.
All right. You know the
words and everything?
I do. I've been
listening to it all day.
- Really? - Yes.
You still like it?
Yeah, I do.
- Really? You sure? - It's good.
- Okay, okay.
- It's really good.
Well, anyway, we can do it
a couple of different ways.
I could grab my laptop,
we could have the whole
band behind it kinda thing.
Like bass and drums
and everything-
- okay.
- And play along with that.
Or I can just do the guitar.
What do you wanna do?
The guitar is fine.
Okay. Is that kinda
what you're used to?
That's definitely
what I'm used to.
With the church though. Okay.
Well, let's, I
guess just try it.
- Okay. I'm ready. - All right.
That was really fun.
I mean, you sounded, you really
brought that song to life.
You sounded great.
Oh, it was really
fun. Thank you.
You sure are good at lyrics.
Now, you gotta tell
me, who's it about?
No, it really wasn't
about anybody,
you know, in particular.
It was just a general way
of saying goodbye, I guess.
Well, it was really good.
I wish I could write like that.
Well, thanks, I appreciate that.
Have you ever tried
to write lyrics?
No, not really.
I've written poems.
That was a long time
ago, but that's about it.
Well, tell you what,
I wrote a song,
I've got the, you know,
I've got the music for it.
I've got all that worked out.
I've got the melody
worked out for it.
But I have absolutely
no words for it.
Get your phone out and
I'll tell you what,
I'll play the song and
I'll kind of scat sing it
with like do, do, do, do.
That'll tell you
what the melody is.
You take it, you write
the words for it,
and then we'll get
together and you sing it.
Wait, really? You want me to
write it and then sing it?
Sure. Why not? So, anyway, okay.
Go ahead, get your phone
on, start recording.
Let me know when you're
ready and I'll start playing
and do, do doing.
Okay. I'm ready.
All right. Here we go.
All right. Here comes the verse.
And here's the pre-chorus.
Here's the chorus.
You're making me laugh.
What's so funny?
You're just cute.
- My do do's? - Yeah.
I'm making a lot
of do do's here.
Anyway. - You are.
Cut that. And yeah,
that's the song.
See if you can do
something with that.
All right.
If you can, let me know
and we'll get together
and give it a shot.
- Sounds good. - All right.
Well, I better head out
and get back to the shop.
Thanks. It was a fun day.
Yeah, it was.
- All right. See you later.
- See ya.
Whoo. It's really late.
It is. I couldn't sleep.
I guess I couldn't either.
So I finished with the lyrics.
Yeah, I just, I was in bed.
I just threw on the clothes
I had yesterday, so I guess-
you threw on clothes.
That's all that matters.
That's right.
I didn't wanna come up my
pajamas 'cause they're invisible.
So that would be terrible.
Yes, it would. Do
you wanna try this?
Yeah, let's try this.
I guess I'll just play what
I played this afternoon
and you just do your thing.
We'll just kinda fake it.
Do you wanna try to harmonize?
Maybe, yeah. Throw
the lyrics out here.
I'll see if I can do
that. But yeah, I'm ready.
Let's give it a try. - Okay.
Not bad.
Did you hear that sound?
I did.
What was that?
I don't know if
we're here alone, so.
Well, maybe it was
the holy ghost.
Maybe he liked the song too.
- That makes sense, right?
- Yeah.
Or maybe he didn't like it.
One or the other.
I hear a dog barking. You
hear a dog in the background?
I do.
I guess that's our sign.
Maybe we better go.
Yeah, maybe.
You know, tell you what,
I actually have the
day off tomorrow.
You wanna get together and
maybe we can, you know,
we can play this again,
we can try the other one.
Maybe I'll send you
some more songs,
maybe we can work
on some more stuff.
Just, I don't know,
just kinda hang out.
Are you asking me out?
No. It's just, you know,
we'll just have fun, just a.
Just a music thing, right?
Yeah, of course. Absolutely.
Okay, well-
so how about the
diner at newland?
Yeah. Yeah, that'll work.
- Okay. - Okay, cool.
- Let's do that. - All right.
Well, you're right
about one thing.
That they got good food in
there. That was really good.
It was really good.
What do you wanna do now anyway?
You wanna, maybe we
can go to the park?
I don't know. We could
work on some songs there.
Anyway, I'm gonna
sit down for a sec.
I got a rock in my
shoe or something.
I suppose we could go
stand on the street corner
and sing "just you
and me" for money.
You know what? They don't
let you do that here.
Yeah, you can panhandle all
you want, but you can't sing.
They don't let you sing
for money or whatever.
You can't sing in the street
though. Cops will come.
That's crazy. Life
just isn't fair, is it?
Yeah. No kidding.
I was gonna ask you,
just you and me,
what's that song about?
What inspired you to write that?
It's just a bunch
of words that rhyme.
Yeah, I guess I deserve that.
Can I ask you something?
Yeah, sure. Of course.
Something personal?
Okay. You got me a little
scared, but yeah, okay.
Well, it's just that last
night we were talking
and then I thought you
were gonna ask me out,
but you didn't.
I guess I just always heard
that rockers were into sex,
drugs, and rock and roll.
And we've been hanging
out for a while
and you've never tried anything,
so I was just wondering.
Well, I guess I'm not a
very good rocker then,
because I never done a drug in
my life, I don't even drink.
I've never had a one-night
stand in my life.
I do like rock and roll, but
as far as the other stuff,
no, just not me.
I'm kind of embarrassed
that I even asked.
So I think it's my turn
to ask you a question now.
Okay, fine.
So like, what are you attached?
You have like a boyfriend or
are you a man? Are you gay?
Wait, strike the man part.
You are definitely not a man.
But what's your situation?
Okay, you asked more
than one question
so that's cheating.
And I'm not gonna play
this game anymore.
Get the rock outta
your shoe. Let's go.
Well, what do you think?
Should we head over to the park
and hang out there for a while?
See what kinda trouble
we can get into?
Yeah, that sounds fun.
I haven't been there
in a long time.
And along the way we can listen
to this great new
up-and-coming music artist
that you may be familiar with.
Ah, yeah. It's my favorite.
You okay?
You wanna go lay in the back
or something for a while?
You can. I mean... no, no.
You know what? We don't have
that much going on today.
If you wanna... no, no.
Go home early, you can.
Seriously, I'm fine. I'm fine.
Don't worry about
it. Thanks, though.
You know, I am kind of tired.
I'm probably just hungry.
Is it okay if I
grab an early lunch?
No problem. Go ahead.
- Hey. - Oh, hey.
How's it going?
Not too bad. How are you?
- Good. - Good.
So what's the deal?
Well, first of all,
I want to commend you on
the songs that you sent.
They're just amazing.
I'm really proud of you.
And then I was wondering
if we could play that one
more question game again.
Sure, but if we're gonna
make a game out of it,
we gotta come up with
a cool game name.
So how about one honest answer?
I guess that's a
pretty good name.
You know, the other day you
asked me if I was with anyone.
But anyway, to answer your
question, yes, I am married.
Whoa. Okay.
You don't wear a ring though?
Well, I lost it a few years
ago and he never replaced it,
which I guess is fine.
Okay, wow. I guess,
are you happy?
Actually, there's more.
I'm married to the
pastor of the church.
The pastor at the church? Fuck.
Sorry, I shouldn't swear, but.
So, do you have any kids?
We have two kids and
they're both in college.
So, you guys happy?
I guess. I mean, I'm really
not even sure though.
Because we got married when
I was only 18 years old
and back then I used
to feel like his wife.
But I really don't
feel like that anymore.
I just feel like
the pastor's wife.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, it does actually. But
I have a question for you.
Would you be here right now
if he wasn't outta town?
Honestly, I mean, I doubt it,
but I don't want you
to misunderstand me.
It's not like I'm
looking to have an affair
or anything like that.
I just heard your
music at the church
and it kind of sparked
an interest in me
and I just felt like I
had to be honest with you.
Oh, that's cool. It's
been fun for me too.
I mean, it's fun
to talk about music
and it gets kind of boring,
you know, just making
songs up for myself.
Well, all I know
is that I find the
music really interesting
and it kinda gives me a purpose.
I feel like when I
get up in the morning
that I'm somebody more than
just the pastor's wife.
So, I'm sorry for
the bombshell though.
No, it, it's cool.
Seriously, I get it.
I know what you're saying.
I mean, it could be
a lot worse, right?
Yeah. I mean, you're right.
Well, why don't you
ask me a question now?
Let's see. What's
your biggest secret?
Whoa, nice broad question
there. One honest answer, right?
Okay, I'll tell you,
but I can't believe
I'm gonna tell you.
But you gotta
promise me one thing.
That you will not tell
anybody what I'm about to say.
Okay, now you're scaring
me. So what's the deal?
Are you like a escaped
convict or alien or something?
Alien? Yeah, that'd be cool.
It'd be better than
what I'm gonna say too,
because the truth is, I'm dying.
That's a good one.
Wait, you're serious.
Are you serious?
I have an inoperable brain
tumor. They found it last year.
I was taking meds to
keep it from growing,
but they weren't
working, so here I am.
I don't get it. I mean,
you look so healthy.
Do you have any symptoms?
I mean, I get tired occasionally
and get a headache
once in a while,
but I don't know if that's
because of what I have
or just because that's normal.
They say sometimes with
these there are no symptoms.
So maybe that's what's
happening to me.
So what does your family think?
No, no family.
Just my boss knows.
And of course now you.
But you promised you'll
keep it a secret, right?
Of course.
I know what you wanna ask
next, but I'm sure you won't.
So I'm just gonna
answer it for you.
They don't know how long I have.
Could be a day, can be a week,
a month, a year, two years.
They won't tell me
or they don't know.
I'm not sure which one.
So you're telling me
that nothing can be done?
No, I guess that's the answer
to the first question
you ever asked me
is why I didn't hit on you.
And the reason is because
I don't think it'd be fair
to anyone to be involved
with me knowing what I know.
I wouldn't wanna hurt someone
that way. I mean, look at you.
I mean, you're almost crying
and you've only known me for
a couple of days and you know,
imagine how bad you'd feel
if, you know, if you love me.
I'm sorry. I just
don't know what to say.
I mean, I look at it this way.
We could die at any second.
I mean, a truck could
hit us and that'd be it.
Everybody dies.
I guess I just have
a little more insight
about when I'm gonna die.
Is there anything
that I can do to help?
I mean, maybe I could start
a prayer circle at the church
or something.
No, no, really. Just
keep it to yourself.
I mean, I've made
my peace with it
and I've made my peace with
god, believe it or not.
I'm not sure if this helps or
says anything, but I'm good.
If god wants me, he can
have me. I'm okay with that.
Okay, just gonna let me
get a hold of myself.
I'm a little shocked.
Let me ask you this
then. What's your wish?
What do you mean?
You know, like, make a wish.
What would your wish be?
You know,
I don't think I could have
even answer that a week ago,
but being able to share
my music with you,
it kind of opened my
eyes a little bit.
And I guess my wish would be
to be able to share my
music with the world.
I mean, music's
been good for me.
It's been keeping my
mind off the tumor.
And being able to
share it with you,
I guess I'd like to
share it with others.
I think you're
incredibly talented
and I think you should do it.
I mean, why don't you do
it? Your songs are great.
Well, it's really
not that simple.
I mean, the stuff I sent
you is such low quality
and it's drum machines and it's,
you know, it's embarrassing.
I can never send
that to a label.
I mean, I'd need to get these
things professionally recorded
with real musicians
and, you know,
to have any chance of a
label listening to it.
No, no, I'm sorry.
I was just thinking.
I tell you what, I have
choir practice tonight,
but I'll be done about 7:30.
You wanna meet me at the church?
Well, yeah, but is
it even okay now?
Trust me, just meet me then.
What do you think you are doing?
What are you talking about?
The man with the long hair.
What do you think your
husband or the church
would think about you
hanging out with him?
That is none of your business.
And it's certainly not
the church's business.
I was left in charge
when pastor left,
so it is my business.
First of all, I haven't
done anything wrong.
And second of all,
I advise you to keep your
nose out of my business.
Because if you don't
keep your nose out of it,
I will let everybody know
what you keep in the
top drawer of your desk.
There is nothing in there.
I just happen to have
a video on my phone
of what's in your desk.
As a matter of fact, I have
several videos like that
and if you don't knock it off,
I just might happen to upload
'em to the church's server.
Hey guys, how's it going?
Oh, hey, I'm glad you made it.
I wanted to introduce
you to our guitar player.
He plays guitar for
me here at the church.
Oh, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you. I hear
you're a songwriter.
And I heard that disc you
put together. Great stuff.
Really? Well thanks.
- Very talented isn't he?
- Yes, he is.
And you are too.
- I am? - I'll say.
You both are.
Okay. Well, hey.
Actually what he didn't tell you
is that he used to be a
rock legend back in the day.
Didn't ya?
I recognize you now.
You used to play the lead
for crash alley, right?
That was me. I can't
believe you remember that.
I mean, you must be really old.
No, you guys were
great, and I am.
But yeah, you guys were
fantastic. God, you were-
thank you.
Changed rock around here.
You're too kind.
You know, so what's
your plans with these?
You know, the songs I heard
on this disc are great.
You know, what are
you gonna do with it?
Well, ideally, I think
he'd like to record 'em
and send 'em off to a label.
Well, yeah, I mean that
would be the ultimate goal,
I mean, to record 'em.
But I mean, as you could
hear on the recording,
I mean, it's just a drum machine
and pretty low-great stuff.
So yeah, I mean, to
record it would be great.
But I have no idea
how, you know,
how to even accomplish
something like that.
You know, who would I get
to play along with it,
you know, type of thing?
Forgive me if I'm overstepping,
but if you're looking
for a guitar player,
I'd be honored to
play on these songs.
And I know a drummer be
perfect for this stuff
and if he hears this
stuff, I know he'd say yes.
Well, you know, that'd
be totally awesome.
I mean, you know, that's just
what I'm looking for, but-
yeah. Cool.
How would we actually
do the recording?
Do you have any ideas there? Or?
There's, you know,
a lot of gear here
and they've recorded some
church projects and stuff.
Well, that's really cool.
But do you think it'd
sound good in here?
I mean, what are
the acoustics like?
Oh, this would be
great for drums.
It's very churchy.
Yeah, it's funny you say that
'cause there's been a
lot of rock recordings
that have been done in churches.
Oh really?
- Yeah. Seriously. - Hmm.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
So, all right... I
think it'll work.
Well, maybe. Kind
of embarrassed.
Maybe I don't need to
ask this, but I mean,
I can't transcribe the music,
I just do it by ear, so?
We'll just listen to the songs,
learn 'em by ear like
we have for years,
sit down and work
out some arrangements
that you approve
of and go for it.
Yeah, I mean, do whatever
you want to on these things
and you know, tell the
drummer the same thing.
Do what he needs to do because-
- yeah. - You know,
everybody should, you know,
contribute creatively, I think.
And yeah, I mean I
can... sounds fun.
You know, you got
the songs, I guess,
well, how many should
we, maybe five or six?
Five or six songs?
5.2, okay. He's a funny guy.
Okay, yeah, we'll say six then,
'cause I don't like your answer.
I'm just kidding. Six songs.
I'll get you those here.
Why don't you put your number
in here and I'll have it
and I can text
you and, you know,
with the songs that we
thinking about doing.
And we'll go from there.
Now what about your end?
I mean, getting the church, I
mean, when could we do this?
Well, the pastor
comes back tomorrow.
I'm not sure how he's
gonna feel about it.
But I don't know if
I should even ask.
We could probably just do it
at night. Nobody need to know.
Just come in here when
the place is closed up?
- Great. - That's right.
Nobody would ever know.
That's rock and roll.
All right, well, you know,
if you think it'll work,
I'm willing, so.
I'm willing to take the risk.
Well, as you both know,
musicians don't make much money,
so I gotta go
deliver some pizzas.
All right. We'll...
we'll see you.
- See ya. - Bye.
I can't believe this
is gonna happen.
Wow. This is really exciting.
- It really is. - Thank you.
You're welcome. Glad to do it.
I got one more favor to ask.
Actually, it's not a favor.
It's something I insist on.
Oh no. What?
You gotta sing on
this recording.
- No. - No, I'm serious.
On the recording with you?
Yeah, sing backup like
you were singing with me,
sing some harmonies,
but you gotta be on it.
Can I think about it?
- Okay. Fine. - Yeah?
I'll do it.
All right, good. Good deal.
Now the fun part.
I gotta pick out like
six songs for us to do.
You wanna help me?
All right, let's go to the car,
I've got everything out there.
Did you get my stuff packed?
What are you wearing anyway?
Hope you dress a
little more decent
before you go to
the church today.
By the way, those
blinds are filthy.
You know I'm allergic to dust.
And I'm allergic to creeps.
Hey guys.
Hey, how's it going?
This is the drummer I
was telling you about.
Hey, nice to meet you.
Hey, nice to meet you too.
The songs sound great.
Looking forward
to recording 'em.
The doors are locked
and she's not here yet.
Have you heard anything?
No. I thought she'd
be here already.
Well, I hope she hurries
up. We got a lot to do.
I haven't even set up yet.
Hey guys, come on in.
Had a lesson.
Wow, you look great.
Well, thank you.
A total rocker here. Wow.
Well, what about you?
Why? 'Cause I have
buttons on my shirt?
This is like my formal wear.
But no, seriously.
I gotta ask, does your
husband know you're here or?
No. He doesn't.
You're still okay
with doing this?
I am.
Okay. And you think it'll work?
It'll be fine.
- It'll be fine? - Yeah.
Those are the words I was
waiting to hear, it'll be fine.
So I guess we're all
ready to go. You ready?
I am ready.
What is going on?
You guys better go.
You want me to talk to him
and try to explain
what's going on?
No, seriously. You
guys, go right now.
You, I need to talk to you.
So what do we do now, guys?
Just wait or what?
You got me. I don't know.
I feel like I should go in
there and try to explain
'cause I don't want her getting
in trouble over us, I mean.
Maybe we should wait
till tomorrow morning.
The senior citizens come in
at eight and drink coffee.
We can sneak in, grab
our stuff, then get out.
Well maybe, I mean,
it doesn't look like we're
gonna do any recording,
but as long as we
get our stuff out,
it's expensive
equipment in there.
Well, if I hear anything
different I'll let you know.
But yeah, let's just
plan on showing up here
at eight in the morning
and grabbing our stuff and-
- yeah. - Okay.
Guess we have no choice.
Sounds like a plan.
All right.
And you allow a rock band
in the house of the lord.
What were you thinking?
How did you get a
member of the church
to go along with this?
I can't even imagine.
And how long have you known
that computer repair guy?
Are you guys having an
affair or something?
And how long has this been
going on? How embarrassing.
How can you do this to me?
And bringing a rock
band into the church?
Can you imagine the
scandal that would cause?
Don't you have anything to say?
Can you imagine the
scandal it would cause
if I decided one day
that I was sick and tired
of your beatdowns.
What are you talking
about? I'm a great husband.
And what does that mean?
I wasn't hurting anyone.
Hurting anyone?
Do you realize what kind of
stress this is causing me?
That long-haired guy,
he really needs my help,
and that's all I
was doing, I swear.
And what do you mean needed?
Just trust me on this
one. He needs help, okay?
And what kinda help
does that long-haired
heathen need from you?
He looks like he belongs
in the dive bar downtown.
Just stop. He's dying, okay?
He's dying? What do
you mean he's dying?
It's true. He wouldn't
lie about this, trust me.
He just wanted.
In fact, if you won't
let me see this through,
I'm leaving you.
And that'll give you a
real scandal to deal with.
So what's wrong with him?
He has a brain tumor and there's
nothing more they can do.
So why do you think
letting him play his
rock and roll music
in the house of the
lord will help him?
That's all he has. And
it's all that he wants.
And it's his dying wish.
And as far as rock and roll,
I don't want you to pretend
that you're holier than thou.
It might be rock, but
listen to it once.
It's really meaningful
and it's from his heart.
Fine. Then let me hear
this wonderful music.
Just once I ask you to
let me do something for me
so that I feel
like an individual
and not just the pastor's wife.
And I can't believe that I
even have to say this to you,
but it's the
Christian thing to do.
All right then.
What do you want?
So we are practicing
in the church tonight
so that tomorrow we can
record 'em and send 'em off
to record labels.
You know, I do know someone.
Do you remember Mike
the sound engineer?
I can see if he'll come by.
Maybe he's willing to help.
Okay, that sounds good.
Thank you. It really
means a lot to me.
So I guess I'm gonna text
the guys and let them know.
They'll be really excited.
Oh no, I got this and
I'm taking your phone.
You know, I didn't
hear a thing from her.
Have you checked? Is it open?
It is open. There's a meeting
down in the basement, so-
- yeah, you said that. - Yeah.
and if we can't record,
I really just wanna
get my drums back.
Oh yeah.
I haven't even changed
clothes from yesterday, so-
yeah, I haven't showered.
I hear ya. Well, let's just-
it's early, so-
let's just go get our stuff.
Let's just get it.
- Yeah. - All right.
Hey guys, we're over
here. Come on over.
Hey guys, how's it going?
Well, pretty good.
Great. How are you doing?
- Doing okay. - Good.
Say, I've heard
you guys practice
and I figured you guys could
probably use a sound guy.
This is Mike.
- Hey, guys.
- Mike, nice to meet you.
- Hey. - Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you. I've heard
your work, it sounds great.
Thanks. I appreciate that.
I've got kind of a
portable setup here
and the room sounds really good.
I think we can make a really
good recording out of it.
Now, I see mics on the
drum I haven't seen before.
Those yours?
- Most of 'em, yeah. - Okay.
Borrowed a few from the church,
but most of 'em are mine.
But yeah, I think
it's gonna be great.
As long as we get the
good basics in the church,
you know, the big
thing is the drums.
Anything after that we
can usually overdub.
If anybody's got recording
capabilities at their house,
we can just take it there
and bring all the files
back to my computer
and it will sound great.
So, what's up?
And you're here too?
All right. Well, I guess
we can get started.
Okay, everyone ready?
We're rolling. Here
comes the click.
Yeah, I thought that sounded
pretty good, you guys.
How'd it sound over there?
Things sound good.
We got a little bit of an
issue with the hi-hat mic,
I think the xlr cable's bad,
so gimme about five
minutes, I'll switch it out
and we should be
back up and running.
Okay, cool. Well, I guess
we'll take five then.
- Oh, hey. - Hey.
You gotta tell me what's
going on with your husband?
I mean, I didn't expect
this big attitude change.
Well, okay, so we had it
out, and I think he's okay
with my outside
interest with the band.
You mean it's okay as
long as he supervises?
- Pretty much. Yeah. - Yup.
Well, don't get me wrong, I'm
not worried about the band,
and playing and stuff,
I'm worried about you.
I mean, is everything okay,
you know, with you guys or?
I suppose we should
get back in there.
This really isn't
the time or place.
I know, but you told him
didn't you? Told him about me?
Yes. I'm sorry, I had to.
I didn't know how else
to make this happen.
It's okay. You know, it's
the end result that counts.
So yeah, let's get back in
there and rock and roll.
Okay guys, what do
you wanna do next?
I think we got a
keeper on that one.
Should we do "time for love?"
Cool, well, I'll get all
the tracks put together
and get the final mixes down.
And soon as I have
'em ready to go,
I'll send 'em to you by email.
Take your time packing
up. We're gonna head out.
I'll see you in the morning.
Okay, sounds good. We'll
see you tomorrow, pastor.
Oh, hey. How's it going?
- Small world. - How you doing?
- Good. - Good to see you.
I see you're hooked
on their coffee too.
Oh, it's the best
coffee in town.
Yeah, I'm here every
day, every morning.
But anyway, I was gonna text
you later about the songs,
which Mike killed it.
Oh man, I'm-
can't believe that's us.
- Yeah. - It sounds so good.
But anyway, you doing
anything tonight?
No, I'm free.
Okay. I work till five.
Why don't you stop over
anytime after that?
I got something really
cool to show you.
Cool. Yeah, I'm excited,
I can't wait to hear it.
Yeah, I won't give away
the surprise yet, but-
But it's cool.
All right.
Okay, well, I'll see
you after work then.
Hey, how's it going?
Good. Is there somewhere
I can talk to you alone?
Just take her in the rear.
Oh, I think, we have
a break room in back.
We can go back there.
I hope it's okay
that I stopped by.
No, it's cool.
Seriously, it's fine.
Okay, good.
I didn't want you to get
in trouble with the boss.
I promise. It's all good.
Okay. Good.
So what's up?
I don't really know.
I woke up this morning
and I just had a
really strong tuition
that I needed to see
you, so here I am.
You can see I'm perfectly fine.
But I'm glad you're here
because I was wondering,
I have the day off,
day after tomorrow,
and would you be interested
in getting together
and try writing a song together?
You mean like a new song?
Yeah, we'll just start with
a guitar and a notebook
and we'll just see
what we come up with.
Well, I've got an
appointment in the morning,
but I should be free
in the afternoon.
So yeah, I think I could
make that work. Sounds fun.
And while you're here,
I wanted to ask you
something else too.
Um. Okay.
Well, if something
happens to me.
Don't say that. We're not
gonna think about that.
Well, actually,
this is something
that would gimme a
little peace of mind, so.
Okay, go ahead.
Well, you know, my cat Moosey,
and you know she absolutely
means the world to me.
She's been by my side
for many, many years.
So what I'm wondering is if
something does happen to me,
if you'd take her and
let her live with you
and you could take
care of her for me.
You know, the pastor's
actually allergic to cats,
but I really love
cats, so I'll do it.
What are you gonna
do with the turtles?
My boss has a grandson who
just loves the turtles.
In fact, he's going to
take 'em this winter
and keep him there
during the cold months.
Oh, good. What's wrong?
I don't know, I've never
really gotten emotional
about this whole
situation before,
and to me it was just going
on another great adventure.
But now I don't wanna die.
I've got too much to live for.
Thanks to you.
Thank you. I'd better
let you get back to work.
Hey, nice to see
you. How's it going?
Come on in.
Good to see you.
Yeah, good to see you.
Want something to drink?
Ice tea, if you have it. Please.
- Sure. Have a seat.
- Thank you.
So here's what I did. I made
up a bunch of these CDs.
I actually had the
CDs printed on.
We had a printer at work
that somebody brought
in to have fixed,
and they never picked it
up, and I checked it out.
It actually prints on CDs and
DVDs. So, heck, I used that.
And then I did a
little photoshopping
and made, you know, those
pictures that we took,
and then I put some
information about the band
and sent 'em out, sent
'em to I think 32 labels.
Cool. Can I check one out?
I'd like to see...
well, actually,
these are for you.
- Okay, thanks. - Take these.
And I assume you're
gonna see the other guys
before I will.
So if you wanna, you
know, give them a copy-
- yeah, for sure. - Or whatever.
But I'm just thrilled to
how everything sounded.
This is really cool.
This is perfect.
This is something I've kinda
wanted to do for a long time,
and I found my
partner, it seems like,
and we're working well
together, and heck,
we should go on indefinitely,
just keep doing it.
I mean, maybe play a show
or something here or there,
but just keep writing
and recording.
Maybe we can get some interest,
get some deals, or if not,
hand 'em out to our friends.
But let's keep doing,
this is a blast.
Let's do this for years to
come. What do you think?
She didn't tell you, man?
No, she didn't. What was
she supposed to tell me?
No, no, just that she said
the pastor's cool
with her doing it too.
So she'll keep going with us.
Oh, okay. Great.
- So, yeah. - Awesome.
Well, I'll say here's to
doing it for years, huh?
- Yeah, absolutely. - All right.
Thanks for asking.
No, but seriously, that
was a brilliant idea
to record their
guitars dry and wet,
because that when you
re-amp the guitars,
oh my gosh, you made
those guitars sound huge.
Well, I can't take
all the credit.
I mean, that's a
industry standard.
Maybe not at our level, but
it just makes sense to me
that I don't have to go
back and redo it later.
- No. - You know,
recreate the performance,
it's already there, so.
You okay? You
don't look so good.
Are you feeling all right?
No, man. I feel like crap.
You want me to take you to
the hospital or something?
No, it's not my head.
It's my stomach.
I had a breakfast
sandwich this morning.
I swear the ham was green. It
is kicking my ass right now.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
If you don't mind though,
maybe I could just go
home for a couple hours
and get this outta my system.
Not a problem.
Okay, let me do that
and I'll give you a call
or I'll be back
in a couple hours.
All right. Just don't rush,
just do what you need to do.
- Okay. - Okay?
Thanks. Thanks again.