Sommer in Orange (2011) Movie Script

(psychedelic rock-music)
This is me, Lili,
on my twelth birthday in Berlin.
This is papa, Fabian, mama and me.
But dad hasn't lived with us for ages.
Papa was politically active.
Papa wanted to fight and save the world.
Mama wants to find herself,
To do this she moved with us to Kreuzberg
into the sannyas commune with Chandra.
This is Chandra with Gopal.
They used to be a couple
but then Gopal got together with mama
and Chandra with Yogi.
Mama is now together with Siddharta.
Gopal is single,
Yogi is having a scene with Brigitte
and Chandra has a spiritual relationship with Prakash
And they all have a spiritual relationship with Bhagwan,
our Guru in India
He's the one with lots of Rolls Royces,
and because of him we all wear orange clothes
And as John Lennon was shot in New York,
and as the Steizig Family escaped from East Germany
and the punks squatted in the neighbours' house,
us children had the best time of our lives.
And if anyone had asked me then,
I would have kept it going like this for ever.
But do you know what's happened to me?
I have inherited a little farmhouse
in a small village in Bavaria.
And we would like to
maybe create a therapy centre there.
In Bavaria...hmm?
Are you crazy?
Have you ever been there?
You're abolutely crazy.
So I think its great.
Just imagine
our own Therapy centre.
Our own Therapy centre.
It's fantastic.
Who do you want to send to therapy?
Franz Joseph Strauss? or who?
No, you!
A therapist centre!
Just like in Poona with Bhagwan.
You see!
Well, I'm in!
Yep, I'm in anyway.
Well if you're asking me,
me too!
Well you move to Bavaria.
Gopal and I are actually going to the DDR.
In our opinion existential Socialism
exists as Bhagwan's construct
of the ultimate letting go.
We don't only want to meditate.
We also want to live our beliefs.
Integrated with everyday living. Right?
Of course.
And without anyone asking me
it happened.
Yoo Hoo!
Come on Lili,
laugh a bit, hey!
If Amrita says it will be good
then it will be good.
Your mama has super intuition.
I thinks it's shit that no other kids came.
Oh sweetheart. I know.
But there'll be lots of other kids here.
And you'll soon have lots of friends. Hm?
I promise you.
And now stop being so negative.
Do you know how lovely it is?
Come on let's sing our song...
An apple tree and horse manure
and clouds
that float by themselves
I can't listen anymore.
Please stop singing.
Wish for something and you get it..
Oh! Stop. I can't hear you!
Are you saying something?
Hey! There it is!
I imagined it much smaller.
This is incredible.
What is this?
This cupboard has to go down.
Do you want to go in front?
Don't let it fall.
Bloody hell.
Okay then not.
You two are treasures.
Put it there!
Hey it's not even dyed!
I'll dye it for you okay?
No, leave it alone.
It's from Granny.
So what? It's so bourgeois!
What do you want with this stuff?
Come on I'll take it down with me.
I'll throw it away.
No. Granny sewed this herself.
What Granny hasn't done!
Fabi help me with this.
I can still take it with me anyway...
You're sure. It'll still fit in.
Maxi! Maxi!
Maxi, come here!
Come right now,
Dad's already sitting at the table.
I'm not telling you again.
I'm coming!
So, Beckenbauer, let's eat.
Do you want a brezel?
Look here!
Good morning my sunshines!
What's happening here?
Don't look like that,
a promise is a promise.
Come on sit down!
Who wants chutney?
Just stay open! And don't believe
everything. They're only teachers!
What's the matter with her?
Why? She said it would be super here.
So, this is Lili? From Berlin.
A new student,
living at the Huber farm.
In the name of the class: Welcome!
So, and where shall we seat you?
Hopefully not next to us!
With that hair
she's got lice for sure!
Franz! Pull yourself together.
So sit down here.
No, Silvio sits here!
Not anymore.
You talk too much
Let us pray!
Hello I'm Lili.
My God!
Our Father,
Who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done.
In earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive our trespasses
As we forgive those that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil,
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory
For ever and ever. Amen
Exactly a half a pound.
and from pig's belly the corner there.
Have you seen the riff raff
at Huber's farm?
They're devil worshippers.
Yeh, terrible!
What do you mean terrible?
It's scandalous!
Good day.
I've only got a question.
Where's a grocery shop around here?
What do you think
this is here?
Would you like a sausage? Hm?
No, we're vegetarians,
we don't eat dead animals.
Hey take a look Lili.
Look, this is Siddhartha.
Rubbish! That's a terrorist.
Okay, we're looking for any shop,
where you can buy normal groceries.
These are completely normal!
Freddie it's okay.
We've got a supermarket
just around the corner.
Thanks, Come on, Fabi.
Good luck!
Man! You can't talk rubbish
in front of people like these!
They'll believe it too later!
31 years
Height 1.79 to 1.83
Grey-blue eyes
Temporarily wears glasses.
Beware, armed!
Wonderful? Good day, ladies.
Good day! How can I help you?
Is it my turn already?
Can I trust you? - Yes
It must stay between us!
Okay, then give me three
pairs of frankfurters.
We call them wieners here!
Our father who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done....
A beautiful sermon.
Thank you.
Mrs Hase! Greetings!
Are you feeling better?
No, I'm not feeling better.
I'm not well at all with those satanists there.
I don't sleep anymore,
I live in terror!
Do you hear that Mr Mayor?
On holy Sunday...
I mean, what are they doing there?
Of course I can hear it!
Mr Mayor, you must intervene,
they'll do something to us.
This can no longer be controlled,
they'll send me to my grave!
Now don't upset yourself. There will
be a perfectly good explanation.
Yes, I think the Madam Mayor
is right, Mrs Hase.
Well Father
You know yourself,
we're not usually like this.
But this!
It's somehow strange...
I'm feeling so...
so at home.
As if I'm finally arriving.
I can't sleep.
Me either.
I'm a bit scared.
What of?
Don't know.
Will you sing me our song?
Do you know
how lovely it is?
An appletree and horse manure
and clouds
that float by themselves
as if they're running from the air
wish for something and you'll see
for the first time an ocean of stars
I show you this, all this
so today we're here and now
For this I need my arms to hug you
My eyes to see you
My voice to tell you
that a miracle has happened to me
And my heart beats for you
And go on my path with you
My voice to tell you
that a miracle has happened to me
Oh great!
Come on, Fabi
This annoying squeaking
So your homework
Your homework. Read it out.
I don't have it.
I don't now how things are
where you come from young lady
but here in Talbichl
we have rules. Firstly:
The class begins at 8 sharp
and not a minute later.
Everyone does their homework,
as a matter of fact - daily.
Thirdly: No-one steps out of line.
We stick to our rules.
This includes you.
Firstly: I'm from Berlin
and its easy going there!
Why should I fit in
when you've got rules here
from the middle ages?
And thirdly: I know best
what I do and don't like to do.
My place in the world
will be determined only by me.
Your place is here in the classroom, okay?
While the others go and have a break.
but quietly.
Silence. Quietly I said.
Your kombucha
is really happy here.
It grows and grows!
Anyway, Chandra and I are going to
Prem Bramana's workshop in Munich
Prem Bramana?
I want to come!
Sorry, but it's unfortunately already full;
we only just squeezed in.
Yes. That's right.
Yogi, do you have to? I'm still eating.
It's okay. It doesn't disturb me!
Yes, and what about the kids?
They'll stay here.
It's schooltime, isn't it Lili?
No, it's no problem,
we've already done it heaps of times.
In Poona or
in Brazil for three months.
And these two were in the commune.
they managed really well.
I've got a totally
different memory of it.
Lili, I'm not saying it
was easy for you.
I'm only saying, you managed well.
It was really bad for the kids!
Say, are you trying to give
me a guilty conscience or what?
You have no idea!
I know, I have two children
and am responsible for them.
But still
I have to work on myself.
I have to free myself
from so much.
I know I don't always do everything right,
but at least I'm trying.
Stop. Everyone stay for a few
moments. Sit down again!
Franz, you too. Pay attention!
So, to celebrate the 350th anniversary of Talbichl
it's very soon.
All clubs are part of the program
and it must all run smoothly.
That's why we have to do some rehearsals
during school hours.
Franz! This doesn't count for you.
You stay here and learn.
Your parents think repeating
the class once is enough.
I need to know what each of you
are doing for each club.
You'll write it here on this form.
and then get your parents to sign it.
Oh my God!
Always these schoolbags.
A village festival. That's super!
Can I take part in it?
No. You can't.
Why not?
Well because the village party is
only for the villagers, understand?
Oh super!
Enlightenment is holy.
Think of a little bird,
a hummingbird.
Yes, clearly! You get the tent
because you're a woman.
Tell me,
in which century are you living?
It's my tent.
Tell me, do you begrudge me it?
Has either of you got money?
This little birdy has an ego.
You, did you hear that? The ego.
Do you know what your problem is?
Your big problem?
Hey, honestly,
I don't have a problem.
I believe you do have one.
Kids be quiet.
I really can't meditate.
Maxi! let's go!
Wash your hands. There's food!
Coming, Mum!
You remind me of my colleagues
from politics.
They were also always against everything.
They got upset about every bloody thing.
They demonstrated against
all sorts of things.
Always only "No, no, no!"
But never in favour of anything.
I want to finally
be occupied with something positive.
That world out there is
so cold and superficial.
I want to live a life in love,
in truth and in freedom.
Do you understand this?
That's why I'm here.
I need money.
Just wait !
There's nothing to be said against this,
that's what all of us here want.
But you have to simply separate
youself from old habits..
I need money....
Lili! We're having a conversation here!
On the one hand you can't be against materialism,
and on the other hand
hold onto your stupid tent.
I need money, there is no butter!
Gopal, come on. This creates
bad vibes. Can't you feel it?
You're not even a sannyasin!
Yes. But soon!
Come on, let's sit down and talk.
Tell me, what actually is your problem, hm?
Didn't you ever learn how to argue?
Yeh, now I don't understand this either.
What do you want now?
We're having a completely normal conversation.
Excuse me,
I only wanted to help.
One must respect oneself.
Hello? Is anyone here?
I'm hungry.
Good day Mrs Mayor.
Hi there!
My name is Lili,
I come from the Huber farm.
I'm in the same class as your son, Max.
I know that.
Could you maybe loan me a bit of butter?
Unfortunately we haven't got any.
No butter. Oh dear.
Wait a moment.
What is it?
Excuse me...
Can I possibly have a bit of bread?
We're also out of bread.
Of course.
White or dark bread?
Or black bread
or maybe you'd like a bretzel?
Doesn't matter,
anything you don't need anymore.
Would you like some sausages
with mashed potatoes?
You can also have mashed potatoes
without sausages!
Come on. Eat with us.
I've invited Lili.
There's nothing for lunch at her place today.
Come Lord Jesus,
and be our guest
and bless our food. Amen.
Enjoy your meal!
Enjoy your meal!
Enjoy your meal!
Not even one sausage?
They actually go well together.
No, thanks.
Where is your mother?
She's away... doing therapy.
Away? The whole day?
A few days. She has to work on her childhood.
That takes time.
Working on her childhood. Aha!
And who cooks for you, at lunchtime?
We make our own sandwiches.
And who's taking care of you?
We look after ourselves. Who else?
But that's not right!
And your father?
At the moment he's travelling
on the Rainbow Warrior.
That's a ship.
Is your father the captain?
No, my father is politically active
with Greenpeace.
He's saving the whales and the jungle.
Being politically active.
Political actions?.
Yeh, my dad is a eco-activist
He chains himself to atomic reactors
and that sort of thing.
An activist?
The family is dead.
The small family is no adequate lifestyle anymore.
The lifestyle of the future is the commune.
The commune is like a big family,
but without the pressure.
People live in communes because
they want to, not because they have to.
Women, men and children
live together with the same rights.
The children don't belong to their
parents but to the whole commune.
To everyone. Isn't that great?
So every child has 20 parents
or a hundred or a thousand.
In the commune
the children live in the group,
and they're not dependant on their mothers.
Now, listen to me carefully.
Here is Bhagwan's gift to you.
We're going to build the biggest
commune in the world.
With Bhagwan and for Bhagwan.
In Oregon, USA.
It's called Rajneesh City!
And I, invite each single one of you to
contribute with your body and your soul.
Come here.
Who are you?
Close your eyes
You energy is beautiful.
I would like to give you a gift, Amrito.
A mantra.
Your mantra.
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Mama is here!
It was so great.
Wow,look how much you've grown.
Did you bring us anything ?
This time, I brought you a special present.
For all of you.
For all the commune. Come on!
Nice to see you again!
The Stone of enlightenment.
From the ashram in Poona.
It knows everything
An answer for everything.
You stand on it and simply ask.
Yes, that's amazing
Straight from Poona.
Bhagwan's energy
is coming directly into our garden.
In every blade of grass,
in every flower that grows, in us! Yahoo!
And this is just the beginning!
What is?
Prakash is here for a specific reason.
He promised to help us with Buddha Hall.
He'll lead the work.??
Then finally it can get going.
Yes, exactly four weeks.
and Prem Bramana will come
and consecrate our Therapy centre.
What, Prem Bramana?
Prem Bramana!
The Prem Bramana?
The Bhagwan's Prem Bramana?
He'll give sannyas in our Therapy centre.
Brigitte, he'll give you sannyas!
Well I'll be!
He's an amazing guy.
He has an amazing aura.
And he's extremely attractive.
But how did you manage this?
Did you ask him yourself?
Prem and I ... well we
have an amazing connection.
I believe that, Prem and Amrita
know each other from a previous life.
Really, you should have been there.
It was holy. It was really holy!
He simply invited me into
his suite,
and then I told him
about our commune.
And then he just offered to
visit us.
He only wants to fuck you.
Siddhartha are you jealous?
Hey, it's got really
amazing energy. The Stone!
Yeh, something isn't right here.
I'm not getting any feedback.
I have to find the right place.
Pssh, are we having peace now!
That's not possible!
What's not possible again? Oh
Have a look at this.
It can't be true.
Hey, you don't have to look!
Hey! Maxl! Franzi!
Hey, Ernst!
Everyone's naked! At Lili's home!
That can't be!
Shanti, shanti ole ole
shanti, shanti
nakedness is so beautiful.
Lili, will your mum
dance naked for me?
Say what? Are you crazy?
It's pretty obvious who's crazy around here.
My mother certainly doesn't get
naked and dance around the garden!
You're all really uptight.
And you're all not normal.
Hey. It's written in the paper as well.
You're all crazy.
Naked terrorists.
Your boss wants world domination.
That's total rubbish.
That's got nothing to do with us.
And why are you dressed in
red and wear beads?
Come Franz, leave it.
Ohh right Max. Are you in love?
Hey, get your fingers off.
That's a mala.
Only sannyasins are
allowed to wear these.
The energy is too strong for others.
Get your hands off!
What do you want from me, you midget.
Come on Fabi, leave it
Pack your grandfather away again!
This isn't our grandfather.
It's our guru!
He has got super strength like Obelix.
He is our master
and he has a Rolls Royce.
That all sounds a bit exotic
but with us, everything is normal!
Honestly. Totally normal.
Normal? We don't
want to be normal.
Mami says everyone normal is bourgeois.
Papi says everone normal is a fascist.
Bhagwan says that....
That's enough Fabi!
Honestly we are absolutely normal.
If you don't believe me
then I'll prove it to you.
And how will you prove it to us?
I, I ...
I'll have a birthday party.
1st July at my place.
In the commune.
Everyone's invited.
Do we have to all come naked?
Good day, I'm Rudi Fuchs
your postman.
Tell me, don't you read your mail?
I mean, normally people
read their mail, don't they?
Normal? How do you actually know
what's normal and what's not normal?
Have you seen mum anywhere?
But she'll be here soon.
We're all going
to listen to a lecture.
It's ridiculous!
Yeh,go on laugh!
You dreary little house master, you!
Just finally admit it!
I've got no idea how the sausages
got into my bag!
Someone could have borrowed the bag..... I don't know!
We agreed. We would not eat
any dead animals in the house.
And you hide sausages in the cellar!
That's the last straw.
And while we're at it:
I don't like it that you smoke hash
Bhagwans says,
no drugs no alcohol....
and no sausages!
Does one of you know where mum is?
Lili, did you borrow this handbag?
No idea.
Did you hear?
She doesn't know either.
The handbag could have
been borrowed by someone,
who put the sausages in there.
And anyway hash is not a drug.
The red indian shamans take it
for their ceremonies.
For consciousness raising and healing.
Now you admit it.
I admit nothing. Nothing.
Here you are, I've
been searching everywhere.
How late is it?
About 1.30.
Mama, I'm not doing good.
I need to talk to you.
It's not a good time right now.
We're going to listen to a lecture from Prem now.
Talk later! Yes.
But mum, in the school
they're bullying me.
And that's why I want
to have a birthday party.
But you're not allowed to wear red
or orange clothes.
Lili you're a really special girl,
with a really special energy.
And not everybody can
handle it. But that's okay.
You are okay just as you are.
We'll talk,
but later, hm?
Oh. Sweetie you are so amazing.
It is...
this energy...
We're making love and I'm
feeling Prem's energy.
It is really deep in me.
Excuse me? Who is inside you?
That hurts me,
don't you notice this?
This shit Prem Bramana?
Who invited him?
We're making love and
Prem is inside you?
I don't understand this,
I'm a sensible person.
Do you know what?
Just get lost!
If he's got such a super energy
then just go with that idiot
Prem Bramana to Oregon
and build your Rajneesh City!
But leave me in peace!
I don't give a shit about Oregon
I'm staying here.
Where is the Stone?
Probably already flew to Oregon,
because there's such super energy there.
Hey, look at how Lili is dressed today!
For my thirteenth birthday
I invite you to the
Huber farm.
On the 21st June at 11 oclock.
Don't look at her so stupid.
Your homework.
Vincent wait.
Are you looking for something?
Oregon or something similar.
Oh, you mean Oregon!
But that's over there in America.
In America?
Or did you mean Italy?
You can't do that!
Prakash, I don't think this right.
The Stone belongs here.
I found the best place.
This has the right cosmic vibrations.
They would have built a cathederal here earlier.
Here. My hairs are standing on end.
How do you say this in German?
The Stone belongs to us!
Yes, but if there's better
energy in the forest?
This is our symbol!
Just now, when Prem is coming!
Now I've got it again!
Here! This way.
Can you feel the cosmic pull?
How did you get here with the Stone?
I don't know.
Now! That's enough!
We've been here already!
Just admit it,
you fucked up!
Well, I guess he wanted to find
the best place for our Stone.
Hey, Lili!
The two idiots are down there!
Max and Franz
Hello Lili.
What we did yesterday,
we're sorry about it.
And Susi told us that you would
like to participate in the village festival.
We could help you.
Lili, let me pass.
Leela is just arriving from Poona.
We're going to celebrate.
Come, celebrate.
No! Thanks.
What is this?
Are they drugs?
Rubbish, its healthy.
This is kombucha, you drink it!
You have to understand it as meditation!
Undress for the old bag.
Get naked,move a bit,
and always remain the observer, yeh.
I mean. The Bavarian rate payers
are paying for this.
You could get to Poona on that money.
Come in!
Its just a subversive Peep show.
The door is staying open, or are
you going through your puberty shame phase?
Its all totally natural!
What are you wearing?
Like Heidi!
Yes, I live here.
It's nice here.
Hello Amrita.
You are such an hilarious group!
But there's something I like about you!
So what's happening with the village festival?
Now,listen to this. If you want
to participate in the village festival
First of all you need
a sensible club. ....Shooting,
Choir or firebrigade
And with this, we can help you.
I mean, Max is the
son of the mayor!
As you can imagine,
this can have advantages.
That would be super.
And how can I join a club.
Do I have to introduce myself somewhere,
or do I have to do something?
Now look here.
We'll do something for you,
then you can do something for us.
Show us your tits.
I can tell you this:
You can forget the Village festival.
And no one's coming to
your stupid birthday!
That's what I'm telling you.
Come on Max!
Hey, are you coming down?
Leela is here!
Everything okay?
I did rebirthing,
Primal, Encounter,
Biodynamic Massage, Tantra.
Actually everything that was on offer.
You've really got great energy.
I like that.
You are a woman that can
let herself go. I can feel this.
You'll never be imprisoned,
you are wild and free.
Yeh well, Poona is liberating.
One can try out things.
All are open and ready to share.
Everyone is working on themselves
and working for the community.
I saw so many lovely
people in the Ashram.
Lovely, loving, free People.
True love happens only in freedom.
I'm serious Leela.
You are a goddess.
Let me be your god.
Let's see, if I find my god here.
I'm ready.
So greetings good sirs.
I'll send my regards when I see them.
Yes, yes.
Regarding the property in the
3 J.M.Fisher Street Talbichl,
the following facts are;
The renovations of the former
stables and barn according to
the Bavarian building code
Article 23C subsection 16.
A building code construction project is subject to approval.
A planning application has
not been submitted.
So this building is illegal.
After repeated requests to stop
and return the buiding to its original state,
were not followed,
the original state must be returned by 04.06.1981,
which is today.
We have permission to bulldoze the building.
You can't do that.
This can't happen. Please!
Stay calm everyone.
We're only building
a Therapy centre here.
Now Ernst it looks totally solid.
We can talk about this...
You're mistaken.
There's nothing more to talk about.
With this building
you are going against the codes .
Law is law.
We're going to demolish this shit.
Now you go over to the side,
then it will get demolished.
I don't understand what you're saying,
but now I'm going to tell you something.
What do mean "you"?
Did we play together as kids ?
Hey! This is my land and earth,
and I can stand where I want!
You won't be demolishing anything here.
Here. Please!
Now you listen to me!
Its like this, I know a bit about this,
and when I look around here,
I can see in the street there,
at least 10 illegal infringements
against the provisions
of the Bavarian building code. Right?
What about your old gas tanks for example?
Well,my understanding is
they are too close to the
surrounding buildings.
According to paragragh 7.5
article 27B
requires effluent protection.
Yes, yes, you're right.
Let's go, Hannes!
Ernstl don't be cross with me,
but we have to talk about this another time!
Be honourable!
This will have repurcussions.
I promise you.
You can't do this to me.
Not to me.
I am the mayor of Talbichl!
What are you doing here?
It's break time.
All children outside.
Not me.
Why not?
They're all shit!
Really? All of them?
No idea.
No idea.... all shit....
You have to go outside...
You have to look......
You have to go ....
and get to know the people.
Otherwise you won't know,
if everyone is shit.
I don't want to be in
any of the stupid clubs.
Yes we're going.
They are all stupid.
Fabi, Bhagwan says we should
go and get to know people.
Before that we don't know
if they're stupid.
Really? Bhagwan said that?
Yes, or something similar.
Greetings to you blokes.
We're looking for a club.
Can we join you?
Is it possible?
Do you know what a
blokes club is made of?
So, with all my christian love,
are you baptised?
Now I'll tell you once more:
we really don't need anyone.
There's no room, we've
already got too many.
I'm sorry,
but we've already got enough!
Don't be cross with me,
but I'm not teaching any activists shooting.
And do me a favour and read it .
Thanks again,
for your help with the Mayor.
Good day!
Hey, whats the matter?
Whats the matter?
No bloody club wants us.
On Wednesday
we went to the blokes club,
Thursday the choir,
Friday, the folk dance club
and at the shooting club
that asshole mayor is the boss.
And they won't take me either,
even though I can shoot.
That's what's wrong!
No. This won't do!
That certainly won't do.
Ok, this is Lili and Fabian.
Lili plays the drums and Fabian, flute.
These two have great talent
and therefore will support us
during the village festival.
Welcome to the music club.
He's invited those red mongrels to our music club.
Yep exactly!
So you can get irritated.
Gerd what is it?
It's nothing.
Come here to me.
I'll show you how it's going.
So, you don't need to be scared,
just keep playing with feeling.
Let's go.
We'll do our best.
One, two...
As it is in heaven so it is on earth
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
What is that?
What will it be?
Oh, don't
Come on,
its not the first time you've seen it.
But that's Leela and Gopal?
Prakash? Siddharta?
Just come on now.
A woman?
This is unbelievable!
Mmm, I'm really hungry
Oh, it smells yummy.
What is that strange hat?
From Rudi.
Greetings all.
I'll see you off.
See you later people.
This is unbelievable.
Am I hungry!
What's the meaning of this?
Your village idiot.
It wasn't the village idiot.
It was the postman.
I asked you something.
That was Rudi, our postman.
We just slept together.
Rudi is an excellent lover.
He is so sensitive and imaginative.
We've meditated together.
You slept with someone
from the village?
And me?
You're also not bad in bed.
Yes, but with us
it's about much more.
We are ying and yang, soul partners.
We have the same breathing rhythm,
and you awakened my kundalini.
And recently you
had multiple orgasms!
I always have them.
What really, every time?
I don't believe that.
We're all free.
Only in freedom
can sexual energy flow.
Love isn't monogamous.
On man, People! Love...
Love embraces all mankind.
We don't give love,
we don't take love.
Love is.
You! You!
I don't believe that now.
Aye yay yay.
Someone from the village..
Did you have to?
Can we do this?
I mean,
seen from the energetic
it's the super ego.
I mean you said:
Sexuality is the unification of the
highest spiritual level
You said,
that two have to be from the same energy
on the same level.
This is where the spiritual decay starts.
And now.
when the big Prem Bramana is coming.
Very funny.
Yes, it's very funny, really.
No, so not.
When Prem comes,
then you'll leave your postman at home.
Ah come on,
don't be ridiculous.
You're more borgeois
than the entire vilage.
Now it's straight, fix it!
No! No!
Down a bit on the right!
Like this?
No, a bit more!
A bit more!
Hey, do I have to lower it!
No, you stay where you are!
Tell me, this is crooked!
No, from here it looks straight!
Anyway the yard is crooked,
so it straightens itself out.
Are you stoned or something?
No, really.
It looks straight from here.
Hello sweetie pie!
Do you want some?
Everything okay?
Something's wrong, hm?
Still school?
But you're not okay, hm?
I can feel it.
Shall I talk with your teacher?
No, Please don't.
Sweetie, sometimes
everything isn't okay with me either.
Then I just have to talk about it.
Let me in.
I don't want to talk about it now.
That's a shame.
I'd like to have spoken with you again.
We haven't had a good talk for ages.
Yes. Strange!
I know.
I've had lots going on in the last while.
Buddha-hall and the Therapy centre and...
But everything will be better now.
Now eveything will be better.
I promise.
And where? Perhaps in Oregon?
There he is.
There he is, here's Prem!
He's here!
He's here! Prem is here!
Hi, Prem.
Hi, Darling!
Leave me alone,
I don't want to talk now!
Can't you hear? I don't want to!
Excuse me!
Hey darling.
Wake up. This is your big day!
My day!
What is this?
This is Rudi.
This is brass music,
traditional Bavarian music.
The village out there is having a festival.
A party.
It's a village party.
A party? Really?
And we're not there? Why?
Hey! Whats the matter with you?
You're a part of the village.
How would it be
if we gave the village a mantra.
Come on!
Lets go to a party!
Okay, come on.
Here in Talbichl we
have a healthy agriculture,
a lively community, where even
the youth are a strong part,
and each can find strong role models.
So we stand here today
and don't need to hide.
Neither commercially,
nor politically nor culturally
That's why.
And therefore,
because we have made what we are
with our own hands, we can be proud,
and with pride
and confidence look to the future.
This village life...
that our grandfathers...
and grandmothers have passed
trustfully into our hands.
We will pass
onto our children and
our children's children.
and now,
Dear fellow citizens and people,
together let us celebrate
this honourable Day!
Hello, Mister.
Very pleased, very pleased.
We don't want to interfere!
But may I....
Don't be cross with me,
we have a program here,
and you are not even ....
Love to you!
We heard of this festival
and we have brought you a present!
Because we want to be part of
this wonder-wonderful village
How do you look?
It's ridiculous.
What are you even doing here?
You're not usually interested
in what we do.
These two have joined us in the band.
They're very talented.
Lili? What's with the dress?
Look at me!
Don't touch me!
You couldn't give a
shit what I'm wearing.
and you couldn't give a shit about me.
Just do your bloody therapy
and leave me alone.
Now, let's take it slowly, my young lady.
I am still your mother.
And what you do or don't do
is definitely my business.
And don't say "shit" so often.
It disturbs me.
Shit. Shit.
You are unfair.
I have to worry about my problems.
and about you. Do you know how many
responsibilities sit on my shoulders?
You look after us!
Who always makes the breakfast for Fabi? You?
And who pays for the food?
I'll just eat with the neighbours.
It's much better anyway. I get sausages there,
and Cola and I'm also allowed to watch television.
You go to that
right winged mayor's family,
to this fat red neck.
And you eat sausages
and watch mind numbing television?
Yes! And I think it's great!
Oh, Lili.
I'm sending you to the kids' camp:
to the Montessori School,
the anti-authoritarian school,
as soon as possible.
Do you want to get close to these
capitalist narrow minded small brained people?
I don't understand!
We're going!
And you're coming!
It's getting a bit critical now.
I think its better if you all go.
Leave Gopal alone!
Please. Please.
Have you gone mad?
Stop it!
Stop it!
Our Father, who art in heaven...
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory, for ever and ever.
Come on, Peace!
I don't understand this.
Lili and I,
we've always been so close.
Ah, sweetie,
it will all be good.
Lili is a super girl,
so strong, and so are you.
It'll be fine...
Hi, Prem.
I'm so sorry.
It's my ego.
I'm so sorry.
It's always my ego.
I'm sorry.
And now leave us alone.
Hey, drop your ego, Siddharta.
Drop your ego.
Men! We can't let allow this.
This is enough!
We have to do something!
Tell me, do you have
to clean up now?
We've got important things to discuss.
Can't you see that?
Yes, such important stuff!
You idiots you!
Just you talk,
while the woman do all the work.
You're absolutely right.
Just don't get your hands dirty.
Pull yourself together.
No, really not. Now get down.
You can show off somewhere else.
We want to pack up.
As if you behaved like gentlemen.
Get going!
But we didn't start it.
Come on, Lili.
You can't lie around here all day.
Yes I can.
Hey. We have to talk.
I want to get close to you again.
Since we're been living here there's
something not right.
Bad energy,bad karma.
You're not feeling well? Heh ?
I can't continue.
I had a long conversation
with Prem last night
He's great.
So energetic, so ....
full of power.
And he immediately understood our situation.
Totally clearly.
We're stuck.
Are we going to move again?
Come here.
You know, I've been
searching for years,
and I'm just not getting anywhere.
But thanks to Prem,
I know what I need now,
and who I am and where I have to go.
I'll go to Oregon with Prem.
Bhagwan wants me
to help build the new commune.
I've been waiting for this my whole life.
I just didn't know it.
And us?
You two are going to Medina.
The children's commune in England.
You won't have to fit in there,
No-one will give you a hard
time about your clothes
and you won't have any
more problems at school,
and when Oregon is established,
I'll bring you over.
Lili, it's great.
Bhagwan says, that its better
if children grow up without their parents.
They fill them with information,
that later creates blocks.
And that's true.
And then you can grow up without this rubbish.
You will be free.
You want to get rid of us, push us away,
so you can finally do what you want.
Thats how it is, isn't it?
No Lili....
I wish you had never had us.
Oh Fabi.
Yes. Lili.
Where are you going?
I'm hitching to Hamburg to my dad's!
Lili, child!
Come on, get in.
Lili! Hey.
Come on, don't cry.
My mother wants to get rid of us.
We have to go to boarding school,
to the sannyas school in England.
And she'll go to America with this
therapist wanker.
She wants to build
the new Rajneeshpuram.
The what?
The new sannyas city.
Yes and you?
We have to go way. To England.
So she can have her peace and quiet.
But maybe she doesn't mean it like that.
She is still your mother.
No, she isn't a mother.
It's about Lili.
I told her about Oregon
and now she's gone.
Lili hurts me,
and I hurt her.
Like with me and my mother.
I want to go to Oregon with you.
To start fresh, build the ashram
and to be near Bhagwan.
But the kids in England...
that breaks my heart....
We all have to make sacrifices.
You'll grow from this.
Your children too.
Okay Amrito.
I'm going to work with you now.
This is not about Lili, there's
something stuck, deeper inside you.
It's about you and your mother.
Okay, stop it.
Stand up!
this won't be easy for you,
but we must get through the pain.
Okay? Okay?
I am now your mother.
Look at me.
I am your mother,
and do you know what I am feeling for you?
I feel nothing. Nothing.
I have no love for you.
I don't feel myself,
and I don't feel you.
You are my daughter,
but I feel nothing.
Look at me Amrito.
Yes, you are my daughter,
but I don't love you!
Hey, I don't love you.
I am cold,
my heart is totally cold and empty.
Come on move! Defend yourself!
Come on! Move!
You stupid little girl!
Fight! What's the matter with you?
I am an unwanted child!
That's right, I don't want you!
I don't love you!
That's good.
Show us your feelings, come on!
Show us how you feel in this moment.
Why don't you scream!
Scream your anger out!
Just like that! Yes!
We can't hear you!
I hate you! I hate you!
You are my mother!
Yes, that's right!
Like that, great!
Let it out! Come on!
Go into the feeling, go in!
Maxi should clean his gear away
when he comes home!
What's she doing here?
She's got no place here.
You get lost!
Pull yourself together Ernst!
Why should I pull myself together?
Now it begins!
Get lost, I said!
No. I'm not going back.
Hey, accept yourself
I hate my mother, I hate them all.
Lili, your mother doesn't mean it like that...
Yes, she means it!
I'm never going back.
I want to stay with you!
Of course. Anything else?
I'm not going home. I don't want to!
They are all criminals!
Criminals? What do you mean?
Leave the poor girl alone!
No, no, no!
Tell me criminal, how?
Drugs or what?
Yes, drugs.
Hashish, mushrooms, marijuana-
they smoke everything! And...
And what?
And stealing!
All the wood for the
Buddha Hall is stolen.
Just like I told you.
Nothing but antisocial and criminals!
Yes, criminals!
And terrorist symphathisers.
They throw stones at the police.
What? Did you say terrorists?
Now, first get her something to eat.
Now, look here.
Thank you!
What's up?
Better stay here, Lili!
We're peaceful!
We're innocent!
Let's go!
I'm an American citizen!
Lili! Lili!
Leave me alone.
You pigs!
Let me go!
Shit, you can't do this.
Let the boy go!
Get going.
So now! Here we have it!
What have we got?
This is an air rifle!
But the tendency is clear!
Look, what I've found!
Like I told you: drugs!
Yes, what! Come on. Look more.
There'll be more for sure.
Ah bloody hell! Brennesel.
Keep going.
I knew it straight away,
and now they're going to get it.
Oh, now I'm locked out.
She's not here.
Don't worry about Lili,
she'll have found herself
a little place somewhere.
What's up?
Come on!
Here I am.
Holy shit!
Lili, what are you doing here all alone?
Have you got problems?
I know...
At our house everything is
just wrong and..
and I don't know anymore,
what I should do and...
when sorrow comes, watch!
When joy comes, watch.
But don't identify with
either the joy or the suffering.
However big your sorrow is:
Let it go
Don't look at hell.
Don't identify with hell.
Just be yourself.
I don't now? well...
and when you've managed this,
then you're practically...
What shall I do now,
or what shall I do next?
Are you asking me the way?
I have to tell you honestly,
no idea!
Yes, no idea!
I don't know, no idea!
I love you so much!
Not even one day!
I mean, shit
Come on! We're leaving.
We're flying to Oregon.
Pack your things.
I still don't understand!
What did they want here?
Why was the house searched?
What did we do?
The mayor just doesn't like us.
That gives him the right to lock us up
and make a mess in our home?
What's going on?
What were they looking for?
I don't understand.
All the record covers are cut up.
Are they crazy? Do you understand?
I'm to blame.
I betrayed you.
What did you betray, sweetie?
That you take drugs and steal
and throw stones at the police.
Who did you tell?
The mayor.
Say, are you nuts?
Do you know, what they did to us?
They handcuffed us !
They stuck us into a prison cell.
They searched high and low for drugs.
Man, Lili, I had a finger in my arse.
I'm sorry!
Fuck, Lili....
Because of you I've got a report.
Yes, me too.
I didn't want that.
Its okay.
Everyone, I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry,
with all my heart. But...
I was so pissed off with all of you.
I wanted to be part of the village
and you behaved like you
are alone on the world.
I was so ashamed of you,
that I forgot who I am.
Now, I know it again.
And why did they cut my album covers up?
Good morning.
Oh no.
What's this then?
That's not possible!
Lili, come here right now
and look at this!
The only thing I know,
is that today is your birthday.
How wonderful, that Lili exists,
and is loved by dogs and cats and mice.
We wish you a wonderful,
beautiful new year!
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
We're burying Wiltrud Hase
who's now in the hands of the Lord.
She was a model of bitterness and resentment.
No-one held onto crusty old habits like her.
And so we carry our sister to the grave.
The times are changing and
we're changing with them.
Yes, and this is how it continued:
Chandra emigrated to La Gomera
and has a small bio-hotel!
Yogi, Gerd and Gopal got really rich.
They started a big business
with our Kombucha plant.
It's available in every supermarket now.
Shakti followed Prem Bramana to Oregon.
A few years later, the Ashram broke up,
and a few years later,
Shakti was Brigitte again and returned to politics.
Leela and Rudi got married,
and had twins,
and give Yoga and Ayurvedic courses
at the Talbichl TAFE.
Fabi never did join the shooting club.
He preferred to start
a career as a forward.
Ah, Sch...!
Mum and Siddharta got together again for now.
And Max and I also got together.
That's impossible.
Of course it's possible.
How is it possible?
I'll put the light on again.
Don't be mad at me,
but I don't know,
what it will achieve.
when your leg is up there.
Because that's how it goes with
the crab position.
Pull yourself together Ernsl,
you promised me!
Oh alright, give your leg here.
Because we have to go with the
new fangled rubbish.
It's not possible!
What did I say?
Translation thanks to Susheela and Kaiyum,
grammar and spelling thanks to Sandhya,
ripping encoding and burning thanks to G.