Sommeren '92 (2015) Movie Script

In a world where 2 plus 2 is 4 -
- Denmark will never win
the European Championship.
But I absolutely believe
that we can win the cup in 1992.
I know what you're thinking: "No way,
that's impossible." But it isn't.
And you're right, if we do this by
the book, we don't stand a chance.
But... what if we write
a different book?
If we know more about them
than they know about us -
- then we can beat teams
that seem better than us on paper.
I'm tired of losing.
Not because we play badly.
I don't think we do.
To put it bluntly, we're too naive.
We're too stupid.
A small country like us must decide:
Do we want to win or look good?
Because personally, I'm tired...
- Richard.
- Jonna, I'm working here.
- The kids are here.
- I'll be right up.
I'm tired of looking good
and losing.
- Where are they?
- Well, they left.
- They left?
- Sure.
- You've been down there for hours.
- I have?
Sit down and have a cup of coffee.
- It'll go fine tomorrow.
- Sure.
Since the '80s, the Danish national
team has been loved everywhere -
- for its entertaining style
and the raw charm of its players.
This is the international breakthrough
for Danish football.
Led by the best Danish
national coach ever, Sepp Piontek -
- we've been dubbed
"the world's best losers".
Piontek is retiring in two weeks.
The big question is:
Who will succeed him?
Sepp has recommended his assistant,
Richard Mller Nielsen.
What are your plans for the team?
Has Sepp given you any tips?
Don't you want one?
They're pretty good.
- How are you?
- I'm good, thanks, Frits.
And you?
- I'll have one after all.
- I thought you might.
Anyway, Richard,
we're happy to see you.
We have to find Sepp's successor,
and we've given it a lot of thought.
- I've given it a lot of thought, too.
- Hang on a moment.
- We've given it a lot of thought.
- Indeed.
- It hasn't been easy.
- Good Lord, no.
But we've come to the conclusion...
It should be a foreigner.
- A foreigner?
- Yes.
Richard, we Danes are so...
- Boring.
- Boring and unimaginative.
We think a lot of our success over
these past eight years is thanks to -
- Sepp's vision, as a foreigner.
The beautiful style of play.
- The foreign perspective.
- Indeed, the foreign perspective.
It couldn't just be
that Sepp is a skilled coach?
- That...
- That too.
But it's also because he's a foreigner.
So we'd like to thank you
for all the good years.
Yes, and we wish you
the best of luck.
Hans Bjerg-Petersen, why didn't
you pick Richard Mller Nielsen?
Because we can find
better candidates abroad.
But Richard Mller led the
youth team to their best season ever.
He's got to be pretty talented.
Look, anyone could have
coached that team to victory.
Even my grandmother.
- What are you doing?
- We need a new kitchen.
- What?
- We've had this one for 25 years.
It's going to be great.
Is this about the grandmother? They
should hire her. See how that works.
I've never met the lady, so I can't
comment on her qualifications.
She may be a brilliant coach, but for
now we're going to get a new kitchen.
We could hire professionals to do it,
you know.
It doesn't have to be foreigners.
- We need a list.
- Look.
It says here they install
the whole thing. How about it?
Crisis today at the football
association as it was revealed -
- that the new coach, Horst Wohlers,
is still under contract.
- I just want to...
- Frits Ahlstrm, what went wrong?
We have to admit that
it's an unfortunate turn of events.
Is Horst Wohlers going to be
the new coach?
No, he isn't.
Who then? The next match
is only three weeks ahead.
Yes, I know.
We're working around the clock.
At one point, Richard Mller Nielsen
was the favourite.
Is he still a candidate?
Richard is a seasoned coach,
so naturally we're considering him.
You say no.
Do you hear me? Tell them no.
You can't be second choice.
Third choice. After a grandmother.
- You turned me down. The first time.
- I mean it.
You can't take that job.
No, of course not.
- Off on holiday, Hans?
- I quit.
I don't condone
the association's choices.
Oh. Why is that?
- We're in for it.
- The association believes in me.
They tried seven other people first.
That's how much they believe in you.
Was your grandmother one of them?
I'm sure you're a perfectly good coach -
- but to the players
you'll always be the ball boy -
- who washed their underpants.
Our pool: Yugoslavia, Denmark, Northern
Ireland, Austria, Faroe Islands.
Only one country will qualify
for the Championship -
- and we aim to win our pool.
Will the biggest Danish football stars
follow a man like Richard Mller?
Michael and Brian Laudrup,
Peter Schmeichel.
They know him as the assistant.
Can he win their respect?
I'm dying to find out, too.
They're world class players.
Individuals, who are used
to a lot of latitude.
Hi, guys.
A historic first goal by the Faroese
team in an international tournament.
Kaj, come in.
Should I play three in the back,
or four?
There are only 50,000 inhabitants
on the Faroe Islands.
I'm inclined to use three.
One thing is certain: I'm going
to make big changes for our team.
We've got too many dribblers.
They're all fine at improvising.
But they need to learn to do
what they're told.
I'm giving them all fixed positions.
Even the bloody Laudrups
with their perfect hair.
Richard, it may take time
to teach them a new system.
We have all day tomorrow.
- That was your man.
- Stay in position.
Push back!
Stick to your running pattern.
Hold your position.
Brian, come back.
Hold your position.
Brian! Come back!
Come back!
I don't understand.
Why won't they listen to me?
Michael, don't stop.
Hold your...
Hold your position!
Michael Laudrup hesitates too long.
This is a far cry from top football.
The way they play is careless
and too slow.
Michael Laudrup.
Brian is with him.
Play the ball!
Don't make it harder than it is.
Brian is having a bad day.
What's going on with the Danish team?
They're the better team,
but they can't make anything work.
The match is over.
A victory, albeit an
embarrassing one for Richard Mller.
Everyone out except Michael and Brian.
Can't you see
what I'm trying to do with the team?
- No.
- No.
If we're to beat the big teams and win
our pool, we need much more discipline.
- It just seems a little primitive.
- Primitive?
All we do is run back and forth.
What's the point?
If we can't play entertaining
football, then why bother?
We might as well play... curling.
I like curling.
The Canadians call it "chess on ice".
Originally, they played curling
using river stones.
They were jagged and sharp and when
thrown, they ended up in random places.
If we can stop talking
about curling now...
Later on they began to polish the stones
to make the game more fair.
They made better brooms
and played in teams.
Curling is one of the best and most
sophisticated team sports in the world.
It has strategy,
precision, teamwork -
- and a high degree of discipline.
And that is why that sport works!
I can't play your system.
I won't play your system.
No, we won't play your system.
I don't haul Sepp's cones
and I don't wash your pants any more.
I coach the Danish national team,
and you're to play my system -
- or I'll replace you
with someone who will. Period.
Remember to put your clothes
in the laundry basket.
What a mess.
Michael, work for it!
Work for it!
The team has been frustrated.
And it's affecting the game.
And Brian Laudrup is being subbed
by no. 15, Lars Elstrup.
Don't lose your man!
They all seem lost. We have good
players, but you wouldn't know.
I think Michael Laudrup is
being subbed.
The Laudrup brothers end up
on the bench.
Pretty unusual.
It looks like the coach is trying
to set some kind of example.
The problem is that
we really need to win this match -
- to qualify for the Euro '92.
Very disappointing.
- Warm!
- But there's a wind.
- Good idea. To cook outside.
- Richard. See to it.
- It's my punishment.
- Because he broke the kitchen.
- What did he do?
- Never mind.
I see flames.
- Did he burn the old kitchen, too?
- Who needs a kitchen, anyway?
Better not let the girls catch you.
Just checking Everton-Liverpool.
- What's the score?
- 2-1.
Michael Laudrup,
why did you make this decision?
I play football for two reasons:
For my own professional ambitions
and because I love playing the game.
Neither are rewarded on the
national team. That's why I quit.
- Want me to turn it off?
- Brian Laudrup made a statement, too.
I've decided not to play on the
national team under Richard Mller.
I have absolutely no respect for him.
What's wrong with this team?
Richard hasn't succeeded
in making this team work.
Neither the players
nor the public respect him.
A recent poll shows
that 58% want Morten Olsen for coach -
- around 35% want Sepp Piontek back
and only 5% prefer Mller.
The fact is:
Denmark must qualify for the Euro 92',
or Richard Mller will be replaced.
There ends the match.
Yugoslavia qualifies for the Euro '92
in Sweden next summer.
Denmark is out of the Championship.
Cheer up, boys.
You put up a good fight.
You couldn't have done any more.
Mller out!
Mller out!
We didn't qualify,
so what's going to happen now?
Richard is finished as national coach.
No doubt about it.
Tackle him!
- We're on the same team!
- You're too slow.
- Where were you?
- Play on.
- Dad! Foul!
- Come on, I just tackled you.
He runs inside -
- and scores!
With his left leg.
I'll fix that tomorrow.
This is more important.
There's something you've got to see.
Play on.
Today, the United Nations
adopted Resolution 757 -
- thus initiating an international
embargo against Yugoslavia -
- and barring the country from taking
part in international sporting events.
The Serbs in Denmark are outraged
and say -
- the international community has
wrongfully condemned their country.
Due to the sanctions, the Yugoslavian
national team left Sweden today.
It's for you.
- Richard speaking.
- Frits here. Are you watching TV?
Yes, Frits.
What a mess.
We've been invited to replace
Yugoslavia in the Championship.
Richard, do you think
we can be ready in just 10 days?
You know what, Frits -
- I've been preparing for this
for two years. You bet we can.
But have we got a team?
We'll make a team out of them.
- What did Frits have to say?
- Frits said...
That the kitchen is going
to have to wait.
Now that Denmark is going to Sweden
for the Euro in just 10 days -
- Richard Mller Nielsen is going to
announce later today the 20 players -
- who are off to training camp
The football association
just announced the lineup:
Peter Schmeichel, Manchester United...
Lars Elstrup, OB,
Kim Christofte, Brndby...
Describe the Danish team's chances.
The players have all been on holiday.
They lack the striking power
of the '80s team.
Michael Laudrup said earlier he still
won't play for the national team.
The team lacks personalities,
winners and surprises.
Just a moment. Line Vilfort...
Her numbers are looking good.
The infection is gone for now.
Thank you very much.
Hi, Dad. Hi, Mom.
Hi, sweetie.
Line, we just talked to the doctor.
We have good news.
Can I go home?
- Your numbers are looking good.
- So I'm not sick any more?
- Last week's infection is gone.
- So that's good.
- Good.
- It's great.
Now, say bye-bye and good luck to Dad.
He's off to Sweden
to play in the Championship.
When are you coming home?
Soon. We'll probably only have
to play three matches.
- Line.
- Yes.
I want to ask you a favour.
This nose...
It's just a little too big
to play football with.
- Would you look after it for me?
- Did you disinfect it?
Yes, I promise.
Cross my heart.
Great, sweetie.
I'm standing outside the Marina Hotel.
The Danish national team is arriving
at training camp here in Vedbk today.
The other teams have been
preparing for months -
- but our Danish boys
only have a few days.
Here comes one of the players.
Brian Laudrup, how come you're back
on Richard Mller Nielsen's team?
I missed playing on the team,
and then Richard called me.
- Are you reconciled?
- Yes, we've wiped the slate clean.
- So, you respect him now?
- I have no further comments.
No press, please.
Where the hell is everyone? Did they
forget to tell all the journalists?
I don't get it.
Hey, Anette, open the door.
Or roll down the window.
I can't hear you, baby.
Open the door.
You promised me that
we'd go on holiday this year.
- You want to do this now?
- Yes! Right now.
We'll go on holiday afterwards.
That's when the season starts.
Stop treating me like an idiot!
I'm going to play like a god and then
I'll be off to Real Madrid or somewhere.
- It'll be like a holiday every day.
- You?! Real Madrid?
I bet we'll be out of that tournament
within 10 days. So don't worry about it.
What happened to Real Madrid?
Just 3 seconds ago?
Can't you commit to anything?
I'll get that bag myself...
- Ouch! I'm sorry, Anette.
- You promised me.
You're so gorgeous when you're angry,
but open the window.
- Oh! It's Peter Schmeichel.
- Fuck Peter Schmeichel.
Hey, Peter. I'll be right in.
Can I have your autograph?
Oh, there they are.
Where's the rest?
All the Super League players have games
tomorrow, so they went to their clubs.
Are you shitting me?
They couldn't postpone the matches.
So I have to make do with less than half
the team for 3 of the 10 days I have?
The football association approved it?
It's up to the league association,
and they have a new chairman.
Who used to be
at the football association.
I can't help you, Richard.
We planned this long ago.
But a week ago we didn't know
we'd be going to the Championship.
- No, because you failed to qualify.
- I have seven days to prepare the team.
You're going to lose three matches and
then everyone can go back on holiday.
- You must be able to do something.
- I can do a lot of things.
- But I won't.
- Why not?
Because you're a hick, you're a bore,
and I don't like you.
Give the boys my best.
- Four a side.
- We're only seven.
I'll play.
I'm not playing on your team, Richard.
- Brian, are you gonna score some goals?
- I'll try.
Do you think you can
get your brother back on the team?
I can't.
- Why's the team so boring these days?
- I don't know.
But all we can do is play our best.
What a dump!
Morten Olsen would make a better coach.
Now that's what I call
a low bar.
Welcome, everyone.
My mom had a huge corset.
The corset had steel ribs
that were removed before washing.
When that happened,
the corset collapsed.
If we compare the national team
with a corset -
- the team has some steel ribs
that support it. Players like:
Kim Vilfort -
- and John 'Faxe' Jensen.
The way I see it...
He's calling us corset ribs.
How fat was his mother?
That she needed a steel corset?
Did you read this?
Did you?
- What does it say?
- They've rated us all.
- I'm rated lowest.
- Scumbags!
I'm not the worst player on the team.
What the hell?
- They say you're the worst?
- Yes.
- The worst of the lot?
- Yes.
So that paper there says that you're the
absolute worst player on the whole team?
Shut up!
They say I've had a bad season.
You have, John.
I'm not selfish enough. I run around
like a mouse in a china shop.
A bull.
I should be a bull.
I should take my chances.
- Run that by Richard.
- I intend to score some goals now.
Only if they start building them bigger,
How are things at home
with Line and...?
She's doing well.
The doctors are very positive.
The chemo's working.
I'm glad to hear that.
She's a little fighter.
So right now, John, my biggest problem
is your delusion you might score goals.
The Euro finals begin. Denmark shares
the pool with France, Sweden, England.
Only two teams will make it to the
semis. Today's opponent is England.
John Jensen.
It was a long shot,
but still a shot from John Jensen -
- with only one goal to his name
on the national team. Laudrup...
No one over there.
The team is lacking confidence.
Feels like they can't really believe
they're here.
We lose too many balls.
Our players are fumbling.
They can do so much more than this
and should try harder.
This isn't Danish dynamite. Let's hope
a firecracker can make a bang, too.
It's a drowsy game of...
well, football.
They have so much to win
so why not give it their all?
That would be my advice
if I were their coach.
And it's over.
Denmark's first match ends 0-0.
What do they say?
They asked the Swedish coach what
his secret is, and he said: bananas.
- Carbohydrates is the thing, it seems.
- I wonder how many you have to eat?
Brian seems slightly unfocused.
Talk to him.
Try to motivate him a bit more.
- I've never understood that.
- What?
- That you need to motivate your team.
- Of course you do.
But they're playing for 40,000 people.
They're representing their country.
And it's a conversation with me
that's going to motivate them?
- I just mean...
- If it were me... which it isn't.
Can't they just look around?
I played twice for the national team.
They were the two best days of my life.
I bet.
Still, try talking to Brian anyway.
- Damn it!
- That's your man!
Where the hell were you?
Get your head in the game!
Brian, come back.
Let Christofte trade places
with Andersen.
I thought we should have a chat.
We got off on the wrong foot,
but I need...
When we play Sweden,
I need you to look around.
- You don't think I'm looking around?
- Of course you're looking around.
- Then I don't really understand you.
- I mean you have to be motivated.
This is me, motivating you.
You're running around aimlessly.
We're 11 on the pitch.
It's not all about you.
Yes. I'm motivated now.
Sweden is playing at home.
27,000 Swedish fans are cheering -
- in this bout to make it
to the semifinals.
We need two points tonight.
The Swedes have locked down
Brian Laudrup.
Kent Nielsen is on the spot...
The ball is in the net!
Brolin scores.
We tried -
- but Denmark is out of the
Championship. That looks like a fact.
The Swedes beat us 1-0.
Goodbye to Denmark
and goodbye from us.
- What are you moping about?
- We're out.
- The hell you are.
- They just said so. We're out.
- We aren't.
- Then why did they say so?
- They don't think we can beat France.
- So we stay in if we do?
No. Because
England can't beat Sweden either.
But if we do beat France,
do we want England to beat Sweden?
Sweden must beat England.
Although if they draw 2-2, we only
have to beat France by two goals.
Whereas if it's 1-1,
Denmark and England draw lots.
- And if they draw 0-0, we go on.
- Kaj, you've lost me.
I've lost me, too.
But if we win, we stand a chance.
Kaj, is Richard going to get sacked?
Look, Richard is a much better coach
than anyone understands.
He's by far the most intelligent coach
I've ever worked with.
The most dedicated
and well-prepared coach.
He sees things
Sepp never would have spotted.
But no one understands him.
No one understands what he means.
But if you'd only try...
Is he going to get sacked, though?
He's going to get sacked.
Let's hit McDonald's.
I want a cheeseburger.
- Boss, don't you want a cheeseburger?
- You can have a banana.
Lots of bananas!
Hang on... John speaking.
Hello, Minna.
Yeah, sure.
Kim, your wife's on the phone.
Hello, baby.
I was all cuddled up with Faxe.
He's very gentle...
Honey, calm down.
But that can't be true.
They said the numbers were good.
Minna, it must be a mistake.
They said what?
I'm coming home right away.
Is there anything I can do?
Come in.
Kim, I want your opinion on this.
We have to shut this guy Papin down.
I don't want to give him
any space at all.
Richard, I'm going home.
It's my daughter...
The treatment isn't working,
so I'm going home.
When can we expect you back?
I don't think I'll be coming back.
No, of course not.
Tell you what,
I'll call you after we've beaten France.
- I'm sorry I can't stay.
- Don't give it another thought, Kim.
It's just football, after all.
He took the ferry this morning.
We'll have to make do with one man less.
We're still facing France tomorrow.
Let's give it our all and pick up
where we left yesterday.
- What are they writing about us?
- Nothing you'd care to know.
It might be true.
Even though it's in the papers.
They say we don't stand a chance
against France.
See? That's proper journalism.
Anything else?
Only that unless we win, this will be
your last match as national team coach.
I need to subscribe to this paper.
Are we that bad, Kaj?
- I don't think so.
- Then what?
Playing football is never better
than when you're a kid.
That first goal against your dad.
That feeling of pure happiness.
- Although you know he let you score.
- My dad sure didn't let me score.
But then the pitches grow bigger.
You get studded boots.
The crowds get bigger.
You may even get paid to do it.
But we still chase that same feeling.
The feeling of being six
and playing in your back yard.
What are you babbling about?
That we've forgotten how to play.
We've forgotten we're here
because we love football.
You're a brilliant coach.
I mean that.
But you're a terrible leader.
You have a lot of great players.
But you don't have a team.
Driver, stop the bus.
Stop here.
Afternoon practise is cancelled.
We're going to compete -
- for a cheese donated
by our generous sponsor.
We're going to play minigolf.
- Minigolf?
- Yes.
Everybody likes minigolf.
What kind of cheese?
Let's find out.
I've got a kiddie club!
I'll tell you how
to win this cheese, boys.
In 1960, Denmark played Hungary
in the Olympic semifinals.
Denmark were leading 1-0 -
- when Hungary got a penalty kick.
- Henry From was the goalkeeper.
- Good, old Henry.
Pl Vrhidi from Hungary took the
penalty kick. He approaches the ball.
Just as he's about to kick,
Henry walks over to the right goalpost -
- takes out his gum...
And he puts it on the post.
Vrhidi is going crazy. His head's
about to explode, and he's confused.
He takes his shot...
... and he chokes.
It's the coolest dude
who wins the cheese.
Where's my cheese, Richard?
It's make or break for both teams.
Cantona heads... Henrik Larsen...
Henrik Larsen after seven minutes!
Denmark leads 1-0.
We're off to a flying start!
The semis are within reach now.
The Danes are off to a good start.
We're winning all the close duels.
Great first half.
Excellent performance by our team.
- Keep it up!
- Laudrup...
Papin isn't offside.
- Papin equalises.
- They didn't deserve that at all.
Larsen, you're in.
Brian Laudrup is being subbed.
Richard, if we don't score,
it's over.
You're right, but he's tired,
and Lars is subbing him.
Lars Elstrup is being subbed in -
- in a desperate last attempt to win.
Denmark needs one goal
for a chance in the semis.
Flemming Povlsen is not offside.
It's still alive.
Lars Elstrup did it!
Right now,
Denmark is in the semis. 2-1.
That settles it!
Denmark has reached the Euro semis.
Dad, are you off the national team?
Why didn't you play then?
- Because I'm here with you.
- But I like watching you play.
- It's just football, sweetie.
- It's usually so quiet here.
But now all the boys come in
and say that my dad is awesome.
They do?
But you already knew I was awesome.
I told them you aren't.
Say what?
How dare you!
- Apologise.
- No.
- Say I'm awesome then.
- You're awesome!
I think you should play
in the next match.
Look after this until you come back.
I'm very fond of it.
- Cross my heart.
- Good.
They're tired.
I didn't think they were up to three
matches. Now they're playing a fourth.
- Maybe we should cut them some slack.
- After the final. Move!
Move around! Stand by to receive.
You look like a bunch of old ladies!
Well, no offence, but...
What are you staring at?
Rev them up. They're a mess today.
I promised her we'd win,
so you'd damn better play well.
You're getting better.
Boss, please can we go to McDonald's?
I only want a cheeseburger.
I talked to Frits last night.
The wives and girlfriends
are coming to watch the semi.
They're staying at a different hotel -
- but if we reach the final,
there's a problem.
- All the hotels are booked.
- Nobody planned?
No one thought we'd get this far.
We're lucky there are rooms for us.
May I have your attention?
Your wives and girlfriends
are coming to watch the semi.
They're staying at a different hotel...
Yes, you know the drill.
But I just talked
to the football association -
- and when we win the semi...
and have to stay on a few days -
- your better halves are allowed
to stay at our hotel.
In your rooms.
You did mean that, didn't you?
The Danish team has come to Gothenburg
to play the semi in three days -
- against reigning champions, the
Netherlands. How do we make the final?
Richard Mller must make stars like
Brian Laudrup perform their very best.
He hasn't been able to yet.
Brian Laudrup... He can do it.
But not this time.
He can't quite deliver.
It looks promising, but
it doesn't really lead to anything.
Brian Laudrup hesitates too long.
Brian Laudrup... Sivebk.
Not that way, Brian.
Look. He takes off...
and is tackled.
Brian Laudrup.
- Henrik Larsen and Brian Laudrup.
- Smooth!
Brian... Brian.
Let's have a look here.
You know I like to take notes.
I've done the math...
Ever since I was nine and skipped
Sunday school to watch my team play -
- I've seen at least
three matches a week. Every week.
I'm 55, minus 9 is 46 years.
That's 2,392 weeks
with 3 matches a week.
And that's live. Watching football
on TV just isn't the same.
7,176 matches is more than
600,000 minutes of football -
- that I've seen in my life.
Plus injury time.
It adds up to a lot of hours
over a lot of years.
Still, I wouldn't hesitate to call you
the best football player I've ever seen.
You're better than your brother.
You're better than anyone.
Even so I think I was right
to substitute you -
- because you were tired and it was
the best thing for the team.
I can't promise it won't happen again.
I can't promise I'll always pick you.
But if I don't -
- I promise to let you know why.
I want you to play this semi-final
the way you feel is best.
Today you call the shots.
Got it?
Off you go.
- What a mess.
- Tugging away at each other.
The Dutch are rattled.
The key player is our no. 11,
Brian Laudrup.
He's played a brilliant first half.
He can outsmart the best players.
But does he have the stamina?
- Shall I...?
- No. Not yet.
It looks like
it's time for a substitution.
Brian Laudrup limps off the pitch
after a huge performance.
The Dutch gave him a rough time,
but he outsmarted them.
Denmark is still ahead 2-1.
Henrik Andersen and John Sivebk
have shut down the Dutch wingers.
That looks nasty.
Oh dear,
look at Henrik Andersen's left leg.
Henrik Andersen is out.
A sad exit.
He's played a brilliant tournament.
We're in for a long 20 minutes.
- They're closing in on us.
- We're down to the critical minutes.
- Denmark can't keep up steam.
- Get out of the area!
Everything's happening
in the Danish penalty area.
Oh no!
I don't believe it!
Only four minutes left.
We were four minutes from the final.
The match will be decided
by a penalty shootout.
Well done, everyone.
This isn't the end.
We've got a final to play.
The five shooters...
No. 1: 'Store'.
No. 2: Flemming.
No. 3: Elstrup.
Don't ask me
what it feels like to be down there.
No. 4: Vilfort.
No. 5...
First up is the expert on
dead ball situations, Ronald Koeman.
Ronald Koeman from FC Barcelona
opposite Peter Schmeichel.
Henrik Larsen
with tired, heavy legs.
Breukelen is trying to unsettle him.
He touched it with both hands.
Next up is Marco van Basten.
Top scorer for Milan.
But this is not your regular match.
Schmeichel stops it!
Alright, Peter Schmeichel!
He stopped one of the best
in the world.
Flemming Povlsen's next.
Van Breukelen tries to unsettle him,
too. Povlsen pushes him away.
- The referee should stop him.
- He should intervene.
Cross your fingers for Flemming.
Elstrup nets it.
Kim Vilfort.
Alright, Vilfort!
It's all over if the Dutch miss now.
Witschge equalises.
Now it's all up to Kim Christofte,
the last penalty shooter.
Kim Christofte is under
enormous pressure.
If Christofte scores,
Denmark is in the final.
Kim Christofte...
Going back to rearrange the ball.
Now that's how you unsettle somebody.
Yes, Denmark reaches the final
of the European Championship 1992!
The biggest day in Danish football
history. Our first Euro final ever.
- How's Henrik doing?
- Mogens went with him to hospital.
He won't play for a long time.
The entire team's in a sorry state.
Henrik's out, Turbo's out,
Kent pulled a calf muscle -
- Siv pulled a thigh muscle,
Faxe's knee and groin are acting up -
- Lars's hip is acting up,
Christofte and Brian have bruises.
- No good news?
- Sure.
If we play with two keepers,
we have 11 players for Friday.
Here, the day after,
some of us have to eat our words.
Denmark is in the Euro final
for the first time ever.
- Have we been too hard on Richard?
- We've underestimated the team.
- They played brilliantly yesterday.
- How does he make the team shine?
We don't have to thank Richard.
The players are playing as they like.
They're taking responsibility,
just like we encouraged them to do.
Richard Mller prefers
a controlled, defensive style -
- but what we saw yesterday
was a different ballgame.
- Richard.
- Are you watching TV?
Yes, it's on in the background.
They're never going to like you.
They'd have to admit they were wrong.
The team is working
in spite of Richard Mller Nielsen.
The Richard I know doesn't give a shit.
He tears down the kitchen
so we have to use the barbecue.
Then he pulls up his sleeves.
He's stubborn.
Hard work and a little charm.
That's why I said yes to you in the end.
It was?
Hey, you just be sure
to win on Friday.
- Kent, how's your knee?
- Fine.
- We're in for a fight.
- You're right about that.
- Good luck.
- You too, my friend.
Boss, before you say anything...
I know I've taken a lot of shots
without scoring much -
- or at all.
I promise to be your mother's
corset rib.
- Shut up and listen to me.
- Sure.
- You can't work Brian's magic.
- No.
You aren't fast like John Sivebk.
You don't have Christofte's overview.
But you're my engineer.
You make all the other parts work.
You run more than anyone else.
You keep running and you never quit.
If I wanted another kind of player,
I'd have picked another.
If the ball comes your way,
I demand that you kick its brains out.
But look at your damn shoelaces
when you do!
- Okay?
- Sure.
- Damn good kick.
- I think I dislocated my knee.
Welcome to Gothenburg.
- Welcome to the final.
- Who will be European champions?
The world champions from Germany
or the big surprise, Denmark?
The peculiar fairy tale team
that didn't qualify.
Without Michael Laudrup, their biggest
star, they made it all the way.
Germany are favourites.
The Danish team had a gruelling
semi-final and has several injuries.
Germany is the better team all around.
Richard, it's time.
The players have done great.
Much better
than anyone dared hope for.
But they don't match the '80s team.
- Turn off that crap.
- That team had style, charisma...
The '80s are over.
They're over and done with.
Preben Elkjr isn't here.
Frank Arnesen isn't here either.
Michael Laudrup isn't here either.
Even if they were,
I'd bench the lot of them.
I have precisely the team I want.
All of you in here.
If you win the final today -
- you will be the Golden Team.
Don't listen to the press.
There are small dogs and big dogs.
Small dogs bark all the time.
Big dogs don't make a sound.
- And we are...?
- The big dogs.
You've heard me go on about strategy
and running patterns.
You've heard me go on about break
and markings and counterattack.
All of these things still apply,
but I ask one thing of you now:
Forget all of it.
You know the system.
You know your positions.
You know where to run
and whom to mark.
You've got it in the back of your mind.
You've got a handle on it.
All I ask of you today is:
Let go.
But give it your all.
Then I promise that when you wake up
tomorrow, you'll be European champions.
Let's give them a run for their money!
The Danes are playing right to left.
The Germans have learnt from our match
against the Dutch to mark us.
The Germans are coming in full steam.
The Germans are carefully
shutting everything down.
The first 17 minutes have
been problematic for the Danes.
Vilfort passes.
Still Flemming Povlsen.
At the bottom of the pile:
John 'Faxe' Jensen!
They're coming in full steam.
Klinsmann shoots...
Great save by Peter Schmeichel!
Still the Germans...
Schmeichel with one hand.
No way. That's impossible!
Kent Nielsen in the middle...
After a shaky start
the Danes are on their marks.
Huge German chance.
Thank you!
A little too close for comfort.
Sivebk. Vilfort.
Brehme commits a foul on Vilfort.
Vilfort is down. Vilfort has been
extremely important to the team.
Tonight, he's performed magnificently
both offensively and defensively.
This would be a sad exit.
Vilfort is back on his feet.
Flemming Povlsen shoots.
And Vilfort.
Vilfort still has it!
Go, Kim Vilfort!
Atta boy!
That was Dad!
I don't believe it!
Denmark leads 2-0.
Just keep going 14 more minutes, boys.
I had 10 nails when I came,
but not many left now.
- Nine minutes.
- That long?
Five minutes left.
- Keep going.
- One minute left.
60 long seconds.
They did it!
This is Danish football's
greatest triumph.
2-0. They beat the world champions.
That's pure joy for you.
You did it, you crazy man.
Lights, cheer, colours,
red and white.
Huge Danish triumph.
Congratulations, Denmark.
Now it's time to party!
There he is!
Shower time!
Shower time!
Line Vilfort died of cancer
six weeks after the final.
Kim Vilfort is an ambassador for the
Association of Cancer-Struck Families.
Brian Laudrup was named
Man of the Tournament.
John 'Faxe' Jensen was sold
to the British superclub Arsenal.
Richard Mller Nielsen was NOT named
Denmark's Best Coach in 1992.
He was, however, named
the World's Best Coach.
And he finished building his kitchen.