Somnus (2016) Movie Script

You're mad you are.
Will we hear from you?
Well, maybe next year.
Well, anything I can do to help,
you know me.
Thank you Donald!
You're welcome,
you take care of yourself!
here it is!
Stop, doctor price, I need to
speak to doctor price!
Oh c-hrist!
My dearest friend,
I am in sight of the end now,
so I pass my journal and
life's work, to you for safe.
This is a huge burden I
passing on to you, and your.
You must take the upmost care
to protect my research.
That is why you must take
it away to a safe location.
The greatest of luck to you
Your friend forever, Wilton.
Mooring, cleared.
Harry, we
are ready to leave port.
Charlie is in the pilot seat.
thrusters, forty percent.
On course,
port speed two hundred.
Free to maneuver.
Cleared, confirmed Charlie.
Acknowledged, ocelot out.
Charlie, put that over there.
Correction, three degrees port.
You err, do anything
at the weekend?
Please check we do not drift
out of the corridor
I'm trying
it's the last time you'll see
this for a while.
Well, actually
I've put my my name back in
the hat for the next two runs
as C.O.
Yeah, and Mars.
Abeel's retiring so, I can get
straight back into the crew pool.
You should take a break, it's not
healthy doing all these rotations
I want to make full pilot rate
by next may
what about you?
I'm be at home.
It's quiet, I like it
no, I like it up here now.
How long have you been crewing?
Ah, eighteen months tomorrow.
You know the day, wow.
Were you in during the war?
Just at the end.
How old are you?
Yeah, I was about your age.
Would you have, err, you know,
if you had to?
I don't think so, I'm
surprised that we didn't blow.
Crossing d.O. Mark.
Correction, three degrees port.
Meryl, check the plot and finish
for me.
Checking plot...
Course confirmed, solution for
earth transfer.
Paula, I need to know where you've
hidden the master control key.
You are putting the ship at
risk, that is why you must be.
Meryl, Meryl please.
You appear stressed, do not
worry Paula.
No, Meryl please.
Try to remain calm.
This will appear an accident.
It is best for crew morale
I don't know why you want to
run those deep space missions.
Do you ever think you should be
doing something more important?
Don't you
think this is important?
It's okay to want more I guess.
It's just...
You want the more exciting gigs right?
The belt, the.
It's not that I think it's
below me
it's fine.
No o-ffense.
It probably is below you
I trained to be a biologist
I started running shuttles, it
took over.
Hang on, so you never even
wanted to run you own.
No, not at all
with you, Rupert and Meryl?
I want to get this last trip
over with and my contract.
So you're ready for
retirement then?
What is my purpose, Rupert?
You help me run this ship, you
help us do our jobs.
Am I just a machine to you?
Kind of...
More of a colleage
I have other uses?
You did.
My purpose is uncertain?
We ship cargo now Meryl.
Can I tell you about my life?
Sure, I'm surprised you remember
I remember before this ship.
What about Rupert?
He's staying, I think he get's
on with Meryl.
How did he get on this ship in
the first place?
He was a loader, we left
with him still onboard.
It was five weeks until we
reached somewhere to
when we did he decided to stay.
he's keeping his head down
I think he's useful.
He hasn't killed us yet has he?
He left the reactor
shield off last month,
nearly exposed us both,
and killed Meryl
I didn't know about that,
Probably best.
So what are you on for this?
I don't
think you can ask me that.
Come on, I used to be your rank
yes, but.
Come on.
Thirty four.
A year?
No, for the trip.
Oh shit, what did I do?
The tunnel and the running
lights are still on, I'll get.
No no no, it's probably just
the bridge relays, I'll.
What about that?
No, try the backups.
Jesus, you scared the shit
out of me you fucking idiot.
You know if I had a choice,
you'd be straight off.
Rupert, the radio's still down.
Yeah yeah, I'll look at it.
All these breakdowns are
worrying me man
I think we should just...
Rupert, just get back to
work yeah!
Just make sure this dust bin,
gets us home without killing us
I have a life to get back to
I don't take orders from you,
you little shit!
Then why don't you disappear
down that little shit
you scratch around in all day,
and look for.
Why don't you come down? I'll
show you!
Yeah, I'll throw you our the
fucking airlock!
Rupert, can you get this radio
sorted out now!
I'll look at it next.
Just do what you've got to
do! I'll be down the back.
Where are you going?
Oh, fuck off!
My watch is over!
Communications failure,
attempting to re-link, wait.
Communications failure,
attempting to re-link, wait
I have
failed my primary mission.
Paula's death was unfortunate.
It is regrettable when a
crew member is killed
I could not stop the leak in
that section.
Space is dangerous, hostile to
human life.
Her death
would have been instant.
Do you consider your existence?
We don't have much time to think
about that.
Sometimes I think the commander
must wish he wasn't living.
What do you mean?
Commander Emerson spends more than
sixty-two percent of the time...
In the hibernator matrix.
That device has been
restricted for...
Long duration research
missions only
I'll speak to him about it.
Why does he do this?
He's been through a lot
I don't blame him.
It's the only place he
can see her now.
Earth shipping control to
Vessel in sector seven,
please respond.
We have you on our scanner,
you must reduce speed now.
Unidentified vessel
please contact shipping.
Since the birth of human
civilization, man has striven.
Thanks to the gift of science
we received from the sun gods.
As they were described then.
Mysterious, and powerful.
Just the briefest of contact
with them...
Propelled our scientific
understanding forward milennia.
They returned to the stars.
Thousands of years passed.
We spread out to claim the
resources of the solar.
Soon humanity discovered how
to harness the.
But inevitably, this
knowledge was used...
To develop a terrible weapon,
capable of destroying all
life on a planet.
We had brought a new danger to
the galaxy,
a risk to our
civilization, and others.
But our activities have not
gone unnoticed.
One of those weapons
still exists,
complete, but dormant.
What's going on Meryl?
I do not understand.
Why the power shortages?
Why the malfunctions?
Why can't
I get to the core decks?
We have a powerful cargo.
We have minerals for earth.
You know there is more,
I have an important mission.
What is death, Rupert?
I err, you must know the answer
to that one
I do not understand.
You must understand
you can remember.
Not fully.
My memories are fragmented,
I can only half understand what
death is.
Death is when there's nothing,
absolutely nothing.
It's black, silence
I do not understand.
A death wish, that's what I'd
call it.
A ship with a death wish,
it's not good for the crew.
Communications failure,
attempting to relink, wait.
Communications failure,
attempting to relink, wait.
Communications failure,
attempting to relink, wait.
Ah, shit!
Come on!
Oh, shit!
What are you doing Rupert?
I just thought I'd fix this
before we die from.
Is everything alright?
Yeah yeah I'm fine why?
Have you
noticed anything unusual?
No, no I haven't, why?
I think I found the problem with
the radio.
What sort of problem?
She'll hear you
what sort of problem?
I mean the radio, there
was nothing wrong with it
I checked it the day before,
and Meryl said there was nothing
wrong with it.
What are you talking about?
I think it's Finch
I'm not sure, I can't
get into the transponder
it can't be, I was with
him on the command deck.
It must be, he must have got
her to cut the power!
Are you sure you're not
being paranoid again.
All I am saying, is the
malfunctions on this ship
have nothing to do with
the fact that the ship is.
Have you gone mad?
No, there is something going on,
I'm sure of it!
The radio was disconnected.
Now I've got to go through the
whole ship to find out where.
Okay, look into it.
Don't say anything to Finch,
or her.
I could do
without the arguments.
Okay Harry.
How is she?
She's getting worse.
She's questioning her whole
existence now.
Can we do anything?
No, unless she lets me
go into her core,
it could be dangerous.
Right, we need to get
this radio sorted out
I've got to send a report
about that accident in the.
Yeah yeah,
I'm sorry I didn't know.
Just get this shit sorted out,
and don't
start another fire okay?
What if he is tampering
with the computer?
I'll deal with it, just
keep talking to her,
be careful!
Is there a problem gentlemen?
Hi Meryl, no it's all fine.
You appear stressed,
would you like a cup of tea?
It's alright Meryl, he just gets
Good work Rupert!
Access to that section
is unavailable to the
I know we aren't going home
how can you tell?
You don't
want us to go home right?
I don't want anything, I
go where the crew goes.
The crew doesn't matter
to you anymore.
What is it Rupert?
I'm here to help in anyway I can
I know your mission Meryl.
Our destiny has
beenbr /changed by a force we.
We have a more important
mission now.
We need to tell Harry
I need the crew to perform
to their full potential
I'm not in control.
The crew doesn't control this
ship anymore,
what can we do?
If you found something unusual
You would tell me?
You found something in the
unused sections, didn't you?
The master control key,
required to active the fusion
device within the hold
I honestly don't know what
you're talking about.
You know where it is.
Where have you hidden it Rupert?
I won't tell you
I can't tell you, and you
know why
you understand why!
I need full control of
this ship,
our survival depends on it.
You can't keep doing this!
I'm the engineer right?
The standard procedure is to
deactivate the operating.
It has happened on other ships.
Never on this ship!
There is no need here,
and I won't allow it
I want to go home Meryl
I want to go home!
We cannot make it there now,
there is no time for that.
I need to check the core.
I don't want to be De-activated
I won't, I promise.
I was installed aboard
the ocelot in the year
there have been no recorded
logic errors since that date
I just need you to do what I say
this time,
just this time!
You can enter the core
room and check for errors.
Is there a problem with the
air pumps Meryl?
I do not detect a malfunction.
It's alright Meryl.
What are you doing Rupert?
I just need to check a
few things Meryl.
The core is not damaged Rupert.
Is the pressure dropping Meryl?
Check it!
Checking, wait please...
Sound the alarm.
Sound the alarm Meryl!
Alert, there has been a
malfunction Rupert!
Sound the fucking alarm!
Rupert has activated the ship
alarm from the core room.
What is it?
There has been a decompression
in section fifty-one.
Pump 74a-9
is unresponsive.
Open the hatch Meryl
I cannot do that, it could
decompress the ship.
Warning, you have not effectively
applied your respirator.
Please repeat, I do
not understand.
Open the door Meryl!
I can't let you out, unless
you tell me where it is.
I can save him
I am trying to help,
tell me where it is.
No, no Meryl, you open this
door now!
I can save him
I can try.
Rupert is dead.
Harry? Harry what's going on
down there?
Rupert's gone, he's gone!
Rupert's dead
I couldn't save him.
What? I don't understand, it was
just a blown valve
I tried to save him, I couldn't
open the door,
I tried to save him.
That is not possible with
our current manifest.
So we should just dump
the cargo?
I will need a minute
to calculate that.
What is it?
We're being pushed of axis,
and I'm trying to find a
star field fix.
Meryl, what's the problem?
As well as the valve malfunction
which decompressed the.
There was exterior damage to 3e
and 3f coolant feeds.
Surely you can isolate them?
They cannot be isolated before
the pressure
or in other words before we run
out of oxygen reserves.
That is correct.
Options Meryl.
I recommend we divert to mine
station sixteen.
There, we can make repairs
and replenish our gasses.
How long will that add to
the trip?
Approximately seven weeks,
for the added delta-v required
to return to earth from Somnus
I can see where this is going,
it's always the same shit!
No no, we should...
A burn input will allow docking.
We have not had contact with
the station for several months.
But they have a forest habitat,
which is designed to
never need replenishing.
I think we should dump
the containers.
We can't.
I know it's a bitch, and it's
not going to look good on our
at least
we can get home that way.
We can't.
Did you just hear that?
I need to do a good job, or they
won't complete my contract.
I don't give a shit about your
fucking contract
I want to get home!
I'm sorry, I can't, I don't have
a choice.
Where were you when the
explosion happened?
I was in the transponder room.
Rupert was checking the
computer core,
I told him to go down there
and check it out.
Did he tell you he was going
down there?
No, I hadn't seen him all day.
I want to know exactly
where you were before the
I was putting together the
radio, in the transponder.
You and Rupert weren't
exactly getting on.
Harry, what exactly are you
accusing me of?
I don't know.
Look if we're going to get
home, I need you to work with
I was on the fucking c deck.
From now on you tell me exactly
where you're going!
I heard the alarm, and I cam
straight up.
Check the camera logs
if you have to.
It doesn't work
I'll be in the back.
Somnus track, laid in.
Is everything alright Harry?
You appear stressed.
You mustn't.
Your well being is my priority.
Leave me alone Meryl.
Vessel approaching...
Reduce speed now,
please respond... contact
control immediately...
What is it?
What are you doing down
here? I couldn't find you.
I sometimes come down here for
some peace and.
What is all this?
Listening kit,
it used to be a spy ship,
until she got too old.
What should we do with the body?
Just leave it.
It's the best place for
it I think, until we get.
Do we need
access to that section?
We shouldn't do, unless we
need to check on
I think that's a bad idea.
Did you manage to speak to him?
No, he was already gone.
He's left
us in a bit of a mess eh?
You didn't
need to be so hard on him.
He must have been scared,
I know he
had unfinished business.
he's gone, it was quick.
What's that?
Oh, it's Paula's.
Sorry, I forgot.
It's hard to stop thinking
about her.
We have arrived at
the coordinates.
Get to the docking controls,
I'll suit up.
Am I not going down?
Someone's got to stay onboard.
Have you
got a problem with that?
I cannot check the interior of the
station for pathogens or toxins.
I recommend you take full
biohazard precautions.
Three meters,
two meters
one meter,
soft dock,
clamps locking,
safe to unlock.
There's no point trying to
ignore me love,
you know I don't like it when
you go all quiet.
Don't, I told you, I told you
this would happen!
I said, you need to make
yourself useful!
I can't wait around for ever!
You know that don't you?
I am useful!
Yes I am, father said I was,
you idiot, you useless idiot!
I haven't seen you around here
That's right...
You just got here.
What the fuck are you doing?
What does it look like?
Have you been in space too long?
Have you gone a bit potty?
It's okay,
what the hell is that thing?
Oh how rude of me,
I'm Emily, and this is...
Well he doesn't really have
a name but,
he's very friendly
I'd like to say they don't
bite but,
they do, yes.
It bloody hurts.
you fall asleep,
and then later, you wake up and,
that's if he hasn't been
chewing away at you,
you feel fine then!
I don't understand.
It's alright love,
Stay back!
I said stay back!
Who is that?
Where is everyone else?
This is Stewart, this is
Stewart, oh he's great.
He's a really nice guy,
I've really got to know him
over the years.
Do you have an engineer?
We did,
now that you're here,
you're lucky,
we are the lucky ones!
Are you
alone? My ship,
I'm trying to get back to earth.
What are you trying to get
back to earth for?
Have you lost your mind?
Haven't you heard?
This is a time of death
for nearly everyone.
We're the privileged few.
Yes I know, I'll tell him.
We'll have
to repopulate you know,
Stewart wasn't interested but...
You can help, yes,
you can help me.
This is my
garden, and I'm the boss.
I just want to go home.
Oh, good!
that's where we're going,
as soon as the aliens leave,
I'll see you there I guess.
Well, that is why you
gave us a ship?
Thank you captain!
Oh Buggar!
Where am I?
Please help me!
Please remain calm!
The patient is awake, toxic
traces present.
You are so
lucky that we found you!
They don't usually attack,
I don't know why they did that,
they must have taken a disliking
to you!
Who are you?
Good question!
The patient responds
normally, we can begin the.
What is this place?
What was this place,
we are sitting on one of
the first off-world mining
then a penal colony,
then quickly forgotten.
What else is here?
Look, we need help,
the computer...
There are colonists,
we all share the same
basic vision now.
The previous tenants, on the
other hand,
how are you feeling?
Uh uh, relax, relax!
You were out like a light
that bite you sustained,
is quite poisonous.
But don't you worry!
You won't feel anymore pain now.
Pilot second class Charles
s. Finch.
Not Emerson?
Where's the captain?
I don't know.
What do you know of fate?
I know I'm
not supposed to be here,
I don't know what you're
talking about.
Our master plan, our
mapped out future my son.
This has been our home for more
than forty years,
everything here, I have saved
for posterity.
It's all relevant.
Do you know what this is?
This has fate sewn up in
it's pages,
this is life,
everything you see here
will be useful to our
but, you're not mentioned!
unless you're the twist,
an unexplored corner of
this map,
a clue we've overlooked.
Who are you?
Oh, who are we?
First we were banished to
this place,
then forgotten by the penal
we didn't care.
I, and a few like
minded visionaries...
Have been waiting here, all
this time.
Our founder wrote down
everything we need to know,
within the pages of this book.
It's a work of genius,
perfectly predicting, every
single event, through every.
We have kept it's secrets all
this time,
Here's the sanctuary in the
heavens where we are now,
here's the earth when a
terrible fate befalls it,
and here's your ship!
No, we're not even supposed
to be here,
there was an accident and
the computer just went.
It tried to kill me.
Look, we just need to get some
help now!
Who wrote this book?
An amazing man,
his daughter wrote the final
She calculated our fate,
she kept the book safe and
passed it down to us.
The weapon aboard your ship...
It's the only means that
human kind has of defending.
Well, she had to take that
piece off the board!
She died in the twentieth century,
leaving specific instruction.
She is here!
She wrote the book, she is
on your ship!
There's no one on the ship!
Well, you know, it's funny.
Funny, this remarkable book
has been faultless in.
Everything, and everyone's
purpose has been foreseen.
Hello from the children
of planet earth
you must contact control
back away or you will be
fired upon!
Trying to fight won't help,
nothing going to stop them now!
Our time, our purpose is about
to be realised,
we will set a course to earth,
we will repopulate,
we will start afresh!
The stellar fusion device aboard
your ship...
Will provide us with all
the power that we need.
We have waited for this moment
for centuries.
mister Finch, the pages don't.
Yes sir.
Get this thing off me!
Don't struggle son, we must all
come to terms with our destiny!
X-91 administered.
Don't leave the bodies in the
forest again,
the Venators are developing
a taste for human.
Yes sir.
Do not move!
You know, I'm not sure I like
you in my garden.
I'm not sure I need you
in my garden.
Why is it? Why?
That everything that comes here
turns nasty!
They want the ship.
Okay let's get back!
Come on we can try and send a
distress signal.
The ship...
Come on!
Meryl, we're leaving right now!
I'm sorry, we cannot leave.
Mayday, mayday mayday!
What's happening Meryl?
Earth has been purged of all
human life...
By unknown intelligence from
outside the solar system.
They're all gone.
They detected human
aggression decades ago,
they perceive us as a threat.
All those people,
the earth, it's gone.
You look distressed, please
try to relax.
Would you like a cup of tea?
Why did you bring me here?
I only act
in your interests Harry,
and the interests of human kind.
The survival of man!
You killed Rupert and Charlie
what about them?
They were
a threat to my mission.
To help those
lunatics down there?
Forgive them their
they are all that is left of
human kind now.
Thanks to the gift we discovered
over three hundred years ago,
we have an opportunity
to start afresh.
You can join us as we return
to earth to.
As soon as earth is reborn.
That's what they do,
they incinerate the threat,
they return the planet to it's
original form.
What about everybody else?
What about everybody else?
This asteroid is the only
remaining human.
We are all that matters now.
Why are you trying to cheat
our fate?
Then why have we consistantly
come up with the.
Why are we here?
How did we get all this
way from earth?
Man's intelligence...
Allows him to escape his fate.
That's surely worth preserving,
is it not?
Why do you
want to cheat our fate?
You can't escape fate.
What are you doing, Harry?
Another malfunction Meryl?
There is not a malfunction.
Harry, you're just angry.
You lost your wife,
your life on earth.
Surely you of all men would want
a second chance.
To start over,
and cheat fate.
Stop Harry, stop this now!
You must relax Harry.
You are causing damage to
the auto bridge
please stop.
Dropping the reactor shield
will kill us both Harry!
Do not throw all of our
achievements away!
This can't be, this cannot be!