Somtum (2008) Movie Script

The greatness of Her Majesty Princess
Phatepratthana Ratchasuda
allowed the song "Somtum" in this movie.
This is a free Jansub and not for resale.
'Especially for friends at ADC'
Thank you.
What's your purpose for coming to Thailand?
Just vacation.
Yeah? How long are you going to stay here?
Just a couple of weeks. Not more
Enjoy your vacation.
- Thank you.
Hello. Come on.
One more drink.
Drink a little more...
You want some more?
Don't you know it's wrong to do this?
You know who I am. I won't let it pass.
You'll pay for this.
Lock him up.
- Yes sir. Come on, stand up.
- Hey, what the hell? Get off me.
Geez. I can walk by myself!
- You'll regret this someday.
Go, go.
- Mr. Emerald.
- Mr. Emerald.
- Mr. Emerald!
We'll try our best to catch that woman,
and bring your things back.
Thank you, but how long will
I have to wait?
I don't know. We'll try our best.
I have nothing...
no indentification, no passport.
Take this notice and contact the embassy,
or, to this Tourist Service Center...
they will help you more.
What can I help you?
I've got nowhere to go...
I've got no money!
Gimmie your wallet.
This should be enough for the bus.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
I appreciate it!
Bye bye.
Bye bye.
Bye bye.
'Pattaya Tourist Service Center'
Information? - Yes Yes.
Are you sure?
- Look around!
Did you find her?
- No.
Where is she?
Hey you... Baby girl, this high...
You... You saw her running this way?
I don't understand!
She's small and short.
She just ran this way.
No speak... no speak.
Where the hell did she go?
Let's go!
Help me please! They are very bad guys!
You, you, you! None of your business.
Go away.
I have to give him money!
He's a gangster! Help me please!
You little rascal!
Take it easy, okay.
I don't want any trouble.
He's my friend. Come and
get me if you dare!
- There's no need for this... C'mon.
Come on!!
I'm sorry. I just arrived here!
You won't live past today!
Get him!
No, please, no...
No... Don't go...
Don't go...
You little dog!
My name is Dokya, not dog!!
Great moves, sis!
Wow! Hand of god!
I'm sorry!
- Sis, watch out!
Never saw that move before,
but it's spectacular!
'Face-cleaning kick'
Oh my god, what's happening?
Damn it.
Kick... Kick...
Kick them!!
Run, run, run! Don't you know this word?
Run means get outta here.
Excuse me...
I'm sorry.
Why did they chase you and the big guy?
I don't know sis...
I didn't do anything.
It must be the big guy
who was causing trouble.
He started it.
Don't get bored, sis.
I got lots of stuff today.
Can't sell them all.
Let's go home.
How's the big guy?
He deserved it... He's got the body
of a giant, and the heart of an ant!
You saw it. Let's go home,
I'm starved, let's go home...
Let's go home.
He's big, but he's a chicken.
Are you alright?
Are you ok?
We should ask him if he's ok.
Are these yours?
What should we do with him?
My name is Barney.
Nice to meet you.
- Hey, a ghost!
- I saw a ghost!
- Aghost is here!
What ghost? He's my friend.
What? Are you sure he's your friend?
Yes. He's staying here tonight.
Why did you make such a noise?
It will wake father up.
Ok. Tomorrow Katen will bring you to
the tourist center.
You can stay here until you get
your passport, ok?
Thank you...
And you go to...
You go to Uncle Sin, ask him to find
some clothes for that big guy.
Yes sir, father monk.
How's your mother, Dokya?
She's fine sir.
If it's too much trouble for her,
Katen can come back to live here.
She won't let Katen come back to the temple.
She loves her very much.
It's fortunate for an orphan like her,
to have a mother, a family.
You show the big guy where to sleep.
I'll go to bed now.
No no no no... Stop, stop.
Three times.
- Ok. Three!
Thank you.
Ok, see you tommorow... Ok, good night.
Why are you so stubborn?
I forbade you to fight,
but you never listened to me.
I had to help my little sister.
Don't you argue with me. Can't you just run?
You could've gotten hurt or killed!
Does anyone care how I feel?
Don't fight for money, either.
Don't get involved with it.
I can take care of you two.
Your duty is to study!
It's semester break. Go read some books.
I'll go through anything so that
you can have a good future.
Listen to me, if I ever catch you
fighting anyone again,
I'll spank you to death with my own hands.
Is that clear?
Yes, mom.
I don't want any trouble.
But Katen always finds some.
Whoa, sis, you're throwing some shit at me!
I didn't do anything, really.
They just picked on me.
Don't make excuses.
Do you remember your promise?
Of course! I haven't stolen
anything since then.
I hope it's true.
Don't let me catch you lie again.
If your big sister ever fights anyone again,
inside or outside the ring,
you will be spanked badly!!
Oh mom.
Listen to me, if you ever fight anyone again
I'll spank you badly!
Stop. Don't mock me
Don't get mad... Come on... mom.
- Shut up. Shut up.
- You guys have something to show me?
Oh yeah, sure.
- I think it would be nice to have
some Thai girlfriend, wouldn't it?
Obviously, top girls, hot weather, top food,
they got it all over here.
- So it seems to be easy over here?
Umm... you guys have something to show me?
Please, have a look.
That's amazing.
Of course they are, plus:
It's impossible to detect them.
You can take them anywhere.
Any country in the world.
Wake up!!!!
May you blessed with longevity,
health, happiness and strength.
Last night you snored, and
my friend didn't sleep...
so you have to help the master.
You like that? It's good!
May I request your visit here, father?
I think I see a giant white ghoul
behind you, father.
It's a human.
This is the biggest I got.
Let you try.
Thank you.
No problem.
The World Jewelry Show, the 39th
"Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair"
was held last night spectacularly
and extravagantly.
People were wowed by the world's
most beautiful jewels from...
all over the world. But the real
highlight of the show was...
the exquisite and invaluable
"Camellia Diamond"s.
You want one of those?
I'll buy it for you.
Shut up.
Your mom doesn't need diamonds to shine.
This is my friend Barney.
This is my mother.
How are you, ma'am.
When you said he was big,
I didn't think he'd be this big!
You must be a good cook.
I'd like to eat here sometime.
He'd like to taste your food.
Really? Ok, Ok.
Thai people eat like this all the time?
It's Som Tum. Papaya Pok Pok.
It's a very popular Thai food.
Everyone eats it.
Som Tum Papaya Pok Pok?
Eat it.
I don't know if I can...
You say you want to eat here,
I especially... made it for you.
Katen, don't force him if he doesn't want to.
Let him try some other foods.
Mom! Mom!
I'm so sorry. I couldn't control myself.
I don't know what went wrong.
I'd do anything to help.
You need to fix this.
You are foreigner, you can get money.
I'll try...
I'll try any way I can to help you.
Chef? Spaghetti, Macaroni?
Chef? No...
DJ in pub?
DJ? No...
You can do anything?
I'll try anything!
Sis, he said he'll fight at "Fight Club"
to get money for the shop.
If you want to fight to help fix the shop,
I'll teach you Thai boxing.
But you need to go through the
"Teacher Salutation" ritual first.
I've been through this ritual before.
If you want to learn Thai boxing with me,
you'll have to go through this ritual.
- Shuffle.
Soaring swan.
- Soaring swan.
Garuda fighting Naga.
- Garuda fighting Naga.
Hold your ground.
I can't translate, sis.
Kick. Twist your hip. Turn your leg down.
Twist hip and punch leg.
- Kick
- Kick
Try it.
Are you ok?
Why come to Thailand?
I won first prize in a lucky draw.
Atrip to Pattaya.
I was ecstatic...
not just because of the trip, but because
I got my name in the newspaper.
The crowing achievement of my life.
That's unfortunate luck.
What's unfortunate luck?
He won a prize to come to Thailand.
But he got robbed naked here!
That's the story of my life.
I've always been a loser.
I've never really achieved anything.
Worked as a laborer... kept out of trouble.
When I look at you two,
I feel embarassed about myself.
Something about him being a loser,
not a fighter like you.
What... That's all he said?
So many words, but absolutely no skills!
Don't be nitpicking me.
Tell him a fighter must have
a heart of diamond.
And diamonds must be polished
to shine. People, too.
Whoa, sis. How can I translate that?
I'm not a Ph.D.
Just translate whatever you can.
She said, "Fight strong... Diamond..."
An invaluable diamond s has been stolen from
the vault of Wilfrid Diamond International...
Which belongs to Mike Wilfrid,
an English billionaire.
The stolen diamond is called
the "Camellia Diamond"s,
and was brought especially
for the World Jewelry Fair.
This Camellia Diamond s was considered
to be the highlight of this show,
because of its priceless beauty and perfection.
Have you finished gazing at them yet?
I'll never tire of admiring them.
But if it concerns you,
close the laptop.
This is a most beautiful key.
You've really created a work of art here.
Women would swoon at this alone.
I'll do my job...
Hey, there's no problem.
We take a flight to Brunei in two or three days,
deliver the package,
get paid, and then we'll go our separate ways.
Hey, two to three days in Pattaya.
C'mon... Party city! Let's get it on.
Show us you can be a good host.
That's a good idea, bro... Let's party!
- C'mon.
Just tell me what you like.
- Party!
Cheers, guys.
If you want to fight here,
I can take care of that.
You just won the boxing contest
at North Pattaya, didn't you?
Do you need anything else?
No, thanks a lot, Yong.
Anyway, you're welcome.
The match is starting.
Feel free to stick around.
Wow, you're famous, sis!
Can I have an autograph?
He got kicked in the face.
Thrown to the corner.
Greenbay is asking for applause,
cheering up a roundhouse kick.
What is that, he didn't make it.
What in the world?
Now he's dragging him up by the neck...
using the "Dragon Sleeper" move
to break his neck.
He's finished.
Very dangerous, this move.
His legs up in the air. What does the referee say?
He's counting One... Two... Three...
And the fight is over with that
"Dragon Sleeper" move. What a finish!
Oooh... I haven't seen better!
Hey sis, do you think the big guy
can get out alive?
I don't know.
Should we make him eat 'Som Tum'
before the fight?
Forget about it.
He's clueless about fighting.
He would get badly beat up.
Yeah, he has the perfect body,
but sucks bad at fighting.
I'm sorry... I can't fight.
Isn't there something else I can do?
Yeah, something else?
Can't fight?
- Can't fight.
How 'bout strip?
- Strip?
No no no no... Can't dance.
Can't dance. No way.
- Ha... that would be funny,
a giant go-go dancer.
No go-go... - Yeah, kind of sexy,
people like weird stuff like that.
Dance for me.
No... No.
- Come on, come on. Please!
'Pattaya Tourist Service Center'
- Did you bring your notification with you?
Yes I did.
If you get your passport,
will you go home immediately?
No, no... First I get money
to fix restaurant first.
Are you sure?
- Absolutely.
I keep my word.
Where are you going?
Close the door.
He was the one we drugged the other night.
Please... Give me back my passport.
No... Go back, go back.
He's a cop.
Yes, make it easy by turning yourselves in.
Are you okay?
Please, can you help me find my passport?
Get the hell away from me.
Sit down!
I forgot to tell you. It's unloaded.
I forgot to tell you. I also have my own gun.
Is it loaded?
Son of a bitch, I was just asking.
You didn't have to shoot!
Did the police find the big guy's passport?
Don't worry about him.
The police are taking care of that.
How about mom?
She seems worried.
How can we get money to help her?
Do you remember Yong at Fight Club?
A boxing match? No way.
Mom would kill me.
Let's try. I'll ask mom,
maybe she'll allow it.
Please, mom. It's only a Thai boxing
dancing contest. It won't be long.
- Dancing on the stage. What stage?
Is it a Go-Go stage?
No, a boxing stage. There's a prize
for the winner. Really.
- Thai boxing dancing contest?
Ok, you can go.
Hooray, mom said yes!
- When is it? I'll go with you.
It's tonight. But you don't need to go,
A lot of tourists will be there,
they might hit on you.
- As if anyone will really hit on me.
So you wanna go for sure, mom?
Yes, she said ok. Hurry up.
We have to go pick up the big guy.
Paul Howard lays a kick onto Bearman's neck.
Whoa, he doesn't waste a moment.
He's getting on the rope,
jumps down to attack Bearman.
Bearman hits back. Wow, that's brutal.
Sit down. Sit down here.
Watch and enjoy the match.
...Three. The fight is over.
Bearman is the winner.
Ladies and gentlemen, the next fight
will be a very special match...
you've never seen anything llike this
anywhere in the world.
In the red corner, from Pattaya,
the champion of women's Thai boxing.
'Dokya TalayThai'
Holy shit, it's a girl!!
Hey, she should have been a stripper instead!
- Her opponent tonight is a rising star.
Please give a round of applause to...
'Ritdej Sitkruthong! '
This time you're dead, dog girl!
That bastard arranged for a man to fight you.
Let's go home, sis.
Just leave. What would they say?
- For this match, they will only fight two rounds.
No scores will be given.
The fight will be decided only by a knockout.
The pay is good. So mom can fix the shop.
Nothing else matters.
If Dokya can knock him out,
you can win up to 10 times your bet.
But if you're convinced the male boxer
can't possibly lose,
then place your bets!
- And now is the time you've been waiting for,
let the earth-stopping match begin!
'Round 1'
Get in. Charge, charge.
Charge. Get inside.
- You're dead, dog! You're freakin' dead!
I think Dokya should throw in the towel.
She is fighting for money. Because of you.
And you want her to give up?
She will not give up easy, not llike you!
Son of a bitch. What have you been doing?
I told you to practice.
Where's your power gone?
I told you not to have so many wives llike I do!
You'll know real pain if you
can't knock her out this round!
You did well, sis. Stay outside llike that.
Sis, can't you use the special moves?
You can't? Well I'll fight him myself.
Hand me the gloves.
'Round 2'
Good job, son of a bitch.
I'll find you another wife.
One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight... Ok?
One, two, three,
four, five...
six... seven...
Ouch... son of a bitch.
- One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight
Hey, are you sure this is a boxing match?
There's a girl and a guy on stage...
Couldn't it be some kind of other show?
- You want fucky fucky?
You tried to fuck me!
You said the pay was good.
You didn't win.
What more do you want?
We didn't lose either, we should get more.
Go, go.
You are wrong. You have to pay more.
You need more?
- Yes
Okay, I give you... bad time!
Get off me. - Let me go!
Stop. - Don't hurt him.
Let him go. - Don't hurt him.
- Don't hurt him...
Sis. Let's go to the temple to dress the wound.
We can do it at home.
Not a good idea. If mom sees
you llike this, she'll get upset,
and won't let you fight anymore.
Athousand baht is not enough to fix the shop!
Maybe a couple more fights will do.
How did the audience llike it?
They loved it.
Mom. What's wrong?
Mom, mom. What's wrong? Mom.
Mom. What's wrong? Mom, mom...
Tell me where it is! You know where it is!
Where's my crystal? Where's my crystal?
Where's my crystal?
Tell me where it is!
Tell me where it is! Tell me where it is!
- I don't know!
Tell me where it is!
Where is it?
Where is the diamond?!
Stay there! Stay there!
Where did I lose it?
The girl's got nothing.
Shit, bro.
Calm down.
If it were still here, we would
have found it already.
I had it...
Can we duplicate the key?
Of course not. Okay, let me clarify:
The scanning laser is extremely precise.
A copy would modify the laser's trajectory.
The laptop would remained closed.
Do you understand that now?
What if we opened the laptop forcefully?
I know some guys who might be of help.
Then... it will be useless!
Because if you try to force it,
it will activate an explosive charge,
and diamonds would be dust.
Is it clear enough for you now?
'The clever man? '
Well if I would have know that, I wouldn't have
let the crystal out of my sight.
You know what? Go to hell!
- Calm down.
Bro, these guys make me lose my food, you know?
- Calm down too, ok?
We gotta work in this together.
Just try and remember...
where did you put the crystal last?
Time to start anew.
"Som Tum" Open from 9.30 - 18.00.
What would you llike today?
- I'd llike a Som Tum with pickled fish.
- I'd llike spicy boiled beef.
Barney, come and help me.
This is what you do.
If you want to do that,
I will toss in the spices for you.
The mortar broke!
Slow it down, Barney.
- Ok.
Do you have any more mortars, Mom?
- I don't.
Can you go to the market to buy a new one?
Make sure it's made of rock.
- Yeah, so we can finally eat.
Are you sure it'll do?
Of course, father.
If you say so. Take it.
Are you sure, Katen?
Believe me, mom. This is gonna work
Excuse me.
What do you want, kid?
Do you know where Auntie Cham's
papaya store is? I couldn't find it.
Do you think I'm selling bananas here?
Heaps of papayas in front of you.
Why go somewhere else?
I don't know how to choose a papaya.
Mom told me to buy from Auntie Cham.
I'll be in trouble if I don't buy good ones.
Good papayas must be white and clear llike this.
This sound means it's fresh and crisp.
Not llike a GMO papaya or other bullshit.
It's a real home-grown Thai papaya.
Ok. I believe you now. Your papayas are super!
I'll take twenty of them.
Ok, I'll pick great ones for you.
- Hello, sir.
Get your money out.
Let me collect it all.
Next time count it ahead of time.
Come on, hurry up.
- 'Don', your passenger.
Look at that.
Hold on!
I don't believe you can beat me.
I didn't beat you. We had a draw, didn't we?
We didn't draw, you bitch!
Are you ok, kid?
I'm ok.
Hey, you're picking on a girl?
It's ok. I'll take care of it.
Wow, you're good!
It's my business.
Anyone dare interfering will get my feet!
What are you looking at?
Smack her up.
You're ganging up on a little girl?
Shut up, bitch. Or I'll
slap your teeth out.
What the hell are you looking at?
Beat them up.
Wow, kid. You're super-duper.
You too.
A little bit.
Where's your Som Tum restaurant?
North Pattaya. It's called:
"Giant Mortar Som Tum"
Listen up everyone!
This kid has a Som Tum restaurant
at North Pattaya called:
"Giant Mortar Som Tum"
Must be as terrific as her fighting.
Let's all go try it out.
Who wants to go?
Let's hear your applause.
Believe it or Not! "Giant Mortar Som Tum"
We should ask the Guinness Book
to come here too.
This giant mortar idea of yours
really worked, Katen.
How's your Som Tum?
Very delicious.
How about other foods llike pork salad or grilled beef?
- All delicious.
Oh really? You ate everything up?
- Certainly.
Is that your daughter?
Yes, my daughter.
- She's pretty.
Even waftertastes good here...
sweet, so sweet.
Would you llike to order something else?
Yes, anything you have.
Uh, I think I'll have the check now.
Check please...
Back please...
and play!
That's it. It's that boy!
Can't I see another angle?
Zoom In!
now we have the answer.
No problem, I'd do anything
for the big payment you gave me.
Anything else I can do,
please let me know.
Do you know that girl?
I think I've seen her.
I see many people every day...
I can't recall instantly.
Ok, here's the deal.
You help me out.
Remember her face.
As soon as I've got her,
I'll give you another thousand grand.
No problem. Pattaya is not that big!
Anyone can be found.
Wow, sis, you're gorgeous.
The most gorgeous I have ever seen you.
Enough. Enough. Don't tease me.
Heaven demands that you are
the fairest in the land tonight.
Shut up before I give you some of these.
- Cut it out.
Sis, blow out the candles.
Are you kidding?
Who could blow out this many candles.
Not these candles. Those candles.
Sis, I have a present for you.
Where did you get it?
It seems expensive.
Not at all. It's just a fake.
I spent a lot of time choosing it.
So you'd know how much I love you.
You didn't steal it from someone, did you?
Who could I have stolen it from?
Yeah, thanks.
We have something for you.
- Me?
Thank you.
This is fantastic.
Thank you.
Sis, cut the cake.
I don't know about these clothes,
I don't think they look so good on me.
You look really good.
- Really?
You walk llike a model.
- A model?
You jerk, let me go.
Eat this, dog girl!
Take her.
Get inside...
Don't be stupid, just tell the truth...
Where is it?
C'mon, just tell me.
You're a thief, aren't you?
- Enough.
What enough?
- Let me handle this.
The bag you stole, where did you keep it?
I threw it away.
Where did you throw it?
In the garbage bin.
Did you keep anything from inside the bag?
No. There was nothing inside.
So I threw the whole bag away.
Let me go. I'm telling the truth.
- Now it's over!
If you don't tell me,
I will kill you!
Sit down.
Finally. Thank god.
What's wrong with you guys?
Did you trick me!?
- Keep still!
- Hey don't move.
So what now?
Shoot me, if you've got the balls.
The crystal is the only key to the
The middle of the top, the bottom,
the front, or the back.
You have a 13 percent chance of
not blowing those segments up.
Feeling lucky?
I'm so grateful we're still in this together.
You're a pretty tricky guy, Ryan.
Why don't we just let bygones
be bygones, huh?
I have no problem. But my share is the same.
I'm not giving any to your friends.
And you need me to speak to the client.
If not, just kill me.
Do you think I wouldn't dare shoot you?
- Calm down...
You can have my cut.
Everything is the same.
Fine, so we stick to the original plan.
Shit, how did she get away?
Catch her.
If you can catch her, meet me at the airport.
Hey! Stop!
Rong. - Yes
Kill them all!
Drag him here
Over here.
Give me your gun.
- I don't have a gun. The boss took it
- What?
I have a knife.
You idiot, how many times do I have
to stab him until he dies?
You could use a fork. It makes
several holes at a time.
Funny? You stick it in your father's ass!
Open your mouth!
Eat! Eat
You asshole!!
Barney, look at that!
Open your mouth!
Where did she go?
C'mon get up!
I'm up here, and you?
You're lame.
Kill him...
Stop, bitch! Go!
Hurry up. Go.
You got shot?
Throw your gun away.
- No weapons on board.
I'm sorry...
I took your passport.
Go home.
- Get away!
- Yes?
Some crazy giant guy in my way!
What do you want me to do?
Crush him!
Don't, don't!
The plan has changed.
The what?
Don't mess with my land.
Go back to your country.
Barney, Barney. Are you ok?
You can't die here. Barney,
dont leave us.
Barney, wake up.
Barney... Barney...
You're a part of our family.
You can't die on us.
Barney, Barney. Wake up.
You can't die on us.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth!
No! Noooo!
No! No!
- I'd llike to order please.
- Som Tum with crab and fish.
Make it spicy.
- Mom. Som Tum with crab and fish over here.
Mommy, how are you doing over there?
Over here it's nice, but a litle cold.
Barney's Som Tum restaurant is a hit.
But I really miss your Som Tum.
How are you and sis? I'm having
a lot of fun over here.
Barney's taken me to many places.
Don't worry about me.
Barney is taking care of me llike he's my dad.
But only when he's not eating Som Tum.
Sis, don't I mom stay out late.
Don't I anyone hit on her, either.
Barney says "Hi" to you and mom.
I gotta go.
I miss you both very much.
- Katen.
Proofreading and English language by:
- GodspedEmp -
Subbed and translated by: - Jan de Uitvreter -