Son of a Gunfighter (1965) Movie Script

Start countin', Joe.
One, two, three..
...17, 18, 19, 20.
Now, what was all that about?
The prisoners.
Ketchum sure takes care
of his own.
From the way he handled this,
smartly too.
I'll go and form a posse.
Ah, that's just
what he's figurin' we'll do.
No, we'll ride out
on that stagecoach
that leaves
here before noon.
With what it's carrying,
I'd say he plans to grab it
before the day's through.
Look. Hey, sheriff.
Hey, sheriff.
Up the road.
What do we do?
Tell Zeb to pull up.
But keep a sharp eye.
Pull up, Zeb.
What is your name?
I'll ask the questions.
You and Jim go up on that rock
and see what's around.
Expecting trouble, sheriff?
No, already living with it.
And you?
My, uh, horse stepped
in a gopher hole.
I had to shoot him.
'Your saddle?'
It's over there in the rocks.
You haven't got something
to drink, have you?
There's a canteen inside.
Help yourself.
All clear.
Leave Jim to watch things
and come back down.
Feelin' better?
- Much obliged.
- Enough to tell me who you are?
Name's Johnny.
And it ends there?
Somewhere around there.
It's all you need
to fetch me, sheriff.
Notched butt.
'That's not usual.'
Saves time. I know just
where to put my hand.
Hmph. Have all the answers
for a young one, don't you?
A man's as old as the speed
of his gun, sheriff.
You ought to know that.
Am I gonna get that ride?
Go get your gear.
Is he tied in with Ketchum?
I don't know.
What is his story?
A lame horse
he had to shoot.
You believe it?
Let's just say that,
I accept it for now.
Does he have a name?
Huh, name's Johnny.
Just Johnny?
There's more, but he's not
in the mood for telling.
Seems to me you take everything
he gives plenty lightly.
That's just what
I want him to believe.
Now, look,
he's a stranger
that showed up
at a questionable time.
That's all I know
for sure right now.
And that's all
you know too.
So don't get all fired up
about that Ketchum reward money.
Now go bring Jim down.
- Where you want this, sheriff?
- Put it inside.
Hey, I heard down
in El Paso
that two of Ace Ketchum's gang
were locked up down here.
Is that right, sheriff?
It appears a long way to ride
just checkin' out some gossip.
- Gossip?
- That's right.
You see Ketchum busted them
out of jail this morning.
But of course,
you would not know
anything about that,
would you?
No, I wouldn't.
That's why we're takin'
no chances
with what Wells Fargo
has ridin' in this stage.
No chances with no one.
Now take your gun, Johnny.
'It's the fare to border city.'
Just for the record,
my name's Litton.
My deputy Mace Fenton.
Come on, Jim.
Alright, let's roll.
I hear you do not have
a last name.
That's right.
Never before have
I heard of a man
who does not have
a last name.
Well, you've heard
of one now.
Come on, you must
have a last name.
I got a half a dozen of 'em,
mister. Take your pick.
I'll tell you when.
Let's go.
Keep him in your sights
until we know where he stands.
Zeb had it.
He never knew what hit him.
I'm declaring you in.
Thanks, sheriff.
- That Ketchum's gang, sheriff?
- It sure is.
Spread out.
Which one's Ketchum?
Might be him
on that pinto.
- How bad is it, Jim?
- I think it's broken.
Johnny, hand me
those spokes.
There's a big spread about four
or fives miles down the road.
Go bring back some help.
What about our new friend?
I'll still be here.
What's botherin' him?
The weight of his badge?
Just havin' a Texas father
and a Mexican mother.
Neither side
really cottons to him.
I bet that's the first time
Ketchum's turned tail
since he rode
into this territory.
You helped do it, Johnny.
We'll have some help
for you in a little while, Jim.
Just what does it take
to satisfy you?
Not too much.
Well, let's see, the first thing
you asked back down the road
was about Ketchum's men.
Then, the way you threw
yourself into this fight..
Well, it's more than the reward
money, anyone can see that.
Why do you want him
dead, Johnny?
Look, sheriff,
I've got no answers, huh
just, uh, questions.
Now, what's the chance of me
getting a pony in town, huh?
You've earned one,
free, from me.
Well, thanks, sheriff.
Others have tried to cross
the Rio Grande and nail him.
They've planted six feet down
in Mexican soil.
I'm not others, sheriff.
Hey, where do you suppose
he's holed up?
I have no idea.
Being brave is one thing,
foolish another.
Goin' down after Ketchum
alone is nothing
but an invitation
to a killing.
As long as it's
his as well as mine
I couldn't care less.
You sure have a lot of hate
stored up in you, son.
Enough, sheriff.
Need I say more?
No, Johnny.
You've said it all.
Bandidos. Bandidos.
Take cover.
Come on.
What about the cattle,
Don Pedro?
They will stop running
when they reach the creek.
- Any of our workman hurt?
- No,senor.
- See to the others.
-Si, senor.
I'm in your debt,senor.
Pedro de Fortuna.
Is there anything I can do
to show my gratitude?
You owe me nothing. My reason
for joinin' in was personal.
But you are a stranger,
I don't understand.
It doesn't matter.
It's all over.
Come on.
What happened, Don Pedro?
See to the others
over there.
It's alright.
There's nothing broken.
Never thought a Ketchum bullet
would hit me first.
Ketchum? The American?
It is not he
who bothers us.
They are the bandidos,
that pig of Morales.
Bandidos. Oh, no.
That just makes
my day complete.
But you are bleeding,senor.
It would be a mistake
trying to ride out of here now.
I'm getting used to mistakes.
My life has been full of 'em.
Help him.
They are coming.
Someone is hurt.
What has happened?
He's hurt. Take him upstairs.
- Get some bandage.
-Si, senor.
Ten hours you're sitting here
waiting for him to return.
And when he does,
should he first see
the ugly face of
a headvaquerolike you?
Go away, Esteban.
This is woman's work.
A woman?
Ah, you are still a child.
Look at the young men as I
pass by then, remind me again.
It's your father's fault
the way you are.
I shall talk to him, Pilar.
And like always,
he won't listen.
You. Come here.
Come here.
You are real, huh?
Yes, you see?
Hmm, I thought I was havin'
a dream or somethin'.
Seems to be the only time
I see anything comforting.
Wh-where am I anyway?
How long have I been here?
Not too long.
You are in Don Fortuna's house.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
now I remember.
Is there anything
I can get you?
Some water maybe. My throat's
as dry as a sand dune.
You can get back to your
chores now. I'll be alright.
Oh, I-I have orders
to stay with you.
Oh. Alright.
What's your name?
Pilar. And you?
'No one seems to know.'
Buenas noches,Johnny.
Buenas nochesto you too.
Now, uh, I tell you,
if you're here to serve.
Lend me a hand
and get me up out of here.
No. You lost too much blood.
You must lie still.
Oh, wait a minute,
you don't understand.
See, I-I got some business
to attend to.
Oh, please,senor.
Now, wait a minute.
If you're not gonna help,
don't hinder, huh?
- Now get me out of here.
- But I have my orders.
I don't care about your orders.
You'll stay in bed. Oh.
'Please,senor,lie down.'
Stay in bed. Oh. Oh.
What method is this
to care for the sick?
I was only trying to keep him
from gettin' up, papa.
Papa? She belong to you?
She's my daughter.
Now, why didn't you tell me?
I'm sorry. I was only trying
to make a little joke.
'I meant no harm.'
I will explain, papa.
You stay in bed and rest now?
The way you pinned me back,
I'm easily convinced.
Then you are not angry?
Come, he needs his rest.
Now, you push harder,
and your hand up.
Now against my hand.
Had enough?
Keep pushing, friend.
I got things to do.
I've got to get this arm healed.
Uh-huh. You live with pain well.
I've had a lot of practice.
You really think
this is gonna help, huh?
It will keep your shoulder
from becoming..
It is very important.
Alright. Now..
Let's quit for a while, huh?
Don't go away,
I'll be right back.
- How is your arm, Johnny?
- Comin' along.
You, uh, sure handle
that horse well.
Finally, a compliment.
Thank you.
I guess I'm not much
at saying nice things, am I?
Well, in the four days
you've been here
it has been, hello
goodbye, and little else.
Just never been
much of a talker.
You have a girl somewhere?
A girl?
There must have been
a girl sometime.
No, uh, not really.
Women just, uh, just
aren't a part of my life.
As a matter of fact, I, uh..
I think I've spent more time
with you than anyone else.
Well, this is an afternoon
for confessions.
Is, uh, this another one
of your little jokes?
There is so much
you don't like.
Isn't there, Johnny?
I can see it in your eyes.
You don't laugh like other men.
Johnny, have you ever
had a good friend?
Yeah, sure.
There've been some
who've helped me along the way.
But anyone you can really trust?
Anyone you can tell
all that rages inside you?
Have you ever had
a friend like that?
I'm afraid
I can't afford that luxury.
How do you know?
Johnny, let me be
your good friend.
Why? Why you?
When I was a girl
this ranch, my father
Esteban and Maria
they were enough.
But now I am a woman.
Somehow I think of that
more since you arrived.
Johnny, let me be
your good friend.
Everything is so, uh..
so simple to you, isn't it?
'I wish it were
for me too, but..'
'...I don't know.'
I just don't know.
It would to very hard
for me to
to tell you what's
what's eating me up inside.
And even if..
Even if I could tell you
I-I just don't know
where to begin.
But you will try, Johnny.
That is all I ask.
You will really try?
I'll try.
Now, I must dress for dinner.
Esteben, where is Maria?
She's waiting in the house.
Pilar is not only a daughter
of ourhidalgo
but she is like
another daughter
to every family
in thishacienda.
Why are you telling
me that now?
Perhaps now is
the time to say it.
Perhaps because
despite her protests,
she is very young.
You have nothing
to worry about,amigo.
I haven't been young
in a long time.
On your feet.
He has nothin'.
You are clever,hombre.
I too would hide
my money at night.
But now, you tell us where it is
and we let you ride.
You tell Juan Morales
I want to talk with him.
Juan Morales, eh?
You ask an awful lot,amigo.
You are a stupid to cross
Morales' territory
with no money.
And you are loco.
You think I light a fire
have no gun in my hand
unless I want to be found?
- Wait a minute.
- Hold.
You kill me..
and that is a share of $10,000
that Morales will never see.
Ten thousand dollars?
Yes. Maybe more.
Have you no courtesy
for ouramigo?
Treating him like this.
Put that knife away.
If you say this
just to save your life
you'll die anyway.
By the rawhide.
And I think you carry
enough of our blood
to know what that means.
What name shall
I give Juan Morales?
I will give it to him myself
when I meet with him.
Then, you tell me.
I am Juan Morales.
So let me see,
this makes the fifth time
you are wearing a dress
this time in the morning.
And why not, Maria?
You've been telling me for years
that a lady wears
dresses at all times.
If you don't sit quiet,
we shall never finish your hair.
I feel so good.
How do I look?
The way you should.
Dona Pilar.
Alright, Sarita.
But hurry up.
You've been at it for hours now.
It has been perfect
ten times already.
If Dona Pilar
will only make up her mind.
I will see to it, Sarita.
You have other chores.
Si, senora.
Oh, Maria
is it wrong
to feel the way I do?
To be happy is never wrong.
Is that what happened
when you first saw Esteban?
It still happen
when we look at each other.
He feels the same way I do.
You believe that, don't you?
I believe what you want me to,
Pilar, but be careful.
Those men from the north
are different than ours.
Their hearts do not
always lead them.
His heart will lead him.
I will see to that.
This man, Ketchum keeps himself
and his men in the mountains.
As I told you,
he never bothers us. Never.
He raids up north though,
doesn't he?
Steals. Murders.
This is a large country, Johnny.
We are far from the law
in Mexico City.
Our hands are full
defending our land
against those who attack
and bleed us.
Morales, huh?
And over a hundred bandidos
that follow him.
No. Ketchum means nothing to us.
Well, he means everything to me.
Then, some of myvaqueroswill
accompany you when you ride.
The mountain trails
are dangerous.
The mountains?
Six days is not enough
to heal that arm.
Oh, I feel fine, Pilar.
The arm healed well in a week.
You lost so much blood.
Pilar, I must go.
Papa, stop him.
Johnny must do
what he feels,querida.
Don Pedro, Esteban wishes
to see you immediately
in the east courtyard.
You will excuse me?
You are not fit to ride.
Besides, those mountains
are full of Morales' men.
Why must you ride there?
I've told you before, Pilar..
...there's something
that I've got to get done.
Even if it hurts a friend?
Now look
you had better get something
through your head.
Right now, I-I'm not good for
anybody, I'm not good for you
I'm not good for me,
nobody, do you understand?
I-I got to get something
out of my system
that's been driving me
for a long time, alright?
Johnny, why is this Ketchum
so important to you?
What has he done that make you
hate him for so long?
He killed your father?
My mother.
Oh, Johnny.
They are there,
on that crest, Don Pedro.
I have sent some riders out
but every time
they fade into nothing.
And then they are back.
Morales would never dare
attack thehacienda.
We are very well-fortified here.
But yet they watch.
How long has this been noticed?
The last few days.
I saw no reason
to disturb you at first.
They have done it before,
as you know.
But never three
straight days like this.
Who can tell how Morales thinks?
Have extra arms given to the men
when they are working
in the fields.
And make certain the signal
fires are well-tended
should we need thevaqueros.
Give some arms to the men
who leave thehacienda.
[instrumental music]
Papa, I must talk to you.
Alright, I am listening.
Not here. Inside.
Now, tell me
why are you so disturbed?
It is because of Johnny?
The American outlaw Ketchum
killed Johnny's mother.
That's what's driving him.
Papa, stop him.
He'll be killed.
I know something of the ways
of men, Pilar.
If you try to stop him
his hate for Ketchum
may turn on you.
If I try to stop him
he will not listen.
But you must do something.
Papa, I love him.
Then, Johnny must do something.
He must decide to live for love
or possibly die for hate.
I am sorry, Pilar.
But that is the way of men.
He is still there
in thehacienda.
So nothing can change your mind?
She was very beautiful,
wasn't she?
My father loved her very much.
He still misses her.
It's easy to understand.
Your father's a fine man.
Yes, he is.
But even he knew how to hate.
My mother died when I was born.
I never knew her.
But I knew my father's hate
until I was seven.
He blamed me.
Maria and Esteban
used to rock me to sleep
or calm my fear
when I was lonely or frightened.
But, Johnny,
they were more frightened
of what was happening to papa
with only hate inside of him.
I almost died when I was seven.
That's when papa realized
that love is stronger than hate.
I wouldn't know about that.
Of course.
You warned me, didn't you?
That there is nothing
inside you but hate.
The wish to kill or be killed.
Alright. Go then.
And know this anger I feel
is not against you
but against me for being
so stupid as to think
I came to love you
the way you are.
Everything is ready.
This is Joaquin.
He and the men you ride with
have hunted the mountains
before Ketchum was there.
They know it well.
Take care,amigo,huh?
I intend to.
Don Pedro
I just don't know
how to thank you.
By keeping a happy
thought of us
and never returning.
That is the way it must be,
Johnny, because of Pilar.
I understand.
Thank you, Johnny,
for making it easier.
God be with you.
Will he be back, Maria?
If it is meant to be, dear.
- Joaquin.
What are they doin' up there?
This little canyon
divides the forest
from which we get our firewood.
The wagons get up there
by a back road.
There it is, senor.
Three, four hour ride
to the base of the mountain
where Ketchum is.
And between Ketchum and us
And you say a few men on most
of the narrow trails
could keep an army out?
Well, Ketchum's bound
to have men posted.
Look, this fight isn't yours.
I'll take it from here alone.
You don't understand,senor.
Any quarrel of a friend
of our patron's
is a quarrel of ours.
No matter why.
It may get rough.
It doesn't make
any difference,senor.
But first, we cross
Morales' country.
The land is difficult.
He and hisbandidos
keep well hidden.
Unless they have other
things in their mind.
...this deal we make
you keep it in mind, no?
I will keep it in mind, Morales.
You see, I have $10,000 in mind.
You just make sure that
you are around when I need you.
How do you like that, Fuentes?
Make sure we are around.
Amigo,enough of your
mother's blood
flows in you to trust us.
Just enough,
so that I don't know
which side of the border
I belong.
But one thing can change
all this. Money.
The kind we all get
when I take Ketchum North.
Just mark the mountain
trail well,amigo.
'The notch on your horse's shoe
will make it easy.'
Morales will take care
of the rest.
Alright, it is time.
Can that one be trusted?
If he speaks the truth
about thisgringo muchacho
the right trail will be marked.
He is only hungry for the money.
But I want Ketchum
for a different reason.
He double-crossed me one time
and no one does that to Morales.
Well, I guess
it was a good thing
I was sitting
on your trail,amigo.
I guess so. Thanks.
Now, tell me why you did it.
Well, let us say I
I had a talk with the sheriff
after you pulled out.
Look, uh, you need Ketchum.
Why? That is your business.
Me, I have very good use
for the 10,000
that come with his head.
And anyway I figure
you could always use
a second pair of steady hands
in thisbandidocountry
trying to find him.
I'm afraid
that won't sell, Fenton.
Maybe this will.
At North of the border,
I am Mexican.
South of the border,
I amgringo.
All my life
it has been like this.
I have decided to change it.
To change it, I need money.
To get the money,
I need Ketchum.
To get Ketchum, I need you.
If you were so hungry why
didn't you come South before?
Not even acoyotehit
a pack all by himself.
No, I needed a bloodhound
to smell the way
and you have been
sniffing Ketchum
from the first minute we met.
Alright, Fenton,
you can have Ketchum
but only when
I'm through with him.
I've waited too hard
and too long.
Whatever you say,amigo
whatever you say.
He will not be able
to go further.
Well, we better send
him back then.
Senor,you loosen
that tourniquet now
about every 20
or 30 minutes, huh?
Si, senor.
And, uh, take Jose
back with you.
Oh, wait a minute.
I forgot about Morales.
'We have no choice,senor.'
The bullet is lodged deep
and it must come out.
And we must keep moving.
The sooner
we reach the mountains
the sooner we won't worry
about Morales.
Round up the horses.
It is done. Thegringos
accepted him.Vamonos.
That's the trail up.
The others cut
circles to nowhere.
- Let's go.
- Hold on.
Let's hear what our guide says.
It could be any
easy trap,senor.
One mile up is Boulder Country.
'No trees for cover.'
I'll tell you, we'll hide
the horses in the bush.
If they do have guards posted..'ll be easier
to get them on foot.
Without horses
we don't stand a chance.
What's the matter, Fenton?
Isn't that Ketchum reward money
shining bright enough for you?
Sure, it is.
But I would like to be around
to spend it.
If our horses stray in the dark,
how do we get out of here?
We'll just have to meet
that problem when we get to it.
Now, if you're comin',
step down.
'If you're not, ride out.'
You know that..
That is not a very nice way
to talk to me,amigo.
Get something through
your head, Fenton.
I'm not too sure about
what happened back there
scaring thosebandidos
away by yourself.
But I tell you something,
one thing I am sure of.
I don't want you
behind me anymore.
''s foolish to fight
amongst ourselves.'
Alright, we'll move out now.
'If there are guards,
we'll jump 'em at sunup.'
And you'll lead the way.
Get rid of the horses, Joaquin.
Go on. Go on.
And, Fenton.. step sideways just once
and so help me, I'll kill you.
Now move out.
They are not here,senor.
This is strange.
They have been gone
since early this morning.
Yes, ever since
the youngsenorrode out.
Papa, I am worried.
It'll be dark shortly.
But we will ride
early in the mornin'.
Well, there's one
we don't have to worry about.
Fenton, where were you when
the brains were handed out?
That shot's gonna be heard
all aver these m..
Get him out of here.
Hold it. Right there.
Don't. That'd be the last thing
you ever tried, mister.
Now drop your gun belts,
all of you.
I can tell you right now, kid..'ll take more
than the three of you
to rust us off this mountain.
Joaquin, get their rifles.
Keep them covered.
Come on down, Fenton.
Where's Ketchum?
Where he usually is.
Up on top.
You planning on a visit?
Better step down, all of you.
What are you figurin' on?
Maybe you didn't hear me,
I said step down.
You heard the man.
You're fast, kid.
'First time Reb's
ever been stopped.'
Been practicing a long time.
That shot is not going
to help either,amigo.
The damage was already done.
Joaquin, get the horses.
You do that, kid. You wouldn't
get a half mile up the trail.
He's right.
'Now the whole
mountain will be waiting.'
You tell Ketchum that somebody
down here wants to see him.
Someone wants to see him,
just like that, huh?
Just like that.
He'll get the message.
Now get goin'.
And fast.
I can stake out over there
and Joaquin over there.
A little more insurance, huh?
If a man has to die
what difference
where the bullet hits him?
...when you're gunning
for a man
he deserves to die
from the front
and close enough
to know the reason why.
Have it your way.
But if you don't get him,
I will.
Remember, I have a stake
riding too.
If I don't get him,
I won't be around
to worry about what you do.
So you're Johnny, huh?
That's right.
Well, you look young enough.
but at the same time you look
too old to be my son.
It's a little late to start
figurin' yourself
as a father, isn't it?
- Now look, kid--
- 'That's far enough.'
Oh, that's the way
it is, huh?
That's the way it is.
Now, draw.
Now, take it easy, kid.
Can't we just sit down
and talk this over?
'I've got lots to tell you.'
Maybe someone already told you
how fast I am.
Couldn't be that
the great Ace Ketchum's
afraid of a kid
he left behind, huh?
'Whose mother died hungry
long before her time.'
You got it all wrong, kid.
'Well, one thing I got right.'
I'm gonna kill you
one way or the other.
Now, draw.
You're stepping
pretty hard, Johnny.
Hard enough?
Not against my own son.
Bring the horses.
Bring the horses.
You keep thegringohere
until we get back.Vamonos.
We finally have Ketchum out
of the mountains in daylight.
If he lives, we will have him
and his young one
and this time, we will
settle with Fortuna too.
I'll round up
the rest of our men.
But first
we have some fun, eh?
Let's go.
I had him in the palm
of my hand.
And you,
you could not wait.
I thought
you'd lost the trail.
No, but that part that
isgringomade you too greedy.
I was only trying to get him
for both of us.
Agringohas only one chance
with Morales and you rawhide.
Stop. No,amigo.
You would like to cheat
the rawhide.
Take him away.
No hurry for prayers,gringo.
Maybe one hour, maybe two.
Maybe more, maybe less.
Pray in your mother's tongue
for the sun
to be real hot,gringo.
Maybe it tighten
the rawhide quicker.
Adios, gringo.
How is he?
We have done the best we can.
He has lost much blood.
My wife and the youngsenorita
will sit with him
should he awake.
Will he make it?
It's in the hands of God.
You know, I've ridden with
Ketchum for almost ten years.
He never one once mentioned
he had a son.
Strange that they meet this way.
Over guns?
I tell you, if I live
to be a hundred
I'll never forget
those two today.
One, trying
to make himself kill
the other trying to keep
himself from doing it.
And I can't rightly figure
who would've come out on top.
Those two carry
the fastest guns I ever saw.
It is too bad there will
be only one of them we can use
when daylight comes.
Morales, eh?
Without doubt.
His eyes have always been
on thishacienda.
And now, we have taken a prize
under his very nose.
Huh, he must save face.
That's all I could think of,
so I practiced.
I practiced and I practiced.
I waited all these years
for that one moment.
When it finally came..
...I just couldn't do it.
Perhaps, sometimes
it takes more strength
not to kill, than to kill.
Don Pedro, I want you to know
that I really am sorry
about what happened
to Joaquin and the others.
If it hadn't been for them I,
I wouldn't have come back.
I know you didn't want me to.
You also know
the reason why, Johnny.
There was a bad way about you
which I did not understand.
Now I do.
A man can live with hate,
for someday it might wash.
But how can a man live
for the rest of his life
knowing he has killed
his closest bloodline.
It is not possible.
All I know is..
...that I went through life
with only one purpose in mind.
You know, even as a kid, I
I ridged this gun so my hand
could fit around it.
Doesn't make sense to me.
How can a man,
a man go through his life
with one purpose and then
just change it all in one day?
A day?
It can be a minute.
It's happened to me.
Hate or love, that's
the difference between men.
Animals like Morales, they know
neither, only destruction.
Everything will be ready now.
The powder kegs?
They have been buried
a long time ago
but we have checked
them for dryness.
'The powder trains
are being poured now.'
- 'Good.'
- 'Morales will be surprised.'
I sure don't like
all these women
and children bein' around here.
But what else can we do?
Well, for one thing
I can get Ketchum out of here.
surrender no one
to the likes of a Morales.
Even a gunman like Ketchum.
And what kind of men
would we be then?
We will fight here
with you at our side.
Don Pedro.. many men do you think
you have here in all?
Fifty or so. Enough to put up
a good fight at least.
Your father
has been asking for you.
Be thankful that the bullet
we took from your father
didn't come from your gun.
You don't make it easy on a man.
Did you make it easy
on us 20 years ago?
What kind of a chance
do you think you'd have had
'with a hunted
gunfighter around, huh?'
And I tried..
I took you and your mother
from place to place
but everywhere it was the same.
Always some young punk kid
trying to build his name
by killing
the great Ace Ketchum.
'So I did what
I thought best and left you.'
Your mother told me to go.
'Did you know that?'
No, I didn't.
A man does what he has to do.
Your mother knew that
when she married me.
'Oh, Johnny, that girl.'
She's quite a woman.
You could do worse
than staying put here.
A gunman's life
ain't the life to live
if you've got any choice.
Advice coming from you,
that sounds pretty funny.
Besides, Morales will solve
our problem for us by dawn.
We cornered?
You might say that.
We're just sittin' here waitin'
for him to attack us.
I've always found
that when I was cornered
it was better to attack first.
How? And with what?
Uh, just where do you think
you're goin'?
I'm leavin'.
If I wasn't here, then Morales
wouldn't be here either.
It's me he's after.
He thinks I once
did him some harm.
I think you'd better
lay back down there.
You'd be dead before you
got a mile out of here
and Morales would still be back
to raid thehacienda.
I'm not gonna die in bed
if there's a good fight around.
Look, what good do you
think you can do?
There's a hundred
of them out there.
A Ketchum would find a way.
Johnny, send Pecos back up here
with my clothes.
'There are the first
of thebandidosalready'
'but they will not attack
until dawn'
'when we are
completely surrounded.'
Morales' men don't like
the darkness for their battles.
Esteban, see that the men wet
down the wood in that wagon
in case Morales
tries to burn us out.
We'll use the weight of that
wagon to support the gate
when they attack us.
Don Pedro, do you still have
those other wagons
on the crest
of that canyon near here?
Yes, but why do you ask?
Do you think you could sneak
about a dozen or so men
out of here
without Morales seeing 'em.
Yes, if we move quickly enough
before thebandidossurround us.
Then get 'em ready.
And load 'em with as many
of those powder kegs
as you can spare.
Esteban, you take charge.
And make sure you place the men
on both sides of the canyon.
I still don't see how to get
Morales into the canyon.
Let's just say
a Ketchum found a way.
Now, Esteban, you know
what to do, don't you?
Yes, and I hope it works.
It's got to, that's all.
Now, remember,
be careful with those kegs.
One of you gets hit and the
whole lot of you go sky high.
Alright, move out.
And then, it's up to us.
The boy knows what he's doing.
Well, we've got four
or five hours till dawn.
- Why don't you get some sleep?
- Oh, forget it.
Do you think we can make it?
Depends on Esteban.
If he gets through Morales,
we stand a chance.
...we should hear
shooting any minute.
Let's go.
This is a dangerous thing
you do.
I've got no choice, Pilar.
I just wish I didn't have
to leave the rest of you here.
Especially if this little plan
of ours fails.
Don't worry.
All Fortunas shoot straight.
Well, let's get going, Johnny.
You know, you haven't
got many men left
in case they attack
We will manage.
Good luck, Johnny.
'Open the gate.'
- The men are ready.
- Good. We attack.
'They are leaving.
They are leaving.'
Get the horses.Vamonos.
Get the horses.
'Don't stop.'
Get ready.
Go back. Go back.
Vamonos. Vamonos.
Cut it. Cut it.
I suppose you'll
be leaving here now?
What if, uh..
What if I decided to stay?
You'd be most welcome, Johnny.