Son of India (2022) Movie Script

In the history of Indian cinema, this film
called 'Son of India' is an experiment.
Audience always appreciates
novel stories and ingenuity.
You all are aware that I am an
actor who always welcomes novelty.
In Theater, even when there
is no other actor on the stage-
-an actor imagines their presence and
enacts his role which is called Mono Action.
In 'Son of India' in many
scenes I have done Mono Action.
24 artists acted in
this film along with me.
Throughout the film,
you only hear their voices.
Their faces are not seen.
They become visible only in the last
scene of their respective characters.
But TV anchors and I can
be seen throughout the film.
And heard.
Hoping that you will
appreciate this experiment,
Yours, Mohan Babu.
This Planet Earth consists of seven continents,
seven seas, 195 nations and a 7.6 billion population.
And out of billions of population,
every single person would have a story.
With a few days of close observation,
we can evaluate their personality.
But I am now going to introduce a person
to you who is beyond all human assessment.
He is a Pythagoras formula
that math cannot decode.
He is a Bermuda triangle
that mind cannot conceive.
He is a Darwin's theory
that startled the entire world.
No brain specialist can define the thoughts
triggered by the neurons in his brain.
He is a unique cult figure.
His very route is separate.
Only God knows the place of his presence,
the time and his disguise.
Hail! The Great Warrior!
Champion! Harbinger!
Hail! The Great Warrior!
Champion! Harbinger!
During the battle
between god and demons.
Didn't the gods praise
your omnipotence?
To alleviate the ten headed Ravana
you are born of Dasartha to save all gods
Like a blooming lotus to the sun,
You added glory to the dynasty as a son
To repay the debt of gods to Dasaratha
You are born of him and settled it all
Though Kausalya's son,
you are the origin of all creation, Rama!
Dealing with demons is a child's play
for your tender hands, Rama!
You received numerous weapons
for treating the war as a sacred ritual
Yours is a strength that can destroy
all enemies of your devotees!
You decimated Tataki and her demon sons as
a child inspiring courage and saving rites
Didn't Lord Shiva wear the cooling moon in
his hair and adorn river Ganga on his head?
Didn't Ganga spring from your lotus feet?
How Ahalya freed from stone praised you!
How keen you were in listening to never
heard before stories from Viswamitra!
You are like a pheasant drinking
from the coy glances of Sita!
Aren't you the one whose brawn
could break the string of Shiva's bow?
The velvety pull in your eyes like the lotus
in the morning that alleviated Janaki's fears
The winner of Sita's hand quelling the
hopes and desires of kings from all lands
The demonstrator of Lord Vishnu's
incarnation as Rama by using his own bow
Ravana spelt doom for mankind uprooting
Shiva's Kailasha after Daksha's destruction
He defeated Indra but was wounded
hundred times by the Iravata
Kartyavirarjuna tormented Ravana; Killed by
Parashurama avenging Jamadagni, his father
Parashurama challenges you but you use his
bow with such ease proving you're supreme
Hail! The Great Warrior!
Champion! Harbinger!
Hail! The Great Warrior!
Champion! Harbinger!
Hail, Lord Hari,
Hail, Lord Govinda!.
I appear from time to time
to establish dharma.
It sounds good when you read it, master.
Master! I am setting out on a mission.
If you consider it right, support me.
If you think it is wrong,
kill me right here.
But then, why should I talk to
the Master about killing now?
Master knows too well whom to kill,
when and where.
See you, Master! See you!
God of Seven Hills! Hail!
Hearing his praise of God,
I thought he was a Bhakt Ramdas.
But he challenged God himself.
Very interesting! Let's wait and see.
The Central Minister who was visiting Tirupati
should have gone straight to Tirumala.
Instead, he went to Talakona guest house.
Whom did he want to meet?
Was he busy with trivia?
No wonder his fate took
a wrong turn at the dam.
There is nothing we can do.
God be with him!
Intelligence Report confirms foreign hand
behind the kidnap of the Central Minister.
Due to this unprecedented kidnap, the tourism
department is receiving a lot of flak.
Your critic, Kishore!
Beware! Don't go anywhere.
Don't the police have the brawn?
Doesn't the CBI have brains?
Why do they have to specially
pass the case to the NIA?
Who is that NIA officer? Where is he?
Why all this touching in times of Corona?
It is only itching around.
Madam Sruthi! I think this season
meant a lot of rubbing for you.
Are you using sanitizer and mask?
You talk too much. Control your tongue.
Who is the NIA officer? You or me?
Of course, it is you, ma'am.
You are a temporary driver.
You better reduce the temper.
Come this side!
Hey, man! I thought you
were an imported IPhone.
But you ended up an ordinary China phone!
You have put up quite a
show wearing my NIA coat.
You are going to be difficult.
What difficulty, Sir?
It's difficult when you like
and difficult when you don't.
Difficulty and liking are both friends,
First love is difficult.
First victory is difficult.
First child is difficult.
And with your permission....
First night is difficult too.
Babji! You are crossing your limits.
I thought you liked it, Ma'am.
Not that way. This way.
Sorry, Madam. Here is your coat.
l wonder who abducted our Minister.
He is not a chicken
for a hawk to flick him.
Nor is a mouse for a cat to carry.
Like Ravana abducted Sita on Navami.
Someone whisked away our minister.
I wonder who the culprit is..
There is not even a proper route here!
Just the way I get diverted by girls,
Someone must have diverted him
and he walked in to the trap, Madam.
Interesting. Kidnapper has used the strategy of
Padmavyuha, the Lotus plan, for the minister.
Padmavyuha has entry but no exit,
right madam?
Ah! This was least expected!
First we took him for an NIA officer.
Later we settled for a driver.
God! So right now he is a kidnapper!
This character has taken a terrible U-Turn!
Wonder who he is and what his ambition is!
Let's watch.
Madam! Madam Ira! The kidnapper
has left a clue here, Madam!
It's 12 hours since they found
this but NIA hasn't decoded this.
What is this? Is the NIA eating or
sleeping or jumping or running or ....
Your critic, Kishore.
Some ministers have to their credit
watching porn in the Parliament, Madam.
My guess is he must have gone to
Goa with some chick for rejuvenation.
Could this accident be a drama?
Prudhvi! Shut and keep quiet!
OK, Madam.
Who could be the kidnapper?
It's me, Madam!
Aye, it's me. Kadiyam Babji.
I was the one who sent my stamp
photo to your Marriage Office Bureau.
Don't send me an old Ambassador.
Please send me a brand new Audi.
I will post my stamps.
temporary driver! Aren't you married yet?
So, are you a virgin?
Have your tea. I am pure virgin.
I am not even married.
I am very happy living together.
Living together?!
Aye. The younger generation
prefers living together.
Marriage is like your own house.
You can use the stamp only once.
Living together is like a rented home.
You can post your
stamp daily as you like.
Babji! Stop your living
together lecture and go out.
I thought you would like that.
Sorry, Madam.
Whoever the kidnapper is,
I will catch him very soon.
Hey! Hey!
How dare you kidnap me in spite
of knowing I am a Central Minister?
This is Mahendra Bhupati!
With a snap of my finger I can
make the Assembly tremble.
With a show of fist I can
make the Parliament move.
What it is that you want?
Money or murder?
Contract or rape?
Let me go. I will grant you anything.
But who the hell are you?!
I am the light in darkness
and the darkness in light.
Oh, my! I am not able to
see whether it is dark or light!
48 hours since the kidnap of the Central Minister,
Mr Mahnedra Bhupati, and yet there is no progress.
If the central minister has no security,
what is the fate of the common man?
This is Critic Kishore's
straight question.
Look at this! Inefficient Home Minister....
This is the headline!
CBI, CID, Police and NIA....
So many of you and what were you doing?
You are supposed to do something. Not me.
Only when you do your job right, press will
not question me and CM will not touch me.
I want the kidnappers
to be arrested 24 hours.
Virupaksha! You are a man of great stature.
Why this simple job of cleaning a car?
The whole Assembly was in front of your house
asking you to be a part of the ruling party.
They even gave you a B form. Why do this?
Sir, you know everything.
I will soon meet you and
explain why I am here.
Please carry on. Everyone is watching.
Greetings.OK. See you.
Why was the Home Minister biting your ear?
Like the suspense factor in a detective
story, I don't understand your interaction.
Aye. I drove the Home Minister's
car very well for a few days
he liked my driving.
But I left the job.
My guess is that
you and the minister are of the same caste.
Oh! This fool seems to
have a lot of caste feeling.
Bro! Why don't you think
positive and talk positive?
You don't seem to
have read or heard any epics.
Sage Vyasa, born to Parashara and a mermaid,
was a Kshatriya belonging to Agni sect.
His Mahabharata is
considered the fifth Veda.
Sage Valmiki, born out of an anthill,
wrote Ramayana which is a great epic.
He was from Valmiki community.
Sage Vasishta was born to a prostitute.
He didn't even know who his father was.
Vasishta's wife, Arundhati Devi,
was the daughter of a sage.
We worship her showing
her to the newlyweds.
Which community do they belong to?
Sage Rishyasringa was
born to a man and a deer.
Is his community human or semi human?
Sage Agastya was born in an earthen pot.
Does he belong to mud community then?
Sage Gautama was born
of the back of a rabbit.
Does he belong to the
community of hare hunters?
Srimadbhagavadgita which is still the upheld book in
the court was recited by Sri Krishna who is a Yadava.
Sri Krishna said He had created the four communities
of Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.
For thousands of years Brhmanas,
Kshatriyas and Vaishyas remained the same.
But Sudras divided themselves into 3000
communities, 25 thousand sub-communities
and together 28 thousand castes.
And they draw daggers at
each other in the name of caste.
Caste is based on knowledge, you fool!
Not on birth.
Great man! I am a meddler and I made
the senseless mistake of meddling with you.
I thought you were just a car driver.
You look like Krishna who
drove the chariot in Kurukshetra.
You are really a tough nut to crack.
You are a know-all.
I hope you have now learnt about caste and the
great epics of Bharata, Bhagavata, Ramayanas.
Best of luck!
Alexa! TV on!
Our Doctor Pratibha Lasya, MD.,
FRCS., is the best Physician in India.
While the whole world was trembling with Corona
and people were dropping dead like flies....
Our doctor Praitbha Lasya has initiated plasma
therapy and removed the fangs of Corona.
I didn't see that. She is wonderful.
How much?
Ninety thousand with GST.
I will give you more. Two lakhs.
Hey! Who are you?
I would be a patient
if it were your hospital,
A driver if I enter your car.
Your boyfriend in your bedroom...
But if I abduct you,
I would be a kidnapper.
Wow! How smart he is! He
has already put up a poster!
He is having a ball, Madam.
Doctor's pool-way....what
is this number 786?
What does it stand for?
There is something fishy in the pool.
Hey! Who wants your food?
It's the bras of all sizes I
need when I am tensed.
This bra reminds me of a cobra!
In solving the cases of kidnapped
Central Minister and Doctor Pratibha....
NIA Officer, Ira, has been a disaster.
This is my critical review.
She should rather run a beauty
parlour or a massage parlour.
This is my advice.
Beware! Don't go anywhere.
Yes. 11483786.
These must be prisoner numbers.
You are very late! Madam Ira is on fire.
This guy?! He is Lala Nayak
from the Lambada sect.
He burnt three hundred
families of the sect alive.
He is sentenced to death.
Oh, this monster?!
He is Ismail and he is very dangerous.
He raped and killed
a sixteen year old girl.
They are going to hang him in ten days.
This was a huge sensational case.
How come their numbers were
found in the kidnap locations then?
Madam, you guessed it right.
The forensic team has confirmed
the posters from the 2000s.
Connect a call to the
central jail of Kadapa.
OK, Madam.
Hello! This is Naresh speaking from
prison with Graham Bell as the witness.
Who is on the other side?
This is NIA officer, Ira.
11483 and 786.
Do you know someone who was running the printing
press during the term of these convicts?
A convict who could run a press?!
With my khaki uniform as the witness,
I shall check and let you know.
With all his aye, aye...Babji
had a good game of PubG with us.
I took him for a playboy but he ended
up playing our department, Madam.
Oh, my! We took you for a simpleton.
Oh, boy! We took you for a simpleton.
As easy as an apple pie.
You have smoothed it all out.
You have evaded us and
Took us for a ride!.
Hey! How can you
sing in all this tension?
Where is Babji?
He is on leave saying he
has some work in a Oyo room.
Where are you, Babji?
Iravati! I know that
you know I am not Babji.
But you don't know that
I know that you know.
Come on! Trace it!
Hurry up, hurry up.
This six feet guy is a hundred
feet ahead of us, Madam.
Yes! All of you see only at two degrees.
180 degrees!
But my life has taught me to look
in all four directions. 360 degrees!
Ira! It was me who arranged
to send my photo to you.
Ira has given us a shocker.
She is asking us about
a printing press convict.
Send her my picture.
With the prison walls as my witness,
I warn you.
It could be risky.
In life, every second,
every step and every job is full of risk.
Man's life is like a convict
who is sentenced to death.
All of us are out on bail every day.
Send it to her, Uncle.
Life is ready for risk.
Why are you taking such a great risk?
Why did you resort to those two kidnaps?
She thinks they are only two.
Three! Teasing three!
O...O...very nice.
I am from Coimbatore.
I am Diamond Neelakantha Iyer.
My dad's name is Sri Neelakantah Iyer.
My grandfather's name is
Maha Maha Neelakantha Iyer.
Sir, Iyer! Please perform the
Putrakameshti and bless us with kids.
Hurry up, hurry up! Make it fast.
May they be blessed with a kid.
But may the kid have my glow,
my good looks, and take after me!
Oh, no! He shouldn't take after you, Sir.
He should take after me.
The kidnap streak continues unhindered.
Endowment Minister Bhagwan
Das has been kidnapped.
There is nothing we can do.
Hail the Lord!
What is your problem?
Kidnap is not a solution to any problem.
Life is in danger. Surrender!
There could be some personal
vendetta behind his kidnaps. Madam.
Personal revenge, my foot!
That central minister is from neither my village
nor my Mandal and not even from my constituency.
Dr Pratibha is neither my family member nor
my other family.
She is a scare crow for Corona.
She is a life saving....
Hey! Hear me out! I have absolutely
no idea of that minister's background.
I have heard of them.
I have learnt about them.
I have decided to kidnap them.
It's showing a different
location each time.
He is using advanced technology.
I shall answer all your questions not just before
you but entire 138 crore people of India in detail.
Breaking news!
Generally, it is the police who
announce who the kidnapper is.
But the twist here is the kidnapper
himself has revealed himself to the media.
He is going to appear before the media and
inform why he had kidnapped these people.
I have never seen this.
Alert our teams at all news channels.
I am going to meet jailer.
This is NIA Officer, Ira.
Please sit down.
Thank you.
Hare Rama Hare Krishna!'.
You dragged me into Zoom.
Who are you in the first place?
We can manage a weather
report but not this 'brother' report.
We don't seem to decipher
your route map at all.
I don't need Google.
I am the Google.
How can you not know me?
Too much!
Let me start with the basic question.
Who are you?
Oye, Babji!
Double barrel gun!
Tell me who you actually are.
Are you a politician?
Are you a rowdy?
Are you a mafia leader?
Or a street rowdy?
I just don't get it.
Tell me!
This is not my identity, man!
This is not my place.
This is not my life, man!
That is not my life which is
depicting me as what I am not.
My name is Virupaksha!
A land that reverberates with
the sound of drum even in its air.
A land where trees and
bushes sway to the call of Shiva.
A land that reverberates with
the sound of drum even in its air.
A land that reverberates with
the sound of drum even in its air.
Originated in the name of animals
that gave up life in pure devotion.
The most divine place known as Kalahasti!
This is the most divine Kalahasti.
Which you visit once and gain salvation.
This is Kailash on Planet Earth
where Lord Shiva Himself has set foot.
This is a Kailash on Planet Earth.
This is the land where
our Virupaksha took birth.
Great is the story and great
is the one who praises it.
Great is Rama, the Lord of Sita
and the successor of King Raghu.
Humanity is Virupaksha's
religion this is true.
He wishes for the good.
He supports all that is good.
He stands up for women like a brother.
He runs a printing press
and he is most naive.
He is truly simple and naive
Great is the story and great
is the one who praises it
Great is Rama, the Lord of Sita and
the successor of King Raghu
Humanity is Virupaksha's
religion this is true.
Virupaksha's wife is Dakshayani.
She trains children in Bharatanatyam.
His daughter is Meenakshi.
She is a wonder at Math.
By Goddess Saraswati, she is a junior
Shakuntala Devi and a lady Ramanujam in Math.
Meena, dear!
Mr Ramanujam and Madam Shakuntala
Devi are great personalities of Math.
How come you have placed
my picture beside them?
It is my dream to be
as famous as they are.
And it is my dad who stood
in support of my dream.
Aww...sweet heart!
Here's your coffee.
Greetings, Virupaksha garu!
Greetings, uncle.
I say this with Kanipakam
Ganesha as my witness.
My daughter's wedding is fixed
with a boy settled in US.
I am so happy for you.
Please print the wedding cards.
This guy?!
I printed his wedding cards a year ago.
Take a look.
He is an NRI. He killed his wife.
Please look for another match for the girl.
Swear on my family! I shall be
indebted to you for my entire life.
I don't know why but I
like only two things in life.
One is to play and the other is to burn.
I set fire to my father for property.
I set my uncle on fire for
refusing to give me his daughter.
Didn't we set fire
to the last night?
What happened, police dear?
Akashavani! The immolated himself
last night and succumbed to injuries.
Doctor, dear?
I made a postmortem report saying he immolated
himself because he had no mental balance.
I love you, doctor dear.
Greetings, MLA Sir.
You have sent for me.
My necessity, Printing dear!
The emblem of bell...I won for
the first time on behalf of AJP Party.
Then I defected and won the
election from Velugu Desam Party.
You printed the posters both the times.
Thanks to your good hand,
I became an MLA.
The third time I am contesting
from DPA on the emblem of Tiger.
Get the poster ready today itself.
Sir! I must take my
daughter to Hyderabad.
Oxford University is
conducting a test in Math.
She has to participate in it. Please.
Only this time...
-I am talking about Assembly poster
and why do you bring in Oxford?
Don't you want to live?
By 3.30 in the morning
the poster should be ready.
By 3.30 in the morning
the poster should be ready.'.
Make it fast!
Hello, Mr Virupaksha!
It's getting late for the train.
Dakshayani! MLA is causing me tension and I
am tensed for my daughter and now it's you.
...I will be there.
Why do you worry?
Hey, Ramesh! Satish!
Come on.
I got the dye ready for MLA's poster.
Print it fast, pack it and hand it
over to those who are waiting outside.
Here. Take it. Careful.
Come, dear. It's time.
Hey, print it quickly and
hand it over to them.
World's most complex Riemann Hypothesis
which no mathematician could solve.
To solve this hypothesis,
we invite Miss Meenakshi on to the dais.
Meena dear,
add focus and subtract fear.
Success will be yours.
The Oxford University has selected
Miss Meenakshi
with a scholarship and
accommodation for her further studies.
Hundreds of people thronged
the streets hailing Meenakshi.
Virupasksha's picture appeared on the
posters where MLA Prajapati was supposed to be.
Virupaksha! Tiger emblem! MLA?
It was a mistake. Please forgive sir.
Virupaksha couldn't make head
or tail of anything at that moment.
He discovered that there was an interchange
of dyes and his photo was printed.
An unforeseen development.
Realizing the popularity and
reputation of Virupaksha in Sri Kalahasti,
DPL Party went to him with a B-Form
and pressurized him to be an MLA candidate.
I know nothing about this
MLA post or B-Form, Sir.
I don't want anything,
Sir. One moment, Sir.
You have an unblemished character.
Go and explain
to the MLA what happened.
Husband! Today it's Meena's birthday.
Please come home as soon as possible.
Make the arrangements in the mean time.
I will wait for you
to cut the cake.
Please come fast.
- OK, dear.
Sir! There was a mistake, Sir.
There was a mistake
because of the workers, Sir.
They printed my picture
instead of yours, Sir.
We never aspire
for powerful posts like MLA, Sir.
You are the MLA, Sir.
Doctor dear! It seems
posters were interchanged.
Our friend here is supposed
to be a winning horse.
While I am a blind horse
treated as an outsider! was a mistake.
I am sorry.
I have explained it was a mistake.
Tear them down! Pull down all
the posters with your own hands.
OK, Sir.
Tell the public
you are not the MLA candidate.
Madam! I am not the MLA candidate.
It is Prajapati. Please vote for him.
When is dad home?
He will be here any moment.
By the way, why can't dad become an MLA?
Assembly doesn't suit your dad at all.
His whole world revolves
around you and me. That's it.
Dharmaraju gambled by
mistake and it resulted in exile.
Oh God!
Madam, I am not the MLA candidate.
It is Prajapati.
Please vote for him and make him win.
Now Virupaksha has printed
a poster by mistake.
I wonder what the consequence would be,
Is this smell of gas?
Ah! Who are you?
Virupaksha garu! Your house caught fire!
Dakshayani! Dakshayani!
Brother! He took his wife and
his kid to the hospital, brother.
Dear! They had only 30% burns.
Normally, they would survive.
Remember the doctor whom we paid?
I am afraid he might
kill them throwing acid.
Brother! Brother! Virupaksha
went to the police station, brother!
To be fair,
I am supposed to get arrested, dear.
But the inspector is our friend.
I am afraid he would put
Virupaksha behind the bars.
After taking into account
all the proofs and evidence...
it is observed that Virupaksha
had a desire to become an MLA.
Since no Party gave him a ticket to contest,
he printed his own posters as a candidate,
and put them up all over the town.
In order to gain the
sympathy of the public,
he immolated his own wife and daughter.
Hence under sections 104 (3)
IPC and 113 IPC of evidence Act,
Virupaksha is sentenced to 16
years of rigorous imprisonment.
I ask you with my Service as my witness,
...why did you want me
to find out their birthdays?
On my daughter's birthday,
...they burnt my wife and
my daughter to death.
I want to give them
a return gift on their birthday.
You are an angel who saved
my daughter's life from disaster.
Even if it costs me my job,
I will see that you get out
on each of their birthdays.
Thank you, Uncle.
This guy has rotten luck.
His birthday is tomorrow.
A doctor is considered an image of God.
I brought my victimized family
for you to save.
But you are such a monster
you killed them with acid.
Tolerating monsters like you is
equal to releasing virus into the society.
Somebody like you has no right to live.
Calendar is the witness that he was
born on 29th February. Leap year....
Birthday comes once in 4 years.
But bad luck. This is a leap year.
Akashavani! Vividhabharati!
Listeners' choice of songs, Janaranjani
a fan from Sri kalahasti,
as the birthday...
...and anniversary of his friend
falls on the same day.
Requests this song
to be dedicated to his friend.
The film's name is 'Buddhimanthudu'
-Disciplined Man.
A father for a family, a lion for a
jungle and a policeman for a society....
No! No! Virupaksha!
Please forgive me.
I committed a crime.
Please pardon me.
Your job is to protect the public.
Instead you are living like a
pet dog of a politician at his feet.
No! No!
Please don't kill me!
I have never caused
any harm to anyone.
But you are one of those
who destroyed my life.
You don't deserve to live in the society.
It is my dream
to become famous like them.
And it is my dad
who stands in support of me.
My dad....
His whole world revolves
around you and me.
That's it.
His whole world revolves
around you and me....
Oh, no!
What happened, dear?
Nothing, Dad!
- Dakshayani! Get some coconut oil.
Why do you behave like a small kid?
I cannot bear even the
slightest hurt on my daughter.
Narakasura was annihilated on
Dipavali and my king was born.
My fort of fashion!
My port of romance!
To plant a kiss on your forehead,
this head piece is important.
To plant a kiss on your beautiful nose,
this nose ring is important.
To draw the honey from your tiny lips,
...this long necklace is very,
very important.
Oh my!
How powerfully he plays!
Play any number of times,
you can never make such impact.
Very hollow!
Printing press!
Why did you come looking for me?
Your sin has come looking for you.
Is it so?
Oh! When did he remove
the bullets from this?
There is no one outside!
Sorry, dear! Sorry, sorry!
I will make you contest as MLA.
I will put up the posters myself.
You could buy MLA seat, vote,
justice, doctors and police.
Can you bring my wife and my daughter
back to life using the same money?
Can you revive the life I have lost?
Hey, can your corrupt money save your life?
You are a politician who
changes the Party every day.
Dirty politicians like you
are not fit to be MLAs.
Only with your death will there be a
true Deepavali and peace for my family.
Virupaksha deserves a salute, madam.
Thought he had an opportunity to
escape from prison, he respected the law
and served 16 years' sentence for
the three murders. He is a great man.
He completed his M.A.,
LLB during those sixteen years.
When Virupaksha was studying law,
he realized that taking advantage
of the loopholes in the sections
of law and also by using money and influence,
actual culprits are evading justice.
While in their place many innocent
people are victimized just like himself.
When he saw innocent men facing
death by hanging, he was moved.
O, brother Virupaksha!
You have eliminated the three scoundrels
from your flashback.
That was a great job!
But in this 2021, why did you kidnap these
three who are in no way connected to you?
The day I was released, three prisoners
facing execution met me.
Ours is a Lambada sect
in the Nallamala forest.
When granite was found there, that maniac
burnt down three hundred houses in our tribe.
When I questioned him about it,
...he sent me to jail accusing me
of setting my own people on fire.
Central Minister Mahendra Bhupati.
I am a lab technician
in Pratibha Lasya Hospital.
In order to stop me
from her plasma scam,
... that I had raped and killed
a sixteen year old girl.
...she created a story
with false evidence,
She made me face capital punishment,
Unable to take the
humiliation from society, wife and my ten year old daughter
committed suicide.
Bhagwan Das is a rogue.
He stole Tirupati
Lord Venkateswara's jewelry,
...occupied Hathiram lands and
in Annavaram a 3000 acre garden.
He robbed many temples
of multi crore worth jewelry.
...when I filed a case against him,
As an endowment officer,
...he portrayed me as a naxalite
who killed 4 people and sent me to prison.
You are getting released tomorrow.
You are selected to the bar council.
Forget the past and find
happiness working as a lawyer.
Why do you want to carry the burden of
someone because they are facing execution?
What can you do by yourself?
Uncle! Every struggle in the
world begins with one man.
With one man's Satyagraha,
India achieved independence.
With one man's sacrifice,
the state of Andhra Pradesh was born.
With one man's inspiration,
the state of Telangana was formed.
With a tea seller's determination,
India is progressing towards a golden saga.
All this time I thought only
my family's suffering is mine.
But now the whole world is my family.
This world's pain is my pain.
Thank you for your help all these years.
Please don't stand
in the way of my struggle.
Where is he at present?
I don't know, madam.
Arey, O, brother Virupaksha!
Prisoners facing execution
come up with a hundred stories.
Why would we believe
what those idiots say?
This is media here.
will you believe this WOLFA?
What Lala Nayak said is true to the letter.
But all that money is not for me alone.
Whenever there is a scam,
money goes in shares to a number of people.
To the Party leaders, to the Party
High Command, State High Command, the MLAs and MPs of our constituency,
revenue department, to the police to everyone.
I distributed the 1500 crores.
I am left with just 500 crores.
This is the naked truth.
Look. I shall give you
a 100 Crores out of that.
Remove the bomb, man!
I am scared!
Remove it, please.
I am dead scared. Take it off.
Is it 500 crores or 1500
crores you are left with?
If you don't tell me the truth,
I will cut off the rest of you.
Fifteen hundred....
Do you see?
See no evil, hear no evil and
speak no evil...
...we have been hearing this
since childhood.
In spite of Corona,
there is no change in you.
God has sent you corona to stop lying and
start leading a virtuous life.
Change yourselves and
get some sense. Rascals!
Come on, Brother! After all,
a minister is entitled to making mistakes.
Let him contest in the elections now,
this foolish public will make him an MP.
But our Pratibha Lasya is a
reincarnation of Mother Teresa.
She is an angel
who saved me from Corona.
Scare crow of corona! Come here.
Ismail has spoken the truth.
I made a mistake.
Whoever came to my hospital
with cold or fever,
I declared them corona positive by changing
their negative results to positive.
I created a fear in them and
extracted lakhs of rupees from them.
I also collected plasma from donors,
...and used it for money only
for the rich and earned 150 crores.
...and also give you 50 crores.
Please spare me.
You robbed me of a million
though I had no Corona!
Her throat should be
slit with a 7 o' clock blade.
Location traced.
Found him,
Madam. Sending you the location.
Good. Come to the
location along with the team.
No matter what you say I tell
you with complete knowledge.
Mr Bhagwan Prasad is as pure
as the divine offering to God.
To put it in a single word he is
the lamp in the main sanctum.
Hey, half-knowledge fellow!
He is not a lamp in the temple,
but a fire on the pyre.
Why did you place me
over a bomb instead of a girl?
Endowment officer has spoken the truth.
I have done all that he said.
Please remove the bomb first.
I am dead scared!
Let me give you the emerald necklace
presented by Krishna Devaraya to Tirupati.
Please let me go.
This endowment minister contracted
corona twice and lost his mind.
He promises me emerald necklace.
That too Lord Venkateshwara's!
You and I know someone
had lifted that long ago.
But this fool should know about it.
That is a duplicate, man!
Otherwise, I shall give you mother
goddess's diamond filled gems studded crown.
Please let me go.
Let me go.
Oh, my!
He is like a swine in slime.
He would be a sacrifice in your hands.
Hail Hanuman!
All the three kidnapped will be in
the containers.
Open the containers!
OK, madam.
Madam! There is no one here!
What! Did you say no one?
Madam, there is no one here.
There is no one here either, madam.
Very good, Ira team!
Knowingly or unknowingly, your team
has come running here tracing me out.
Hey, hey, hey!
Put them down! Down!
What's with your guns?
The guns you carry are air-soft.
Hold the original guns.
Do you know that, Ira?
I have planted bombs beneath all
the three people I have kidnapped.
There are also bombs
surrounding you for five kilometers.
Whoever moves,
I decide and you die.
Would you like to see a sample?
The whole country
is watching me speak here.
This is my zone.
This is my zone!
That was an extraordinary teaser, brother.
We surrender. But where are the three?
In the prison....
Prison? Which one? Tihar?
Rajahmundry or Charlapalli?
It's a private jail.
Private jail?!
When there are government prisons,
what do you mean a private jail?
Why not?
The government runs even buses, hospitals,
schools, colleges and TV channels.
Are they all not operated privately
too? Why did they grant them permission?
Agreed. But have we
ever heard of private jails?
Hey! Search Google.
All over the world, 18 countries
have 184 private prisons among them.
What is wrong with having one in India?
It's illegal!
A god-man buys an island,
calls it a nation,
...writes a constitution, introduces visa,
provides passport.
And issues separate currency
through a separate bank!
Instead of putting him behind the bars,
they dance around him.
Is it legal or illegal?
Some big shots rob the others and
are take refuge in foreign countries.
Our governments terminate their loans.
Is this legal or illegal?
Do you mean to say
there is no justice in India?
Of course, there is.
Justice is served in India.
When a truck cleaner rapes a girl,
...he is shot in an encounter
within 24 hours.
And we celebrate it.
But if the big shots or
their offspring commit rape,
...there will be no justice
even after 24 years.
It is a different justice
for the rich and the poor.
It's a different justice for the
powerful and the powerless.
How can law differ
from one person to another in a democracy?
Turning the courts into a playfield,
you are all playing as you like
with the loopholes in the system.
who are supposed to be in jail,
...visit the same jail
on Independence Day,
Singing May our
Flag always fly high....
Then they get their henchmen
released under good conduct,
...and turn them into murderers again.
Is this legal or illegal?
This is a big question.
On this land of righteousness, action
and sacred scriptures,
...the good melts away like snow.
The bad piles up like garbage.
We should terminate unscrupulous
and criminal people from this society.
I ...I am on the same job.
Three innocents from my
prison are serving sentence.
When we researched how many innocent people are falsely
proved guilty across the 1412 prisons of our country,
the number revealed was 40846.
Here are the details.
Hey! How much humiliation the families
of the innocent prisoners must be facing!
What difficulties they
must be undergoing!
What pain they must be going through!
Is there at least one
person to consider them?
Will you catch the culprit or shall I?
Will you imprison him in your jail or mine?
I swear on every brick in Ayodhya
engraved with 'Srirama' and say this.
On this land that Lord Rama trod, only
virtue, justice and truth shall triumph.
Master! It is you who said, To establish
'Dharma' I shall appear from time to time.
I am just following
it. I think I am correct.
What is your demand now?
My demand?!
Since these three have
confessed to their crimes,
...we will arrange for the
release of the innocent three.
Not just three.
There are 40846 innocent prisoners
across India.
Until you release all of them,
this endeavour will not stop! Never!
Crap! Escaped!
You look like a transverse baby in
Mother India's delivery! Red salute!
He is a lie detector,
truth finder and a penal code proof reader.
Presenting Justice Virupaksha of Super
Court that is higher than Supreme Court.
Hail, Srimannarayana!
Do you support the exchange offer?
I support Virupaksha.
There is sincerity in his passion.
There is justice in his anger.
And the whole of India is
behind him in his endeavour.
As they say the aim of an
ink drop is awakening of brains,
So is Virupaksha's one step which
created waves of vibration across India.
The government has released all
the convicts facing death by hanging.
But Virupaksha is not a guy who
would be satisfied with three releases.
Mission continues!