Son of Sardaar (2012) Movie Script

'Sometimes I wonder.'
'What if the world had no Sardars?'
'Sorry, buddy.'
'The world's useless,
without the son of Sardar.'
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Lord's his benefactor."
"Blessed with Godspeed."
"Can even scale the moon."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Even his embrace is firm."
"His abuses are filled with love."
"Complete package of
action and emotion."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"The real Romeo's with a license."
"The men with a great nature."
"The originals with a golden heart."
"Forever ready to party."
"Chilled 'Patiyala' every time."
"They're the life of every party."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Take lessons of life from them."
"Fun and frolic everywhere they go."
"Throwing a bash,
that's their attitude."
"Loneliness never
wanders around them."
"They are benevolent."
"With an electrifying personality."
"The ultimate crazy men."
"Best friends."
"They are honest."
"That's their character."
"Forever ready to party."
"Chilled 'Patiyala' every time."
"They're the life of every party."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Lord's his benefactor."
"Blessed with Godspeed."
"Can even scale the moon."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"The real Romeo's with a license."
"The men with a great nature."
"The originals with a golden heart."
"Even his embrace is firm."
"His abuse's filled with love."
"Complete package of
action and emotion."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
'Sorry, buddy.'
'The world's useless,
without the son of Sardar.'
Brother, this is fire.
It should burn in our heart,
not on our lips.
You're a Sardar and you still smoke?
Don't you remember"
...what the great Jaswinder
Singh Randhawa has said?
'Don't smoke and you never fall ill.'
'You save money and
build a strong body.'
What is he saying?
Well, he's saying some great
legend Jaswinder Singh say...
Who is this Jaswinder Singh Randhawa?
Brother, he's standing right
in front you.
If you don't have a good looks,
then at least say good things.
Go home, your mom
must be waiting for you.
Hey, lay off.
Brother, when God's
blessed you with a mouth..
"Then don't
You haven't left yet.
Hey, don't you understand English?
Just move your butt from here.
Brother. Don't get angry.
Try smiling sometimes.
Smile sometime and everything is fine.
Buddy, don't ever
crack jokes on a Sardar..
...or mistake him for a joker.
Lay hands on his turban,
and he'll let you have it.
You've adopted him,
but who will adopt you?
Try smiling sometimes.
"A for apple and H for hen."
"Pathan is saying there and then."
"Take anything you like.."
"..but never take up
enmity with Pathan's friend."
"Otherwise the Pathan. .
Thanks, bro.
- Anyone left, bro?
Just me.
No one's ever escaped you two yet.
What the...
I mean you've ruined my club.
Jassi. It's been only
6 months since you arrived here.
You've 14 fights and
4 police cases in your name.
Join hands.
We, uncle-nephew beg you.
We request you in English.
- English!
See. London is not made for you.
So, please buy a ticket buy to India..
...or else we two
have to go to Hadji Ali.
Swear on you, uncle.
Always talk about someone's honesty.
This Pathan can lay
down his life for Jassi.
Whoever tries to send
him away will surely die.
You stay quiet!
- Sorry.
Don't interfere between elders.
Jassi, there's a courier for you.
You've been summoned to India.
I am not going back.
Everyone will call
me Hindustan Leaver.
Those who leave India..
"Neighbours call
him 'Hindustan Leaver'.
Then they will call me
'Hindustan Leaver' as well. - No.
Johnny Leaver.
You keep quiet.
This is a government notice.
I've a piece of land in Phagwada.
And the government wants
to buy it for 50 lakhs.
Good news, bro.
But what piece of land?
Your ancestral land.
My mother never told me.
There's a lot your
mother hasn't told you.
It's a very old story, son.
'Your family and the Sandhu family
turned bitter enemies oven.'
'..a small issue.'
'They fought like cats and dogs.'
'This enmity spurned
through generations.'
'And even your father Harjeet Singh
Randhawa fell prey to this enmity.'
'He killed Mahinder Singh Sandhu.'
'And the Sandhu's killed your father.'
'Jassi, my son!'
'You've to avenge my death, son.
- No!'
'Please, keep Jassi
away from these tiffs!'
'For the sake of God!'
'Avenge my death"
- No, Jassi.'
'Don't drag Jassi in this madness,
please don't.'
'Jassi, you've to avenge..'
'And shoot him.'
'Brother, Randhawa's house is empty.'
'His corpse is lying there.'
'His wife fled with his son.'
'Billoo, what now?'
'The guests are here.'
'Shall we perform the final
rites first, or the marriage.'
'There isn't going to
be any marriage here.'
'Titu, Tony.'
'Swear on your father.'
'Until you don't avenge his death won't eat ice-cream, and
you won't drink cold drink.'
'And until I don't
avenge my uncle's death..'
'..I won't get married.'
'Oh, Gad I'
And since then your
mother's been running with you.
So that the Sandhu's don't find you.
And she never told
him about the enmity.
Do you know why?
She wanted this enmity to end.
Son. Your mother's
like a sister to me.
I won't let you go to India.
They will kill you.
We'll survive on a loaf of bread"
"but I won't let you go to India.
Uncle, his father's
left 50 lakhs for him.
Such sons are very fortunate.
You keep quiet.
I'll come with you to India.
Pathan-Sardar together.
No one will dare to harm us.
No, no, you've
already done a lot for me.
And it's been 25 years,
they must have forgotten all about it.
I'll go, sell the property and return.
You think Sandhu
will be waiting for me.
You performed the final rites
...of the priest who
tried to get my wife married.
You're very important.
If you die no one will get
salvation in this village.
Forgive me.
It's not my mistake.
Dahal Singh brought me here.
Come here.
You're always so
eager for this marriage.
I'll take your sister away.
By God, do it Billoo.
You'll be doing me a favour.
For the past 25 years, she's been.. a half-baked bread.
You don't complete the nuptial rounds.
You don't marry her or
let her get married.
And you call yourself a friend.
Don't you know!
Billoo has taken an oath.
He won't marry until..
...he doesn't kill the last
member of the Randhawa family.
Look at these children!
He hasn't tasted
ice-cream since he was a child.
- Yes.
Come here.
He hasn't touched
cold-drink since he was a kid.
He drinks neat rum.
His liver is damaged.
Can't you wait?
No, he can't.
I will get married.
Get lost you jokers.
Priest, get on with the rituals.
Come on.
Pammi. You were going to marry me?
Of course.
I know, you wouldn't have
come if I had called you.
So this charade.
You don't miss Pammi at all.
Don't stop skirting your eyes.
Love can come later.
You never call.
My dear, at least give a miss call.
Look, Billoo.
Your brothers are married.
They've children.
When will we get children?
Billoo. For my sake,
forsake this oath.
Glasses and oaths, once taken"
...can never be forsaken.
We'll kill that Randhawa's son.
Calm clown, son. Calm down.
We'll kill them.
The problem is.. will we recognise him now?
He must have grown up in 25 years.
We don't even have a photo.
Otherwise we would've recognised him.
How would you recognise
him with that small photo?
That's easy, uncle.
We would've enlarged it.
Hello. Yes.
Okay, fine,
Fine, it's okay.
Brother, Mr. Mittal from Delhi's
coming to discuss about the factory.
Let them come.
Show them the Punjabi hospitality.
Okay, brother.
Show them our hospitality.
Welcome, welcome.
I hope you had a comfortable journey.
- Of course, we did.
Uncle, my papa drinks neat.
Will you also drink neat?
- Get lost.
He's just a child.
Welcome, welcome.
Just a minute.
- What are you doing?
Who did this?
Calm clown, son.
Who did this?
I didn't do it.
Brother, it's Rajpreet's doing.
She's got loose motion.. she's been shitting all around.
Our buffalo.
She gives 10 liters of milk everyday?
She's very adorable, so
we've named her like humans.
Bhaiyya Singh.
- Here.
Take her to the doctor.
- Okay.
Get that?
- Yes.
Come on.
-All good.
Come on.
It's all due to our family values.
We treat animals like family.
Actually, there isn't much
difference between the two.
Yes, there's no
difference except for the clothes.
You tie humans as well.
She's the lady of our house.
She's got amnesia.
She keeps forgetting"
So we..
- Billoo. Who is he?
Mother. He's our guest.
I see.
Treat him well.
Guest are like God.
Shall we eat
- Yes, let's go.
I've been a broker for 15 years.
From Delhi to Ferozepur and Phagwada.
- No.
Every minister knows me.
All the huge factories
that you see in this area..
"Were my clients.
So I suggest, give the permission".
...and name your commission.
People in this area listen to you.
So I offer you 15%.
Otherwise I normally offer
only 10 to other hooligans.
Pour me some butter.
They're the
daughters-in-law of this family.
She is Sweaty, Tony's wife.
And she is Poly. Tito's wife.
I thought they're the maid.
See you, aunt. Goodbye.
Goodbye, son. Do come again.
Khota Singh, where do
you think you're going?
Who will bathe the buffaloes, huh?
I am not Khota Singh, let go.
Mother's getting the fits again.
Whenever she hears a strange sound.. Montu mimicking a scooter,
she gets the fits.
We'll bathe the buffaloes,
let go of him.
You cannot leave
without giving them a bath.
I am not Khota Singh.
Actually, Khota Singh was the cleaner.
She is mistaking you
for him. Khota Singh.
And before she makes you clean..
"Better get going.
Come on. Hey, what are you doing?
Get lost.
- She's completely mental.
Take her to a hospital.
What if she bites someone?
Let go. He's hung me upside clown.
The entire family's crazy.
That old hag inside and him.
Let go.
We highly respect our
promises and our guests.
Hey Mittal...
This house is like our mother.
- Save me.
We don't shed blood inside.
Otherwise we would've killed him..
"The moment he mocked
Sandhu family's decency.
- Yeah.
Take him away.
Crying for no reason.
- Come on.
Hail the Lord.
That makes 49, Billoo.
Soon I'll complete
half century, uncle.
Once I get hold of Randhawa's son.
"Son of Sardar."
Get up, man.
Number sixteen is mine.
Where's the ticket? Show me.
Are you the ticket checker?
Asking for my ticket.
Acting too smart.
Get up.
- Go sit somewhere else.
I see.
What are you doing?
Can't you be nice?
I sat on your lap,
how much nicer do you want me to be?
Get going, will you.
I think his mother
had charcoal for diet.
How's that possible?
Please check again.
Who's that?
Turn around.
Turn around.
Yes, that's S3. - See,
they haven't put up the chart yet.
A little more.
Just a bit more.
Oh no. Move.
Yes. A little more.
Not that way.
Turn around a little more.
What a gorgeous girl?
Come on. Come on.
This is your train.
Come on. Come on. This is your bogie.
The seat in front is vacant.
Come on.
Come on.
The train's leaving.
- Stop, hey stop!
You're leaving her behind.
- Stop.
Come on.
Come on.
My mistake I should've taken a plane.
Give me your hand. Give me your hand.
- Give me your hand.
First hold my bag.
Give me your hand.
- Hold it.
Give me your hand.
What are you doing?
- Give me your hand.
I'll miss my train,
what are you doing?
Hold it, come on. What are you doing?
Give me your hand.
Pull me in.
Give me a hand!
Give me a hand!
Give me a hand!
Give me a hand!
Give me a hand!
Give me a hand!
Come on.
- Give me a hand!
Give me a hand!
Bye. Bye.
Why you..
So, Sardar, learnt your lesson.
Trying to be a hero, were you?
I was just helping her.
Couldn't you just pull the chain?
"Give me a hand."
You guys are always
looking for a chance to flirt.
What did I..
Are you just going to
stand there or come in?
Come on. You've delayed the train.
If you aren't, can I sit there?
Try it.
Do you have a home?
- Yes, I..
Yes, I've a home..
Do you have a mother?
- Yes, I do.
You must have a sister too.
- Yes, two.
Then go stare at them
and stop staring at me.
I am not staring at you, you are.
I've been observing that
you were staring at me.
Didn't you see it, mister?
Tell him.
Yes, I did. I did.
See, the one up there sees all.
At least be scared of the One above.
Come on, turn around.
Why should I? You do it.
Is this fine?
Try smiling sometimes.
Excuse me, Sardarji.
Thank you.
Shall I throw him out..
- No.
Thank you.
I can't hear you.
Can I come closer?
Can I sit?
- Yes.
Now you can say thank you.
My name's Sukhmit.
My friends call me Sukh.
And I am Jassi.
My friends call me rascal, scoundrel,
dog etcetera.
- Really.
And I wasn't taking a chance on you.
I was so excited to help you..
...l forgot all about
pulling the chain.
By the way, I am not a bad guy.
You can ask anyone here,
they'll all say that.
Because no one knows me.
So, you're an NRI.
What do you do in London?
I've my own business.
The Punjabi one.
- What business?
Looking for work.
Where are you heading?
I've an ancestral land near Phagwada.
I am going to sell that.
And you?
I live close to Phagwada.
I study in Delhi.
Now that my studies are over,
I am going back home.
Coconut water.
Coconut water, here? How come?
Hey, come here.
Since when did we start
having coconut water in Punjab?
Brother, we import it from Mumbai.
Buy one for your wife.
I am not his wife, want a slap?
Don't get angry.
Buy one for your sister.
Only 15 rupees.
I don't want it, get lost.
Only 15 rupees.
- He's offering it so nicely.
Here, take it.
Brother. Brother.
Brother, listen to me.
- Keep it.
But listen to me.
- I said keep it.
Let go, you'll get hurt.
You will fall clown.
Keep it.
Bye .
Listen to me.
I was saying how will you..
...take the coconut
inside through the window.
Keep it. Keep it.
He was giving me change.
I never.
I'll get it in. I'll get it in.
Liar, how can you
get the coconut inside?
Let me take a photo.
See, didn't I tell you?
Is this real?
- No, it's coconut.
How did it come in?
That's the thing.
How did it come inside?
Drink it up.
Do you use a soap or cream?
- No. You're so fair.
My mother used to say
that I was fair as well.
But then someone jinxed
me and I became whitish.
- Really.
Don't stare at me like this.
Or else I will become darker.
"You're my queen and I'm your king."
"Come in my arms."
"Just say yes and I'll marry you."
"Let's be one today."
"Come dwell in my heart."
"Marry me."
"You're my queen and I'm your king."
"You're my queen and I'm your king."
"Let's be one today."
"Come dwell in my heart."
"Marry me."
"You're my queen and I'm your king."
"You're my queen and I'm your king."
"You make my heart flutter."
"You ignite a passion in me."
"Like lightening without thunder."
"I'm your queen and you're my king."
"I'm your queen and you're my king."
"Come on."
"My sweetheart."
"Without the rites or rituals."
"I'll take you around
London and Patiyala."
"Ooh La la."
"Without the lock and key."
"Come to me, I am in a great mood."
"You make my heart flutter."
"You ignite a passion in me."
"Like lightening without thunder."
"I'm your queen and you're my king."
"I'm your queen and you're my king."
"Let's be one today."
"Come dwell in my heart."
"Marry me."
"You're my queen and I'm your king."
"You're my queen and I'm your king."
Sardarji, I'm leaving,
my station's arrived.
I not staying here forever either.
I'll get that.
I've to get down here as well.
Just a minute. Just a minute.
Come on, let's go.
Hurry I-IP-
Oh, my bag.
I'll just get it.
- Yes, go get it.
The village seemed
so dull without you.
How are you, brother?
You're all worked up.
Sukh, take a look here too.
How are you, Sukh?
- Absolutely fit.
I won't let you go now.
You can study here now.
Then we'll get you married to Bobby.
- Sukh.
Look. Think of the rascal,
and here he is.
Any doubt.
Rascal, you should be on time now.
After all you're a doctor now.
My car on the way..
Who are you looking for?
Bid goodbye to the train.
The guard's shown the green flag.
Dear, we've to go visit
the temple as well, shall we?
Can I come with Bobby in his car?
Drive carefully.
- Okay.
I'll be driving.
Come on.
Look, daddy's calling.
Now he'll ask "Son, did
you get to the station".
Is Sukh with you?
Yes, daddy, I was on time to
receive Sukh from the station.
And Sukh's with me.
We're coming home.
Are you two alone?
- Yes, aunt. We're all alone.
Then talk to her.
Tell her... "l feel like
expressing my love today".
"I wish to make you my wife."
Sukh, why don't you
propose to Bobby instead?
I've been telling
this fool to marry me.
But he doesn't listen.
Am I that bad?
What's lacking in me?
Why don't you marry me?
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
Hello, uncle.
- Hello.
Where's the oldest 'Gurdwara'?
All the Gurdwaras here are old.
No one's built a new one
for a long time. - Yes.
Where's the oldest 'Gurdwara'?
Only an old man can tell you that?
Where do you want to go?
There's some Jhamawala Bagh..
"Behind the old Gurdwara.
- Right.
Brother, here what you do.
Go straight, you'll come
across a left and a right.
You've to take right, not left.
Then if you go straight you'll
come across a left and a right.
You've to take a right.
Then if you go straight you'll
come across a left and a right.
You don't take any.
Then keep going straight"
Brother, did you
ever try out as a guide.
You don't look like one,
but you're a nice guy.
What, brother?
By the way, what's your name?
Jassi, and you?
- Tony.
Seems like you're new here?
- No. I was born here.
Only returning after a long time.
Because I never saw you.
Which family?
Harjeet Singh Randhawa?
- Yes, brother.
I'm his son. Here to finish the job.
What happened?
- The car's broken clown.
No problem. I'll take a look.
Do you know how to fix a jeep?
I've fixed people
jeep's no match for me.
'He's hereto finish a job.'
'That means he's here to
avenge his father's death.'
'Get your gun, and I will
take my revenge before he does.'
There's no bullet.
- Hit it.
- Hit the starter.
See. She is fixed.
What happened?
Try smiling sometimes.
I asked you to smile, not scare me.
Punjabi's have a heart of gold.
Try asking someone directions in
the city and they misguide you.
But, here you're giving me a lift.
Are we there?
- Wait here, I'll be right back.
Sukhi! Sukhi!
What's wrong?
Do you have bullets?
There are two, take any one.
Not these, the one that fire.
Brother, they both fire
up good, try it yourself.
Fool, these ones.
You can't use them in this.
Curse you..
Brother Tony, listen to me.
Uncle, does the gun work?
Son, the Bullet works,
the gun doesn't.
Come on, come all. En
route to Old Gurdwara.
Anyone traveling to Old Gurdwara,
come and sit.
You rascal...
Come here.
Where did he go?
He went that way.
Rascal... give me that.
Wait you rascal.
You cannot escape. You're clone for.
Move back, baby.
- Are you blind.
Timmy, you're back again.
Today I'm going to have
a cold drink for sure.
I won't spare him today. Move.
Where did he go?
I won't let him humiliate me.
There was supposed
to be a ladder here.
Die drunkard.
Come on. Come on.
I won't spare you.
That's my land, and that's yours.
I see.
Where's the collector's officer?
Brother, if you get
into that hassles..'ll never crack the deal.
I suggest that you meet Billoo.
Billoo? Is he the new commissioner?
No, no. The commissioner is
an acquaintance of Billoo.
Calm clown, son. Calm down!
- Stop, Tito.
He's just making an offering,
he isn't our enemy.
Can't you see?
Brother, I can but
I think the coconut couldn't.
And the coconut...
can't even wear glasses.
You've a great sense
of humour, Sardar.
Are you new here?
- My father left a piece of land here.
I'm hereto sell it.
I see. What is your father's name?
- Jassi.
You, here?
- You know him?
Yes, brother.
We traveled together in the train.
Thank God I found you.
I see, so he's the one.
Your camera. You left it in the train.
Thank you. You know it
had important pictures.
His name...
So, what's your father's name?
"Beat the drums!"
Brother, that's yours.
MY Phone.
Yes, Tony.
Hello. Brother.
Brother, I've found him.
- What?
What's stitched?
- No, brother, I mean Harjeet Walia.
- What happened?
What've you eaten?
No, brother.
Harjeet Walia's son is here.
Whose son?
Oh no, no.
- Just a minute
- Yes.
Did you ask him to find some child?
No, son.
I can't have one.
I've a problem.
Yes, Tony.
He's drunk again.
Let's go home.
They are waiting for us.
Come along.
- No, brother. I'm slightly busy.
I've to meet some Billoo.
Asking for alcohol at the bar.
Son, he's Billoo,
the one you hit with the coconut.
Forgive me, I didn't"
Old man sucking toffee,
and guest saying sorry..
"Both don't look nice.
You're Sukh's friend,
which means you're our guest.
Consider your job done, and
we'll show you our hospitality.
Come on.
Come on.
Congratulations. He's coming home.
Shut up, rascal.
- Why you?
Welcome, come inside.
Here, catch.
Move aside.
Hi, I am Sardar Manta Singh.
And I am Jassi, hi.
Do you feel ashamed
to say Sardar Jassi?
Sardar, you're really intelligent.
You're a Sardar, I am a Sardar
and the rest are good for nothing.
Hey, little Sardar.
Won't you treat you guest?
No, Tito!
- Brother.
His father killed our father,
and now he's right before us.
And you're asking us to stop.
We've waited 25 years for this moment.
Then can't you wait
another 25 minutes?
My blood's boiling more than you.
He was your father,
but he was also my uncle.
But right now he's our guest.
And guest is our God.
He's alive as long as
he's inside the house.
As soon as he steps
out we'll kill him.
Billoo, today's a great day.
Such has returned home,
and his friend's..
Shut up, uncle.
Sukh's father will be avenged.
What could be a better gift for her?
But listen carefully.
No one will tell Sukh about
this until we don't kill him.
- Yes.
Tell your men, the prey's ready
...and they should be ready.
But, brother. Today's Tuesday.
We don't eat meat today.
Why you..
Santa! Banta! Sukhe! Jinde and Kaale!
Are you all ready?
- Yes!
Talk less and eat more.
I don't"
- And you two, talk more!
Brother. Where were you?
Tony, you? Where were you?
Do you know brother Tony?
He's the first person I met.
Thank God, someone
called him a person.
Sit down.
What happened?
Try smiling sometimes.
Papa will first down a peg
and then smile. - Quiet.
Who teaches him this crap?
Get lost.
You aren't eating?
Aren't you hungry?
Everything that looks foolish,
doesn't have to be foolish.
And not every hunger can
be sufficed with food.
You eat it.
Brother. Did you
drive a truck earlier?
Then how do you know the
sayings written behind them.
You were saying something a land.
Let's eat first, what's the hurry?
We're in a hurry!
Calm clown, son.
We're in a hurry.
Actually, the collector's
office closes early today.
So, Tito was worried.
Sorry, brother.
Sukh meant that the
collector's office closes at 5.
It's just 3 now.
I am done.
- Come on.
Just a minute, hold on.
What's the hurry?
Let him have ice-cream.
Ice-cream in this cold weather.
Get me some.
Give it here, brother.
Tito, you aren't having some.
Have some.
- No, no, I can't.
Even fools like ice-cream.
You eat it first, he'll have it later.
I mean, the ice-cream will melt away.
Yes, brother.
- Oh, yes.
I am done.
- Let's go.
Just a minute, Jassi.
You forgot the buttermilk.
Does anyone have
buttermilk after ice-cream?
Have you lost it?
"You forgot the buttermilk."
I mean, if you have
buttermilk after ice-cream" will make your stomach churn.
- Of course.
And we consider our guest as God.
How can we let our God get ill.
- No, no.
Oh my.
Brother's so concerned about guests.
I hope this concern doesn't kill him.
Curse you,
I am still unmarried you know.
Brother, you've a big heart.
And the glass is even bigger.
So, I'll skip it.
- Let's go.
Come on. - Brother,
can your guests wash his hands?
Someone wash his hands.
Come with me. I'll wash your hands.
What's wrong with him?
Why is he in such a hot-temper today?
That was fun.
One doesn't see such welcome often.
Sandhu family's hospitality is
well known in every hospital.
I see.
Which family?
- Sandhu family.
Is this the Sandhu family home?
- Of course.
And they've an enmity with
the Randhawa family? - Right.
I'm paying the price of this enmity.
I should've been celebrating the
silver jubilee of my marriage.
Once we find that Randhawa's son.
Billoo will kill him.
Fulfill his oath.
Then we'll get married.
Wonder where he is?
If I see him, I will kill him myself.
Come on, are you done?
Towel? I forgot all about the towel.
I will get it.
What did I get stuck into.
What did I get stuck into.
Brother, I feel like making a
mincemeat out of that Randhawa's son..
...and drink cold drink mixed with rum.
You don't know.
My mouth was watering like the
Niagara falls seeing the ice-cream.
But why can't we kill
him inside the house?
Culture is important.
He's our guest.
And guest is our God.
He's alive as long as he's inside.
- Really?
See you then.
- Okay.
But as soon as he
steps out we will kill him.
- Right. Don't you see our men?
Santa, Banta, Bhalle,
Jugga, Pappu, Jarnail, KarnaiL.
They are ready with their swords.
There are more across the river.
They will kill him in a minute.
Get that.
Who is it?
Tito. Tony.
Tito. Tony.
Yes, brother.
Where were you?
They were sitting right here.
- I see.
You didn't see him come out, did you?
Brother, we were planning to kill him.
So, how did he go inside?
There you are?
I've been looking all
over for you with the towel.
I was taking a look at your house.
Your house is really big.
And your heart's bigger.
Shall we go?
You're getting late.
You're leaving.
Come again.
- Bye, bye, bye. Come again.
Return the towel.
Do you want to take the towel along?
- He was leaving with the towel"
My bag.
My bag's still here.
Here's your bag.
Take it.
Don't forget it again.
Thank you, thank you.
- Come on.
Come on, Jassi. You got your bag.
- Bye, bye, bye.
Bye, bye, bye.
- Bye. - Come on.
Come on.
Let's go, let's go.
Here I am.
Sukh, did I return you your camera?
You did in the temple.
I see.
- YES.
Shall I go?
- Yes, bye.
Bye .
- Bye, all the best.
Montu, what...
- Bye.
Shall we go?
We're getting late.
Sweety. Goodbye.
Goodbye, do come again.
Poly. You're very sweet.
You're too funny.
Don't make us laugh so
much or we'll die laughing.
Then let me tell you a joke..
- Shall we go!
I mean you're getting late.
Let's go.
I bet, He is not going to leave.
- Shut up.
- Bye, bye.
- Bye. bye, bye.
- Goodbye.
Bye, bye, bye.
- Goodbye.
- Bye, bye.
Let's go.
Brother. I don't feel like leaving.
Everyone's treated me so well.
Treated me so well.
You fed me delicious dishes.
The chicken was wonderful.
And the pickle..
- The pickle.
I brought the pickle from Amritsar.
Where from Amritsar?
Do you know the bus depot in Amritsar?
Where all the buses stop.
- Yes.
Close to that is..
- Keep it. We'll get more.
Keep it.
Brother, you've a big heart.
And the bottle of
pickle is even bigger.
Shall we?
Let's go.
- Okay, see you.
What happened?
Aunt. Can I see aunt one last time?
Aunt, I'm leaving.
Give me your blessings.
Bless you, son.
You're getting late, aren't you? Go.
Khota Singh.
Where are you going?
Who will bathe the buffaloes?
Buffaloes? I will bathe the buffaloes?
I will bathe all the buffaloes.
I will bathe all the buffaloes.
Where are they?
- We'll bathe the buffaloes.
I mean we don't let our guest work.
Come, let's go.
Khota Singh, don't you dare
leave without bathing the buffaloes.
She's always hitting me.
Son. You haven't left yet?
But the buffaloes.
No, son. You're our guest.
- She forgot again.
And guest is our God.
And I don't want to commit a sin
by making our guest do such a thing.
No, son. You go.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, come on.
The pickles, here you go.
"Bye, bye, bye."
How many times are
you going to say bye?
I mean why say bye?
Let him do his job.
Go on, get back to your work.
Go on.
- Yes, that's right. Come on.
Shall we?
We have lots to do outside.
- The pickles are...
Hey, what are you doing? Hey, stop!
Catch him.
Catch him.
Catch him.
"Son of Sardar."
"Son of Sardar."
Come out.
- Come out.
Go out.
I say let's all blow
together and he'll go out.
Mother! My back. My back!
Save me.
- What happened?
My back. My back.
Take me inside.
- Pick him up.
When is it harvest time in Punjab?
On Baisakhi (Harvest Festival).
- Okay.
Punjab's harvest and
Randhawa's lineage"
...I'll put an end to both tomorrow.
Come on.
Come, come ahead. Come on.
Empty feet.
- Come on.
Try once more.
Yes, one more.
Come on.
- Come on.
Bravo .
Be brave. Come on.
What are you looking at, Bobby?
He's been in pain for so long.
Take a look, Bobby.
We spent a lot to make you a doctor.
You take a look. Come on.
Just a second.
It's this one.
This one, Bobby.
Come on, lift your leg.
Lift this one. A little more.
A little more.
A little more.
That's it. I cannot lift it any more.
How high could you raise it earlier?
Earlier I could lift it this high.
I see.
But now...I cannot raise it any more.
Down a peg and you'll be fine.
Get it.
- Run away. Go.
Naughty boy!
Similar thing happened with my uncle.
He was a restless person.
He fell from the
roof and never got up.
Oh, God. Did he die?
No, no.
He had para-lysis.
- Yes.
Bobby, is he getting para-lysis.
No, no.
Before para-lysis the
patient gets a big shock.
The entire body starts to ache"
...and the small finger of
the right hand starts to quiver.
I see.
What's the connection between the two?
- Bobby, will I be fine?
It's quivering?
His finger's quivering.
It's quivering.
He's body's aching as well.
Oh, God. What's wrong with him?
It's quivering, Bobby.
- It's quivering.
I knew this was going to happen.
Don't just stand there.
What should we do now?
Fine, I'll prescribe some medicines.
Until then look after him.
Thank you, thank you.
If he doesn't get well,
then we'll take him to the hospital..
...and operate on him.
- What?
Why are you laughing?
Will he get well?
Say it, don't laugh
like someone insane.
He's just putting up a charade?
He doesn't want to leave.
- Liar.
Why was his finger quivering,
why was he restless?
You look more restless than him.
He's absolutely fine.
I just fibbed and he got on.
By the way, is he in love with you?
Don't talk nonsense.
Fine, then tell me about your statues.
Are you..
Jerk, scoundrel, move.
"The sweet intoxications."
"Indicates I'm falling in love."
"How do I say, you
protect me from all vices?"
"You protect me from all vices?
"I keep drinking from
your intoxicating eyes."
"From your intoxicating eyes."
"Now everything seems right."
"I am not in my senses,
though I am not drunk."
"The sweet..."
"The sweet intoxications."
"Indicates I'm falling in love."
"It Indicates I'm falling in love."
"The sweet intoxication's."
"Give me moment in
return of my entire life."
"Give me moment in
return of my entire life."
"Give me a unique gift,
you haven't given anyone."
"I desire you."
"I dream about you."
"Give me anything you like."
"It's the compensation
for all my sorrows."
"Let me drown in this sweet feeling."
"Everything I thought, I desired."
"Don't go away from me."
"Now everything seems right."
"I am not in my senses,
though I am not drunk."
"The sweet intoxication's."
"Indicates I'm falling in love."
"It Indicates I'm falling in love."
"The sweet intoxication's."
Everyone be ready,
don't let him escape.
My back.
My back.
You aren't hurt that bad.
You won't die.
- Really?
I won't die.
A gal's thin waist and
the boy's good luck..
"Both depend on luck.
This isn't... This isn't my lid.
Wasn't my pickle?
- But it was your idea.
Brother, I only came here to
sell my ancestral property.
I've nothing to do
with enemies and enmity.
I didn't commit any sin.
Maybe it's an old sin,
committed by your father.
Why punish the child for it?
When children can be bequeathed"
...with their father's property,
then why can't they.. for their sins.
You can endure all the pain you want.
Because tomorrow I will
take care of all your pain.
Tomorrow I will finish the job,
that I couldn't today.
That's Balwinder Singh
Sandhu's promise to you.
Try smiling sometimes.
Forgive me, Pammi. I didn't see you.
That's the problem, Billoo.
You never take a look at me.
Let go, Pammi.
What if someone sees us?
Forget the people, you look at me.
Pammi, please.
The heart gets restless.
Let go, Pammi.
A heart that doesn't beat...
A veil that doesn't slip...
A man that doesn't cry...
And a lover, who's never restless,
is impossible.
Billoo, don't you ever think about me?
Pammi, please.
Pammi, I want to give
you the moon and the stars.
That's what I think.
But what to do?
First of all, I can't reach the sky..
...and secondly the
heart thinks this way.
Then why don't you come
meet me during the day.
Just like we used to 25 years ago.
Remember, when I used to bunk school"
...and come meet you in
Gopi's sugarcane field.
Pammi. Don't remind me.
It makes me romantic.
Gopi's sugarcane and Hindi
film hero Rajesh Khanna..
...can never be forgotten.
Forget it.
Forget it.
We did it.
We made quick work out of him.
This was a pillow.
Then where is he?
Brother. Try laughing sometimes.
I knew you had laid a trap.
But I am a lion.
Then come out, rascal.
- Really?
Okay, then here I come.
Come on! Come- on!
Here I come.
Come on! Come- on!
Here I come.
Come on!
Here I come.
Get lost. Move back.
Get lost.
I am a lion, not a dog..
...who will come out when you want.
I only follow my mood, and
right now I am not in the mood.
Right now I am sleepy,
so I am off to bed.
Goodnight, and sleep tight.
Brother, I didn't
understand one thing.
How does this Sardar move his chest?
Good morning.
Try laughing sometimes.
Why do I feel that you
wanted to kill me in my sleep?
Brother, I was just giving
you the pillow. - I see.
But we never accept
anything from guests.
Not even pillows.
We only give.
I don't believe it.
Then don't, I don't care.
Brother, that's a nice jacket.
Jacket. Here keep it.
I've a big heart.
It's from Canada.
- I see.
And the loincloth.
That's from Karnal.
Keep this too.
Mobile phone.
- That's mine.
8 megapixel, touch-screen. Okay.
Can I touch it?
We fulfil all the
wishes of our guests.
And those who aren't
going to live for long..
...we never turn clown
any of their desires.
Take it. It's okay.
Thank you.
- No thank you, mention not.
He doesn't know that we
can give guests anything.
But only until he's inside the house.
We take everything back
as soon as he sets out.
His life too.
Hello, Mr. Sandhu.
So, Gogi Chaudhary.
What are you doing here today?
Why? Are police not allowed here?
We respect every guest
in our house, even fools.
You're a government official.
How can we be of assistance?
There's a report against you
in the police station. - I see.
We've been told that you've
imprisoned a guest in your house.
And all of you torture him
and don't let him come out.
We want him to come out.
But that rascal doesn't come out.
Right, Tito.
- Yes, brother.
Yes. So that you can kill me.
Inspector, I called you.
What now? I am out.
Talk to the law now.
Right Titu. And Tony.
Brother, try laughing sometimes.
Anyone can act brave in their house.
Teeche, Kaale, Santa, Banta,
Lovely and Chhinda. - Oh no!
I swear on my father.
And my mother's upbringing,
come and face me..
...In a no-man's land, if you can.
And they want to take revenge.
Before my blood starts
to boil and lose control"
"take me away from here.
Take me away.
Who gave him a phone?
I did, brother. He's our guest.
Great, Tony.
Why you..
Inspector, don't be fooled,
I am really a decent man.
I don't take the law in my hands.
Otherwise, I would've
have handled them alone.
You know the Punjabi's are the
best and the rest come second.
Inspector. Is there a
Fevicol add at the back. - No.
Then why are they coming after us?
It's democracy.
I can't stop them from following me.
Look ahead.
Here we are.
Thank you.
I knew that you're a useful man.
You're a Sardar, I'm a Sardar,
and the rest are good for nothing.
That's why Punjabi's are
called a fearless race.
Doesn't this police
station look too old?
This isn't the police station.
It's a no man's land.
- I see.
Sandhu sir.
Your guest is out of
your home, my job's done.
Anything else.
Thank you, Chaudhary.
Unlawful man.
You were right.
Anyone can act brave in their house.
But a lion is always a lion.
Brother, I admit that
you're the king of the jungle.
It just slipped, but
I respect you a lot.
Tito. Rip his heart out.
Let's see how much he respects me-.
Just a minute, Tito,
try to understand.
There are 20 of you, armed.
And I am all alone, unarmed.
The competition should be equal.
Just a minute.
Just a minute.
Just a minute.
Brother, I am a Sikh.
And one Sikh is
equal to 125,000 people.
There are just 20 of you.
Go get 124,980 more. Then we'll talk.
This Sardar believes
in fair competition.
Let's talk,
Move aside.
Brother. We don't have that
many people in the entire village.
Brother, I think he's fooling us.
And we're getting duped.
- Yes.
Oh yes.
If you're Sardar then we're Sandhu.
- Yes, brother.
Stop, Kaale, Santa, Banta and Babbu.
Just a minute.
That's 650,000.
And I can equal only 125,000.
This isn't fair.
Brother, brother.
I won't fight.
What the.. catch him.
Not me, him.
Catch him!
Why you..
Brother, brother.
Brother, try smiling sometimes.
Where did he go?
Brother, what is better,
horse or jeep? - Horse.
Then you should've bought horses.
We would've saved petrol,
and it can go anywhere.
And horses give birth to other horses.
Jeep can't give birth.
Shut up.
Uncle, open the door.
Oh, that hurt bad.
Hey, where are we?
Uncle- My brother just
crashed somewhere here.
Did you see him?
Rascal, it's me.
Hey, where's the Sardar?
I'm not coming back.
Hey, he's calling me not you.
Is your name Jassi..
Your name's Jassi as well.
Jassi. Jassi, stop.
Jassi, let me get clown.
Jassi, just a minute.
Jassi. Brother Jassi.
Brother Jassi, at least help me down.
Brother Jassi.
What the..
Good morning.
Sardar, you've very romantic.
Actually, it's the situation.
I see.
By the way, you look
so fresh after a bath.
- Really.
Private talk. Shall I go?
- Yes.
No, wait. Where are you going?
I am going,
sister-in-law's calling me.
Rascal, did you have to come now.
So, Sardar, how's the pain?
- Yes.
It's fine now.
By the way, you've a wonderful timing.
Sister'-in-law's calling me as well.
He's inside the house again.
Brother, I've an idea.
Say it.
We cannot kill him in our house.
Why don't we sell our house?
Then this won't be our
house nor will he be our guest.
Then we can kill him.
Right? Isn't that right?
Billoo. Do you like the idea?
Come here, son.
I told you..
What the..
Childhood knickers
don't fit when you grow up.
And you don't get a
free hit on every no-ball.
Get lost.
- Great idea.
Sell the house.
Want a slap.
- No.
- Yes.
Call for reinforcements.
Today is 'Lodhi'.
He might give us the
slip between the guests.
Call the forces from Gurdaspur.
Come on.
I'm done for.
I think this is my last night.
Where should I go?
Sardar, try smiling sometimes.
I always smile.
I got a little emotional
while leaving the house. - I see.
I can't endure separation.
- Liar.
I wanted to tell you something.
- I already know.
You do. How?
I can see everything. Do
you take me for a fool?
I knew when you made up the back pain.
Couldn't you tell me earlier?
I was so scared.
You could've told me as well.
Given me a hunch in the train itself.
How could I? I found out
only after coming here.
What if brother Billoo finds out?
- He knows.
What? He will kill you.
That's what I am afraid of.
Don't worry, I will talk to brother.
He will listen to me.
Only if I am alive.
- Coming.
I'm going
Listen, keep smiling.
You look nice smiling.
Look after yourself.
You are there for that.
"With your love,
I'll forget the world."
"Just your love."
Are you too smart?
- Yes.
You're a Sardar, I am a Sardar
the rest are good for nothing.
I see.
Sardar's in love.
Do you know, Sardar's
become dangerous in love?
Smart alec, come here.
How do you know?
First Sardar falls in love.
Then he's heart-broken.
And then Sardar downs a peg.
And you know a drunk
Sardar can be so dangerous.
I know, because"
You're a Sardar, I am a Sardar
the rest are good for nothing.
Spoken like a true Sardar.
Bobby. Bobby.
What happened?
- I'm in love, Bobby.
So that tall, dark Sardar
finally admitted. - Of course.
What did he say? - He's a Sardar,
he won't say it directly.
I'm in love.
Aunt's best friend.
They're marriage's been fixed.
How about that peg?
First let me get
sober from the first one.
Sardar, how am I looking?
Say it, how am I looking?
Gorgeous lass.
You know, this dress
belongs to my mother.
Every time she wore it,
daddy would say "Gorgeous lass".
"With you by my side,
I can win the world."
Is that your daddy's photo?
Our ancestral enemies killed my son.
Until we don't avenge his death
...Sandhu family cannot rest in peace.
Do you know how
fatherless children are raised?
I know, aunt.
Congratulations for the Lothi.
How about a drink?
Offering alcohol to your enemy?
Alcohol is a rascal of a thing.
Drink it with friends,
it strengthens the friendship.
Drink it with enemies,
and it kills him.
How about a sip?
"The moon's shining bright."
"The heart's skipping a beat."
"The moon's shining bright."
"The heart's skipping a beat."
"Your image dwells in my heart."
"Let me show you."
"I can sacrifice my
pride and honor on you."
"You're so gorgeous, you.."
"You're so gorgeous, you.."
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"The moon's shining bright."
"The heart's skipping a beat."
"Your image dwells in my heart."
"Let me show you."
"I can sacrifice my
pride and honour on you."
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"Don't gamble with me."
"Don't try to be so daring."
"Don't gamble with me."
"Don't try to be so daring."
"Behave decently with girls."
"Love's a bad addiction."
"You'll always be sad."
"Heed my warning,
don't make this mistake."
"Don't try to get rid of me."
"You're my lover."
"You come first for me."
"You seem so much in demand."
"The heart's skipping a beat."
"I can build a bigger Taj for you."
"I can sacrifice my
pride and honour on you."
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"If you're a man."
"Then why stand so far."
"If you're a man."
"Then why stand so far."
"Take me in your arms."
"You're soul, you're mate."
"Open your heart's gate."
"Take me in your arms."
"I will prove my love for you."
"Let the time come."
"My ideas are special."
"You look so intoxicating."
"The heart's skipping a beat."
"I'll build a temple
for you in my heart."
"I can sacrifice my
pride and honour on you."
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
"You're so gorgeous, .
.- you re lucky for me.
Listen. Listen.
Sardar. Come ahead.
Where's the uncle from Hoshiyaarpur?
Come here.
- Yes.
The entire family's gathered here.
So announce Bobby and
Sukh's marriage today.
Yes, it's a great day.
It's Lodhi.
Let's fix the date.
Say it, Billoo.
Why are you quiet?
Pammi, there's
something important left to do.
After that we'll get
married along with them.
Aunt Pammi, we'll talk about
this later. - Yes.
That's exactly how I grew so old.
But I won't let you
and Sukh separate.
No, never.
Tell me.
Did I ask him for a piece of
property? - No, not at all.
Did I ask him for clothing or sari?
- No.
Did I ask him for a car or bungalow?
- No.
So, can't this guy do this
much for his future-wife?
Say it.
Billoo. Pammi is right.
Say yes.
- Tell him.
Pammi, don't cry.
Don't cry.
- No.
You know.
Tears from your eyes,
and cheers with empty glasses" something I don't like at all.
Let's get them engaged tomorrow.
Say something, Bobby.
- Just a minute.
Just a minute.
I cannot agree to this marriage.
Why not?
I am sorry but I never
thought about marrying Sukh.
What are you saying?
Please try and understand.
What nonsense?
Are you in your right mind?
If you didn't want to marry her
then why did you follow her around?
I will kill you.
Decrease in population and marriage
"depends on the
person's will, not forcibly.
You can all leave.
Leave, please.
What did you do?
- Bobby, what did you do? - Relax.
What did you do?
- Just a minute.
If you don't have good looks, then
you should at least say something nice.
And if you can't say something
nice then you should shut up.
Have you ever seen fate?
Take a look at her.
She's really lucky.
Anyone can win the world
with her on their side.
And you're making her cry.
Don't cry, Ms. Fate.
You aren't my fate, you belong to him.
Ms. Fate, try smiling sometimes.
Look, Bobby, you aren't Sunny Deol.
...that all the girls in
Punjab are crazy for you.
You've got her, so respect her.
I've realised in two days,
but you couldn't"
...that you won't
find someone like her..
...even if you use
the entire powerhouse.
Anyone can lay down
their life for her.
It's her heart, don't break it.
It pains.
Say yes.
Come on, say yes.
Bobby. Say yes.
Leave the rest on God.
- That's great.
Do you see these arms?
My uncle died in these arms.
And he said just one
thing while dying.
To avenge his death.
Do you see my hands?
My mother died in my arms
and told me just one thing.
Don't ever take up enmity with anyone.
Otherwise I can take revenge as well.
My father died that day.
But my mother forgave all of you.
But I cannot forgive you.
Tomorrow, Sukh's
engagement is at the Gurdwara.
Everyone will step out of the house.
You will have to.
Then I'll see who saves you.
Jaswinder Singh Randhawa.
You're done for.
Brother, I haven't
arrived properly yet.
"Separating from you, I've to die."
"I've to go through this
experience in this lifetime."
"You say to let's separate."
"You say to let's separate."
"I cannot live after we do."
"I cannot live after we do."
"I cannot live after we do."
"I cannot live after we do."
"I cannot live after we do."
"I'll grow restless as we go away."
"I'll miss you as much
as I try to forget."
"You say to let's separate."
"You say to let's separate."
"I cannot live after we do."
"I cannot live after we do."
"Whether I am dead or alive."
"The madness can never be hidden."
"Your face will dwell before me."'
"The passing moment will stop."
"You're all I pray for."
"Even if my life's
filled with loneliness."
"There's sorrow."
"The moment's sad."
"I am alive."
"Isn't that enough?"
"You say to let's separate."
"You say to let's separate."
"I cannot live after we do."
"I cannot live after we do."
"I cannot live after we do."
Aren't you attending it?
- We will.
But only after we kill you.
Brother, don't ever crack a joke on
a Sardar or mistake him for a joker.
If you touch a Sardar's turban,
he'll let you have it.
Brother, try smiling sometimes.
Bobby, I wanted to say something.
That you don't want to marry me.
I don't want to either.
I know that you love Jassi.
Rascal, when you knew I love Jassi..
"Then why did you say yes?
To save Jassi's life. Yes.
Jassi's the guy Sandhu
family's been looking for..
...for the past 25 years.
- What!
To avenge your father's death.
I saw his father's papers in his bag..
...which is in the name
of Harjeet Singh Randhawa.
Jassi's name is
Jaswinder Singh Randhawa.
When I found out that you love him.. could I let him die.
This drama was only to let
him escape amongst the guests.
But that Sardar,
madly in love with you.
Followed you here.
His life's in danger.
They will kill him.
Don't worry.
That Sikh's equal to
125,000 men alone.
But you better hurry
up before he leaves.
I will handle Billoo.
And your marriage.
Forget about me.
Go quickly. Bobby, why
don't you say something?
Look, Sukh. If he leaves then
you're surely make my life miserable.
Rascal Bobby, won't
you wish me all the best.
All the best. Go.
What are you doing here?
Today's your engagement.
We get engaged to
those we want to marry.
So, aren't you marrying Bobby?
We marry only those we love.
So don't you love Bobby?
If I loved Bobby what
would I be doing here?
Then who do you love?
Your father?
- Don't joke.
Who started it?
I've left my engagement..
...and you're asking me who I love.
So you love... Hey, hold on.
We're discussing something important.
- Yes, brother.
Why didn't you tell me?
I did, when you said brother knows.
All I said was..
I said wait!
Sit down everyone.
Sit down.
- Sit down.
I said I am the guy your
brother's been looking for.
You don't love me.
- See, I ran away.
Just tell me what you feel about me..
...or else I will go back.
Your father killed my father.
And still you love me.
- Yes, so that was your father.
Not you.
So, I love you. Not your father.
What if I say I don't love you?
I will kill you.
And if I say I love you.
Then my brothers will kill you.
Is killing your family tradition?
So, what were you saying?
I fell in love when
I saw you the first time.
You were a gorgeous thing.
So I thought wonder
I'll be able to woo you or not?
Now that you did,
you really are heavy.
Let's runaway before brother comes.
I never run.
But there's no reason to stay.
But now I do.
Do you know what you're doing?
If I runaway the enmity will continue.
I want to end this enmity.
We'll see what happens.
And when you're with me,
I've nothing to fear.
Billoo. Just a minute, Billoo.
Stop, Billoo.
Billoo, first listen to me.
Billoo, don't go.
Billoo, stop.
Billoo, for the sake of God.
- Billoo.
You want to save the guy
you waited for 25 years.
You want to save the
guy because of whom.. stayed unmarried for 25 years.
Billoo, I admit no love story
is complete without the union.
But isn't an
incomplete union, a love story?
I waited for 25 years for your love"
"but if I get that by killing
someone's love, then I don't want it.
I will stay unmarried all my life.
But I don't want to get
married by killing Sukh's love.
Sukh loves Jassi.
Jassi hasn't done anything.
It's not his fault".
Brother, try smiling..
You welcomed me so warmly as a guest.
This repays for that.
No, Jassi
Brother. You fed me yourself.
So, that's repaid.
- Leave me, brother.
You all showered me with so much love.
Now that's repaid.
Now this enmity ends here.
This enmity will end with your death.
Brother. It's such an old enmity.
Let's finish it with style.
Those who hunt in packs, are thugs.
And if the enemy's competent,
then killing him is fun.
Brother, no.
- Move.
Brother, why are they
hitting each other turn by turn?
We're cultured people.
- Right.
We give our enemy's a chance.
- Hit him, brother.
Did you understand now?
Brother, stop.
You can't kill a
guest inside the house.
With great difficulty we
got him out of the house.
You brought him inside again.
Shall we go out again?
Jassi, you're back.
Where were you?
We were waiting for
you at the Gurdwara.
And, Billoo. What's wrong with you?
Why are you two completely drenched?
Take a good look, mother.
He is Randhawa's son.
We've been waiting
for him for 25 years.
He's our enemy.
Enemy? What enemy?
We don't have any enemy with anyone.
What enmity, son?
Tell me.
What enmity do we have with anyone?
You're such a ham, mother.
You know that he's Randhawa's son..
...who killed your son.
Even Monte's motorcycle
didn't make a difference to you.
Do you remember?
You're pretending, aren't you?
Son. Memories that hurt you..
...are not worth remembering.
You forget it too.
Forgive him.
For Sukh's sake.
Forgive him.
Yes, Billoo.
You spent 25 years
waiting for your enemy.
Your kin yearned for your love,
but you had none to spare for them.
Brother. Saint Gurunanak has said..
...where there's forgiveness,
there's love.
Where there's love, there's God.
'You've a good sense
of humour, Sardar.'
'Why should the child
pay for his father's sins?'
'And love stories that don't have
an ending, are still love stories.
'But my mother had forgiven you.'
I will forgive you on one condition.
If you become a
permanent member of this family.
Brother, will you
beat me if I step out?
If you leave Sukh,
then I will kill you.
Sardar. Try smiling sometimes.
- Yes.
On this great occasion,
I've thought of names for our children.
Happy and Ending.
Pammi, you mean Happy Ending.
Get the sweets.
Someone get me an ice-cream quickly.