Sonchiriya (2019) Movie Script

We have to take another route.
Take Holy Mother's name
and keep walking.
What happened?
Dead snakes carry a curse, Dadda.
Changing routes won't
change the curse.
Once you're cursed,
you stay cursed.
What are you afraid of?
I've spent a lifetime
in these ravines.
I have no reason to fear death.
I felt pride in calling
myself a rebel.
Now I feel shame.
Rebels beware!
The Chinese used these
guns in the '62 war.
Indians and Chinese are like bros
who shoot at each other like pros.
How much?
35 for one.
60 for two.
We can't buy them right now.
But we need them right now. Gujjar
is after us with all he's got.
There is a way, Man Singh.
You know that ever since Phuliya
has made her own gang
the Mallah caste rebels are
hunting for Beni Ram.
Moving around with my face covered.
This is no bloody way to live.
You commit a sin. You have to pay.
And have you paid for yours?
It's only been 2 weeks.
Sermons are for the Brahmins.
Doesn't suit us Thakurs.
Phuliya has camped
near our village Naroda
waiting to kill him.
You get rid of her.
The guns are yours.
Lachhu is here.
Are the kids okay?
Yes. Yes, Dadda.
There's news, Dadda.
There's a wedding in Brahmpuri,
the jeweller's daughter.
He's giving a kilo
of gold as dowry.
And cash too.
You sure about this?
Yes, Dadda.
Are you okay?
What happened?
Hey, Lachhu,
is there something you want to say?
Yes, Dadda.
Come here.
Yes, Dadda.
Give Lachhu 500 rupees.
What are you looking at? Go ahead.
For his father's medicines.
What happened?
And listen up everyone.
We head to Brahmpuri
for a loot tomorrow.
The jeweller there is rich enough
to take care of all our debts.
Right, Lachhu?
Now, Dadda?
With the cops all over us?
That's exactly why we need to rob.
We need new weapons.
Or you'd rather have
the cops over for a picnic.
I didn't mean that.
But the STF... - The Police will
uphold their Dharma.
The rebels, theirs'.
What is the rebel's Dharma?
It's okay if anyone doesn't want
to come to the loot.
Meet us directly at Holy Mother's
temple in Pachrola.
All together now Rebel Man Singh...
- All Hail!
Rebel Man Singh...
- All Hail!
Rebel Man Singh...
- All Hail!
Ma'am, move your hand a little.
Yes, that's it. Smile.
Buzz off, you swine!
'The president has
proclaimed emergency.'
'This is nothing to panic about.'
'I am sure you are all conscious'
'of the deep and
widespread conspiracy,'
'which has been brewing
ever since I began introducing'
'drastic and progressive measures
of pension for common man...'
What's done is done, kiddo.
Forget about it.
Yes, brother.
What did I say?
Forget about it.
- Yes, Dadda.
Come here.
Take eight men and head
to the mansion to keep watch.
Don't you trust me anymore?
What did you say?
What did you see in
the river yesterday?
Whatever it was, I saw it too.
You still want to talk
about trust here?
Silly boy.
I know that...
When I need you, you will come.
Hail Holy Mother!
- Hail Holy Mother!
Hail Holy Mother!
- Hail Holy Mother!
Hail Holy Mother!
- Hail Holy Mother!
Hail Holy Mother!
- Hail Holy Mother!
Brahmpuri folks!
This is rebel Man Singh's gang!
There's no reason to be afraid.
Let us do our work in peace.
We urge the ladies to take their
children and go inside their homes.
The men stay exactly
where they are.
If you try to be a hero,
you will be shot.
The bride's room, please?
'If there is no unity
and discipline,'
'then our foundations
will be weak.'
'On our road to progress,
if a comrade trips and falls,'
'then our instinct is to help...'
Nobody touches the jewellery
the bride wears on her.
Hey, Vakil.
Hand over the bride
her wedding gift.
101 rupees.
I beg you...
Nothing will happen.
Kindly hand over the cash, sir.
Hey. Hey...
Someone get a chair.
Not for me, son.
For the gentleman here.
Sit down.
Call all units.
All units be alert.
Wait for signal to attack.
'All units be alert.'
'Wait for signal to attack.'
Hey, old man.
It's time for your retirement.
The enemy's here, rebels beware!
Bhoora, check what happened.
- Let's go!
Hold it, Vakil.
We've been surrounded.
Rascal, you ratted on us?
You ratted on us?
No sir! We were told that
a few policemen will be nearby.
Hey, don't hit them Vakil.
You rascal! I'll kill you.
Where's your head?
Have you left it behind?
If he knew, would he have risked
the lives of women and children?
None of them die today.
None of them. Do you understand?
Do you?
'Man Singh.'
'Your game is over.'
'Tell your men to
throw their weapons'
'and come out into
the lane on all fours. '
Shut up you two bit copper.
I'll have your head.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Nothing will happen.
Get inside everyone.
Sir, please go in.
6 rifles and 2 SLRs at the gate.
No one enters the house.
Yes, Dadda. Let's go.
The rest come with
me to the terrace.
Move. Move...
Die you rascals!
Give me your hand.
C'mon, hurry up.
Move to the right.
Babu, climb up the stairs.
Hey, Gujjar!
Have you forgotten your aim?
Khalifa, cover me!
Run, you idiot!
Hey, Natthi!
- Shera, move forward!
Don't let them move
towards the house.
I am trapped.
Where are you going?
Balak Ram, are you okay?
"Hey rebel!"
"My forsaken rebel!"
Dadda? Are you okay?
These government bullets
aren't going to kill us.
Only their promises
kill friends, Indians
and countrymen.
"Not Lord Vishnu's avatar..."
"Not any snake's venom..."
I just want to go to the roof.
Are you a cop or a rebel?
Don't ask me again.
The rebel's rifle
doesn't like such questions.
Go ahead.
"Not Lord Vishnu's avatar."
"Not any snake's venom."
"And yet, the king of the ravines."
"You are..."
"'In the game of virtue,"
"the dice of sin is yours."
"The red-eyed dawn follows"
"the night that offers no rest."
"Hey, rebel!"
"My forsaken rebel."
"Not the angel of death."
'Not the ghost that
haunts the soul."
'Just a reptile at the bottom
of the river Chambal..."
"You are..."
"The feet are dirty."
"But the soul is unblemished."
"The dawn..."
The path is clear.
Lakhna, Run...
- Let's go, Lakhna. Come on!
'Don't let them get away.'
C'mon, hurry up!
Get inside the van! Faster!
'Well done, Virender Singh. Over.'
'There's time yet for
compliments, sir.'
'Half the gang is still at large.'
'Any arrests? Over.'
'No, sir.'
'All 15 are dead.'
'don't make this personal.'
'Not at all.'
'You've entrusted me
to clean up the Chambal.'
'I'm only following orders.'
'and out.'
'For my brethren of the Gujjar
community. - Balkhandiya Gujjar.'
He's dead already.
Now these Gujjars want to chew
at his corpse like vultures?
'The mice are preyed
on by the snake,'
'the snake is preyed
on by the vulture.'
'The Gods looked down and said,
"Well, that's the law of nature".'
Kakku, he's a human being.
And a Thakur at that.
Not your village,
not your Inspector.
Keep your trap shut here
else you'll lose your job
and your life too.
'Her fight is our fight'
'Ignore rumours and loose talks.
Just do your job'
'We are getting there.
- Hold him!'
'Keep moving!'
Hold tight, Balak Ram.
Oh, Dadda!
Killed by the bite of a dead snake.
Lachhu is that snake.
And he's not dead yet.
Lachhu owes his life to Dadda.
He couldn't have done this.
Lachhu's your cousin, right?
Where were you during
the loot, Lakhna?
Answer him.
The answer is in the
barrel of my gun.
Do you want it?
Didn't see any of
them in the house.
Hey, watch it!
We were on the watch on
Dadda's orders.
And you all are alive
only because of Lakhna.
Have you all lost it?
You want to kill each other now?
Look at his condition.
We have to take him
to a hospital or he'll die.
Lakhna had told Dadda
that it is not a good time
for a loot.
But nobody listened.
What else could he have done?
Did he have a choice?
The Police Captain
of Dholpur has offered
those who surrender
will be treated justly.
If we cross the border into
Rajasthan... - Justice by cops?
They threw Dadda alive from
the roof. And you expect justice...
That was STF and this is Rajasthan
Police. There's a difference.
Don't teach me the law.
Admit it you don't have
the guts to fight anymore.
Don't you feel any remorse
for what we've done?
I do feel remorse.
But that doesn't mean
we stop following our Dharma.
I asked Dadda. Now I ask you.
What is a rebel's
Dharma Vakil Singh?
To live and die in the ravines.
To protect his caste
and his people.
To not show his back in battle
but take a bullet on his chest.
And that's the Dharma that
Dadda followed unto his death.
Did he? Or did he not?
Our leader Man Singh...
- All Hail!
Our leader Man Singh...
- All Hail!
Our leader Man Singh...
- All Hail!
Our leader Man Singh...
- All Hail!
Our leader Man Singh...
- All Hail!
Our leader Man Singh...
- All Hail!
Let us go or I'll shoot.
This is a gang of Thakurs.
We respect women.
Put the gun down.
These ravines are no
place for a woman.
This little girl has been violated.
She's in great pain. I have to get
her to the hospital now.
Where are the men of the house?
All of them murdered.
It was a dispute over land.
I'd gone to the river so was saved.
They're still hunting for us so
I escaped to the ravines.
What caste are you?
And she?
She's my little sister.
Help us get to the hospital.
They'll kill us if they find us.
Please take us.
We've got enough problems already.
We're going to the hospital anyway.
They can come along with us.
Bhoora is right.
Think about it.
These are Thakur women.
Protecting our caste and
our people. Isn't that our Dharma?
Protect then.
Please take us.
Hold on.
This late...
We got the news about Dadda.
Heard many of the gang were lost?
What happened?
What are you looking
for in the toilet?
Wake him up.
I tried, but he isn't waking up.
Hey, doctor. Hey.
Wake up.
Hey, doctor. Wake up.
Who is it?
Where are you taking me?
The cops are on the alert.
They're spying on the
doctors as well.
My back is all scraped.
It's not safe right now, Lakhna.
It's best you leave.
I will come to the
ravines tomorrow.
The rebels never forget, doctor.
Help us now and we'll help
you for the next two lives.
Go ahead.
Gopal, get my kit.
- Yes.
Who are they?
They are Thakurs. Someone
has brutalised the child.
Take them inside.
- Yes.
Run to the clinic and get me
these pills and instruments.
Nobody leaves.
Trust the words of a Thakur,
even if you can't trust a doctor.
Come fast.
- Yes.
Hold him tight.
What's up, boy?
How's this movie?
"The Rebel's Revenge."
It's garbage, sir. The bandits
ride on horses in this one.
Bandits on horses?
We want to see the ones on foot.
Say, you'll show us?
'Do the check-up.
- It's horrible!'
Bloody animals!
Will she make it?
The wound's deep.
There's internal bleeding.
She needs surgery.
May have to remove the uterus.
I'm giving her
an injection for the pain.
Have put some packing as well.
- Yes.
But she needs a big hospital.
- Gwalior or Dholpur.
Surgery should happen
within 48 hours.
Or else
she won't make it.
- How will it happen, doctor?
Where the hell is Gopal?
Vakil Singh!
- Doctor. No, please.
What happened, doctor?
How dare you bring this girl
into my home?
What happened?
This happened.
The girl is of Jhirsa caste.
You could have sent
her to the clinic.
Gopal would have checked her.
But in my own home? An untouchable?
I swear on Holy Mother.
I belong to your caste
from Ghardori village.
Stop it, Vakil. She's a woman.
You wanted them to
come with us, right?
Lakhna Singh can't
be trusted any more.
They were whispering to each other
on the way here.
What did you say?
It's the truth.
Switch off the light.
Shut it down.
And the engine too.
- Shut the engine.
Where are the reinforcements?
On the way, sir.
The truck had a flat tire.
They are replacing it.
And will be here any moment.
Your son will tell his pals in
school that my father was martyred
because the truck had a flat tire.
Switch it off!
The enemy's here, rebels beware!
It's the cops!
What did I tell you?
Nobody leaves.
Didn't I tell you!
How dare you rat on us?
Why would I send Gopal if
I had to rat on you?
Vakil, think about
getting out of here.
- Yes, sir.
Get 10-15 men from
the village nearby.
I don't understand, sir.
If you did, you would've been
an inspector.
Is there any other way to
escape from the house?
Had it made for such situations.
Opens up behind the house.
Hurry up.
C'mon guys, move.
Follow me.
Come on!
- Open it.
It's too late.
Gopal, you snitch!
This is to inform all the bandits
that the police
has surrounded the house.
You guys are completely cornered.
10 brave cops lay
siege behind the house.
And 12 in front.
That leaves you guys
with no options.
Quickly get behind the Inspector.
Think about it.
If you surrender
you save your lives and
government's bullets too.
The country progresses
and your family tree too.
Use your head, Vakil Singh.
When your Dadda couldn't
take on the police,
what makes you think that you can?
Enough of the rebel's
life, brothers.
Time to become the
government's guests
and enjoy free lunches
the rest of your lives.
Get up, everyone.
We fight our way out.
On the count of three.
What are you doing, Lakhna?
Bhoora and Khalifa will be with me.
The rest will stay here.
Khalifa, open the door.
Come on.
I owe you a wall.
Everybody move back.
Come on!
Move! Move!
Hurry up towards the road.
Hey! Be ready to fire.
Move fast.
Take us with you.
The police won't spare us.
Just tell them the truth.
They will drop you home.
But we can't go home.
- What?
What happened?
Don't move.
Get the kid.
Let's go!
I had told you that I'll come
to the ravines. - Move!
Look at what you've done.
Lakhna, listen!
Stop him.
Stop. Stop.
Jaggu! Shera, hurry up!
Where's the key?
C'mon, start already!
C'mon, Khalifa! Move it!
The women aren't coming.
Vakil, they need help.
They are all alone.
I am from your caste, I swear it.
From Ghardori village.
Indumati Tomar is my name.
The cops are coming.
Vakil, let them aboard.
Come on!
Give me your hand.
The Holy Mother is unhappy.
We have to seek her blessings.
After that we can
head back to the ravines.
Khalifa! Towards Pachrola.
Why Pachrola?
My village is not far from there.
'Hey, Bhoora.'
'Find someone from the Yadav caste
nearby and buy a goat.'
'Today we sacrifice
at Holy mother's altar.'
Holy Mother blesses you!
Holy Mother blesses you!
Holy Mother blesses you!
Holy Mother blesses you!
Dadda hasn't come?
You live in Holy Mother's shadow,
Brahmin Lord.
I'm sure you know the truth.
Is it true, Lakhna
that the government is giving
a good deal to the rebels
who surrender?
Then, let's surrender.
This is no way to live.
Will the rest of the
gang let us go?
We'll put a bullet up
their bottoms if they don't.
If surrender is the way then
we have to do it carefully.
Nobody is thinking
straight right now.
They'll brand us deserters.
Let's get the girl
to the hospital in Dholpur.
Then we'll discuss this
calmly with Vakil Singh.
He'll come around.
Don't you want to get better?
Eat it or I'll slap you.
Have it child.
This meal is a blessing
of the Holy Mother.
The bandit Phuliya
was even worse off
but once she had a
meal at the mother's temple
she roared like a tigress
and swore revenge
on Thakur Beni Ram.
Hear what he said? Now eat.
C'mon, girl,
get up.
C'mon girl, get up.
Let me go.
Don't do anything to us.
Don't hurt us.
Tell them!
Get them.
What's the matter?
- What happened?
You guys sent us the message.
You were right about her, Vakil.
This is a twisted tale.
Is she related to you?
She's my brother's wife.
And my nephew's mother.
Grab your land and woman by force.
Or they shall never be yours.
Take it.
Wallop her with this.
Come on.
Get hold of them.
- No!
Let her go this isn't her fault.
She is in great pain.
- Come.
He was raping her.
So what?
She is an untouchable.
He would've thrown
some money at her too.
We've fed her whole
family, haven't we?
Get out of my way.
This Jhirsa has killed my father.
She hasn't.
I killed him.
What are you saying?
Have you lost it?
This is absolutely crazy.
He was my father.
Your son's grandpa.
He was a sinner.
Lowlife scum.
Can't you see the state she is in?
She's 12 years old.
Hold it.
They aren't going anywhere.
You rebels are like brothers.
We are the same caste too.
But this is about family.
This is about justice.
You are our leader, Vakil.
Now deliver justice like one.
Look, Lakhna,
the girl was wronged
but she had her revenge.
Now the sons need to
avenge their father.
That's vengeance.
Not justice.
This is called justice
in the ravines.
Blood for blood.
Let them go.
This is your leader's
justice and his command.
Then you are no longer our leader.
Think about it.
The ravines offer no
place to hide a deserter
I can hide from the gang.
How can I hide from myself?
Hey, Lakhna.
Let the women go if you
want your brother alive.
This isn't right.
- Shut up.
Let them go!
Do what he says.
Put your weapons down.
- Natthi, get the kid.
Stay calm...
Stay calm or I'll cut you.
Let's go...
- Natthi.
Put your guns down.
Run, Lakhna...
You rascals!
- Run! Run!
Run! Run!
Hurry up! Come on!
Where can you go?
Breathe kiddo your brother
is right here with you.
What have you done?
Where are you going, you scoundrel?
Who fired the first shot?
Tell me or I'll have
your son for my brother.
The fault is mine sir.
I fired the first shot.
Kill me, he didn't do anything.
He didn't do anything.
You Swine!
Where has he come from?
Why did you fire you swine?
I made a mistake.
You're not a man bloody woman.
Look, Vakil.
We have a common enemy.
We can fight each other
or we can help each other find him.
Your call...
He won't come.
He's with us because
our father wanted it.
Now that father is dead, there's
no need to keep him.
Come, Lalla.
Go to hell.
Let's go.
The bell is thunderous,
Brahmin lord.
Must weigh a quintal.
Mother's blessing, Inspector.
I thought it was Man
Singh's blessing.
This is her court sir.
Anybody can walk in here.
And where did they go?
The ones that had come?
I don't understand, sir.
Found these in your courtyard.
The bell can't be loud enough to
drown out the sound of gunfire.
Sir, the pundit will die.
Is it all coming
back now, dear lord?
There was an altercation.
Someone fired a shot. And then
they escaped into the ravines.
That way.
That's all I know.
Will not lie on a Tuesday.
The priest is lying.
He knows that Vakil
Singh's brother died.
He will be at the cremation
ground by the river.
"The curse of the balladeers."
"Resonated through the ravines."
"The trees shrivelled."
"The lakes dried up."
If I do not return before the
mourning period ends,
then perform my last
rites too, Pundit.
"The curse of the balladeers."
"Resonated through the ravines."
"The trees shrivelled."
"The lakes dried up."
"But this dark heart of mine"
"won't listen, won't care."
"No clouds and no seeds."
"Yet it wants to plough fields."
"Those who don't fall
in their death."
"Fall to their blind obstinacy."
"The mice are preyed
on by the snake."
"The snake is preyed
on by the vulture."
"Golden bird."
"Golden bird."
"Golden bird..."
"Golden bird."
"She has eyes with
a hundred charms."
"She's right before you
but disappears in a flash."
"Like a boat floating on sands."
"Golden bird."
"Golden bird."
"Hides the skies in
her belly button."
"Carries freedom on her wings."
"Vanquishes the night."
"Does such a magic."
"The wheel of time
spins backwards."
Be careful.
The crocodile would have pulled
her in. She is a lucky girl.
How do you know her?
She was born after my wedding.
Her mother cleaned
latrines in the village.
She must've been around two
when her mother died of cholera.
Since then
she has grown up right
before my eyes.
I named her too.
The one that we all seek
but the one that we'll never find.
Did you really kill
your father-in-law?
We are no one to judge
you or your actions.
You are good people.
All of you.
Do not forget, Ma'am,
we are outlaws.
Can't outlaws be good?
We became outlaws to escape from
the goodness of the world.
Outlaws have a bounty
on their head.
But it seems like you carry
some other burden.
It's a debt.
Not any ordinary debt.
It's a curse on our head.
What kind of curse?
A curse of a girl of five.
'Seven bandits killed in an ambush.
Police team awarded.'
Ha! A rebel alive is
a pain in the neck.
Dead, he is worth a fortune.
The newspaper men take
rubbish photos of us rebels.
This one looks like Natthi,
doesn't he? - Show, show.
Look, he's so pretty!
Buzz off!
His moustache is not even
twirled upwards.
When I die,
the right side of my moustache
will be up sky's right bottom
and the left side up
sky's left bottom.
And your nose inside
the sky's hole, smelling it.
Is that so?
Why don't you put your nose
in mine and smell it.
Come here!
Come here!
Come here!
Is that real?
- Yes.
So this is what Man Singh's
dreaded gang looks like.
Hey, Lakhna!
- Yes, Dadda!
Stop them
or Chambal will stop fearing us.
The enemy's here, rebels beware!
'Left Right Left'
'Left Right Left'
'Left Right Left'
Who is it?
Dadda... Balkhandiya.
They knew we were coming.
This is rebel Man Singh's gang.
There's no reason to be afraid.
We know
that Balkhandiya Gujjar is hiding
in this village.
Today is an auspicious day.
We don't want to loot
or harm anyone.
All we want is Balkhandiya Gujjar
who has killed 3 of our men.
Hand him over to us
and the auspicious
day will remain auspicious.
Take cover!
Run! Run!
Rambir is hit!
Where are you hiding, you coward!
'Balkhandiya is like our brother.'
'He has done a lot
for our community.'
'It is best you leave the village,
Man Singh.'
Lakhna, stop!
Stop, Lakhna!
We're here only for Balkhandiya.
keep a watch here with 10 men.
The rest divide into small groups
and search the entire village.
Lakhna, look in.
Hurry up to the room upstairs!
And do not come out. Go!
Move, Move, Move!
Balak Ram! Keep on moving ahead.
Quick! Quick!
Hey, Balkhandiya!
Don't be shy like a newlywed bride!
Come out!
Go, go, look.
What did you see?
Go there and look.
Natthi! Move, move.
What is it?
Catch him, Catch him!
Bhoora, stay here!
They shot the children!
What happened, Dadda?
Lord Rama!
Lord Rama!
It is a corpse.
It is a corpse.
Lord Rama!
- Yes.
We have to leave.
We have to leave now!
Get them!
Are you guys deaf! Hurry up!
Let's go, Lakhna.
- Come on out!
Let's go, Lakhna.
Hurry up. Come on out!
Let's go, Dadda!
Let's go. Let's go.
Come, Come!
Hey, Vakil!
All the villagers have gathered!
Come out fast!
Let him go.
Let him go.
Once there was Lord Rama
and his wife, the Goddess Sita.
Their love for each other
knew no bounds.
And then...
The evil King Ravana kidnapped
Mother Sita.
Eventually Lord Rama rescued her,
but he could never
accept her again.
And you will?
Your wife has run away with the
outlaws of her own free will.
We don't want to accept her back,
but to punish her.
Father gropes in the dark
while the son's a
bloody power station.
What happened?
- No information, sir.
- Nothing, sir.
This command
goes out to the
entire Mallah community.
We know
that despite our warnings,
you help the bandits
cross the river.
If you get any information about
Man Singh's Gang,
then report it to the nearest
police station.
'If anyone fails to do so, then the
'will be suffered
by the entire community.'
Where did all the Mallah go?
Let's check in the village.
Move on!
Where could he have gone?
To surrender.
There are two ways to Dholpur.
One through Naroda
and the other Kasloi.
- No.
Lakhna knows that Mallah gang
is camped near Naroda.
If he goes there, Phuliya will not
spare him.
He will take the other route
through Lachhu's village.
Lakhna struck a deal with
Dholpur Police with Lachhu's help.
Peaceful surrender in exchange
for Man Singh's life.
And Lachhu will accompany
Lakhna for the surrender.
Relax. Nothing happened!
Fired a shot to scare her.
She wasn't letting
us take the oars.
Phuliya will avenge us!
- Shut up!
The cops have picked up all
the Mallah men.
We have to row the boats ourselves.
Where are we going though?
Steer towards Naroda.
But Lachhu is in Kasloi.
Lachhu won't do a thing for us.
Nor will anybody else.
Everybody knows that helping us
makes them an enemy of Gujjar.
And Beni Ram in Naroda
will help us?
I said...
Whatever has to be done
has to be done by us alone.
The Mallah gang is camped
near Naroda right now.
Will Phuliya spare our lives?
Phuliya's feud is with Beni Ram,
not with all Thakurs.
Say, Mallah?
Am I right?
You must know
she is your caste sister after all.
Who goes there?
Lakhna the rebel is here!
Had told Man Singh
to take the guns.
Did I or not?
Who are they?
The ones we kidnapped.
It was the little girl's wedding
and she's her aunt.
And the rest of the gang?
It's not safe to be all together,
so we split into small groups.
Vakil allowed you
to take the women?
Won't hide anything
from you Beni Ram.
We have decided to separate
from Vakil Singh.
And so you ran away
with the kidnapped.
The king dies
and his empire collapses.
Their family is responsible for
Man Singh's death.
What will be the punishment for
ratting to the cops?
We have to leave tonight.
Dhani Ram has taken the car
to Morena to meet the MP.
Will be back tomorrow evening.
The mutton is delicious.
Any other car in the village?
Do something, please.
The kid needs to get to a hospital.
If something happens to her,
we won't get the ransom.
Do something, Beni Ram.
Once we get the ransom
we'll form a new gang
which will be of help to you.
30 of you couldn't
do a thing for me
then what good are 3 of you?
Eat something, child.
It's late in the night
and the roads are no good.
Best that you guys
sleep here tonight.
I will organise another car
in the morning.
Hey, Radiya.
Make beds for the
men on the terrace
and for the women in
the small room. - Yes.
Hey, girl wake up.
It's turmeric milk
you will have to drink it.
Get up.
Madam, everything hurts.
Don't drink it then. Let it be.
What about a lemon juice?
What did I tell you?
Outlaws can be good people too.
Hey, Khalifa!
Will they serve us
mutton in the jail?
Oh, sure. Why not?
Rice pudding.
And the jailer will send his
daughter on Saturdays.
Why are you joking?
Who started it?
Mutton, my foot!
Oh my mother!
How will we get past
14 years in jail?
Prison can't be worse
than the ravines.
True that.
Walking 30 miles a day.
No time to sleep, nowhere to shit.
A piece of dry bread is a feast
else keep marching on
an empty stomach.
What will you do once
you've served time?
I'll do agriculture.
By riding on a camel.
Just like my father.
And I'll have a woman.
Not like my mother though,
she was nasty.
The way she abused my dad.
Want to smoke?
Yeah, Lakhna brother.
Come then.
So what's a rebel's life like?
It's alright.
Never any mutton to eat is all.
Is it?
If someone wants to join a gang
only asking for my knowledge
what should one do?
No big deal.
Just memorise this mantra.
The enemy's here, rebels beware!
Hold him!
Teach the wretch a lesson.
You wretches!
Let go of me!
Hey Radiya, they're taking
the boss away.
Get off me!
- Hey!
You'll die, wretches!
Just pin him down.
You rascals!
Hold him down.
Lakhna! Lakhna!
Don't let him go.
Grab him, Khalifa!
This will teach them a lesson.
Open the door!
Open the door.
- Hey!
Come on! Come on!
Yes, get that.
Hey... Hey...
Let's go, Lakhna.
You leave. I'll stop them.
- Go!
Open the door.
When a vermin is your boss,
you eat dirt.
Lakhna has won.
What did I say?
"Lakhna comes victorious
after killing them all."
"Lakhna comes victorious
after killing them all."
You piece of shit!
Lakhna, don't!
Lakhna, no!
He will die.
We'll have to go back..
What happened Lakhna?
- Natthi had said
his moustache be twirled
upwards when he dies.
We'll have to go back.
- Lakhna!
What's wrong with you?
They'll print his photo
in the newspaper.
We will be cursed.
- No!
What wrong did Natthi do?
It's over.
It's all over.
Dadda, Natthi.
All over.
I can't do this anymore.
- Lakhna!
Don't move.
What happened to you
could've happened to anyone.
The debt that you
carry on your head
throw it away.
That is Lachhu's house.
Where's Lakhna?
Why do you cry?
What happened?
Your father lived long enough.
Now perform his last rites
as per the holy books.
The priest will visit
and read the scriptures.
'The body is but a vehicle.'
And all the other bullshit.
Man Singh had no such luck.
Where's Lakhna?
I don't know, Vakil.
Answer, you swine!
Tell me!
Where's that coward?
I don't know.
Where is Lakhna?
Let me go!
Tell me where he is?
- I don't know.
Leave me!
You want to shoot me?
Go ahead then!
Better to die of a bullet
than of a curse.
My son!
Tell me, Lachhu.
Or else your whole family
will burn on the pyre tonight.
Did you rat to the cops or not?
Did you?
- I was going to.
- I couldn't betray Man Singh.
He has done so much for me.
I told him the truth.
There's a wedding in Brahmpuri
the jeweller's daughter.
He's giving a kilo
of gold as dowry.
And cash too.
You sure about this?
Yes, Dadda.
Hey, Lachhu
is there something you want to say?
What happened?
My father is in trouble, Dadda.
The cops have locked him up
and they're torturing him.
They've told me
they'll let him go only if
I give you this information.
Get up.
Get up!
Please don't go, Dadda
Gujjar has set a trap.
And your father?
Will the cops let him go?
Won't they kill him in custody?
The gang owes a debt to Gujjar.
We have to pay it back.
He deserves his chance.
- No, Dadda.
Don't want the sin of
betrayal on my head.
You haven't betrayed us.
On the contrary, you've
done us a favour.
Everyone will die, Dadda.
A rebel's job is to
perform his Dharma
rest is up to Holy Mother.
If she wants us to come to her,
our debts will be paid.
He made me take an oath.
To get father home
and not utter a word
about this to anyone.
father died anyway.
Such treachery?
That's Man Singh for you.
He pays off his debt
and leaves us stumbling
in these ravines.
Well done, my treacherous Dadda!
It was my love for this
uniform that stopped me.
Else it's impossible
that someone raises
a hand on you and I do nothing.
That too this Gujjar.
Let it go, dear nephew.
The skin is the real uniform.
And our skin is that of a Thakur.
Have as many stars
on your uniform as you like,
the skin comes naked.
It leaves the earth as it comes.
And this Inspector
knows this well enough.
What do you think?
By exacting vengeance and
punishing your mother...
How will you feel?
People will laugh at
us in the village.
Father is already a joke.
Now mother too.
'Shots fired in village Naroda
in Morena district.'
'All precincts stay on alert.
Bandits are on the move.'
Enough rest! Move it everyone!
How far?
Hey, Mallah?
Hold her.
Hey! Stop!
Hey! Hey, stop!
Hey, listen.
Stop! Stop!
Listen to me!
Don't hit them.
I'm on your side. Let me go.
Don't hit him!
- Hey!
Please, stop.
Why are you beating them?
Let him go! Please!
- Help!
What's your name?
Lakhna Singh.
From Man Singh's gang.
We heard there were 3 of you?
The third one died
bringing your gift.
When your boss was alive,
he didn't do a thing for Phuliya.
What gift are you bringing
me then, Thakur?
Let's go.
Vishnu Mallah?
Won't we get anything from
Phuliya in return?
Let's go!
We have to take this child
to a hospital.
There are people out to kill her
and the STF is after us.
Just help us get to Dholpur.
You are from a Thakur gang
and yet Phuliya spares your life.
Isn't that enough?
You sought justice now
learn how to deliver justice too.
Hey, Phuliya!
Look at the condition
of this little girl.
She has suffered the
same torment that you had.
Who did this to her?
The one who had done it is dead.
Sir! Sir,
there is news from Naroda.
There were 3 bandits they've
kidnapped the smuggler Beni Ram.
They will try to cross the
border after such a big job.
They are in the
ravines near Dholpur.
'What's your plan?'
We'll have to block all paths
between Naroda and Dholpur.
'I will need men from
all precincts nearby. Over.'
What will you do after
reaching the hospital?
Will your husband spare you?
You should join my gang.
Why do you laugh?
You've learnt how to kill sinners.
You're already a rebel.
This is a Mallah gang.
And I'm a Thakur by caste.
You don't get it, do you?
Brahmins, Thakurs,
Baniyas, Shudras...
These castes are
to categorise the men.
Women are a different
caste altogether.
Different from all.
Beneath them all.
The valley begins up ahead
Two men go ahead.
Hold on.
They are scouts. The gang
must be behind them.
Near the Sikarwar ruins.
A couple of miles off Dholpur.
Drag those animals into the fort.
Keep them surrounded until
we reach there. - Yes, sir.
I'm sending in reinforcements
as soon as possible.
Listen! We divide into 2 groups.
First, we will fire from here.
And when they run in your
direction, you fire. - Yes, sir.
And remember, we have to
drag them into the ruins.
And listen, none of them
should get away.
Just a little longer, child.
She's losing breath.
Hey, hold this.
What happened, kiddo?
Don't waste any time.
Dholpur is not far.
Give me some water.
Up there, there...
Let's go!
Go, go, go.
Run, run!
Run, run!
Keep running.
Pace up! Run!
We're being shot at from
both directions.
Which way to go?
Surround the girl!
Look there!
Take her away.
- Go, go...
Cover them.
Move faster!
Get back.
- Hide.
Watch out! Who is there?
Who are you guys?
Madhya Pradesh Police, who else?
But that's us too. Which precinct?
Hey! Watch it.
You're talking to the
Deputy Captain of Sheopuri.
Who's your officer? Which precinct?
You look like bandits.
No, sir. Govind Bhadoriya,
Station head, Kichni.
This area doesn't
fall under Kichni.
What are you guys doing here?
Sir, these rascals are lying.
I bet they're bandits.
No, sir!
HQ messaged us on the wireless
that the Mallah and Man Singh gangs
are surrounded at Sikarwar ruins.
We've been ordered to lend support.
That's why.
What's with the long faces?
They're just 8-10 of them.
We'll get rid of them in no time.
Oh, dear!
They've blocked both the exits.
But they're not moving forward.
They're waiting
for reinforcements.
Open your eyes!
What are you doing?
Hey! I will shoot!
Oh, girl!
Why are you hiding?
Impotent rascals!
Throw away the gun!
Get a skirt for yourself!
Tell me your waist size!
I will get it stitched!
- You tramp!
She's not breathing.
Do something, please.
Don't worry. It won't take long.
Hey, Phuliya.
Why did you get
involved in their mess?
Go to hell, Inspector!
Get closer to the ruins.
Shoot at the bandits.
There's a woman and a child in
there they shouldn't be harmed.
Move forward.
Bloody swine!
"Golden bird."
"Golden bird."
"Golden bird."
"Golden bird."
"She has eyes with
a hundred charms."
"She's right before you
but disappears in a flash."
"She has eyes with
a hundred charms."
"She's right before you
but disappears in a flash."
"Like a boat floating on sands."
"Golden bird."
"Golden bird."
The enemy's here, rebels beware!
Take cover.
Cover me!
Jaggi, you okay?
- It's just a scratch.
Lakhna! The path is clear.
Leave now with the girls.
And you guys?
- No, Lakhna, you leave.
Don't worry.
I knew all along that
we won't make it to surrender.
I could see it in your eyes.
I played along for Natthi's sake.
That swine!
Go! Go! Go!
I will always remember you.
- Remember my offer, too.
Give cover fire to Lakhna.
Get behind the mound,
C'mon, Vakil!
Let's go.
Move forward!
Keep moving!
Let's go.
Stop! Listen...
My child.
She's your mother.
We are not to kill her
but to take her back home.
Take her inside!
There is a sniper. You go!
- Are you OK?
Get up.
Give me the rifle.
There's a sniper. That rascal!
- Come on.
Get in.
Well done!
Take them and leave.
I'll hold them.
No way.
Dadda was seeking deliverance.
That's what we all seek
in the ravines,
our own Sonchiriya.
She's walked into our
lives on her own.
Make sure
no harm comes to her.
Your wish is my command, boss.
Move, Move!
Hurry up.
- Are you alright?
This way.
Come this way!
What the hell are you doing?
He is my son!
Come on!
Be careful.
Come here.
Out of my way!
What are you doing?
Hey, no!
I said, move away.
She is your mother!
My son.
What fills your heart
with such venom?
This is not what we taught you!
Did we?
Is this what we taught you?
Listen to me.
It's not her fault,
it's mine.
Let me take her to the hospital
then you can do what
you want with me.
She has killed my grandpa.
Your grandpa was scum.
And he wasn't your grandpa anyway.
What is he saying?
Don't pay any attention to him.
You want to hear the truth?
Will you be able to hear it?
Will you be able to bear it?
Say it. Say, what are you saying?
Don't know what this woman
has filled his head with.
Don't say a word, Lakhna.
I beg you!
What happened to you,
could've happened to anyone.
Give up.
Don't do this.
What are you doing? Leave it!
Drop it!
Your grandpa was not your grandpa,
he was your father.
She was 13, your mother
when she was married.
Younger than you are.
When there was no child
even after 4 years,
your grandpa didn't take
his son to the doctor.
It would've hurt his pride.
So he decided to treat her himself.
He was my father-in-law.
He was my husband.
He was your grandfather.
He was your father.
What happened?
'Dholpur Hospital'
'The mice are preyed on
by the snake.'
'The snake is preyed on
by the vulture.'
'The Gods looked down and said,
'Well, that's the law of nature'.'
"Every fibre of that
being sparkled"
"when the line between conscious
mind and unconscious mind faded."
"The bird is flying to that land"
"that is full of hope."
"The bird is migrating
to the foreign land"
"that is not bound by
age-old restrictions."
"Every fibre of that
being sparkled"
"when the line between conscious
mind and unconscious mind faded."
"Every fibre of that
being sparkled"
"when the line between conscious
mind and unconscious mind faded."
"The vision of the bright light"
"filled the heart with joy."
"Every fibre of that
being sparkled"
"when the line between conscious
mind and unconscious mind faded."
"A plunge into the unknown"
"answered all
the unresolved thoughts."
"It was stagnant for centuries."
"However, that time
eventually came to an end."
"As old secrets tumbled out,
new secrets were kept."
"It was just like replacing
the contents into a new utensil"
"and again becomes soil."
"A clay pot breaks."
"Every fibre of that
being sparkled"
"when the line between conscious
mind and unconscious mind faded."
"Every fibre of that
being sparkled"
"when the line between conscious
mind and unconscious mind faded."
"The vision of the bright light"
"filled the heart with joy."